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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 13, 2021 12:36am-1:35am PST

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♪ >> jimmy: thank you all for watching stay safe out there. wash your hands. don't touch your face. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers," carey mulligan star of "call me kat," actor leslie jordan, creator of "american gods," author neil gaiman featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now, seth mers ♪ >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, and this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? that's great let's get to the news. president trump traveled today to alamo, texas, to visit the border wall. meanwhile, a confused rudy giuliani waited patiently 300 miles away at alzamo
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that's right president trump visited the u.s. mexico border wall today, i assume, to attend the wall-cutting ceremony. president trump told reporters this morning that it would be dangerous to impeach him for inciting last week's attack on the capitol and added, quote, "i want no violence." and then he winked so hard at the camera, the lens cracked president trump and vice president mike pence reportedly spoke yesterday in the oval office for the first time since last week's attack on the capitol, which had to be pretty awkward. but don't worry, trump accepted pence's apology. i mean, you were kind of asking for itump yesterday reportedly blamed last week's violence at the capitol on, quote, "antifa people." to be fair, he thinks antifa means anti-fashion according to the latest quinnipiac poll, president trump's approval rating has fallen to 33%. apparently, most of his supporters didn't want to use their one phone call to answer the poll
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democratic congresswoman linda sanchez said yesterday, she is working on a bill that would ensure that nothing is named after president trump. that's great, but does she realize that nothing already is? [ hissing [ laughter ] that's right, democratic congresswoman linda sanchez is working on a bill that would ensure that quote, "no airport, no highway, no school is named after president trump. even his golf courses will have to comply. new england patriots head coach bill belichick announced yesterday that he has declined the opportunity to receive the presidential medal of freedom from president trump after last week's violence at the capitol, but he had to think pretty fast to come up with an excuse. um, it's laundry day producers have announced that the creator of the netflix series "house of cards" will develop a new television show based on the board game risk, cause if you made "house of cards," you're already familiar with risk.
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the public broadcasting network in denmark is facing criticism after it launched a new children's cartoon show that features a man with a giant penis. “is the criticism that there already is one,” asked doug. mike scollins, how would scollins do that to doug i feel like maybe he knows something. finally, ben & jerry's announced yesterday they will launch a new line of frozen dog treats. perfect, if your dog just gotten broken up with and that was the monologue, everybody. we've got a great show for you tonight. her new film, "promising young woman," is excellent it's going to be available on demand this friday carey mulligan will be here. the reviews are great, and i can't wait to talk to her about it he has a new show, "call me kat," on fox, the very funny leslie jordan will be joining us plus, one of my favorite writers, neil gaiman, whose show "american gods," is in its third season on starz and i always look forward to talking to him but before we get to all that, house democrats called on the vice president to remove president trump through the 25th amendment, as they prepared to
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vote on a resolution to impeach the president. meanwhile, trump emerged for the first time since his twitter ban and refused to take any responsibility at all for inciting a violent riot at the capitol. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ the house is preparing to impeach trump for inciting an insurrection, which would make him the only president ever to be impeached twice he'll also be the only president who lost the popular vote the first time and re-election the second time, in addition to being impeached. a record number of americans went to the polls to boot him from office, and his job approval is now down to 33%. his name will be etched in the congressional record and in history books forever as a seditionist, an aspiring tyrant and the worst, most dangerous president we've ever had he could very well be permanently disqualified from holding office in the future, arrested and tried for sedition. he's been banned from so many social media platforms, he's going to have to start hiding his hateful rhetorn could even be held liable for civil damages in addition to
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being prosecuted oh, and his wife won't hold his hand well, one of them won't. and yet, knowing trump, none of that will matter as much to him as this. >> new england patriots head coach bill belichick declining the civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom, with president trump set to award it later this week instead, belichick put out a statement saying in part, "the tragic events of last week occurred and the decision has been made not to move forward with the award." >> the fallout of the attack on the capitol continues for president trump, who has now lost his relationship with the professional golfers association. the pga announced it was moving its 2022 championship away from trump national golf club in bedminster the pga says holding a championship there would be, quote, “detrimental to its brand.” >> seth: well, well, well, once again, b first it's the media, then it's big tech, now it's famous antifa leftist bill belichick and the pga tearing down our country don't belicheck and the pga know that what we need right now is healing and unity?
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how dare they hurt mr. trump's feelings and the feelings of 74 million americans by taking away his precious golf tournament from his private resort don't they know how much those hard-working real americans love to sit home on a sunday and watch the pga polyester fashion show by a bunch of trust fund semi-athletes named cameron, and bryson, and brooks taking golf away from trump is like taking away krueger's claws without them, he's just a dude with a messed up face who looks bad in hats. seriously, though, you know you're toxic when a guy who looks like this thinks you're bad for his brand. how does he get to games, tornado? so, that's where things are for trump. then today, he emerged in public for the first time since losing his ability to tweet and as the nation continues to process the deadly insurrection he incited and the ongoing threats from right-wing terrorists. the president refused to take any responsibility for his role in the riot, choosing instead to lash out at democrats. >> we want no violence, never violence we want absolutely no violence and on the impeachment, it's
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really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the it's absolutely ridiculous tremendous anger, and you're doing it, and it's really a terrible thing that they're doing. for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to continue on this path, i think it's causing tremendous danger to our country and it's causing tremendous anger. i want no violence >> seth: i incited violence, even though i want no violence, but if you impeach me for inciting violence, there will be violence no violence, but also, there will be violence we don't want people to be angry, but also, they should be angry and dangerous. angry and danger, those are the two key words. no violence, but anger, and danger, and violence, but hold the violence i want no violence seriously, he could have just gone with "do what i say and nobody gets hurt." seriously, is he trying to get impeached a third time is he going for an iron man streak where he commits an
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impeachable offense every day until he leaves office does he think this is quiznos? if he gets impeached ten times, the 11th is on the house trump then spoke again to reporters before he got on his flight to texas. this time, he insisted his speech to the violent mob, whipping them into a frenzy and inciting them to ransack the capitol was actually totally fine >> what is your role in what happened at the capitol? what is your personal responsibility >> so, if you read my speech, and many people have done it, and i've seen it both in the papers and in the media, on television it's been analyzed and people thought that what i said was totally appropriate. but they've analyzed my speech, and my words, and my final paragraph, my final sentence, and everybody to the "t" thought it was totally appropriate >> seth: no, no, no one thought that and what do you mean they analyzed it? i mean, i heard the speech, and it wasn't exactly james joyce's "ulysses." if you heard it, you analyzed it trump is actually doubling down and defending himself after
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inciting an insurrection against the capitol. and just to be clear, in case it needs any more clarity, trump didn't just incite the crowd by telling them to march to the capitol, and fight, and show strength, he encouraged and enjoyed the scenes of violence and sedition in fact, we know from new reporting that even as lawmakers and people inside the building were pleading with trump to send help, he refused in fact, his aides couldn't even tear him away from the tv. >> a behind-the-scenes report on the president's activities during the riot that he helped set off. multiple sources tell the "washington post," trump was busy watching the violence on tv and couldn't be reached, not even by close allies in congress, calling him desperately, in fear for their own lives. >> “the post" spoke to 15 people with knowledge of trump's actions during those six hours of mob rule and found trump to be a man who didn't care, even as republican lawmakers begged him to speak out >> there's new "washington post" reporting.
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he was hard to reach and you know why because it was live tv, said one close trump adviser. if it's tivo, he just hits pause and takes the call if it's live tv, he watches it and he was just watching it all unfold >> seth: oh, my god, he's worse than nero. at least nero played his own fiddle trump would just call one in could we get a fiddler in here it's just more fun with a fiddle it's honestly hard to articulate just how sadistic and sociopathic this is. people were calling and begging him to help as violent right-wing terrorists were ransacking the capitol, trying to overthrow the government, and trump was watching with all the glee of hannibal lecter digging into a fresh spleen. in fact, it was apparently even worse than that. according to the "washington post," trump had not wanted to include the final instruction to stay peaceful in his tweet during the riot. he wanted his supporters to disrupt the counting of the electoral votes through violence and even when his aides managed to get through to him, trump refused to help because he was enjoying it so much. >> he was engaging with aides as
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this was all going on. they were interrupting, telling him that he had to do something. they were interrupting, telling him that the capitol was being overrun by his supporters. he was well aware of it. he was watching it he was pleased because it was people fighting on his behalf. he was pleased because he liked the scene. and he was pleased because it was delaying the certification of the electoral college vote. and those are the reasons why this happened. and he knew what was happening he was back and forth from the small dining room where he watches television off the oval office to the resolute desk. he just didn't want to do anything >> seth: first of all, he just didn't want to do anything sounds like the back of one of melania's jackets. and you leave her alone! and her and her! your salacious gossip! stops today! second, take that in for just a second the president was watching a violent mob overrun the capitol in an attempt to overthrow democracy and install him as an unelected tyrant and enjoying it, and even after that large numbers of republicans stood by
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him in his attempt to overturn the election but guys, republicans just want unity. come on, guys. they want us all to gather around in a drum circle with a hacky sack, pass a joint around and forget they tried to incite a violent insurrection against the united states! that's what reg when they refuso get behind impeachment in fact, as we speak, the fbi is warning of even more possible violence in d.c. and all 50 state capitols. the washington monument is closed for two weeks due to credible threats of violence and the capitol police have briefed house democrats on three terrifying plots to overthrow the government, and republicans have responded by doing what they do best, making themselves the victims. >> big tech launching a coordinated and kind of a preemptive strike on the president, the first amendment, many of his supporters, baing nn them from social media permanently. >> the big tech companies in banning not just president donald trump, but cracking down on conservative speech >> big tech continues to suppress conservative speech >> i lost, over the weekend, 55 thousand twitter followers.
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>> republicans have no way to communicate. >> imagine that. you wake up and you're sudder wd you have no legal representation, and you can't fly on an airplane, and you can't put your money in a bank >> seth: imagine that. you take part in one little insurrection to overthrow the united states government, suddenly, you can't communicate, you can't fly on an airplane, you can't wear sandals to houlihan's and you can't park your bmw across two handicap spots, even though you're just running into the pharmacy real fast to get your cialis, and you can't go to red lobster and stuff buffet shrimp in your pockets, even though the all you can eat sign never specified when and where you could eat it. and when you skip out on the check and tell the waiter, you have a legal right to this shrimp based on the constitution, a document you have never read, he chases you down, and takes your license plate, and calls 911, and tells them you're a shrimp thief, and the cops come to the house, and confiscate the shrimp from your fridge, and embarrass you in front of your stepson and his friends while they play "tony hawk pro skater" on xbox, and laugh at you, and call you a shrimp dweeb, and you say, “stop calling me that, tyler.” and then he and his friends,
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they push you down the stairs. imagine that [ laughter ] oh, my god, are these people whiney, hysterical lunatics who never miss an opportunity to make themselves the victims, even after a deadly insurrection at the nation's capitol, like congressman matt gaetz and jim jordan, two seditionists who aided and abetted the leesident's deranged lie that to this insurrection, and who voted to side with the mob and overturn the election, even after the capitol was ransacked. gaetz and jordan went on fox news last night, not to complain about the erosion of our democracy, but to complain about twitter. >> if they can cancel a president with a second impeachment and what they've done to the president with the social media platforms, if they can cancel a president, imagine what they can do to the 75 million people who supported president trump in this election. that's what's so dangerous >> these people want to be able to control what we see and how we behave and to constrain speech in this way i think is very damaging to the country >> these two look like a frat guy and a serial killer. you guys know my friends, axe
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body spray and axe these ghouls literally tried to cancel the votes of 81 million americans, but now they lose some twitter followers after a violent insurrection and they're whining about cancel culture, pretending to care about unity like florida senator rick scott, who insisted that joe biden, rather than the current president or any of the republicans supporting him, should be solely responsible for seeking unity. >> if you go talk to american families -- i talk to people in florida every day -- what do they want? they want a positive message joe biden should be excited about the fact that he's going to become the president next week and should have a positive message, but he is -- he's a hypocrite. he says, "oh, i want unity, but -- but i want to call my opponents nazis," you know i want unity, but if you want to go forward with impeachment, you know, go ahead i mean, this is not what americans want >> seth: dude, go back to your [ bleep ] milk bath. what about the 81 million americans who voted for him? do you think what they wanted was for their votes congressmen, something you tried
12:53 am
to do so sick of these [ bleep ] calling for unity after doing arguably the most divisive thing you can do in a democracy, and that's overturn an election, and doing it after a riot. and why is it that only biden is the one who has to seek unity? why don't you do something unifying, like resign, or apologize or start every sentence about tone with, no one was more divisive than president trump, and i see that now and i feel terrible for supporting him. is that so hard? or how about fox host brian kilmeade, who had this to say about how divisive impeaching an insurrectionist president would be >> by the way, you know what the theme to joe biden's inauguration is and maybe his first four years american united. do you know one thing that can guarantee america won't be united >> an impeachment? >> having an impeachment trial on a president that's going to be at mar-a-lago >> seth: i agree, he shouldn't be at mar-a-lago when it happens, he should be in jail, or at the very least, stuck in a sand trap as the only golfer in a canceled tournament. someone help me crawl out of this thing tiger? rory phil
12:54 am
dorf oh, i knew you wouldn't forget me, dorf give me your hand. oh, no, stop don't throw more sand on me, dorf oh no, not you too, dorf oh, no i love “dorf on golf,” but you know what's really funny dorf on insurrection also, you know what else guarantees america won't be united inciting a riot to overturn an election how about you guys look inward and take some responsibility and express maybe a scintilla of regret for your role in this maybe that would help foster unity. i mean, i don't think we're ever going to be friends, but maybe we could be roommates who don't like each other but co-habitate, thanks to passive-aggressively writing our names on food. these guys are like cheating husbands who get sued for divorce and then say, "what? you want half my stuff this should be a time for unity and healing! it's not my fault your sister's hotter than you.” the president gleefully incited a deadly insurrectionist riot to overturn democracy, refused to do anything about it, then
12:55 am
insisted that his speech was appropriate, and instead of taking even an ounce of responsibility for that, republicans are making themselves the victims, as they always do. the only way to stop this is to demand accountability, remove trump from office and try him for sedition it won't be too hard to find him. just put out a bulletin for -- >> a president that's going to be at mar-a-lago. >> seth: this has been "a closer look." we'll be right back with carey mulligan ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. ♪
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♪ >> seth: i'm always thrilled when fred armisen is here to lead the 8g band how are you, fred? fred, my kids miss you so much they're always saying, “how's uncle fred we miss uncle fred will uncle fred say something on tv for us?” so, i was just hoping you could say something that i could show them later okay our first guest tonight is an academy award-nominated actress you know from her work in films such as "an education," "the great gatsby," and "mudbound.” she is both an executive producer and the star of “promising young woman,” which is in theaters now and on demand this friday. let's take a look.
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>> i just thought that you were - >> drunk >> yeah. >> really drunk? >> [ bleep ] yeah >> well, i'm not but that's good, isn't it? >> i think you should leave. >> oh. now you want me to leave >> no. i just -- i'm really high. like, i'm really [ bleep ] high right now. i don't know what i'm doing. i think you should go. >> but a second ago, you were determined for me to stay. you were pretty insistent, actually >> i'm a nice guy. >> are you >> seth: please welcome back to the show carey mulligan. how are you, carey >> i'm good, thanks. how are you? >> seth: i'm good. this movie -- that clip really gets across -- this movie has an excellent score. it's one of the many things i loved about it, very dramatic, a lot of scenes with great tension. are you happy with how this film turned out >> yeah. i in it, to get to witness what emerald fennell,
1:01 am
our director's, done she's just a genius, a sort of mad genius, but a genius >> seth: it seems like she knew exactly the movie she wanted to make you were obviously involved early as an executive producer were there a lot of conversations about tone or did she know exactly the way she wanted to present it from the beginning? >> i think it was -- i think the film was in her head i think she had -- i mean, when i signed on to the film, she, in the same moment that she sent me the script, she also sent me a playlist, and on that playlist was paris hilton's "stars are blind" and britney spears' "toxic," twice and you know, but like, there was so much of the film -- the wit of the film was in the music choices, and the production design, and costume and all of that was stuff that she presented along with the script know, she was the captain of the ship and we just -- we were along for the ride >> seth: i've long been a fan of britney spears' "toxic.” i will admit to not being as familiar with paris hilton's work as a singer >> really?
1:02 am
>> seth: yeah, i will admit it but there's a wonderful sort of -- i guess you guys are in a sort of a pharmacy karaoke scene with you and bo burnham. are you an actual karaoke fan? because you were very good in that scene >> i've done -- yeah, i do a very good "everything i do, i do it for you.” yeah, that's my sort of go-to. and meatloaf, a little bit of meatloaf, you know, on a special occasion >> seth: i mean, i like it, if you go - i mean, that's the thing about karaoke, if you're going to get your shot and then wait for everybody else, you've got to do one of those eight-minute meatloaf songs, just, you know, get your time up on stage. >> oh yeah, you've got to do both parts, you've got to do the duet and play the woman, the dude, you know, really get into it >> seth: i mean, that really >> the only one i ever do, those do my numbers >> seth: i agree, i think people should drill down on one or two they're good at. nobody wants to see somebody do a giant catalog of songs it's very -- i want to be careful talking too much about
1:03 am
this film because i would hate to give it away, because there, for as much as it seems like it was in such safe hands insofar as what it was trying to do, there were so many turns that i did not see coming at all. and there were times where i thought, “oh, i really -- this would be a film that would be a great experience to see in a theater with other people having these same realizations at the same time. do you think that ever >> yeah. i mean, we were lucky enough that we had that we had our sort of first screening at sundance, and we got to sort of sit amongst an audience and feel -- you know, i'm so used to being in sort of dramas, where the best you can hope for is a pin drop silence you just want -- you want nothing. and with "promising young woman," we were getting gasps and we were getting laughter, and we were getting people, like yelling. and, you know, it was so exciting so, it's definitely, you know, it's a shame that more people
1:04 am
won't see it in a cinema, but, you know, i think it's also one of those great things about independent film when it gets -- sort of, when, you know, people take notice of it, then, you know, we get such a bigger audience, and maybe more people will watch it at home, so who knows. >> seth: is it true that there was a fight, an actual fight broke out at one of the sundance screenings >> yeah. it was actually -- i wasn't there. it was in l.a.tributors, the movie finished, and there was like a test, you know, an audience there to sort of give it an audience and emerald was sitting with all of the executives around her, our director, and yeah, a fight -- a fight broke out between two audience members who were disagreeing about what was happening in the film and one was saying sort of, “no, no, stop, stop, stop.” and the other person was saying, “look, if you don't like it, just get out!” and this whole thing kind of broke out. and emerald was sort of creeping, melting into her seat. but luckily, i missed it >> seth: those were simpler times, when we fought over what was happening in movies. i miss those days. >> i miss that, too. >> seth: last we talked, you were telling us how you guys
1:05 am
live on a farm that is often muddy, often a little wet. i think that one thing people have had to deal with as they do more and more from home is slow wi-fi. how is the farm's wi-fi? because you're coming across crystal clear for us now >> it's taken -- it's taken a lot of work it's been my main project for 2020, because i had nothing else to do, so i focused on wi-fi troubleshooting. that's pretty sad that it's the only thing i've taken away from that year, but i feel like i put my all into it, so i'm pretty proud of myself. >> seth: well, for those of us with talk shows who enjoy having you on as a guest, i want to say on behalf of all of us, thank you for upgrading your wi-fi congrats on the film it is really something special and thanks so much for being here >> thank youe on demand this fr. we'll be right back with leslie jordan. ♪
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is an emmy award-winning actor you know him from his work on "will & grace" and "american horror story.” he stars in "call me kat," which airs thursday nights on fox. please welcome to the show leslie jordan. how are you, leslie? >> i'm good! thank you for having me. >> seth: you know, i hope i'm right in saying this it seems like a very good time to be leslie jordan. >> well, i don't know. give me a good pandemic and i seem to flourish, which is an awful thing to say but i just have done so well during this time that it's amazing what i've accomplished >> seth: one of the things you did was you found your way onto instagram and you provided a lot of joy and comfort to people who were looking for it during this really troubling time. >> and you know, i really didn't set out to do that i was stuck in tennessee at my
1:11 am
mom's house -- my mama, my sweet mama and i was going crazy. and i had -- i had not been on instagram for a while. i mean, about a year -- about two years ago, i was on a tv show called "the cool kids," and the head of publicity at the time would tell me, post, you know, that funny thing you said, post this. and i thought, i didn't know what she was talking about i really didn't. i thought maybe she meant post-its, those little yellow things [ light laughter ] and so, she said, “no, you need to put that on instagram.” and then she looked at me and she said, “you don't have an instagram account, do you?” i said, “no ma'am, i don't.” and so they opened me one and within a week, i had 20 thousand followers. and i couldn't shut up about it. i said, “can you believe?” they said, “that's nothing and megan mullally from “will & grace” posted -- reposted something of mine, i jumped to 80 thousand followers, and i couldn't believe it. and then when the -- when the stay-at-home orders
1:12 am
happened and i didn't have anything to do, i was in tennessee, i started posting twice a day, just silliness, just silly stuff and my friend called from california he said, “you've gone viral.” i said, “no, honey, i'm in tennessee with my mama i'm fine i don't have covid.” he said, “no you've gone viral on the internet.” and now, here we go. i don't know, 5.6 million. i have no idea i just, you know - >> seth: that's fantastic. it's well deserved you mentioned being in tennessee with your mom and your twin sisters as well, correct >> yes i have identical twin sisters who are 22 months younger than me and they live with mom and it's like a dog and pony show i bought them a really pretty house, the best thing i ever did as an adult. looks like laura ashley threw up in there but it's just precious and i get back there quite a bit to see mama and them, as we say in the south [ laughter ] >> seth: are they happy to see you when you come home
1:13 am
>> oh, they are. you know what, when we were growing up, my sisters got all the attention. i think that's what's wrong with me because identical twins and mother back then, you know, in the '50s and '60s, would put them in little outfits that matched, and people would ooh and ah, and i'd be over there pulling out my pee-pee and turning cartwheels, whatever i could think of somebody, please, look at me, look at me so - >> seth: leslie, you first made your way -- was it directly from tennessee to los angeles in the '80s >> i did i took a greyhound bus i had -- it was 1982 my mother sewed $1,200 that i had saved waiting tables into my underpants and i got -- i got off at the corner of delongpre and vine, which is a block below hollywood and vine, which is the story of my life and my career, one block below. [ laughter ] but -- and i just -- you know, i don't know
1:14 am
i don't know how it happened it just happened you know, i just hit town at a time when there was a lady named clara peller out of chicago on a wendy's commercial she said, "where's the beef?” and all of a sudden, they all wanted, you know, character me to, if you ask. >> seth: well, are you happy to be back on a sitcom now? >> this one, you know, i told mayim bialik when i first started working on the show, i said, “you know, this is the best show i've been on.” she said, “oh.” i said, “no, i'm having more fu right now.” i don't know if it's cause i'm 65 and i've done it all, you know, and now i'm just ready to have a good time, but it's so beautifully written. darlene hunt, that created it. i play a character that's so
1:15 am
close to me, i'm not even really acting i thought the other day, why's this so easy i thought, cause you're just out there, you know, being yourself. and we have such a great cast and we have a really, really good time. and i think it comes through i hope it just runs forever. >> seth: another exciting thing you have coming up is you're writing a book of essays this won't be your first book, though how did the previous efforts go? >> well, my last book was called "my trip down the pink carpet," and i had some axes to grind [ light laughter ] you know, i was raised in the baptist church, and i've been baptized 14 times. every time the preacher would say, would the live sinner come forward? so i would come forward. he said, i believe i baptized you this summer. i said, well, i don't think it took [ laughter ] i had some axes to grind so, i wrote -- this time, i just thought, i'm just going to sit down and write some funny stories about little lessons i've learned along the way. and i'm so tickled with the way it turned out, and the publishers are over the moon
1:16 am
with it. i think it's going to come out on mother's day, which is a wonderful tribute to my mother so, it's a good time to be leslie jordan. it's just a good time. >> seth: you also -- you used to do one-man shows you would do a fair amount a year >> ooh i'd do 45 venues a year. i trotted from one end of this country to the other i would tell, you know, funny stories. and i was the only one really doing what i was doing at the time, because what i would do is i would go tgay bars, usually, and tell them, listen, take the -- you take the bar. i'll get them all in here and i'll take the gate we'll charge them $20. we'd do some horse trading and i'd walk away with $4 thousand or $5 thousand in a night. and so, i just went, you know, gay bar to gay bar to gay bar doing that for years oh, gosh i don't have to do that anymore. i've got a few dollars in the bank now, i don't have to do that >> seth: well, i'm sorry i missed my opportunity to see it. it must have been something, but i can't wait to read your book and leslie, please, do come back soon this has been an absolute
1:17 am
delight. >> i would love to thank you so much for having me. >> seth: all right you be well. "call me kat" airs thursday nights on fox. we'll be right back with neil gaiman. ♪ research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> seth: our next guest is an award-winning and best-selling writer the television adaptation of his novel, "american gods," airs sunday nights on starz let's take a look. >> where's wednesday >> oh, he's on the wrong path. you know, for all his [ bleep ], he's correct about one thing, the twilight of the gods and the end of humanity are at hand. and you have a destiny to fulfill, so don't screw it up,
1:23 am
or everything will come to an end.w are you? >> i'm good. >> seth: it was very nice to be with you in person >> we got to cha>> seth: i wante last time you were here, because you said sometimes writers need to find their way to boredom to inspire creativity what do you think about this, maybe, unparalleled time of boredom for people do you think it's been good or bad for creativity >> i think it's been bad for creators i think when i was talking about boredom, i was talking about that fantastic state of being stuck watching middle school drama, or just being in the shower, or being on a train, and your phone is dead, and you're looking out the window, and everything's peaceful and your venomous snakes, and it's just
1:24 am
going on for ages, and you're kind of bored, but you're also kind of worrying about the bomb, and worrying about the snakes, and those bits of my head that make up stories are much more busy sort of going, “what is happening in real life this is just too weird.” >> seth: i also want to ask, as someone who builds imaginative worlds, what is it like for you to live through a time that seems so beyond what anyone could have imagined? >> well, as an author of fiction, it's my job to be convincing it's my job to make up things that would convince you that they could really happen real lif obligations. and right now, we're all wandering around a scenario that is, frankly, incredibly unconvincing i mean, this trump character,
1:25 am
and the whole, everything that's happened in the last week and everything that's happened in the last year, it's all just unconvincing but that doesn't matter, cause it's real. >> seth: this is a show that's based on a book you wrote 20 years ago it's about new gods, old gods, it touches on themes like americana and immigration and technology what's it like to see a work you did two decades ago still feel very of the moment as you adapt it now >> i would have been perfectly happy for it to feel less of the moment if people were looking at it and going, “all of these issues of race, of america, of the fact that americans give their attention, and their outrage, and their worship to little pieces of glass and metal that they hold in their hands all of the time, what does that mean? i would have been fine for that not to be relevant
1:26 am
but it is relevant, and it's really peculiar at how incredibly relevant it is right now. >> when you're on set, do the cast and crew -- how do they treat you? >> with wary love and respect. but it's -- i think for them, it's a lot like, you know, there is the expression that you go to meet your maker. you don't ever expect your maker to turn up, and mooch around and hang around in craft services having a cup of tea. i was recently in shepperton studios in london on the set of "sandman," which netflix is doing, and it was meeting characters that i had created 30-something years ago, and for them to meet me was a very peculiar experience, indeed i've sort of got used to it with
1:27 am
"american gods," because i've been hanging around with this lot for five years, the amazing ricky whittle, yetide badaki, bruce langley, all of these guys are wonderful, but they're kind of used to me. but the "sandman" lot are just like, “he's here,” and that was glorious, and funny and sort of a bit scary, too >> seth: did you -- i mean, at what point did you start thinking, after, you know, "american gods" gets adapted, which maybe people would have thought would have been, you know, a tricky task, "oh, maybe 'sandman' is going to be a show one of these days? hink a lot of it just has to do with the nature of television and the changing nature of television and film. for about 30 years, warner brothers wanted to do adaptations of "sandman," which meant that they'd turn it into a film, and it was always too big to be a film now in this new, weird world, where people actually treat television kind of
1:28 am
novelistic-ly, the fact that you've got, what, sort of 85 hours of "sandman" written, prewritten, and existing, it's a feature, it's not a bug. and the same goes for "american gods," where for years, people would -- famous directors would call me up and say, we want to do "american gods," we have no idea how to squeeze it into a film and the fact that it's been allowed to breathe you know, here we are in season three at my favorite bit of the book, and it's breathing >> seth: well, it's really exciting for all of us that there's finally a way to adapt your work to the screen, and it's always such a delight to see you, neil. thanks so much for being here. >> ah, it's great seeing you, seth "american gods" airs sunday nights on starz. we'll be right back with more” ♪ t-mobile knows the new year brings big news!
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♪ >> seth: come back for all new shows all this week. tomorrow, my old friend, bobby moynihan will be here. i always loved having drunk uncle slide next to me on the “weekend update” desk. if you like old “snl” stories, this is the right place to be. plus, new jersey representative andy kim is going to be here as well you may know him as the congressman who helped clean up the capitol after the insurrection last week i really want to get his perspective on what that day was like and thursday, we'll have the great anne hathaway, and from “zoey's extraordinary playlist”" jane levy will be here, plus all new closer looks we'll be right back. ♪
1:35 am
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