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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00. what happens next as fallout from the supreme court's overturn of roe v. wade gross? we are live with the and lawmakers push to protect abortion rights in california. three people killed and four hurt, including a child, after a train crashes into a car in a remote area of the east bay. how amtrak is responding this morning, and why neighbor say they are not surprised this is today the bay. broadcasting not only through your tv, but apple tv, roku,
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the works that but we are here for you this morning, happy monday, tanks for joining us i'm laura garcia. >> and i marcus washington been now demonstrations across the country are not letting up, after the supreme court decisions to overturn roe v. wade. hundreds of thousands of abortion-rights supporters taking to the streets over the weekend, and more limitations are to take place at the supreme court today. >> where following the fallout and today tracking the new proposals state democrats are pushing but let's check with crisp alone would live in washington with the latest national developments for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. after friday's landmark supreme court abortion decision, lawmakers on both sides of the issue are plotting their next steps. people filled the streets across the country this weekend, channeling their
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anger. and expressing their joy. after friday's supreme court ruling overturning roe versus wade, which has been the law of the land for 50 years. democratic leaders are moving swiftly to protect access to abortion in their states, embracing for an influx of people looking for care of it at least 16 states and washington, d.c. have laws protecting the rights to an abortion. >> there is a law on the west coast protecting the women of the west coast, and the citizens that come from these other states. >> since friday's decision at least 10 states immediately restricted abortion access, with many banning the procedure altogether. >> the supreme court did his job, they canceled the wrong decision they made many years ago and return the power back to the states, which is out the constitution and the founders intended it. spent this decision and this policy will kill people no matter what. >> some congressional democrats are urging the white house to explore options like putting abortion clinics and federal
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buildings in states where the procedure is banned and expand access to abortion bills sent through the mail. >> this is a crisis of our democracy. the supreme court has dramatically overreached its authority. >> the case decided but the debate in many ways just beginning. and now that the supreme court has ruled that the legal fights are not over, expect to see abortion-rights supporters filing challenges to abortion laws in many states. so far we have already seen challenges filed in states like utah and florida. marcus and laura, back to you. >> lawmakers at all levels are working through how to protect women's access to healthcare and anxieties at a fever pitch, even on a weekend it was supposed to be all about celebration. >> today in the bay, kris sanchez, joins us live now with what californians are doing. >> reporter: good morning marcus ura we saw the
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video of all of the protest happening, even the pride festivities in san francisco took on a bit of a different tone as the anxiety over reproductive rights protections continues. the celebratory spirit without anxiety of the supreme court turning back 50 years of access to abortion protection. lawmakers also show their support in person at the parade, and behind-the-scenes. california democrats are working on a constitutional amendment to add reproductive rights to the state constitution. governor gavin newsom already signed a bill to protect abortion providers from liability or prosecution, while other states have made it possible for private citizens to sue providers because of the protections of roe v. wade were largely based on the issue of privacy, the concern is other rights like marriage could be on the line as well. >> feel we are stepping back in time the way we used to be, and
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this is why there is a celebration, everybody has to hear her voice. >> in addition to the proposed constitutional amendment here in california, local governments are getting involved as well san mateo county has discuss creating buffer zones around clinics like planned parenthood in order to shield clients and providers from harassment. >> chris, thank you. >> stay with us for the latest on air and online on nbc bay, the website is updated 20 for/7, click on the link in the trendy bar if you like to read last week's ruling. now to a deadly crash in the east bay. a family morning after a horrific accident near brentwood police say an amtrak train slammed into a car killing three people and injuring four more along orwood road. now at the and gated railroad crossing, it is where it all
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happened, an eight-year-old child still in that hospital this morning. another man was airlifted to walnut creek hospital but no word on that condition or the other two victims. neighbors say it is not the first time that a deadly train accident has happened here. >> years ago someone close to one of our family members died here as well. there have been multiple accidents. >> according to amtrak, there were 89 people on board the train, none hurt. relatives told us family in the car were attending a memorial to help raise money for funeral expenses of a man who recently died. a live look at the bay bridge this morning and you see all lanes are back open. but there was a deadly crash, one person was killed following a two vehicle crash west of the toll plaza late last night. backup very long and several eastbound lanes of the bridge was closed due to the ongoing investigation. according to the chp the victim
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was pronounced dead on scene and were working to learn what led to that crash but i develop the story this morning, a deadly shooting on board a muni train last week. reports show that surveillance video may show this was a case of self-defense that shooting happened last wednesday as the train was moving between the forest hill and castro stations. police say 26-year-old, javon green, shot and killed 27-year- old nesta bowen. another passenger was hurt in the san francisco chronicle reports that surveillance image shows but one attempted to stab green just before green shot him. the full video has not been publicly released, and neither the sf pd or the d.a.s office have commented. fire crews are still mopping up the scene of a brush fire which triggered evacuations in the albany hills the flames broke out near cleveland and washington avenue's around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. people in nearby neighborhoods were asked to evacuate. around 7:00 last night those
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people who lived there were found finally allowed to return. the property damage to firefighters are looking for a cause. if you see smoke the santa fe foothills today do not panic, firefighters are conducting a prescribed burn starting at grant county park around 8:00 this morning but cal fire crews will burn under 75 acres to help your dry brush as we all know this fire season is ramping up. a live look at the golden gate bridge and it is foggy out. we are tracking conditions, carry how is it shaping up? >> low visibility on your way to work this morning, and as we look live outside in oakland it is all clear, we will see clouds rolling by overhead and temperatures starting out in the upper 50s and it will be a nice cool morning and another mild day for the interbay is is had for the low 70s.
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it is going to be warm in santa rosa, notice all of the colors on the map. it is green where it is cooler around half moon bay but turns red and pink going inland as temperatures reach back into the 90s. and tonight we are cooling back into the upper 50s, but it will be another day with wide- ranging temperatures across the bay area we will be tracking that, i think we will all have a cool down by the end of the week come up more on that coming up in a few minutes with mike, any problems popping up on the commute right now? >> no. not any new ones but the one we have been going on mission is still here just got word from chp that the tow truck needs to arrive, maybe 5:30 are looking at a tow truck available to arrive on westbound mission getting over to the 880 interchange. that may be a factor as far as distraction. we may have one lane blocked but no major injuries and minor. and also the rest of the bay is minor looking at traffic. more traffic coming into the
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altamont pass. we see it on the live cam. through livermore there in pleasanton. millions to take to the air and the roads for the upcoming july 4th holiday still ahead on today in the bay, how many people are expected to join you on the highway. many are getting set to fly out for the fourth of july, what you can do to prepare for the airport. makers of iphone apps working hard to protect women's rights and privacies following the court decision. and a look at the world's new ugliest dog. amazing message and story to go along with it. stick around emma we have much more ahead. still ugly but cute. stick around.
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stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. happy monday to you, it is 5:13. as you're heading out of santa rosa you need a jacket, only 50 for and cloudy. patches of fog rolling by on the way to work them all of the clearing out by about 10:00. sunshine the rest of the day. quickly warming up. we continue with a wide range temperatures with microclimates in full effect but we are in for a cooldown. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> look at all of these folks crossing over the freeway, at
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fremont boulevard. watch for crosstown traffic is before heading to the major roadways to get to work. we will follow that. good morning and a very happy monday to you. apps to track a woman's menstrual cycle are promising changes in the wake of that supreme court decision but women use apps like floater track their cycle the do so for all kind of reasons, including to avoid pregnancy or to try to get pregnant. the states that a made abortion legal might subpoena a woman's data in order to determine if she has missed a number of periods indication she might be pregnant. the app tells wall street journal there working on a way to separate a woman's personal data from her cycle data, and others are working on ways to scramble the data. russia is officially in default, it had missed a payment earlier it has gone past its grace.. russia has money but the u.s. and its allies have put
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roadblocks in russia's way preventing it from paying back debt. russian bonds were at all-time lows, everybody expected default. russia argues it isn't in default because it wants to pay. it can pay, but the payments are not going through. this is the first time that russia has defaulted since the bolshevik resolution. wall street offer rare winning week last week. we expect stocks to open in the green. the s&p 500 had its largest one- day gain in two years on friday, bitcoin up slightly above 21,000, but a lot still worried that cryptocurrency will never return to its all- time highs. an important chinese executive who works with the blockchain calling bitcoin a ponzi scheme. and elon musk has not tweeted in quite some time, the fans are abuzz because the world's richest man seems to be missing from twitter. where is elon is trending.
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as far as we know he is doing just fine, he just isn't tweeting. spent taking a little break. new this morning, costco recalling about 400,000 patio umbrellas due to fire risk. sore l.e.d. market umbrellas, the consumer product safety commission says there have been six reports of batteries overheating. and three of the cases the panel caught fire. one smoke inhalation injury has been reported so far and people are being asked to stop using that umbrella and return it to costco where you can get your money back. ladies and gentlemen there is a new world ugliest dog. >> mr. happy face is the dogs name. top honors in petaluma over the weekend on friday. the 17-year-old chinese chihuahua mix was adopted last year after he was rescued from
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the home of a quarter in arizona. today show kerry sanders served as judge. mr. happy face and his owner will be live on the today show talking about his in us here on today in the bay. spirit what is great is somebody adopted that dog is 17 years old. a lot of the animals that are older don't get adopted out. that is great. and that little happy face, happy ending. always nice. you have to strategize when you take your dog out for a walk, because it gets so hot in the afternoon. >> and we always say do not walk on the pavement when it is very hot outside, although that has not been a problem for san francisco because now the dog is back. we now see much cooler temperatures. they are in the mid-50s as you go out, a little bit of drizzle at times as we start out with
5:18 am
cool weather, and only reaching into the 60s for this afternoon with peeks of sunshine and hour by hour forecast shows it is really going to quickly heat up for the inland valley's good fairfield reaching 96 at 4:00 this afternoon, fremont will be in the mid-70s, mountain view up to about 83, then cooling down tonight. we have a strong area of high pressure that has kept the valleys hot. going to the end of the week the low will spark fly down the coast and provide much cooler and more humid air, ringing cooler ocean breezes. also extending the fog further inland, which will increase our humidity this is exactly what we need heading into the fourth of july weekend but it is too dry to light any fireworks around the bay area. i will show you livermore. if you're going to be outside making outdoor plants, as we start out the week, it is hot with the top of that roller coaster but heading down. by the weekend we are in the
5:19 am
mid-70s for highs in early next week once again for the fourth of july on monday, we reach into the upper 70s to take a look at the inland forecast. we have to deal with the heat for a few more days then it will feel breezy and a lot of sunshine with highs in the low 80s. that is the kind of weather we're supposed to have for this time of year. even for the end of june into the start of july. san francisco will be chilly at times, with the morning temperatures in the low 50s with highs reaching into the low 60s. how's it looking out for the commute? >> looking pretty good but we will take a live camera on the richmond side of the bridge to san rafael, that is the commute direction going smoothly at the toll plaza and into san rafael. on the right side we saw a bunch of them traveling across, maybe a little slowing. the crew will get out for the counter commute in the opposite direction and prodigious move
5:20 am
drive at the bay bridge. out of the ultimate pass, over on the right side onto a five keep it in mind. if you're traveling through fremont take mission to cut over through the funnel, 680 to 880 there still a crash, you will see some slowing, and they may be moving vehicles around on the transition. back to you. >> thank you. now a significant legal step in this investigation to get underway. it's been first, nbc bay area response. >> and when you leave a car repair shop you don't have to wonder whether they did the work they were supposed to do. the state will inspect your car for free after you have had auto body work done. the inspector will compare your invoice to the work done. if they find a discrepancy that can trigger an official complaint or even an investigation. sign up for your free inspection online, we put a
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after a brief pause, jury selection is expected to start today the high-profile murder trial on central coast. paul florez is accused in the murder of cal poly student, kristin smart, back in 1996
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authorities arrested him and his father last year, smart's body was never found. jury selection was delayed last week due to a health matter. the trial will be held in monterey county because it judge ruled that florez could not get a fair trial in the san luis obispo county. americans everywhere plan to put the cloud of soaring gas prices in the rearview mirror as they travel for the upcoming fourth of july holiday weekend. >> aaa expects close to 50 million people to travel more than 50 miles from home. numbers should be slightly higher than last year and just under pre-pandemic levels, and one expert says that those flying ought to embrace for some bumping us, this is before ever taking off. that is because of the near constant airline backups this summer due to staffing shortages. >> demand, people booking travel and wanting to travel, has well outpaced the airlines
5:25 am
rebuilding their capacity. what we have seen this summer if many the flights that these airlines hoped to be able to service simply do not have the staff. >> later on the today show, how to make your trip as smooth as possible, that is after today in the bay at 7:00 this morning. and if you're staying post on this fourth of july, check out, you can see a full guide of events happening in everything around the bay area but do not miss out. the mile high city this morning are probably solving a big milestone on the ice. for the first time in 21 years, the colorado avalanche are nhl champions last night colorado beat the tampa bay lightning, and the shooting for a third straight, cup, the colorado won the series. spear always next year for the sharks. >> and the next year and the
5:26 am
next. we have much more for you right here, top stories we are following and including the baking news in the north bay. investigation is underway after a high-speed pursuit ends in a shooting in the brand-new images showing how close as well as came to hitting one officer. >> reporter: gas prices are down a bit over the past several days. the reason they are guaranteed to up atgo t
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right now, making the voices heard as protesters take to the streets over the weekend after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. the pressure president biden is being put under as everyone scrambles to figure out what happens next. slight relief at the pump, now what is triggering on the small dip in prices and white will not last long here in california. is operation in san francisco over the weekend as the pride parade returns for the first time since 2019. and there was chaos that played out to the end of the festivities, we will explore what happened and. visit today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and of course, online. >> good morning to you, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your morning, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia, we will check the forecast with
5:30 am
mike in a little bit, but what can we expect for today kari ? >> it will be nice and sunny, and a lot of spots in lid it will be very warm this afternoon but alto starts out with clouds and temperatures in the upper 50s, all the clouds clearing out by 8:00 to 9:00 the rest of the day, sunny as temperatures warm up. look at the temperature trend but i will stop it as we go into the afternoon, temperatures in the low 60s near the coast, mid-to-upper 90s for the inland areas. we will talk about the range and temperatures, and the cooldown we will all see coming up. how is it looking for the commute, mike? >> a very light drive now, bay bridge toll plaza we do not see backup but it is 5:30, we will check the metering lights. as we look at the map we see no problems, vasco road shows a little bit longer drive, but it is cleared up, so what ever was going on it is now back to 17
5:31 am
minutes, under half an hour from grant line to the dublin interchange, and a smooth flow, still tracking crash in fremont and we will talk about mission boulevard coming up. we are tracking breaking use of this morning in vallejo, where police are investigating officer involved shooting at a shopping center. this was after a high-speed chase that happened last night around 10:00 on fairground drive, just north of highway 37. fairfield police say it started when officers from his department started chasing a suspect who ended up shooting at them during the pursuit. one of the bullets struck the police cruiser headrest, no officers were hurt. the police department gave us these photos showing the bullet holes in the driver seat of this cruiser. police in vallejo set up spike strips that eventually brought the driver to a halt. police say that the suspect then fired again at the officers, but this time the suspect was hit by gunfire. he's expected to survive and is now in custody.
5:32 am
a live look at the white house were president biden is facing pressure from senate democrats to protect abortion rights. ima at the same time there are worries over what impact this abortion ruling will have on both parties of the midterms. kristen welker is with our team on the today show and is traveling with the president of the g7 summit and has team coverage. >> reporter: laura and marcus, good morning to you both the decision overturned roe v. wade has created this urinary backdrop to president biden's travel here in germany i'm a or he's holding critical diplomatic g7 summits here him he then goes to spain for the nato summit. but again, what is happening back at home is looming quite large before he left for germany, president biden put the issue of abortion rights on the ballot and called for congress to legalize abortion at the federal level. right now democrats are not close to having enough votes to do that. president biden is calling on voters to elect candidates that support abortion rights the
5:33 am
challenge for democrats, on the one hand you look at the polling and the majority of americans support abortion rights and they are opposed to overturning roe v. wade, but on the other hand the top issue of this election is soaring inflation and high gas prices. democrats have to be careful to walk a fine line but on the other hand what is it mean for republicans? top republicans over the weekend out of this weekend cheering this news and said it will be a mitigating factor for republicans in the midterms there challenge is to convince their voters the fight isn't over yet there's still a lot of internal debate about where this battle goes next. should contraception be banned in some parts, should there be exceptions to abortion? those discussions are happening right now at the state level, inside the gop. you also have this really remarkable development with the new york times reporting over the weekend that warmer president trump, that of course appointed those three conservative justices that made overturning roe v. wade possible, he publicly said this
5:34 am
is a win for life, privately said he is quite concerned it could cost republicans at the ballot box. i spoke to sources close to the former president who said the president has acknowledged that the issue of abortion is hugely complicated and that republicans are in uncharted territory. back to you. >> is interesting to follow in the meantime four supreme court justices expect the high court will examine marriage and a woman's right to choose her own birth control. >> good morning. roe versus wade, that made abortion legal, sat upon the idea of privacy rights that do not actually appear specifically written out in the constitution. the court now says it doesn't necessarily exist. the problem is, other rulings used the same underpinning foundation. justice clarence thomas is one of the conservatives on the bench who went out of his way
5:35 am
to write a separate concurring opinion specifically pointing out marriage is something the courts should re-examine. the liberals on the bench also raising the alarm that this case may be in danger, the rest of the court saying no, this will be a one-time thing and we will not take that extra step. justice alito writing for the majority said we emphasize that our decision concerns the constitutional rights to an abortion, and no other right. nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion. now the high court can control what cases it takes, but it cannot control what states may bring it. conservative governors are promising they also will not move to challenge same-sex marriage or a woman's right to use contraception. >> first of all, the fact that
5:36 am
justice thomas said some of these other cases ought to be looked at, there was no one that joined in that opinion. this is not about contraception, this is not about same-sex marriage, a very limited decision on this particular issue of abortion. in arkansas, the right to contraception is important and it is recognized, it will not be touched. >> these assurances, with decisions like marriage and griswold, about birth control will not be touched, are not reassuring people because those americans were also told back when the first supreme court justices were going through senate hearings that they considered roe to be established case law and clearly they changed their mind. interesting to follow, thank you. millions of californians
5:37 am
are set to get inflation stimulus payment after state lawmakers reached an agreement on the 2022/23 budget and this budget addresses the states most pressing needs, and prioritizes tax cuts to most working californians through upper relief from inflation. 23 million california would be eligible for direct payment of up to $1050 to help offset inflation and gas prices. the sales tax on diesel would also be suspended, climate change, infrastructure, transportation, healthcare and education are also priorities. for drivers of had to dig a little deeper to make it in the bay, now have some relief at the pump but will not last long? we have more from dublin this morning and it sounds like this slight dip may evaporate soon so we may enter philip as we can, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura could yes because of an annual increase in the state gas tax, more on that in a moment. first off, overnight numbers
5:38 am
for the average gallon of gas from aaa, you can see oakland averaging $6.40 for a gallon of gas, $.10 drop from us monday, san francisco at $6.45, and san jose $6.37, another drop of a dime. why the dip russian mark aaa said the price of oil is down over concerns about the future of the economy, after the federal reserve hiked interest rates still at record high prices. in spite of that it isn't stopping people from traveling. aaa predicts a record 42 million americans will drive more than 50 miles this upcoming fourth of july holiday weekend. do not expect a holiday from the gas tax, on friday gas prices are to go up automatically, july 1st is when a new state gas tax will kick in. senate bill one approved back in 2017 calls for prices to increase every year and on friday the prices will rise three cents a gallon with the money earmarked for fixing
5:39 am
roads, building bridges and improving public transportation. live in bob dublin bob redell . now we turn to the chaos ended san francisco's pride parade over the weekend. >> hundreds of thousands of people returning to the city to celebrate but the festivities were cut short last night. at the civic center someone started spring mace near the stage, this is new video we have this morning at the stampede happening him you see the people rushing. when the crowd started running for the exit, rumors of a gun started circulating. rumors turned out to be false, but translated to real consequences for those who attended. >> everybody was panicked and screaming but nobody knew what was going on. so it was like why is everyone scared and then there was prize of gun. >> sf pd reported multiple fights along city streets including one near polk and
5:40 am
hayes. >> many reached out to say that the chaos was a footnote to an overwhelmingly successful pride weekend. as we mentioned it was the first in person pride parade since 2019 and despite the threat that lgbtq rights could be restricted under the current supreme court, people came from all over to celebrate with the community. >> we are from mexico and my mom came to visit us exclusively to be in the parade today. >> i always wanted to go to pride and i'm also , honestly it is exciting for me. >> nbc bay area was well represented at the parade, dozens of our colleagues were among the thousands marching down market street, about 150 employees from nbc bay area, telemundo 48, and our parent company comcast, took part in the parade. >> b.a.r.t. station had its highest saturday number since the pandemic started, the transit agency tweeted out more than 100,000 people use its trains.
5:41 am
services beefed up once again on sunday, they say they are expecting to set another post- pandemic ridership record. we should learn those numbers later today. what other numbers will we learn? the forecasts check in the forecast this morning and a live look outside of her downtown san jose, those clouds are hovering and it could be killer out. >> warming up for the afternoon but we have the early hours where it is nice and comfortable. the clouds will linger another two or three hours before it quickly starts to clear out. we go from low 60s and san jose to the upper 70s at lunch time, then reaching into the mid-80s. we'll talk what is ahead in our forecast coming up, mike how is it looking for the commute? >> pretty good, as i look at the map i predict more slowing in both directions of highway 12 as they do work on the sonoma creek bridge. but that is just from 8:00 a.m.
5:42 am
until 4:00 p.m., near candlewood area. further south only northbound 101, but for a few weeks, there will be one lane blocked from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. they will move around and they're doing work on harvard bridge, nothing major. and also san rafael bridge over to richmond, eastbound direction, sewing has cleared. back to you. a new promise to ukraine. coming up the u.s. locks in a new deal to improve ukrainian defense against russia, find out how it will boost the ukrainian arsenal and the latest talk about when the body conflict may end. one nfstars l
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
is 5:45, happy monday. look at the range in temperatures piercing this afternoon reaching into the mid- 60s in san francisco, mid-90s for fairfield. we are still dealing with microclimates in full effect. it is hot in the valleys but we cool off toward the end of the week. more on that coming up in a few minutes. spirit your map shows 80 for and san jose and my map shows 280 with the headlights, sparsely populated in the opposite direction, the commute
5:46 am
for this update. metering lights not on yet at the bay bridge, will check in again in a couple. a staten island supermarket employee stands accused of attacking rudy giuliani. according to police, trumps former personal attorney was campaigning on behalf of his son, andrew, when the man stopped rudy giuliani on the back, he was injured and refuse medical treatment. the employee faces a second degree assault charge. nbc news is confirming the u.s. plane to provide ukraine with new missile defense systems, it involves the purchase of advanced medium to long-range missiles, and it is part of an assistance package that includes more ammunition and specialized radar devices. the war in ukraine last friday past the four month mark with no real sign of an ending insight. however during the g7 summit overnight, the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelenskyy , said he really hopes he can
5:47 am
find an end to the war by the end of the year. world leaders are meeting in germany right now. >> and it ukraine and russia very much in focus. >> leveling new sanctions as well, including a cap on a price any of our allies will pay for russian oil, a way of further slowing down the russian economy. the leaders of the group of seven including canada, uk, germany, france, italy, and japan talked about restricting russia's gold trade as well as traditional subjects, world trade and the environment there was a time russia was included in all of this and it was called the g8, but then russia invaded crimea was kicked out. president biden will visit nato headquarters in brussels for the nato summit. top on the agenda is keeping all of these countries united and unified in their efforts against russia, and getting sweden and finland admitted as new nato allies. all countries have to agree,
5:48 am
including turkey. the turkish leader has opposed the addition of nordic countries, he says they harbor terrorists. numbers of the political party who opposed erdogan's rule. he will meet with numbers of sweden and finland in spain. in the next hour the white house has plans, now that abortion is no longer exists on the federal level. and a major achievement over the weekend, signing the new gun laws, and coming up, kristen welker traveling with the president will examine how the backlash against the decision to cost republicans in the midterm. a new cbs poll shows a majority of americans support a woman's right to choose, which lasted 49 years. will cover all of this and take a look at much of this on social media as well. on twitter you can find me @scottmcgrew and on facebook.
5:49 am
a bay area universities the first west coast schools offer housing to afghan refugees. 36 afghan refugees will be given temporary housing on the campus of notre dame university as part of a pilot program. the school leader said it puts their catholic mission of social justice into mission and action. and they say housing is the hardest part of resettlement for refugees. >> the goal is to get to permanent housing as soon as possible and depending on inventory that can take up to three months. >> the school was able to make the space partially due to fewer students on campus due to their new hybrid learning model. former 49ers quarterback, alex smith, is opening up about his young daughters rare, malignant rain tumor and the recent 10 hour surgery that saved her. smith shared photos on instagram of his six-year-old daughter, sloan. he said in may that she was rushed to the hospital after
5:50 am
experiencing seizures. doctors at stanford children's hospital performed an emergency craniotomy and said that she has now bounced back like a rock star with no signs of the tumor. and also because the cancer is so rare there is no clear map for a treatment. smith finished his career with washington and also played for the kansas city chiefs, we are happy that his little girl is doing great. in the meantime, the man who replaced smith in kansas city is trending. spit yeah chiefs quarterback, patrick mahomes thomas telling the world about a new addition coming to his team. take a look. >> his wife is excited. >> cannot tell what they would have. but he and his wife over the weekend, okay it is a boy, they told her close friends and families as you see, and then telling the world, they are having a baby boy and late fall or winter. this will be their second child is c and holding their
5:51 am
daughter, sterling, who is now 16 months. >> now they have a little boy who can play football. >> we will see. that is something to celebrate. >> yes we can still, good weather. >> and i'm looking forward to cooler temperatures, and the inland valley that is been so hot the past few days dublin one of those hot spots, and we do have a couple more days of this. temperatures start in the mid- 50s, it is cloudy and we are in the mid-50s now. we will be at 66 as the sky clears at 9:00, and lunchtime temperatures show 79 as we had it for 88 this afternoon. air conditioners back on for the inland valley. fairfield will reach 97. a high of 95 morgan hills, mid- 80s for san jose and oakland reaching 75, 66 in san
5:52 am
francisco tomorrow santa rosa jumps right back up to 92. we can see the 90s for inland areas, and mid-60s near the coast. that fog continues to roll down the coastline and keeps it cool. the valleys will continue to bake in the heat. we are seeing changes, high pressure is moving away allowing for the low to slide down the coast. by the end of the week, yes into fourth of july weekend, with the much cooler temperatures as we get a stronger ocean breeze around the low in the counterclockwise when the flow will bring that cool ocean air, and temperatures will respond drastically. look at santa rosa, reaching 90 tomorrow, but heading into the upper 70s for the end of the week and into the weekend. monday on the fourth of july, higher humidity, highs in the upper 70s, this is what we need going into the holiday. but definitely not safe to light your own fireworks
5:53 am
because of how dry the vegetation is. temperatures are cooling going from 90s over the weekend at mid-to-upper 70s, it will be the 70s for inland areas, and we know it will be cold for the coast. reaching low 60s for the weekend as log lingers a lot longer mike you have been watching a few issues for this monday morning commute. >> one of them is the bay bridge backup, the metering lights were turned on and it is a good thing they gave them a couple minutes and you do see people slowing a little bit as they reached the left edge of the screen on the map i have circled the plot area as you see the incline is slowing, that is to relieve the slowing getting into san francisco off the decline on the edge of the bay bridge getting into the city. highways four through pittsburgh and bay pointe, and this rash is still on the grid for mission boulevard over at 880. the slowing has cleared from the interchange looking over to san jose. more slowing for 101. back to you.
5:54 am
happening now, california's largest lumber provider is closing all of its privately owned forest lands as of july 1st. sierra pacific industries owns nearly 2 million acres of land across northern california and the sierra in the past it would stay open recreational use during the summer, those policies have been dialed back over the past few years due to fire danger. so far no closures have been announced for state or national forest. one of america's favorite summer crops of watermelon is suddenly running dry still ahead, why drought -like conditions may make it harder for you to track down the popular food and cost you more if you do. plus, at 6:00 a fire in the east bay briefly triggers an evacuation print will explain why it got a little too close for comfort for some homeowners did more news ahead on this monday hey, you cannot do that to mini boss.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. 5:37 on your monday morning and welcome back to today in the bay watermelon is that simple pleasure in the summer but this year the drought is making it more and more difficult. her moans are getting tougher for farmers to grow. they are a dry plant and do not need much water, but obviously need some. the lack of rain has not been
5:58 am
good for crops leaving farmers struggling. >> a lot of people are done with watermelons right now. no water and all the plants are drying up on the vines and all the vines are drying up. and they cannot pull watermelons because everything is burnt. >> lack of rain means fewer watermelons despite the s have enough to meet the need the national park to honor labor leader, cheese or shabbos, it would stretch from bakersfield to the bay area. the sites include the national monument in kern county, and mcdonald hall in san jose. this is where jay's or shabbos and other activists famously organize that trail following the 300 mile labor march, from kern county to sacramento in 1966 which would also be created. there would be a new bill
5:59 am
introduced in earlier this past month. it isn't clear when it could get a vote on the senate floor. a small, but powerful piece of technology, that will help future spacecraft get to the moon. >> nasa posted this image of the capstone rocket set to take a satellite the size of a microwave oven into space later today. we have animation which nasa ames had a big role in managing, the satellite will test a new path to come and around, the moon fit its unique halo -shaped orbit, the idea is to make sure the new route is safe for future astronauts.
6:00 am
am laura garcia. thank you for starting your day with us, today. demonstrations across the country are not letting up after the supreme court's decision to overturn 15. hundreds of thousands abortion riders are taking to the streets over the weekend. right now, we want to continue because those demonstrations
6:01 am
are expected to take place at the supreme court later,


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