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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 25, 2019 3:30am-3:59am PST

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mother nature is about to drop two large storms over the next five days that will cause major travel troubles for tens of millions hitting the planes, trains, and automobiles over the thanksgiving holiday. >> there is good news for drivers, as gas prices are falling and should continue to dropn the coming weeks. new fallout this morning after the secretary of the navy is forced to resign amid escalating tensions between the president and the military over a navy s.e.a.l. accused of war crimes. pope francis brings his message of peace to japan as he visits the citie suffered atomic attacks at the end of world war ii. nfl week 12 highlights "frozen 2" takes the world
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box office, earning $350 million, and taylor swift setting new records at the american music awards. it is monday, november 25th. "early today" starts now good monday lip anthe weather won't be making it easy. several major storms are in the forecast, and the first one has already brought heavy snow to parts of ohio. in pennsylvania and many others in the northeast, road conditions are already dangerous, and there are expectations the other big storms this week will be worse here's nbc's dave price. >> reporter: cars sliding off slick roads in massachusetts pennsylvania pounded with snow, making driving dangerous icy roads in ohio causing multiple accidents, sending four to the hospital. it's a race home and a race against mother nature. a wintry mix in the midwest and the northease 55 million people expected to travel this week
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high winds forced a ground stop at dulles international and delays at newark and boston. over 4 million passengers expected to fly this week. that's up nearly 5% from last year >> i'm a positive thinker. i think we're going to leave on time. >> a little nervous getting out. >> macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> reporter: in new york, where the nation's largest thanksgiving day parade takes place, concerns that wind speeds could ground the massive balloons >> oh! >> reporter: in 2005, gusts blew a 515-pound balloon into a lamp post, injuring two spectators. >> our thanks to dave price for that report. democrats aren't done building their case to impeach president trump. right now, there are no more hearings on the schedule, but that could change according to the man in charge of the proceedings. a new report from the "washington post" seems to underscore just how much is left unanswered the "post" reports a confidential white house review of the president's decision to place a hold on military aid for
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ukraine turned up hundreds of documents that reveal extensive efforts to generate an after-the-fact reason for the decision, and whether or not it was legal. nbc news has not seen the documents. tracie potts is joining us with the very latest from d.c this time of year around the white house, the most dramatic thing going is usually the turkey pardons. >> reporter: not this week because we're in the middle of impeachment, which has a new development. the top democrats in charge of the hearings accused of something similar. devin nunes told fox he may sue and cannot answer allegations that he met with ukraine's former top prosecutor about investigating the bidens, the same issue facing president trump. these new allegations came from the attorney of a rudy giuliani associate who has been indicted. giuliani is the president's personal attorney.
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nunes is important because he is the top republican on the committee in chargof impeachment hearings turns out, those hearings may not be over. >> we don't foreclose the possibility of more depositions, more hearings. we are in the process of getting more documents all the time. >> we need the emails and the paperwork that we have subpoenaed from the state department and from the white house. >> reporter: republicans are preparing for the president to be impeached >> i think that speaker pelosi's judicial policy from the beginning has been guilty. >> reporter: the white house is preparing for a trial. >> we'll be able to call witnesses, challenge their witnesses, produce other evidence those witnesses may include the whistle-blower. >> reporter: but there's still no timeline for an impeachment vote tracie pottsn now to the capito where the secretary of the navy is out of a job after new fallout over how the case of y navy s.e.a.l. edward gallagher was treated. president trump was not pleased with the way it was handled by the tt
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richard spencer was fired, thanking him for his service the president said the ambassador to norway will be c's kelly o'donnell has more >> reporter: a major shakeup at the pentagon the navy secretary is out. asked to resign by defense secretary mark esper over his handling of disgraced navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher spencer was already under pressure when he disputed reports about the controversy saturday. >> i did not threaten to resign, but let us just say that we're here to talk about external threats and eddie gallagher is not one of them. >> reporter: the pentagon chief called spencer's actions deepley proposed to the white house that if officials did not interfere with the navy re, spencer would make certain gallagher could retire with his s.e.a.l. membership and the coveted pin
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esper said in a statement, unfortunately, as a result, i determined secretary spencer no longer has my confidence to continue in his position i wish richard well. the case of the navy s.e.a.l. convicted of posing with a dead militant but cleared of more serious war crimes already ignited controversy. >> i want to retire peacefully with the honors i earned and get back to my family. >> reporter: president trump's twitter bravado caused tension on thursday. the navy will not be taking away war fighter and navy s.e.a.l. o pay. the fired navy secretary delivered a blow to the president in his resignation letter, writing in part that he no longer shares the same understanding with the commander in chief who appointed him on the issues of order and discipline, and could not in cor
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he thinks violated the oath he took a rebuke mark esper decided given all the circumstances, eddie gallagher will be permitted to retire as a navy s.e.a.l., keeping his pin frances? >> kelly, thank you. after 12 public testimonies in the impeachment inquiry, which witnesses really broke the internet axios reports that former ambassador marie yovanovitch generated the most buzz. stories about her racked up 6 million facebook and twitter reactions. >> ambassador gordon sondland was the second most viral witness. vinman and jennifer williams placed third with nearly 3 million reactions. happening today, the chinese woman convicted of trespassing at president donald trump's mar-a-lago resort in florida while he was golfing nearby is expected to learn her fate the woman, 33-year-old, could
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face up to six years in prison for unlawfully entering the club federal prosecutors say she lied to secret service agents to gain entry. when she was taken into custody, officials say she was carrying a trove of electronic devices, including four cell phones, a laptop, external hard drive, and a thumbnail containing malware movie ining performances at american music awards. it celebrated the biggest names in the industry. ♪ and i'm so sick of them comin at me again ♪ ♪ if i was a man, then i'd be the man ♪ ♪ i'd be the man ♪ i'd be the man >> after the week of dramards, a subtle dig she won six awards, clieincludi singer of the decade she has 29 amas.
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twitter couldn't stop talking about lizzo's tiny purse on the red carpet. she said it was give enough for all theshe gives. toni braxton ♪ can't go home >> the r&b legend proving her voice is timeless. it's been 25 years since she made her ama show debut. speaking of timeless, shania twain impresses us much. ♪ i wanna be free, yeah, to fee the way i feel ♪ ♪ man, i feel like a woman >> it was her first time taking the stage since 2003 >> a lot of headaches for people later this week weather wise,
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especially with some travel problems here's nbc's meteorologist bill karins oh, boy. >> the west coast storm is going to be one that could be damaging with the winds on the coast. one forecast showed the waves on the oregon coastline 20, 30 feet high today is a good day for traveling in much of the country. here's our big storm as we go into tuesday we're calling this two because there is a separate storm in the middle of the country. this one is going to be pushing snow inland, windy conditions, too. the snow levels are going to drop pretty low. even some of the -- almost all of the passes are going to have issues and proems with snow. even the grapevine eventually. this is as we go into wednesday here by the time we get to thursday, it lingers in areas of the west. it spreads to the middle of the country. you get the picture. today is the day to travelcold
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available. you can see it there in the northern portions of the rockies. highly advise you to stay tuned to your local nbc meteorologist to guide you through the storm. >> what a mess you have to feel for everybody thanks three days after the big reveal that didn't entirely go as planned, tesla's cyber truck hit 200,000 pre-orders ceo elon musk announced it on twitter, delivering updates. customers put down $100 for a deposit. it is a starting price of just under $40,000. last week, musk took the stage to showcase the car and its, bus it cracked twice during the reveal. >> he didn't throw it that hard. before you make the recall. unstner in san francisco
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leading the news pope francis appeals for peace, while in japan, that's where he intended a gathering at hiroshima's peace memorial park. the pope addressed the crowd of survivors from hiroshima he called for the elimination of nuclear weapons, arguing that unarmed peace is the only peace. during his trip, pope francis also visited nagasaki. there's some good news this morning regarding the health of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg the 86-year-old was released from a baltimore hospital for a possible infection ginsberg spent two nights in the hospital after being admitted with a fever and chills. according to her spokeswoman, justice ginsberg is home and doing well. health officials are warning people of a nationwide e. coli outbreak ahead of this week's thanksgiving holiday more than 75,000 pounds of prepared salads sold at walmart, target, aldi, and other retailers across 22 states have
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been recalled after testing positive for e. coli the products were sold by mesa pay of new jersey. the recall products have use by dates of the 29th and november 1st. cdc says at least 17 people have been sickened. super bowl contender capped off week 12 in the nfl with a statement win. the 49ers absolutely dominated the packers. the trouble started early for green bay. aaron rodgerthe first easy six just before ttier for the packers. niners blow them out, 37-8 in new england, a rare meeting between the patriots and the cowboys. the rain turned this one into a defensive slugfest special teams for the patriots blocking a punt. that would set up tom brady for his only touchdown pass of the game with two minutes left in the game, dak prescott with a chance to keep the drive going.
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looks like he has a completion to amari cooper. this call would be looked at and overturned that was the ball game patriots win, 13-9 different type of game down in the big easy. a high octane thriller between the saints and the panthers. drew brees struck first. panthers bounced back, 51-yard bomb from kyle allen to d.j. moore. it went blow for blow in this one. in the end, it was right there on the foot. barely in. saints win, 34-31. how about thosd had one of the best games, throwing for 315 yards and packed on a rushing touc measure. they throw out the raiders, 34-3 that was new york's third win in a row. still ahea dnds find a new best friend. details on the sparkling deal to buy tiffany's. something to be thankful for this thanksgiving. the good news for your holiday road trip, next.
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mikaela shiffrin set a major record this past weekend she won her 41st world cut slalom in finland. surpassing the swedish athlete for the record she w thanks to unique awards given out, she has a fourth reindeer
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to add >> four reindeers? that's half as many as santa claus. pretty good. >> impressive. >> that's how you know. now a holiday shortened week heading into black friday with a billion dollar luxury deal in the works. good news for drivers. cnbc's karen tso is live in london covering all that for us. hey, karen good morning >> phillip, good morning to you. the french conglomerate packaged up a premium offer for the maker of the little blue box, tiffanyn tabled, worth $135 per share keep in mind where tiffany's stock closed, 125.51 if investors close the gap, you could see a spike of 7% in tiffany's stock. key question for many drivers, what is the gas price doing? it's been tracking lower, down about 4 cents per gallon for regular. that's $2.66 signals for the tens of millions expected to hit the road over
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thanksgiving, driving on average 50 miles or so good signs for the weather, i'll leave it up to the experts. back to you. >> so far, that's not looking good karen, thank you >> the travel ahead of that. thank you. still ahead, "frozen" is the hottest thing at the box office. t the massive haul for the sequel on opening weekend you're watching "early today." in providing significantly clearer skin. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. that can last. serious allergic reactions may occur.uncover clean cost support options. ♪ worso har ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat
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in the u.s over $200 million overseas making it the biggest international launch ever for an animated movie "ford versus ferrari" zoomed into second. "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" finished third. >> we may spend time indoors watching movies this week. >> movies would do well. here's the forecast from thanksgiving day we have the storm lingering in the four corners snow outside of l.a. and san diego. by the time we get to friday, we start to push it away from the west coast it really won't be until saturday we see improvement. there could be another little ndorm coming in saturday to suay stay tuned more news straight ahead out what actually was. dead skin cells! gross! so now, i grab my swiffer sweeper and heavy-duty dusters. duster extengotcha!hree feet to get all that gross stuff and for that nasty dust on my floors, my sweeper's on it. the textured cloths grab and hold dirt and hair no matter where dust bunnies hide.
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nbc's kevin tibbles has a look at the new apple coming to grocery stores next month. >> reporter: move over, big apple. something new is flying in from the orchards of washington state. it's called the cosmic crisp. >> cosmic is unique in the fact that it's firm without being hard i think it is a nice, sweet apple. it's got a unique flavor to it. >> reporter: as this year's harvest comes to an end, there is a buzz for this brand-new kind of apple. are you like a genie appleseed >> a little bit more scientific, i think, than genie appleseed but, yes, similar. >> reporter: kate evans assisted in the decades-long development of the cosmic crisp that started by simply cross pollinating the enterprise apple with the blockbuster honeycrisp. >> 20 years from initial crosses made in 1997 through to trees going out into grow orchards in 2017 >> reporter: the mother tree,
3:57 am
the tree that started it all, still sits in a nearby test orchard. we headed down the road to mark barrett's farmstand, where they're testing consumer reaction >> oh, man i cannot keep them the people are just coming by the droves they want to check it out. they want to see it. they want to taste it. >> reporter: and the taste test? >> oh, it's amazing. >> it was really good. >> reporter: local chefs are already cosmic crisp creating. >> from savory to sweet. >> reporter: it is expected to be the biggest non-tech apple launch ever. with a $10 million marketing push growers have already planted 12 million cosmic crisp trees >> to have a red apple that eats as well as this doess this doesd that's being launched with the campaign and being planted at the numbers it is being planted is unprecedented never happened before. >> reporter: still, as far as i'm concerned, the only way to
3:58 am
really eat an apple is to take a big old bite really crisp really sweet if these kids could talk with their mouths full, they'd tell ya, the cosmic crisp just might be out of this world kevin tibbles, nbc news, yakima, washington >> not just red or green apples these days. >> who knew? they were perfecting the cosmic crisp. that's going to be out there let's see what it tastes like. >> i can't wait to try it. we thank you for waking up with us. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. the "today" show is gobbling its way across the country with its united plates of thanksgiving special. on wednesday, 52 chefs will pay homage to their home states, along with d.c. and puerto rico, with their
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. big news out of washington that will have a ripple effect
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on the entire u.s. political tear as a president fires the secretary of navy over the treatment of an embattled navy s.e.a.l. michael bloomberg enters the presidential race, blanketing the air waves with a million dollar campaign. but can a man worth $50 billion get any votes? a major consumer alert on over 75,000 pounds of prepackaged salads and a multistate recall. twr storms will caus


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