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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 2, 2020 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, house speaker nancy pelosi under fire for going to a hair salon in san francisco. there is video there showing her inside not wearing a mask or face covering. good morning and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm chris chmura. marcus washington and laura garcia are off. critics are pouncing on speaker pelosi. they claim she ignored san francisco's covid-19 restrictions. nbc bay area's cierra johnson has the speaker's response. >> reporter: good morning. in about an hour, speaker nancy pelosi will be here at the mission education center giving a speech on the portion of the heroes act and how important it
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is to open schools safely, but the speech comes at a time where she is the focus of controversy. this morning folks are weighing in. and that includes those in washington president trump expressing in a series of strongly worded tweets that he thinks the move of visiting a salon was an act of hypocrisy and highlighting how the speaker is seen in a closed salon without one. and trump wasn't the only republican congressman. kevin mccarthy sent this tweet saying americans have shuttered businesses and done everything to survive the virus. but nancy pelosi thinks she deserves special treatment. and trump 2020 senior adviser steve cortes said marie antoinete pelosi wants you to wear a mask everywhere and wants your business to be closed. in that video you can see speaker pelosi wearing a cape
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and walking around with a mask down. the video of the speaker with wet hair inside of a san francisco salon first surfaced just a few hours after dozens of salon owners, barbers and aestheticians gathered outside of city hall demanding leaders to allow them to reopen the inside of their business. again, speaker pelosi will be at this location in about an hour. so far no word yet if she will address her presence in that surveillance video. in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> for the record, speaker pelosi's office said that what she thought were the rules in place at the time would've allowed her to be in that salon at that time not wearing a mask. we'll follow up and see what happens. when a covid-19 vaccine is produced and rolled out, millions will likely want it asap. so, who gets it first and when? nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live. bob, who are scientists list here?
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>> well, first responders, health care workers and those at high risk. this means that many of us who aren't in that category, chris, will have to wait until next year to receive the vaccine. this is assuming if it comes out later this year. the national academics of science, engineering and medicine put out this recommendation within the past 24 hours that the united states be broken into four groups, to prioritize who receives the vaccine first. you got group one which mentions doctors, nurses, other first responders, high-risk individuals, senior citizens in nursing homes. this would be about 15% of the total population. group two, essential workers like teachers, people who are in jail or homeless shelters, moderate-risk individuals and people excluded from older people excluded from group one. at this point about half the country would be inoculated. group three, young adults and children and other workers at risk of exposure. that gets us to around 85 to 95% of the population. group 4 is everyone else. again, most of us would not be able to get to the vaccine until
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next year. there's been a breakthrough in a development of a new vaccine. antibodies of people produced to fight the virus last for four months. that's longer than what previous studied have showed. >> for this particular virus, the antibodies may last longer than we thought we would, meaning if there was a vaccine, you wouldn't have to keep on getting the vaccine or a booster a bunch of different times. >> there are other antibody studies taking place including one here in the bay area at ucsf that so far has found that in at least one patient the antibodies dropped significantly after just three months. reporting live, bob redell, nbc >> all right, bob, thank you very much. the bigger question, the cost and we'll be watching for that. a new warning from dranthon fauci, the warning as colleges
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and universities come up with new plans to handle the return of students. several schools that offered in-person classes are now backtracking, forced to switch to distance learning because they're experiencing outbreaks. dr. fauci said this morning the last thing colleges should do is send students home after they have potentially been infected on campus. >> it's the worst thing you could do. keep them at the university in a place that is sequestered enough from the other students so that you don't get a cluster in the university. but don't have them go home because they could be spreading it in their home state. >> his comments as a longer window for children who are inreported that in about 100 asymptomatic south korean kids, the virus held on for three weeks. our weather team has issued a micro climate weather alert due to poor air quality.
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it is another spare the air alert for the 16th day in a row. meteorologist kari hall is here. kari, how much longer do you think the unhealthy air is going to linger here? >> well, it has been extended through at least tomorrow. and then they're going to reassess and possibly extend it into the weekend. as we get some high levels of ozone coming in due to extreme temperatures. let's get through today as we look at our unhealthy air quality, mostly in parts of the north bay as well as the south bay. elsewhere, it is moderate. you do still need to limit your time outside. as we look at our temperatures for today, we are taking a break from some hot temperatures as we only reach up to 80 degrees in san jose. we still have the cloud cover overhead, and there will be some clearing. temperatures in the inland east bay will reach into the upper 80s. and we're up to 94 today in clear lake while santa rosa will be in the mid-70s, san francisco in the mid-60s. now this weekend it's going to
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be hot in the valleys. we are going to talk about that. also our air quality forecast is coming up a little bit later. governor newsom is encouraging people to find optimism amid the bay area wildfires. he toured big basin in santa cruz county yesterday. >> we come and go. these trees, some of them have been up for 1,300, 4 hundred hundred, 1,500 years. they have scars that make this fire look modest in comparison. >> scientists say he's right. many of the giant redwoods are blackened but should survive. the park will likely be closed for at least a year before hiking and camping can resume. meanwhile, we do have some very good news on the containment front. let's start in the north bay. the lnu fires up there now 74% contained. similar numbers for the scu
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complex fire there in santa clara county in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. then the czu fires, they are nearly halfway contained. finally, firefighters have contained about a quarter of the woodward fire. we now know the name of the firefighter who died this week in the august fire in mendocino. diana jones was from texas. her fire chief says jones and her son would travel west every summer to help fight our wildfires. the chief says he doesn't know the exact circumstances of her death but says jones would want people to continue helping others in need. let's turn to politics. joe bidin and dr. jill biden will travel to kenosha, wisconsin. let's turn to scott mcgrew. will the bidens meet with jacob blake's family? >> reporter: well, what we know so far is, chris, they're going to have a community meeting. and the campaign says they will
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make a, quote, local stop. we're not quite sure what to make of that. but it'll be become more clear as that trip is coming on thursday, tomorrow. the biden campaign also says it raised a record amount of money last month. the campaign saying it raised more than $360 million. we have not seen the financial records, but that's more than a million dollars a day, a third of a billion dollars in a month, the most any candidate of any party in american history has ever raised. yesterday the president toured the areas in kenosha that have been hit hard including a camera store that had stood for decades only to be burned down in the protests. he did not meet with the blake family. across town, the blake family held a black party with community organizers in a get out the vote effort. >> if the president of the united states, i mean, if he
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loves chaos, we are not going to create the backdrop for the violenthows the president catching up a little bit witoll shows the president seven points behind. he was 12. grennault college shows biden up 8. the quinnipiac poll up ten for biden. now a reminder a candidate doesn't need to win a national poll to be the president of the united states. he only needs to win certain key states. and we don't have that data. chris, we have national numbers and it's just something i remind everybody every time we look at national numbers. >> there's only one poll that counts and we're still a little ways away. san francisco's old navy is really getting its employees involved in the coming election. it plans to pay employees who work at the polls for the 2020 election.
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old navy will pay for up to eight hours of work. it comes as several states face poll worker shortages due to the covid-19 pandemic. san francisco alone says it needs more than 1,200 people at polling places. we have two deadly shootings to tell you about. a man was found along clemens avenue near 101 and the 280 interchange. first responders tried cpr but the man died at the scene. detectives are now speaking to neighbors and a witness. police in richmond investigating a deadly shooting yesterday afternoon. officers found two people who had been shot on 17th street and roosevelt avenue. a 22-year-old man died. the other person survived. coming up, walmart wants to take on amazon prime. we'll show you how the super store is hoping to rachet up the rates. and a woman brings her newborn to work at the capitol. we'll explain why she was forced to go in and why she's now
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received an apology.
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welcome back. new at 11:00, the world's largest retailer is making a big push into deliveries. walmart plus is a new membership plan set to debut in two weeks. it features unlimited shipments and, in many cases, same-day delivery, a lot like amazon prime. >> reporter: at a time many customers are concerned about covid-19 and looking to avoid crowds at all costs. >> see that line? i had to wait in that line. if i can get it delivered to my house, i'd do it in a minute. >> reporter: retail behemoth walmart is stepping up its e-commerce game offering a $98 annual subscription called walmart plus. the company says it'll give shoppers access to speedier deliveries, leveraging its 4,700
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plus stores across the country, more than half of which can drop off goods toys to electronics, a basket of more delivery. >> reporter: a major perk in a pandemic. but the new program comes with a caveat. unlike competitor amazon whose prime service costs $119 a year and has no minimum order price except for same-day and amazon fresh food deliveries, walmart plus requires a minimum $35 order to avoid fees. >> you're getting a cardboard box with amazon, you can get one item that's 5 bucks. if you're getting a cardboard box from walmart, you have to get $35 or more. >> reporter: cnbc points out that walmart's grocery footprint gives it an edge with stores ten miles or less from 90% of americans.
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>> particularly with something like milk or eggs, you need to be very close to them and you need to get to them fast. >> reporter: the plus program also offers a unique tool for in-store purchases called scan and go. shoppers can ring up items on their phone and pay electronically. but walmart insists it's not trying to eat into amazon's profits. >> when we designed this, we really didn't design it looking at making dents in anybody else's business. what we did was take a really good hard look at what our customers need and what they want and what they look to us for. >> reporter: amazon prime has been around for more than a decade. some people might be wondering why is walmart doubling down now on online subscription services? part of that answer, an insatiable desire for customers for online deliveries, especially food. walmart saw a nearly doubling of its orders last quarter. customers for walmart plus are getting up to 5 cents off per gallon of gasoline in a program
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the company says is still evolving. sam brock, nbc news. this morning a full apology for a bay area assemblywoman who had to bring her newborn to work. [ baby crying] >> and ellie agrees that we absolutely need to pass this bill. >> that's buffy wicks and her 1-one-old ellie. ellie is making state history as the youngest person to speak, or in this case, cry, during session. they denied her request to vote by proxy. she said giving birth wasn't vd a valid reason to be considered high risk for covid-19 and allowed to vote by proxy. >> the bill came up and i was in the middle of breastfeeding and i thought i have to get to the floor. so i detached my daughter from me and put a blanket over her to try to protect her. >> the assembly speaker is in charge of deciding who gets to
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vote remotely during the pandemic. he released an apology to wicks that read, in was neverward her, her role as legislator or as a mother. i failed to make sure our process took into account the unique needs of our members. all right. so one family gets help closing the digital divide and an nba super star meets his biggest fan. laura garcia has some stories that'll brighten your day. >> i love this "something good" story to tell you about this morning. the community certainly stepping up and helping out a pair of little girls, a family in need. it all happened after a photo of the two girls were doing their homework outside of a taco bell. they had to find wifi. here's the photo really highlighting the digital divide some families are going through as they search for wifi. the photo led to a woman starting a gofundme page for the
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family. and, get this, it's raised more than $130,000. the woman who started the gofundme says the family was facing eviction from a rented room they were sharing. the donations have already been used to putting the family up in a hotel for a week and also supply them with some badly needed items. i love giving. when nba dad's epic reunion off the basketball court is certainly warming the hearts of so many, toronto's raptor point guard fred van fleet got reunited with his 1-year-old son and his 2-year-old daughter on monday. this is the first time that he has seen them since father's day. >> who is that? >> my daddy! >> so sweet. as the teams advance to the playoffs, their family members will now be allowed to finally
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join them. i'm sure he thinks they've grown so much, but there's nothing like a little kid running to you like that. >> boy, i imagine the kids really want to go outside and run like that and play outside. but, kari, probably keep them inside today, yeah? >> yeah. we still have this unhealthy air quality. we've been getting outside but just short bursts and trying to help get that energy out. as we take a look at another day of kind of a gloomy look to it with our fog over san francisco. but it's also trapping in some smoke. and then we've seen the smokey conditions elsewhere across the bay area as we look over san jose right now. let's get a look at the numbers because this gives you an idea of how much smoke is actually in the air. we've seen the worst of it right now in the peninsula looking at redwood city where we have numbers up to 155, which is unhealthy for everyone. we've seen some of the smoke coming from the czu fire over across the peninsula.
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and once again even though we're getting more containment, those fires still do continue to burn. so as we look at our numbers right now, we are seeing some of those numbers in parts of the tri-valley into the east bay up toward fairfield still unhealthy for people who have breathing problems. and then our temperatures not too bad out there. so we're in the low 80s for a high temperature today in downtown san jose, up to 87 in morgan hill. for the east bay we're going to see temperatures in the upper 80s, up to 85 in walnut creek. while oakland will be in the mid-70s. some fog and cool temperatures along the coast line. san francisco will reach into the mid- to upper today. and for the north bay we are seeing comfortable weather in santa rosa as we reach up to 76 for a high temperature today. then as we go through this air quality forecast for the weekend, i know we're making plans and maybe you're going to be traveling somewhere. just a heads up that some of the
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beaches will be closed even though we will be seeing some better air quality there, now is not the time to travel. and we are going to see unhealthy air quality going into the weekend as we get also a lot of smoke and as well some ozone levels that makes it unhealthy to be outside. as we look at our weather set up, we do still have this high pressure that's pushing that air down. it creates what we call a cap or a lid on top of all of that smoke. and then we get cooler temperatures that also keeps that smoke near the surface. and we've seen that every day in san francisco, especially where we have the higher humidity as well as the fog. look at these temperatures over the next few days. in the inland areas and some of our warmest spots, we are going from the 80s and 90s to 103 degrees by this sunday. it's sday, and also warming up in sunday. chris? >> wow, kari, that 103 caught my
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eye. a game for the giants, a feat against the rockies that haven't been done in three decades. we'll have the hits, next. the projectors are rolling. the venice film festival kicked off today, the world's oldest festival. it's the first international event to take place in the film stru with an actual audience since the pandemic started with cases rising again in italy and elsewhere, strict safety protocols have been put in place. members of the news media had to wait in line this morning for temperature checks. and everyone had to get one before entering a press screening. the festival runs until september 12th. we're be back after the break. >> nbc bay area micro climate me by weather rate. today on "california live." >> the incredible rise and fall of the former sexiest man alive antonio sabato jr. and we're taking you to the new secret hot spot to rock out
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the oakland a's have now postponed the rest of their road trip due to a covid scare. the team spent the past couple of days quarantined in houston after a member of the organization tested positive on saturday. since then, everyone in the traveling party has tested negative. yet the afz are skipping their trip to seattle and will now get ready for a weekend series against the padres at home in oakland. the orange and black rocking the rockies last night in colorado. 23-5, yes, 23 outfielder alex hit three homeruns plus two doubles. the last time the giants scored
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23 in one game, the year 1990. a bay area man says he's created a real-lifetime machine. he lives here in san mateo, and he told kelly clarkson how he did it. >> so i just recorded my life for 2019 just like as a recordkeeping measure. but then quarantine hit. and i was so, so bored and i was sitting on all this footage. i was, like, what if i get virtual reality and all this stuff that i collected. then i built a realtime machine that lets me relive 2019. >> if you want to learn more, tune into her show full interview broadcasted right here on nbc bay area. kari, one last look at the weather real quick. >> i want to go back to 2019. [ laughter ] let's get a look at this forecast. we are going to be heating up as we go into the weekend. talking about labor day and our
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temperatures up to 103, chris. >> all right, kari, thank you so very much. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. you can also get updates all day long at have a great day. "california live" is next.
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right now on "california live," from fame and underwear to under the radar. we found antonio sabato jr. and you won't believe what the former sexiest man alive is doing now. >> why did i do that? survival and to make sure that my kids are well taken care of. then, get ready to rock. we're taking you to the hot new spot some of the biggest names in moususic are calling their social sanctuary. >> we all have our personal expertise and we've come together just to put on a really great show for people who can't see each other anymore. plus, jess is sizzling family style. she's got a father/daughter d


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