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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 29, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, president biden takes an aggressive agenda for a key meeting starting today as his build back better plans remains at the mercy of progressives in his own party. violence at 30,000 feet. american airlines flight attendant is punched in the face twice by a passenger, forcing an emergency landing and police intervention new developments in the andrew cuomo case. the former new york governor has been charged with forcible
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touching apple forecasting rough seas ahead, which could be an eye to america's first. the halloween lift that so many families could use right about now. it's friday, october 29th. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm phillip mena. >> i'm francis rivera. president biden is turning his attention to global issues landing in italy overnight, the president is preparing to meet at sum mitts on the climate change the first catholic president, first in 60 years, will have an audience with a leader of the catholic church. claudio joins us now what can you expect from today's talks? >> reporter: hey, francis. well, when they meet in a couple of hours, joe biden and pope francis will have met for the fourth time. it is very special not only this time but for the first time joe biden will be the second u.s. catholic president who meets the pope, as you
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mentioned. but also because joe biden clearly appreciates the pope because they share views on important issues such as, for instance, on climate change, which probably is going to be te issued about an hour ago a message through the bbc radio calling or summoning the -- all the leaders on the u.s. climate conference which will take place in glasgow of course president biden will be there he summoned them to do more to fix climate change, to tackle climate change and that's probably one of the things we'll be talking about. first, all the things they share views on are the way they tackle poverty, immigration all the things they don't agree on like same-sex marriage and abortion president biden hasn't arrived yet. he will arrive in a couple of
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hours. the scheduled live broadcast that was predicted of the meeting has been canceled by the vatican. they say it is normal protocol under covid rules, francis >> we will see where this turns. biden only the third u.s. president the pope has met with since becoming pontiff in 2013 president biden left the states without a much needed win on capitol hill. democrats delayed a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill until next week at the earliest. but the president was able to unveil a new framework for his ambitious spending bill. alice barr has the details >> reporter: president biden making a detour to capitol hill trying to seal the deal with congressional democrats before takeoff for critical summits in europe the president announced a new $1.75 trillion framework for his climate and social spending plans paid for through new taxes, including one aimed at
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billionaires so far neither moderate holdouts more progressives have given a commitment >> it will create millions of jobs, grow the economy, invest in our nation and our people >> reporter: it includes child care, universapre-k, expanded health care coverage, medicare for hearing services and investments to curb climate change >> over a billion metric tons of emission reductions, at least 10 times bigger on climate than any bill that has ever passed before >> reporter: but several top progressive priorities are gone, including free community college, expanded medicare for dental and vision and paid family and medical leave scuttled by cost objections from moderate senate democrat joe manchin. >> what i don't like is the idea that one guy would stand in the way of doing it. >> reporter: nancy pelosi called for a vote for the bill that passed the senate two months
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ago. progressives are refusing to sign on until the larger package is set >> our membet voting for both bn that text is ready >> reporter: all republicans oppose the president's plans but it is divisions with his own party sending him off to pressure foreign leaders for economic policies without a deal of his own in washington, alice barr, nbc news a man is facing federal charges after allegedly assaulting someone during a flight to denver in an affidavit, the suspect is accused of grabbing another passenger, putting his hand on their leg, and exposing himself. a warrant has been issued for his arrest well, that incident happened two days before an american airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in denver when a flight attendant was the victim of a brutal attack. >> reporter: an american airlines flight from new york to california forced to make an emergency landing in denver. the airline ceo speaking out >> we had one of the worst
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displays of unruly behavior we have ever witnessed. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation said a flight attend act accidentally bumped into a passenger and apologized. moments later, he walked to the back of the plane and punched her twice in the face. >> she had blood on the outside of her mask. >> reporter: this is the man involved, handcuffed by police on the ground. >> this type of behavior has to stop and the best deterrent is aggressive criminal prosecution. >> reporter: according to the faa, there have been 5,000 reports of bad behavior on flights this year. many were related to mask mandates but not all only 216 led to law enforcement cases. crimes in the air are the fbi's jurisdiction >> do you think there have been enough prosecutions of these incidents? >> there have not been nearly enough doj needs to step it up and step it up right now. people need to land in jail.
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>> the president of the union feeling it on a personal level. >> every single flight attendants' heart is with her right now. >> reporter: american airlines banned the ban from flights forever. the airline is calling on the agency to press criminal charges. stephanie gosk, nbc news a criminal summons has been issued for former new york governor andrew cuomo. he's charged with misdemeanor sex crime and ordered to appear in court next month. in a statement, his attorney said he's never assaulted anyone here's nbc's kate snow with the latest >> reporter: former governor andrew cuomo, once a star of the democratic establishment, facing a criminal charge for sexual misconduct last december, on the second floor of the governor's mansion he did forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim and onto her intimate
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body part for the purpose of degrading and gratifying hissing is desires he resigned in august after a blistering 165-page report from the state's attorney general detailing allegations by 11 women have unwanted physical contact to inappropriate and harassing comments >> the hugs at first were hugs and then they were hugs when he would pull me close to the point where he could feel my breast on his chest. >> reporter: it's unclear which accuser is behind the criminal charge but many details appear to match the store told by an executive assistant in the governor's office she told investigators his inappropriate contact escalated over time. one night hugging her too tightly. >> that's when he put his hand up my blouse and cupped my breast >> in my mind, i've never crossed the line with anyone >> reporter: she saias a weight off her shoulders but not enough >> he didn't take responsibility he almost still had the attitude
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as though he is the victim when he is not the victim he is the victimizer >> reporter: how serious could this charge be >> misdemeanor charges are in a category below felony charges. but any criminal conviction is a career ender for somebody of the ex-governor's stature. >> our thanks to kate snow for that report. facebook is changing its name ceo mark zuckerberg said the parent will now be known as meta a virtual reality by some as the future of the internet leaked documents portrayed it as prioritizing profits over people, leading to plenty of jokes online of people saying can't have problems with facebook if the company isn't called facebook. an early read on your friday morning with janessa webb. good morning, janessa. hi good morning good morning, everyone
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you know, we're still dealing with this flooding issue across the east coast if you're across the carolinas this morning, i know you dealt with a lot of wet weather overnight. things will start to dry out this is all lifting to the north. the problem is west virginia, to d.c., maryland area, going into this afternoon we will have a big tidal wave event. we're dealing with easterly flow that will cause major flooding in that area we are talking three feet of water inundation across atlantic city, even into the philadelphia area 17 million people will be impacted as the storm system starts to make its way to new york city. ton of sunshine for the desert
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southwest into southern california halloween forecast that's coming up, guys >> can't wait for that might affect some kids's costumes depending on what it's going to do outside. thanks, janessa. back and forth between two of the nfl's best teams. edmonds turning into road runner to make it 7-0 even without three top receivers, randall cobb caught two touchdowns from aaron rodgers. the cardinals tried to come off. packers hand arizona their first loss, 24-21. a top 10 battle between michigan and michigan state. number one georgia heads to jacksonville to renew their rivalry. and smu will battle the 6-1 cougars tomorrow night >> coming up, is fang losing its teeth? wiping out $200,000 in value
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question your protection. try always discreet. today is the deadline for new york city workers to receive at least one dose of the covid vaccine. if they cannot provide proof of partial vaccination by 5:00 p.m., they will be placed on unpaid leave this includes police, firefighters and sanitation workers. many are still pushing back in new york and beyond gabe gutierrez has the details >> reporter: francis, good morning. with the covid vaccine mandate fast approaching here in new york city, some union officials are warning that as many as 20% of the city's fire companies could close next week. outside the new york city mayor's residence, outrage from firefighters and their supporters over a covid vaccine mandate impacting 160,000 city
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employees. the deadline for proof of one shot friday evening. >> i don't feel i should be coerced into taking it before i'm ready to >> i'm already vaccinated. just to get the mandate. the right to choose. that's all >> reporter: employees who don't comply face leave starting monday one-fifth of fire companies could close. police have a 74% vaccination rate firefighters, only 65% >> your rights are more important than their mandates. >> reporter: mayor de blasio facing pressure from sanitation workers, too some appearing to let trash pile up in protest. >> anyone who is not doing their job, you're harming your fellow sanitation workers and you're harming your neighbors and you're harming the people of new york city, and it's time to stop >> reporter: the mandates are extending far beyond new york. it is intensifying not just at street rallies but courtroom
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missouri's governor parred state offices from punishing those who decline the vaccine. 21 attorneys general have signed the letter, challenging the vaccine requirement for federal contractors. and florida filed a lawsuit. >> we do have a responsibility to stand up for our authority here to govern ourselves >> reporter: back here in new york, city officials say they are planning mandatory overtime and canceling vacations to compensate for any staffing issues francis. >> gabe, thank you >> still to come, halloween screams at the box office. the scary side of nostalgia hits theaters with "last night in soho." >> and amazon raising new questions about the economy. better get new febreze fabric antimicrobial. its water-based formula penetrates fabrics to kill 99.9% of bacteria and it eliminates odors.
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"last night in soho" is about an aspiring fashion designer living in a dream in the 1960s. it hits theaters today >> what is scarier, that or the economic outlook from wall street now we heard from one two of the most influential companies in the world, apple and amazon. here is karen ctso. good morning >> reporter: good morning. amazon earnings reflecting some of the broader issues. the supply chain bottlenecks, labor shortages pushing up costs and the freight costs that have
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come into the mix. the 8.92 the market had anticipated. the company facing another pandemic where people were returning to shops and not ordering as much online. they dropped in extended training the likes of amazon and apple both instrumental in driving nasdaq and s&p to fresh records. it suggests a little bit of pain for the broader stock market holiday quarter not bringing any relief we saw problems there as well. a company faced a $6 billion hit from supply constraints. it did still grow on an annual basis. every category growing, which tells you about the demand story as well. iphone revenue up 47% year over year
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working its way through the system getting semi conductors and products to market is still a challenge. back to you. >> apple down 3.5%, amazon 5%. janessa will have your halloween forecast next. the halloween is two days away but we have serious contenders for best costumes more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully. want to meet the unicorn of cleaning? mr. clean magic erasers bounty gives you more, ♪ ♪
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the fluffy fibers? they pick up dust easily. grabbing it in all those hard-to-reach places. gotcha!!! and for our floors, sweeper's textured cloths lock all kinds of dirt, dust and pet hair. unlike my vacuum, it sneaks under and around places. look at that!! dust free and hassle free. stop cleaning and start swiffering. hi, everyone it's time. let's talk about the weekend if you're across the northeast, we are dealing with widespread rain tomorrow. wind advisories will be put in place. nice day for the deep south and mountain flurries for the rockies. now, this is what you've been waiting for. we are looking at a spooky forecast for the plains. snow in wyoming. the deep south, it remains quiet for transylvania in the 60s
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janessa, thanks. mitt romney getting back at him for the parodies on "snl". my cl. so does my oral-b oral-b delivers the wow of a professional clean feel every day. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort.
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try nervivenerve relief. >> because if there's anything, people should know about mitt romney at this point is that nothing i've said in the past should be any indication of my positions in the future. okay >> a decade after jason sudeikis portrayed him on saturday night live, he is repaying the figure. he dressed up as "ted lasso" he got kyrsten sinema on the phone, hand delivering a package of biscuits, adding she is one tough cookie.
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>> i'm sure president biden agrees as well a hospital in philadelphia is getting into the halloween spirit with the most adorable costumes you will see all season kevin tibbles has the story. >> reporter: the littlist ghouls and goblins are the cutest pumpkins or like 5-month-old josiah, the cutest little football >> he's beautiful. he's just sweet. >> reporter: he was born at 23 weeks and has lung difficulties. but that won't stop his family sharing the spirit of halloween in the neonatal intensive care unit at the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> we made his blanket a field and put him in a football costume with a little hat. >> reporter: how could you not love joshua as a chicken >> we love being able to take a moment away from what happens at that site every day.
4:28 am
it really makes me love my job >> reporter: every year hospital staff helped families be families >> most days are hard. but when you get to dress them up and see the smiles on everybody's faces, it just brings joy >> reporter: even for a child in the hospital, the spookiest day can be a real treat. kevin tibbles, nbc news, philadelphia >> hope they grow big and strong so they can have lots on more halloweens out there here's your best deals to get the best deals this weekend. i ihop offer scary face pancakes and krispy kreme will give a free doughnut when you wear a costume. and boorito on their app or
4:29 am it will be a whole weekend thing with kids dressing up at school today and parties on saturday. it's already begun stay safe when you're out there with your friday >> i'm francis rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. >> i'm phillip mena. your doctor gives you a prescription. let's get you on some antibiotics right away. you could have it brought right to your door, with 1-to-2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner. but at a time like this, aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up? and get your questions answered. because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's healthier made easier. at cvs. -hi mommy! -hi honey! that's oh i missed you!asier. you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me?
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shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. right now at 4:30, what you need to know if you plan on heading to the festival this weekend. vaccine hesitancy. covid shots for kids to start as early as next week, and opinions will likely be swayed once the shots begin. meteorologist, kari hall, she's tracking your weekend forecast. this is "today in the bay."
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