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tv   Today  NBC  January 11, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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week, we'll bring the temperatures down just a bit but still staying dry and we'll see the dry weather into next week. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and a beautiful shot in san jose at the s.a.p. center. have a good morning. good morning. arctic blast. bone-chilling temperatures this morning blanketing much of the u.s. some of the coldest air in years. windchills as low as minus 45 degrees. schools all across new england forced to close today. al has everything you need to know. breaking overnight, full ground stop. all flights on the west coast temporarily halted by the faa. at the same time that north korea fired off a new missile. we'll take you inside the disruption that impacted thousands and the search for
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answers. back to school. overnight teachers and officials in chicago reach a deal to return to the classroom despite covid concerns as cases and hospitalizations soar to new records. but could more help soon be on the way in the form of an omicron-specific vaccine booster? in mourning. bob saget's "full house" family comforting the late star's wife as new details are released surrounding his sudden death. the very latest straight ahead. and one of saget's closest friends joins us live. all that, plus extraordinary gesture. after a stumble cost a speed skater her one chance at the winter olympics. >> big slip! big slip for erin jackson. >> a teammate steps in. giving up a spot she earned so her friend could go for gold. >> erin has earned her right to be on this 500-meter team. >> we'll talk to them in an exclusive live interview.
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and no bones about it. >> launching downfield! underthrown. intercepted! all the way to the end zone! and georgia is going to cover the crimson tide! >> georgia rallies to beat alabama and win the college football national championship setting off a party that fans of the bulldogs have waited on for 41 years. >> three, two, one! >> today, tuesday, january 11th, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey guys, welcome. happy that you're joining us on this tuesday morning. savannah is working from home. how about wow down in georgia? >> what a night for the university of georgia. you think they've been waiting
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for that for a long time? >> no kidding. it was an incredible game. the bulldogs came back to defeat s.e.c. rival alabama and earn the school's first national title since 1980. we'll have lots of highlights. lots of reaction. lots of partying i'm imagining is happening as we speak, savannah. >> i think the party was going all night long. plus, unfortunately another record day in the pandemic. more than 1.3 million new covid cases reported across the u.s. on monday. some states including weekend tallies. the seven-day average also reached a new high. more than 740,000 cases per day. more on that in just a moment. >> we begin with that brutal cold hitting much of the country this morning. just take a look at these temperatures. 16 degrees here in new york. zero in buffalo where parts of upstate new york have been hit
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by nearly two feet of snow. al is standing by. he has a full forecast in just a bit. but first, we will check in with nbc's stephanie gosk. she is just to our north in white plains, new york. good morning. >> hey, hoda, good morning. this is the kind of cold that puts a real spring in your step and sends you scrambling for the closet to find those ridiculous ski mittens. places in the midwest and northeast where they're seeing temperatures lower than they've seen in years. here in white plains, new york, it's 15 degrees, but it feels like zero. that's zero degrees. not even a single degree. this morning millions are waking up to more frigid winter weather. >> it is super cold. >> reporter: a dangerous arctic blast slamming the midwest and northeast. >> here's how cold it's going to get. feels like forecast means frostbite in 30 minutes or less. >> reporter: temperatures and windchills plunging into the single digits and well below zero.
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folks across the country now bundling up as they brace for another round of bitter cold. across the great lakes, the brutal cold snap is bringing heavy snow and high winds. in parish, new york, cars and streets were buried in more than a foot of lake-effect snow. snow blanketed roads and highways creating dangerous driving conditions. this jack knifed tractor-trailer shut down part of a busy interstate. the chilly forecast, the reason classes are canceled in the syracuse city school district this morning. in duluth, minnesota, firefighters fought a structure fire. amid negative 35-degree windchills. >> it's dangerous for us just like anybody else being outside. >> reporter: the deep freeze extending to new england. in boston, all public schools will also be closed today. for the first time seven years, the extreme cold is keeping kids out of the classroom. >> we want to make sure there is no risk of students being out in the cold, on the way to school or having issues in school
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because of the ventilation that is needed with the pandemic. >> reporter: good news is that the cold is going to break in the next 72 hours sending temperatures into the upper 30s. that's basically bikini weather. >> and the other good news is your hat and coat look cozy so you look warm there, steph. thank you so much from white plains, new york. all right. let's get more on the bone-chilling details of the forecast. al, good morning to you. what you got? >> take a -- it is crazy cold. give you idea. who's going to be colder, minneapolis or new york? in fact, it's going to be warmer in minneapolis. 6 degrees above average at 31. new york city, 19 degrees colder. this one is a mind blower. anchorage, alaska, 29. that's 30 degrees below average, but boston is going to be 12. 26 degrees colder than average. right now it feels like 13 in worcester, mass, 33 below in caribou, maine, 3 below in chicago. 13 above in st. louis. right now we go into the
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northeast more. binghamton, new york, minus 17. 3 in atlantic city. feelss like minus 8 in new york city and this afternoon, temperatures in the mid teens to low 20s for pittsburgh, syracuse, caribou, maine, below zero, minus 4 by tomorrow morning, this is the bottom out. then we start to climb back. buffalo's windchill 9. zero in boston. new york, 10. but we start to warm up as we get into the latter part of the week. however, this weekend it is going to chill back down again. if you want warmth, head into the plains with rapid city, 50. oklahoma, 57. st. louis, 56. tomorrow that moves to the east just a tad. st. louis will be 50. 64 in dallas. hoda? >> all right. al, thank you so much. now to a moment that impacted thousands of airline passengers. the faa grounding flights at all west coast airports for several minutes around the same time
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that north korea launched a new missile test. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. he's at reagan national with this story. curious timing there. >> i think that's right. curious timing. the faa is not offering any official explanation as to what happened here. it was quick. five to seven minutes for the ground stop affecting airports in the western u.s. and while the timing really suggests that there is deep concern about north korea's military operations, the ground stop itself meant certain planes could not take off. others had to land. it happened late monday. north korea launched a ballistic missile into its eastern sea. the rogue nation's second missile launch in less than a week. about that same time, air traffic controllers at some u.s. airports in the western u.s. heard ordering ground stops. this was air traffic control at california burbank airport.
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>> i need you to land at this time. some national security stuff going on, and we are not allowing anyone in the area at the moment. are you able to land? >> reporter: a highly unusual and coordinated ground stop lasted for about seven minutes. so far, no reason given. under faa ground stop, flights scheduled to land at an airport are forced to stay at their departure airports. no takeoffs. they can be related to weather, equipment, or extreme events. air traffic controllers at san diego airport. >> we are ground stopped. >> what's the ground stop for? >> we don't know. we're trying to find out. it is everybody nationwide. >> interesting. >> reporter: south korea and japan confirming north korea launched a missile early tuesday morning their time. but it's not clear how far the missile flew or where it landed or if any u.s. planes were ever in any jeopardy. again, the faa not commenting on this.
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it was a quick ground stop. north korea has allegedly, and we underscore allegedly, been working on hypersonic technology and trying to further their ballistic missile program so all of this has created some heightened tensions across the entire world. hoda, back to you. >> all right, tom costello there at reagan national, thank you. also breaking overnight, a deal has now been reached to reopen chicago schools for in-person learning. this amid the ongoing record surge in covid-19 cases and word that omicron-specific booster shots are in the works. nbc national correspondent has the latest on it. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. the cdc is setting the stage for a fourth shot for the severely immunocompromised comes amid spiking infection that's are rising covid-19 deaths in places where omicron first hit as health officials try to mitigate this massive surge. this morning the nation's top covid-19 vaccine providers are
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working on a fourth shot, the ceos for moderna and pfizer say a second booster, this one aimed at omicron, could be rolled out in the next few months. >> these vaccines will be ready in march. i don't know if we'll need it. i don't know how it will be used. but it will be ready. >> reporter: with our nation already averaging nearly 700,000 new infections every day, most of those hospitalized are unvaccinated, and with covid deaths rising in places where omicron first hit, doctors fear a rise in fatalities similar to last year may soon be coming. now officials in sonoma county, california, are advising residents to stay home for the next 30 days. moving quickly to ban large gatherings here in wine country that would impact weddings and conferences with limited exceptions. meanwhile, child hospitalizations are up 133%.
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this woman's 6-month-old son is one of almost 4 1/2 million kids who tested positive for the virus. he's been taken to the hospital three times. >> my biggest concern is him being able to breathe. he sounds like he's struggling to breathe. and it's terrible to hear that. >> reporter: amid a push to get kids back in the classroom, students in chicago will return to campus wednesday after teachers reached a new agreement with the district over safety concerns. in los angeles, after a rush to get more than half a million students tested, the nation's second largest district is back today, just as covid cases here surge to record levels. >> i have mixed emotions about it, really. >> reporter: this just the latest reopening. the nation tries to ride out a tidal wave of infections. with cases at record levels, 1.3 million new infections yesterday alone, people may be getting some relief when it comes to testing.
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the white house says americans with private health care insurance won't need to pay for those rapid at-home covid test kits. starting saturday. consumers will be able to have their health care plan cover costs up front or be reimbursed later. but the plan does not address those without insurance who props are most in need of free testing. savannah? >> miguel, thank you very much. president biden travels to georgia today to deliver a call to action to protect voting rights. this comes as his administration is locked in a tough fight on capitol hill over the issue and the president's agenda. look who is back. nbc's blayne alexander in atlanta. so happy to see your face. good morning. >> hoda, good morning to you. so glad to be back with you. certainly a lot going on in georgia today. in many ways georgia really is the perfect backdrop for the voting rights push. of course, atlanta is the cradle of the civil rights movement. one of the bills is named for
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congressman john lewis, longtime congressman from this area. but the president is also returning today to the state that helped democrats gain control of the senate and this time he's facing some criticism from some in his own party. this morning president biden is taking his voting rights push a central piece of his agenda to georgia, making an urgent appeal to protect the rights he says are under attack. vowing, i will not yield. i will not flinch in protecting voting rights according to an excerpt obtained by nbc news. >> in state after state, new laws are being written. not to protect the vote but to deny it. >> reporter: on the line, a pair of federal voting bills that democrats say would protect access to the ballot, providing universal access to mail-in voting, making election day a federal holiday, and requiring federal approval for election changes made at the state and local level. georgia is ground zero for the fight over voting rights. >> they attacked and cheated on our elections. >> reporter: repeatedly under attack by former president trump
7:15 am
who has falsely claimed the election was stolen focusing on mail-in ballots after biden's victory in the once reliably red state. soon after the republican-led state legislature passed a law limiting absentee voting saying it made voting more secure but democrats slammed it as voter suppression while similar laws passed in at least 19 other states. now in washington, efforts to secure federal voting rights are hitting a wall. democrats are considering changing a senate rule known as the filibuster so they can pass laws without republicans who are unanimously opposed. >> democrats are trying to use their fake hysteria to justify breaking senate rules. >> reporter: in georgia, patience is thin among the very organizers who helped the president win. >> did you feel this was an empty gesture? >> we feel like, you know, the president and those that are accompanying the president are coming down here for a photo op. >> reporter: the president
7:16 am
expected to say he supports changing that filibuster rule. the senate's top democrat chuck schumer promised a vote on that rule change by next monday. martin luther king day. hoda? >> thank you, you were off on maternity leave with a cute little baby sage. we're just happy to have you back. congratulations. >> thank you so much. i'm glad to be back, hoda. i appreciate that. >> you got it. we should mention also the push to protect voting rights will be just one of the topics that craig will discuss in an nbc news exclusive interview with vice president harris. we'll bring that conversation you to tomorrow -- on thursday. speaking of craig who is a very busy guy, he's here right now. >> good morning. good to see you, hoda. good morning, savannah. good morning to you as well. folks, party down in athens, georgia, probably still going on this morning. after the university of georgia won college football's national championship for the first time in 41 years. kirby smart there hoisting the
7:17 am
trophy. they got revenge on the arch nemesis and s.e.c. rival alabama in a nail biter last night. we have the highlights. morgan chesky joins us with the highlights. >> craig, certainly was. make no mistake, fans are likely still celebrating from indy to georgia as you said. and this comes as the first national title for the bulldogs in about four decades and to make it even sweeter, it came against a team that had their number for years. >> georgia is going to cover the crimson tide. >> reporter: this morning, a college football comeback for the ages. university of georgia snapping a 41-year championship drought. dethroning college football royalty to do it to earn their crown. the bulldogs beating the alabama crimson tide 33-18 monday night in indianapolis. winning the first title since 1980. that's when herschel walker was the team's star running back.
7:18 am
>> georgia on the mountain top! demons be gone and the drought is over. national champions at long last. >> reporter: the bulldogs coach kirby smart finally besting his old boss and mentor. alabama's legendary nick saban to earn his first national championship. >> i hope it doesn't take that long again. go dogs. >> reporter: georgia's quarterback a former walk on shaking off a fumble before throwing two fourth quarter touchdowns. >> i wasn't going to be the reason we lost tonight. >> reporter: he dreamed of playing for georgia, weeping on the sidelines. after his team sealed the game with an interception. >> 40-yard touchdown to finish it. >> fans back home in georgia celebrating the sweet victory. and as bulldog nation celebrates their national title, head coach kirby smart can add a big stat to his resume entering last night's game whenever nick
7:19 am
saban when facing a perform assistant, 25-1. craig, this morning, 25-2. >> yes! morgan chesky for us. they beat them seven straight times. so good to see them pull it out. >> sweet. and al, i know mrs. roker is happy. >> she was watching and cheering on her dogs. they finally got it. all right. good for them. let's take a look at what's going on. flood watch in the pacific northwest. more heavy rain. much milder highs in the plains. good news for them, but the arctic cold here in the northeast. but at least it's plenty of sunshine. let's get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm kari hall. as we take a live look at san jose, we have a mostly clear sky and beautiful sunrise as temperatures are fairly chilly. but look at how much we warm up going into this afternoon headed for the mid-60s reaching 67 in morgan hill. but lower 60s in parts of the north bay and san francisco reaching 60 degrees. through our "7-day forecast," we will continue to see some dry weather as we head closer into the weekend. weather. savannah >> al, thank you still ahead, what we're now learning about the sudden loss of bob saget as the beloved actor's "full house" co-stars console his grieving wife and we'll talk about his legacy away from the spotlight with one of his dearest friends.
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shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. it is 7:26. there is a possible new booster shot requirement in the south bay. >> reporter: and san jose may enact a booster mandate starting today for anyone wants to attend an event at a city-owned venue. this will also apply to anyone who collects a paycheck from the city. the city's workforce vaccination rate is as high as 92% in some
7:27 am
departments, that full vote on the booster mandate will happen today. good morning. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. starting this weekend, private health insurers will reimburse or cover the cost of eight of those at-home test kits. the federal government is expected later this month to start a website that would make 500 million at-home test kits available via mail. let's get a look at the microclimate forecast with kari hall. >> looks really nice out there. we're starting out with some cold temperatures, but it will warm up nicely into the low 60s this afternoon. more of the same tomorrow, but we could an increase in cloud cover thursday and friday but not much in the way of any rain. and dry weather continue this is weekend with near normal temperatures for san francisco. highs they're 60, a mix of sun and clouds will stick with us through the middle of next week.
7:28 am
thank you for joining us. another local news update is in about half an hour.
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here's a young man here. do you watch that show >> yes, i watch it every time i get a chance to from 7:00 to 9:00 >> what do you like best about l it >> best thing i like is when jay fred mugs is on. >> we're back. today's very first host there and our original window of the world as he coined it. and look at that darling young man. yes, of course, he had a favorite it was no human. it was the chimp >> jay fred mugs
7:31 am
they said that chimp was good for kids because kids would sit with cheerios and parents could get ready and do stuff and they would eat their breakfast. a good way to keep kids in their seats. >> even after jay fred mugs, i just found out a couple days ago there is another chimp cocomo we want to make sure that cocomo gets his due too as we celebrate. >> yeah. and then all those years later, don't forget all the dogs we adopted on this show it's always been an animal friendly show. we're really enjoying looking back and will do more so on friday for now, let's get to the 7:30 headlines. convicted killer robert durst died in a california jail yesterday. the wealthy new york real estate heir was serving a life sentence for murdering his longtime friend susan berman. in november, he was also indicted for the death of his first wife kathleen who vanished in 1982. authorities say he died of natural causes he was 78 years old. now to a medical first doctors in maryland have transplanted the heart of a pig
7:32 am
into a human patient 57-year-old david bennett is doing well fours days after the highly experimental surgery. bennett was not eligible for a human heart transplant and he just had no other options. too soon to know if the operation will take. but it marks a step in the decades long quest to use animal organs for life-saving transplants. the u.s. mint has started shipping quarters featuring legendary poet maya angelou. the american author and civil rights activist is the first black woman ever to appear on the coin she was honored with a presidential medal of freedom in 2010 by barack obama she died in 2014 at the age of 86 also this morning, tributes and loving memories of bob saget are still pouring in following the sudden death of this 65-year-old comedian and actor >> one of his dearest friends is with us. we're going to speak to him in just a moment. but first, nbc news now anchor joe fryar has the latest good morning >> he was beloved for his
7:33 am
character on "full house" and admired and respected for his sometimes dark sense of humor. this morning as friends and fellow comedians grieve bob saget's passing, we're learning more about the caring side of this iconic tv dad bob saget left behind a rich and varied body of work from raunchy adult standup sets to the adoering single father on "full house. >> you girls are the greatest. >> reporter: those who knew him say the kindness he showed on screen was no act. jimmy kimmel emotionally paid tribute overnight. >> a word that came up a lot was the sweetest, and bob was the sweetest the sweetest man >> reporter: saget was found dead sunday inside an orlando hotel room according to the police incident report, his family could not get a hold of him so hotel security went to check on him and found saget on the bed with no pulse >> we have unresponsive guest in
7:34 am
the room >> reporter: authorities say they found no signs of foul play or drug use. the medical examiner has performed an autopsy to determine how the 65-year-old died, but the results are months away saget's widow says, bob was my absolute everything. i'm so completely shattered and in disbelief john stamos posted a statement on behalf of the "full house" cast he said, 35 years ago we came together as a tv family but we became a real family and now we grieve as a family. stamos comforted his widow kelly on monday. andrea barber posted this clip of bob during rehearsal for the sequel "fuller house." >> i'm so proud to have been an kn able to raise these girls and know them since they were like my girls >> reporter: saget was on a standup comedy tour when he died and hours earlier posted on instagram, i guess i'm finding my new voice and loving every
7:35 am
moment of it in one of his last interviews, he explained why he loved comedy so much. >> you can make people laugh it may not be your cup of tea but you're doing something great for people laughing that's why i'm doing it. >> reporter: saget is also being remembered for his 30 years of work in the fight against scleroderma. that is the disease that took the life of his sister in 1994 he served on the board of the scleroderma research foundation. writing last year, it's one of my life's missions to help find a cure for this disease. savannah >> all right thank you very much, joe comedian mike young worked with bob saget for more than a decade and they became very close friends during that time mike, i just want to say i'm so sorry for your loss. i know it's just a shocking time how are you doing this morning >> i'm doing all right this morning. i'm doing all right. that was a beautiful tribute you just did yeah, it's heavy it's fresh
7:36 am
it's unbelievable. bob was incredible just like you saw. >> it really is. have you had a chance to talk to his widow or the kids? any more information on what could have happened here it really just seems so sudden and inexplicable at least from out here in the public >> yeah. i spoke to his wife, you know. she called me when it happened and he had just passed away in his sleep. and it was unexpected and just one of those things you can't believe. you know, bob ran at 100 miles an hour. he took it -- he took comedy extremely seriously. and, you know, bob was one of those guys that if you -- you know, if they wanted him up at 4:00 in the morning to do press to sell a few more tickets, he would do it. he got, you know, everywhere he went he went on time he flew across the country to get everything done and, you know, it's just unexpected
7:37 am
you know, kimmel gave an incredible tribute that is the sentiment of everyone that work with him. i was lucky to work with him for over ten years touring together every week i talked to him every day. so, yeah, this is heavy. this is heavy. bob was a special guy. he was a special -- he was a different guy. >> he just, you know, the word that people keep using for him is sweet which i just love. he seemed to have such warmth. i know you talked nearly every day and you had a last text from him, which you know, i'm sure you treasure if you can share, you know, part of what it said >> i mean bob was, you know, obviously beyond funny but he was sweet because he always wanted to take care of everybody. like bob was just that guy, like, you know, give me your phone. and then my hotel is connected to my credit card and i never paid for a hotel again and all my miles are corrected he just took care of you and, you know, bob -- the last text we were just joking back and forth.
7:38 am
we were getting ready to do shows together i said, bob, you have to put me on the poster. put my face on the poster at this point or, you know, we're together over ten years and he just made this hilarious picture and i didn't even bring the picture. it was me, a giant picture of me and bob, a tiny bob in the corner for the shows coming up it was just -- we just had a great laugh like we always did this was a really authentic, funny, we just cracked up back and forth about this mocked up poster that bob made >> and he wrote you back and said, okay, i'll do it >> yeah. yeah >> bob, all you had to do is say no if anyone knew bob, his text messages were like a novel it was never a three-sentence text it was, you know, 80 sentences long you have to read it for 20 minutes. and i wrote him back bob, all you had to do is just say no >> yeah. he said i love you and you're my
7:39 am
brother. >> yeah. he said that all the time. and just like jimmy was saying, like, he just -- he always ended it with i love you he was an i love you guy and he was just full of love, man. he loved his job and he loved the crowds and he loved touring and he loved what he did >> wow and he was loved mike, thank you for spending a few minutes with us. it is short and brief but sweet and wonderful to remember your friend i appreciate it. and, yeah, thanks for honoring him like this. he would have dug it i know you talked to him a lot >> we did. we just loved to have him around here he always was so full of grace and humor and good spirits and willing to play. so thank you, mike we appreciate it >> appreciate it take care. >> all right you too. guys, i mean, it's just -- what you see about bob is that, you know, he -- comedians of all,
7:40 am
young ones respected him the ones that are huge names revered him. he was truly beloved >> he was an i love you guy. >> he was clearly special. he'll clearly be missed. when we come back on tuesday morning, a new focus on space heater safety in the wake of that apartment fire here in new york city and a blast of frigid temperatures. >> yeah. vicky nguyen has simple tips that can prevent tragedy and the fire drill that could save your life, all coming up right after this disney resort hotel where you're surrounded by the world's most magical celebration. the fun never stops. special friends greet you. you soar to adventures... ...with extra time in any of the four theme parks, every day. and now, you can save on rooms at select disney resort hotels. why would you stay anywhere else? [upbeat acoustic music throughout]
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7:44 am
we're back with "in depth" today. this morning, fire safety and prevention >> yeah. top of mind for a lot of families across the country in the wake of this weekend's deadly apartment fire that happened in the bronx. >> nbc's senior consumer investigative correspondent vicky nguyen joins us now with tips how to save your family if a fire does break out. this is quite timely. >> yes, good morning just the thought of it alone is terrifying being surrounded by flames, sometimes hundreds of feet up in the air. we know every second counts. but what are you supposed to do? this morning we're going to show you with the help of the fire department of new york we're going to show you what you should know and also the things you should be practicing with your family to get out alive the bronx apartment fire, a tragic example of the deadly power of residential fires the fdny says a faulty door to the burning apartment stayed
7:45 am
open allowing smoke to spread. >> the door when it was fully opened stayed fully opened because it malfunctioned >> reporter: investigators also looking at risks posed by an everyday appliance used by millions of americans in the winter months. >> we're certain the fire started with a faulty electrical heater, portable heater. >> reporter: a flawed space heater sparking a blaze. more common than you might think. the latest data show 81% of home heating fire deaths involve stationary or portable space heaters. s sd set it up safely. keep it three feet away from anything flammable and always plug it directly into the wall, turn never a power strip. keep the space heater away from curtains, bedding and furniture. turn it off when you go to bed or leave the room. and only use space heaters with a tag from an approved testing lab. also, beware that electrical malfunctions cooking and unattended open flames are leading causes of residential fires too.
7:46 am
so have a plan at the new york city fire training academy, the fdny took us inside one of their drills. tell us what we're going to see. >> we prepared a scenario so we can demonstrate how fire and smoke travel throughout a high-rise building in the event of a fire. >> reporter: the fdny triggers this controlled fire to show you how quickly flames can spread. >> the fire will begin to consume the room if the door is not closed, it will exit into the hallway with smoke and affect the rest of the building >> reporter: this is key with the door to that room wide open, the flames intensified, shooting towards the open doorway. but watch what happens when the door is shut a big difference the flames are contained inside the room how come having the door closed makes such a big difference? >> if that door is closed to confine the fire to that area, the rest of the building will remain habitable >> reporter: in a high-rise fire, should you stay or should you try to evacuate? fire experts say if the fire is in your room, exit, stay low, and go
7:47 am
using the stairs, not elevator >> stay low below the smoke. the smoke will rise. >> reporter: if the fire is not near you or in your room, grab a wet towel and cover the bottom of the door to block smoke then wait for instructions it may sound counterintuitive, but fire experts say many high-rise buildings are equipped with building materials that are designed to limit the spread of fire so if you're not close to the source of the flames, you may be safer waiting for the fire department. >> we had fires in these type of noncombustible high-rise multiple dwellings where the contents of the fire apartment was completely incinerated, but yet if you went to the adjoining apartment on either side, it didn't even look like there was a fire in the building >> reporter: know the building you're in. keep the doors closed in case of fire and remember, sometimes it's best to stay put.alive. tips to help you get out alive it's really important to note there is not a one size fits all solution the fdny cautions every home, every building, every building
7:48 am
code is different. so it's important to have a plan with your family practice those fire drills so it becomes muscle memory so in case of emergency, it is autopilot. everyone knows where to go check the smoke detectors every month to make sure they are working. and have a meeting point away from your home guys, back to you. >> so many useful tips theret a. thank you. >> all right we have 7:48 mr. roker, check of the chilly temperatures >> a quick shot. we're looking at a flood watch in the pacific northwest another atmospheric river sets in there. sunshine through the southwest much milder through the plains today. showers in central and southern texas. plenty of sunshine up and down the eastern third of the country. arctic cold, great lakes good morning. i'm kari hall. taking a live look at san jose, we have a lot of sunshine to start out our morning and we'll continue to see that sun into the afternoon.
7:49 am
and that will warm up our temperatures, we're headed for the mid-60s, reaching 67 in gilroy. and we'll also see some temperatures in the low 60s in antioch reaching 62 degrees and 62 in santa rose. going through the forecast, our dry weather continues, more sunshine for the rest of the week and into the weekend. and even in to monday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah >> all right al, thank you. just ahead, the new year just started are you ready to file your income taxes why the irs is warning everybody get the returns in earlier this year first, these messages. so, i did some research, took a questionnaire, and talked to my doctor. i'm taking my antidepressant, but i still feel stuck. adding rexulti could help. when added to an antidepressant, rexulti was proven to reduce depression symptoms 62% more than the antidepressant alone. so you can stay on your current treatment and keep moving forward. rexulti can cause serious side effects. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke.
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7:53 am
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very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at what is happening now. >> reporter: i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. starting this weekend, private health insurers will reimburse or cover the cost of eight of those at-home test kits and the federal government is sxebtxpec later this month to start a website that will make 500 million at-home test kits via mail. >> reporter: and i'm scott mcgrew. mortgage rates have gone up suddenly. cnbc calculates if you bought a house today for $350,000, which is the american average, you'd pay $125 more a month today than if you had bought it just last
7:57 am
week. now take that number and multiply it by three or four to get your bay area totals. and let's talk numbers of a different sort. not going to cost us much to look at the forecast today. how is it looking? >> yeah, it looks nice and cool to start out, but it will warm up and be a comfortable day. here is a live look outside in dublin and at least we do also have clear visibility for commuters heading to work. and then we'll see our temperatures reaching into the low 60s in the tri-valley. mid-60s for the south bay. and we'll also see a high of about 60 degrees in san francisco with temperatures reaching 64 in napa. as we go through the seven day forecast, notice there is no rain on here. we'll continue to see temperatures near 60 and a few more clouds moving in between thursday and friday. but still no drops of rain really expected here. the weekend is looking very nice and pleasant. and san francisco also will see temperatures near 60 as this dry weather sticks with us for a while.
7:58 am
>> looks really nice. and we'll be back with another local news update in about half an hour. hope to see you then. my parents can always check my glucose levels just by looking at their cell phones. i share my numbers with my wife and my daughter, and if i'm out in the yard working or busy, she'll come out and tell me, “hey, you're going too low,” if i'm working hard. it makes me feel good that they're watching them.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today," coming up, deep freeze >> it's super cold outside >> plunging temperatures across the midwest as the east coast braces for a bitter chill. so how long will it last al has the latest forecast plus, fast friends a look at the heartwarming moment at the olympic speed skating trials when one athlete gave up her spot for a close friend >> it's my honor to give her that opportunity she's earned it. she deserves it. >> they'll join us live coming
8:01 am
up then washington's heights. we'll talk with denzel washington about his new take on shakespeare. >> something wicked this way comes. >> plus, a look at his legendary career and how he is honoring his good friend sidney poitier and one step closer. with “today's” 70th anniversary fast approaching, we're looking back at our most memorable moments. >> you must take a challenge >> the countdown to our major milestone is on. today, tuesday, january 11th, 2022 ♪ >> good morning from alabama >> we're wishing everybody a happy tuesday! >> from burlington, vermont. good morning ♪ >> celebrating sadie's 16th birthday
8:02 am
>> we're waking up as national champions! dogs! ♪ >> missed t go dogs! >> they're still partying. >> that's fun. welcome back, guys the we're so happy that you're spending your monday morning with us. craig and i are in the studio. savannah working from home and shaking it off >> hello good morning i'm shaking it off just made some cereal for my daughter coming up, tomorrow, oh, it's going to be a good one we're catching up with bodie and morgan miller. they're going to join us live to introduce us to their new baby daughter when she was born, we told you they were still deciding on a name she gives birth at home. they have a little extra time. well, now they're ready to reveal the name for that sweet baby girl. so we'll tell you about that tomorrow >> look forward to that conversation all right. let's get to our news at 8:00. we're starting with this bitter winter temperatures in much of the country. uncomfortable to downright dangerous overnight. windchills across the midwest and northeast are well below the
8:03 am
freezing mark. boston closed its public schools today because of the extreme cold especially because they have to keep some windows open for covid ventilation. schools are also shut down in central new york state where more than a foot of snow made driving very hazardous al's got the latest on when things will start to thaw out. >> a little correction earlier we showed you anchorage versus boston, which one is colder well, anchorage is 29 degrees colder than boston at 12, bu anchorage is seven degrees above average. we had a computer glitch i want to clear that up. so here comes that cold air coming out of the arctic subfreezing temperatures the jet stream way to the south. so, for right now, it feels like 2 below in detroit minus 14 in syracuse minus 9 worcester. 13 in cincinnati 11 in nashville. and this afternoon, we're talking windchills here in new york city at 11.
8:04 am
29 in charleston 20 in indianapolis wednesday morning, another deep freeze again, buffalo, pittsburgh, boston at 10 with a windchill of zero new york, windchill of 10. but then later in the week, temperatures do start to moderate that's the good news right now we got a lot of warmth in the plains all the way down into oklahoma. anist rapid city we're also looking at tomorrow those temperatures, warmer temperatures moving to the east. however, we got another chill coming back in and that's going to make its way east into the weekend. craig? >> all right al, thank you so much. we're less than two weeks into this new year, but the federal government says now is the time to start thinking about your taxes the irs is warning there could be a frustrating season ahead with challenges posed by the pandemic and years of budget cuts nbc's tom costello has everything we need to know tom, good morning. >> yeah, good morning. listen, the bottom line is that the irs right now is behind and
8:05 am
in a very big way. it's understaffed. it's underfunded it's trying to work through the pandemic with staffing shortages and tax law changes. all of that means it could mean delays for you when you file your taxes they're going to start accepting returns in two weeks but for most of us, returns are not due until april 18th the april 18th tax filing deadline may be more than three months away, but the treasury department is warning americans now that the upcoming tax filing season could be frustrating. agency officials say they're facing enormous challenges among them, the pandemic >> there is a lot more work for the irs to do with a lot fewer staff members doing it >> reporter: while the u.s. population has grown over the past half century, irs staffing is now the same level it was more than 50 years ago with fewer than 15,000 workers available last year to handle
8:06 am
more than 240 million calls. to make matters worse, the agency is using outdated technology and it's also seeing its budget slashed nearly 20% over the past ten years. the best way to avoid refund delays this year, file early electronically and ditch the paper forms. as of last month, the agency still had a backlog of millions of unprocessed returns from the year before. for those who made less than $73,000, the irs offers free file companies like h&r block and turbo tax offer their own software for e-filing too. >> e-filing with direct deposit, that's the quickest way to get your tax refund. >> the irs says people who file electronically with direct deposit should not experience issues and should receive their refund within 21 days. >> so it's important to file electronically, to make sure that everything is accurate and that it is filed electronically so that you can possibly get
8:07 am
your refund sooner rather than later. >> reporter: yeah. bottom line here, the average refund, $2,800 money that could come in handy as you're trying to pay off the holiday debt you have to start organizing now, of course is as they say, organization and prep is the key towards the april 18th deadline. for the record, it is really, really cold out here >> i was going to ask you. you had earmuffs on last hour. what happened to the earmuffs, tom? >> yeah. i'm trying to safeguard against the, you know, the windchill and the frostbite and all of that. it's 9 degrees with the windchill. >> tom costello, we appreciate you braving it for us, brother thank you. >> news, weather and sports next from tom costello. here's sports. the world's top ranked men's tennis player novak djokovic back in training in melbourne. even though it's not clear if he'll be allowed to play in next week's australian open yesterday a injureded him released from immigration
8:08 am
detention. djokovic also had his visa restored which was canceled last week after officials ruled that he did not qualify for medical exemption from if australia's covid vaccination rule he's not vaccinated. he still faces possible deportation before the tournament begins. we'll continue to watch that saga down under. >> yes, we will. all right. it is 8:08 let's do a little morning boost. craig, here we go. four brothers justin, skyler, jesse and blake, they have four wives. the wives love to play pranks on them the wives each bought the exact same green plaid shirt for their husbands to wear at a family get-together watch how this one unfolded. >> hey it's like you planned it >> what's up >> did you do this on purpose? >> wait. >> oh, my gosh are you kidding me are you kidding me >> no. >> are you kidding me? >> first two brothers thought it was a funny coincidence. by plaid shirt number four, they
8:09 am
>> yeah. >> they w figured out that the whacky prankster sisters-in-law had struck again family affair. >> yeah. >> they wear it well >> yeah, they do guys, coming up next, the olympic spirit on display after a tiny wobble on the ice cost erin jackson her shot at team usa. well, fellow speed skater and friend brittany bowe got a remarkable idea, a generous, one, too she said, why don't you take my spot ♪ ♪ when you shop at target, you leave with what you value most. like healthy foods and brands that lift our communities.
8:10 am
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earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. the winter olympics begin in 23 short days, and this morning an extraordinary act of generosity from one athlete to another. it's definitely getting me in the spirit i don't know about you, hoda >> indeed. it's the perfect moment. it happened at the u.s. speed skating trials it resulted in two friends landing spots on team usa. we're going to talk to both of them in just a second. first, the sportsmanship and friendship that has everybody with the spot in beijing on the line, no one saw it coming >> whoa! big slip big slip for erin jackson. that's going to cost her at least a few tenths of a second >> american speed skating star
8:16 am
erin jackson slipping during qualifying for the 500 meters costing her an opportunity to compete in the winter olympics >> this is a stunner a stunning event >> the reigning world champion down but thanks to a teammate's generosity, not out. jackson's longtime friend brittany bowe who qualified in the 500 and two other events, graciously giving her slot in the 500 to jackson so they can both suit up for team usa. >> i'm beyond grateful and humbled and just -- i'm happy. >> bowe saying later jackson also deserves to skate for a medal. >> erin has earned her right to be on this 500-meter team. she's ranked number one in the world. >> the selfless act celebrated across social media. one twitter user writing, thank you for teaching the world the true meaning of sportsmanship, team spirit and unconditional friendship
8:17 am
another adding, this is the kind of world i want to live in now less than a month until the games begin, bowe providing all of us with a glowing example of the olympic spirit while giving her teammate a shot at achieving her dreams. >> it's my honor to give her that opportunity she's earned it and she deserves it >> i cannot handle this. joining us now, the very embodiment of the olympic spirit, brittany bowe and erin jackson. this is such a beautiful story we're talking about the sportsmanship aspect of it i want to get to that. can i just talk about the friendship this kind of thing does not happen but it happened. so if you guys, brittany, would you describe your friendship with erin, and erin, just quickly your friendship with brittany >> yeah. i moved to salt lake city to start my olympic journey in 2010 and erin came hot on the scene in 2018. our friendship goes further than that we both grew up in ocala, florida. both inline speed skaters.
8:18 am
and very, very cool to find ourselves in this position today. >> and erin, for you [ no audio ] i think we're having an audio issue. there you go >> erin, you might be on mute, honey. >> hello >> there you are >> sorry about that. yeah, i was much younger my memories of brittany go back a bit further. i was the one looking up to her back when i was growing up in ocala, florida so, yeah, just being able to see her and also seeing her, you know, come back and skate on a team that i skated with. it was just amazing. she was just an awesome mentor from day one >> i mean, erin, you both of you, this sport is incredible that the heights you have reached. and also just the hair -- i mean i don't know why they call it a slip, erin it was the tiniest little wobble
8:19 am
and yet, there is your olympic dream disappearing right before your eyes. you must have been crushed and can you explain how you felt in the moment that you realized that brittany said, no, no, no, my friend, you're number one in the world. you belong at those olympics >> yeah. it was definitely a really stressful time i was feeling great. i had been feeling great all season it comes down to this one race and, yeah. so to have that happen, i was like oh, no. what is going to happen now? i was really looking forward to having a good showing in beijing. so, yeah, when brittany came to me and said, like, don't worry we're going to figure out a way. it was just an amazing feeling to be like, okay, the team has my back. she's an amazing team leader we both have individual goals, but we also have team goals. so it's just nice to, you know, for the world to see what an amazing person she, like what i've seen all these years. people can see it now. >> what a great human being you both are
8:20 am
brittany, did you know on the wabble, when you saw the wobble, did you already have it in your head that you're like, you no he what if she doesn't get it, i'm giving up one of my spots? >> sure. i was actually right there on the backstretch when that happened and my heart sank when it happened for us speed skaters, that wasn't a little bobble much that was a huge bobble that could have taken up to a second to recover from in the course of the race i just remember yelling at erin, get it back. skate, skater the race, it was a very deflated atmosphere in that rink. that evening i said if it comes down to me, if there is anything i can do to get you on the team, you have my place. and i still had some races left to go. i had one of my other marquee events, the 1500-meter the next day. so i put it on the back burner a little bit but you know, when i was done competing, that was the first thing that went back into my mind and i wanted to make that decision on sunday before the team was announced because i couldn't see myself down there
8:21 am
celebrating during the team announcement and popping champagne with the rest of the team without erin being there. >> wow you guys just gave us the most beautiful olympic story and it hasn't even started yet. so we want to wish you both the best of luck in beijing. we'll be cheering you both on. erin, brittany, go get 'em >> thank you >> reminder, coverage begins february 3rd on nbc and streaming on peacock wow. >> oh, my gosh now i'm ready. cue that music let's go we have so much to cheer for let's check in with al and get the latest on the weather. it's chilly. >> it is, but milder as you get from the plains all the way into central texas. we do have strong storms again coming into the pacific northwest. so flood watches there beautiful in los angeles sunny and 80 degrees that arctic cold around the great lakes, northeast, new england and on into the mid-atlantic
8:22 am
meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, we are seeing a lot of sunshine and it's such a nice day with chilly temperatures now, but it's going to warm up and shape up to be a comfortable afternoon, reaching 60 degrees in san francisco, 65 in san jose and 63 in livermore. also 63 in sonoma today, and then as we go through the forecast more of the same. we could see a few more clouds moving in by thursday and friday, but it will be dry and mild for the weekend. take us with you out the door on sirius/xm. it's cold out but it's hot in here it's pop start time. >> warming up, guys. we have a little time and lots to get to. kanye west, the rapper and fashion designer is the subject of an upcoming docuseries of netflix. they dropped a teaser trailer for the three-part event featuring footage from the past
8:23 am
two decades of his life and career here's a peek. >> who are you to call yourself a genius >> very rarely do you encounter self-contained people. >> this man can do everything himself. he is living it. >> it's like god saying i'm about to hand you the world. just know at any given time i can take it away from you. >> got to love the humble nature of the title of the series its "jeenius." it is streaming on netflix february 16th. joseph gordon levitt for the actor's role, he is stepping and former ceo the first look here on showtime's new series called "super pumped, the battle for uber." he stars along screen uma thurman and kyle chandler. here's a peek of that.
8:24 am
>> contrary to what you might have read, i'm not munster >> notorious bad boy of tech >> you willing to listen to wise counsel? >> i will always listen. but i will never take orders >> is this legal >> the best thing about travis is that he is willing to run through walls to win the worst thing about him is he thinks everything is a wall. >> i'll watch anything with kyle chandler in it. anything >> absolutely. >> like right now. >> i don't care what it is >> come on >> fun it's about trees growing he's in, i'm in. of super pumped is the name of that one on february 27th on showtime finally, tom brady and rob gronkowski, man, this is friendship at its best on sunday the duo set a new bar friendships everywhere going into the last bucs game, season ender, gronk needs seven catches and 85 receiving yards, needs both incentives. they're worth half a million
8:25 am
dollars each in bonuses. by the last quarter of the last game, he had already got one of them but the tight end was still short of that other half million dollar incentive what did he do he looked at tom brady and brady is like, all right, i'll stay in this game even though the coach is like you better get out of this game. i don't want you to get hurt he goes in and throws gronk that $500,000 pass. forget about mvp they are the ultimate bffs >> i can barely get my neighbor matt to get my mail when i'm out of town. that's friendship right there. >> maybe if you offered him a half million >> that's right. >> there you go. yeah >> looks good, guys. >> there we are. there we are >> remember? >> all right just ahead, how excited are we the man, the myth, the legend denzel washington, he will join us live after your local news.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia. san jose leaders are considering a plan to expand voting rights to include people who are not u.s. citizens. the measure has already been under review by a city charter commission. it would allow all immigrants of age to vote in the municipal elections no matter their status. only a handful of u.s. cities have similar rules on the books including san francisco and new full council will debate that measure. certainly onethe meantime follo the forecast, trusty meteorologist kari hall. how are we looking for today?
8:27 am
>> it looks really nice outside. it's been great to see all the sunshine andp and be a nice afternoon reaching into the low 60s. we will see more of the same tomorrow. a few more clouds in the mix on thursday and friday but still no rain. then we go back to more sunshine in the weekend forecast with our temperatures near 60 degrees for the inland areas and for san francisco we are looking at some nice and mild weather and a quiet weather pattern that looks to linger at least until the middle of next week. laura? >> thanks so much. and thank you for joining us as well. i will be back with another local news update in half an hour. hope you join us for the midday newscast at 11:00. a lot of news to report.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back 8:30 tuesday morning. the 11th of january, 2022. a lot of folks, hoda especially, calls it tuesyay and there's really good reason for that tuesyay has really caught on as a phrase >> i never say tuesyay but today i will start it, s.g., in honor of you. guess who is joining us?
8:31 am
>> who >> the one, the only denzel washington we'll talk to him about bringing macbeth to the big screen and about the fond memories of sidney poitier best sellers filled with products to help you stick to your new year's resolutions. we got you covered if you're trying to get in shape, eat better, stay more positive in 2022 >> then coming up in a few minutes on the third hour of "today," ladies and gentlemen, jill martin meets a ceo behind a popular weighted blanket the ceo also encourages nap time >> yeah. >> i like that >> wait until you hear what her workplace is like. and we hope you join us tomorrow we've got padma joining us with our favorite ways to prepare healthy winter greens. >> all right sounds good. >> that sounds good. and, al, over to you the weighted blanket of the
8:32 am
"today" show, always a source of comfort, peace and love. >> by the way, savannah, you may want to tune into the third hour starting tomorrow, one lindsay czarniak co-hosting. >> bring your wife to work >> you know she's my favorite. >> favorite of melvin. >> she is so talented. i love her >> she's actually reading the notes and everything >> how about a forecast? >> great idea. this is going to be fantastic day tomorrow out west, we have an atmospheric river coming in, bringing more heavy rain to our friends in the pacific northwest. they've been getting pounded with a lot of rain anywhere from two to three inches and snowfall amounts in the mountains, some places picking up to a foot rainfall could be up to eight inches of rain rest of the country today, arctic cold in the eastern third of the u.s middle third looking mild and then we got sunshine through the good morning, i'm
8:33 am
meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our temperatures for today, after this chilly start it's actually going to be a very comfortable afternoon reaching into the mid 60s, upper 60s for morgan hill and about 63 degrees today in sonoma, 62 in san rafael. we will see more of the same tomorrow with some highs in the low 60s and a lot of sunshine. we do expect more clouds to move in between thursday and friday, but still no rain, and the dry weather continues into the weekend as we continue with our seasonal weather into next week. we just had a >> we just had a little audio accident see, we have this big 70 over here and our crew, chris -- >> you all right, chris? >> he was replacing craig's batteries and, boom. >> it all worked >> he was gushing blood. >> it's okay just a flesh wound no worries >> thank you, chris. >> all right still ahead, what happens when one of hollywood's most acclaimed actors takes on one of shakespeare's most famous roles?
8:34 am
we're talking to denzel washington about the movie getting oscar buzz of course, he's an oscar winner getting more buzz. getting more buzz. but first, this is "day" on to from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes.
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coming up on 8:36 with a hollywood icon the one, the only denzel washington for his latest role he is taking on one of shakespeare's most famous characters in the tragedy of macbeth this powerful black and white adaptation finds the star as the doomed king of scotland slowly descending into madness. talk a look. >> there's 10,000 -- >> go pick thy face and leave thy fear those linen cheeks what soldiers?
8:37 am
>> joining us now the man himself, denzel washington up bright and early in l.a how are you? >> good morning. >> it's great to see you so this role gets presented to you, the role of macbeth did it take a matter of seconds to say yes, or did you have to ponder whether or not to take on this role? >> it didn't actually happen like that. joel and i have been talking we talked for a couple years, two, three years prior to shooting this about doing something together so when it presented itself, it was -- the answer was obvious. >> well, mr. washington, this is -- we're going back to where it all started i was just digging through your fordham. you had a archives and i was noticing you played othello back in your 20s at fordham you had a handle on the language. shakespeare isn't for sissies. how did you wrap your head around the language itself when
8:38 am
you were that young? >> ignorance is bliss. i didn't know it was hard. it was a new challenge it was all new to me it was fine. no one told me that i wasn't very good at it. >> was it like memorization or were -- back then -- were you aware this is what's going on here and this is what's going on there? >> it was more memorization at first. i didn't know what they were talking about. i was just memorizing the lines. and the music of it. >> what about for people who are watching and think, you know what shakespeare sounds interesting and denzel is amazing, but i don't know if you'll grasp what is going on. what you would say to a viewer that is curious? >> read it out loud. try it it's not the bogeyman. it is still english. >> you and francis mcdormand, she plays lady macbeth describe what it's like working with her she wanted to do this project
8:39 am
for quite a long time. >> just, i mean, the whole experience, she and her husband and all the young cast members as well, it was a real -- it felt like a real theater company. you know we all were in it together and no egos. checked our egos at the door we all worked hard together. >> denzel, speaking of young ones, young olivia, your daughter, has a moment in this movie. tell me about her role >> you blink, you'll miss it just a -- you know, a small part in it. it was a lot of fun for me to be there with her i don't know, maybe it wasn't as much fun for her joel and fran had the actors reading different parts. so when we were sitting around the table, you never knew which part you were going to read. she never knew either. some day she had to read, you
8:40 am
know, different parts. >> are you kind of stage daddy when she's there i know your son, too, was in a couple of really big films do you -- are you when your kids are performing >> they're professionals you know and it's probably stranger for me than it is for them maybe but they're professionals. and i enjoy watching them work >> you know, there was a big ad way, denzel. i remember when you were presenting him with his loss that the world suffered when sidney poitier passed away, denzel i remember when you were presenting him with his honorary oscar. i remember watching that and i wondered just how now you had some time to reflect, how did he shape you >> i haven't had time to reflect. you know, we had a 40-some-odd year relationship. i'm still digesting all of that. and he was the beacon. he was the one we all followed and it was an honor to be able
8:41 am
to call him a friend >> yeah. i was just asking you before we went on the air, where is your lovely wife, and you said she is already working out. and i remember -- she has been on the "today" show with me. i loved her the minute i met her. but i remember her saying that you never took a role that you didn't believe in. even when you all didn't have money. even when it was back in the day. you had to believe in the role tell me about that part of your life >> well, going back to my own children i share that with them it's -- saying no sometimes is harder than saying yes so i didn't have a problem with that and if it didn't feel right to me, i would say no >> give a shoutout to your beautiful wife she's got a beautiful voice, an actress in her own right and a beautiful singer please send her my best too, denzel >> i will. >> all right denzel, thank you so much. denzel, by the way, will be back
8:42 am
with us on the fourth hour tomorrow along with a few of his co-stars we should mention "the tragedy macbeth" in select theaters now and on apple tv plus starting on friday coming up next from getting in shape to getting organized, the best sellers to help you keep your new year's resolution this is time around. but first, this is "today" on there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
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and we're back with a january jump-start edition of "today best sellers. if you're already in need of help with your new year's resolutions, you're not alone. this segment is for you. shop today editorial director joins us with some products to keep you on track. don't forget, scan that qr code that we got there. just use your smartphone you can get shopping as we go through this good morning let me just start with welcome back i know you have a little time off from maternity leave how is baby ella >> ella is doing great she is a great sleeper and, of course, she's an eagles fan.
8:45 am
so the whole house is excited. she's doing awesome. thank you for having me. >> good to see you again so let's start, this is the time of year people are making resolutions. fitness probably at the top of that list. but you can't really do anything unless you have a good pair of sneakers you have, what, we start off with the number one best sellers. >> yeah. we have a best seller from adidas no matter what your new year's resolution is, you're going to need a new pair of sneaker whether you're walking or running. and these are really great they're super light weight they're available for men and women. they're made with this material called cloud foam which is made to give you all day cushioning and support. and the price is right at $49. >> love that i stay up late sometimes trying to find the highest rated leggings i can find on the internet and it's difficult help us out. >> carson, the struggle is so real for the ladies out there. finding the perfect pair of leggings that don't break the bank is tough.
8:46 am
we leave all the guesswork out they're $26.99 reader favorites and let me cut to the chase. they're awesome. they are fleece lined which is great for the winter months. and they have pockets and they come in a ton of different colors >> very good let's switch to the kitchen now. you found something that if i'm not mistaken went viral on social media what are people buzzing about? >> yeah. so this is called the beast. i have a feeling it may end up in your kitchen soon i think your whole family will love this. whether you have kids or trying to eat healthy this is the perfect one. it is called the beast it's gone viral. it is from the founder of nutribullet. it is a treat yourself thing to motivate you the greatest thing about this though is that it has a special blade that calibrates to whatever is inside, a protein shake, juice or smoothie, hit one button and in a minute you'll get the perfect consistency. >> if it ends up in my house, it has to make a margarita. that's all i'll ever make in
8:47 am
that thing >> you will be able to make one in this, i promise >> so a lot of people in the new year like to plan and daily planners are popular what do you have for them? >> so daily planning, there is something a little old school but it works about writing down your goals, your plans for the week, whether it is finance, tracking your food this is a really great one from clever they make a ton of different planners and they come with great stickers to make it easier and faster pop them on whether you have a bill that's due or want to work out on certain days. and you can visualize your week ahead, month ahead and year ahead and stay on track. >> let's go back to the food i think i missed one fruits and veggies they can be expensive and lead to waste you have a find that will keep food fresh >> yes, these are silicone food
8:48 am
huggers. think of them as little hats for your leftover fruits and vegetables so maybe you made a smoothie or the kids are making dinner and you had leftovers. forget the cling wrap. forget the single use plastic bags grab one of these silicone hats. you put it over any produce or fruits and vegetables and it's going to save them and keep them fresh for even longer. >> that looks cool finally, quickly, i have a colleague who just doesn't read enough i'm trying to get her to read more and you have some help for her >> yes whether it's for her or for anyone out there who puts reading more on the new year's resolution, everyone is saying i didn't have enough time. there is no excuse audible is the perfect solution for. you can turn your commute or your daily walk into the perfect opportunity to read a book by listening to it. so audible is really awesome in that you can try before you buy. it's a free 30-day trial get a free book with it.
8:49 am
so after that it starts at $7.95 per subscription you can read everything you want literally last night i downloaded dave g pr ohl's book and started reading it. it's a great experience to be able to listen to a book that you're really excited about reading. >> better than reading also, my kids have that so that we use it with the kids too. quickly, people with looking for positivity in 2022 what do you have >> yes so this is a really great one. if your new year's resolution is staying positive and smiling more, this is the perfect idea they're cards. you can pop one open it has a really inspirational quote or saying. and this one i really love because you can put it in the kids' lunch boxes. you can put it on your spouse's dashboard in the car and it is just a really positive way to start the day it's a great pick me up. especially in the moments that you're feeling helpless or, you know, a little bit down. >> yeah. price looks right on those
8:50 am
thank you so much. again, congratulations on baby ella great to see you and great tips for the new year >> thank you >> you got it. again, just shop right now, scan that qr code and text shop to 34318 or head to reminder about amazon's we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. we're back with more of our walk d we're back with more of our walk down memory lane ahead of our 70th anniversary coming up on friday. this one is courtesy of gene shalit today's beloved movie critic he began as the show's culture critic reviewing books and in 1969 shalit's critics corner was born >> perhaps the most memorable interview was with broadway legend carol channing. she made you laugh so hard, he
8:53 am
could hardly get through it. >> [ inaudible ] so i said, i beg your pardon he said -- [ inaudible ] so finally after repeating it three or four times i said to lady astor, do you know, what is sir benjamin saying? and she said, oh, he said [ inaudible ]. you must taste the cherries, they're as big as golf balls i said, how do you know what he just said? so lady astor said, oh, that's what they always say when you're on your way to his desk. >> oh, my gosh he was dying laughing. >> that's the best >> i want to laugh like that so bad. >> wow what a crew that was >> you worked with him for years. >> he used to be -- he came in here and just spectacular and what he knew and who he knew but yet was just a regular man
8:54 am
>> and celebrities loved him. >> got tom hanks to sing he did all this great stuff. he was amazing >> guys, we have so much good stuff in our vault we're going to keep it going throughout the week and then it all leads up to our big anniversary celebration on friday 70 years old how sweet it is, al. >> 70 years. just a few years shy of mr. roker, actually. >> thank you very much for pointing that out. >> 30 years shy of what it takes to get onto a smucker's jar. >> speaking of a smucker's jar thank you for that let's show you what we've got. happy 100th birthday to the fantastic gloria catapelo from laverne, california. she says the secret to longevity, just like gene shalit, laughing out loud. ben cooper, also 100 a world war ii vet from west hartford, connecticut. his town held a celebration -- a parade to celebrate his big day. we celebrate you for your service, sir happy 100th birthday to james goode of hampton, virginia
8:55 am
he worked as a mason for more than 70 years. betty miller of atlanta, georgia, 100 loves spending time with grandkids and ten great-grandkids. rose lem is a hard worker, 100 years old. she created a scholarship to help students with their career choices. and happy 100th birthday to jerry rosenblum. an instagram influencer. his friends created a social media campaign to get him on the smucker's jar. guess what it worked! happy birthday, jerry. >> sweet all right. meantime, coming up on "hoda and jenna," the four big home decor trends that we're predicting for 2022 >> okay. all right. first though, third hour is coming up. and we're going to catch up on one of the greatest football players of all time. nfl legend jerry rice will join us but first -- >> when is lindsay czarniak on
8:56 am
>> tomorrow. a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia. san jose leaders today debate a new mandate that may soon require you to show proof you received a covid booster shot before entering the sap center. that measure would require covid
8:57 am
boosters for all city workers. right now 92% of city workers are vaccinated. the proof of booster shot would apply to anyone who visits large city-owned facilities including sap, convention center or historic theaters. eight in ten santa clara residents are fully vaccinated, six in ten have received a booster shot. happening now kris sanchez following that debate, she will have a live report in our midday newscast if there is a vote as soon as he snow he know the outcome will be posed to our twitter feed. contra costa schools are reopening today. classes were canceled friday and yesterday. sharon can a tud da is talking to parents and teachers, some still concerned. president biden in georgia today launching a push to strengthen voter rights from our homepage link to full details including the rules in the senate.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on the third hour of "today," a touching tribute to bob saget. we learn ne new details surrounding his death as his tv latest. then later, jill martin immediating theeo cozy. how she made a blanket into a multibillion dollar business getting noticed in hollywood. and we're kicking off clean sweep by getting our closets into shape. today, tuesday, january 11th, 2022. live from stu


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