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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 15, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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still needs to happen to help businesses recover. >> it will be harder for businesses to hire workers and expand. harder for consumers to buy on credit. >> inflation nation. price is at an all-time high and still no end in sight. our washington insider breaks down the living decision from the fed and the new pressure president biden is putting on companies as he looks to bring you relief at the gas pump . an explosive device found there is and has a councilmember home but the new details we are learning about the investigation. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. it's hump day. good wednesday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez we want to take you to get dublin this morning, which is in store for warmer conditions today. maybe even seeing 90s and some
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inland areas >> and michael have a look at road conditions and a bit but first we want to talk about temperatures. meteorologist vianey arana has been checking that out for us. >> we are in the middle of the week and this is our peak heat day, and then we see a change. san francisco right now is really nice. we have been enjoying clear conditions the past couple of days. we had a system that brought the humidity make an exit. dry weather pick we still see dry conditions and we have not seen any real rain in sight. that will remain a concern the next couple of days. taking a look at the sunrise we will get sunny skies and temperatures will warm quickly into the 80s and the 90s. i will talk about the cool down in a few minutes. >> let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. very slow backup farming here. another 10 minutes. we will see changes that we look at the map.
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we have typical slowing on highway 4, 37 and richmond, west 80 slow toward golden gate field. more traffic heading toward the bay bridge. more traffic around the bay but a gentle change for the south bay. san jose starting to light up just a bit. we are moving you forward this morning as we mark one year since the start of the emergence from the pandemic, from being shut down due to everything going on. almost all public health restrictions were dropped and covid and hospitalization rates have dropped to the lowest since the start of the pandemic so how has life change in whatever bun? cierra johnson is live this morning with a look at. >> reporter: good morning. 365 days ago the state was really just emerging from what we had known as that lockdown with a lot of those restrictions and so much can change in the span of a year. looking back, things were a lot different. if you recall the night before
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the state and bay area essentially reopened, governor newsom to clear that reopening did not mean we have beat covid. he told a group of reporters , quote, this is not mission accomplished. instead the state relied on higher than national average vaccination rates to resume life as we knew it. shortly after, many communities reinstated mask mandates and six months later we learned of covid variants like omicron. so where do we stand 365 days after that they? according to, as of june 14th, the state has a 9.1 positivity rate the number of vaccines administered is nearly 77 million come and 41.1 new cases per 100,000 is the covid rates. we did have a chance to speak with ucsf infectious disease expert dr. david chin-hong who said right now the west coast is writing out a smsearch
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him up but he bebaarea we are kind of still holding at very high levels, leading the state in the number of cases. but i think the light is at the end of the tunnel by some models. of course i can predict with certainty, but my gut feeling is we will have a good july and august. >> reporter: dr. david chin- hong and his colleagues at ucsf have been very helpful with their expertise since the beginning of the pandemic. the doctor also recommends, a lot of folks you may know are experiencing covid, he said the best thing right now is to continue to wash your hands pick since the vaccine is not readily available, if you've not received the vaccination, his advice is to go ahead and get vaccinated. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for today in the bay. >> sony people have credited the vaccine with those mild symptoms after they get covid. hopefully those symptoms are mild. and hospitalizations are down.
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that's good to know. thank you. stick around because at 6:30 , dr. david chin-hong and i had a conversation discussing the long awaited covid vaccine for kids and what every parent should know. homeowners struggling to make it in the bay and around n help. the state is expanding a program designed to help people who have fallen behind in payments during the pandemic. homeowners who missed at least two mortgage payments before the end of june could be eligible to get $80,000 of relief covered and homeowners who fell behind on property taxes can get up to $20,000. the mortgage relief program estimates about 13,000 bay area households are eligible. if you want to see if you are one of them come ahead to see a mortgage and we have that link on, on facebook and twitter. we are following breaking news. drivers are dealing with
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record high gas prices, president biden urging u.s. oil refineries to produce more. early this morning he sent a letter to seven nature oil companies including exxon, chevron, bp, and shell. and if the president said in part , quote, at a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto american families are not acceptable. according to aaa, the average price of gas in california this morning is $6.43. mike inouye will break down some of the cheapest prices we found across the bay area coming up in just a few minutes. gas prices are not the only economic pressures that we are feeling as americans. wall street will open higher today but it did slide lower for a fifth straight day yesterday. futures there in green this morning. opening a little higher than yesterday. as americans feel the
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pinch, president biden is defending his handling of the economy. this comes as the federal reserve is expected to take historic action on inflation. brie jackson is live in washington this morning. the fed trying to get forty- year high inflation under control and fast, but that's a big hike. >> reporter: good morning. all eyes on the economy, as well as on the federal reserve today in an effort to fight inflation. the fed is expected to announce the biggest rate hike in 30 years. from the grocery store to the gas pump to home and rent prices, americans are under financial stress. >> everyone has had it up to here. >> reporter: to ease inflation, the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates today by three quarters of a point. >> it will be a little bit harder for businesses to hire workers and expand. it will be harder for consumers to buy on credit. >> reporter: meaning everything
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from karlis to credit card payments will rise >> reporter: >> the concert on the street is a goes too far and raises rates too high and cause of the economy to contract. >> reporter: president biden is trying to reassure americans his administration is on the right. >> by the end of the fiscal year we will have cut the federal deficit by another $1.6 trillion. in one year. >> reporter: the president blaming higher prices in part to russia's war in ukraine, and the gop for plucking his plan to fight inflation. >> that's all it is. republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families. >> reporter: but republicans point a massive covid-19 spending and other democratic backed policies. >> it's time for the biden and the democrats to realize nothing is free. somebody pays for it and that's you and me as taxpayers. >> reporter: the biden administration says it's focused on bringing down costs.
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president biden travels to oil- rich saudi arabia next month with hopes of repairing relations and driving down u.s. gas prices. and the federal reserve has already raised interest rates twice this year. in addition to today's expected increase, some economists mourn more could come in the coming months. >> unemployment is still low and spending is high so there's some tiny glimmer of good news. we will see what happens with the fed. thank you. the south bay neighborhood on edge after police confirming an explosive was found outside the home of a city councilman. police swarmed the scene when someone spotted the device in the middle of the street and the willow glen neighborhood in san jose it was found outside the home of san jose city council woman and recent mayoral candidate dev davis. the streets were blocked off yesterday for several hours surrounding homes were evacuated, as well. one neighbor said it was nerve- racking. >> i kinda got the chills
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because i was really concerned that, what would've happened if they were here? >> police are leading the investigation. they say leading up to the election, one neighbor found an explosive used as a firework attached to one of davis's campaign signs for mayor and she also has received threatening text messages to her campaign. police found those threats were not credible. the first asian american to hold a u.s. cabinet position will be remembered in san jose today. this is a live look this morning at sjc come airport named in honor of norman mineta. his ashes are expected to arrive at sjc this morning and a motorcade will take has remains to the san jose city hall rotunda where he will lie and honor until 7:00 tonight. mineta served as president clinton's commerce secretary and later under president george w. bush as
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transportation secretary. mineta died last month at the age of 90. tomorrow a memorial service for mineta will be held at the san jose civic auditorium in the evening and president clinton and mayor sam liccardo are among the scheduled speakers. at yellowstone national park, more than 10,000 visitors are being moved out after severe flooding washed out roads , destroyed bridges, and sent a home down the river. the flooding is blamed on three inches of rain over the weekend and snowmelt from warmer temperatures. it's not clear when the park will reopen, but there appears to be so much damage to the roads that it will likely be closed for the summer season lester holt spoke with the park county sheriff about the situation on the ground. >> the water levels that we are seeing and devastation coming from the floodwaters is not something we have experienced in parker county. we have communities that have been cut off by water. efforts have been opening those roads up to get resources to those folks cut off him as well
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as maybe getting folks out of those areas to move them to higher ground. >> next on today, hear from residents who have escaped the unprecedented flooding coming up at 7:00 after us here on today in the bay. vianey arana joining us now. there is still concern for that area. >> there is because of shower activity come and you heard the melting snow plays a role and how quickly that water rises. and over the next couple of days near this area we are expecting temperatures to increase into the 80s and 90s. in addition to that there is a high wind warning in effect for the area. chance for showers tonight. you can see on rader we have some activity. then we take a break after that but heading into saturday we have another chance for rain paired with warmer temperatures , which is the reason why it will remain an area of alert, at least until we get everything figured out as far as when the next assistant will stop in . locally we warm into the
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70s and 80s. i will have another look at that in just a few minutes but first let's check in with mike. we're trying to get you cheaper gas prices. we have two hello $6.00. $5.97 in san jose on north 13th accent karlis, $5.99 on holly street. $6.09 in concord . just three of the cheaper gas prices. on the roadways, better nose. an easier drive and a smooth flow of traffic. still slow in richmond toward berkeley. concord showing more slowing building on highway 4. a bit more out of bay point. smooth and easy flow of traffic even in san jose north 101, the first slowing has cleared. i will show you what's coming up coming up. 10 years of the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca and the future for thousands of recipients is still unclear.
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coming up, what is happening ahead of eight major legal hearing and how one of california's u.s. senators is getting involved. and next, and important recall for electric car drivers the reason board is stopping sales and asking thousands of customers to bring their cars back in. stick around. much more ahead. 6:14.
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good morning, bay area.
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at this 6:16 right now in san jose. waking up to get to eight degrees with clear skies. another sunny and warm afternoon. what to expect heading into father's day weekend. i've got your full forecast coming up. and a live look showing you the san mateo bridge moving very smoothly right now. no problems. there is a backup of the bay bridge pick we will show you how things have grown coming up. 6:17. ford recalling nearly 49,000 mustang mach e vehicles due to a safety issue telling drivers not to deliver, telling deal is not to deliver the electric cars may between 2020 and may of this year. ford said it's possible the batteries could overheat and potentially lead to a cart losing power while in motion or even unable to start. a fix is a software update which board will start next month. owners can take their vehicles
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to the dealer for the update . i want you to listen up. does your furry feline scratch of furniture? on the you don't like that if it's true now there may be a reason why should allow them to do this. >> a team of veterinary psychologists believe that tolerance for this type of unacceptable behavior could be a sign of a strong human-feline bond. the study said cats with the behavior of scratching furniture were associated with higher emotional closeness levels with their owners scientists say that cats were people they would probably be psychopaths. researchers say clawing at couches is now considered an expected and tolerable cat habit. we should tell you that study was commissioned by katz. >> i bet it was. don't scratch my couch. go to your place scratch toy over there. >> i am a dog person but, i
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know. >> we can ask our producer pick she has a cat. i've watched her cat and i've taken all of on walks. on a leash. i was like, at? >> that's kind of cool. >> it is going to be a warmer day so you need to be mindful of the hour you are choosing to take your cat or dog on a walk and i really did take the cat on a walk. san francisco right now, a beautiful view. and we will see lots of sunshine. current temperatures out the door, you do not need a sweater. it's in the upper 50s and we will be really warm by the afternoon. running a few degrees warmer in livermore and morgan hill than the past 24 hours. a 5 degree increase and i went to take you to the temperature trend because we are 58 degrees right now and the wind is pretty calm. by 10:00, 73 degrees. 11:00, 77. by 12:00, 80 degrees. san francisco will also have
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clear conditions today. notice the wind is light from the west-northwest at 9 miles per hour , but it will increase and get gustier through the afternoon. temperatures will rise into the 60s by 11:00 and topping out in the mid-70s. one of our warmer spots will be in dublin. even though right now it's comfortable, 66 by 8:00. prime walking time is 9:00 or 10:00 because the peak heat starts to climb around noon. you want to avoid that peak heat time between noon and 3:00 when it gets hot. 57 degrees in palo alto. we bump into the 70s. by 10:00 or 11:00. and the long-range outlook, we have cooling ahead of. look at that shower activity on friday and saturday. that will drop temperatures down by as much is 20 degrees the sum of the interior valleys and father's day celebrating dads out there and it's going to be warmer. a perfect day for grilling
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because it will be sunny and nice and the seven-day forecast is looking good. mike, i bet your family has some good father's day celebrations coming up for you. >> we will try to make peaches on the grill. we will post pictures. go to bed, you will like them. looking at the roadways. they are pretty good right now. slowing in san jose getting started on the second burst of traffic and a little but more is coming because we see that traffic building and san martin. we've also seen travel times grow a bit. vasco road, 25 minutes from marsh creek to 580. later traffic from 580 and highway 4. build from pittsburg bay point and concord. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza tells you things continue to build. all lanes with traffic building here. no problems coming off of the bay. next, nbc bay area
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responds. >> he thought the car company was offering to replace his broken transmission but his case was parked. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. as we get closer to june teeth, we have a guide to the holiday. we will break down what you need to know. you can watch that on roku, amazon fire tv, or apple tv by downloading our free nbc bay area streaming app and we want to invite you to attend the juneteenth festival in the streets this weekend. it will be and san jose. i will emcee the event in downtown san jose at first street, south first-rate. you don't want to miss it. so much fun.'s food and music. there is love and appreciation, and some shopping. make sure you join us.
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today marks 10 years of immigration program that paved the way for young, undocumented students to remain in the u.s. the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca was authorized by president obama june 15th, 2012. in the last 30 minutes, an event got underway on the steps of the u.s. capitol with california senator alex padilla to mark the occasion. he was joined by several pro- immigration coalitions today's anniversary comes weeks before an appeals court will hear oral arguments to determine the program's legality. a decision could come later this summer. nbc bay area responds to
6:26 am
north bay family and their car's clinking transmission. >> consumer investigator -- good morning. john and novato paid a honda dealer $3150 to replace the noisy transmission and his wife's 2016 hr b suv. the warranty had just expired so he had to pay. a mechanic that but of the noise but fast forward three months and a racket, over the $3000 bill. john said honda corporate sent this surprise letter extending the warranty for several model years including his because of an early deterioration concern that the letter said owners who already pay for a transmission could be eligible for reimbursement. john apply to get his money back but he did not so he asked our team if we could get the gears turning. we contacted the dealer and honda corporate honda declined
6:27 am
to discuss what happened behind the scenes but did send john a check for $3150. john is all set. got his check this spring and conjoin everyone else taking a summer road trip. if that's you, we made a how-to video that includes unexpected advice like the safety reason for washing your carpet you can see why and watch our other videos on a website, streaming channels, and our youtube page. look for the how-to playlist. our next top stories we are following today include a police department in morning and southern california. two officers killed after a shoot out at a motel in southern california. a timeline of how the chaos unfolded and the bay area agencies now lending support. >> reporter: the supreme court could overturn roe v. wade sometime this month. the rush in sacramento to make abortion a constitutional right in the state of california. stay with us. you are watching today in the
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they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. (music throughout)
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right now at 6:30, awaiting the state of roe v. wade and it could happen any day now. the looming decision from the supreme court and the key steps state and local leaders are already making to make sure health services are available for women in california. at plus, vaccines have been
6:31 am
available so a lot of cities and communities already have been ordering them. they are in the shelves waiting for the formal approval. >> how the fda could authorize covid-19 vaccines for babies and toddlers and preschoolers. we will show you what parent needs to know ahead of that decision and how are bay area counties are preparing. this is today in the streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online . thank you for joining us. this morning, the warriors are waking up in boston getting ready for a big win. a live look this morning at the uss constitution. also known as the ironsides. at 6:45 this morning, we are joined alive with what we can all can expect from game six of
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the nba finals. michael have a look at traffic in a moment, but first, we start with a look at our forecast. it will be warm and through the afternoon, i want to give you a sneak peek up what we are expecting. at 1:00, we will be bumping up into the 70s. there dublin, fremont and san jose, already in the 80s. 91 in tracy by 1:00. enjoy the warmer temperatures if you like them because we have a significant cooldown with the drop of 20 degrees over the next couple days. i will guide you through that coming up in just a few minutes. the decision in their case of roe v. wade from the supreme court is looming. >> the leaked draft opinion suggests that justices are ready to overturn the case. today, we have a reporter who
6:33 am
is joining us live. the state of california is trying to codify abortion- rights into law. >> reporter: good morning. two committees within the state legislature advance the bill that would ask voters in november to amend the state's constitution and make abortion a constitutional right. the senate will take up the bill and a bill that must be passed by the end of this month in order for it to make the november ballot. across the bay, on the peninsula, san mateo board of supervisors voted to provide $1 million for planned parenthood clinics and help abortion providers maintain their services as i anticipate more people coming from out of state to seek an abortion if the supreme court overturns roe v. wade. we spoke with the ceo of planned parenthood california and she tells us since september i have provided abortions from -- for 80 people
6:34 am
from out of state after texas began restricting abortion access in september . for comparison, they normally provide abortions for about a dozen people from out of state per year. >> here in california, we will remain resolved and prepared to serve patients who are going to need to come from out of state for abortion care if other states began to deary tate abortion access. >> reporter: some states have trigger laws that will ban or limit abortions if roe v. wade is overturned. in missouri, that state has a law to allow private citizens to sue abortion providers. one of the authors of the bill says abortion is cruel and taking an innocent life should be illegal. reporting live in san ramon, bob redell, today in the bay.
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it is 6:34. we want to take you to the big board for the other big story. the markets just opened a few moments ago and it is nice to see them in the green. after raising interest rates twice this year, the federal reserve is expected to raise rates once again today and it could be a big one. as today in the bay's tim costello reports, this happens as we battled skyrocketing inflation. >> reporter: it's not a cliche to say that all eyes are on the fed right now. and i'll mostly because tate we expect the federal reserve will raise interest rates by the most it has raised rates since 1994. almost 30 years. we expect a three quarters of 1% rate hike because inflation, as you know, is out of control. every american sees it. now, the fed is behind the eight ball trying to get inflation under control before it gets out of control. the trouble is, the challenge is to raise interest rates and
6:36 am
tapping the brakes on the economy without slamming the brakes on the economy and putting the economy into a recession, it is a fine line. the good news is unemployment remains at 50 year lows and we have consumer spending that is pretty strong. but will that hold up? as the rates are risen in slowing the rate of inflation and hopefully bring it back down to something more manageable. it is one of those pocketbook issues that matter deeply in an election year and matters to every single american. we will watch her closely. coming up, everything you need to know and what we are watching as we go into fed watch on this wednesday. we want to take you to southern california where we have new details in the killing of two police officers. they were shot and killed. this is the procession for them held late last night. dozens of cars
6:37 am
and motorcycles with lights flashing line the street. this is the crime scene where two officers were dispatched to a motel around 5:00 yesterday afternoon.. there was a possible stabbing call. a man there opened fire on the police officers inside a motel room and then, once again, in the parking lot. the officers died after being taken to the hospital. mom was a veteran with 22 years of experience, the other a rookie with less than one year on the force. both of them are being called heroes. he met these two memory loved. they were good men. they paid the ultimate sacrifice, serving their community and trying to help somebody. >> police or save the suspect was well-known to police and he also was shot dead at the scene. this morning, police officers and departments from across the bay area are sending their thoughts and condolences. many issuing statements on twitter. the fda is meeting again
6:38 am
today to authorize covid vaccine for kids under the age of 5 and offering protection for the 80 million toddlers and preschoolers. i spoke with the infectious disease specialist about what parents need to know. >> think about it. this is a really historic moment. is the first time almost everybody in our community and families will be able to get vaccinated. first of all, kids get disease themselves. we cannot predict who is going to get sick so it is important to protect them. more kids were hospitalized under the age of 5 under omicron than any other age group of kids. number two, it protects all of us because studies have shown that although the teens may bring the virus into the
6:39 am
household, it is the kids that become the focus of spreading it within the household. by protecting them, you protect the other household members. and you cannot beat this virus until we build up that wall of immunity. multiple reasons to get immunized for that age group. well-tolerated, no serious side effects to talk about. i think it is really important for all adults to get up to date on immunizations which means at least one booster for everyone. that is really, really crucial to know as we write this through. i think we will have a decent break but, again, the reason for the vaccine is an insurance policy for the future. we don't know what fall and winter will bring. i spoke with dr. david chin- hong about more including the current state of this covid surge. you can watch the full interview on our app. let's take you live outside san francisco this morning. nice and clear this morning. temperatures are going to take you on a ride.
6:40 am
you're going to be like i needed ac and now i don't know so much. where is my cardigan? so, let's talk about your forecast. we will be in the 90s for morgan hill. we will bump up into the upper 80s yet again through the interior. some of the warmer spots and of course enter antioch and if you're in tracy, it will warm up quickly. san mateo 77 degrees for the city. we are expecting the wind to pick up. it will definitely get windy at times and up through the north bay, 89 degrees in santa rosa. 85 for nevada and then a 20 degrees drop. will break that down coming up.
6:41 am
and richman, the toll plaza there, i will show you that live shot in just a few moments but we are looking at a pretty predictable drive right now. the closer of the webster and smoke coming through the area but the fire department will be there from today. they are also doing fire drills and exercises. oracle, we take a little more time because of a midday game at 12:45. watch for midday traffic starting at 11:00. unlike drive right now around the bay. we have some breaking news just coming into our newsroom about an accident involving self driving vehicles. we will have the breakdown of that new data coming up. plus, -- >> for the last two years, i have been sleeping at my shop . i don't even go home. >> a plea for help from what east bay community and a reminder to local leaders that violence isn't just happening in oakland's chinatown.
6:42 am
more of savannah guthrie's interview with amber heard and this morning she reveals how she tried to solve this privately with johnny depp, her husband, before they went to trial. and i'm anthony flores in boston. the warriors are one win away from an nba championship. we will hear from steph curry heading into game six. you are watching today in the bay.
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6:44 am
check out the sunshine over
6:45 am
san jose. we've got another warm day ahead. i will talk about the daytime highs and a look ahead at the remainder of your work week leading into father days weekend, coming up. a buildup is happening and more cars coming off the eastshore freeway. not as bad as we often see that we will show you the bigger drive coming up. we are following breaking news this morning on self driving and driver assisted cars. the u.s. government says that technology is being linked to hundreds of crashes. a the data recorded nearly 400 incidents between july 1st of last year and may 15th. tesla autopilot feature was
6:46 am
involved in 273 crashes. the information is part of an effort by the federal agency to determine the safety of advanced driving systems. they stress that the data is not meant to indicate whether one system is safer than another. while tesla had the most accidents, it also is believed to have the most number of vehicles with systems on the road. so far, the comp the vietnamese community is putting out a call for help to help stop crime. small business owners who own a jewelry store say that they see purse snatchings and carjackings almost every day. the committee chamber of commerce started a crowdfunding drive to raise money for high- quality cameras hoping that might help stop that violent crime. >> this past week, they have decided to reach out to other business owners to see how is it that other communities, other business tricks us, were able to get funding for cameras for support such as community
6:47 am
ambassadors. >> we reach to city leaders and we have not heard back yet. two weeks after a jury ruled that she had defamed her ex-husband johnny depp, amber heard continues to defend herself. in part two of an interview with savannah guthrie that you will only see here on nbc bay area, she says she won't back down from her testimony saying depth abused her. heard says she was not looking for all this attention that came with the trial. >> did you ever try to settle? >> yes. of course. all i wanted to do was move on with my life. >> you can see the full exclusive interview on today this morning coming up right after us here on today in the bay at 7:00. this morning, the chase for the nba championship is taking the warriors back to boston. they are one win away from winning the title. >> today in the bay's anthony
6:48 am
flores also made that trip. joining us now he has information on game six. >> reporter: actually, i predicted on the weekend news, thank you for watching, chris, just kidding. you have seen enough of my face and enough on today in the bay and focus your eyes on this. this is the uss constitution also known as old ironside. this is the oldest battleship still afloat. she was first launched in the late 1700s. as for the warriors, they are in town to make their own history. they are trying to win their fourth title since 2015. the dubs lead the celtics in the nba finals and they flew out of sfo yesterday morning. they arrived at the hotel in boston around 7:00 p.m. today, they are back on the practice court as they prepare for the biggest game of the
6:49 am
season. historically, teams leading the nba finals have gone on to win the championship 81% of the time. >> we understand what we need to do. it's just about going out and executing. trying to bottle up your emotions. that's all you want, an opportunity to play, hopefully, the best game of the year and know what one more win means. you can talk about it, embrace the challenge, and a lot of guys in the locker room had been here before, but you just got to go do it. >> reporter: the uss constitution is undefeated in battle, a perfect 33-0. as for the warriors, they just need one more win to claim the championship. coming up, we are taking you inside the garden for practice. life in boston, anthony flores, today in the bay. tune in tomorrow because
6:50 am
you will see more anthony flores. is joining us five boston and you can catch them all day here on nbc bay area. coming up at 11:00, you will not want to miss that. it's time to get a look at what we can expect from the forecast. you talked about how it's going to be hot in some places. i guess, pack the shorts. but it's starting cool in some places. overall, the weather is interesting. in the coastline 60s and 70s, but in the interior we have a couple 90s. san francisco, beautiful shot here. you can even see the golden gate bridge. current temperatures out the
6:51 am
door, in the upper 50s to san jose. san francisco 54. rain -- but, a greater cooling trend is on the way. enjoy these 80s if you are a fan of the warmer temperature. san jose 85. morgan hill 90 degrees. look at your daytime highs. livermore in the 90s. oakland upper 70s. around the peninsula, expect to see breezy wind at times. san mateo 77 degrees. if you're heading to san francisco, it will also be windy. temperatures in the 70s. seasonable for the most part. santa rosa 89, novato 85, sonoma 87. we do have cooling changes later in the week. starting tomorrow, into friday, we get a system to our north and will drop our temperatures down pretty significantly.
6:52 am
also bringing a chance of drizzle early saturday morning and as we head into father's day, we start to see a warm-up. let's plan out the next seven days for san francisco. 70s tomorrow, smart -- overnight lows remain in the 50s but it is the inland temperatures that will get interesting. you go from 90s today into upper 80s tomorrow and then down into the 70s heading into friday and saturday. let's see how the roads are doing. were looking at the south bay right now. nothing but dramatic but let's look at north 101. we typically have it slow but now there's a build. where the arrow is, towards hialeah, a little more billed but we will see traffic flowing and just north of the capital expressway. the traffic is feeding in out of sam martin but this backup
6:53 am
is not as bad as we often see. an easier drive in the bid builders forming at the richmond side of the bridge. back to you. three san francisco supervisors are pushing to invest $118 million into the aapi population. that proposal we create equity funding for nonprofits. if approved by the san francisco board of supervisors, that money will come from the fiscal cliff reserve fund, as they call it. the push comes more than four months after they apologized to chinese san francisco residents for decades of sanctions and discrimination. now a quick look at our top stories including all eyes on the stock market as we make for a waged major announcement from the federal reserve. an explosive device found your account the woman's home. new details about that investigation. stick around. there's much more ahead for you
6:54 am
this morning. you're watching today in the bay. okay. ahhh! wa-hoo! ha ha! no! no ha ha!
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welcome back. we're moving forward with a look at the top stories on today in the bay . the stock market just opened and take a look.
6:57 am
you can see the dow is up 386 points. the numbers closed lower tuesday for the fifth straight day. after raising interest rates twice this year, the federal reserve is expected to raise rates again today. this would be the highest it has been risen in 30 years. the action aimed at getting 40 year high inflation under control. "the today show" is following the latest historic development . tom costello will continue our coverage in just a few minutes. two police officers were shot and killed in los angeles county. there was a procession for them last night. dozens of police cars and motorcycles with lights flashing lining the streets. the two officers were dispatched to a motel around 5:00 in the evening where there was a report of a possible stabbing. when the officers arrived, a man opened fire inside a hotel room. then outside in the parking lot. the officers died from the injuries at the hospital. slp neighborhood on edge after police confirm an explosive was found outside of
6:58 am
a councilwoman's home. the device was spotted in the middle of the street. it was found outside of the home of a city councilwoman and most recent mayoral candidate. the streets were blocked off yesterday for several hours. the surrounding homes were evacuated. she also received threatening text messages to her campaign but police found those were not credible. the first asian american to hold the u.s. cabinet position will be remembered in san jose today. this is a live look at sjc which is a sensors a international airport. the ashes are expected to arrive later this morning. his remains will go to city hall's rotunda where he will lie in honor until 7:00 tonight. tomorrow, there will be a memorial service at the san jose civic center auditorium. the former president bill clinton and mayor
6:59 am
speakers. we are moving you forward as we mark one year since the state emerged after being shut down due to the pandemic. almost all the health restrictions were dropped and has positions dropped as well. the lowest since the start of the pandemic. we want to get a look at our forecast so we can be ready because we know there are some highs and some lows and some in the middle. your seven-day outlook right now for san francisco, today in the 70s. friday and saturday we get the system to the north that will bring cooling to the interior. bright sunlight and backup at the toll plaza. the metering lights are on but it's not so bad. in san jose, the same thing. were holding center on north 101. speed sensors are improving
7:00 am
right here as well as back capital expressway. that is what's happening today in the bay. we will be back at 7:25 with more live local news. thank you for sticking around with us for today in the bay. have a great day. "the today show" is next. good morning. take a hike? the fed expected to announce historic steps to tame inflation. the biggest increase to interest rates in 30 years. with americans paying more on everything from gas to groceries. >> had it up to here. really. >> will it be enough? and should it have come sooner. complete coverage live from washington. state of emergency. yellowstone national park still shut down in the wake of unprecedented flooding. roads and bridges washed out. homes swept away. others facing scary moments like these while attempting to flee.


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