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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> that's how seriously we take this. >> she's just doing her job. >> reporter: this driver works the same route, and he said it's scary to think delivery drivers are being targeted. >> i just have to hope nothing like that happens. >> reporter: they're grateful nobody was hurt. he's urging delivery drivers to be extra aware and cautious. >> when you're leaving your truck or delivering something, close the door, lock it, and keep the keys with you. another mail truck broken into in the south bay. this time it happened in san jose. u.s. postal service investigators say they're reviewing surveillance video. it shows a man trying to get into the back of the truck. he moved to the side, opened the door, and seconds later walked away carrying a tray full of mail as neighbors
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screamed at him and drove off with it. >> it could be our checks or bills and information about us, so yeah, our private information is at risk for sure. >> neighbors say this happened as they were just sitting on the fronten lawn of a home across the street. someone also broke into a postal truck parked on the same street six months ago, so it's a growing problem. in march, the postal service investigated nine mail truck break ins in the south bay in one week. new inflation numbers from the federal government continue to be bleak. you don't have to look at the national picture to see why. right here in the bay area everything from food to gas is still on the rise with no end in sight. scott budman visited a small business trying to make ends meet while costs continue to soar. >> reporter: restaurants are
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having gas pain. this cafe is a san jose sandwich institutions, but everything that goes into their food now cost is more. >> bacon is up 37%. it's crazy. potatoes have increased. lettuce is on the verge of increasing. cheese has increased by 20%. >> reporter: prices for what we buy are rising by the week, spurred by soaring gas costs, which is also hitting bottom lines. >> personally i'm a lyft driver, so gas is my main concern. every time i go to the gas station, it's more and more. it's outrageous. >> reporter: when it comes to the grocery store and our housing market, nothing is dropping, and trend watchers say that's not likely to change soon. >> we're looking at even more price increases. there will be higher prices for gasoline. diesel is going to go up.
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i think we're looking at increases in food. >> reporter: and if all that makes you just want to get away, now there's more bad news. adobe analytics reports that since the start of this year, the cost of domestic air travel is up 47%. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. for the first time since he offered to buy twitter, elon musk will address the employees. the timing is interesting with recent clashes over bots and fake accounts have threatened to derail the $44 billion deal. it's unclear if that means both sides are moving closer to resolving their differences. also shares of twitter are trading well below the $54 a share that musk offered, closing today at 37 dollars. and san mateo county is making plans after a leaked draft indicated a likely supreme court appeal of abortion rights. san mateo supervisors vowed to
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support women. today they considered providing a million dollars to planned parenthood to fund equipment and increase services. the board also discussed creating a buffer zones around clinics to protect employees and patients from harassment. pain and disbelief is what one south bay family says they're dealing with tonight after their sister was killed by her estranged husband right in front of her children. police say the husband then killed a security guard that came to help at the apartment complex before turning the gun on himself. nbc bay area spoke with the mom's family today and we have their difficult story. >> reporter: it's devastating news for the family here in east san jose. there are six orphaned children now, some too young to understand what happened to their mom. >> this is my sister's
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daughter. >> reporter: their pain is unimaginable. >> this morning i was like oh, i'll call my sister, and then i realized that she's no thronger with us. >> reporter: police say she was killed by her estranged husband early sunday morning. a security guard was also killed in the confrontation. >> she was my older sister, but i know she's in a better place now. >> reporter: both sisters say erica was a loving mom that worked long hours to provide for her children. they say her estranged husband was abusive and should have been locked up a long time ago and that the system failed her. >> we told her to go get help. we told her to get help, get help. >> reporter: san jose police say the killer, who hasn't
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been identified by the coroner, was on their radar and he was given stay away orders several times. >> it's not just the upcoming funeral expenses, it's about taking care of six kids for a long time. >> we'll get through this the best we can. we'll be here for them whatever it takes we'll be here and be with them, take care of them. >> reporter: a tragedy impacting six children ages 1 to 10, most of them oblivious about what happened to their mom. >> reporter: the bill wilson center has now offered counseling for the entire family. nbc bay area news. a martial arts instructor in the south bay is accused of sexually assaulting a child. ramirez owned extreme martial arts on elm street in south
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san jose, and also ran a program at an elementary school where he met the alleged victim. he faces sexual assault charges for a child under 14. police believe there could be others. investigators in santa clara county want your help solving an assault case. the sheriff's department posted photos on twitter along with a phone number to report information. they're trying to identify the man you see on the screen. investigators say he attacked a bus driver at the milpitas bart transfer center wednesday may 25th. the driver had stepped away for a break when the man attacked him. he was hospitalized with a concussion. security guards are rallying in the east bay today. they say the wages and benefits that come with their jobs no longer match the risk. more than 100 security guards picketed this afternoon. this comes just days after a double murder-suicide in san jose with a security guard was shot and killed in a parking lot of an apartment building trying to stop a fight. security guards say the pandemic has heightened
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violence and they're not being compensated enough. >> we expect to be compensated. we're protecting people. >> they're demanding more training, more hazard pay, health care benefits, and a safer working environment. up next, several fires break out in the south bay including one that stopped traffic on a major freeway, bringing it to a stand still. we'll an update on what started the fire coming up. the family of an 84-year-old had their first day in court since he was killed and got to see the man accused in that attack. that story is coming up. i'll continue our climate coverage and take a look at climate change and thunderstorms. plus, the big change in our temperatures this week. back with that in about nine minutes. right now temperatures
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soar. we're in texas where the power grid is being put to the test. also what you haven't seen from our exclusive interview with amber heard. what johnny depp's ex says she regrets on nightly news.
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an east palo alto teen is dead, and police are searching for a killer. police say someone shot and killed the boy, a 15-year-old
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last night right before 9:00 p.m. along manhattan avenue and euclid. this is video posted to the citizen app. two men, possible suspects, were last seen running toward woodland avenue. police are not yet saying anything about a motive. this is the second homicide of the year in east palo alto. a man suspected of carrying out a brutal attack on an asian man during the pandemic was in court today. he was pushed down while on a walk through his neighborhood. the 84-year-old hit his head on the concrete and died. his family showed up to finally face down his accused killer in court a year and a half later. >> reporter: justice for grandpa vicha. since his death, there have been several rallies. his daughter says it's been 500 days since he died in the hospital following their attack. she says it's time for their
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day in court. >> we need justice for my father and the community. >> reporter: this is video of the accused during a prior court appearance. today is the first time family and friends got to sit in court with the accused and see some of the evidence against him. one of the key pieces of evidence is security camera video of the fatal attack. the elderly man was on a walk in his neighborhood in san francisco when investigators say he was violently pushed to the pavement. when the video was played in court, friends and family gasped. no one at the hearing spoke for the accused. she was allegedly with watson the day of the attack and could be called as a witness. the death is one of several brutal attacks during the pandemic that prompted an organized response from aapi activists across the city. >> today we have a path to
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ensure there is justice, and he becomes a symbol of equal justice for asian-americans. >> reporter: many other activists helped organize the recent recall of district attorney chesa boudin. they became angry when he declined to press hate crime charges in the case. watson faces charges of murder and elder abuse. this is a preliminary hearing. the judge is simply deciding if it continue on to a full trial. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. a number of fires in the south bay this afternoon kicked up a lot of smoke and kept fire crews hopping. but one fire is being investigated for the unusual way it started. it broke out during the afternoon commute along highway 101 in san jose. flames were right up to the shoulder, so the chp had to close all northbound lanes in the area. witnesses say they saw a box truck on fire driving down the road, burning pieces of wood from the truck were falling off on to dry embers along the
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highway and sparking embers as it passed. >> i just saw the fire running down the road and the smoke was really going. >> as the truck continued driving, it began another fire a short distance away. fortunately no one seems to have been hurt. the driver hasn't been arrested, but investigators aring looing into the incident. a new video of the man who calls himself the pro-life spider-man in downtown oklahoma city. he's an anti-abortion activist and climbed to the top of oklahoma's tallest building without equipment while live streaming on his instagram page. he was taken into custody by the police at the top of the building. just last month he reached the top of the sales force tower in san francisco, also without any equipment. clearly not afraid of heights. >> oh my gosh! >> no rope, obviously.
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>> it wasn't windy we hope. >> daredevil stuff like the roller coaster ride of weather. >> yes, hot temperatures today, then down, then back up again. we'll get to the full temperature profile in just a bit, but i want to continue climate change coverage and look at climate change and thunderstorms. now the data you'll see on the map here, this is what's known as cape or convective available potential energy. what we're seeing is with warmer air, parts of the united states are seeing increasing thunderstorm chances. look at this map. since 1979, we're averaging 20 to 40 more days of thunderstorms through the midwest, northeast, also the southeast. fewer thunderstorm days few parts of the central u.s., and check out california. some increased thunderstorm act tyty here throughout the state since 1979.
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overall when you look at the data, it's the north and east of the central valley seeing five more days of thunderstorm potential per year. that doesn't seem like a big deal, so what should we care? well, all it takes as a lot of us know is just we have lightning strike. remembering back to the lightning complex fire, that was in 2020. the sixth largest fire in california history. again, climate change is increasing thunderstorm chances here through parts of the united states. to keep these consequences from getting worse, it's all about lowering the carbon footprint. more details on that, just head to and click on the climate section. tomorrow morning's forecast, we start mostly sunny. temperatures in the 50s. 5 in the tri-valley. 56 san francisco. daytime highs tomorrow staying
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pretty steady, putting us at 86 in napa, 90 in livermore, 85 san jose, 70s from oakland to san francisco. but we'll see big time changes. the area of high pressure that hangs out for tomorrow, again, one more day of heat replaced by this cooler area of low pressure thursday, friday, and saturday. we're looking at another 10 to 20-degree drop in temperatures. san francisco goes from 71 on wednesday down to 63 on saturday with a chance of spotty morning drizzle, then eventually up to 70s next monday and tuesday. and through the inland valleys, 92 tomorrow. 72 on friday. the chance of spotty drizzle heading through saturday morning. back up to low 90s next tuesday. i don't know about you guys, but sunday is kind of calling my name at this point. >> is that the perfect day? >> if you like it cool or hot, you have a perfect day coming up in the next seven. >> good way to look at it. >> he's always the optimist. up next, is it a sign that
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a housing slow down is coming? big news from two major real estate firms.
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we have some breaking news out of contra costa county. a fire is burning in pittsburgh near golf club road and leland road. here's the view from a wildfire cam. so far it's burned ten acres. we're sending sky ranger up to check it out and will bring you the latest as it becomes available. the san jose police bomb squad is investigating a suspicious device outside a san jose city council member's home. they were called about a device outside the home of council member deb davis. it was loaded on a trailer and moved. police say they're still investigating what type of device it is and have not if id any suspects. it's a sign of how much the housing market is slowing.
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two nationwide real estate firms red fin and compass are laying off staff. higher interest rates have put a chill on home sales. in filings with the securities and exchange commission, compass announced a 10% work force cut. for red fin it's 8%. the ceo says the company doesn't have enough work for agents or support staff and the slow down could last years, not months. if you're taking a trip this summer, you might want to leave for the airport earlier. sfo is asking passengers to arrive at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international trip. summer is a busy travel time. passenger volume is approaching 75% of pre-pandemic levels. about 12 million passengers are expected to pass through sfo between memorial at a and labor day. >> i always get there so early. up next, more officers on the fourth. an update on a proposed budget plan for san jose.
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the golf cart mat. order these american made gifts or a gift card at have a very happy father's day. unanimous approval today by san jose city council. >> it only took a moment to fight for the the mayor's final city budget in office. they want to add 20 more officers to the foot patrol
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downtown and an additional 4 officers to expand the mobile crisis assessment team that pairs police with mental health professionals. this is part of his ongoing efforts to expand the city's police force. coming up tonight at 7:00, breaking down our record high price hikes. we'll talk inflation with a former secretary of labor and also continue following breaking news. that brush fire near homes in pittsburgh. join me at 7:00. up next on nightly news, catastrophic conditions inside yellowstone as one of america's most beloved national parks remains closed. it was forced to shutter as record flooding pushes homes and bridges dramatically downstream. extreme weather from coast to coast floods, fires, violent storms and record heat yellowstone park shut down by unprecedented floods homes swept away bridges washed out dangerous heat more than 100 million
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under alerts in 23 states and storms on the move in the east. wind gusts up to 65 miles an hour. 're tracking it all. also tonight, the growing fears of a recession. president biden defending his handling of the economy as the fed holds a critical meeting. it could announce the biggest rate hike in nearly 30 years. the president set to visit saudi arabia and meet with the crown prince despite his campaign vow to make the country a pariah after the murder of jamal khashoggi. the backlash tonight the battle for eastern ukraine. the critical city on the brink after the last remaining bridge was destroyed. our exclusive one on one with amber heard after the jury sided with ex-husband johnny depp. does she still stand by her testimony the message she says the verdict sends to women and what she deeply regrets after a year away from the courts, serena williams announcing her comeback and a picture a day for 25 years a life in photos


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