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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 29, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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who? no, really. tell us. who do you think you are? oh, you're you. and tj maxx is where you can afford to be you to the maxx. right now. a raging wildfire. buyer struggling to contain a large wildfire burning north of stamper mentor that exploded. we will tell you where containment stance this morning. they have questions and concerns. they want to make the best choices for their children but they need accurate information to do that. >> moving you forward on covid vaccinations for children. what do parents need to know.
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one expert explains what you may need to factor in before making your decision. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. good wednesday morning to you. halfway through the work week. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's talk about that forecast and the fire danger we have across the bay area. >> we have been watching the rices fire at north and east of sacramento and it's in a steep terrain area. this is the time lapse yesterday afternoon. you can see the trees really waiting with that gusty wind and all the vegetation that's burning as the fire continues this morning. hopefully we do get more containment because we have seen a lot of act to betty in the area. we can see how much smoke is rising in the atmosphere yesterday afternoon as it continues to make that progress. that something we are watching
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today and the weather conditions in the area and will talk about what we are expecting as cooler air comes in. and now mike is tracking two traffic alerts? surface streets and menlo park but i will lead with i-80. a major roadway. the freeway taking you from the carquinez bridge down through hercules where this crash is shy of the hercules exit. backup is about half an mile before the skyway. i would not get off the freeway. it out because two lanes have opened up in the last few minutes. two lanes open and two lanes open up the carquinez bridge. pass highway 4 everything is clear and so was the rest of the bridge. back to you. right now, evacuation orders are in effect in the sierra foothills north of
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sacramento where an out-of- control wildfire is burning. >> some bay area firefighters are being put on standby in case conditions worsen. those flames have burned more than 500 acres since starting last night and a remote area north grass valley and nevada county. we no one home has burned and more are at risk of being destroyed. the mac it took 10 minutes for this massive wildfire in nevada county to start burning out of control. >> our resources were there in about 10 or 12 minutes by that minute it was already being pushed. >> reporter: the fire started just north of the south fork of the yuba river drainage. thisbegan when a structure caught fire and flames quickly spread to vegetation. >> we will be flying through the night but the terrain is really inhibited right now to
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any kind of nighttime suppression operation. >> reporter: during the da local residents tried desperately to put the fire out. mandatory evacuations and warnings are in place. >> we are not worried but obviously nothing is worth staying so it gets too bad we will go. >> reporter: at the wildfire burns, the contra costa fire protection tells us the department has been put on standby. >> we've had multiple 100 plus acre fires just in the last few weeks in contra costa county olympic we have not received a request for support at this time. >> reporter: but that could change with the changing conditions in nevada county. >> it's common that we act in a mutual aid or request mutual aid so as a result of that we are always monitoring the situation around the state. >> reporter: the situation and nevada county is critical. 500 structures are being threatened. 350 firefighters are on the ground. that number will double when crews can start trying to control this fire from the air.
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cheryl hurd, today in the bay. a live look at capitol hill. that's where the january 6th committee received eye-opening revolutions from the former white house aide. this came from an eight to trumps cheap at staff, mark meadows. cassidy hutchinson took the stand yesterday and talked about a rally that took place before the capital siege. she said then-president trump asked for the screening machines to be removed so crowd members caring weapons could mean admitted and then after giving his speech she said trump raged at his secret service driver bobby engel and his own aid coming tony arenado. that's because he wanted to head to the capitol. >> to which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up toward the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engel grabbed his arm and said,
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sir, you need take take your hand off the steering wheel. we are going back to the west wing. we are not going to the capitol. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge toward bobby engel and went mr. arenado recounted his story to me he motioned toward his chemicals. >> the former president has since responded to the testimony and calls her a , quote, total phony and weaker. a six week delay for scott peterson in his bid for pretrial. attorneys on both sides were supposed to be back in the courtroom yesterday but one of peterson's attorneys has since tested positive for covid. peterson is in a modified quarantine after being exposed at san quentin and is seeking a new trial based on questions surrounding one of the jurors in his original trial nearly 20 years ago. last year the california supreme court just overturned his death sentence for killing his wife and unborn son. another hearing will take place august 11th. moving you forward.
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2.5 years into the pandemic and vaccines for children as young as six months old are now available but there is hesitancy among parents as they ponder the decision to take the step with the family. i spoke with a doctor about key benefits for kids. >> i tell them first of all the vaccines are safe and effective in the best way to protect their children from severe disease and hospitalization. i also directed them to reliable outlets for information and there are variety. healthy at the american academy of pediatrics. get vaccine and i direct the parents of younger children to sesame street youtube. there's a wonderful video about elmo and his dad because all parents have questions. they have concerns. they want to make the best choices for their children but
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they need accurate information to do that. >> and gives you an advantage or an opportunity to introduce what's going to happen to the kids as well. so, for adults that did receive the vaccine. some of us had some side effects that went along with it. are ere any differences in some of these side effects that they may see and younger children? >> ey are really very similar and i think parents are used to their children may be having some minor side effectsafter their routine childhood immunizations so that's to be expected and the side effects are really the same after the coronavirus vaccine. a child may have no symptoms at all or may have a little bit of irritability or fussiness. redness and swelling at the injection site or even a low grade fever for a day or two and some children may even have a high fever for a day or two but those symptoms are self- limited and expected and are
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not atypical of what we expect from any immunization. >> is it safe for kids to get their covid vaccine at the same time as other vaccines or even a flu shot? >> yes. and children had come older children, have been receiving vaccines along with their covid vaccine, or at least some of the time. they come of course, don't get as many vaccines as the younger children do. but. yes. they have been given that way and they are safe. >> you can find more information about covid-19 vaccines for kids on our website. we have a link with more on how you can book an appointment for your child all at 4:39. expanding the plant-based menu. coming up, beyond your standard burger come the new option that may have you reaching for a fork and knife. get ready for a busy holiday weekend.
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good wednesday morning. 4:42. let's take a live look outside at oakland as we start with temperatures mostly in the upper 50s. it's a partly cloudy morning but we see that fog rolling through as we had through the
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morning, reaching in from san francisco as temperatures stay cool. that cooling makes it to the inland valleys. we'll have a look at that in the forecast coming up . still tracking the closure lanes of westbound 80. two lanes open approaching the hercules exit. hopefully they will be open in a few minutes. i found out why it's taking longer and whether complication was. we will talk about that and a closure in menlo park coming up. good morning. and now from cnbc. wall street will open slightly higher after stocks suffered the worst day in two weeks. the markets giving up big gains following a disappnting report on consumer confidence which felt more than expected on growing worries about inflation and a possible recession. the doubt swinging more than 900 points from its high to close ending down nearly 500 points. the s&p 500 sliding 2% and the nasdaq hauling 3%. the s&p is on pace for its
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worst first year since 1970. the dow and s&p on track for their worst quarter since the first quarter of 2020 and the nasdaq since 2008. focused today the final reading on first-quarter gdp and earnings from general mills. delta airlines will let customers change flights for free over the july 4th holiday week and as it expects more travel challenges despite efforts to reset operations. delta said the waiver is good as long as customers travel between the same origins and destinations by july 8th. airlines typically waive fees and their differences so customers can avoid flying during storms or other disruptions. and beyond meat is getting set to launch a sliced steak product as it tries to boost sales. the company plans to launch the item this year and retail stores and restaurants and its intent is to replicate whole pieces of meat versus the
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company's existing products which mimic sausages, chicken tenders, burgers and meatballs. they have reported growing losses in recent quarters due to beaker demand in supermarkets. what do you think about that steak? >> i would try it. >> i would try it too. >> i think i would try it. >> you could do some mashed cauliflower. >> we will load up in another area. >> get our saturated fat. >> thank you. 4:45. lessons on gender identity at the center a dispute at a north school. coming up, we will look at the reasons one family said their views on the topics got there kids kicked out of the school.
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happy wednesday to you. as we are rooch 4:48 and you're heading out the door in the east bay, dublin is looking clear and we will see some clouds floating by with temperatures in the mid-50s to start. it will be a cooler day. today is when the real cooling starts to hit some of our inland areas that have been so hot for the past week. we are looking at temperatures heading for 77 degrees in dublin today. 78 in san jose. some of these numbers are cooler than we normally see the end of june. oakland at 71 81 in novato.
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san francisco in the mid 60s. fairfield coming out of those 90s finally. but it was still be hot reaching into the upper 80s. it's cooler tomorrow with a high of 84 with mid-70s in the tri-valley and upper 60s up and down the peninsula with mountain view reaching 77. about the same in san jose and the gusty wind will continue into friday as that colder air continues to make its way into the inland valleys and we will see you more clouds moving in. there will be a low dropping down changing the wind direction bringing in cooler air, especially for the pacific northwest that have been so hot in that area the past couple of days. we're looking at a major cooling trend not only here, but across the region. take a look at morgan hill. we been in the upper 80s and low 90s and we will be in the low 80s by tomorrow. weekend plans outside will only be in the mid to upper 70s for the high temperature.
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and on the fourth of july, 79 degrees. then we are back to turning on the air conditioning by the end of next week so enjoy that nice brief break from all the high heat. and it's coming just in time for our holiday weekend with highs in the mid 70s inland continuing into the fourth of july and in san francisco it's going to be kind of cool. we will be in the mid 60s by the weekend as we see more clouds come log, and some mist and drizzle and we are watching visibility on the fourth. what's the update on those traffic alerts? >> celebrating independence from one of those on i-80. let's look at westbound 80 coming off the carquinez bridge. already we see no more red sensors as they all lanes in the last five minutes. all lanes of that big rig crash and a small diesel spill have clear from westbound 80. no delays by the time you get there from the carquinez bridge down toward highway 4. that was a tough drive for the early
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commute. clearing up before any major backups on most of your freeways. let's go to state route 82, el camino real southbound in menlo park continuing with an investigation. a major crash involving a bus and pedestrian. that continues to have the southbound lane block through the 400 block so use of middlefield and traditional slowing or closure for niles canyon for another few minutes just off mission and 680. now to a story you will only see on nbc bay area. some bad blood involving well- known and elite private school in marin county. >> a family whose children attended marin country day school said the kids were picked up when the parents objected to the school lesson on gender identity and the gender spectrum. >> today sharon katsuda shows us how the issue reached a boiling point. >> to teach them a different sense of --
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>> reporter: gender diversity, one of the many topics taught at marin country day school whose website describes the school lesson plan as a blend of the best of traditional curriculum with progressive education. but becca sinclair said she wasn't informed that curriculum would include lessons about topics like the gender spectrum which doesn't limit identity to just boy or girl. >> our second grade daughter inwe could do. she was getting these messages that her gender was a choice. parents with no parental transparency and so that ultimately led my husband to forward those emails. >> reporter: sinclair said he sent the school email to an outside group then wrote what she describes as inflammatory responses to school members. that's when she said the private school and phoned them their children were no longer welcome to attend pick sinclair said the school essentially pulled a bait and switch by not being clear with parents about
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its gender identity curriculum. >> we had to sign a binding and very expensive reenrollment contract before our second grade year in the spring and then that summer the curriculum was changed and it was changed without transparency to the paying customer. >> reporter: in response, mcd has referred to a letter sent to the school community thing the family elected to leave the school over concerns about the school and its curriculum. the letter also said as it pertains to gender identity it was both essential and mission aligned that we create classroom spaces for everyone. sinclair said she believes there is a time for children to learn about gender and gender fluidity but she believes schools should include parents and pediatricians in that decision. the school said it will work on evolving the gender identity curriculum and sharing about the work this fall. sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. an update on the ballpark
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saga. major league baseball said it won't charge the a's every location bfd moved to las vegas. this would open the door for them to move. as a calmer practice in sports to charge a team every location fee. the raiders had to pay the nfl nearly $400 million to move to las vegas. what about oakland? city leaders are trying to hammer out a deal to keep the team in the east bay. the a's are trying to build that waterfront ballpark near jack london square. gas for less than three dollars? lucky deal some drivers were able to enjoy but it is a drive if you live in the bay area. the california attorney general said hate crimes in the state are the highest on record since after 9/11. close to 1800 recorded last year. according to a report for the state department justice number 33% jump since 2020. officials say hate crimes targeting black people remain
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i think this one will sound great for every one for less than $3.00. >> this sounds great. you heard it right. $3.00. the only catch is you will have to go to michigan. >> not really worth it. prices fell to $2.38. it was part of a special event focused on inflation for one hour. drivers pulled up to take advantage of the deal. the national average price per gallon hasn't been as low as $2.38 cents january 2021 >> look at all the people
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lining up. >> i was thinking it was going to be earlier than 2021 that was just last year. 4:57. the push for affordable housing measures. next, a live report on the changes oneself bay city is adding to help residents make it in the bay.
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. right now and 5:00. a fast-moving wildfire in the sierra foothills has teens
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working to contain it on the ground with plans for an aerial assault at sunrise. meteorologist kari hall is tracking conditions and if there's any relief in the forecast . bracing for more patients. how local health clinics are preparing to care for and unprecedented amount of women seeking abortions . and trying to gain the upper hand on the monkeypox outbreak. the next move from the federal government to help states limit the spread of the virus . this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online . good morning to you on this wednesday. i'm marcus washington. >> trend line . first, bay area fire departments on standby monitoring the out-of-control wildfire that is now burning in gold country. the rices fire is by in nevada county north of grass valley the yuba river. at this point one home is been destroyed.


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