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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  June 29, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i'm raj mathai, next on nbc bay area news tonight the vice is back home. she arrived at sfo just a short time ago. >> i'm glad to be here, and it's good to be back in the bay. >> we'll tell you who she's going to visit in the bay area and how much it costs to get in the door. plus, is governor newsom planning a presidential run? and is alameda county's recent mask mandate making a difference? one of the leading covid experts in the country has some answers. and brace yourself if you're traveling during fourth of july weekend. we've got pro tips to avoid those delays or cancellations at
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the airport. good evening, this is nbc bay area news tonight, i'm raj mathai. quite a meeting on the tarmac. not just political allies here but friends. vice president kamala harris chatting with mayors london breed and libby schaaf as air force two arrives. we are live at sfo in just a moment. but first we want to start with some developing news. that fire in nevada county. this is northeast of sacramento. tonight more than a dozen communities are facing evacuation orders or evacuation warnings. the bay area is sending help in terms of firefighters and equipment. this all started tuesday afternoon near nevada city. so far it's burned 900 acres, zero containment. that's the big takeaway right now. at least four structures have been destroyed. 520 more are threatened. we mentioned that we are sending help. the san francisco fire department sent crew and equipment to the fire lines. cal fire expects to have this contained, this whole fire contained, by this friday that.
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seems remarkable. we should note, you see all that smoke, well that smoke is headed north of lake tahoe so. that's good news if you are headed to the lake for any fourth of july vacation plans. no word yet, by the way, on how this started. cal fire is expected to give us an update from grass valley. in fact, they are just now starting that update. we will monitor this news conference that just began and bring row the latest information. another headline that we're watching at this hour, an urgent call for help in the east bay. people in oakland's little saigon say their livelihood is under siege. they're pleading for city to do something about it. this comes at the same time the state has releasted a sobering report. it shows hate crimes against all california's asian communities jumped another 177% last year. in little saigon, business owners say they're fed up living under the threat of daily thefts, break-ins, and violent
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attacks. they're calling for a new police substation nearby and more money for safety measures. >> right now i don't feel safe going out. >> there are very brazen criminals around this area, but yet we don't have the support of the city yet, you know, and that's what we're asking for. >> reporter: oakland city council's president is proposing the city of oakland invest more than $110,000 to help this area as part of oakland's budget. by the way, the city council will be voting on that budget tomorrow. okay, she is back in the bay area. air force two, af2, touching down about two hours ago. vice president kamala harris is in town. she is now on the move in san francisco. within the last 30 minutes we got this new video of the motorcade for the vice president. a long line of black suvs, motorcycle cops, and ambulances going up california street in the city. our cameras were there when air force two landed at sfo. take a look. the vice president was greeted right there on the tarmac by san
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francisco's mayor london breed and oakland mayor libby schaaf. the trio chatted for a few minutes before vice president harris came over and chatted with another familiar face, our reporter cheryl hurd. tomorrow the vice president has two political engagements, one in san francisco and another at this home in los gatos. the los gatos fundraiser will be hosted by a microsoft executive. we'll tell you more about that event in just a few minutes. but first let's bring in nbc's cheryl hurd who joins us at sfo. i was watching the raw feed the viewers didn't see. the vice president met with the mayors, she was getting in the limousine. she stopped, saw you, and then came over to you. so i don't know what you told her, but she walked over to talk to you. take it away. >> reporter: well, i do have to tell you, raj, this is the closest i've ever been to a presidential aircraft. i've covered many arivals of presidents, and this is the
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closest i've ever been for the vice president. let's take a look of that video that you saw behind the scenes. you see kamala harris deboarding air force two. now, this visit by the vice president wasn't highly publicized. two bay area city mayors there to greet kamala harris. oakland mayor libby schaaf and san francisco mayor london breed. now i've covered the vice president for many years in the past here in the bay area. now, she attempted to get into her motorcade and drive away, but i guess my yelling and the familiar face drew her to our microphone. >> good to see you, and of course, i was just having a chat with longstanding colleagues and friends, the mayors of oakland and san francisco, and we are talking about all the challenges that the nation faces. >> it was great to just see kind of our native sister rise to
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this place of power. and we all did check in on the roe ruling that has really damped everyone's spirits. >> very much so. >> we said how we missed her at the warriors parade and the pride parade but that she's out sending such an importance message about the importance of the midterms now that we don't have the supreme court having our backs as women. elections matter more than ever. >> reporter: now, the vice president talked with the two mayors on the tarmac for about ten minutes. not sure what's on her agenda tonight. i see that you have picture of the motorcade on california street. i'm sure that that'll she'll take in a nice dinner. i'm just guessing here. now, tomorrow she will attend a fundraiser in los gatos. now, we also talked with san francisco mayor london breed about some of the issues that she talked to the vice president about. we'll have more on that tonight at 11:00, raj, back to you.
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>> nice work out there. cheryl hurd reporting from sfo, greeting the vice president of the united states. as we mentioned, vice president is here for two fundraisers, one will be held in the los gatos home of microsoft executive kevin scott and his wife shannon hunt scott. we were overhead late this afternoon. the tent to the right side of your screen there, the tents and the red truck, the setup has already started. and a ticket to this event, well, as you can imagine, it's a bit pricey. tickets start at $1,000 per person and go all the way up to 50,000 bucks. it's cohosted by the democratic national committee, the dnc, and an organization called electing women bay area. now with the vice president in town and the big money fundraiser in los gatos tomorrow, the talk just won't go away. will kamala harris run for president in 2024? let's be clear here, as of right now, president biden's camp says he's planning on running for re-election in 2024, but we know very well things change quickly
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in politics. not just the vice president, her longtime political ally is making moves. governor newsom just bought tv ads that will air in florida starting july 4th. his re-election campaign hasn't released what those ads will be or what they'll look like, but it raises the question why is the california governor advertising in florida or any other state for that matter. joining us now is nolan, professor of media studies and history at cal state east bay. professor, nice to have you back on the program. let's start off the bat here, if president biden changes his course and decides not to run in 2024, is kamala harris the democrat's best option to run? >> i can't really speak to whether or not harris is the best option, but i do think it looks really clear that the sharks smell blood in the water and they are circling. you know, biden's support, especially among key demographics, is down. so i think that's why you see newsom and harris and buttigieg and sanders and maybe even
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hillary clinton starting to test the waters to see if 2024 is an opportunity for them to run. >> it's been a bumpy road for the vice president since taking office. and of course, that's also linked to president biden. what does vice president harris need to do, in your opinion, in terms of public opinion to flip the script? >> i concur that harris has had a difficult time a difficult time for the country and biden's presidency has not inspired a lot of faith amongst the elect rat, but at the same time, harris has problems that hasn't been addressed throughout her career. there's long been leaks in her difficulty managing her office, both as vice president and as california attorney general. she never was really able to engage or inspire national support. that's why she had to drop out in 2020 before the iowa primary so.
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a lot of the party apparatus seems to be behind harris, but there's a lot of leaks that the party is having second thoughts. >> you specialize in media studies, why is governor newsom buying tv ads in florida? >> well, i can't say for sure, but it definitely looks to me that he's testing the waters to what's the response he'll get from floridians and potentially use that information to launch a 2024 bid. >> okay, nolan higdon, appreciate your time and your insight. always good to have you on the program. have a good evening. >> thank you. also this evening, did the mask mandate make any difference? earlier this month we talked about alameda county deciding to reinstate its mask mandate amid the rising covid numbers. it was the only county in the bay area to do this, to bring back masks. for three weeks, masks were required in most indoor public places, whether you're vaxed or not. the mandate was lifted last weekend. so the question is, did the
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mandate keep cases down. check out this chart. first reported by sf gate. it shows how cases in alameda county compared to cases in neighboring contra costa county. while cases were a little lower in alameda county, the curve of cases in both counties, you can see right there, remains similar. joining us now, the chair of medicine at ucsf. dr. walker, nice to see you back on the program. are you surprised? and what does it tell us or not tell us about masking? >> well, there are two different questions, raj. one is what does it tell us about masking, the second is what does it tell us about mask mandates. the evidence behind mask mandates is not very strong, and i've come to believe that you use them when you an slightly have to, when your back is against the wall, when hospitals are getting full. the problem is, of course, you can have a mask mandate and people are wearing crummy masks, not wearing masks correctly.
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so i think what you see on that curve is that the mandate probably got some more people to wear masks, but because cases were high and people were fearful of the spread of this new variant of omicron, people were starting to wear more masks even in the absence of a mandate. so i think the time for mandates has passed. it may come back again if our hospitals start filling up. the key is getting messaging out there, there's lots of cases around, i'm still wearing my n95 in indoor spaces, but i don't need a mandate to do that. >> for the majority of people, what's your guidance for when and how long we should be wearing masks regardless of a mandate? >> yeah, my own feeling is we should wear masks when the case rates are high enough that there's a reasonable probability that the person standing near you at the safeway or in the star plane has covid and is infectious. and the case rates now are
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pretty high. they're, you know, i like numbers of 10 the 20 per 100,000 people a day. the numbers today are probably more like 100, not 10, but 100 to 150 per day. the good news is we're not seeing a huge surge in hospitalizations and in deaths, but the bad news is there's a lot of covid around and all of your viewers know that. they're hearing it from friends and family. and i still fear that even though a case, if you're fully vaxed and boosted, is unlikely to kill you, there's still a decent chance it will sicken you, and there's a decent chance it will give you long covid. so i still am wearing masks in a lot of crowded indoor spaces. >> we've gotten to know each other for two, two and a half years, are we going to keep these similar conversations for the next year or two in terms of masking and surges and vaccines and boosters? >> i think so. i wish i had a happier answer,
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raj, but the problem is that covid keeps shape shifting, and the normal curve that we got used to, which is a very fast surge and that it comes down quickly, that's not happening this time. it's come up and stayed up, because every time it's about to come down, a new form of covid that's more infectious, and is beginning to invade some of our vaccinations, is coming out. the current state we're in is probably what we're going to be in for at least the next several months. >> i enjoy speaking with you, but perhaps on a social level one of these days, not just a medical level. >> that would just be great. >> appreciate your time as always. >> be well. up next here at 6:00, flight delays and cancellations. it's going to be a headache this holiday weekend. what's causing these problems and what can you do to make your trip sother. we'rmoe
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. prepare for some travel holiday headaches this weekend. delta airlines is already warning people about the challenges and are offering people the chance to change their travel dates to skip out on the chaos. might be worth your while. nationwide, more than 2,400 flights were canceled just today. part of the problem, as you probably know, is staffing. in the bay area today, united airlines looked to tackle that issue by filling 800 jobs at a
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chase center job fair. no warriors were there, this was all a job fair. more than 5,000 people registered to attend. airline reps tell us they even hired people on the spot today and set up follow-up interviews with many others. executives for several other airlines have blamed a combination of staffing shortages, weather, and infrastructure. those type of issues for the recent wave of delays. >> we're growing so fast. demanldz is coming back so fast. people want to travel, and this july 4th weekend, this is going to be our busiest weekend so far for the year, for 2022. so we've got to get people on boarded as we grow. >> locally at sfo a total of 30 flights were canceled today. another 110 were delayed. so what's going on behind the scenes at the airlines now, and what can you do to avoid the drama this summer. let's bring in our consumer investigator chris chmura with some of the details and some of
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the questions here, chris? >> yeah, raj, the airlines are bouncing back from the pandemic, and they are hiring so. the question here is why are so many flights still late or canceled. all right, so staffing is almost back to normal, right? well, let me show you, i ran the numbers today. uncle sam keep as head count on the number of people working for airlines. and as of today it's only off by 0.2 of one %. they're almost back to full staffing, raj. >> why are we hearing about staffing shortages? because we hear about it in restaurants and grocery stores, why airline? >> i talked with an airline industry analyst today, and we broke it down basically like this, two things. first, a lot of people left the airline industry during the pandemic. seasoned veterans. and now we have newbies starting. there are some airlines who did schedule more flights than crews. there's no question about that. but on the other hand, there are plenty of new hires who need
7:20 pm
training. it takes time for them to learn how to do things. raj, you ever been in line at the airport and they say hold on a second, i got to call somebody. it happens. that's because the frontline workers aren't necessarily fully empowered to do everything they need to right out of the gate. hopefully in time that will get better. >> and it's every level. the gate workers, the pilots being trained now, there's a pilot shortage, when does this get better? weeks, months, two years out? >> i think that initially it's going to be tough. but i think by september it's going to get better. and the reason for that is despite all the talk in the news about how the holiday season is such a busy time for travel, the reality is the most -- the busiest days of the year at the airports are actually in the summer. so i think july and august are going to be rough. then by the time the kids go back to school it's going to get better. the airlines can cool their jets quite literally. they can lick their wounds, learn their lessons, and hopefully improve for the holiday season. and then hopefully next july, august, and september will be way better on an airline travel level.
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>> we here on the news say it's that thanksgiving rush, the christmas rush, now you're saying it's throughout the summer consistently. >> i think i've said that for a while. nobody listens to me. >> okay, help us get through it. here's the pro tips now. you are a big time flier. you know these pro tips and hacks. how do you avoid being delayed or canceled? obviously, there's only so much you can do. >> first get the airline app. a lot of them will let you rebook yourself. track your airplane, not the flight, the plane. if you see it's delayed, that means you're delayed. you can react faster. third, look at your options, as lousy as they might be, when's the next flight, where's is nearest hotel, and how long will it take to drive. you've got to get your head in the game, then you can act appropriately and responsibly and hopefully logically as opposed to bringing some emotion to it and losing your temper. >> you told me i they couple years ago to get those airline apps. i did. i get those alerts now when i
7:22 pm
travel on various airlines. it is very helpful. >> and they're better and better. credit to the airlines, they are making those apps better and better to give us more power to create our own destiny. i applaud them for that. >> chris chmura, thank you for the pro tips. chris has other tips for traveling, including how you get paid for late or canceled flights. it's part of his how-to series. finds the video at nbc bay area, our youtube channel, just look for our how-to playlist. take you outside with the vice president in town, it is foggy. foggy. our meteorolost rob jgioi every search you make,
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. take a look at this. you may have noticed things look a lot different around here. we have a brand new set. as you can imagine, it takes a village. this time lapse video on how we transformed this space that we're standing in right now, we want to thank everyone who spent weeks, really months, putting this all together and making everything look spectacular. and here we are, rob mayeda, at this beautiful set. and it's -- look at this, i think we're up there, right, there's the camera? >> yeah. >> during the newscast we were on a temporary stet last few weeks, i would hear drilling. i would say what the heck is going on. so for all the crew, behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, thank you so much.
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>> a working new set, it literally was. >> a hard hat area. sunshine in san jose. low clouds around oakland and, wait for it, san francisco. it's a drizzle storm. the buildings there in downtown. low clouds are going to see a lot more of this over the next couple of evenings and mornings. you can see et for your morning commute across the inner bay. clearing skies for san jose into the afternoon. san francisco, though, you can see a little bit of low clouds lingering. 50s for the morning. heading towards the afternoon, highs will only be climbing into the mid to upper 70s across most of our valleys, so if you like that, you're going to love the fourth of july holiday forecast. because it's going to stay that way throughout for the coast and san francisco you might need a sweatshirt or a jacket. those temperatures stay cool on the coast, but comfortable with good air quality too all the way through the holiday weekend. >> you look good on the new set, rob. >> you do as well. tonight on nbc primetime, chicago med at 8:00, chicago
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fire at 9:00, chicago pd at 10:00. and then, of course, our 11:00 newscast. that's going to do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, including our vice president of news stephanie, thanks for joining us. enjoy your evening.
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