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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 24, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, a look outside on what is supposed to be the hottest day this week. still under a red flag warning meaning fire danger. this is nbc bay area news on the fire apple tv, and sports online. thanks so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> a red flag warning is to remain in effect for early evening hours. we are tracking those conditions just momentarily. we do have breaking news to tell you about right now.
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when the situation has cleared up just a bit, so just moments ago we were able to see a big cloud of black smoke coming in from that area and some type of fire that is in that area. live cameras were capturing this. this is in the area of central and to become a with the residential area that is close to that is hamilton avenue which has started to clear up a bit just now. and it seems that maybe they were getting official word from firefighters about what is going on here, and what structure is on fire. is and as we get that information, we will have the long commute, as well as posted online. >> we also have other breaking news. police showing off fluorescent recently as part of a stocking investigation involving an alleged disgruntled former worker at a construction company.
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hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and tactical body armor. at least they say assembled the arsenal and the company that fired him in january. they also found images including this one of the suspect of a shooting range. he is following the story, they will have more on nbc bay area news at 5:00 pm. >> certainly going along for you at midday in this forecast for you. and tracking some of those dangerous conditions that we are experiencing. >> akamai was looking at this fire in the south bay near campbell just a look at the direction of the smoke as it travels up from this fire, and how far does it drift off in the distance? if it looks like there is a gusty wind or that there was a cap in the atmosphere were that levels off, so we are not seeing much of a window right now in this area, but it kind of shows you that even with the dry conditions, we may see this
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possibly become more of a problem. but we will really focus on solano county under that red flag morning where we are getting much more of the gusty winds and extremely low humidity, and that will continue through tomorrow morning at 11:00. we want to show you the relative humidity, because this is also a factor in a red flag warning and how fast he low humidity dries out the brush and also some of the bushes and grasses and now we are headed for a 4% relative humidity, and 6% relative community in the dry valley. extremely dry conditions coming along with hot temperatures. it is already 93 degrees there right now. those temperatures are really breaking up, and we will talk more about where we are headed and what is ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. well, the bay area is just closer to wildfire season. off of emergency safety, it is highlighting how local fires play a critical role in preventing wildfires. right now, the san francisco fire department is conducting training ahead of wildfire season. today's training at john
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mclaren park, this is made possible through the fire and rescue will mutual aid system. this is a coordinated system that can respond to an array of natural disasters, like major fires, earthquakes, and many other situations. >> we are so fortunate to have a california mutual aid system. there are cities and services that we need in san francisco, and they can rely on us. >> the training today includes members of cal oh yes, the san francisco fire, and type one and type six woodland fire crew. >> also gearing up for wildfire season, join us now, deanna contreras. thanks so much for joining us today. i would imagine the cruisers are really keeping an eye on this red flag warning right now. >> reporter: absolutely. laura, with the driest winter that we've had in decades, the wildfire threat is very real in california. all 23,000 employees are
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working around the clock to make the system safer, build a more resilient grid. that includes our analysts and meteorologists who are constantly monitoring weather conditions, either from our 1300 weather stations that we have all across control and northern california, the temperatures, wind speeds, to the analysts that are always watching our hd cameras. 525 of these fire watch cameras are all across the bay area in northern and central california, spotting smoke and fires, and our partners also have access to the scammers too so that they can respond accordingly. all of us are monitoring 24 seven for anything that looks like smoke. >> good update on what you were trying to prepare for. those are new cameras that you are putting up. that something different the company is doing this year?
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>> reporter: no, because they need to install cameras with a goal of 600 total by the end of this year. that will give the bill's ability of 90% of all the high fire areas across all of northern california. in addition to installing weather stations and cameras, we are also under grounding powerlines. we not a huge initiative to install powerlines, and we are going to get 75 of those miles this year. there are projects happening all across the bay area. one in walnut creek right now, there is another project that will start soon in hatton bay, and there are several underwhelming projects happening in the north bay including here in santa rosa where i am. >> and i quickly ask you about safety power shut off? it is earlier and earlier every year. what do you think it is going to look like? what can customers expect? >> yes, this event was just one that we have in the toolbox to reduce fire fire spread. building a safer grid, and then ps ps is just a tool of last resort and when the weather is so severe that we have to automatically shut off the line
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for the safety of the community. of course, there is a lot of different factors that come into play when we are looking at initiating mpf bf. we do not expect one over the next week and we can always get the cast of pde/forecast weather. we take a lot of things into consideration. 30% around low, wind speed, 19 miles per hour more, wind gusts between 30 to 40 miles per hour. we also have crews looking at the fuel. what does the vegetation look like? all of those things we take into account if we are going to initiate aps ps. we notified our customers today in advance that we are not planning on doing that for the next two weeks. >> good to know. it is so dry. we hope these preventative measures will help this year. thanks so much for joining us. due to the ongoing drought, many customers in south bay will be forced to conserve even more water. today, valley water voted on new measures for the crisis. kris sanchez shows us what we need to know to save water and money.
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>> reporter: valley water is really focused on how people use the water outside of their home, because that is where the majority of households use up to 50% of the water. these are things you might already be used to doing after years of drought. the proposal to be considered today with limiting outdoor water to just twice a week, and only after 6:00 at night, and before 9:00 in the morning. that is the evaporation. the proponent also had a runoff and any property alert with water 48 hours after measurable rain. up to this point, we've been focused on education and mourning for them. they will have opportunity to rectify the situation. however, if the -- there will be enforcement for repeats or potential water wasting. valley water will be able to find people hundred dollars for violation, up to $10,000. now, because of the ongoing
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drought water district has not been able to save in water, and in porting water is getting more difficult. >> 50% of the water that we use in santa clara county comes from -- county. and you know, last year we got an allocation of i believe 5% of our contract amount, and now it is whatever is necessary for public health and safety. >> this passage was going to affect a week from tomorrow is june 1st. and we wonder if voluntary cutbacks don't work, they water users across the city, we could all use mandatory water restrictions. nbc bay area news. >> chris, thank you. new big details today. the officer is recovering at the driver who is now in custody, after an early morning hit and run in the bay area. state 80 in the east bay, at happened at around 1:00 am near berkeley near university afternoon. the pickup truck veered off of a car of an officer helping someone off of the road. the officers injuries is not
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said to be too serious. the driver got away initially, but was later found and arrested. a big decision today may impact the families of those who has loved ones. county supervisors are considering extending and increasing the money for family of victims. if approved, the support, which would move counseling, would continue on through june. thursday across the bay area, people will mark one year since the shooting with nine bpa workers died at the hand of a deranged employee. there are several memorial events planned through thursday. we will have complete coverage starting at 4:30 a.m. >> happening now -- health workers in san jose's regional center are ticketing, saying that they are overworked: for higher staffing levels and say that the operator hca healthcare is working on profits over care.
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they're facilitating a new contract. >> there is no nursing shortage. the hospital is claiming there is, but there is no nursing shortage. we just need a staff the hospital appropriately so that we can care better for our patients. >> right now, patient say that there is no plans for the strike in the statement hca telling nbc bay area in part while we support the rights of our nurses to participate in labor union activities going to ensure our patients, employees, and our community that safety is our paramount importance to good samaritan hospital. okay, it is time to talk about our warriors. at the warriors, they have to defeat them. they've done it, but they have to do it again. if they do, they will make it to the nba finals. >> there we go.
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in four is in dallas, but you better believe fans will be gathered outside of the center as they have. it has been huge out there for the viewing party. nbc bay area here johnson has got a preview of what fans can expect. >> reporter: good morning, it all comes down to this. they should be the final game before the warriors enter the final tip off. 6:00 this evening against the mavericks. right now they are leading the series. living under a bit of a rock if you have your cap worried on the warriors right now. their lead is zero in the series against the dallas mavericks in the western conference finals. if you missed the last game which was played in dallas, you missed a good one. wiggins threw down what would've been the dunk of a series, or maybe even his career. social media is still buzzing across the replays, as well as the meeting about that dunk. they were able to edge out the map of 109 to 100. so tip off tonight is at 6:00 pm, and if the warriors are able to pull off the win, they will face the winner of boston
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or miami. but of course, the first hurdle is beating the maps for that game. in front of the tree center, they are expected beyond spire, as that has been for the last couple of games. hopefully you are here watching at home. we are of course all watching for a big win. in san francisco, here for today's event. >> thanks. split in two, new video capturing seconds before a deadly high-speed crash. also ahead for you this midday, summer travel season arrives. expect to see fewer short-term rentals in the north bay. i will tell you the latest county considering restrictions and moves supporters say would give the housing supply. >> connecting you to solutions. >> and making sure your voice is heard.
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nbc bay area, moving you forward.
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new video showing the
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moments leading up to a deadly crash last night. a driver lost control and crashed into a tree and hit a car that basically sheared in half. it happened at university avenue on bay road at about 8:00 pm. take a look at this surveillance video. look at that car, going so fast! we show the video right before impact. no other cars were involved in the crash. sam liccardo has tested positive for covid. his office confirming to us late yesterday. during the news conference earlier yesterday, they are saying that he wasn't feeling well last night after the covid test. he said that he is thankful the vaccination is helped prevent any serious symptoms thus far. with the travel season about together underway, be area may be able to put a break on short-term rentals. >> supporters argue that a temporary moratorium may also provide a huge boost in much- needed housing. >> you will cry recall earlier this month, later today, marin
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county will -- again, a 45 day moratorium. existing short-term rentals with grandfathered in under this proposal. unregistered property owners would be at 5:00 tonight, you and notify the county about their short-term rental to avoid the possible moratorium. if you're not familiar, a lot of small villages there, where there are now more than 500 short-term rentals according to the county, which is 10% of the housing supply. it's even worse in places, where the vacationers are warning the coast of our community. >> we are hearing from our fire department that they are having trouble staffing with volunteer fire departments. we are hearing from, you know, from the schools about declining enrollment. we are hearing from some of the affordable housing organizations that, you know, they are really having trouble
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securing the housing supply, and that people are having more and more trouble competing for available housing, because it is so much more lucrative to use even modest units as rentals. >> this moratorium could be extended after two years. they give them more time to give up new short-term regulation for all the county. now, the intent is not to outright than short-term rentals, according to the county, but to find a better balance. in 2018, the required business owners to get a business license. these regulations were held off because of the uncertainty over covid. nbc bay area news. problems affecting californians is the housing crisis. nearly every bay area home on sale, went hard for this price. >> there is a secret off market listing. she went searching to find some of those hidden deals.
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>> this orlando home sold in november. it was valued at at least $1 million, but he was completely advertise to investors. that is far cheaper. in this home in concord also off market in december is estimated at about 570,000, but went for 470,000. 100 grand last. >> overpriced, overwhelmed, over it. right now on roku, amazon fire, or amazon tv, by downloading the nbc bay area app, or you can go to nbc bay now we are dropping one episode today, so come back tomorrow for episode two, which is landlord confessions. and to update you on the breaking news that we first told you about at the top of our newscast. you can see at the top. you can see where the fire was at a structure that was
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just off of a residential neighborhood. but fighters seem to have that fire under control. but again, this is an area of central, the major intersection there was -- and east hamilton avenue. again, we are working on all the details that started this fire. but again, that fire seems to be under control with firefighters there having everything clear. >> that's right. firefighters certainly on high alert across the bay area with hot and dry temperatures today there. it is starting to heat up and we are also really concerned about solano county under that red flag warning. but really, a brush fire could spread quickly anywhere across the bay area in these conditions. we are looking more at gusty wind, much lower humidity in that area where temperatures are already in the upper 80s in fairfield. h has hit the upper 90s, maybe even
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briefly over 100 degrees. we are going to set a lot of new records here with santa rosa heading up towards 98 degrees. the record is 89, so i think we are well above that. we also have the record in concord of 92. but we are forecasting a high of 96. san francisco is one of the milder spots in lower record, but even with him reaching 86, that is going to bring the record in 85 degrees, and san jose should stay below that record hopefully we don't see those numbers going any higher than 90 degrees. that is still pretty hot, and we look around the bay area to see how warm these temperatures are ones we get on the other side of the bay. there is a fairly ocean breeze to give us temperatures there along the coast and in the 70s, and more of the things tomorrow. still pretty hot in fairfield to reach into the triple digits, and 90s for the south bay mid-90s for the tri-valley. we are going to see some changes ahead, heading into memorial day holiday, with some rain very close by.
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you could start to see us moving in on friday into saturday, if you are going to nurse goes, you're going to see some showers there. and it may also be raining in the sierra. we are going to see more of those showers in colder temperatures passing by early next week. it is going to be extremely hot today, but if you are making outdoor plans for the weekend, maybe have a graduation, a party, having family going in town, you are going to see temperatures in the upper 70s. much nicer than what we started out the week with. our temperatures are in the upper 90s. it is just a little bit lower tomorrow, but then we have some upper 70s and low 80s for the rest of the week. memorial day is slightly warmer, but san francisco is keeping the mild weather here and we will drop it back to the 60s in time for the weekend with some gusty winds. lauren and markets? >> thanks so much, carrie. daytime talk show host to another, oprah's words of wisdom to ellen today as the ellen show nears its very end of a 19-year run. and happening now, the first effective case of monkeypox is being reported in
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california. health officials say that it was related to travel in europe. this marks the sixth suspect case here in the u.s. the other cases are in new york city, florida, and two in utah. that's in addition to a confirmed case last week in massachusetts. health experts say that the virus is still spreading widely, and it may be getting passed through same-sex encounters. we will be right back.
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mr. mac joining this midday, oakland natives can add one more thing to our already lengthy resume. 100 most influence in people. the actors are on one of the five covers for the annual issue looking absolutely stunning in this red dress right here. time recognizes india as a cultural icon in the making. >> milo kunis who came to the u.s. from ukraine, which was then part of the soviet union. one person with some words to say about her selection was her husband, ashton kutcher. because on twitter, hey, time magazine, i already lose every argument i had with my wife. you just had to do this, didn't you? by the way, if you add a new units on today's ellen. already, speaking of which, an end of an era. ellen only has three more shows to go before she hangs up these sneakers and says farewell.
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>> she is actually already sitting down with another who knows what it's like to be saying goodbye. the one and only oprah winfrey. she tells ellen to enjoy these final days because they are not going to happen again. >> this is the truth. their world never ever be a time like this. you know, everybody's like oh, yeah, you are going to go on, but you will never ever have a time like this where you were held in the public's eye and received the joy in such a way that all of you came together and made that happen. there will be other things and other great things, but there will never be a time like this. >> of course, the ellen show is at 4:00 right here on nbc bay area. smack how about a forecast for you this midday.
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>> temperatures are already heating up, we have the concerns of the fire danger. make sure you have the bay area app so you can get alerts as possibly these fires break out later today. let's hope not. let's hope not. >> all right, things were joining us our midday newscast. >> that's right, you can always get all the latest information all day long on nbc bay we will back back here starting 4:30 to 7:00, and then our later date news at 11:00.
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right now on california live, it is a countless cabaret, we are here and we will get some juicy details about the new season of real housewives peer >> i don't know for sure if i will be back. >> then, chef mark of san francisco's one market will show us how to make a farm to table breakfast that is good for you using wild meadows. >> changing lives, one pair of sunglasses at a time. >> firing up the grill this


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