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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 27, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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they're being ignored. >> it's getting worse. >> the plea for help from the people who live and work in oakland's little saigon and how the police chief says he's answering your call. and say it ain't so. great america set to close its gates for good. but when and why? >> i think that's rough. i've been coming to this park since i was like seven, too, so a lot of memories with my family. >> the announcement that's bumming a lot of people out. and the issue of abortion just got on the november ballot. what you'll be asked to decide come election day. we begin with breaking news in texas. a horrifying discovery in san antonio. at least 46 people were found dead inside of a semi truck, part of a presumed migrant smuggling attempt into the u.s. investigators say they were discovered when a worker nearby heard cries for help.
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paramedics rushed 16 people, including several children, to the hospital. >> the plight of migrants seeking refuge is always a crisis, but tonight we're dealing with a horrific human tragedy. i urge you all to think compassionately and pray for the deceased. we hope that those responsible for putting these people in such inhumane conditions are prosecuted to the fully extent of the law. >> investigators say there was no sign of water in the refrigerated tractor trailer and no visible working air-conditioning unit. three people are now in custody. the calls for help in one east bay neighborhood is growing louder tonight. >> a recent attempt to steal an atm in little saigon has many feeling angry. they say they want the same police presence that places like chinatown and fruitvale are getting, and tonight the police chief says help is on
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the way. here's cheryl hurd. >> we've seen an increase in robberies in the area. we've obviously known for many years that's been an area where human trafficking is present. >> reporter: the oakland police chief says enforcement is coming to little saigon. >> we'll have special operations to help address both of those crimes in the very near future. >> reporter: the enforcements can't come soon enough for anita. her market experienced an attempted robbery last week. >> we called the cops but they never show up. >> reporter: when she was called to her store on international boulevard at 4:00 in the morning. >> they tried to pull the atm out. >> reporter: she found her front door shattered and a huge chain on the ground. >> they tried to get the atm, i believe, but they tried to hook it up but couldn't get out. >> reporter: the attempted robbery of an atm machine is a huge loss for the store. but the owner tells me that people steal from her every
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day. >> sometimes we stop them, sometimes we don't. >> reporter: she's just one of many small business owners feeling ignored by the police in oakland. little saigon is experiencing an increase in violent crime. there's even recent video of a woman being dragged by a car trying to hold on to property. >> many of us feel like we left our countries with nothing on our backs and it's been nearly 40 years, and we are still invisible. >> reporter: the oakland vietnamese chamber of commerce president sent out this letter on saturday begging the mayor and city leaders for help. >> even though we pay our taxes just like anyone else, we don't receive services like other areas of the city. >> reporter: oakland's chinatown has gotten a lot of attention when it comes to violent attacks in the area. businesses in little saigon want the same. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, it appears a
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brush fire in the north bay turned deadly tonight. one person died in the roblar fire in sonoma county. the person was reportedly in a construction vehicle on private property. the fire burned 63 acres before firefighters had it contained around 6:00 this evening. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. a very smoky fire caused traffic trouble on 101 this afternoon. a fire started at a landfill near nevado. it was bad enough that lanes had to be shut down briefly. no evacuations needed. let's switch to our time lapse video. the fire burned 113 acres, but firefighters made quick progress and got it under control before 8:00. crews will stay there overnight to keep an eye on it. it's the end of an era for one of the bay area's biggest attractions. the operators of great america in santa clara announced today they have sold the amusement
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park the a san francisco real estate investment company for $310 million. the park will remain open for another ten years, but after that, it's anybody's guess what will happen to the site. >> reporter: it's been a main stay in the bay area for tourists and locals alike since 1966. but the owner announced today they're selling the land where great america amusement park sits. we talked to visitors leaving the park today and many were just hearing the news. >> i had no idea. that's actually insane. >> well, we had a blast today, so i hope they stay open. >> reporter: the park will remain open and operating as is until the current lease expires in 2033, but it still comes as a shock to long time south bay parents who have been enjoying the fun here since they were kids. >> i've been coming here since i was in junior high, so yeah. >> reporter: so you have a lot
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of memories here. >> correct. >> reporter: maria's son jacob just got a season pass and has been having a blast the past two days. >> it's very saddening. it's been around for a long time, and it will be a big change. but we'll enjoy it while we can. >> reporter: the city of santa clara tells nbc bay area it was just informed that there's no plan recording the future development of the site. in a written statement, the santa clara mayor said on the surface it appears california's great america will not change in the short term. my hope and goal is to keep california's great america there as long as possible in the long term. >> yeah, levi stadium and all these other corporation buildings. >> reporter: the new owner says they look forward to working with the city and others on a long term plan for the property. in santa clara, nbc bay area news. the right to an abortion could be added to the california constitution. this afternoon, state lawmakers voted 58 to 16 in
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favor of a proposed amendment sending the final decision to the voters. it will appear on the november ballot. if approved, the constitution will list it as a fundamental right. the decision to overturn roe v. wade is turning out to be unpopular. a new poll found 56% of americans disagree with the u.s. supreme court. tonight there's a growing patchwork of laws from state to state. right now abortion is illegal with few exceptions in at least seven states. in the coming weeks, at least six more are also expected to be putting bans in place, effectively wiping out abortion access across a wide portion of the south. in the west, illinois will be the closest option. >> we're expecting to see 20,000 to 30,000 more out of state patients every year in the state of illinois. we are going to be able to handle that increase by increasing the number of appointments we have, by hiring more staff. >> trigger laws in at least
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eight states are now facing legal challenges, but other republican-led states are eyeing more restrictions, including total bans with no exceptions. cries are growing louder in the east bay for crossing arms to be put in at a railroad crossing where another deadly accident took place. we first told you yesterday as breaking news, three people were killed, three others injured after an amtrak train slammed into a car just outside of brentwood. it happened at a private railroad crossing where cross gates are not required. it's up to the property owner and railroad to decide if one is needed. those that live in the area say the stop sign in place is not enough to prevent these kind of tragedies. >> they come from the cities and are used to having railroad tracks with arms that come down, and when they don't, they figure there's no train coming. >> the local fire department estimates they respond to accidents at the crossing twice a year, but burlington northern and santa fe railway that own the tracks dispute
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that, saying their last recorded incident was in 2014. oakland pd is reviewing a car chase after a bystander was killed over the weekend. it happened sunday at international boulevard and 54th. a side show suspect was being chased by two officers when he crashed into a parked car and knocking it into a group of people. one man died. the officers are on leave while the case is being reviewed. the chief says the review is for the sake of transparency. >> that's really what being accountable as an organization is about. it's about being willing to look into incidents you're involved in and holding them accountable. >> the victim was not involved in the side show. a 19-year-old faces vehicular manslaughter charges. no real surprise, sf pride gave bart its busiest sunday of the year. ridership hit close to 134,000, breaking their 2022 record and bringing the most sunday riders since the
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pandemic started. in the past week, the bay area saw two of the biggest parties since covid begin. the question now is if everyone went home with more than just a great party. covid cases are trending down overall, but there was a slight increase in the positivity rate after the warriors parade. experts are expecting a bump, but some attendees say you can't blame a new surge only on those two events. >> it could have come from there, yeah, or even during the week of pride. going to the film festival or whatnot. there's always something that could have caused it. >> it's maybe spread out more among the counties, but at least according to today's numbers looking back across seven day, all of the counties have falling numbers of cases. >> and fourth of july is next week, experts say to party outdoors and mask up inside.
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and back in march of last year, san francisco's positivity rate was less than 1%. people were starting to get vaccinated. the latest seven-day average is 14.3%, and that situation is playing out across the state in the same time spans. california's seven-day rate has gone from 2.4 to 13% because of the omicron surge and fewer restrictions. a disturbing discovery in san francisco's waste water. traces of monkey pox were found. two samples were taken from a treatment plant that serves a third of san francisco's residents from the ocean side treatment plant on the city's west side. as of last wednesday, the san francisco health department says there have been ten confirmed and probable cases of monkey pox throughout the entire county of san francisco. in california, the number of cases is at 52. a live look at capitol
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hill where anticipation is building tonight. the january 6th house panel investigating the 2021 insurrection has announced a surprise hearing tomorrow. this comes after congress left washington for a two-week recess, and no new hearings were supposed to take place until july. the subject of the new evidence is unknown. expectations are now high for a bombshell. tomorrow's hearing is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. our time. watch it here on nbc bay area. we are back in 60 seconds. still ahead, a life saving drug on school campuses. what county leaders are planning to do to help stop fentanyl overdoses among students. a tax rebate coming to 23 million in california. are you one of them? we'll break down how much you could get and when. and we're seeing more low clouds and fog in san francisco. that's not a big surprise. but the temperatures headed to
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a former u.s. air force sergeant pled guilty today to the murder of sergeant damon gutsweiler. in june of 2020 he ambushed him after he responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle with guns and bomb making devices. earlier in the month, he was sentenced to 41 years in prison for killing a federal security officer in oakland amid protests against police brutality. he also pleaded guilty to that shooting. he was part of the extremist group bugaloo boys. a san francisco police department officer is facing a slew of charges tonight that stems from a car crash when he was off duty in 2019. adam etia was arrested friday.
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he also impersonated an spd sergeant on his application for insurance. he's been charged with grand theft, insurance fraud, identity theft, and forgely. he's a 15-year veteran of san francisco pd. a sobering question debated in the south bay tonight. should schools be stocking narcan, the life saving medication that can almost instantly reverse an overdose. in santa clara county, first responders carry it. now the santa clara county supervisor is recommending the medication be stocked at bars, restaurants, and schools. >> we're not encouraging young people to take drugs, but we want to make sure that they survive that experience. >> tomorrow supervisors plan to ask county staff to help determine the need for narcan and set aside funding to make it available. got some good news and bad news. gas prices are finally on the way down, but it won't last long. the new gas tax is set to kick
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in in the few days, though in the last week gas prices have dropped about 10 cents. san francisco at $6.45. but gas prices will increase three cents a gallon guaranteed with a new gas tax. that tax was passed back in 2017, calls for a price hike every year. the hike means california drivers will go from paying 18 cents in tax per gallon to 2 cents 1 cents per gallon. a little relief may soon be on the way for millions of california families struggling with those high gas and food prices. the governor and lawmakers announced a plan that would give tax refunds up to $1,050. the deal was announced late last night and is meant to help offset inflation and high gas prices. they estimate as many as 23 million in california will qualify for one of the payments. payments would get to you by
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late october. for taxpayers making 75,000 individually for 150,000 for joint filers, you can get $350 per person plus an extra 350 if you have dependents. add that up you have 1,050 if that's you. it drops to $250 for households making more than $150,000 individually or 250,000 for joint filers. we talked with a financial planner and asked how people could best use the money. >> the lower income groups are probably already finding themselves behind the ball a little bit because they've been having the higher prices already, so they probably have some debt on their hands, and i would say pay that off. also look for, talking about the retooler, take a class or update your resume if you have to use extra money for that, i'd do that. the higher income groups, i'd
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look at putting money aside for maybe an emergency fund or, you know, always check on retirement see if you're on track for retirement. >> the state will use your 2021 tax return to determine the amount you qualify for. it's the news many hoped to hear for years. real estate agents say the housing market is cooling off significantly in silicon valley. higher interest rates are keeping homes on the market longer. open houses are attracting smaller crowds, and the multiple high bidders we were seeing even a few months ago are disappearing. but there's a catch. interest rates, as you know, are going up, meaning any mortgage is likely to be more expensive. rates averaged 3% in january. now they're as high as 6%. brokers say the bottom line is a cooling market could open the door for many who were previously priced out. >> today there will be many buyers that will be able to buy that three, four, five
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months ago were not just because the competition is not there anymore. >> another sign of a slowing market, a higher number of homes now cutting their asking prices. let's check in with rob. he has important information for those of you, you know, the july fourth weekend is coming up. >> exactly, and we're looking forward to it. >> ask good news if you want to see cooling changes in the forecast just in time for the holiday weekend. i think we have you covered across the valleys. we'll see at least two more days of temperatures in the 80s to low 90s. right now a comfortable 63 in san jose. patchy low clouds in the morning. near 70 right now in dublin where i think the tri-valley will have a chance of 90s tomorrow, but trending noticeably cooler by the weekend. oakland, the patchy low clouds, the ocean air-conditioning as we like to see will be sticking around for the coast and into san francisco for the morning.
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combined with the sea breeze, that's actually good news for air quality around the bay area. everybody in the green with the exception being the inland east bay out towards solano county and eastern contra costa county at times might see moderate air quality. but as the temperatures continue to cool down later this week and the winds pick up, we should see pretty good air quality towards fourth of july weekend. about the low clouds, they'll be around oakland down towards fremont. patchy low clouds around the santa clara valley at 7:00 a.m. by mid to late morning we have the clearing skies. half moon bay stays in the 60s and santa cruz making a run at the low 80s tomorrow afternoon. morning temperatures starting off in the upper 50s. similar spread of temperatures as we saw today midday with the 80s inland. mostly in the 70s bay side tomorrow, but notice how santa rosa toward concord, fairfield, areas south of san jose into morgan hill likely see another day in the 90s. by wednesday we begin with see
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more 80s across the inland valleys. still relatively unchanged bay side. but as we move forward into thursday and friday watch how the inland temperatures really start to drop off. look at that, fairfield down to 83 degrees. and even more cooling through the holiday weekend. and interesting to point out, a few showers up there on the north coast heading into next monday which is fourth of july. around here, partly cloudy skies and cooling temperatures through the holiday weekend. so san francisco, that means we'll probably see temperatures in the low 60s throughout the weekend and the beginning of next week. the biggest changes for the valleys. almost 20 degrees of cooling for places like the tri-valley towards solano county. back to you. >> that will be refreshing. >> will feel good. >> thank you. just ahead, are you ready for another covid booster? maybe the fall, maybe the winter, the important update that could come as soon as
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tomorrow. and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone, martin lawrence is my guest tonight . and happening now, with the fourth of july around the corner, a reminder from many bay area police departments, fireworks are dangerous and illegal. for example, in the city of brentwood all types and sizes are banned. possession of fireworks may be a felony and could result in fines up to $5,000 and jail time. the brentwood police department says it will calls -- lightning strikes a boat filled with passengers off the coast of florida this morning, the dramatic video,
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and the rescue. >> i love them all. >> i love them all. they are all angels. this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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the biggest employer in the city of san ramone is down sizing and moving. they're offering to cover the cost of employees voluntarily moving to texas. but headquarters will stay in san ramone. at its peak they employed 3400 workers. they're now looking for a smaller lease site. in a statement today, the company says chevron will remain headquartered in california where they have a 140 year history. tomorrow we could learn more about another round of covid booster shots. the fda is having a special meeting with its advisory committee tomorrow. the panel will decide whether the fda should authorizize an update to booster shots that specifically targets the omicron variants. scientists previously said clinical data from pfizerer and moderna show the specific components did boost the
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immune response to the variants. here's a point of pride, three bay area counties have been named among the healthiest in the country. u.s. news and world report has released the latest healthiest communities rankings. making the top 100, san mateo county ranked 36. santa clara county comes in as 39. marin county is 78th. because of climate change, the 2022 rankings incorporate new data on environmental heal, educatiothn,
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75 games into the baseball season, and the a's have the worst record in the majors. >> and on the other side of the coin, the yankees have the best record. so tonight's game between two teams seemed a little unfair, but the a's went into the bronx and came in swinging. they scored five runs in the 3rd. they took a 5 to 1 lead. elvis andrus had a two-run blow. but they couldn't keep the yankees down. new york scored six times in the 7ths. the yankees go on to win 9 to
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5. the a's difficult season rolls on. the colorado avalanche returned to denver bringing home the coveted stanley cup. there it is the. they won last night in tampa. they won their third cup in franchise history. they hadn't won one since 2001. colorado will now celebrate the championship with their fans, which hasn't been easy this postseason. they're just the fourth team in nhl history to win all their playoff series on the road. back in a mo another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company.
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bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™
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okay, before we go we have to tell you about this wonderful wedding in sacramento. >> get out the handkerchiefs. >> the bride was 95 years old, the groom 97. the wedding was at heritage park senior living community where they met and still live. they were shocked to feel those special butterflies so late in life and said they wanted to stop sneaking around. >> it's only been around five
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months that we've been dating. >> we live just two doors apart and we both have back doors. >> two doors apart! he'd sneak in! wow, look at this. there was music, lots of bubbly serve, but it wasn't a legal wedding, just a couple of crazy kids wanting to declare their commitment. >> and she's a june bride! and for those of you thinking about going out and getting married after seeing that story, rob has a very brief forecast for you! >> heartwarming story, and we're watching warming temperatures in tomorrow's forecast. 80s and 90s inland, and 70s in time for fo [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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