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tv   NBC News Decision 2020 Super Tuesday  NBC  March 3, 2020 8:00pm-10:59pm PST

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good evening, earn. from new york, this is super tuesday and big night and 1,400 already, it has been an unexpected and posive night for joe biden. we await california results. the polls have closed there now. it is too early to call. so, this is going to be a number that we continue to watch as tonight rolls on. massachusetts, we just called that last hour, and it is an unexpected victory for joe biden. sanders and warren dividing the
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progressive vote there and they will pick up delegates there. and texas is a nail-biter and this could go late into the morning in terms of the vote there. a two-person race at the top. maine, and biden it is too close to call there, and we don't have a result there. >> and sanders is scoring a trio of victories, first in utah a commanding lead over mike bloomberg right now, and in vermont, sanders, and sorry, colorado, sanders is the projected winner as well as vermont, his home state. >> and looking at the night that joe biden has had and it is a big one, winning in north carolina, virginia, minnesota, tennessee, oklahoma and arkansas and so he is sweeping the south and posting huge margins there which is going to make him rack up the delegates and it is all about the delegates tonight and not about the states that you win, but how many delegates that you go home with, and biden is leading in that regard.
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as we reset here at 8:00 p.m. pacific time and california polls are just closing, but that is clearly, chuck, what sanders is hoping is the firewall and the question is will it be? >> well, it has to be and we have done the projections of what we think that the delegates will look like for all of the states not named california. this is semi conservative, but we have biden going into california assuming the way it is playing tout same way with about 100 delegate lead going into california. so three scenarios to watch for as the number comes in from california, first of all, how many candidates will meet the threshold. we expect biden and sanders to meet the threshold and if you are bernie sanders, you don't want anybody else in the threshold. if it is two, he is possibly going to come out with 150 to 200 delegate or something big like that, and he can grab the delegate lead, and narrowly, but grab it back from biden, but right now, elizabeth warren is looking like she is close on the
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threshold, and she meets the threshold, it is going to bring the sanders' number down, and that is the possibility of the biden, mait may not matter what happens with the delegate lead in california if you have a three-way race as we are seeing it, and sanders is held under 40%. >> it is a good time to redefene the terms when you are saying "meeting threshold." >> 15%. >> you to get to 15% to get to any delegates at all, and if senator warren can get above 15% in california, that would diminish the number for bernie sanders. >> and the news is that i think that we will know everything in california by the end of the month. and unfortunately, but i have to say that we will watch it come in, and watch the vote come n but it is going to take forever. lester, you have been a california native and you mail in the ballot, and it can be days later they count it. >> it takes a while.
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and andrea, something that came up in the debate that we did recently this idea of whoever has the most delegates leading up to the convention, and it was -- >> it is interesting fact here. >> and it is sanders who said that the one with the most delegates. >> and chuck todd asked the question of all of the candidates in nevada if you will all pledge that you will follow the rules at the convention and support the nominee who goes through the numbers and it is only bernie sanders who said that he would not, and only support the plurality of the votes. >> he was speaking as the frontrunner. >> yes, and exactly the opposite of what he was arguing when hillary clinton was in front. >> and if people don't understand, this is having to do with the question of how many votes you have when you go into the convention whether you should be the nominee, and if you don't have the majority, but more votes than anybody else, and the so-called plurality.
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>> yes, and the rule is that you have to have 1,991 votes or it goes to the second ballot and that is when the members of congress and governors and pejoratively known as super delegates with weigh in. >> you are right, senator clyburn does not like that. >> and the only time that super is not a good word to be associated with. >> and i would think that you want a delegate with more power. >> and joe biden said understating that it is a good night. let es go to kristen welker. >> this is a fired up joe biden who took the podium earlier tonight and energized the crowd touting the results which have exceeded his expectations in this campaign, and expectations, and he is trying to make the case tonight that he is the
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candidate to bring out a more diverse electorate, and to frankly get people excited and energize and enthused about this election. take a listen to what he had to say to the audience tonight. >> just a few days ago, the press and the pundits had declared the campaign dead. and then came south carolina, and they had something to say about it. and so when i got to super tuesday, i was told it is over. but maybe it is over for the other guy. and so tell that to the folks who from virginia. north carolina. alabama. tennessee. oklahoma. arkansas. minnesota. and maybe even massachusetts, because it is too close the call.
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so, we are still waiting for texas and california and a few other small states to come in. but it is looking good. so i am here to report that we are very much alive. >> reporter: now we should mention that biden's speech was briefly interrupted by a few protesters who took the stage and quickly ushered off of the stage, and no incident and no one was harmed, but i spoke to reporters about the reaction of what they heard from the former vice president joe biden and they said they liked the energy and the passion that he showed tonight and they said, look, they saw it in south carolina, and they want it to keep it going, and they believe this is the way to not only win the nomination, but to ultimately beat president trump, and while we are resetting the terms here, a reminder that this is coming after biden had the big victory in south carolina over the weekend and exceeding the expectations and driving tout african-american voters in the campaign and making the case that he is the candidate that he
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can bring together a more diverse electorate, and then the coalescing of candidates and buttigieg dropping out and amy kobuchar and then quickly endorsing him. so it is a coalescing of the modern branch of the democratic party that we have not seen so quickly and completely before. to know how energetic and confident biden is feeling? his campaign added a event right here in los angeles and he is going to speak and try the capitalize on the momentum. >> kristen welker in california, thank you. and over the kasie hunt who is in vermont and not tonight they were looking for, but looking to california to make up the deficit, and so what are you hearing behind the scenes? >> it has in fact been a rough night so far for bernie sanders. his campaign aides are acknowledging that they were disappointed with the results on the east coast and particularly in north carolina which is the state that bernie sanders had
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put a lot of effort and energy into. so, a notable loss for them, and the thoroughness of which joe biden has swept to victory here is something that does not necessarily bode well for them going forward. with that said, they are still holding out for the critical large states, texas and especially california. they really need that to come in big for them. so, it is clear that this is a two-person race and that is how bernie sanders framed it when he talked to his supporters tonight. he did not necessarily say the name, but he was going after joe biden. >> and it is our campaign, our movement which is best positioned to defeat trump. you cannot beat trump with the same old, same old kind of
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politics. what we need is a new politics that brings working class people into our political movement. which brings young people into our political movement. >> reporter: it is pretty clear that while bernie sanders is counting on a huge turnout of young voters, it does not seem to be enough at this point to take him over the line to show that he is expanding his coalition. one question that i have going forward, all of the candidates except for bernie sanders have been on the record saying that the democratic national convention in milwaukee should play by the rules it wrote which means that if no candidate had an outright majority, it would potentially go to the second ballot and anybody who did not come out of the pledged delegate
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pile could win the nomination, but bernie sanders is the only one who said, no, whoever comes out with the plurality of the delegates could sho be t s shou, and that is because they viewed him to be in the scenario, and now with this closing, and joe biden potentially finishing ahead of bernie sanders in the delegate race tonight, i am interested to know if those words come back to haunt bernie sanders. savannah and lester. >> yes, we were talking about that, kasie, and to see how it plays out with the shoe on the other foot potentially. >> the polls closed in california about 11 minutes ago, and there are lines still, joe friar from l.a. county? >> yes, that is right. so the polls may be closed, but it is not looking like it. i am in southern part of l.a. county, and this is the front of the line here in the gymnasium and how long does it go? well, it is stretching here and just before 8:00, the line went
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actually outside of the door here and extended outside, but at 8:00, all of the people outside were brought in, and why is that? because the registrar said that if you were in line and showed up to the voting center by 8:00, you'd be able to vote. so they bought all of the people in, and how many people are there? well, the line is wrapping around the gymnasium here all around the corner. you can see that it is the end of the line wrapping around here. it is hard to know how long the people will wait to vote, and i would guess at least an hour and half if not longer. long lines have been a story here in l.a., and the reason why is that in l.a. county they have touch screen computer voting. they like them, but there are issues that have slowed it down. you take a look here, and we have 15 voting booths and most of them are empty right now, and it is looking like that, and you may see five, or six or seven people filling the voting booths
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at any time. so it is a slow go today, and here where we are in other parts of l.a. county, we have reports of people going two hours or longer, and the polls have been closed for 12 minutes. so we have a long line of people and if they are waiting in line, they will be able to cast their votes, but they could be waiting for a while. back to you. >> insight into the election, and thank you, joe. >> we knew it would take a long time to count the votes in california, but looking at those lines, even longer. let's go to our correspondent cynthia mcfadden and looking at that technology that joe was talking about that you have covered. >> yes, there were problems with the voting machines a couple of months ago when they went through the paces, the machines clogged up in the printer five times more than allowed in california. so some of the problem is apparently with the new voting system which the city of los angeles paid $300 million for. and another issue is that los angeles went from the
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neighborhood voting station, the polling station to these big vote centers. and the bigger vote centers that have had real problems, they promised in l.a. county alone 1,000 of them, but as of friday, there were 244 of them up and running and added a whole lot over the weekend, but there have been e normous backups, because the voting centers were not equipped to handle the volume coming in. in addition, it is kind of interesting, because the other big state tonight, texas, they have also had tremendous lines. and also, on of the jurisdictions that has had large lines went to the same vote center that may be something to look at as we are going into the general in the fall. you know, it is worth pointing out that the department of homeland security briefed reporters the night, and as you know, they are in charge of the security system, and they said that things were going essentially well. when it came to cybersecurity, there were no incidents of major
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significance reported across the country, and that is good news. these long lines are not good news. it is a way of disen reasfranci the voters if you have to stand in lines for two to three more hours, and we have had reports from los angeles county and around texas that people are standing in line for two to three hours, and this is just next to the ucla campus at the hammer. at the hammer gallery, and two to three-hour line wait which s was taken a few hours ago. >> we can hope in eight months they get it together. in eight months the people will get to the front of the line. >> and we have not ever seen california so early in the political calendar, and not a part of the super tuesday. >> they put the super in the super tuesday. >> and one-third of the delegates will be awarded from delegate and usually attend of the primary season, and tonight, really playing a role to count those votes.
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it is 20 minutes after 8:00 on the west coast and here is the overview of what has happened so far on this super tuesday. joe biden cleaning up so far. he got a big delegate lead over
8:21 pm
bernie sanders and we await the votes to be counted in california. we could be waiting a while, because it is too early to call the race and however, nbc is projecting that sanders is leading the race at the moment. you can see bloomberg who has put a lot of money, time, organization into this state is paying off at the moment. he is looking to be above the threshold of viability as does joe biden. >> we are watching texas closely where almost half of the vote is in and we are characterizing this race as too close the call. sanders and biden are duking it out there in maine. also looks like 65% of that vote is and 1,300 vote difference. >> and biden is leading by a percentage point, and that is just part of the -- i mean, he was nowhere in maine, and maine was a two-person race between sanders and warren. >> he is winning in places that he did not visit. >> at all.
8:22 pm
to go back to california for a second, and sanders istonight, we are watching all night long and we are confident that biden is going to get viability, and what you want to watch all night long is bloomberg and warren in particular. i mean, right now, it is early votes and buttigieg may pop in some places here or there, but, keep an eye on those numbers 15%, because and this is biden who needs et a s it and if warr bloomberg hits viability, it is going to put a damper on the sanders' delegate hall and mean that biden would win tonight on delegates. >> blomike bloomberg is not hav a great viability, but america samoa and we will go to gabe gutierrez of what is the thinking of the bloomberg camp as they are watching the numbers. gabe? >> hi, lester. the convention here have cleared out and the lights have gone out after an extremely disappointing
8:23 pm
night for michael bloomberg, and the candidate himself is headed to new york. the officials say that they will reassess whether to stay in the campaign tomorrow once all of the data is in. again, an extremely disappointing night, and the big question is what will michael bloomberg do after the campaign spent more than $500 million over the last few months and a barrage of the tv ads and as you mentioned, the only decisive victory tonight was america samoa. lester. >> thank you, gabe. his campaign, you could argue turned on the debates, bloomberg. >> absolutely. it is one of those things that is remarkable, and we were wondering about the great political experiment that a lot of the academic friends of mine wondered if you have all of the money in the world and run a campaign, and all of the polling and the get out the vote and the early vote and the tv advertising, but no good how is?
8:24 pm
and the product was at the debate. >> look, he spent $200 million on television ads and on every super tuesday state and it looked like he was paying off and in double digits in some states above joe biden, and then comes the debate where people got to see him, and we saw elizabeth warren confront him over some issues in his past, and the air just went right out of his campaign. >> and he got dinged by the competitors. >> and we want to talk about california a little bit and why we expect bernie sanders to have a good night there and there is a simple explanation, and let me show you to makeup of the ideology and amazing here, and this is among the highest all night. 30% is very liberal, and as we have shown you, very liberal democrats and those who are identifying as very liberal. split it up and in california, 66% of the party is describing themselves as liberal, and there are some liberal, and rank and file democrat and very liberal
8:25 pm
and the issues that motivate them. to give you a comparison the other states together, this is 24 in the very liberal and here is 30 and that is why sanders is overperforming, and in california, one-third of the electorate, and everywhere come pined is 41. so this is the power joe biden part of the electorate and the powerful bernie sanders part of the electorate and why california is such a good state for bernie sanders, but you have to ask yourself, and i am curious what the other democrats think of this. california is less like the rest of the democratic party than any other part. so even though it is the dominant state in the democratic party and the speaker of the house, and it powers the congressional majority, but ideologically, it is out of step with trehe rest of the party across the country. >> are you surprised to see texas so close? >> it is close without the
8:26 pm
michael bloomberg fade. and without michael bloomberg, it would not be close and it would be huge for joe biden, but because it is so close, it is because of bloomberg and biden could win, but it does not matter, because the number is so close. >> and so you are saying that -- >> and with the delegates, it is a net zero of delegates, and so that number does not matter and so that is a victory for joe biden. >> do you think that california should be back in june at the end of the process, and not representative? >> well, whole point is small to big, cal if in 1950, king's hawaiian was born from an irresistibly delicious idea. in 2020, the jones family also had some delicious ideas. what if we make king's hawaiian breakfast sandwiches? yum! and king's hawaiian monkey bread! yum! (dog barks) (dog barks - ding)
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ok! let's ride! oh hey man, uhh... [car beeps] my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. we are back and watching the super tuesday results rolling in. in texas, with 47% of the vote in, and we are saying it is too close the call. michael bloomberg is a factor there as chuck was talking about. he is even taking a bite out of biden, but it may be that biden may get delegates and maybe a wash. >> not only that, but it is going to be more for symbolic purposes, but you'd rather be biden as the vote count is coming in than bernie. bernie may be holding on, but you'd rather be biden. >> and so we are coming back to
8:31 pm
texas with something interesting unfolding, but for california for the folks with the contest too close the call in california. and too close the call in maine, and another one where joe biden is suddenly in contention and potentially ahead at the moment. >> and, here is a list what bernie sanders has won tonight, colorado, utah and vermont and comparing to joe biden's great night. there you can see alabama, ark, massachusetts, minnesota and you can read it yourself, a good night for joe biden. >> but it is the size of the victories. >> the size of the victories and the delegates and how they break down. it is about the delegates, and 240 and sanders at 188 and michael bloomberg has picked up delegates here tonight as has elizabeth warren. >> we want to go to texas, because garrett is there near
8:32 pm
houston and there are still folks in line waiting to vote there. can you thenk that he is reacting. >> and the polls and, yeah, savannah, polls have been closed for 3 1/2 hours in harris county, the biggest county in texas, and the folks are in line and i can tell you that this is not an isolated incident of 802 polling centers here in harris county. 360 of them are still open, and nearly half have lines of people still waiting to get in at 7:00 p.m. central time, and the folks are still waiting for their chance to cast the votes. it is also going to be a county that has been working very hard to expand access including in the county and not just the home precinct, so this is going to continue to be an issue into the night. it is the biggest voting bloc in the county and the state where
8:33 pm
votes will continue to dribble in, because they are still tasked into the night. >> and so how much of this is they are struggling at the polling locations, because they are use odd so many people participating in the early voting, and so many people held their ballot in texas. and we got word that it was a meme on twitter to hold your ballot, and don't send it in. it seemed that there was overwhelming on election day, because they did not expect this many voters. >> well, a number of factors and absolutely the number of voters is increased in part, because the early voting in texas has been growing, and so, people may have been holding back to see which candidate would be around. i certainly met a number of voters for whom that is the case, they wanted to wait and hold on to the ballots for the last minute. another factor here is that you have an insurgent turnout in the places that did not see a turnout, and system of the houston suburbs were the pick your george bush counties back in the day.
8:34 pm
they are become increasingly blue. some of them have flipped in 2018 and some of them are targeted battlegrounds for the democratic voters who are involved in major numbers in places they are not used to seeing this many democrats this interested in this sport short of a time period. >> and so garrett haake where the counting is still happening. >> and in california, the polls closed about a half hour ago and we will go to blayne alexander, no, it is morgan radford there in san diego county, i believe. >> that is right, chuck and savannah and andrea. you can see if you are looking past me here, the end of the voting line is here. these polls closed about 35 minutes ago and so that the people you are looking at here, they were in line and this line was outside into the darkness and an hour before the polls closed and so there is a mix of people here, and some students in the late teens and early 20s and community members here to
8:35 pm
cast the vote. i wanted to introduce you to some of them. mikhail, you are a student here? >> yes. >> so 98% of the people on the ground said they were voting for sanders, and who did you vote for? >> biden. >> reporter: and you? >> bernie. >> so you are the first person that i have talked to that have cast a ballot for biden and why? >> i am thinking more about the country in total. >> reporter: what are the issues that really kind of get you going and saying that biden is my guy? >> experience. also, i just don't think that bernie sanders is kind of the guy. >> reporter: he is not your guy? >> no. >> reporter: so you are part of the broader coalition, and i heard bernie speed earlier tonight, and he got to podium and talked about the energy that his campaign has, and why did he capture your attention? >> he captured my attention because of the younger voters and the environmental issues and he is capitalizing on something like that, and this is important.
8:36 pm
>> reporter: and what about your friends? have you talked to them? >> my friends are voting for bernie. >> you are the lone soldier here? >> yes, i don't go into the vibe of the battle cry, because it is empty promises. >> reporter: and bidenpoliticia? >> well, he is experience in the white house and if we have one guy in there, i want a guy with experience. >> reporter: and so what the people are telling us is radically different than what we heard, because we were told that the endorsements for biden is causing them to change their vote especially in the more conservative spots in california. >> okay. going down i-5 to los angeles county and joe fryer, are you seeing the long lines? >> yes, the people behind me are saying that they are waiting for two hours and they are not at
8:37 pm
the front of the line which is down there. and the front of the line is clearly building all night and for a while, it went out of the door and into the outside there, and at 8:00, they had to close the doors and say that anyone who was in line, you can still vote. so they brought everyone in and closed the doors. the line is extending and still extending and the polls closed 36 minutes ago and these are all of the people who are already in line at 8:00 and all of them wrapping around the gymnasium here and they will cast the ballots no matter how long it takes and it could be an hour and half to two hours for the people waiting at the end of the line. and l.a. county is one of the counties that this time around they had a new voting machines. it is a touch screen voting machines, and system of tome of that we talked to said they liked them, but you have 15 machines there, and one person is voting at one of them. a variety of problems throughout the day and malfunctions, and other issues of the resources slowing down the vote and
8:38 pm
causing longer lines throughout much of the area. we have heard the people saying they are waiting two hours or longer and of course a lot of people in california vote for mail. so keep in mind that many people were able to avoid the lines by casting the ballots by mail. back to you. >> yes, but it is going to take longer to count the mail-in ballots. back with you joe fryer as we go through tonight. and now, let's go to robert gibbs who was theed a ma aed e administration of barack obama, and now, tomorrow, joe biden is waking up with a different reality? >> absolutely. he may end up the co-frontrunner and maybe it is down to two people, and so i think that the real question is back to him and his campaign is how does he perform as a frontrunner? how does the campaign perform? what are the organizational and
8:39 pm
structural things that they need to do. it is going to be a different campaign tomorrow. >> and so the money will come. >> and a help and advertise on television and fund a real organization in places they need to over the course of the next three weeks. there is some good states for him coming up. but again, you know, in less than two weeks another debate, and again, a different dynamic if there are two or three people. >> has biden been a good candidate in your view? >> give me a time period and i can give you a better grade. what you are seeing over the course of the last 72 hours is that those who wanted to be with joe biden and fell away based on the performance of the campaign over the last several months and then came back. >> and the joe clyburn criticism after south carolina that he needed to make some changes with the team and the staff and we have seen some shifting around, but the question is now can they rise to the level? will they listen to mike bloomberg and considering how
8:40 pm
poorly bloomberg did aside from the money, does he have organizational skills and people to help him. >> don't absolve the candidate of that. i mean, when you are watching joe biden on the speech saturday night and not as -- that speech was better than tonight, but the question is that you have to go out to everyday and prosecute that case. and bernie sanders started to make that case tonight. si it is a distinct case. >> and so that is balance. and he is going to draw a bright line between them. and so how much of the eye on november and think of the unifier of the party and still prosecute the case against bernie? >> well, you can't worry about november until you are the nominee, and he has to press the case. the way he does it is important for both candidates. the truth is -- >> meaning don't scorch the earth. >> yes, the truth is that somebody has to put the coalition back together and the
8:41 pm
supporters of one of the candidates if they are the nominee goes to the white house. >> the monday night event was the tone, the embracing tone that he needs to continue to have, the monday night speeches were excellent. >> and when you see the personal joe biden, the empathy and the character and you don't have theic mate asthe theic to make it a contrast, but bernie sanders is going to draw what he believes is the advantage. >> and we all know that donald trump likes to is going to be in his cross heirha >> oh, he has been there. >> and he has bladeblaus owee b trump having together with the new yorkers having a fight. >> and one thing watching the protesters rush that stage tonight, and if there is a conversation tomorrow, i hope it
8:42 pm
is with the dhs and the secret service that bernie sanders and joe biden need u.s. secret service protection and within the next 24 hours. >> they don't want it. the campaigns have been hesitant and been able to ask a long time ago and hesitant for the reason that you know they are. >> and everybody is hesitant to add the layer, but you are to the point where you are looking at one of two people of being the major party nominee and 50-50 chance of being the president of the united states and the fact that jill biden with private protection with joe biden. >> and this is the second time it has happened. >> and it happened with bernie sanders. >> and it was a scary moment. we will take a break and continue the coverage with texas and california and some others are waiting for the calls and we will be back with more. ♪ limu emu & doug [ siren ] give me your hand! i can save you...
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8:46 pm
county, people are still waiting to vote. people are lined up several hours after the polls were due to close, there and the race as it stands there at the moment is a tight one and in maine, too close the call. not an outcome that many expected before tonight. >> and for what it is worth or likely, this is one that we will wait until we count all of the vote, because it has been seesawing like this all night. >> a good one. >> yes, and a good night for donald trump, because he is running unopposed in the republican primaries and he has won every one that he has contested in. >> and that is going to bring us to hallie jackson who is at her post at the white house, and the president has been weighing in from time to time on the democratic primary and he has his favorites and have we heard from him? >> and the least favorites you could say, savannah. before the break you called him the political pundit in chief, and he is playing the role tonight. he is going after two people who are not on the graphics mike bloomberg and elizabeth warren and calling them both
8:47 pm
essentially losers saying that they had rough nights. with e no nae t we know that the president is engaged and watching this. i tried to pepper him with questions about this on the white house lawn, and he said it is going to be interesting. and that is true given the results that are coming in. and as far as the people who are still merging as the frontrunners here, bernie sanders and joe biden, and these are the people who the president has gone after frequently. and tonight, the campaign is talking about the chaos and pushing it as a narrative moving forward to see the problem as a splintered democratic party and the possibility of a contested convention moving forward, but despite the public bravado in the words of the president's campaign manager, joe biden being as bad of a candidate as he was a few days ago, privately behind the scenes there is long-standing concern about joe biden's potential as a general election matchup come, you know,
8:48 pm
september, october, november particularly in the rust belt states. that is a concern for people in and around the president's orbit for a long time and based on my conversations tonight, that is certainly going to remain a concern. i have heard some caution from the folks saying don't get ahead of california, because it could end up being a splintered picture which is what they are, again, hoping for as we are moving forward and as you are talking about the next steps, something interesting here, too, that president trump has acknowledged doing what he is calling the trolling the democrats in the runup to super tuesday and in the places of iowa and kept going to new hampshire and nevada and then in north carolina for super tuesday as well, and there are no rallies or campaign events scheduled right now. i imagine that is going to change, but this is a new phase for team trump, because the president is having a hectic schedule of travel and dealing with obviously the coronavirus and back home in washington and
8:49 pm
focused on that messaging as well, but he is enjoying the political rallies, and we have been seeing him doing a lot of those in the course of the last six week, and so for the trump campaign, it is an interesting moment for them as they are looking to see who the person is going to be, guys. >> all right. hallie, texas and california still outstanding and those states could provide a little drama tonight. >> we will be unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you? for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions
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8:53 pm
well, look, this is, i wanted to give us a little update on texas and how long we will be here for texas. look at this. 28.6, and 28.2, and the margin is 5,200 and a lot of gray space here which means unreported vote. but here's what everybody needs to watch here, two things to watch here. number one, mr. bloomberg at 17.4, and his number was 20 as more same-day vote has come in, the percentage has gone down, but as more of the same-day vote comes in, biden's percentage is up. and we don't know the mix of same-day vote as early vote, and more same-day, biden will win, but early vote, sanders will win, but harris county is still voting, so we don't know. >> and texas is the place where sanders worked hard especially for the latino vote.
8:54 pm
>> and for a long time and he and warren have done a fantastic job of the south and so as the returns are coming n i predict it is going to be split between not only sanders but warren as well. and the fact is that texas, deep red texas is almost flipable. it is looking much more california electoral politic than the rest of virginia or even arizona. >> so if you are the trump campaign, what are you looking at the numbers? >> concern, concern, concern. basically, obama lost texas by 1.9 million and hillary lost it by 200,000, and have 200 millio unregistered youth and it is responsible for 65% of the latino possibility. if i were trump, i would be super concerned. >> you saying that texas could be a battleground state? >> you are saying to me for a while that it is figuring out how the register is the voters,
8:55 pm
and beto o'rourke did not spend the money, and it is something that you are frustrated about? >> it is, because he is one of the people out of the pack consolidating and saying that i will tip my hat and go to biden, because he sees a path to the white house as well. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for hanging in there. >> and just a few more hours to go. >> and it is 9:00 almost in california and counting the votes there. >> and the west coast, exactly. >> almost morning. >> a buddy of mine calls it pacific time, and fun time. >> exactly. we will be back after this. we can't calculate our total taxes? do you realize how many otal different taxes we pay? sales tax, different p-o-s systems in all seven countries. and online sales? that's a whole other system... and different regulations.
8:56 pm
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9:00 pm
welcome back, we are continuing to track the numbers on this super tuesday coverage, and it is 9:00 in the west and the polls are closed and all 14 super tuesday states with big win for joe biden and big leads in delegates and the two biggest races tonight, there is no call yet. >> that is right. texas is too close the call and too tight there, and california is too early to call. bernie sanders is leading there at this hour, and there is texas and there is maine. >> there is a small, bigger
9:01 pm
difference between biden and sanders in maine than there is in biden and sanders in texas. so down to 400 votes. and what is happening in texas, you said you would rather be biden than sanders and biden is picking up. so as the numbers coming in, you may see biden picking up more. >> and so, here is joe biden with the big night. you can see the states there. >> trying to fit it on the screen. >> and think about states on the list that joe biden won where he did not spend one cent or have any paid staff or put one ad on the air, and yet he is the victor. >> and remember, these are the numbers that it is all about and the delegate one, and 278 for biden and sanders and warren behind and then bloomberg. >> and so going to kristen welker who heard from the candidate a moment ago and what is the latest there?
9:02 pm
>> well, joe biden struck a victorious tone when he took the podium here in los angeles and addressed his supporters. he said it is not called super tuesday for nothing. he tried to make the case that this is proof that he is the candidate to bring out a more diverse electorate, and to try to really energize the voters and campaign officials are trying to make that point tonight that it is in fact joe biden who is going to be the enthusiasm candidate and of course, that remains to be seen. so we have seen tonight what the campaign is calling joementum, and this is more of what biden had to say. >> my lord, this is the united states of america. it is time for america to get back up and once again fight for the proposition that we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal, endowed by the
9:03 pm
kr creator with unalienable rights. and so we say it all of the time in school, but we have never walked away from it. i believe with every fiber of my being that is who we are. so let's get back up, and we are a decent and brave people, and we can believe again. we are better than this moment. we are bert than this president. so, get back up and take back this country, the united states of america. >> reporter: biden noted that a few days ago his campaign had been left for dead, and of course, all of that changed after south carolina, after biden won that state with a resounding victory, driving out african-american voters and then seeing the other moderate candidates coalesce around him. pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar and bet to o'rourke and what we
9:04 pm
are seeing a ads a clash betwee the moderates and the progressives. and so, biden is now scheduling an event tomorrow, because he is clearly wanting to continue to capitalize on what is a incredibly strong night for him and what has exceededen his own campaign's expectations, savannah and lester. >> and bernie sanders spoke just before we saw joe biden, and kasie hunt is in vermont to tell us about the mood of that camp after what has to be a disappointing night. >> lester, good evening. how this race has changed for bernie sanders in just the last week and a half. there were conversations about how it was a real possibility that bernie sanders could use super tuesday tonight to build a potentially insurmountable delegate lead and the supporters as he calls them, the movement,
9:05 pm
and really taking it as an incredible statement for a candidate who has campaigned as an outsider and who has been seen as somebody who has not been able to win, and everyone is saying, well, it is going the take something dramatic to change that reality and in fact, something dramatic really did happen for joe biden. that left bernie sanders here instead of celebrating and reveling in the victory of state after state, and you have heard joe biden pi joe biden click through all of the places that he won and yet, we have heard from the speech that he gives on the campaign trail when he is going out to campaign on the rallies. this is a little bit of what he had to say tonight in vermont. >> we are not only taking on the corporate establishment, we are taking on the political establishment. but we are going to win, because
9:06 pm
the people understand that it is our campaign, our movement which is best positioned to defeat trump. >> i did think it was interesting as i listened to him give the speech and you heard him use the word movement over and over again, and a word that was not front and center was the word revolution which is a hallmark of now both of his presidential campaigns. it says to me that they are at least aware that they have a need to try and move a little bit to the center to in a way to incorporate more people into the campaign, but of course at this point unclear how they are going to come out. guys, we are of course waiting for california and they really need it to come in big for them if this is a night that they will have anything really to talk about. >> kasie, thank you very much. >> let's go to blayne alexander who is in el paso, and the polls closed hours and hours ago, and
9:07 pm
it is a tight race and yet the vote goes on, because people are lined up? >> yes, savannah. i spoke to the county elections board and they still people in line waiting to vote. what you are looking at now is poll employees coming in to bring the ballots and the materials from the polling locations to turn back in. i wanted to talk to you, carmen, because you left the polling location and despite it is raining, you saw a steady stream? >> yes, when the polls closed at 7:00, there were people in line. we had our last voter at 8:30. >> 8:30 an hour and half after the polls closed? >> yes. they were determined to vote. >> carmen, thank you. so that gives you a sense of how many people are coming out, and we have within the last few minutes got the latest numbers here in el paso county, and we have learned that they are e
9:08 pm
cliptsing what i eclipsing what we have seen with more than 90,000 people coming in to vote and in 2016, there were only 80,000 and the numbers are still going, and so that is telling you how many people are out voting today. >> yes, turning out in force in texas and a lot of states tonight. >> and joining us rich lowrie, political analyst, and looking at the delegates earned so far, and the race of biden at 331 and sanders at 282 and so extrapolate where this race goes after tonight. >> well, the big question is california and can bernie save tonight by getting delegates out of california and as chuck pointed out the big element there is who qualifies. does elizabeth warren get over 15% and cut into bernie's delegate lead. but as the political observer, this moment is so amazing and one of the astonishing politicalcomebacks of the
9:09 pm
lifetimes, and fourth and fifth in iowa and new hampshire and left for dead and pitiful early exit to go to south carolina to give what is a woe begone speech there, and three weeks later, sweeping the country. it is truly extraordinary. >> can you pick the moment that it turned? >> well, jim clyburn's endorsement clearly. and also i would say the most consequential endorsement of our lifetime, and you can think of ted kennedy for barack obama, and so that is a validating endorsement of somebody who is already on their way, and this is the patient is on the operating tanl able and taking paddles to the chest endorsement and it worked. within four days back to the frontrunner. >> and so much about jim clyburn's gravitas. >> and then the stars started to align, rich, because right away, you had two of the candidates from the moderate lane who would have been drawing the lanes from biden tonight, they were not only drop out, but then immediately endorse and go to
9:10 pm
texas to battleground texas to do it in big fashion. >> yes, and endorsements that mattered apparently. amy kobuchar took the entirety of her support in minnesota and transferred to joe biden. >> what do you think that ted cruz is thinking in the last 48 hours, because one of the people in the campaign said that geez, if this had happened two months sooner, the first period of time in march of the republicans around ted cruz, he is the republican nominee. >> and rich, you are a conservative and "the national review," and what happened with the democrats is very much like what happened in 2016 with donald trump and the rest of the big field and nobody got out. you never saw the party coalesce of a non-trump vote, and he goes on the win it. and then the democrats have seemed to have done the very thing. >> yes, inability to coordinate on the republican side, and people are making the analogy between bernie and trump. trump pulled different elements of the party that were
9:11 pm
ideologically diverse character. bernie is more like ted cruz winning the first three contests and then the entire establishment going to jeb bush and creating what is still, i think, really a trench warfare in the democratic party of the establishment and the grass roots of the moderates and the left. and we heard a little bit from bernie tonight. he is going to have to take the wood to joe biden and the worm is turning the race a couple of times and still could again. >> i am glad you brought it again, because if it has changed three times in three weeks and literally 1.3 percentage points of bernie sanders being knocked out of the race and not being -- and imagine him not winning the new hampshire primary and pete buttigieg winning the first two and that is extraordinarily close, and this is bernie sanders, and how big is the delegate lead. >> and we are leading the humility and the punditry
9:12 pm
platform. >> and why would elizabeth warren get out if you don't think that the worm turns the again. >> and there is no exaggerating how bad this night was for bernie, because the crutch was the early vote which is a light from different galaxy and all pre-south carolina, and if there were no early vote, would he win any state other than vermont? >> we have to take a quick break and we will be right back after this. new tide power pods one up the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up spaghetti night? it sure can. really? can it one up breakfast in bed? yeah, for sure. thanks, boys. what about that? uhh, yep! it can? yeah, even that! i would very much like to see that. me too. introducing new tide power pods. one up the toughest stains with 50% more cleaning power than liquid detergent. any further questions? uh uh! nope! one up the power of liquid with new tide power pods.
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9:15 pm
. >> welcome back. we continue the watch the numbers in texas. we will put them on the screen. officially we are characterizing this as too close to call. and 59% of the vote in and biden is sneaking ahead on the count, but this is maine, 87% in, and close 2,000 or almost 2,100 vote difference and too close the call in maine. california is 25% and now too early to call. you can see that sanders is out in front right now on the basic count. and right now, delegates won tonight, biden at 288 and sanders at 229. it is look like biden is going to meet the threshold in every state that he is competing in. and chuck is walking away right now. chuck is on the phone. but, let's go to jose diaz balart right now who is watching all of this with the special
9:16 pm
focus on the latino vote. jose? >> yes, lester, good evening. talk about in california because when you are breaking it down, it is a very different situation and it is and more pro bernie sanders, and loo 21%h biden and take a look at the breakdown there, 28%. this is where you break it up, 55 to 21, so it is really two over one for that. so if you are breaking it down to some of the people in who the voter were, 55% of the latinos there voted for sanders and look at the african-american vote 18%. and the white is 33. asian is 37%. as we are are breaking it down further, the favorable opinion, take a look at that. sanders is going to get almost 79% favorability, and bloomberg
9:17 pm
with 33%, and the 28% for warren, and some are not surprising, but with biden with only under 30 and 62% of the asians and 55% of white voters in the state of california. these are some of the issues that you can see that, well, you can also see that were a little different. support for free college is much higher among the latino voters, so it is an interesting microcosm of what in california the latinos as we say make up 28% of the vote came out to, and tonight, they supported sanders overwhelmingly. >> and an important part of the coalition, and thank you, jose. and andrea, it is the question of whether he can hold that coalition together. >> yes, and we saw him do it in nevada and that is first diverse state after iowa and new hampshire, and this is an
9:18 pm
improvement over what he has achieved, and we may see it in florida and other states to come. >> the importance of how he is going to read the entire evening and force some sort of change in the approach of the campaign or continue on? >> well, you are hard pressed to say how after all of the work he has done to try to expand the african-american support and failing the do that a ing thing demonstrably in some of the southern states, and how he can manage that as well as expanding on the suburban white vote which he did not manage to do. so where is the growth potential in bernie sanders' coalition given that he did not expand the electorate tonight. >> and he is going to continue to run on the notion that he has been treated unfairly and the establishment is out to block his momentum and that is going to continue to be a storyline going forward. >> the pushback is that buttigieg and klobuchar were not
9:19 pm
establishment, and beto o'rourke. >> and we will continue to watch texas and california when we return. our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. they help us with achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit today, knowing we're prepared for tomorrow. wow dad, do you think you overdid it maybe? i don't think so... what do you think, peanut? nope! honey, do you think we overdid it? overdid what? see? we don't think so, son. technically, grandparents can't overdo it. it's impossible. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful... congestion and pressure? claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray is indicated for 6 symptoms... claritin-d is indicated for 8... including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d. get more.
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9:23 pm
9:22 in the west. california polls close, but people are still voting and the same thing in texas, believe it or not, and that has led to some complaints. cynthia mcfadden who is watching some of the voting process unfolding tonight has the latest on that. cynthia, you are somewhere there in the newsroom? >> yes, i am here and this is the big nbc vote team watching, and following up on the complaints and the concerns about the voting systems around the country all day today. so texas and california are but two of the eight states who have significantly new voting system changes since 2016. you can see them there. interestingly of all of the complains that we have run down, probably the most significant are the long lines in both california and texas which, you know is effectively, it is a restriction on people's right to vote. standing in line for two to three hours after the polls have closed is a problem. also, i wanted to point out that
9:24 pm
bernie sanders's campaign, bernie 2020 has filed a complaint and a demand for injunctive relief tonight against the l.a. county registrar. it is a very damning complaint about the way that the system in los angeles county is rolled out. i will read you a line. the new technology has resulted in problems because of check-in stations not working, machine failures with insufficient or overwhelmed tech support and inability to implement the backups. they then go on for nearly two dozen particular complaints about polling problems today. it shows both the level of frustration that maybe the depth of the sanders' campaign and coming up with this really watce variety of jurisdictions tonight. and two more things that we have been noticed is clawing back the vote. we have been hearing from people all over the country that they wanted to re-vote, because they
9:25 pm
have voted for candidates that are no longer on the ballot. savannah, the legal research says basically, you can't do that >> not vote early and often. no it is just one, and you cannot clock back the vote. and so bernie sanders is not pleased with the way that things are unfolding in texas. >> i am sure that the voters are not happy on a school night to be standing in line waiting to vote. vote. >> we will ♪ c the amount of student loan debt i have i'm embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ we have no debt, we don't owe anybody anything, and it's fantastic ♪ doctor bob, what should i take for back pain?
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9:29 pm
9:30 pm
oh, what a night. super tuesday with a lot of delegates at stake. let's see how it is shaking out at 12:30 eastern and 9:30 in the west. it is a big one for joe biden and not a lot of people saw it coming, but he has run up the margins in some states in the south, and the delegate count is definitely shot up tonight. and bernie sanders is hot on the trail hoping that california and texas perhaps will pay off with some delegates. these are the states that biden won tonight. sanders on the map as well with colorado, utah and vermont. >> let's take a look at california again. it is characterized as too early to call, and about a quarter of the vote is in, and sanders has been expected to do well in california, but we will see how the numbers bear out. texas is too close the call. you can see it there a difference of 31,000 votes.
9:31 pm
too close the call. in maine, also, too close the call. 90% of the vote in here, and 2700-vote difference. >> and we have been following maine and texas all night, and the lead has been creeping up. and by the way, so folks know about the way that the delegate split works in texas, and right now it is very close and what does winning mean? it is basically the difference of getting an extra seven delegates and looking at 228 delegates. and so close they will split a lot of the delegates and a lot of it, and basically winning is going to give you a few extra, and in this case, by our math here, if biden h on, he can net seven extra, and bernie would net an extra seven out of it, but that is winning and losing a primary means in this primary. >> bragging rights? >> well, it is looking awfully good if it is turning for blue for biden and you can see how it
9:32 pm
is really blue over there. that is a powerful statement for blue texas or purple or fuchsia california or whatever that color is for sanders. >> and so now we go to kristen welker, and what is the plan for the campaign after tonight? >> well, they have to capitalize on the momentum, lester, no doubt about it. i spoke with one biden adviser who said that is exactly what they plan to do. look, since south carolina, they have raised $15 million in donations. so just in about three days, and they are expecting that type of the energy and momentum just to build on itself before the votes were even cast today, they had announced ad buy in the next states to vote including michigan. and so, they are looking to those types of opportunities, and they expect to have a robust fund-raising haul overnight, but as one adviser said to me, it is
9:33 pm
about the narrative, because you cannot buy the momentumhan -- happened in the biden campaign as you have had the other candidates pete buttigieg and amy kobuchar to move to endorse him quite quickly to net the victories tonight in places like minnesota and, so that is the type of the momentum that the campaign will try to build on. as i mentioned earlier, they did schedule an event here tomorrow in california. you can expect more of them in the next states to vote. one ally of the campaign said to me, they were expecting biden to do well tonight and to basically survive and this has exceeded all of the expectations. you saw it in the victory lap that biden took himself. to his supporters, paign is they believe it is the key, lester, that biden himse of energy and fire moving forward.
9:34 pm
lester. >> and kristen welker as they are dismantling the set behind you. >> and not dismantling the voting, because the polls closed in california an hour and half ago. and joe fryer, if people were in line they can still vote and that is what is happening? >> yes, the polls closed an hour and a half ago but not really, because they are still here. the people in the front of the line have been here 2 1/2 hours now, and they are getting the chance to cast the ballots and not the only ones even though the polls closed an hour and half ago. before 8:00, the line was out the door, but at 8:00, they shut the doors and brought everybody in. this is folks who made it in ju before 8:00, and so they are able to cast their votes. what is going on in l.a. county, and looking at what people are looking at, it is the voting booths here. it is the new technology here, and it is the touch screen
9:35 pm
technology, but you can see that of the 15 booths here, not all of them are full. that is the scene throughout the day, and various glitches and malfunctions with some of the machines throughout l.a. county. that is one problem. also, it is taking a lot of time to check people in to actually get to the machines. we have had high voter turnout and another issue going on in l.a. county and this is that the last time that people voted there were thousands of options and polling locations and you went to the one in the neighborhood. so this year, they tried something new, and created the larger voting centers, but there are fewer of them, and shy of 1,000 of them, and the fact is that you could go any one in the county and the pro and the conof being fewer of them. so maybe that is why we are seeing so many people waiting to cast their vote long after the polls have closed. >> thank you. >> and blayne alexander is in el paso, texas, with the similar issue of people waiting in line long after the polls closed.
9:36 pm
blaine? >> three hours, lester. the good news is that i spoke to an official at the elections board and all of the people in el paso county have voted. and what we are looking at here is the aftermath. this is the processing center and the people coming in from the polls and essentially bring 234g the bringing in materials and ballots and that, and we know that the numbers early are far more than 2016 and so it looks like that is shaping up to show that, too. and so you were working at the polls, and you said that the turnout was higher than you expected? >> yes, a rush from 5:00 p.m. and until 7:00 p.m., and we had to stay late and people were patient until 8:00 when the last people cast their votes, 8:00, 8:30. >> i appreciate that, because that is a sense of how many people were waiting in line, and
9:37 pm
hearing reports of people waiting three-plus hours after the tend end of voting, and so to give you a snapshot that we had 42,000 people voting, and that is a snapshot, but remember, it was raining and stormy and that might affect the voting, but coming in here with the materials, more people were out to vote, but it seems that the systems were not prepared for that many people to turn out. >> what dedication for the people to sit in line to cast their votes. let's turn to david ross, and you were on the obama campaign, and so, david, with the next states to vote, is this going to be in two weeks 60% of the delegates in the party will be chosen? >> yes, so we should be careful
9:38 pm
of overly predict things. and the candidates showing strengths and weaknesses. states like florida and georgia and states like mississippi could be the types of states where joe biden wins by if not landslides but big margins. and chuck was talking about the winners in texas are extra delegate, because it is close, and if you are winning by 20, 30, 35 votes, then that is where you get more delegates. so if you are looking at primaries and not a caucus and michigan where he won the last time, the margin, yes, but now that the dust is going to be settled on this, you will try to win as many delegates and votes in the primaries, but say that michael bloomberg gets out, and the pledge that he has america samoa and others are free agents, so what if this is going to convention, the candidates have to start working the super delegates, and so the complexity of the campaign, and you have to
9:39 pm
remember that we had to get the super delegates in 2008, and it is pain in the rear, because it is not so easy to run as the states. >> and in the move of oh, now that is a primary state, but this is hurting bernie sanders. and minnesota was caucuses and winning them going away. and maine, caucus state for y r years and tonight, a primary and joe biden may sneak it out. colorado is a state that basically if they had voted today, i don't know if bernie wins it. and you can see a lot of the evidence, and colorado showing you where the race was a week ago. so it is fascinating frozen in time, because it is a all-mail-in ballot and the move from caucuses to primaries in particular has hurt sanders. >> that is going to be accelerated after the iowa experience. >> yes. >> and so walking through if bloomberg decides to get out of the race right away, what is the
9:40 pm
immediate impact? >> well, if i were to, and again, we should be careful about the predictions, but i believe it is fairly safe to say that 75% of the 80% of the bloomberg vote is going to biden and so the rest of the states if bloomberg were to get out march 17th, 18th is the critical primary of georgia. so if you are going to roughly approximate where biden went today and add what bloomberg got, he is looking stronger. so that is where when this is, if there is a question if this is better for biden or sanders to get to the two-person race as quickly as possible? i think that biden has a higher ceiling, so if i were the biden campaign, i want to get to the two-person race as quickly as possible including warren. >> does it hurt biden to be embraced by bloomberg and he was helped by amy kobuchar and pete buttigieg, and so does that
9:41 pm
disarm the supporters? >> well, the support of biden with bloomberg not in the race is helpful. and so biden 72 hours ago, we were not sure he would survive and now it is hard to argue that he is not if not the clear national frontrunner, and how he wears the mantle. >> so now it is back on. >> and back on and the target is back on in terms of sanders, b o racing to get to the david, with us. our coverage continues right after this. tremfya® helps adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis ear skin that can last. in fact, tremfya® was proven superior to humira® in providing significantly clearer skin. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to.
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9:44 pm
a big night and it has all come down to a handful of state right now. looking at texas where officially we are calling it too close the call. 65% of the vote in and biden has worked out to about 37,000 vote lead. here is what it looks like in california right now. and remember that 415 delegates and this is the huge prize of the night and too early to call with a quarter of the vote in, in california. >> and to maine, and that is the other one we are watching, because it is too close the call with 91% of the vote in, and this is another one of the states that turns out to be a surprise as biden is roaring back. these are the delegates that have won so far tonight, and
9:45 pm
biden is in the lead, but california is what sanders is really counting on and hoping to run up the margins there, as lester mentioned, we are awaiting the vote there, and maybe waiting for weeks. >> and in california, we will wait for week, but one of the things that we want to do is that we have worrying about the winners, but we are talking about how you love the 15%. >> i do love the 15%. >> and so there are ways to watch this calling the race. in alabama, we are waiting to see that sanders is sitting at 16.1%, and 60% voted and so if he drops below 15%, guess who wins all 52 delegates if that happens, and so he going to get a delegate or two, but that is going to show you there. and now, back to maine here. over here. in maine, with viability,
9:46 pm
elizabeth warren has maine to watch. and to tennessee, this is a bloomberg viability situation. he was closer to 20 when the early vote came in, and we have been watching him sitting at 16, and he has been dropping. does it drop below 15 when it comes, and we are seeing a similar situation in arkansas, and bloomberg at 17, and still a quarter of the vote out there. i will take you up to two more spots here where this viability thing matters a lot. minnesota, and warren, and look at this. she is right on viability there at 15. obviously, she falls below, that is going to add more delegates to biden's total. and the race we have been watching all night, and we have been curious of buy d.e.p. and sanders and that going to be close and remaining close and that is a seven delegate swing, but it is the bloomberg number at 17%. this is another one that he overperformed basically and he did not make threshold with today's vote. he is below the threshold in
9:47 pm
today's vote and somewhere at 13%, but he was way above tlesh oeld in t tlesh -- threshold in the early vote. so we have seen a swing in texas, and this would add a good chunk of delegates to the winning side, a rignd right nowt would be biden if bloomberg does not make threshold. >> and the volatility of the race, because in early voting in february and so more than common, and lot of the voters were holding on the ballots, and they did not want to vote, because they didn't know who to vote for. >> good for the voter, but what is the democratic party thinking of this early vote like this? we have heard cynthia talk about people complaining that they want their vote back. >> and the theory is to have p >> and in the presidential race where people can drop out any given time and you suddenly throw the vote away, they need
9:48 pm
to limit the amount of early vote and absentee when it is coming to the presidential primaries. >> and people in texas and california still waiting in line, and so that is maybe an argument for mailing in the ballot. i don't know. >> and we continue to watch california and texas as the numbers are coming in rather slow. we will take a break and have more coverage of the super tuesday and it is wednesday where we are, but we won't get to technicalities. sweetheart, do my forearms look bigger? they look the same. i've been spinning faster recently. i think they're getting bigger. feel them. ♪ yeah, they kinda feel bigger.
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9:52 pm
almost 1:00 a.m. in the east, but who is counting? california is counting. the delegates are up for grabs, 415 of them, but it is too early to call with a little bit of a quarter of the vote in and michael bloomberg at 19%, but we will see if that holds. >> can we remind people that it is going to be two weeks on california, and we are not making that up, because it is going to take that long to get the vote on. >> and we are going to stay on the air for two weeks? >> for the vote or the delegate allocation? >> everything. because you have to get the vote in and one of the reasons that, don't forget that california is voting on everything, and the congressional primaries are today and if it were just the
9:53 pm
presidential primary, you get in and out, but there is a whole long ballot they are voting on. >> and pundits are weighing in, and including the president, and hallie jackson has that for us. >> yes, it is a little bit of the columna and b here. in the last couple of minutes we saw the president go after the people who were not clearly having the best night, mike bloomberg and elizabeth warren, and now he is going after joe biden a little bit. he is retweeting this moment that happened at the former vice president's speech earlier in the evening when he is in a light hearted way mixed up the wife and the sister and they had switched sides and the president is retweeting the video with some question marks around it. and he is retweeting to the supporters who are trying to sow the divisions between senator bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren and why might this be? well, listen, for donald trump and the campaign, democratic chaos is a good thing for them. so the longer that president trump is able to raise these questions about senator sanders and continue to do as he has
9:54 pm
been doing which is to say that the democratic establishment is rigging this nomination against senator sanders, the better off for the president and his team. >> i called him a pundit, but maybe it is trolling. >> yes, a late night for the president on the twitter machine. and teresa kumar is here, and great to have you back. we talked about bernie sanders and his efforts to recruit the latino voters and what else are you watching? >> i am interested to see where the folks of elizabeth warren is actually bringing in, and i believe she is the bridge candidate. i believe that, because she is the one of the few of the folks who can actually expand the base for joe biden who he is going to need and the one that a lot of women regardless of the race really, really like, but they are afraid to vote for her. so in california, i want to see how many delegates she gets and how people are going to start courting her, and that is an interesting piece for biden specifically, and frankly why bernie wanted her to drop out,
9:55 pm
because he thought that he would coalesce the vote. >> and this morning, savannah asked klobuchar on "today" how did we end up with two older white guys in the -- >> i did ask that. >> you asked it much nicer. >> i hope so. >> early morning here. and you are in the 70s and no women left. >> what is demonstrating is i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases the risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis- the inability to move. you may bruise more easily or take longer for bleeding to stop.
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10:00 pm
10:00 p.m. pacific time as we continue to watch the results trickle in on decision 2020 super tuesday. >> one for the record books. and people are going to be talking about this for a long time, because of the big comeback of joe biden. let's go right to the numbers. we have california in a race that is just too early to call, but sanders is leading as expected. the question for him tonight, chuck, how big is that margin going to be? how many delegates will he walk away with? >> well, look, this is all early vote that is dumped in first and you can tell, because ploomberg sta -- bloomberg started in second and as more vote is coming in, you can see bloomberg's votes sink and will bloomberg or
10:01 pm
warren stay above 15%, and that is the key to whether biden can keep sanders from getting a delegate hall of more than 100. >> and if bloomberg or warren get up to more than 15%, they start to take a bite out of biden. and now, in texas, the race is too close the call, and folks are still voting four hours after the polls closed. >> and the same-day is the same as the early. sanders won by 11 points and the same-day, biden won by 11 points and the question all night is what pot is bigger -- the early vote or today vote? and it appears today's vote, and that is why biden is ahead and what is remaining, it is too close. i would say stay close to the television if you are interested in who is going to win texas, because it is one that we have been watching all night, and another one to watch out for is bloomberg, 16%. he is at 16.1, savannah.
10:02 pm
and 30% of the vote is still out and he could easily dip below 15 and that would be an accelerant if biden holds on. >> that would be good news for biden. and maine, and the last three states that we are hoping to get a result from and too close the call there, and is this a state that you are hoping they will call tonight? >> well, they are still up counting the vote in maine. it has been at 91% for a los angeles -- for a long time, and trust me, i think that we have been at 91% for a long time. and warren is technically at 16.9%, and so there is 31,000 total votes to count, and she could dip below the threshold there to be an additive to sanders or biden. >> and also in north carolina, biden is the projected winner there by the large margin and virginia is one of the, if not
10:03 pm
the first call of the night for biden, and he win, and you can see sanders is certainly viable. moving on the massachusetts, elizabeth warren's home state, and she is coming in third as joe biden picks up massachusetts. >> let's go to minnesota. and here is the result that joe biden should send a card to amy klobuchar for, a she dropped out of the race yesterday and immediately endorsed him and looks like she brought him over the finish line in minnesota. >> look at that elizabeth warren number, and that is what we are watching. >> she is she is going to get delegates, and people presume they will come from bernie sanders, but we cannot be sure. >> and if she is going to dip below that is added value for biden and i hope that people are notice as we go through this, look at the winning numbers biden has more places that he has been 40 or almost at 40 or above 40 and seeing one of those next when we go to the boards there. >> and tennessee.
10:04 pm
they are obviously going to have a rough day there with a tornado tore through nashville and widespread damage and they kept the poll s open an hour later. biden is the projected winner there. >> and bloomberg is at viability with 15% of the vote to be counted. >> and in alabama, this is where bidenb is running up the score and getting delegates, and bloomberg has spent some time and money there, and it did not pay off. >> this is sanders' worst showing where he made it. he has made viability there, and joe biden's worst showing was vermont. >> and in oklahoma, 37 delegates there, and biden is the projected winner there. so we are seeing consistent numbers there. >> and bloomberg is below the threshold there and that is a big bonus for biden. >> and in arkansas, the projected winner with 40% and
10:05 pm
sanders at 22%. can you know the map -- >> yes. >> and the little pink spot. >> yes, it is the fuchsia there. so if you know pig suhey, and you know the university of arkansas and the hog there, and fayetteville, and that is the hogs there, and pig suhey, and so that is going to tell you everything that you need to know. >> well, it is a lot of vote there because it is accounting for 52%. >> yes, i remember in 1992. >> and it is not enough college towns for bernie sanders. >> and looking at utah, sanders wins there. >> wait, how are we -- yes, colorado. >> i jumped the gun. >> colorado. the projected winner is sanders with 36%, and biden at 23%, and bloomberg, with all four of them there. >> and this is a primary that did not take place today. it is all done in the mail, and the frozen in time, where was
10:06 pm
the race about five days ago? there you are looking at it. >> the sanders' freight train was nearly unstoppable. >> and plobloomberg above thresd and warren. and if colorado had been traditional, this would have been a little bit of a different result. i still think that sanders would win colorado, but morph the two-person race. >> as i gave away in utah, sanders won there, but bloomberg did get above the threshold and so far, it is looking like biden won all in contention there for delegates, and so, the impact of utah may not be great. >> that is what you are bummed if you are bernie, and everyone won, but somebody made threshold. >> and everybody is getting a piece of the pie that we talked about six hours ago. and in vermont, no surprise here, and this is one of the early calls with bernie sanders cleaning up in his home state. all coming down to the delegates and who gets what.
10:07 pm
we will be counting and a counting for a long time. this is what we have on this super tuesday night. and so candidates who need to clinch the nomination after today, and biden with the lead. >> that is what it says that we have a race here, a real race. >> and kristen welker is at the biden headquarters where we heard from vice president earlier and they are planning on another event there and feeling good. >> they are feeling good, savannah. they want to build on the momentum tonight, so they are holding an event here in los angeles tomorrow. one that they just announced late this evening. the former vice president declaring victory after an evening that exceeded really his own expectations, and he acknowledged that a lot of folk thought that his campaign was dead and he said that we are very much alive. they don't call it super tuesday for nothing. he was trying to fire up the campaign officials to make the
10:08 pm
case that tonight it is joe biden who is the enthusiasm candidate and able to drive tout vote today and drive out the african-american voters and the suburban voters and listen to what joe biden had to say to the supporters tonight. >> just a few days ago the press and the pundits had declared the campaign dead. and then came south carolina, and they had something to say about it. and we were told that by the time it got to super tuesday, mait may be over, but it may be over for the other guy. tell that to the folks in virginia, north carolina, alabama, tennessee, oklahoma, arkansas, and minnesota and maybe even massachusetts, because it is too close to call.
10:09 pm
all right. we are still waiting for texas and california and a few other small states to come in. it is looking good. so i am here to report that we are very much alive. >> reporter: one biden ally telling me that tonight is so encouraging, because it looks like 2018 and the obama years when there were big victories fueled by african-american voters and suburban voters and that coalition, and the former vice president is going to try to 3wi8d on all of the momentum and the supporters say that the way to do that is to continue to show the fire and energy that he had tonight and that he had after the big night in south carolina. savannah and lester. >> thank you, kristen welker. >> kasie hunt is with the candidates and it has been a few hour, and are they talking about tomorrow, and what happens next? >> well, lester, the bernie
10:10 pm
sanders' campaign is one that was built from the beginning to go to distance. this is a campaign that always expected to be fighting to the democratic convention in milwaukee and so that is still their posture tonight. they are framing this now at a race essentially between two candidates. bernie sanders did put a significant wins on the board tonight. he is in this delegate fight, and but, of course, it is not what they thought that maybe it could be just a week and a half ago when they thought that it was possible that he could build a delegate lead that would be insurmountable, and that is clearly something they are not expecting any longer despite that they are still waiting on better news they hope out of california where they have really invested quite a bit.
10:11 pm
but with bernie sanders appearing on stage with his family and while he did not mention joe biden by name, he made points and contrasts that you will hear from him as this unfolds. he talked about how a candidate from the present and not the past is require and the politics of the past are not going to be what it takes to beat donald trump, and you will see him contrasting his own judgment with what is joe biden's different judgment for the democrats like the iraq war and trade. savannah and lester. >> thank you, kasie. we will turn to chuck who has deep dive into texas. what are you doing over there? >> well, we have fun toys and too close the call so we have fun toys here. so here you have an idea of where, and give you a sense of where the big leads are for each one. so the blue bubbles here where biden is doing better and it is not surprising people, and houston and the suburbs and dallas is the suburb. and here is a shock, austin is where bernie sanders is doing better. a liberal area, and san antonio
10:12 pm
with the latino voters, and el paso, and here, you can see the bubbles on the border, and there you can see that and now to missing vote. hmm. you have to feel good. look at all of the san antonio missing vote, and as i showed you before, this is an area that sanders has overperformed and missing vote there. and that might be good news for sanders as things go, and we shall see, but you can see the pockets of the missing vote there, and some of that stuff look likes good biden territory. >> and garrett haake is there, and this is astonishing, but because of some crowding of the polls or, garrett, you can explain, but hours and hours ago people were lined up to vote, because if they were in line when the polls closed they were permitted to vote. >> yes, savannah, the polls have been closed here for five hours, and i have been talking to
10:13 pm
voters who have been here for six. we are on the campus of texas southern university, and it is a historically black college, and this is a new polling place and everything went wrong today. machines broke and not enough volunteers to check the i.d.s and a war of attrition to get people to stay. and marci, you said it is like working a whole shift. you are smilingsmiling, but i a furious for you of what went on? >> well, i don't know, because i came because we were determined to have the opportunity to vote and have our voices heard. we stood in line and kept hearing that there is machines coming, and we didn't know if things were broken and we were not given a lot of details, but a lot of pizza and cookies and this is part of the reason that i am smiling. but i really don't know. we started out with the understanding that there were 10 booths and then someone came around and said that we have 14 more coming.
10:14 pm
but nobody said that anything was broken, but only two people to receive us. >> reporter: have you had this much trouble voting in houston, texas, in your life? >> never. never. >> you said to me the idea that this is what voter suppression look ed like. >> it made me think that this is what voter suppression looks like. that is the only thought that i could come up with. it is kind of sad, that, you know, that people would go to those kinds of lengths. i don't know if that is the case, but it certainly looked like voter suppression to me from my experience here. >> six hours in line is like a shift, and if you had a child at home or a job or literally anything pressing, your vote goes away. >> or go home the pack like i had to, and that is the thing, yes. it is sort of a way to discourage the voter. it could be very discouraging. we were fortunate that the climate here that was created among the people did not allow
10:15 pm
us to be discouraged >> but you said that people banded together in the room and like we are not going home, but sticking it out? >> yes, it is like homecoming, because we see our neighbors and people are popping up that we have not seen in years and better than seeing them at the funeral. at least. >> so thank you as a texan for stick it out. and what happens if this is not fixed by november? >> well, i don't know, but i am determined to be of an early voter which is always my intention, but it did not happen this time. >> thank you very much. so guys, there you have it, a horror story told with a smile. and this not the way for things to work here in texas trying to expand voting. >> and yes, i feel her frustration and at the same time i find myself admiring her determinati determination. >> yes. and the whole community, we are going to do it no matter what and wait in line five or six hours for anything. >> and that is the smile, there
10:16 pm
and she said, i am going to early voting there. >> you love the banked votes. >> yes, but who might she have voted for five days ago. and the point of colorado was that it is the frozen in time primary and if you are thinking about it, when we sat in here, chuck, and did the "meet the press" the texas poll was 34 for sanders and biden. >> and combined, bloomberg was ahead of sandersch. >> yes sh, and when you vote ma a difference. >> robert, sit tight. we have to get a break in here. we will be back after these messages. if you looked at america like a bird. and that was all you knew, would you really understand it, with just that point of view? we've got a different way to look at it, from right here on the ground. we don't just the united states we see united towns. we're grateful for what you bring,
10:17 pm
and all the sparks you've shown, in the thousands of towns that we get to call home. ♪
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10:20 pm
>> it is all about the results and the numbers and the delegates. taking a look at some of the latest results and looking at california. 35% now in and we are calling this one too early to call. you can see that sanders has a sizable lead. texas is another one that we are watching very carefully tonight, and it is about of the vote in. and 40,000-vote difference between biden and sanders, and too close the call. >> and maine is keeping us up late. 91% of the vote in, but it is too close to call, and so this is the bottom line that so far tonight, the delegates of biden 331 earned tonight and sanders is lagging behind over a result that i dare say nobody saw coming 72 hours ago and even chuck todd who knows we did the projection and we talked about the really good night for
10:21 pm
biden would be down by less than 50 delegates when all is said and done and so we have done the back of the envelope math here, and it appears that before california when all is allocated we think that biden is 127 delegate lead going into california. so the question is what does sanders need to cut into the lead or overtake it? so there are two estimations where we are going. if you buy a three-people make threshold. and say sanders down here in california gets 38, and biden gets 25 and warren ends up with 15, all right. so sanders will net 67 dgts oels here, and basically cutting the lead in half. all right. so, now i wish that i could erase everything, but putting up here plus 127. now, let's say sanders wins 38, and biden gets 25, but warren
10:22 pm
does not make thresholds, and sits at 14. well, that is going to add an additional 15 delegates to sanders and it is going to mean that at the end of the night, 27 plus 17, and help me out with that number, and 27 plus 17 tonight, and that is 44 i believe. and so, now, biden is going to end up44-delegate lead, and so that is the best for you that sanders canbiden's lead to less than 50, and biden is going to have a delegate lead. and that is what we are projecting is that biden is going to have a delegate lead. >> and we have not called texas and maine. >> and based on where it is going. >> and so, winning texas and san antonio and austin coming. >> well, if he is winning texas, then you net it down to 14 the
10:23 pm
other way, and biden has a 30-delegate lead, and so the point is that biden is going to have a delegate lead there. >> and apologies that none of us could follow that math there. >> apologies. let the "meet the press" nerd guy do it. >> and so we are watching the bell weather counties about this election and michigan is a place that has been, is vote next week, and we have sent kate snow there with the voters and watching the same results that you are watching here, and watching to see how it is going to impact the vote. here is kate. >> hey, guys, we are at the brewery here at grand rapids, michigan and it is a cool brewery built in a mortuary ri chapel and it was filled earlier and what is interesting is how divided they are even after the results coming in tonight. we are here on purpose, because kent county is traditionally
10:24 pm
republican, and a real republican stronghold and in recent years the republicans are gaining here, and donald trump won the county by 9,000 votes compared to romney who won by 22,000 votes, and the democrats are gaining the ground and looking at the results tonight to decide how to vote next tuesday. >> reporter: you are a sanders' supporter and watching the results coming in, and what are you thinking? >> i am pleased to see the presidential debate. i support bernie sanders because he is about criminal justice reform, and medicare for all and student loans are matters important to me, because we don't see that too much in the presidential candidates. >> reporter: what about joe biden and we pr talking about his can si and talk g aing abou we are talking about his candidacy and talking about his
10:25 pm
support -- >> i like all of the presidential candidates who are about not using the old credibility, because we want to know that you are standing for all people and not using what you have done in the past to bring more credibility to the black voters. >> okay. thank you. let me come over to ryan who -- we have a whole room of people here -- and you are telling me that you are for biden since the beginning? >> yes. >> and so watching this coming down to two candidates and why biden over bernie sanders? >> well, he has had a quality start to his campaign and a return to credibility is something that the presidential office needs and that the country needs and something that he can offer. especially going into the debate season with the national campaign and playing that game with trump, and we have the see that. >> are you excited about a biden candidacy? >> i am to an extent. i know that the sanders' campaign has a lot of excitement to it, and i understand it and
10:26 pm
the plat forform that he is run on has a lot of new ideas and can radicalize the party, but a lot of what biden stands for and the experience of doing this can help to kind of reunite some of the moderates in the country who feel like they don't have a voice. >> and you said to me before that you are not looking for excitement right now and that you is had enough excitement from president trump is what you said. >> yes. >> and karen, you are not decided and you have a week in michigan and what are you looking for and what is going to sway you? >> i am not sure. i hope that no one else drops out, and that i can open up the ballot next tuesday and vote for somebody who is going to take it home. >> and take it home is the key thing? are you worry about beating trump? >> we need to get rid of him, yes, yes. >> who are you most interested in being that we are in western michigan here and in a pretty red county that trump won by
10:27 pm
9,000 votes last time, and who is going to beat donald trump if you had to guess today? >> i don't know. but grand rapids is a blue city. east grand rapids is a blue city and kent county is blue, and so i am hoping that we do it. >> karen, thank you very much. interestingly, elizabeth warren is already in the state. she is in michigan tonight. we expect michael bloomberg to come here thursday and this is his schedule as of now, and we expect that biden and sanders would show up here in the coming days as well>> kate, thank you. >> thank you very much. we are joined by robert gibbs former press secretary to barack obama, and rich lowrie, the editor of the national review and a conservative think tank, and so at peace here in the gallery. and so, robert, thinking of how the race is shaping up tonight, and bernie sanders is not going to quit tomorrow, and no reason why he should, and can the democratic party looking ahead
10:28 pm
to milwaukee come together, because they are facing a real race in november with donald trump? >> i think that is going to be galvanizing factor and no doubt about it. that is going to ultimately make it easier the put the warring factions back together. and we talked about it earlier how the campaign is prosecuted over the next few months and who wins the nomination and including the supporters for the other side in that race into their team. >> and there are still bad feelings from 2016 if you are talking to the clinton and sanders' folks about that. >> well, the key is that you cannot expect that since you are the nominee, they are coming over. the trump factor is going to help in that, but there is effort that has to be done in the campaign whoever wins it to put it back together to forcefully heal whatever breach there is, because as i said earlier, nup of the cone of the
10:29 pm
can do it alone,and they have to join together. >> and so much of this conversation has been electability, and the president suggested early on it is biden and then this thought that it could be bernie sanders, and where do think they stand right now of who they would rather take on? >> most of the republicans would rather run against sanders. and lot of the insiders believe it is a closer question over which biden or sanders is more electable or not. i have the say though that this is a bitter irony for bernie sanders. if chuck is right that biden is going to be coming ahead in the d delega delegates and nobody is vouching for that math at this hour. >> back of the envelope. >> and continuously running, bernie is right back in 2016 where he is a step behind and the establishment frontrunner and probably can't run him down, but he going to get into if not a contested, but a contentious
10:30 pm
convention where he is not going to be the winner. >> what does trump do now? i think that he did write biden off, and thought, geez, they had tarnished him up, and now he is a durable guy. well, like, they tried this other stuff, and maybe, it didn't stick? >> well, you will see fierce mockery of all of the gaffes. and you have seen some of it, and even more intense. and then thematically, a big element of the case against biden if he is a nominee is washington insider, and if he says anything is wrong in the country, why didn't he fix it the decades that he has been in the town. >> and they will investigate to death the hunter biden thing, and already today been raised. >> and we will leave it there for the moment. our coverage carries on,outstan. we will give you the results that we have got when we come back right after this. (burke) at farmers insurance,
10:31 pm
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10:34 pm
welcome back to nbc news super tuesday coverage and showing you where things stand in the delegate count. nice to finish first, but the delegates are the most important. biden with 331 for tonight, and sanders with 241, and you can see warren and bloomberg just behind there. and the states that biden has
10:35 pm
won -- alabama, arkansas, massachusetts, north carolina, tennessee, oklahoma and virginia. and as steve said when he spoke earlier, it has been a good night. and sanders has won three, colorado, utah and vermont. looking at where things stand in california and too early for a call. and 35% of the vote in and sanders with a sizable lead, but that is where they stand at 415 delegates at stake there and viability is huge. and so, this is texas right now. biden right now maintaining a lead that has grown a little bit to 50,000, and too close the call is the official characterization, and in maine, too close the call. we have 91% in and as chuck noted 91% -- >> i think they went to bed in bangor and portland and i think they did. >> and 3,000 votes separating the leaders there. storyline i
10:36 pm
dif can caficulty of the votinge standing in long lines, and cynthia covering this situation for a los angeles time and can hone in. >> well, lester, what we have seen is that in california and texas, this serious problem has developed in los angeles and houston, and maybe some insight of something they share. both jurisdictions have changed from the precinct-based systems of the old days where you voted at the local school or perhaps the local community center to what they are calling the one-stop-voter center which is a place where you can renl stcan vote or more services and anybody can go there. and so that is a significant change and chosed a number of the local polling stations to create the big voting centers, and if you miscalculate and put them in the wrong place and don't staff them appropriately or anticipate how many people
10:37 pm
are coming, you can run into a mess, and mess is just what we veen have seen. in los angeles county, police have been called this evening to two of the voter polling locations, because of disputes about precisely what the rules were as regards ongoing voting. people in line at 8:00 who say they were told they had to go home and could not vote, and police called in two locations. finally, in maine, my home state, and let me tell you we were told earlier in the evening tonight that they ran out of democratic ballots, chuck. that the secretary of the state said that you could photocopy the ballots and vote them, but they'd have to hand count them and that is maybe accounting why we are at 91%. >> and it should not be this hard to vote. >> no, but you know what, the more technology that you introduce and if you streamline
10:38 pm
it, well, extra problems there. >> and we have some work coming in, and going to texas. it says too close the call, but my understanding is that nbc news is now projecting that joe biden has won the state of texas, and will win the state of texas, and 20 delegates awarded and how big of a deal is this? >> well, we said it earlier tonight, the symbolic and exclamation points of winning or losing tonight is for me texas, it is the one where the sanders with the power in the west, and you have bidens in the south and it is meeting in texas. and biden pulled it off and to think that he did it with a terrible early vote and organization that did not exist. it is a, it is an amazing comeback story. obviously last night in dallas, that is certainly didn't hurt, but to add texas to what is already an impressive night and throwing in maine, and he has,
10:39 pm
and this is a more impressive super tuesday than i can think of and more impressive than what barack obama put together in 2008 when he used super tuesday to grab the delegate lead. this is as consequential a night as we have had in any nominations. >> i think that the monday night endorsements in texas were so critical. the fact that it was in dallas, and that beto o'rourke was staged so that he was the surprise in tend and everybody had gotten used to the fact that it was buttigieg and klobuchar, and a lot of the local press. i misspoke when i sthad he had n -- when i said that he had not been to texas, but he had been to texas, and locked down in south carolina for the last week, because south carolina was so important to him. >> and so, biden is adding texas to the portfolio on this super tuesday, and we will continue our coverage after a break.
10:40 pm
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so the big headline of the last couple of minutes the results from texas where nbc news is projecting joe biden is going to win the state of texas. that is a potentially a big delegate haul as we see mike bloomberg is still teetering, but in the -- >> teetering. and so it is 15.6% is the actual percentage there. and so he is sitting at, that is 16 that has been rounded up. so it is 15.6. i will tell you that our boiler room, and it is 50-50 if he is viable here which is then an extra chunk of delegates for biden. >> and joining the merry band here is adrian elrod who is a democratic strategist for hillary's campaign in 2016. >> thank you, lester.
10:45 pm
>> give me your thoughts. is bernie sanders feeling a little deja vu here? >> well, perhaps, because this is a huge surprise for us tonight, and for many of us watching on the outside and strategists and not working on the campaigns, i have not seen a turnaround like this and i have been working in politics for 25 years to see where joe biden has come and to see that bernie sanders has effectively not grown the base, and not grown the coalition since 2016. it is truly surprising. this is not anything that we expected. >> do you think that he retools based on the idea that he has not been able to grow the base? >> well, you know, i don't know how much retooling that you can do at that point. maybe you recall, lester, six to eight months ago we speculated what bernie sanders is feeling and 12% or 15%, and obviously we know that it is higher than that at this point, but when he had the heart attack and then aoc endorsed him and all of the facers to came into play and
10:46 pm
helped him to sort of solidify and coalesce the liberal base, but we are seeing that endorsements matter. party unification has coalesced around joe biden and the event last night where you saw pete buttigieg and amy kobuchar and beto o'rourke come together, you will probably see more, and jim clyburn should get any job that he wants in a joe biden administration. >> yes. he will be receiving flowers on a continual basis. we will take a break and come back after this. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m...
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10:50 pm
welcome back to the super tuesday and here is the delegate count where the candidates have earned their delegates tonight. biden well out in front with 346. sanders is behind at 248. taking a look at the race -- >> and by the way, just so people know that we are projecting that biden is going to have more delegates when all of the votes are counted and no matter what happens in california and how big is the margin and as high as 100 or as low as 44. >> and the graphic on the screen, and this is a breakdown of the states voting on march 10th, and you can see that in march 17th, arizona ads and
10:51 pm
illinois and ohio. >> and can we go become to march 10 states, guys a sguys, and go them quickly. as two-person race, and west to east and north to south and you will see where biden is weak and strong and sanders is going to be doing well in washington state, and competitive in northern idaho and michigan is interesting battleground and missouri and mississippi should be strong for biden and this could be a wash with these states. and florida and illinois should be big potential states for biden and arizona and ohio is going to be fascinating and sanders needs to win those states badly, i think, if he is going to keep biden from having his way. >> and so, joining us is jon meachum, a historian from tennessee, and we know that you have suffered a real tragedy after the tornado there, and we hope that everything is okay
10:52 pm
with your family? well, everybody is -- we were lucky and the city is resilient and the best people in the world. so everything is going to be okay. >> everybody there in our thoughts, jon. and now, your thoughts on what we have witnessed tonight, and this is a remarkable turnaround. i among other people on the air are talking about biden and do-or-die super tuesday and could he get new life in the campaign and look at what he accomplished today? >> well, remember what william goldman once said about hollywood, nobody knows anything. that is an essential truth. it is almost aristotelian in the power. i think that this is a big night for normalcy. that is maybe not sexy and may not fill as many arenas as other than the incumbent president or senator sanders, but it is an interesting data point in terms of the country, for a country that for five years now, really since trump entered the
10:53 pm
presidential race in 2015 has been on this high-speed chase often running aoff the road. so whatever vice president biden's vices are, however convention it seems, his performance over the past couple of days suggests that there is a desire in the country, and not just in the democratic party, and i think that it is a broader message than that, to tap the brakes and try to get our bearings again, and i think that enough of us believe in the institutions of government and in the conventions that have governed our politics that we are not quite ready to veer from extreme to extreme. >> all right. jon meachum, always good to talk to you, and thank you for spending a few minutes with us. we will take a break and be back with more in a moment. indistinct talking on tv ]
10:54 pm
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10:57 pm
well, we had the call for texas and still a couple of states outstanding and too early to call in california with 36% of the vote in and sanders with the lead there, but this one, it may take a while and when i say while, i mean weeks. here is the story in maine, too close the call and sitting at 91%, and 3,000-vote difference between biden and sanders, and biden is barely in front. here is the delegates won tonight, biden with the commanding share 346. it is fair to say that the democratic race for the presidential nomination has been fundamentally reshaped tonight. and biden who many had counted out or certainly thought that his campaign was on life support making a miraculous recovery the night. i want the final thoughts of chuck todd and andrea mitchell. you first, andrea? >> the entire rationale for bloomberg to get into the race was that he felt that biden was too weak.
10:58 pm
that no longer exists. biden has been revived and starting with south carolina, and now he has to prove himself now that he is not the underdog, and he is going to have to prove himself as a frontrunner to be discipline and give good speeches and not make mistakes and give donald trump more ammunition to ridicule him as he was eagerly trying to do tonight. but it is a two-person race and elizabeth warren has some tough decisions to make, and bloomberg i suspect will get out tomorrow. >> and obviously, the big story is the joe biden recovery. and biden is now the frontrunner, and we can say that this is a race, but grabbing the delegate lead. it does not get easier for sanders. the states are more conventional democratic, and states that a more conventional democrat like biden with win talking about illinois and florida and georgia and ohio and the fact that biden and this is why bernie needed to have the delegate lead coming out of super tuesday and the
10:59 pm
fact that he lost texas is symbolic, but he was hoping to net delegates out of there, and not only not going to net delegates, but lost ground there. and so joe biden is the frontrunner, and i don't think that bernie sanders can catch him. >> this story is going to continue the play out, and we will sign off for now. of course, more coverage on "today" show and continuing on msnbc and for chuck todd and andrea mitchell, i'm lester holt. good night. we're following breaking news in contra costa county. what we're learning about that county's first case of coronavirus and the warning being issued tonight. and after 35 days with no rain, a change is coming. i'll show you when a few showers are possible. that's next.
11:00 pm
we are very much alive! >> right now at 11:00, a super tuesday surge for joe biden. his campaign revitalized on this pivotal night in the race for the white house. >> we're taking on the political establishment.


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