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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 16, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it's already in the 80s around the coastline, areas like half moon bay. you know if you do need a sweater for whatever reason, depending on where you live, you will not need it by the afternoon. 90s for the south bay. the interior valleys. san francisco, 87. these are near record highs as we head into the afternoon. we'll take a closer look at that and this weekend. still on track to expire. a full forecast in a few minimum, mike? we do have changes on the roadway, about 5:40 the metering lights were turned on. it's friday. looking at the volume on the
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roadways approaching, the maps show all green. a little slowing south 880 through the construction zone just about cleared at 23rd. for san jose 101. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. happening now power shutoffs continue across a lot the bay area. take a look at this map giving you the latest look. the purple triangle shows where the outages are mostly in the north bay and along the peninsula. pg&e says san mateo and napa counties are the most impacted. at least 30,000 customers don't have power from shasta county down to the bay area. pg&e plans to restore to all today.
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the north bay still feeling the most impact with some customers using generators to provide relief. decision 2020. 18 days until the election and president trump and joe biden are in a mad dash to get the votes including doing competing town halls on different networks. to washington and tracie potts this morning. two very different messages from very different men last night. what's the reaction this morning? >> reporter: well, just that. two different scenes in philadelphia and miami with joe biden answering some tough questions but in more of a relaxed way than in some of the testy exchanges between savannah guthrie and the president on the miami stage where he barely even mentioned biden's name. >> well stated i have to say. good job.
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>> reporter: both making news in their competing town halls, the president with nbc's savannah guthrie on losing the election. >> will you accept a peaceful transfer, and the answer is, yes, i will. i want it to be an honest election. >> reporter: vice president biden on abc with george stephanopoulos on enlarging the u.s. supreme court. >> so you'll come out with a clear position before election day?pending on how they handle this. >> reporter: biden slamming the president's response. >> he has a presidential responsibility to lead, and he didn't do that. >> reporter: the president on testing at the last debate. >> you don't know if you took a test the day of the debate? >> possibly i did. possibly i didn't. >> reporter: president trump tried to clear up concerns about race. >> are you listening? >> reporter: the $400 million he reportedly owes. >> no, i don't owe russia money. i owe a very, very small -- it's called mortgages. people have a house -- >> any foreign bank? any foreign entity?
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>> not that i know of. >> reporter: biden addressed the '90s crime bill, the green new deal and whether he would mandate a coronavirus vaccine. >> it depends on when it comes out and how it's distributed. >> reporter: both men are set to appear on the stage next week for the final debate in nashville. first more campaigning. the president today in georgia and florida. biden back to michigan where he's talking health care today. the coronavirus was the main focus in both town halls as coronavirus cases pass another mark here in the u.s. there are spikes in 39 states. california and the rest of the west coast are exceptions. experts blame the rise on a combination of cooling weather
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and growing reluctance to follow guidelines. word at a deadly covid outbreak at a senior facility. the gilroy health care and rehabilitation center says 12 people have died from the virus. 63 additional people tested positive. dozens of staff members became infecteded. the search is on for a person who stole a lemur from the san francisco zoo. the animal was found yesterday and we're glad to say is now safe. what's next in the case. i'm so happy but it was bizarre. >> reporter: good morning, yes, it was a very bizarre story. the individual, the person or the persons has still not been found. they believe that break-in at the zoo occurred into wednesday. that lemur was found pretty far
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from the due. our crews were there as workers went to pick it up from a preschool in daly city. we had a chance to speak with a parents who had a very eventful pickup yesterday. he said he heard a child shout lemur, looked over and saw a lemur that appeared to be older moving a little slowish near a bush near his child's school. he said they called daly city police and animal control. they contacted the zoo and was able to safely cage him and bring him back to the zoo. take a listen to the parent's reaction. >> if you think of the zoo is pretty close. >> reporter: the search still on. we're not sure why it was found five miles from the zoo. the lemur was found. an exciting day for all kids involved.
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this is the story of the day probably. good news. an exciting day. we're live in san francisco. >> we're glad it's safe but don't say this is the most bizarre 2020 story. we're only in october. thank you, cierra. >> the year is not over yet. >> are you ready for some football? the niners and rams go at it this sunday. a lot of questions on who will play. kris, talk to us about it. >> reporter: we're hoping jimmy g can use his favorite catch phrase come sunday because he has been benched and it has been a rough ride for the 49ers.
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he did practice this week which kyle shanahan said is the only day he can tell if his starting qb is ready to start. garoppolo took a seat, that high ankle sprain still giving him trouble three weeks after the injury happened. >> if you can play, he has to go out and perform and i'll be the judge of that. he has a good week of practice and gives us the best chance to win i won't hesitate. we'll do what we did again. the secondary storyline if garoppolo is not ready to play who will play. santa clara county's covid restrictions did ease up this week but not enough to allow for fans inside levi's stadium. the weather is supposed to be
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perfect on sunday. restaurants can now serve indoors at a limited capacity so you might be able to hit up your neighborhood bars. you can watch it here on nbc bay area. raj mathai and janelle wang will be inside levi's stadium. they'll be reporting starting at 4:00. keep the dogs off the best spot, take a seat and join us on sunday. >> my dog is small enough i can keep it right on my lap. it should be fun. >> another good time, heading outside. if you do go outside people need to be mindful it will be a hot one out there. it is going to be a hot one. perfect football weather this weekend. no complaints there.
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we're talking 70s in santa clara county where levi's stadium is located. halftime 74. i think the players will like the forecast. highs for this afternoon, 92 degrees. oakland 92. san francisco, 87. half moon bay right now expected to reach a high of 86 degrees. around 10:30 napa 20-mile-per-hour winds still in calistoga but fast forwarding once the red flag warning expires at 11:00 a.m. the winds die down and get breezier at less than 20 miles an hour. improving conditions. >> the b.a.r.t. issue not
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improving out of richmond. i've changed from yellow to orange. heading to the berryessa. equipment problems continue out of that line. looking at the roadways and options for you. metering delights are on. the construction crews clear. the rest of the bay looks great. there's a little build and that's it. listen to this, do you know this tune right here? ♪ know that one? >> hmm, i don't. but, you know what, there's an app that can help me figure that out now. if you've ever got a tune that's stuck in your head, it's all coming up next. you'll have to hum it again. plus -- >> i can name that in five
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beats, five notes. a look at mortgage rates. easier to make it in the bay. retail sales, consumers are buying that has the stock market higher this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. we're off to a beautiful start over san francisco. look at the clear skies, not a cloud in sight but it's also really hot. we're seeing 80s already on the map and we're tracking 90s into the afternoon. i'll go into more detail on your weekend forecast coming up. a 20-minute delay out of a richmond station for b.a.r.t. that is a problem on the tracks but look at the bay bridge toll plaza looking lighter because friday has a lighter volume of traffic. we do have an option to drive if you're lucky enough to have a car, know where you're going. good morning, very happy friday to you as well. it's an especially happy friday if you were looking to save some money on your monthly house payment. it's a little easier to make it in the bay. bloomberg reports the rate for a 30-year fixed has hit 2.81%.
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the tenth time this year mortgage rates have dropped. the w.h.o. released a study that says remdesivir, the drug used to treat president trump, does not have the effect we hoped it did. scientists say they studied the result in 11,000 patients with covid-19 and saw little effect on the number of patients that were put on ventilators or the number of patients who died. foster city based gilead points to a different study published in the "new england journal of medicine" that shows shorter hospital stays for those with remdesivir. the race to bring another stimulus package to americans, nancy pelosi continues to negotiate with treasury secretary steven mnuchin who represents the white house and president trump says he's willing to spend more money than what the democrats want. mitch mcconnell says he absolutely will not bring that to a vote on the floor of the senate.
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w markets on a three-day losing streak. france and great britain have new in play. the east bay recognized with an awards ceremony last night. the award winners were there from the east bay economic alliance. everything from genomics to economics and theater. i was lucky enough to host virtually. and the winner of the arts and culture award is -- berkeley rep. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> that was fun to do it virtually. i have the back hall in front of
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me where i can see you when you're not on camera. you're boiling hot. alex a, turn on the air conditioning. there we go. >> shortly after that i felt like it's cooler in here now. >> mm-hmm. we're watching you, marcus. we can all see you. >> big brother and sister are always watching. 6:18 this morning. a quick jump from sfo to wine country now on hold if you were planning to fly united. the airline is suspending flights to sonoma county airport starting next month. the airline industry reeling. lost billions of dollars.
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virtually nonexistent on united. well, new this morning barnes & noble is alerting customers about a cyber attack. it happened last weekend. hackers gained access to email addresses, names, phone numbers and home addresses. do you ever get a song stuck in your head and you condition figure out which one it is? google is here to help. ♪ >> all you have to do is hum, whistle or even sing, out of tune even, that annoying song stuck in your head into the google app. google says this is really a learning technology where it's identifying that song and hopefully, hopefully you'll have the results in just seconds and
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finally get that out of your head. and that's happened to me before. it wasn't until i went to my trainer and said what is this song -- ♪ i couldn't get it out of my head. >> that's cool. >> either google or your trainer. >> sometimes i ask siri, i hold up my phone, what is this song, and it will tell me. that's kind of cool, too. here to tell us the forecast is vianey in for kari toe. take it away. >> i'm sorry. we have these weird delays that happens with live tv. that's what that was. better than typing in that random sentence you remember from the song and having everything else pop up. san francisco right now, weather underground cam. great shot there.
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oakland, 74 degrees. now good news on this front, we did see gusty conditions. thankfully we managed to get by the last two days and that red flag warning is still on track to expire at 11:00 a.m. with an improvement in the offshore winds. calistoga, napa, the time bar up above, 24-mile-per-hour winds. napa 20-mile-per-hour winds. fast forward to about 1:00 and we see those start to diminish from about 20 down to 17. because of that fire that's still active, the potential is still there. overall we'll see moderate conditions throughout the bay area. microclimate highs, 80s and 90s expected for today's forecast. we could tap into record highs. how long is the heat going to
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last? well, san francisco tomorrow we have the high pressure. we're going to see a shift and another thing, too, a viewer asked me on instagram when will we see rain. we certainly need it. unfortunately the extended outlook is not showing promising signs of rain, at least not for the next seven to ten days. >> maybe i'll wash my car to encourage the rain. look at the map. no major issues as far as the backup. the toll plaza, a live look. metering lights were turned on at 5:40. we've seen a good flow of traffic at the top of your screen. middle lanes are moving well and car-pool three or more. the richmond bridge shows slowing. the richmond area, the big
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concern is the delay out of the richmond b.a.r.t. station up to 20 minutes now because of a problem on the track. out of richmond to millbrae. back to you. thank you, mike. 6:23 this morning and 25 years later the classic '90s album still making noise. up next for you the honor it's now getting taking center stage. beyond the pop charts. (garage door opening) it is my father's love...
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>> reporter: good morning. just this year we've helped viewers like you save or get back more than half a million dollars. the spotlight on joshua, he paid for season tickets to an event venue but couldn't get answer whether there would be events this year. we called and that opened the floodgates to a $4,671 refund. juan was hungry for his money back, too. he paid for a grocery delivery that never arrive. we contacted the supermarket. juan then bagged a $296 refund. locked in a billing battle with a telecom company. a resolution that put $54.13 back in the pocket. you can tekt connect with us and
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tap the responds button or give us a call 888-996-tips. broadway going dark for most of the year. for the first time only one person is nominated for best performance by a lead actor in a musical. a role in "mulan rouge" the musical and -- ♪ >> you learn, you live. inspired by the alanis morrissette album. broadway will be shut down. they say at least until may 30th.
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the fire warning set at 11:00. will that mean we're in the clear and will power be restored. a live update coming up next. vianey is tracking the heat. much more ahead on "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30 lights still off for now for thousands of people in the north bay and the peninsula. we're still experiencing high
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winds out there and those temps already in the 80s. we're tracking it all for you as "today in the bay" continues. good friday morning to you, fri-yay as we like to call it. i'm marcus washington. >> can't stress that enough. i'm laura garcia. we'll check in with mike in moments. vianey is in for kari this morning. you're bringing us hot temperatures. at least an improvement when it comes to the wind and the high fire danger. that red flag warning is set to expire at 11:00 a.m. i see gusty areas but right around 1:00, 1:30, remember that red flag warning expires at 11:00 a.m. i do notice the winds diminish from 20 plus to less than 20 miles per hour which is good news there. a couple changes heading into
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the week. the full forecast in a few minutes. how are the roads, mike? we did have metering lights turned on at 5:40. i was a little shocked. it looks like light traffic. now the middle lanes are moving clearly. what happened they sped up the metering lights because of light traffic coming off the east shore freeway and the maze. quickly lessening at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the delay for b.a.r.t. getting out of richmond, about 20-minute delays. >> thanks, mike. right to cierra johnson for the power outages this morning. >> yes, cierra, still thousands without power. >> reporter: yes, there are thousands still without power but another couple thousand that have their power restored. other good news pg&e notified us
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that this outage was not as widespread as we initially thought it was. so to break things down 41,000 customers part of that psps. it was not the 53,000 pg&e thought it would be. so far 10,000 customers have their power back leaving about 30,000 other customers based on the power outage map without power and those are mainly concentrated in san mateo and napa county. pg&e is keeping a close eye on the weather, specifically the wind, to make sure it's safe to reach full power. >> by 10:00 a.m. we should see the winds on the decrease and will begin to issue a weather all clear. >> reporter: the wind is really the key factor here.
6:34 am
we'll be able to bring more people back online. we have been in communication with a spokesperson and they said they can't give us specifics quite yet on how many people would be brought back online until they're able to search those lines. good news they have more helicopters able to run the lines to make sure everything is in working order to get you back, work from home and do school online. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." new details for you, the federal government rejects california's request for federal aid for a series of wildfires that began in early august. governor newsom asked for $347 million in help. the governor's office says it has been turned down for a major presidential disaster declaration in connection to the creek fire in fresno and five others. california officials will appeal the decision. this presidential decision does not affect aid for wildfires in the bay area. new this morning, a new
6:35 am
round of deadly violence on the streets of oakland overnight. last night police responded to a shooting near 89th and international boulevard. three people were shot. one of them died. their identity has not been released. police have not released any additional information on the shooter or a motive. coronavirus cases passed another mark in the u.s. with no signs of slowing down. now 8 million confirmed cases. california and the rest of the west coast you see here are the exceptions. cooling weather and a growing reluctance in other parts of the state to follow guidelines. happening today oakland leaders will address the lack of coronavirus testing in underserved communities. the clinic provided alarming
6:36 am
data on the presence of covid in east observing. mayor libby schaaf will be among those talking about those findings later this morning. a huge voter turnout in early voting. up next the brand-new numbers on voting right here in the golden state. right here at home at levi's stadium, the big question is jimmy g's ankle, will it be good to go? let's talk about it when "today in the bay" continues. oscar the grouch here to tell you, yeah, you,
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to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh. caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? ugh.
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it is 6:39. san jose, great job. we have a little bit of that haze, moderate air quality expected for today. a hot day ahead. mike? vianey, unfortunately the b.a.r.t. delays are now 20 minutes out of the richmond station. the good news it hasn't changed. a problem on the tracks out of richmond. the bay bridge toll plaza to give you an idea how light the roadways are. thanks so much.
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6:39. to decision 2020. instead of the debate last night we saw dueling town halls. >> scott mcgrew one on abc and one on nbc. and running at the same time. joe biden was on abc. polls show this is his election to lose if he can avoid missteps. numbers put him way, way ahead. biden was asked a question last night that he has ducked in the past. would he add more judges to the supreme court if he became president. >> don't voters have a right to know -- >> they do have a right to know where i stand. they have a right to know where i stand before they vote. >> you'll come out with a clear position before election day? >> yes, depending on how they handle this. >> overall biden turned in a good performance especially for someone who has to be very careful about not making any misstatements that have gotten him into trouble in the past. much of the conversation was about the biggest threat facing america, the coronavirus, and
6:41 am
the president's response to it. >> the president has a responsibility to lead, and he didn't do that. he didn't talk about what needed to be done because he kept worrying, in my view, about the stock market. he should have talked about how bad this could be and then the market would be down. his barometer to success is the market. >> president trump was on nbc at the very same time. people critical of that timing saying president trump should not get airtime after he refused to participate in the second debate scheduled for the same night. instead of the debate he got savannah guthrie who in addition to being a "today" show host is also a lawyer. >> just this week you re-tweeted to your 87 million followers a conspiracy theory that joe biden orchestrated to have s.e.a.l. team six killed to cover-up the fake death of bin laden.
6:42 am
now why would you send that to your followers? you re-tweeted it. >> that was a re-fwetweet. that was an opinion of somebody. it was a re-tweet. >> i don't get that. you're the president. you're not like someone's crazy uncle who re-tweets whatever. >> it was a re-tweet and i do a lot of re-tweets. frankly because the media is so fake and so corrupt, if i didn't have social media, i don't call it twitter, i call it social media, i wouldn't be able to get the word out. >> well, the word is false. >> some exasperation. he said i denounce white supremacy. i denounced white supremacy for years. many people were frustrated nbc gave airtime in competition with joe biden. nbc the parent network of this television station said for fairness sake it aired the interview with president trump in the same timeslot it had
6:43 am
aired its earlier nbc town hall with joe biden. nbc saying we share in the frustration that our event will be initially airing alongside the first half of abc's broadcast with vice president joe biden. no one wants this but we must honor our commitment to treat both equitably. you know where to find me on twitter. i'm @scott mcgrew. we have a special on the elections coming up. >> sounds good. bob redell, turnout has been huge. >> reporter: record numbers. california secretary of state said this time four years ago only 450,000 have determine their ballots by mail or drop-off boxes like this one at city hall. so far this year over 2.1
6:44 am
million californians have already returned their ballots. those are the latest numbers as of wednesday. take a look at your tv screen. just over half a million of those ballots were returned right here in the bay area. you can see the breakdown by county. contra costa had the highest rate. santa clara county the lowest. both republicans and democrats are voting early primarily for two reasons. one, president trump has warned about potential voter fraud even though there is no evidence that there is widespread voter fraud. and, two, there are concerns about voter suppression. voters want to make sure their ballot arrives early so it counsel. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is criticizing his own party here in the state of california. we're talking about the california gop for setting up nonofficial -- unofficial drop boxes to collect ballots from voters so they can be returned to county election offices. now the state says those boxes
6:45 am
are illegal and have ordered the gop to remove them but republicans say they are using the boxes to collect a ballot as allowed under california's ballot harvesting law. here was schwarzenegger last night on cnn. >> it's a stupid thing to do right now with the ballot boxes. i think it's just nimickey mous stuff. what they should do is really offer people hope and be out there and really make everyone participate and make everyone go and be able to vote. >> reporter: the ap reports at least one democratic campaign is using neighborhood hubs where designated volunteers receive ballots at their homes from voters and then turn those in to
6:46 am
the county election offices. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob, thank you. a live look at globe life field in texas where tonight it will be game five of the national league championship series. and giants fans will note that the dodgers now have their backs against the wall because last night the braves got a best of clay kershaw. they came up with six runs in the sixth inning and beat the dodgers, 10-2. the braves now lead three games to one. quite the player. you can catch it all here on nbc bay area. this morning a lot of questions who will play. kris sanchez live at levi's. talk about the deal here. what's going on? >> reporter: well, you know very well that the 49ers are trying to flip the script on their season and get back to salvaging what's left but it will be hard
6:47 am
to do that without jimmy garoppolo starting at qb. garoppolo did practice this week which coach kyle shanahan says is the only way he can tell if the starting qb is, in fact, ready to start. halfway through the game against the dolphins last week garoppolo took a seat. that high ankle sprain still giving him trouble three weeks after he sprained it. >> if he can play he still has to perform. i'll be the judge of that. if he has a good week of practice and gives us the best chance to win then i won't hesitate. if it looks like it hurts in the game and is prohibiting him, we'll do what we did again. >> reporter: so when coach kyle shanahan benched garoppolo he put in beathard, the week before that nick mullens. we'll have to see who starts if it's not jimmy g. santa clara county's covid eased up but not enough to allow for fans to sit inside levi's
6:48 am
stadium, and it's too bad because the weather is supposed to be perfect for prime time football on sunday. restaurants can now serve indoors at limited capacity so you might be able to go and see the game at one of your local pubs. you can catch the game here on nbc bay area. claim the best spot on your couch. our coverage starts at 4:00 in the afternoon. really jealous of raj mathai and janelle wang because they'll be inside the stadium reporting live from here even without the fans it's pretty exciting. you have to follow them on their social media pages. >> always a fun time out there, kris. thanks so much, kris. the question now, vianey, will the heat go away by sunday? yes! keep it short and sweet. we're going to be seeing lovely weather and the temperatures will be in the 70s. a big difference from the 90s.
6:49 am
i think what also helps the fact it's a nighttime game. i'm hearing different voices in my ear piece. kickoff is at 5:20 and i think that helps, too, the fact it's an evening game. daytime highs in the 80s. things should cool off nicely. talk about clear conditions, this is it. halftime, 74 degrees. the fourth quarter, 68. it's going to be really a good one. the players will enjoy it. they might get a little warm with the 80s but it will cool off. let's talk about your highlights for today. what are things that we talked about during our morning forecast that you might have missed? high fire danger, still dry and hot, but those mountain wind gusts that we saw last night and this morning are going to start to diminish which is why that red flag warning is still on trend to expire at 11:00 a.m. today. also that heat advisory will remain in effect through 9:00 p.m. tonight. the reason for that is because of this -- we're going to be nearing record high
6:50 am
temperatures. potentially even setting new record daily highs. we hit some new records yesterday when it came to daily highs. oakland, 92. napa, 97. half moon bay already at 80 degrees. half moon bay, 86. what about those winds? as i mentioned the red flag warning is set to expire so notice that at 11:00 a.m. when it's set to expire calistoga and napa start to see it really nice decline in the winds, getting breezy by 2:00. winds 10 to 15 miles an hour in through the afternoon. so that's good news there. definitely what we like to see. the air quality forecast is going to remain moderate. that basically means while there's still a fire burning, if you live near the area we could be dealing with those hazy skies and the drifting smoke but overall moderate air quality expected for today. how long is this heat going to last? is there rain in the forecast? there is no rain in the forecast but we will be seeing a shift in
6:51 am
the wind going from offshore wind to an onshore event that will help us significantly cool down. mother nature's ac heading into sunday for san francisco. still going to be warmer. you'll see noticeable temperature drops by next week into monday, tuesday and wednesday, back down into more seasonable. i know it's october but it's not feeling like it right now. fire danger expires at 11:00. notice that trend starts to get even cooler heading into next week but as mike said earlier you can definitely wash your car. that is forecaster approved. mike? audio problems, did you say you'd wash my car? i hope that's what you said. there's a little bit of slowing -- you can correct me later. looking at the south bay we know the sensors are changing to the orange northbound 101. a little bit of a build there
6:52 am
but nothing major overall. the arrow shows you the remaining slowdown south 880 right around whipple. we had some slowing for 10 to 15 minutes looking better for the nimitz. the nimitz over to the bay bridge toll plaza. the span itself shows some slowing. we talked about things, maybe the metering lights showed up. the metering lights are still on but i think they're moving pretty smoothly now. there's no backup at the toll plaza. that increases the speeds the last half hour. the richmond side of the bridge an easy flow of traffic. good, steady volume. good news out of richmond. b.a.r.t., it sounds like the trains resumed normal service and that's good after earlier delays. back to you. happening now for you oakland school officials say mcclymonds high school is safe for stuns and staff eight months after the discovery of a chemical. the campus was shut down one month before the start of the
6:53 am
pandemic when the toxic chemical was found in the groundwater under the school. the district is going to hold a virtual news conference today. students and teachers will continue distance learning. 6:52. up next a quick look at the top stories we're following for you including thousands without power this morning. we're going to tell you when pg&e says full power should be restored. plus, a surprise discovery of a preschool gets a visit from a lemur missing from the san francisco zoo. straight ahead in a live report why the mystery around its disappearance is still not over. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. here is a look at the top stories we're following for you this friday morning. happening now for you power shutoffs persist around the bay area this morning but in some cases that power has been restored. pg&e says san mateo, napa counties are most impacted as 30,000 customers don't have power from shasta county down to the bay area. this map gives you the latest look, the purple triangles show you where the outages are. mostly in the north bay and the peninsula. pg&e plans to restore the power to all customers at some point today. some good news in the north
6:57 am
bay despite higher fire danger with this week's red flag warning firefighters have held the line on what is left of the glass fire, still 97% contained. so far it's burned over 67,000 acres and destroyed over 1,500 structures. part of a mystery solved this morning. the case of a missing lemur. the animal now back at home at the san francisco zoo. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson, they still don't know who took it, crierra. >> reporter: the lemur is back home at the san francisco zoo. police don't know who or what individual or person was responsible for breaking into the zoo in the overnight hours into wednesday. that lemur was found at a preschool in daly city after a parent picking up their child heard one of the kids yell lemur. it was at that point -- or saw
6:58 am
it eating in a bush. they called police as well as animal control. they both called the san francisco zoo to pick up the lemur. take a listen to what he had to say about the whole ordeal during afternoon pickup. >> i adidn't anticipate it woul show up outside of the school. if you think about it, it's pretty close. >> reporter: and that lemur was found about five miles away from the zoo. so it's pretty far. again, the person behind this lemur theft is still unknown. if anyone knows anything or has heard anything you are urged to contact police. back at the zoo so good news there. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> great news there that it's safe. >> here we go on this friday. a hot one. how will it fare for the rest of
6:59 am
the day, vianey? >> it's going to be in the 80s and 90s. people asked where this came from, the farmers market is there until 3:00. san francisco, 80s today and then it gets cooler by the weekend. at least we're going to see a diminish in the winds. the fire warning expires at 11:00 a.m. and by next week we're going to cool down back into the 80s for inland areas. mike? look! bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on but it's friday so it will probably be turned off quite early of things have really improved. that's great. to the south the san mateo bridge. it looks like there's more traffic. we're just looking at the span itself. taillights in the peninsula. as we know people go on friday to half moon bay for a little
7:00 am
cooling. 92 will get very crowded through hills. keep that in mind. >> there you go. well, it's friday. have a great weekend. that's it for us. a live look for you right now. you can see the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. beautiful shot. dueling town halls president trump and joe biden make their cases to voters and viewers, going head-to-head but not face-to-face on the economy, each other and the coronavirus >> we have done an amazing job and it's rounding the corner. >> it is the presidential responsibility to lead, and he didn't do that. >> the president not clearing up questions surrounding his own testing. >> and you don't know if you took a test the day of the debate. >> possibly i did, possibly i didn't >> while the former vice president says he will eventually clear up his position


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