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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 5, 2021 3:30am-3:58am PDT

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saving the world is our family business. surrounded by interns.ike m just hours ago as the nation celebrated the fourth officials remaining part of the champlain complex. another reason for the demolition, the looming storm. elsa tracking toward florida with the cone of uncertainty fannin. east coast this year the 4th of july is
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a day of special celebration >> a message of hope from president biden on the fourth. independence day celebrations were the order of the day from coast to coast as many hoped to put the pandemic in the past to the teachers who had a very unique wedding party at their ceremony it just happened to be the kids in their class and today is the world's richest man's last day as ceo of the company he started a quarter century ago to sell a few books. "early today" starts right now we do say good morning, everybody, on this monday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm phillip mena. just 11 days after the surfside condominium collapse, what remained of that building has now been reduced to rubble officials say it was crucial ton
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order to keep searching for survivors safely and in preparing for tropical storm elsaf champlain towers south condominium came to the ground crews used a controlled technique, energetic celling, using small strategic detonations and gravity to bring this building down essentially where it stood, on a very specific controlled footprint. officials say that this demolition was necessary because of concerns of tropical storm elsa moving in they say that the building that was left from the collapse that took place some 11 days ago, that it was not structurally sound and they needed to remove it in a controlled manner. they also said by removing what was left of this building it would expand the area that search and rescuers were able to look for the people who are still unaccounted for. for those closest to this,
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emotions are wide-ranging. there are still 121 people unaccounted for.t their loved ones may be trapped under that rubble. families, many of them still praying for a miracle. this is something that they were worried about because obviously their loved ones are likely and could still be underneath that rubble but this also gives them the opportunity for rescuers to maybe find them in another portion of this building for the families, the individuals who survived this initial collapse, they watched as what remained of their homes came crashing to the ground. they were not able to get back inside before this they were not able to collect final bits of memories, family photos, all of that, in a moment collapsed to the ground. again, officials say what happened here was necessary in order to move forward with the search process and to expand the search area and also to make sure thae because the structure again was very unsafe.
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we saw efforts, rescue efforts have to halt just a couple of days ago for close to 15 hours becaus its own. that has been avoided. but at the same time this is not a moment of joy. there are families still waitin ones 121 people at least unaccounted for. and families who made homes, made lives inside that building not able to return back to you. >> hundreds of people still searching for answers. elliso> part of the reason for e urgency of course is that tropical storm tropical storm elsa expected to hit the florida keys as soon as tonight. this morning cuba is already feeling near-hurricane force winds and heavy rains. elsa is on track to make landfall there in just a matter of hours it was already a category 1 storm hurricane when it struck islands in the caribbean and you see the result in barbados entire homes were destroyed and there were widespread power and water
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outages. let's get an update now on tropical storm elsa's current path nbc meteorologist janessa webb joining us now with the very latest good monday morning to you, janessa. >> hi. good morning, guys good morning, everyone we have tropical storm elsa, and it's maintaining its integrity right now. e reason for this storm it's starting to really rev up across this area just south of cuba we will have two landfalls with this storm system. the first landfall should be in the next couple hours around the cuba area, central to the western area 65 miles per hour us is taind winds. there is that northwest movement at 15 miles per hour as it starts to bounce off land it goes back to a very warm gulf the problem is there is that potential of this storm reorganizing and strengthens and so we'll be watching that for the next few hours now, landfall expected across the florida keys not until late
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tuesday potentially now into early wednesday. regardless of the landfall, this is a big-time flood threat across this area these are low-lying areas that continue to really watch but you can see the movement will continue to the north. even georgia into the carolinas. we'll be talking about elsa all the way into thursday afternoon. guys >> all right we'll be talking to you in about another five minutes or so, janessa. thanks independence day took on a deeper meaning this year with some of the biggest events since the pandemic gripping the nation president biden hosted essential workers and military families for a party at the white housec. >> the president may have country has madeerging from the darkness of years -- a year of r
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of pain, feel, and heartbreaking loss just think back to where this nation was a year ago. think back to where you were a year ago and thint how far we've come >> well, this is how the first family wrapped the night, watching a massive fireworks display from the truman balcony at the white house d.c. one of many cities bringing back its holiday traditions. >> and the macy's fireworks marked the first large-scale public event to return to new york city. look at that about 65,000 shells were fired from barges in the east river. the theme of the show this year was a salute to th recognizing the strength of the american people. not every show launched as planned. this was ocean city, maryland. forced to cancel its display after the fireworks detonated while employees were setting it up not quite the beach show you expected one person suffered minor injuries firefighters are trying to figure out exactly how did that happen >> a little premature detonation going on
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nothing, though, can stop this time-honored tradition joey "jaws" chestnut he watt the nathan hot dog eating contest winner for the 14th time and he beat his own record by eating 76 hot dogs i taliban gaining ground once again. region. nbc's richard engel isn before troops finished their withdrawal from afghanistan, america's old enemies are making a comeback. the taliban, the group that sheltered osama bin laden, allowing him to plan 9/11, is on a major offensive, capturing around 150 afghan military outposts in the last two months, including nearly a dozen this weekend. in most cases afghan security forces, trained and funded by the united states, surrendered without firing a shot. allowing the taliban to seize weapons. but one group holding the line
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is the afghan commandos. the elite troops trained by american special ops are now carrying out around 100 operations a day about 90% of the combat missions, according to their commanding general >> we are committed. we will fight and we will push them back. >> reporter: but the taliban's biggest gains so far appears to be psychological the world watched as the u.s. left bagram air base quietly, leaving in stealth for their security the american withdrawal is a huge morale boost for the taliban and all islamic extremists, presenting the u.s. pullout as a god-given victory several afghan officials tell nbc news al qaeda, isis and other radicals are returning to afghanistan to witness and take part in what they're calling the final victory, the taliban pushing out the world's greatest superpower once again afghanistan is becoming a magnet for al qaeda they're coming here. >> tand
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afghanistan will be a gravey threat is already rising afghan air explosives, designed to blow us foreign extremists are coming to afghanistan through pakistan the same route al qaeda used before 9/11. richard engel, nbc news, kabul pope francis is recovering this morning after undergrowing surgery. the vatican says the pontiff reacted well to a planned procedure to treat an issue s large intestine. only hours before the surgery pope francis greeted the public in st. peter's square for his usual sunday blessing. this marks the first known hospital visit for pope francis since he took office he does suffer from sciatica and decades ago had part of one lung removed. well, two years after bursting on the scene, coco gauff continues to open eyes at wimbledon. gauff took on slovenia's calla
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juvan in the third round the 17-year-old dominated throughout, taking the match in three straight sets. the win returns the american to the fourth round at wimbledon, where she was eliminated in 2019 she'll face off against former wimbledon champion angelique kerber with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line. all right. as we promised, let's bring in nbc meteorologist janessa webb a lot to discuss in the weather she's tracking this morning. janessa, hello again >> hi. you know, these tropical alerts, they continue to expand. our immediate concern right now is central cuba. hurricane warnings put in place. you can see the center of circulation of the storm about to hit land. so we're going to be watching a landfall earlier this morn now for the florida keys right now we have tropical storm watches in effect. i do expect as the system continues north and west tropical storm warnings will be put placein
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and stormy conditions across that area. also, another element, wind speeds and storm surge with the storm, elsa tha thank you, janessa the world's richest man is retiring today sort of jeff bezos is stepping down as amazon's ceo at age 57 with a networth hovering around $250 billion. bezos will stay on as the tech titan's executive chairman but he's xwpd to focus more on his other initiatives including his blue origin space company and his other charities. >> all right coming up, the teachers who put their wedding on the lesson plan for their students and turning a painful chapter of our past into a new campaign to boost covid vaccine confidence stay with us honestly, i thought i was getting my floors cleaned. then i learned, my mop could be loaded with bacteria.
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americans celebrated independence day by marking their independence from cove rid. after months of isolation crowds were out in full force this weekend. at least 67% of americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. but these gatherings are causing concern as delta variant cases rise meanwhile, in alabama they're using the legendary tuskegee airmen in its latest vaccine push >> you recall decades ago hundreds of black men were unknowingly used as human guinea pigs really in a syphilis study. now that shameful episode of american history is being used as a learning experience to help the black community. brady calvert of wsfa has more >> reporter: in tuskegee omar neil is on a mission he is encouraging the public to get vaccinated against covid-19. he's the nephew of freddie lee tyson, one of the 600 black men recruited for the infamous 1932
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syphilis study >> being a study, we want people to know that that study is vereporter: mayor of tuskegee, is featured in the ad campaign he wants to set the record straight for those using experiment as an excuse not to get vaccinated unlike those experimented on, he says the public has access to a remedy >> if you don't get the vaccine and use tuskegee as your reason, you're basically doing to yourself what the government did to those men >> reporter: the "it's up to you" campaign justd. at a time when the cdc nearly 9% of those fully vaccinated are black americans bernice frazier with the macon county health care authority and covid-19 task force says it's about knowing the facts. >> we don't try to make people get vaccinated, but we try to
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provide them with all the information necessary in order to do that >> neal says the choice to get vacs ncinated is especially timy with independence day. >> there are going to be some people who are going to contract covid-19 because they are not vaccinated >> a preventative measure that's now available. something his ancestor brady ta from our montgomery station for that report. still to come, plowing ahead. a woman in texas crashes a parade on her tractor and leads police on a very low-speed chase. >> because texas, right? and keeping up with the carters. the new milestone for the longest married presidential couple in american history first let's celebrate some birthdays today. travel like a vortex that's rza he's 52 years old today. from wu-tang clan. >> i'm so not hip. actress edie falco turning 58 today. >> rock star huey lewis is 71. siannd the canadian singer
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would the defendant rise along with counsel >> 25-year-old casey anthony stood in the courtroom, no color in her face, as the clerk read the verdict. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count 1, we the jury find the defendant not guilty >> ten years ago today,
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25-year-old casey anthony, charged in her 2-year-old daughter caylee's death, was found not guilty of first-degree murder abuse. anthony was convicted of four counts of lying to police, though two counts were later dropped. she served about three years in prison while awaiting trial. to texas now and a suspect taking police on a low-speed chase in north texas lori bostic tried to crash a july 4th parade on her tractor three officers attempted to take her down on foot, but they were no match for the four-wheeled fal mischief we've got a big congratulations to the carters i'm not talking about jay-z -- >> no? >> i knew that's where you were going with that. talking about the former first couple they're celebrating a major milestone this week. president jimmy carter and izz wife, rosalyn, will celebrate their 75th anniversary on wednesday.
3:52 am
that is longer than any presidential couple. mr. carter said of all the decisions he made in his life the most important one was meiring rosalynn the return of the macy's fireworks spectacular to the big apple. and the teachers and students who capped their year with an a-plus wedding celebration. cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. ♪
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get it? kellogg's raisin bran crunch. two scoops of delicious. this is how you put a tough school year behind you two teachers decided to create an unforgettable memory for their students jose diaz-balart has their special celebration. >> i'm going to probably cry >> reporter: this was the emotional moment alexandra stamp's fifth-graders and maso been waiting for >> open your eyes, guys. open up. >> reporter: the first-year wichita public schools teachers inviting their students to be part of their wedding.
3:57 am
>> i'm very excited about the wedding. >> i'm very happy to be part of it >> the big question came back in april, when the couple got engaged after dating during covid. >> will you guys be my junior bridesmaids? >> will you guys be my junior grooms plen? it would be really sweet if you -- >> reporter: it was a hit on social media and ation for thes going on >> reporter: sharing their joy following a difficult year >> how did you decide to invite your students to be part of your wedding? >> they just mean so much to me. but because of the pandemic i feel like we had an even more interesting relationship with our going through this hard time together >> reporter: their community so moved by the story -- >> you lthat businesses chipped in for the special day,
3:58 am
donating everything from hairstyling to outfits even the cake. >> so there's just like so many more blessings than we even imagined >> you may kiss your bride >> reporter: and as they married, this celebration. ♪ created lasting connections. >> the life lesson i feel like that happens in the classroom, building relationships with them that's our goal, build them into young men and women. >> reporter: these teachers going the extra mile >> i felt like we were the specialest class ever. i'm super happy right now. >> reporter: making memories their students will never forget jose diaz-balart, nbc news >> and one of the students catching the bouquet not bad. >> maybe a little premature.
3:59 am
i like it. what a connection, though. sometimes when you're a teacher like that your students can feel like your kids and involved in your life. it's cool. >> it's beyond the lessons you learn in the classroom itself. we thank you for kicking off your monday with "early today. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm phillip mena. before we go enjoy the show. over new york city the macy's annua
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breaking overnight, the remaining tower in surfside, florida, demolished as it became precariously dangerous for first responders and others ahead of>m afghanistan how th u.s. is pulling out all of ourl surgery. new information over


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