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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 22, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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day. that's all next at 11:00. now. but, we have aunts. you're slouching again, ted. expired, expired... expired. thanks, aunt bonnie. it's a lot of house. i hope you can keep it clean. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save a lot of money oh, teddy. did you get my friend request? uh, i'll have to check. (doorbell ringing) aunt joni's here! for bundling made easy, go to hello? breaking news. right now at 11:00. a major milestone reached late tonight. more than a month after it first ignited, the czu complex fire in the santa cruz mountains is tonight 100% contained. cal fire warns that contained is not controlled. crews are still monitoring the fire for areas that may be smoldering. flames scorched more than 86,000
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acres in san mateo and santa cruz counties. sadly, one person died. 925 homes destroyed. but firefighters did manage to save thousands of homes. cal fire tweeted out this video, firefighters reading parts of the hundreds of thank you letters they received. also tonight, progress in the fight against covid-19. three more bay area counties are now in the red. san mateo, solano, and alameda counties have moved into the red tier, which means increased capacity at a number of businesses and indoor customers for salons and tattoo parlors. one of the counties is saying not so fast. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney reports from alameda county. >> reporter: it's out of the purple tier and into the red in san mateo, solano, and here in alameda county. but alameda county health officials say there will be no immediate changes, and as with other reopenings, it will be important for alameda county to take a measured and phased approach to avoid dramatic increases in disease
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transmission and reclosures. at spice i am, a thai restaurant on park street in alameda tonight, no one has eaten inside for months. it's takeout and outdoor dining only, but management can see both sides of this issue. >> it can be good. if it can reopen, the business, everything, i think can get full. but i don't know that technically it can be bad for the covid. >> reporter: with the three red tier counties have in common is they reported fewer than seven daily cases per 100,000 residents and had a test positivity rate under 8% for two straight weeks. it appears only alameda county won't be loosening restrictions at malls, museums, houses of worship, salons and retail. outg outdoor gyms also won't be reopening. >> with this much protection, i don't want to ruin it. >> reporter: as for schools, alameda county health says it will be more than two weeks until they reopen fors.
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>> i miss school personally. it was a social experience that i didn't -- that really helped mental health. >> reporter: some of the restaurant managers i spoke with tonight say they don't mind the two-week delay. some because limited capacity is not going to really help their bottom line anyway, and others because customers who won't wear their masks outside are just going to make things worse when they're inside. in alameda, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> lots to consider. thank you, terry. we mentioned san mateo and solano counties also got the green light to reopen more businesses. solano county says it has seen a substantial reduction in cases over the past two months. be ab to reopen for indoor dining and hopefully they'll get a much needed boost in business. the things you see on your screen can reopen effective immediately. that includes indoor restaurants, personal care salons like hair and nail salons, places of worship, movie theaters and gyms, all of course at reduced capacity. a total of nine counties can
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now reopen even further thanks to a steady drop in cases statewide. nail salons got that good news today. the state's top health official announced nail salons everywhere can operate indoors with modifications no matter what tier the county is in. however, individual counties can still maintain more restrictive measures and keep those in place. despite all the strides the state is making, dr. mark ghaly cautioned california's reopening, saying it must remain slow and stringent. >> we want to be slow and stringent so as we move forward, we can be best prepared in case we see some increase in transmission, that it doesn't cause us to take one giant step backward. >> frustrated businesses including disneyland are pushing for a broader and faster reopening plan. just in tonight, a financial life line for renters and landlords struggling in santa clara county. the board of supervisors approved an additional $5 million in financial assistance. that will help people stay in
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their rental homes and to help landlords pay their bills. 43,000 families face eviction in santa clara county. efforts to get the homeless off the streets got a big financial boost with new money aimed at converting hotels into permanent housing. we're talking about more than half a billion dollars in federal money. in santa clara county, an extended stay america on hillview court in milpitas will provide 132 permanent homes. not everyone, though, is happy about where some of that money is being spent. nbc's ian cull has the story. >> reporter: santa clara county announced today it will receive nearly $30 million as part of project homekey. it's an effort around the state to house the homeless and do it quickly. these projects usually take years. developers say this one will take months. santa clara county's goal is to buy this extended stay on hillview court in milpitas by november, using new money from the state, then renovate it and by march there would be 132 permanent rooms for the
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homeless. >> we're talking about homes that people can live in next year. >> ray branson is the coo of destination home. he says there will be full-time services on site. >> the sooner we can get people off the streets and into housing, our community as a whole is going to be thriving, healthier, and stronger. >> reporter: as part of the statewide homekey program, contra costa county and san jose are on the list to get money to convert motels and properties into long-term housing along with oakland, san francisco, and mountain view. but at the milpitas site, people who live around the corner have mixed feelings. >> so we are like thrown between what to do. >> we want to care of our homeless, but is this the right solution? maybe not. >> reporter: others say the community needs more of a say in the process. >> look what happened in san francisco. we don't want san francisco here in milpitas. >> reporter: i spoke with a family earlier who didn't want
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to go on camera but said they loved the idea because they're already staying here as part of a temporary housing solution for them. the county will have multiple meetings with the community about this project in the coming weeks. in milpitas, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. developing tonight in kentucky, much of downtown louisville remains closed. this is a look at a relatively empty jefferson square park, which has been the site of ongoing demonstrations following the shooting death of breonna taylor back in march. the city preparing for more protests in advance of the attorney general's announcement about whether he'll charge the officers in her death. protesters have demanded the arrest of those three officers. one has already been fired. two are on paid leave. no timeline has been given regarding that announcement. president trump will announce his supreme court nominee in four days on this saturday. that appointment a critical one for both parties after the death of ruth bader ginsburg. this comes as the fight to confirm the nominee before the election heats up.
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today utah senator mitt romney says he supports the senate vote, and his support gives republicans the majority they need to confirm a new justice. >> my liberal friends have over many decades gotten very used to the idea of having a liberal court, and that's not written in the stars. >> democrats are concerned that a new trump nominee could overturn the affordable care act and roe v. wade, the abortion decision. they vow they'll do everything in their power to slow the process. tributes in washington, d.c. begin tomorrow for justice ginsburg. in the morning she'll lie in repose at the supreme court. nbc news will provide a special report around 6:20 in the morning pacific time as the casket arrives at the court. a brief memorial will follow. lester holt and savannah guthrie will anchor our coverage. new at 11:00, a major endorsement for democratic presidential nominee joe biden. the wife of late republican senator john mccain. cindy mccain made the announcement saying in part, quote, my husband john lived by a code, country first.
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we are republicans, yes. but americans foremost. there's only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values as a nation, and that is joe biden. now, as the election approaches, efforts to get voters involved are ramping up. registration drives and get out the vote campaigns are in full swing. nbc bay area's jean elle has more from san francisco. >> hi. my name is christian. i'm volunteering with the democratic party. i've been doing letters and i've been texting. >> reporter: on national voter registration day, democrats and republicans are reaching out to potential voters across the country. president trump held a campaign rally in pennsylvania tonight, urging supporters to vote for four more years. >> wait till you look at the third quarter. look at the numbers. they will be out before the election, but i predict they'll be very good. by the way, if they're not, i deny i ever said it. >> reporter: in san francisco, manny built what it's called
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outdoor victory booths where people can work to get out the vote safely. >> we were not going to let the the community in civic life. g >> reporter: volunteers are signing up for one-hour shifts. >> if we can count on your support for joe biden and kamala harris and the democrats down ballot. >> reporter: calling, texting, and writing letters to voters in swing states, urging them to support democrats in november. >> we told them the reason why we vote. we just encourage them regardless of who they vote for to get out and, you know, join us as voters. >> reporter: bay area elections officials are having registration drives. some first-time voters in santa clara county are making sure they can cast a ballot. >> we want to make sure that i proactively be a part of the voting process. >> reporter: there's still time to make sure you can vote in november. the deadline to submit your registration and get it post marked in the mail or submitted online is october 19th. reporting in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. money talks.
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still ahead, they weren't supposed to get in, but they did. the new bombshell report that reveals several students were admitted to cal as a favor to donors. plus california may be making headway but other states not so much. the warning about a fall surge in covid cases. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have a check of the air quality for tomorrow and the fire danger and heat wave on the way. details in about eight minutes.
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an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy. it is now one of the largest fires ever to burn in los angeles county. this is new video of the bobcat fire in the angeles national forest. it's threatening parts of the antelope valley and san gabriel valley foothills. the flames have damaged or destroyed 29 structures and firefighters fear that number could be higher. at this hour it's burned 112,000 acres, and it's 17% contained.
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now, the country has reached a sobering milestone in the fight against covid-19. more than 200,000 americans have now lost their lives to the virus. to give you some perspective on that grim number, it's more than the number of americans who died in world war i and vietnam combined. tonight, though, there's a new analysis that predicts that number could nearly double by the end of the year. close to 400,000 deaths. researchers at the university of washington are worried about signs that a fall surge may be under way. 17 states are reporting an increase in cases in just the past two weeks. >> we don't know if this is a bump because of labor day or if this is a friend moving into the fall. if is a trend moving into the fall, then the concern there is that the numbers could be even higher. >> new research indicates 80% of people who contract covid do develop symptoms. pediatricians also report more than half a million kids under the age of 18 have contracted the virus. while they do have a lower
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mortality rate, kids spread the virus to their parents, grandparents and other people at risk. the cdc has issued new guidelines on how to celebrate the holidays safely this year. as far as halloween goes, they say to avoid traditional activities like trick-or-treating and indoor haunted houses. instead do some pumpkin carving or a virtual costume contest. another idea is to watch halloween movies with people you love in your own household. as for thanksgiving, instead of a big dinner gathering, the cdc is recommending a small group of people in your immediate household or, if you want to celebrate with more people, they suggest you do a virtual thanksgiving dinner. also avoid going to stores on black friday and shop online instead. not just private, public school back in session in person in orange county. some schools began in-person learning again today. the changes include smaller class sizes, social distancing and of course wearing a mask. administrators and parents say there's still a lot of unknowns about the school year but many say they're willing to take the risk so the kids can get back inside the classroom. you might call it the
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college admissions scandal 2.0. the first one, as you remember, uncovered how some hollywood and wall street and silicon parents bribed people at elite colleges to get their kids in. now a new bombshell. an audit accusing uc berkeley of admitting dozens of students who had good connections but not the best grades. nbc bay area's melissa colorado has more. >> my parents are low income, and they're immigrants, so, yeah, i'm the first one to go into college. >> reporter: guadalupe aya la of santa ana, california, worked summers at mcdonald's so she could save up for this, a socially distant freshman year of online learning at uc berkeley. >> i put in like a lot of hard work to get here. >> reporter: hard work, zero connections. but that's not the case for everyone who gets into uc berkeley according to this 76 page report from california state auditor elaine howle. her team examined the university
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of california's admissions process, going as far back as 2013. the report found cal accepted at least 42 students based on their connections to donors and university staff. >> it's really unfair. >> reporter: this graph from the report details how a low-performing child of wealthy parents was able to get into cal. the report says an employee from the donor relations department and a team coach devised a plan to get the student admitted as a student athlete. after the students' parents donated thousands of dollars to the unidentified team, the student never played a single game. >> it definitely felt like a punch to the heart. >> reporter: the state auditor did not mince words when it came to cal, saying in part, the pervasiveness of this problem at uc berkeley demonstrates that campus leadership has failed to establish a campus culture that values commitment to an admissions process based on fairness and applicants' merits and achievements. but cal says they've already
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made changes to their admissions process. the chancellor says at berkeley, we now document more thoroughly how certain admissions added moe process oversight. >> they should have worked harder. they shouldn't have gotten a free pass. >> reporter: in berkeley, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. an historic vote today by santa clara county supervisors. >> thank you very much. that passes unanimously. >> santa clara became the first california county to make juneteenth a paid holiday. it was first celebrated in texas back in 1865 after the civil war. the bay area holds several events every year to celebrate juneteenth. santa clara county has already recognized days to remember cesar chavez and dr. martin lulther king jr. ridership in silicon valley way down at vta because of the pandemic. now drastic cuts could be coming. vta leaders are considering a few options. one is to reduce the number of
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bus and train trips during peak commute hours. light rail would end an hour earlier or to stop all service by 10:00 p.m. with two bus lines eliminated in the south bay altogether. vta says those cuts could save up to $70 million per year. you heard of a drive-in movie. tesla held a drive-in shareholders meeting today. attendees sat in their own car to remain socially distant and instead of applauding, they honked. elon musk says he expects car deliveries to increase by 30% to 40% over last year in spite of the pandemic. let's turn things over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's the first day of fall, but the temperatures don't really show that yet. >> that's right on track here with what we're seeing, jessica. as you mentioned, over the next seven days, we're going to see temperatures that are going to go more back to the peak of summer. so we've got a lot of ups and
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downs coming in that seven-day forecast. let's get you to some good, literally some good, and that is the air quality. over the next 24 hours, we continue to expect that smoke to push off towards the east from any kind of fires nearby. we're looking all good across the entire bay area for that air quality tomorrow. we'll start off with that nice, cool, crisp air. temperatures not too cold to begin. 62 for the south bay. peninsula at 60. the tri-valley 59. we'll see some patchy areas of fog near the coast, the bay, and also into san francisco. my coldest temperature, 55 for the north bay. temperatures warm up a degree or two tomorrow, but it will remain relatively comfortable considering what's going to be coming our way. this will bring us to 85 in los gatos and 86 in morgan hill. more 80s for the inland valleys of the east bay but a little hotter, 88 in concord, 89 pittsburg. back to the bay we'll have those 70s. more 70s right here through san mateo for the peninsula.
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redwood city and palo alto into the low 80s. san francisco stays in the 60s with that westerly wind at 18 miles per hour. this will bring us to 69 in the mission and 66 for the outer sunset. and again some of the best weather, doesn't get much more perfect than that. 78 in mill valley tomorrow. best weather in the whole valley. you got to get outside and enjoy tomorrow because we have big-time changes moving on it. we're going to get hit here on two differentab angles. we have high pressure building offshore. that's going to drive down this northeasterly wind, a very dry wind for the hills. then we're seeing dangerous heat at the same time build in from the south. so this means by the weekend, san francisco goes into the 70s and 80s. likely 80s sunday, monday, and tuesday in san francisco. and for the inland valleys, we're going to 93 saturday. 100 sunday. 103 monday. 101 on tuesday. the heat will fade once we hit
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the following thursday. fire weather watch in effect this weekend. we may not feel super gusty winds down in the valleys at sea level, in the mountains, we could see 20 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts. jess. >> thanks, jeff. just ahead, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, now bicycles? you won't believe how long you might have to wait to get a new bike. and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone. tonight we have an all new show with keira knightley, chelsea clinton, and music from tame impala. happening now, move over in-n-out. shake shack has opened a new location at the valley fair mall in san jose. the chain started in new york but now has five locations in the bay area. it says it plans to open a new restaurant in oakland and a second store in san francisco. we're back with more in a moment.
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tonight researchers are warning about new links between smoking, vaping, and covid-19. health experts say they believe smoking and vaping can increase a person's chance of getting the virus. their symptoms also could be more serious. researchers say proteins may serve as entry points for the virus. smokers often have more of those proteins than non-smokers. a study out of stanford shows young people who vape are five times more likely to contract the virus. well, thinking of getting a bicycle? you better be prepared to wait a while. the pandemic has created a bicycle shortage. yes. with the stay-at-home orders, people are looking for ways to
11:26 pm
exercise and ways to get to work without riding mass transit. manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with demand. at mike's bikes in san jose, they usually have about 200 bikes for sale in the store. now they have 20. >> in my six years of working for mike's bikes and even longer being in the bike industry as a racer, never something like this. >> nope, never something like this. u.s. bicycle sales hit a billion dollars in april, up 75% from the previous year. well, san francisco's de young museum opened for the first time in six months today with restrictions of course. the museum can only operate at 25% capacity. you need to have a mask, and you have to be socially distant from the other art lovers. this is what many have been waiting for, the frieda kahlo exhibit. for now the museum is open to members only, but it will be open to the general public starting friday and that frida kahlo exhibit will be there through february. every game counts.
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postseason. hosting the colorado rockies at oracle park. seventh inning, game tied at 2. alex dickerson breaks it with a home run, part of a three-run inning for the giants. they beat the rockies 5-2. the a's have already clinched their division. taking on the dodgers in l.a. this could be a preview of the world series here, people. unfortunately for the a's, it was not their night. this one was all dodgers. l.a. takes the first game of their series 7-2. not so fast. that is the message tonight from a coalition of public advocacy groups to the alameda county and the oakland a's. it's in response to the county agreeing to sell its half of the coliseum property to the a's. the group says it sees no evidence that the county is taking into account a state law requiring at least 15% of the land be used to build affordable housing. the a's are also negotiating with the city of oakland to buy the other half of the coliseum property. e we're back with a popular bay area festival that's getting creative because of covid. give you my world ♪
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vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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well, as we all know, firefighters are dealing with an historic fire season during this pandemic. one east bay company wanted to
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say thank you to the firefighters at station 26 in castro valley. they set up this sign in front of the fire house today. people driving by honked and cheered. the company says every year the fires are getting closer to homes and this small gesture is the least they could do for firefighters. they also made them cookies and banana bread. finally tonight, hardly strictly will be a little different this year. the bluegrass festival usually held at golden gate park in october but because of the pandemic it will be a virtual festival. organizers released the all-star lineup today. bonnie raitt just one of the headliners. the festival marking its 20th anniversary. fans will be able to watch the performances on circle tv. best we can do, but still not the orange. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tomorrow at 4:30. we'll see you in the afternoon. ♪


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