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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 27, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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am laura garcia. thank you for starting your day with us, today. demonstrations across the country are not letting up after the supreme court's decision to overturn 15. hundreds of thousands abortion riders are taking to the streets over the weekend. right now, we want to continue because those demonstrations are expected to take place at the supreme court later, today.
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>> we are following the fallout of lawmakers are trying to figure out what follows next. we are tracking the new proposal that state democrats are pushing. let's check in with washington with the latest national developments. chris? >> reporter: laura and marcus, good morning to you. after friday's landmark supreme court abortion decision, lawmakers on both sides of the div decision are trying to figure out the next steps. people filled the streets channeling their angers this weekend after the decision. and, expressing their joy. after friday's supreme court ruling overturning roe v. wade, which had been the law of the land for 50 years, democratic leaders are moving swiftly to protect access to abortion in
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their state and bracing for an influx of people looking for care. at least 16 states and washington, d.c. have lost the protection to obtain abortions. but, since friday's decision, at least 10 states immediately restricted abortion access with many banning the procedure, altogether. >> the supreme court did its job, they reverse the decision they made years ago and returned this power back to the states. >> this decision and policy will kill people, no matter what. >> reporter: some democrats are urging the white house to explore options, including putting options statewide. >> this is a crisis of our democracy. the supreme court has dramatically overreached its authority. >> reporter: the case decided, but the debate is just beginning. now that the supreme court has ruled, the legal fights are not over. you can expect to see abortion-
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rights supporters filing legal challenges to many states abortion laws in the coming days. in fact, we have seen lawsuits filed already in utah and florida. back to you. >> we will see a lot more of that. lawmakers at all levels are sorting through how to protect women's access to health care. this anxiety is now at a fever pitch. even, on a weekend that was supposed to be about celebration, the pride parade. >> the pride festivities took on a bit of a different feel, and not just because they were in person for the first time in so many years. that roe v. wade decision is weighing over the entire weekend. in san francisco, that celebratory spirit was mixed with the anxiety over the supreme court decision turning back 50 years of abortion access protection. lawmakers also showed their support in person, but they
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also were doing work behind the scenes. california democrats are working on a constitutional amendment to add reproductive rights to the state constitution. governor gavin newsom signed a bill to protect abortion providers without prosecution, now that other states made it possible for private citizens to sue them. because of the protections of roe v. wade were based on the issues of privacy, the concern is that other rights, like marriage could be on the table, too. >> i feel like we are stepping back in time how we used to be. this is a celebration and everybody has to hear our voices. >> reporter: california democrats are still working on that constitutional amendment. we know that is happening at the state level. you saw nancy pelosi at the pride festival and there is national action. local governments are also trying to do what they can.
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we know the county of san mateo talked about bumper zones around lenox like planned parenthood so they can protect providers and clients from harassment. >> we certainly don't want anything to happen to people who decide to go there. stay with us for the latest on air and online at our website is updated 24/7. now, to a follow-up of the deadly crash in the east bay. family is in mourning after that horrific accident near brentwood. the amtrak train slammed into that car, killing three people and injuring four more. this is at the and gated railroad crossing. an 8-year- old child is still in the oakland hospital, this warning. another man was airlifted to
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walden creek hospital. there is no word on their conditions or the other two victims. neighbors say this is not the first time a deadly train accident has happened there. >> years ago, someone close to one of our family members died here, so it has seen multiple accidents. >> there were 89 people on board the train. none of them were hurt. relatives told us the family in that car was attending a memorial to help raise money for funeral expenses of a man who recently died. >> tragedy upon tragedy. we have a live look at the bay bridge where you can see all lanes are back open. this looks like the bay bridge approach. there was a deadly crash there over the weekend. one person was killed following a two vehicle crash lee last night. you can see the backup with several eastbound lanes having been closed due to the investigation. according to the chp, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. new information on the
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deadly shooting aboard a munich train. video may show this was a case of self-defense. the shooting happened late wednesday as the train was moving before the forest trail and castro stations. 26-year-old javonte green shot and killed a 27-year-old. another passenger was also hurt. the san francisco chronicle showing surveillance images show green was trying to stab him before he was shot. new details, fire crews are mopping at the scene of a brush fire that triggered some evacuations in the albany hills. flames broke out near cleveland and washington avenue around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the neighborhood was evacuated. around 7:00 last night, people who lived there were allowed to return home. less than five acres were
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burned. firefighters are still looking for a cause. happening today, if you see smoke in the san jose foothills, they say don't panic. firefighters are conducting prescribed burn that will start at grant county park at 8:00 this morning. fire fire crews will burn just under 75 acres to help clear dry brush as fire season is ramping up. it is hard to think, don't panic when you see smoke in the foothills. it is so dry out there. meteorologist kari hall is monitoring what we can expect from those temperatures. today, cooler temperatures inside? >> cooler for some, and it has been wide ranging across the bay area. you know that if you have been driving around. we take a live look outside as we look at dublin. it is clear and temperature starting out in the 50s. it is foggy and misty in san francisco. we are also in the 50s, so we have a pretty uniform start across the bay area. temperatures here only reach into the 60s, while we will see some mid to upper 90s for some of the inland valleys.
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89 in santa rosa and san jose reaching 84 degrees. we will continue to see our microclimates in full effect, but a cooldown is in store for all of us heading into the holiday weekend. we will talk more about that coming up. next step, the commute. we see this issue, which is a little more than minor because we have had a couple lanes and the merge lane north of our camera at 101. two vehicles and one is pretty banged up. we don't have any major injuries. the ambulance is clearly there to help, just in case anybody needs a little extra help. i do think they were hoping to treat somebody. this is northbound 101 and only two lanes are getting by those flashing lights, which is distraction and that is the reason for the slowing we see on the map. this likely, will not cause a ripple effect on capital
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expressway. some folks might take 280 to get out of this jam. the bay bridge metering lights are on and that is keeping the traffic in san francisco clear. back to you. summer bummer, next on today in the bay, the recall for a popular patio piece that may catch fire. an iphone app working to keep women's privacy private, as the laws change on abortion. let's take it out to the futures. it looks like it will be a very good day. it was an excellent day last weekend. >> it was. a big night at the b.e.t. awards for sean p ditty combs. awards for sean p ditty combs. he received a major honor
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so you don't have to. zevo. people-friendly. bug-deadly. good monday morning to you. let's take a live look outside in oakland as you get ready to head out, it is a cloudy start. it is also nice and cool with temperatures in the upper 50s across the bay area. oakland is where the temperatures stay comfortable today with the low 70s. some of us still hitting the 90s and we will talk about the range in temperatures and what is ahead in the workweek forecast coming up. it is taking a couple of seconds and now the ambulance is cleared. the car has been moved off.
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the second part is getting ready to clear and hopefully we will have recovery of 101 through san jose. we will show you more coming up. good morning and very happy monday to you. apps that track a women's menstrual cycle is facing changes. women who use apps like, flow to tractor cycle for all kinds of reasons, including avoiding pregnancy or, trying to get pregnant worry that thing set of made abortion illegal might subpoena a women's data in order to determine if she has missed a number of periods, which would indicate she is pregnant. the app, flow tells the wall street journal it is working on a way to separate out a woman's personal data from her cycle data and others are working on ways to scramble that data. russia is now, officially in default. it had missed a payment earlier, but has gone past its
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grace period. russia has many, but the u.s. and allies have put roadblocks in russia's way, preventing it from paying back its debt. russian bonds were already at no time lows. russia argues it is not in default because it wants to pay and pay, it can but the payments are not going to. the first time russia has defaulted since the bolshevik revolution. wall street is coming off a rare wedding week last week and we expect stocks will open in the greek. the s&p 500 had its largest one- day gain in two years on friday. bit going is up about 21,000, but a lot of people worry the cryptocurrency will never return to its all-time highs. an important chinese executive who works with the block change , calling bitcoin a ponzi scheme. laura and marcus, elon musk seems to be missing from twitter. fans are abuzz because the world richest man has not tweeted in a few days and where is elon
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trending? as far as we know he is doing just fine and you don't have to be on twitter to prove you are still okay. >> there was a world before twitter. >> but, he has made that so much a part of his life. >> do you remember there was a mom who called in the ecuadorian air force when his son stopped posting messages from his trip. >> sometimes, it is good to unplug. new this morning, costco is recalling about 400,000 patio umbrellas due to fire risk. a solar l.e.d. umbrellas have had six reports of batteries overheating. in three of those cases it actually caught fire. one smoke inhalation injury was reported. people are being asked to stop using that umbrella and return it to costco where you can get your money back. trending this morning, a huge honor for sean p. diddy
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combs . >> the hip icon received and achievement award. >> it is like the godfather. >> i mean, he is the godfather of pop-culture. that show featured a jampacked tribute featuring taraji p. henson. the bay area was also represented at the award show. the best new artist award was awarded to lotto. it was a special all-star guest.
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>> yes, none other than mariah carey. she came out with that remix that has really been pretty popular. >> it is great because it introduces that song to a whole new generation. >> that is true. my friend said, there are probably some kids that are like , who is that lady? >> i want to start a show like that. >> okay. >> and, you can be like p. diddy with the smoke and everything. >> now, we are talking. we might work on that for later in the week. >> it might be that could be a little much. >> we will have you come in with the fog in the bay area. i will watch that show later. i have it on dvr.
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i only got to watch the red carpet. >> it is always fun to see what everyone is wearing, or not wearing. what is the forecast? >> it is going to clear out and we have a beautiful day ahead. take a look at san jose, where we do have our typical gray layer start to the day where the clouds roll in. it will clear out quickly as we get around 7:00 or 8:00. the rest of the day is sunny as the temperatures had for the upper 70s, eventually reaching 84 degrees. we are seeing some spots with comfortable weather, but it is still really hot with 94 in livermore and 97 in beyer field. pretty hot for some of these areas. santa rosa will be in 94. we can see the range in temperatures we have thanks to the fog rolling near the
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coastline. on wednesday, it is not much of a change, but as we go toward the end of the weak, the slow will slide down the coast. with this counterclockwise airflow this will bring in cooler air flow for the bay area and cause the fog to reach further inland and cool off our temperatures while bringing in higher humidity. this is exactly what we need for the holiday weekend because, look at livermore and the 10 day him a trend. it is starting out in the 90s and the roller coaster goes down. by the weekend we will be in the mid-70s. fourth of july we are in the mid-70s and it starts to warm back up. even though temperatures will be cooler, humidity will be higher and it is still way too dangerous to light your own fireworks. you do need to leave it to the pros and think about the dry vegetation and the fires that may start as a result. we are looking at temperatures in the 90s for the inland areas, but a nice and comfortable weekend ahead with 70s.
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if it is in the 70s for the inland areas, you know it is going to be cold at the coast. san francisco in the low 60s for the weekend. mike, you are watching a major spot for the commute, how is that going? >> it is now crossing off the list, but things are still slow. north 101 shows that crash is cleared from the roadway. no lanes are blocked and it is all clear on the map. we see recovery up past mickey and we give you the thumbs up. good recovery and no ripples showing up on 87 or 280. looking at a new crash west 237 coming that may see one lane blocked. flyover will track that. getting up towards the bay bridge, no surprises. the backup has filled in and it took about one half hour for these lanes to jam up past the parking lot. back to you. >> thank you, mike. significant legal step in
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the kristen smart investigation is expected to get underway. >> but first, nbc bay area responds. you can get an inspector to inspect your car after work has been done. you can sign up for your free inspection online. we put a link on our website,
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welcome back. after a brief pause, jury selection is expected to start in high profile murder trial on the central coast. paul flores is accused in the murder of cal poly student, kristen smart. authorities last year, arrested florez and his father. his father is being called an accomplice to the crime. smarts body was never found. jury selection with delayed last week due to a health matter, but the trial will be held in monterey county because the judge ruled florez could not get a fair trial in san luis obispo county. americans everywhere plan to put the clout of those
6:26 am
soaring gas prices in the rearview mirror. >> aaa expecting people to travel more than 50 miles from home and the number should be slightly higher than last year. some 7 million americans expected to fly. flyers may want to brace for the bumping this before the flight even takes off. that is because the near constant back up airlines this summer due to backup shortages. >> demand, booking travel and wanting to travel as well outpaced airlines rebuilding their capacity. what we have seen this summer is that many of the flights these airlines hoped to be able to service, they simply don't have the staff. >> later on the today show, how you can make the trip as smooth as possible. that is coming up for you at 7:00. if you are staying close to home, make sure you check up on us at and you
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can see our full events guide on everything happening all around the bay area. coming up next, the top stories we are following for you, including the summer heat that is continuing for parts of the bay area. we will track where you may find a cooldown. gas prices are down a bit over the past week. the reason they are guaranteed to go up by the end of this week. celebration in san francisco, as the pride parade returns in person for thfirst timee
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breaking right now at 6:30, a police shooting in the north bay and the investigation is underway after a high speed chase with gunfire. images show just how close police bullets came to police officers when they respond. protesters taking to the streets over the weekend after the supreme court overturns and 15. the pressure president biden is now under as americans scramble to figure out what happens next. brief relief at the pump and what is triggering the dip in the prices and why that change likely won't last long in the bay area. this is today in the bay .
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you name it we are there. thank you for starting the week with us. i am laura garcia and i am marcus washington. >> mike is tracking road conditions and our meteorologist kari hall is looking at the weather. >> temperatures are starting out in the mid 50s and clouds are rolling in. as you are heading out the door, it is breezy in brentwood with temperatures in the mid- 60s and mostly clear sky. lots of sunshine, but take a look at the trip. headed for the mid-80s by midafternoon and eventually, reaching into the low 90s today. livermore reaching 9040 days, but you compare that to the 66 we see in san francisco. this is the spread of temperatures we will see for the next couple of days, but we will talk about changes for the weekend forecast. mike, how is the commute looking? a good quick recovery for
6:32 am
the area at north one-to-one. the crash has been cleared and the slowing should be cleared very soon. more slowing develops here on west 237. one of the middle lanes is blocked. this is after the merge. folks coming across 237 to 680 and if you are getting onto west 237, everything is fine getting into the rest of silicon valley. the slower drive for concord, it looks like there may be a crash and we are checking into it. we are following other breaking news this morning in vallejo where police are investigating an a shopping cen involving a high-speed chase. it happened last night at about 10:00 on fairgrounds drive north ofhi fairfield police say it started when officers from their department began chasing a suspect who ended up shooting at them during the pursuit. one of the bullets struck a police cruiser headrest. no officers were hurt and the police department gave us these
6:33 am
photos that showed the bullet holes in the driver seat of that cruiser. police in vallejo set up spike strips which brought the driver to a halt. he again fired at officers, but this time the suspect was hit by gunfire. he is expected to survive and is now in custody. now, to a live look at the white house were president joe biden is facing pressure from senate democrats to try to protect abortion rights. >> at the same time, there are worries about what impact this will have for both parties in the midterms. kristen welker with our team traveling with the president at the g7 summit. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. the decision to overturn roe v. wade has created an backdrop t presentbiden's travel in germany where he is holding critical diplomatic summits. the g7 summit here in germany and then he sends on to the
6:34 am
nato summit. before he left for germany, president biden the issue of abortion rights on the ballot. he has called for congress to legalize abortion at the federal level, but democrats are not close to having enough votes to do that. president biden is calling on voters to elect candidates who support abortion rights. the challenge for democrats, they look at the polling of the majority of majorities that support abortion rights and are opposed to overturning roe v. wade. on the other hand, the top issue is soaring inflation, high gas prices. democrats have to be careful to walk a fine line. on the other hand, what does this mean for republicans? top republicans are cheering this news and saying this will be a motivating factor for republicans, as well in the midterm. but, there challenge is convincing their voters that the fight is not over. there is still a lot of internal debate about where this battle had the next. should contraception be banned
6:35 am
in some parts? should there be exceptions to abortions? those are the types of discussions happening now at the state level inside the gop. you also have this remarkable development. the new york times reporting that president trump appointed those three conservative justices which made overturning roe v. wade possible. while he has publicly said it is a win for life, he has publicly--privately said it could be a problem. some say the president has acknowledged the issue of abortion is hugely complicated and now, republicans are in uncharted territory. back to you. >> thank you. in the meantime, please four subpoena court justices will examine marriage and a woman's right to choose her own health. >> privacy rights don't
6:36 am
actually appear specifically written out in the constitution. writes the court now, says don't necessarily, exist. the problem is other rulings like marriage use that same underpinning foundation. in the case of a woman's right to use birth control, the supreme court said in 1969, there was a right to marriage privacy, which is not in the constitution. and, judge clarence thomas says --and he is one of the conservatives on the bench, he went out of his way to write a separate concurrent opinion that specifically, challenges marriage and birth control. he said there is something the court should re-examine. liberals on the bench also raising the alarm that marriage and other rights are in danger. the rest of the court saying, no , this is a one-time thing. we are not going to take that extra step. justice alito writing for the majority said, we emphasize that our decision concerns the constitutional right to
6:37 am
abortion, and no other right. nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on presidents that do not concern abortion. on the state level, conservative governors promising, though the door is wide open, they won't move to challenge same-sex marriage or a woman's right to use contraception. >> so, this is not about contraception. this is not about same-sex marriage. a very limited decision on this particular issue of abortion, so in arkansas the right for contraception is important and is recognized. it is not going to be touched. >> governor hutchinson has been talking about his potential republican presidential candidacy. he has been talking about these hot button issues and i will post that video to my facebook and twitter pages. these reassurances that day marriage or birth control won't be touched are not reassuring many people because those
6:38 am
americans were also told back in those four supreme court justices were being questioned in senate hearings, that they considered roe to be considered caselaw. but, when they actually ruled, they seemed to have changed their minds. >> thank you, scott mcgrew. millions of californians are set to get inflation stimulus payments after state lawmakers reached an agreement on the 2022-23 budget. millions of californians are set to get inflation stimulus payments after state lawmakers reached an agreement that the budget addresses the states most dressing needs and promises tax cuts to most working californians. 23 billion californians would be agile bowl eligible for payments up to $150. sales tax on diesel would also be suspended. climate change, infrastructure,
6:39 am
transportation, healthcare and education are also priorities. for drivers who have had to dig a little deeper to make it in the bay area, a slight pause when it comes to skyrocketing gas prices. will it last long? we are live in dublin and bob, it sounds like the slight dip we are seeing may also slightly evaporate. >> reporter: yes, correct. that is because of an increase in the state gas tax that will take place later this week. we will have more on that in a moment. here are the latest numbers from aaa. you can see oakland is averaging $6.40 per gallon. compare that to a week ago when it was $.10 higher. san francisco, $6.45. san jose, $6.37. all of these prices are a decrease about a dime since last monday. aaa said the price of oil is down over concerns about the future of the economy. this after the federal reserve hiked interest rates. we are still at record high
6:40 am
prices, and in spite of that that is not stopping people from travel. aaa predicts a record 42 million americans to drive more than 50 miles this upcoming fourth of july holiday weekend. do not expect a holiday from the gas taxes. on friday, gas prices are set to go up automatically. july 1st is when a new state gas tax kicks in. you might recall senate bill 1 calls for prices to increase every year. on friday, those prices will rise nearly $0.03 per gallon with the money earmarked for fixing roads, repairing potholes and drilling bridges and improving public transportation. >> bob, thank you. let's turn to san francisco pride for you this morning. sunday was the first in-person pride parade since 2019. despite the threat that lgbtq right could be constricted under this current supreme
6:41 am
court, hundreds of thousands of people returning to the city to celebrate in-person along market street. however, chaos ended the festivities near the civic center. someone started spraying mace near the stage. this is video of the stampede with crowds running towards the exits. some rumors of guns circulated around, as well. those rumors turned out to be false but translated into real consequences for those who attended. >> everybody was panicked and screaming. but, nobody really knew what was going on at first. then, i hear gun, gun, gun. >> reporter: meanwhile, sfd reported multiple fights along city streets. let's take a peek outside. look at that, some cloud cover keeping things cool for the start of our day. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> you can see the low clouds rolling by and it does give us a cooler start. unfortunately, for a lot of us those clouds don't stick along
6:42 am
for us. as we look at the trend, by 8:00 to 9:00 the sky will start to clear out and we will head for the mid-70s as we go toward the lunch hour, eventually reaching into the mid 80s. 84 four high for san jose and 94 for livermore. santa rosa will see upper 80s. it is very warm for the upper valleys, but staying cool near the coast and we will see that continue for the next four days. we will talk about more changes heading into the holiday weekend. >> how is the drive? there will be obstructions and traffic control for highway 12 both directions over sonoma bridge. pg&e is doing some work there between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. farther south is northbound 101 and it is reserving a project at an exit that is being affected by the bridge project.
6:43 am
that will go on in various ways over the next few weeks, in fact probably, over the next month. i will give you the major changes. only one lane of the offramp will be closed. we do have a crash west 80 in fairfield. there may be a couple lanes blocked. no major injuries, but it is causing a slower trip. 101 and 287 both have had crashes that cleared. in a new promise to ukraine , the u.s. locks in a new deal to improve ukraine's defense against russia. find out how it will boost ukraine's arsenal. and, when the bloody conflict may end. we will talk about this woman after the break
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6:46 am
right now, we take a look at santa rosa. we are starting out with some cloud and patches of fog as you drive to work. it will clear up about 9:00. the temperatures will warm up quickly. we will be about 75 degrees at lunch time. we will take a look at the range in temperatures and the cool down for all of our microclimates in the forecast, coming up. live look from the oakland camera shows us southbound that
6:47 am
was jammed up approaching the coliseum. the crash should be moving to the right shoulder and we will track that, as well as the crash on the east shore highway. this morning, nbc news is confirming that the u.s. plans to provide ukraine with new missiles and a new missile defense system. it involves the purchase of advanced-medium-to long-range missiles which is part of a package that includes more ammunition. and, specialized radar devices. the war in ukraine last friday, past the four month mark with no real sign of an end in sight. however, during the g7 summit overnight, president vladimir lasky said he hoped it could end by the end of the year. new sanctions on russia are being leveled, including a cap on the price any of our allies
6:48 am
will pay for russian oil. await further slowing down the russian economy. the leaders of the group of 7, including canada, the uk, germany, france, italy, and japan are talking about restricting russian gold trade, as well as the traditional subjects, world trade and the environment. there was a time russia was included in all of this. it was called the g 8, but russia invited invaded by me and got kicked out of the group. president biden will also visit nato headquarters in brussels for the nato summit. top on the agenda is keeping all of the nato companies unified in their efforts against russia and getting sweden and finland admitted as new nato allies. all of the countries have to agree, including turkey. the turkish leader has opposed the inclusion of nordic companies because they harbor terrorists that oppose his role. we understand he will meet with the leaders of sweden and finland in spain.
6:49 am
we have been talking about the next step the white house is planning, now that abortion rights no longer exist on the federal level. president biden is a major achievement over the weekend, signing a new gun law into law. kirsten welker has been traveling with the president. coming up on the today show, she will examine how the backlash against the roe v. wade decision could cost republicans in the midterm. a new cbs poll shows a majority of americans supported a woman's right to choose, which lasted 49 years. i will leave you with a happy image, and more baby formula arriving via a plane market, challenge accepted coming from germany. more than 98 pallets, enough to supply more than 1 1/2 millions bottles to be met by happy mothers and fathers. we are talking about all of these things on social media. on facebook, you can talk to me at scott mcgrew tv. bay area university is now
6:50 am
the first west coast school to offer housing to afghan refugees. up to 36 afghan refugees will be given temporary housing on the campus of notre dame university as part of a pilot program. leaders say the program puts its catholic mission of social justice into action. oakland international rescue committee office said that housing is the hardest part of the resettlement for refugees. the school was able to make that space, partly due or to fewer students on campus due to the new hybrid learning model. trending for you this morning, a one in 1 million miracle pregnancy for a massachusetts woman. >> it is actually one in 70 million. earlier this year, 30-year-old ashley discovered she was expecting. two weeks later the ultrasound revealed she was having not just one set of twins, but two. identical twins, two boys and two girls. they have already named the two pairs, chesley and chasson for
6:51 am
the girls and chance and chest and for the boys. i think she should pick other than c names because you have to mark everything and keep it all straight. she is due in early august. that is coming from a mom of multiples. >> and, she always told her she already has four kids. so, eight is enough. >> hopefully, the other kids will be able to help out. and the babies formula shortage is coming to an end. we want to take a look at the forecast. no matter how many kids you have, it will be cooler in some places. >> and, take a look at oakland. it is already busy. i don't know if it is as busy as that mom is going to be in a few months. we are starting with clouds overhead and temperatures in the upper 50s. we will see temperatures staying mostly in the 50s and
6:52 am
60s, eventually reaching the low 70s for the afternoon. oakland headed for 75 degrees with mid-60s in san francisco. northbay still high reaching into the upper 80s and mid-90s for the tri-valley. look at fairfield and san martin, headed back to the upper 90s for today. it is pretty much going to be the same for tomorrow. on wednesday, we are not seeing much of a change. it won't be until after wednesday when we see a cooldown happening as this high pressure moves away and it allows for a low to slide down the coast. it will change the wind direction and give us a bigger push of the ocean air moving in and bring the fog farther into the inland areas and help us cool off in time for the fourth of july holiday weekend. take a look at livermore with mid-90s today. it is still going to be in the 90s tomorrow, but 80s on wednesday and low 80s on thursday. after that you can leave the air-conditioning off. we get the natural air- conditioning back and it stays
6:53 am
with us for the first part of next week into the holiday. the seven-day forecast, we do still have to suffer through this heat for a couple more days for the inland valleys. then, it will be nice. san francisco reaches into the low 70s for the next couple of days. we will see more clouds, fog, mist and drizzle with highs reaching over into the mid 60s for the weekend. we will keep an eye on that for the fourth of july weekends. you can't see them if it is foggy. we are watching a crash we can't see, but we can see the evidence. a backup of the richmond bridge with a crash reportedly closing both lanes. traffic is loosening up a little bit on 580. it is on the head side. here is another crash in the area. one vehicle is in the middle of the roadway.
6:54 am
you will need to watch for folks changing lanes. happening now, within the last hour bart confirmed it hit a new post-pandemic ridership yesterday. it says nearly 134,000 people rode it's train. many of them heading to the pride parade. that almost doubles the previous sunday post-pandemic record. bart set a new post-pandemic record one week ago with 190,000 riders, the day of the warriors victory day parade. next, a quick look at the top stories, including the fight over abortion rights. the new measures california is taking to protect women's rights to choose in the message from president biden
6:55 am
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made to do anything so you can do anything. welcome back. here's a look at the top stories. >> including the fallout from the supreme court ruling to overturn roe v. wade. president biden is facing
6:58 am
pressure from democratic lawmakers to protect abortion rights. some are pushing for federal clinics in state for the procedure to expand. and to expand access to abortion pills sent through the mail. he is calling on candidates who support abortion rights. looking live at the state capital, lawmakers are working for stronger abortion rights protection on the november ballot. democrats are proposing a
6:59 am
constitutional amendment for a woman's right to make her own reproductive choices. we will continue our coverage in just a matter of minutes at 7:00 right after today in the bay. a family is in morning after a horrific accident. an amtrak train slammed into a car, killing three people and injuring four more along forward road at the and gated railroad crossing. an 8-year-old child is still in the hospital in oakland this morning. another man was airlifted to a hospital in walnut creek. there is no word on their conditions right now or the other two victims. according to amtrak, there were 89 people on board the train and none of them were hurt. in the foothills, don't panic, firefighters are prescribing a burn. it started around 8:00 this morning. they will burn under 75 acres to clear dry brush as the fire season, we all know, is really starting to ramp up. >> absolutely. we are monitoring the weather during the fire season. >> all right. we are on high alert because of how dry it is. and people like illegal fireworks. we do have dry conditions continuing. the inland temperature is hot. it will be cooling down just in time for the weekend in the 70s, inland. mike? all activity in this area right here, chp just called a special alert at west 80 down richmond. it is a crash blocking two lanes. it is not sure if they will
7:00 am
clear those lanes. there is a disabled vehicle. look at the traffic moving much better. good morning. battle lines -- demonstrations coast-to-coast and getting heated in the wake of that historic supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade. just ahead, where abortion is already banned. some patients finding out in the waiting room. what some companies are doing to support abortion rights. and the legal landscape. what the decision means for issues like contraception and gay marriage. breaking overnight, russian


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