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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 12, 2020 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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sun sets where you can find games, news and highlights. all in one place, right on your tv. the xfinity sports zone. use your voice to search every stat, standing and score. follow the teams you love. and, even get notifications with breaking news alerts and more. so you'll never miss an update. with the xfinity sports zone everybody wins. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store for details. now with breaking news. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. two l.a. county sheriff's deputies ambushed and it was caught on surveillance camera. >> tonight an all-out search for that shooter. you're looking at the scene, an aerial view from our nbc station in los angeles. happened about 7:00 this evening, and,shooter.
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>> investigators say it happened near a metro station in compton. a 31-year-old female officer and 24-year-old male officer were both shot as they sat in their patrol car. they are out of surgery tonight. the sheriff's says both deputies are, quote, fighting for their lives. the sheriff says both deputies were part of the same class and have been on the force for a little over a year. as we mentioned, there is surveillance video of that shooting, but we do want to warn you it is disturbing. >> okay. the video shows a single shooter approaching the deputies' parked suv and then opening fire through the passenger door before running away. now, we have chosen to freeze this video before you see the shooting. the l.a. sheriff says these deputies are more than just a uniform. they are real people. >> that was a cowardly act. the two deputies were doing their job, minding their own business, watching out for the safety of the people on the on them, it's -- it pisses me
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off. it dismays me at the same time. there's no pretty way to say it. >> again, two deputies in los angeles county ambushed as they sat in their car. it's a developing story. we'll bring you updates as they become available. to our other top story. we remain in a microclimate weather alert. take a look at this shot from oakland. it is a mess. smoke and haze blanketing the bay area for yet another night. at levi's stadium, an eerie sight as the sun went down tonight. you can barely make out the stadium. smoke making it hard to see anything as the team closely monitoring air quality up to kickoff tomorrow. if the air is bad, there may not be a game. to kick us off tonight, here's rob mayeda. rob? >> we're watching that air quality very closely, especially around areas 200, which would be the threshold for that football game. if it gets above 200, that is when we start to see health concerns. let's take a look at the latest
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numbers. san jose, 171. 202 in concord. that is the high location right now. very unhealthy. through the day in the santa clara valley, we haven't seen those numbers above 200. we are expecting similar conditions tomorrow, but you'll notice here on the aqi forecast, the highest numbers are expected to be in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley for tomorrow. but beyond tomorrow, could see some changes finally after 26 days of unhealthy air. notice the wind pattern shift as we head towards tuesday. we're hoping for better air quality here, but that may also bring some fire danger to other parts of northern california. we'll talk more about those changes on tuesday and a closer look at that 49ers game time forecast coming up in our weather forecast in about ten minutes. well, we've all heard the warnings. stay inside. but tonight a lot of people were out and about trying to make the most of their weekend. nbc bay area's roz plater has . >> reporter: it is still relativeact that even
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my cell phone weather app warns the air is unhealthy. taking a look at santana row, it's hard to believe there are warnings about the unhealthy air quality. outdoor dining is booming, and there's a lot of foot traffic, including a couple from sacramento who rented a hotel room nearby as an escape. >> get away from the smoke where we live. it's very smoky, so we wanted to come somewhere different, where the air was a little clearer. >> reporter: there were others from a little further south in santa cruz county trying to escape too. >> today is like way better than usual. i know like for like watsonville, santa cruz, the air has been horrible. but like it's a little better over here. >> reporter: some did admit the air quality made it tough to get around. >> a little bit. i felt like something going down my throat. if you really concentrate, it's kind of tingly and stuff like that. other than that, it feels -- yeah, it doesn't feel the
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greatest, but we're rolling with the punches. >> reporter: others say after being cooped up so long from the pandemic, now bad air from the wildfire smoke, they're just willing to risk it. >> sanity, needing to interact, have some social adult interaction. i knew i wasn't going to be out and about that long, have the mask on anyways. so figured it was okay. >> reporter: in san jose, i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. new tonight, a grim discovery at the north complex fire. that's the one burning near chico. three more bodies found, bringing the death toll in that fire to 12. the new update tonight, the fire has now burned more than 258,000 acres. 22% contained. evacuation orders remain in place. in southern california, another unsettling night. this is the bobcat fire burning in the angeles national forest down near pasadena. that fire has burned more than 29,000 acres, and it's only 6
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percent contained. the fire is having a big impact on air quality for many communities there tonight. this is what an air attack looks like, folks. look from a fire hawk helicopter in los angeles. an incredible sight as it dives down. you see it there. right above the flames, doing a water drop. you see just how close they get to that fire. turning now to decision 2020, the president was in nevada rallying supporters. this comes ahead of a trip to northern california next week for an update on the devastating wildfires. president trump hit several familiar themes, including the economy, law and order, and complaints of unfair media coverage. he also spent a fair amount of ic presidential candidate joe biden. mr. trump accused biden of having an extreme left-wing agenda when it comes to everything from policing to green energy. >> california has already implemented this extreme agenda, and they are experiencing
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massive blackouts. you know that, california. they like wind. they like wind. oh, darling, let's watch television. i'm sorry, darling, the wind. the wind isn't blowing tonight. we can't watch television. >> of course the recent power shutoffs were due to the dangerous fire conditions, not a lack of energy because of reliance on wind power. on monday, the president is due to travel just outside sacramento for a briefing on the state's wildfires. back in 2018, a similar visit as the president toured the destruction from the camp fire in paradise. mr. trump has been criticized for not publicly referencing the wildfires this year until yesterday in a tweet. but his administration noted that the president signed a disaster declaration for california about a month ago. she's running for vice president and keeping a close eye on her home state as wildfires continue to burn. tonight senator kamala harris sits down exclusively with our raj mathai.
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>> senator harris nice to have you back on the program here. just your first reaction when you saw the images coming out of your hometown, coming from the bay area, coming from the west coast, what was going through your mind? >> just, you know, i was at -- i was there in paradise when paradise burned. the camp fires. i just feel an incredible amount of concern and of course what we need to do is we need to give the families, give the firefighters, the first responders as much assistance and help as possible. so my first response is that we've got to do everything we can to help these families and folks who are battling these fires and who are being evacuated and being displaced. >> would there be more of a national outcry if your fellow members of congress or even the media based in new york were to wake up to the smoke and see it firsthd because right now it doesn't seem like it's i think understand that this is everyone's issue. i've talked with my colleagues who represent our neighboring
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states who are dealing with the same thing, and by extension, if you look at the tragedies that people on the gulf coast have faced because of other extreme weather conditions, i think most americans should understand that we are all being impacted and people are dying because of these extreme climate changes. >> you talk about an immediate response. just yesterday governor newsom, your longtime ally here in california, said he had a long chat with president trump, and the president was very supportive in terms of federal help. the president himself will be in sacramento to tour the burn area himself. is he doing enough because optically and through his actions, he is moving forward here -- the president. >> listen, i have talked to the governor on a frequent basis and also to our firefighters. my brother-in-law happens to be a firefighter in california. and we need all the assistance we can get, and nobody should be playing political games with this. the reality is that what
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californians, especially those who are losing their homes and people who have family member who's have lost their lives, they don't have any time for photo ops and political games. this needs to be about getting people the resources they need on the ground as quickly as possible and not distracting from the needs of the people. in terms of joe biden and me, our first priority is always going to be making sure people are safe, which is why we have a plan for dealing, for example, with the coronavirus, which has impacted over 6 million people and almost 200,000 people have died. donald trump has had no national plan for testing, for contact tracing, for administration of treatment, for masks, for ppes, and these are all areas of focus for joe biden and myself. >> we posted raj's interview on our website, you can find full election coverage as the november 3rd election day draws ever closer. tonight there are 28 major wildfires burning across california, and here's a look at just how widespread they are.
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since the beginning of the year, wildfires have burned more than 3 million acres and destroyed almost 4,000 structures. 22 people have died. here's where we stand in the bay area. the scu fire is holding steady at 98% containment. the lnu fire up in the north bay is now at 96% containment. no change from yesterday. the czu fire in the santa cruz mountains is up 87% containment. that's up from 85% yesterday. the august fire in mendocino county is only 25% contained. then we have the creek fire raging in the sierra national forest near fresno, which is just 8% contorned.he firefighte those fires, this is a very welcome sight. help on the way. ten firefighters from the new jersey forest fire service landing at sfo. firefighters from dallas also heading to california to help fight all those wildfires. still ahead, the air quality
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is stubbornly sticking around, so what can you do to get some relief at home? what more and more people are having installed to help clear the air. plus the fate of the game relying on a covid-19 test. coming up, will the giants play against the padres? will they play two? h we're closely watching air quality. another spare the air day, but some wind changes ahead could improve our weather fortunes there. plus even a chance of showers. a look at the seven-day forecast when we come right back. plus, st
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it )s next phase of reopening. the businesses anxiously awaiting to reopen indoor ser firefighters are trying to get the upper hand on wildfires exploding across our state. the latest progress from over the weekend. plus san francisco will start the next phase of reopening. the businesses anxiously awaiting to reopen indoor services, monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00. the ongoing poor air quality has people in the bay area
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looking for any kind of relief. some businesses are getting a lot of service calls to help better protect people's homes from all the smoke. nbc bay area's sergio quintana . >> reporter: air so thick you can see it. this is the 26th consecutive day a spare the air alert has been issued in the bay area. some of the bay area's busiest businesses this week are air-conditioning and ventilation repair crews. that includes sammy and his team at heating and air hvac services. >> we getting around like 130 calls a day. >> reporter: the smoke is so thick in some places he says his customers are struggling to keep it out of their homes. one of the most popular installations recently are air scrubbers. >> air scrubbers basically kills airborne bacteria, 99%, and viruses, filters smoke, dust,
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and all that with the system. >> reporter: at center hardware in the dog patch neighborhood of san francisco, there's been a run on portable air purifiers. >> it's been crazy. we've been busy with the fires and we've been busy with covid. right now as you can see, we have some fans left, air purifiers we're getting back in stock this week. >> reporter: actually it's tough to find them across the bay area. the other two most popular items at this local ace hardware store are n95 masks and air filters for home fans and heaters. >> i realized i have the wrong type, not a high enough filtration, so i'm hoping my eyes will stop bugging me so much. >> reporter: unfortunately as the fires continue to rage, the smoke is going to stick around. the current spare the air alert has been extended to monday. in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. it's been a really rough few weeks, really messy out there with the fires and then the air
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quality, irritation in the eyes, nose, throat. hopefully we can get a little bit of relief from this soon, rob. >> yeah, we're due. we're into our fourth week of this now. so as you heard sergio mention, the spare the air advisory has been extended through monday, though we'll probably begin to see some changes to that air quality as we head into the beginning of the week and maybe some better news for the fires that are across washington and oregon and extreme northern california. right now let's take a look at the air quality. the worst is in concord. that is the one spot at very unhealthy. you can see the numbers for the south bay and north bay. a range of 150 to 200. so that is what is in the forecast right now at levi's stadium. kickoff at 1:25. similar air quality numbers we're seeing right now. as long as those numbers stay below 200, that game should go on. that's pretty close to it right there in the forecast for tomorrow. numbers similar to what we saw today. again, that threshold will be that aqi of 200. we'll be watching that closely as we head through the morning.
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in san jose, hazy skies, 69 degrees. out towards walnut creek, could be smoke, could be haze, a little bit of patchy fog, a little bit of all three around the bay area tonight. 70 currently in walnut creek. a dense fog advisory once again along the coast as you're seeing some of that right now in half moon bay. areas of low clouds inland. for the afternoon, a spread of temperatures from near 80 in san jose. upper 80s near livermore and concord. 90 in antioch. cool 60s from san francisco to half moon bay and low 70s in oakland. here's our situation. we had a lot of ash and smoke pollution settle down to the lower levels of the atmosphere. it's now trapped by an inversion aloft. it's like a ceiling over the bay area that's been dropped down. without a lot of wind around, it just settles into place, trapped by the mountains nearby. once the winds start to pick up monday into tuesday, that should begin to push more of that smoke out. finally we're starting to see some signs, more so by monday, that that transition may start to take place. as you see here in this upper
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level smoke model as we go into monday morning, you can see how that band slowly starts to progress to the east. what it's reacting to is a shift in these upper level winds. once they set up that way monday into tuesday, we think that will be the window here for better air quality. but the problem is gusty wind inland could increase fire danger close to the north complex fire or the bear fire there, northeast of oroville. we'll be having to watch that late sunday into monday. but the better news beyond the air quality here could be the chance of rain at times across the pacific northwest. maybe parts of northwestern california by friday could see a chance of those showers moving south. so finally perhaps weather fortunes second half of the week turning in our favor once again. san francisco, a couple more days of pretty dense smoke at times and patchy fog. a little warmernow will be as p south as mendocino county, maybe not as far south as sonoma county. but cooler temperatures as we
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head into the week. and a weather pattern that becomes more favorable for pushing more smoke away from the bay area. but the end of the weekend still air quality issues linger into monday. but second half of the way should finally see some better conditions just around the corner for a change, which i don't think we've had anything good to say in the weather forecast since mid-august. so it's a pleasant change, we'll say, for the second half of the way. >> rob, thanks very much. anthony flores joining us now. this has got to be the strangest sportscast you've done. >> there's hope for both teams. games one and two of the giants/padres series already been postponed because of a positive covid-19 test. what major league baseball is telling both teams they might get back on the diamond. that's coming up next in sports. i'm bigad shaban. our digital series about b.a.r.t. now has a brand-new season for you to watch. we've spent months riding and recording during this pandemic
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to show you how a once world-class transportation system got derailed. you can watch all our new episodes right now on our app, youtube, apple tv, and
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. some bad news for the a's. they are losing the best fielding third baseman in baseball. matt chapman will have surgery on monday on his strained right hip. he's expected to miss the rest of the season. now, the a's playing a double-header in texas today. they lost game one 5-2 but bounced back in a big way in game two. already up 7-0, marcus semien smashes a three-run shot to left. the a's win game two 10-1. now the giants and padres could be returning to the diamond on sunday. according to bob nighten gayle of "usa today," major league baseball has informed both teams to prepare for a double-header tomorrow. now, that's if test results from the latest round of covid-19
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tests all come back negative. the report claims it was a player who tested positive and has since had two negative tests. friday and saturday's games were postponed after someone in the giants organization tested positive for the coronavirus. hey, the nfl continues to monitor the air quality in santa clara. the air has been bad all week in the bay area. we all know that. now, if the air quality index level surges past 200, which is very unhealthy, the game could be delayed or postponed. but as of right now, kickoff is still scheduled for 1:25 against the cardinals. that's a look at sports. more news after the break. hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? you can customize and save. what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. and now with our stores reopening, we're putting healthy practices in place. come visit a store today.
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there is no better way to end a newscast than with a story of an adorable puppy named
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trooper rescued in a fire zone. >> you can see him here. yesterday butte county sheriffs were up near berry creek when one rescuer happened to spot this little guy. trooper's doing well. he was taken to the vet for a full checkup, and they actually reunited him with his family. >> "saturday night live" is next. >> have a good night.
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