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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 21, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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covid. the encouraging numbers that may lead to more places reopening, next. right now at 11:00, a 911 call, a crash, and a truck inside a school. what police say led up to a bizarre and tense standoff in pleasant hill. also ready to make the next move. the counties that could get the go-ahead to loosen some restrictions tomorrow. and new numbers from the governor, offering a new hope in the
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peninsula. tonight people breathing a sigh of relief after flames got way too close for comfort. good evening. dozens of homeowners in belmont on edge this evening. they're back home after a fast-moving brush fire forced them to evacuate. this happened near alhambra drive, which backs up to open space near san juan canyon. the outcome could have been very different but quick work by firefighters saved homes. nbc bay area's jean elle has more. >> reporter: standing on the rooftops of homes, firefighters poured water on a four-alarm brush fire moving up a dry canyon in belmont. while crews attacked the flames, belmont police officers went door to door. >> they said, sorry, you have to evacuate. so we just got ready. >> reporter: telling people in 40 homes in the cipriani neighborhood to evacuate. one woman snapped this picture of flames out her back window before she left. some didn't know they were in danger. >> i saw the smoke. at first i thought it was the regular stuff.
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>> reporter: officers tied caution tape to each home they alerted. as word of the fire spread -- >> we started seeing the flames, then the helicopters started coming. and fire trucks and, oh, my goodness, it was hectic. >> reporter: people living along the narrow, winding roads packed up and evacuated. >> absolutely scary. you don't know what to pack. >> it hit me, i got to get everything ready. >> reporter: there were traffic jams as people drove out of the neighborhood. police helped direct them out. san mateo consolidated fire says it called in help from outside agencies for an aggressive attack to prevent the fire from taking off and destroying homes. >> a helicopter was doing some significant drops to slow it down, and then crews went direct in aggressive offensive fire tack which i think really, really saved all the homes. >> reporter: fire crews will remain here overnight patrolling this neighborhood, watching for flare-ups. in belmont, jean elle, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, some scary moments in a pleasant hill
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neighborhood this evening. officers first responded to a call about someone with a gun. when they arrived, a man got into a truck and then tried to leave. officers say when they tried to pull him over, the man began shooting at them. he then drove to the back of pleasant hill elementary, smashed into the back of the school, and then officers say shot himself. the man was rushed to the hospital. at this point his condition is unknown. turning now to the fight against covid-19 and a promising new trend. california's positivity rate has hit a new low. check this out. the gray line shows the number of daily covid tests, but that blue line that you see, it shows the 14-day positivity rate. now, average saturday -- this last saturday, 179,000 californians were tested for the virus. that's close to the state's record. but even as we're conducting more tests, there are fewer positive cases. right now the positivity rate stands at 3.1%. that is the lowest since the
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start of the pandemic. and making the move from purple to red. solano county says it is getting ready for its covid status to change. the county expects to be moved into the red tier tomorrow. right now only napa, marin, san francisco, and santa clara counties are in that less restrictive tier. san mateo and alameda counties could also make the move. now, the things that you see on the screen there, those can reopen once a county is in the red tier. we're talking indoor museums, movie theaters, malls and gyms all, though, at reduced capacity. more businesses reopening, more red than purple, all signs that the curve in the bay area is flattening. case numbers are down to where they were before the summer surge, which is good news all around for counties pushing for more normalcy. nbc bay area's ian cull gives us a look. >> reporter: tonight the bay area is trending in the right direction. covid cases are down and in the south bay, only 2% of people being tested for the coronavirus are coming back positive. and just 109 people are
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hospitalized for it. the lowest number since late june before the second wave. >> we've seen all of this come down, and we're really encouraged by this. >> reporter: ucsf's dr. monica gandy believes fewer people are going to the hospital because more of the covid cases are in number people who don't have as severe symptoms and testing is going up. >> we have done a better job at controlling infections in skilled nursing facilities and the vulnerable getting infected. lots of testing there. i think that we are doing a great job masking. >> reporter: the state now focuses on test positivity rate and case numbers per 100,000 people to judge how a county is doing, not as much on hospitalizations. dr. gandy says it's because we never filled our hospitals, but those are still good indicators. >> i think it's fair so say that watching community transmission go down has absolutely completely been reflected in hospitalizations. so in a way, it's a herald that
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i think makes sense. >> reporter: santa clara is in the red tier. state's reopening blueprint and has been for 13 days, which means schools can reopen for in-person classes with protocols on wednesday. though many are staying online. statewide the governor says the positivity rate is down to around 3% on average, and he says testing will be ramping up. >> we will have more clarity and more assurance in our capacity to move more swiftly to not only reopen different sectors of our economy more fully but also reopen our schools in a more sustainable way. >> reporter: in the south bay, ian cull, nbc bay area news. and another step forward for san francisco today. aquariums, zoos, and indoor museums all reopened but with reduced capacity. aquarium of the bay at pier 39 says things will look different for visitors. reservations are now required and will be sold if two-our blocks. dining al fresco during the fall and winter. coming up, the upcoming
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challenge that bay area restaurants are facing as the cold and rainy season approaches. well, three crimes against an armenian school and church. tonight san francisco police say two of those violations are being investigated as hate crimes. police called to the armenian community center and the kzv armenian school or brotherhood way after reports of gunshots. when they arrived, they found a bullet hole in one of the school's signs. this comes just days after a suspicious fire at an armenian church, an office that manages that school. as for the school itself, it's also been the target of heavy vandalism back in july where the walls were painted with anti-armenian graffiti. >> it's troubling. it's unfortunate. it's not shocking unfortunately because there have been decades of vitriol. >> luckily no one was hurt in any of these attacks. in the east bay, police are looking for the person who
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vandalized a church. it happened at grace bible church in pleasant hill. the plans have been finalized. several days of trib ouzutes in woish for the late justice ruth bader ginsburg. this wednesday and thursday, ginsburg will lie in repose at the supreme court. thousands are expected to travel to pay their respects to her. on friday, ginsburg will lie in state at the u.s. capitol. she is the first woman and only the second supreme court justice to have that honor. she will be buried at arlington national cemetery. now, the death of ruth bader ginsburg is altering the political landscape. experts say it's nirvana for conservatives, that president trump will appoint a third justice to the supreme court. for democrats, it may be painful, but it's also energizing for the base like nothing before. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney gives us a better look. >> i would say on friday or saturday i'll be announcing the
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pick. five women are being looked at and vetted very carefully. >> reporter: the president poised to nominate another conservative to the supreme court, a move that would shift the court to the right, and many experts say almost certainly guarantee the end of obamacare and a slew of other progressive causes. >> from there we can look to a woman's right to choose, we can look to the daca program. we can look to so many incredible programs, incredibly good for the democrats, incredibly terrible for the republicans that once were considered safe and will now be very vulnerable. >> reporter: whatever happens, the death of justice ginsburg has served to super energize the electorate. act blue, a democratic fund-raising site, reports $100 million in donations since her passing. local democratic operatives like palo alto's t.t. liu also report a new energy. >> i have to see, you know, in this past weekend, we've had so many people reach out to us and say, you know, we've seen all your posts on facebook over the
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last four years, but now we really feel a sense of urgency. what can we do? >> reporter: nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston says republicans are feeling energized as well, hoping to hang on to the senate and the white house. >> you're going to see voting turnout that will be record in size and perhaps the largest turnout in 40, 50 years. >> reporter: liu, who teaches at stanford law school, tells her people the political ground game is all about registration, mobilization, and voter protection. that's why she plans to be in reno, nevada, on election day to make sure every vote is counted. >> i really think in this election our democracy and rule of law are at stake. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. still ahead, a big problem and bad timing for so many struggling during this pandemic. the reason the state is no longer accepting new unemployment claims, at least not for the next two weeks. plus a close encounter in a bay area neighborhood. that's a mountain lion caught on camera watching children play. what one man did next to make
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sure no one got hurt. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. as fall arrives tomorrow, some great weather but it's not going to last. record heat back on tap with some 100s. i'll give you the full timeline in about ten minutes. give you my world ♪
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new evacuations under way tonight in southern california. it is night 16 of the bobcat fire. it's been burning near the angeles national forest. it is one of the largest in l.a. county history, burning more than 106,000 acres. 1,500 firefighters are working to get it under control, including some crews from bay area fire departments. now to the north, a bay area search and rescue team is on the front lines of the north complex fire. that's the fire burning in butte, plumas, and yuba counties. an 80-person team from menlo park left this morning, but they're not there to battle
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flames. in fact, they're going into burned out homes trying to find anyone reported missing. 15 people have lost their lives in that fire. it's now the fifth largest in state history. the same team helped with similar efforts two years ago following the camp fire, which also burned in butte county, that time killing 85 people. the family of a mentally ill walnut creek man shot and killed by police last year say they'll keep pushing for change. today the parents of miles hall spoke for the first time since their $4 million settlement with the city. they say they've been in conversations with walnut creek police for some two years about their son's condition. officers shot and killed a 23-year-old man suffering a mental breakdown. the halls say they want a mental health crisis response team created, adding police need more training on how to deal with people in crisis. >> all we care about from the day miles died and until the day we die is having a better system in place. >> the city of walnut creek says it is collaborating with other
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cities on possible non-police responses. it says it's also committed money to train officers better on how to interact with people facing mental challenges. cleanup under way at a large dump site and homeless encampment in south san jose. this is along union pacific railroad. the tracks and monterey road. the city says it's become a hazardous blight due to illegal dumping and graffiti. that cleanup is expected to take more than a week. san jose's mayor says tackling the city's homeless problem isn't an easy one, but he says there are signs of progress. >> what we're going to keep doing is trying many different solutions, many different cost effective solutions, many innovative approaches and seeing how we can begin to move the needle. >> mayor sam liccardo said just last week the city council approved funding for affordable housing. he said since january of 2018, nearly 2,000 affordable housing units have been completed. california's employment
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development department will not accept new jobless claims for the next two weeks as it tries to fix a backlog and broken system. the state is hoping during the next two weeks, the edd can catch up on months' worth of unprocessed claims and address what an audit refers to as widespread fraud. a new report shows as many as 600,000 californians are still waiting to receive unemployment payments related to the pandemic. another 1 million say their payments suddenly stopped for no reason. lots of people say they're just in the midst of an unemployment claim nightmare. >> i'm having to go get food boxes and i'm having to apply for food stamps, which is something i have never, ever done in my life. >> the department says while a two-week pause will help, it could still take months to work through the backlog. we are hours away from beginning of fall and that has a lot of restaurant owners a bit nervous. the covid crisis has most businesses in survival mode, only able to provide outside dining. many are still on the verge of
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closing. tonight nbc bay area's cheryl hurd found out how people are desperate to find ways to keep the customers coming in even when it gets cold. >> at this point we're just trying to figure out ways to stay alive and stay open. >> reporter: for the last six months, it hasn't been easy for restaurant and bar owners here in livermore. and recently it got even tougher. >> in the beginning, it was very nerve-racking, but then at that point we thought this will be over in two weeks, three weeks, a month. now it's been going for six months. >> reporter: business dropped off and now there's a new challenge. outdoor dining in the cold now that fall is here. >> it's cold to me right now. and what is? like 68. >> we're trying our best. we've got these tents up. we're going to figure out a way to heat these and reach out to our guests and say, hey, bundle up and come out. >> reporter: desperate but hopeful. the city of livermore is trying to relieve some financial burdens of building tents and buying heating lamps.
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>> the city has done a grant system for us where they do 50% of what we spend, which helps out a lot. >> reporter: then there are things beyond anyone's control. dining outside is what health experts are recommending in most areas right now. but even then there are risks. >> setting up walls and tents is very understandable as long as ventilation is attended to. so, you know, plenty of air circulating around to disperse any respiratory droplets. >> reporter: health experts say we can't let our guard down when it comes to wearing masks even when we're talking about dining outside. this covid crisislivermore, che bay area news. >> that's the truth. a clothis is cell phone vid and that's a mountain lion spotted saturday crouching in a front patio. guess what he's looking at?
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a couple of kids on bikes. initially the man who saw this just thought he'd take some video of the big cat. but then he decided to step out and shoo it away after the mountain lion jumped over a fence into a driveway, still looking at the kids. >> i was terrified. i was afraid for the kids and it was pure adrenaline. i was like, no, no, get, get. i was chasing it, get out of here, get, get. luckily it turned and kept going. >> the puma project says the cat is one of many animals that lost its habitat to the wildfires. but they say this shouldn't be considered dangerous. the project has been tracking this cat since it was a cub, and the trackers call it a people observer, and they stress that so far it hasn't acted in any aggressive or dangerous manner. still a little unsettling to see that cat watching the kids, right? >> yes. >> they say it's not a danger. he's just a voyeur, it seems. >> oh, man. and, jess, what should we do if
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we see one of those when you're out in the wild? is it make yourself bigger? >> yes. the guy said it exactly. you get big. >> you're so good at those safety tips. okay. be careful out there. as we talked about, fall officially arrives tomorrow morning. it is the fall equinox as the sun's rays will be shining right on the equator. that means 12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of darkness, equinox meaning equal. that arrivess 6:31 tomorrow morning. happy fall. let's bring you into a fall like pattern over the next couple days. we have the storm track, the jet stream riding right over the west down to northern california. that's pushing that smoke off towards the east. so you can rejoice a little bit here. we've got more good air quality on the way for tomorrow. that means we'll start off with some real crisp, clean, comfortable air. 58 in the south bay. tri-valley at 55. we'll see that fog near the bay
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and also san francisco with 55 to start. temperatures tomorrow right on our seasonal averages will be down in the 80s here for a good part of the south bay. it will be leave us at 83 in los gatos, 81 in downtown san jose. more of those 80s for the inland valleys. then you head back to oakland. we'll be at 73 degrees. more of those 70s right on over to the peninsula as well. redwood city probably some of the most perfect weather. i have you at 77 degrees. san francisco more of those 60s coming back with that clean ocean air with 68 in the mission. and we'll continue with some comfortable weather in the north bay. i really think my best forecast temperature would be in mill valley tomorrow at 76 degrees. my extended forecast, watch out in san francisco. some big-time heat builds in by sunday and monday as record-setting 80s are possible. and for the inland valleys, feels like fall the next couple
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days. good air kwult quality. sunday, a wind 5 to 20 miles per hour could bring back some smoke. we're up to 100, 101 next monday. looks like we'll see the heat eventually fade by the following wednesday. right now a three-day heat event for us. i got to think about it because i'm the meteorologist, but i got to tell all of you back at home, please enjoy the next couple of days. get outside, get some fresh air. >> that's so perfect. thank you, jeff. >> yes. a legendary work of art in the north bay a. the portrait of the late justice ginsburg and the singer and actress who created it. the trial date is set for four people accused of trading concealed weapons permits for donation to the santa clara county sheriff's political campaign. they pleds not guilty to charges and will be back in court. sheriff laurie smith has not been charged. we're back with more news in a moment. so you're a small business,
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demand is high for a portrait of the late justice ginsburg painted by another legendary feminist pioneer. north bay singer and activist joan baez. the portrait was commissioned in in mill valley says they asked baez for 75 prints to be made available to the general public. we just checked and some prints are still available. they're selling for $1,800. baez, who lives in the bay area, has always used her art as she does her music, to promote social justice and equality. >> her first exhibition was mischief makers, which celebrates people who make positive change, usually by
11:26 pm
nonviolent means. and you have to understand that ruth bader ginsburg fits snugly into that category, so it was kind of a natural. >> baez issued a statement about the passing of justice ginsburg saying in part, rbg spoke truth to power and gave teeth to truth. she could be counted on for her nonpartisanship and fairness and brought common sense and humor to the weighty decisions of the court. well, up ahead, raiders open their brand-new stadium in style. we'll take you to vegas for the glitz and the glamour.
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ms. williams: we've been working hard... ms. robinson: make learning fun again. ms. duncan: and making sure our students can succeed. ms. zamora: we're with you every step of the way. ms. robinson: i know it's a challenging time. ms. zamora: no one wants to be back in the classroom more than teachers. ms. williams: we have missed you so much. mr. hardesty: but we all have to be safe. ms. robinson: because we're all in this together. narrator: making our school buildings safer. ms. robinson: working together, we can make it a great year. narrator: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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well, it has never been more official than tonight. the raiders belong to las vegas now. they played their first game in their new billion dollar stadium. this is a look at aallegeiant stadium, which is just off the strip. before the game, al davis' widow, carol, lit the team's massive torch to honor the late raiders owner. as for the game, the raiders looked great. they rallied from down ten to nothing to beat the saints 34-24. check out the cleats that star running back josh jacobs wore tonight. on one show were the words thank you oakland with a silhouette of
11:30 pm
the oakland coliseum. they were done by a livermore team. there's also a picture of al davis on them. the other shoe, notable las vegas landmarks. pretty impressive. yesterday's 49ers win turned out to be costly for head coach child shanahan. espn reports tonight that the league hit shanahan with a $100,000 fine for not wearing a mask on the sidelines. and it fined the team $250,000. the nfl sent a memo to every team last week reminding them that coaches are required to wear face coverings during games. it is the final week of baseball's regular season and the giants are fighting for that final playoff spot. tonight taking on the rockies at oracle park. unfortunately the rockies scored early and often. colorado won 7-2. the giants have seven games remaining to squeeze into the playoffs. we're back with more. another day, another chance to bounce forward.
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oakland well represented at last night's emmy awards.
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zendaya won big. she won best lead in drama for her role in euphoria. she made history, becoming the youngest actress ever to win in that category. yaya abdul mateen ii gained an emmy for outstanding supporting actor for his role in the watchman. libby sheef tweets out congratulations. the awards done visually. jimmy kimmel hosted the show in an empty staples center while the winners and nominees like the rest of us watched from home. it is a new world for all of us, isn't it? we hope you join us tomorrow. stay safe. stay healthy. we'll see you. >> jimmy: last friday, we lost an american icon ruth bader ginsburg served on


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