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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 28, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i can report this is still a very active fire. >> the person's life who is with us. >> we knew we needed to evacuate. we had no idea where to go. >> right now at 4, a state of emergency in the north bay. we're going into day five of the kincaid fire fight and the situation there only growing worse by the minute. people fleeing for their lives, packing roads and shelters. and just in this morning, new evacuations are now in effect. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. breaking news this morning, firefighters are again working against the clock as those wind conditions are expected to
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worsen again later this week. >> right now, there are more than a dozen fires across the state. the largest is the kincaid fire in the north bay. here is the latest. the fire has burned more than 54,000 acres and containment has dropped to 5%. 94 buildings have been destroyed. another 80,000 threatened by flames. firefighters say they believe it will take until november 7th to contain the fire. there are dozens of schools shutting down today because of the smoke and power outages. we have a full list on nbc bay and running on the bottom of your screen, in fact, right now. the governor has declared a statewide emergency as wild fires sweep across the state. flames scorched tens of thousands of acres and forced hundreds of thousands of residents to flee their homes. >> nbc bay area jennifer b jorkland joins us now with the very latest. good morning, jen. >> reporter: laura, marcus, good morning. yeah, it's never a good sign when the containment number
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actually goes down from 10% to 5%, which is what happened since yesterday. this is an evacuation now of historic proportions, 180,000 more people ordered to evacuate out of their homes here in northern california, part of the state and most of them are sleeping in shelters like the one behind me. fire is racing across the landscape. >> the kincaid fire north of san francisco is feasting on hurricane force winds. more than 3,000 firefighters are working to put lines around the inferno that's already scorched tens of thousands of acres. >> currently the fire edge is somewhere just south of the community of windsor near shilo where our resources are actively engaged in both perimeter control and attempts at structure defense. >> reporter: nearly 2.5 million are without power. the governor declared a statewide emergency. >> we've been battling fires all up and down the state now for close to a week.
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>> reporter: mandatory evacuations have forced thousands of californians to get out of harm's way. >> i care about my life, his life, the person's life who lives around us. >> reporter: but some people who have been ordered to leaf don't have a destination. >> we knew we needed to evacuate. we had no idea where to go. >> reporter: the kincaid fire is one of several burning across the west and forecasters warn conditions remain ripe for more. and we're expecting 24 hours now of calmer conditions, the winds are pretty calm right now. but we're expecting them to kick back up again on tuesday. so the hope is that the crews can kind of dig in, make some headway and hang on to it by the time the wind kicks back at them. marcus, laura? >> hopefully a little window of opportunity for them, but i know they're getting tired as well.
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>> our meteorologist has been tracking that. there are ripe conditions there for that fire to increase. >> yeah. we're going to be watching out for that. but we are also going to see a calmer wind today and some drifts of smoke coming in. it is the spare the air alert day. we'll have unhealthy air quality, especially in the north bay as we are seeing the shift in the wind. and as we look at our hour by hour forecasts, we're going to once again start to see our winds coming down and then coming in from the north and northeast. and then going into the rest of the day. most of our wind speeds at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. but as we've all been mentioning, we are going to see another wind event going into tomorrow. so as we enjoy our break from the high winds, live look outside in palo alto, we're also going to see a big dip in our temperatures heading towards run rise, be in the mid 40s and slow warm up as we go throughout the day. i'll talk more about the air quality and the smoke and what's ahead. mike, you have a couple of updates for the north bay. >> that's right. you mentioned the air quality
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and the smoke. that will be a factor for folks living up there. folks driving up there, 101 is open but 128 remains closed. that will be in place. the kincaid fire continues to race through the area and also causes the power interruptions to continue. we are also doing that precautionary reasons. so for that reason we're look at the smart train with no service and the majority of the purpose for that is because the surface street signal crossing those may not be working as well. smart train snot working today. they have one lane in each direction of i-80 left open for emergency vehicles. so it will be closed to traffic. that will be restricted right now. and we're looking at south of there fine for the freeway. the biggest issue, the fire. back to you. >> thanks, mike. well, this morning, we are getting an up close look at the intensity of that fire from law enforcement. >> in fact, take a look at this. the sonoma county sheriff's office posted this brand new video to twitter. this is a view from the deputy
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dash camera driving on highway 128. >> 180,000 people are being told to get out of their homes because of that fire. here is a look at all the evacuation zones the latest evacuations are in the shilo ridge area of windsor. and those strong winds push the kincaid fire closer and closer to homes. now, there are several evacuation centers open this morning, however, they are filling up quickly. here is a list of those locations for you. the napa county valley, napa valley expo center, sonoma county fairgrounds the marin county and petaluma county fairgrounds and st. mary's cathedral in san francisco is opening at 8:00 a.m. for those impacted. we have team coverage for you this morning. let's get you started with today in the bay mary ann reporting from windsor. >> reporter: flames edging dangerously close to homes in windsor. hundreds of firefighters attacking the flairups, dousing them and then moving on to
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others minutes later. windsor is in the crosshairs of the kincaid fire, which is already destroyed more than 54,000 acres in sonoma county. joe said flames came within 75 yards of his home. he stayed behind to protect it. >> flames came over the hill and got into the vineyard. at that point we got tremendous firefighter support. >> reporter: these crews are dousing small flames before they have a chance to grow. a fire has already burned through this area once, destroying trailers and a car. now firefighters are focussed on neighborhoods that are threatened. >> trying to create a buffer space so that we can kill the fire before it gets into the neighborhoods. >> reporter: so far more than 186,000 people in sonoma county forced to evacuate and now with night fall, firefighters face new challenges. low visibility and high winds.
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mary ann, nbc bay area news. besides the kin cade fire, there is real concern still this morning about all of the smoke billowing to the bay and it's not just smoke from the kincaid fire. we have what people need to know when you head out the door. good morning, bob. >> well, yeah, good morning to you, laura, marcus. you can smell the smoke here in places like downtown martinez and see it the haze of smoke in the air. take a look at this map we're throwing up on the tv screen for you. the red circles on the map of the bay area, they indicate bad air quality. so normally you want those green circles. you want the air quality index to read 0 to 50. reading 100 in some places. over 200 for some perspective, last year's campfire out by chico, it set air quality soaring in the bay area into the 400s.
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we're not quite there yet and hopefully we'll never be there. the bay area air quality management district called for another spare the air day for today for the entire region. the district believe the winds will shift later today and send more smoke our way here into the bay area instead of out over the pacific ocean. again, this is a reminder to the elderly, young children and anyone with chronic lung conditions to stay indoors and for all of us to avoid rigorous exercise. reporti ining live here in mart, bob radell. >> 4:09. now to all the pg&e power outages hitting northern california. millions of people are waking up without power. this morning pg&e says it hopes to restore power to all customers before the next wind storm. more than 3 million people are affected as a result of both the utilities planned and unplanned outages at this time. pg&e expects to give the all clear for most areas between 6 and 8:00 a.m. this morning. the company is also bracing for
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yet another potential power outage on tuesday. pg&e says it's already started sending out notifications about tuesday's possible outage to 500,000 customers. >> a lot of people. 4:10 for you. we'll keep you updated on the wild fires, focussing on strong whipping winds and have a live report on the damage done including the trees falling into homes across the bay area, including a scare for one family. you're watching "today in the bay."
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4:12 for you right now. more on the damage from the those strong winds. check out this tree that fell in oakland yesterday at the clairemont dmv. >> a tree came down on to a home, barely missing the family inside. today in the bay chris sanchez has more on the damage they're dealing with this morning. good morning, chris. >> hi there, marcus and laura. you have to see the pictures to know or imagine how scary this was for this young family. they have an infant baby girl. this is part of a 100-foot tree that came down on the that home in men low park. they were shakening up. they are okay. however the home is unlivable. the roof is clearly damaged as are several walls in two different rooms. the fire chief says the department ramped up its staffing in anticipation of the
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wind storm here in the bay area. while these firefighters are working in the community they serve regularly, their colleagues, other men low park firefighters are working the kincaid fire in sonoma county. power is here in minlow park. as you reported, there are more power outages coming and the lights are still out preemptively for a lot of folks around the bay area and the north county, sierra foothills. that's coming up at 4:30 and when to expect when to get the lights back on and what your resources are in the meantime in case you're watching us on your live stream. >> thanks for the latest. 4:14 for you right now. we'll keep you updated on the changes with our fire coverage. kerry is tracking the strong winds firefighters are up against. plus -- >> i was back there with the garden hose on my hands and knees trying to save what i could from burning down. >> of course we need to pause a bit to register the impact these fires are having on people in our community.
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next, the emotional moment for one north bay man as a fire strung up in his neighborhood.
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4:17 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay" as we continue covering the fires burning right now. in valet hoe, a man overcome with emotion after firefighters saved his home. he was hugging the mankind of looked like he didn't want to let the firefighter go so
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excited. and then you can see right here, simply lying on the ground. cheryl herd was doing a facebook live in the glen cove area near the carquinez bridge. she later spoke with the man who became incredibly emotional. >> this is my biggest fear. i built that gate. and it was just for this reason and as soon as they can get the hoses from across the street back there, helped save all the houses back there. >> everything i could to try to save my house with the garden hose. i didn't think anything could work. as it was burning up to my fence line and embers were falling and we were fighting off with the garden hose on both sides. looks like we held it off just in time for the firefighters. >> can you imagine seeing your home so close to the plane. >> scary. >> moving towards your home. your home, where you live.
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all right. well, you know, the good thing. all of those homes in that neighborhood were saved. no homes were burned in vallejo. >> i think all of us had a point to stop and reflekts and realize, you know, what if that happened to me. >> as a child, that's right. >> it was nothing like this. in fact, they don't know the cause of the fire, but the crews arrived on scene and made sure that none of the neighboring houses had an issue. the issue was safety first. we talk about calm, you were here yesterday morning, you saw all that activity going on. they remain calm. when they say move, move, move. >> right. >> she moved. >> right. you have to move. they go so fast. they just are everywhere. >> specially with the winds that we have been having. the fires just -- you can't tell where it's going to go next. >> when they tell you to evacuate, with these conditions, you can't stay behind and try to fight it yourself. i mean, it's been so windy out there. >> right. >> in fact, some of those gusts
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yesterday in parts of sonoma county reached 93 miles per hour. that was the peak wind gust that we had yesterday early in the morning and then we're also looking at some of the other really high wind gusts we had in walnut creek reaching 38. 53 in pittsburgh. hayward reaching 40 and palo alto in the upper 30s with nevada with those wind speeds at 1 miles per hour. then you saw all the smoke, mostly blowing just offshore and so we haven't had a big impact from that smoke here in the bay area, but the visibility was so low in these areas from windsor to hieldsburg they had to close down highway 101 as a result of them trying to get that heavy equipment into the fire zone and people trying to evacuate. so now as we go throughout the day, we're going to see our winds calming down and the smoke over the kincaid fire starting to move into the bay area, going into this afternoon, due to a
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shift in the wind direction, even though those winds will be light, that will keep it from really mixing out here, so it's going to be pretty thick throughout the day. we're going to start to see it moving in by this afternoon. so that's the next concern we have as you head out the door this morning. we have much cooler temperatures with santa rosa now at 40 degrees. 51 in napa. compare that to just 24 hours ago, it is 24 degrees cooler now in santa rosa than it was yesterday at this time. and even livermore, calmer wind, 13 degrees now. we do have the wind advisory in effect above 1,000 feet. we could still see some wind gusts at 55 miles per hour and for the diablo range, we're seeing some of those wind gusts there still this morning may reach 45 from now until 11:00. we also have the red flag warning, meaning a high fire danger as we start to see our winds calming down, we still could have some easily sparked
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flames spreading quickly under the current conditions that we have. as we go throughout the day, our winds will shift in from the north and northeast and then start to relax just a bit. we'll also see the wind direction changing once again. that's going to carry the smoke in as we go into the day. mostly at 10 to 15 miles per hour. winds are all calm tonight and throughout much of the day tomorrow. then as we go into the afternoon and evening, our next wind event starts to set upmostly for the north bay as well as the east bay. we'll see those winds picking up and napa, winters, clear lake, 25 to 35 mile-per-hour winds for the east bay we're looking at about 25 to 30 mile-per-hour winds there. so we have this secondary low that's going to start to drop in and we have this pressure bringing because of the high pressure just to the west of us. when you have high pressure close to low pressure it makes that air rush pretty quickly and the direction of it still going to be blowing offshore, creating
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some very dry air. going into the rest of the week, those lows move away, high pressure moves in and our temperatures will gradually warm up but we will see a few changes by the end of the weekend. temperature wise as we go throughout the week, we're staying in the 70s. and smoke today and then our winds picking up tomorrow. we'll have this small window of those firefighters getting some containment on the fires and possibly another round of power outages as well going into tomorrow night. so a lot to watch here. and like today's commute will be different. >> it will, kerry. partially because of power outages and folks adjusting to that. but we have been doing that for a while. then we had fires yesterday off of 24 and over in vallejo and off the carquinez bridge. we have a very light volume of traffic as we expect at this time. 4:23, we're on early to continue our coverage. a note for the carquinez bridge,
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one lane in each direction is still left open for fire crews that is across the bridge you'll find disruption at the toll plaza and to the north of there. that's left for fire crew access out of the glen cove fire. meanwhile the area shows a smooth flow of traffic. we just have a disabled vehicle right here for 242. 128 is still closed. highway 101 has reopened over night but still closed from jimtown. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:24 right now. this fire is sparing very little in its path including a piece of blind country history now destroyed. >> you're watching and feel helpless and horrible for the people who own this property. >> haunting images. 24 hours later. next you'll have the perspective from bob on what's left of the winery. you're watching "today in the bay."
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4:27 right now. if you joined us yesterday morning, we watched as a historic building in sonoma county just burned to the ground. 150 years of history lost in an instant. this soto rock winery has been around since 1869. it was sadly really some of the most striking video we saw yesterday morning. >> and now there's only dust. "today in the bay" bob is live there with what he saw yesterday. bob? >> reporter: well, marcus and laura, that fire started around 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning at the soto rock winery that was founded in 1869 and say by 6:00
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a.m. yesterday morning within the span of three hours that property was destroyed. we're talking about two houses, a 20,000 foot production facility and a water tower all gone. the owner, ken wilson, he did speak with the san francisco chronicle, i'm quoting here, he said he's in a fog. it's surreal. that place had been built between 1860 and the 1900s. it was over a period of time. he lost his 2019 vintage wines that he had recently produced. when he and his wife diane bought that property back in 2000, he says it was in disrepair, it was in a state of neglect. they spent the past 20 years restoring that property, which as i mentioned, is now a complete loss with the exception of a small barn and that steel sculpture of a wild bore that sits out front. reporting live in martinez, bob radell "today in the bay". >> so interesting to compare the before and after pictures, just
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the facade remains and the wild bore you're talking about. >> so sad to see so much of history just gone now. >> exactly. thank you very much for your coverage, bob. of course coverage continues all morning long on the burning fire in the north bay, including new evacuations issued in sonoma county overnight. a live report conditions in windsor still ahead for you this morning. there are two types of journeys in life.
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