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tv   Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa  NBC  October 27, 2019 5:30am-5:59am PDT

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rural areas. we also conduct on-foot surveys. so it's a multi-pronged approach to inspect the infrastructure, but they do allow us to cover a significant amount of ground in a shorter amount of time. >> yeah, absolutely. and so you said overnight they were able to do some inspections even though we're in the midst of this chaos right now? >> so they have not -- once the all clear has been given, we do have a fixed winged aircraft on standby that can conduct some -- >> looks like we just lost melissa subbotin of pg&e. we want to thank her for her time and update this morning. she just indicated there are 940,000 people without power across the bay area right now,
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nearly a million, across 35 counties. those power shut-offs began late yesterday. and once the all clear is given, that's when pg&e is able to start checking the lines again. we'll start reinstating power for everyone. we want to now take you to new video we have from highway 128 near chock hill road. this is incredible. i haven't seen a car driving through these flying ashes and embers since last year when we saw this happening in paradise with the camp fire. this is brand-new video just into our newsroom from highway 128 near chock hill road. again, if you're just joining us, this is a special edition of nbc bay area news because of the breaking news. 'rig to today. it's expected to just get worse, and so we're all preparing for
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the best. sonoma county has expanded evacuations into santa rosa. they're reaching all the way to the pacific ocean. people are being told if you're under a mandatory evacuation, don't stay behind. don't try to save your property. get out now. there are evacuation centers that people can go to. there are other evacuation centers where you can leave your animals. we have all that information on our website, and also sonoma county has their own website with that inat it over to meteorologist kari hall for the latest on what she h i put an outline ofkince fire h. we can see it's very close to geyser vilville and then we hav healdsburg that's very close to
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there. that's why people are being moved out of the area. the winds are coming in from the north and northeast and gusting at times anywhere from 50 to 60 miles an hour. the highest gusts we had this morning in the healdsburg hills were 80 miles an hour. these are very damages and strong winds. we're going to see these lasting for several hours. elsewhere across the bay area, we've been t fires. in east contra county, we saw fires there. so far in this area, we've seen gusts, pittsburg reaching 45 and peninsula, 45 miles an hour. this is the forecast as we go throughout the day. winds coming in from the north. we can see our gusts will continue to stay anywhere from 40 to 45 miles an hour over the next couple of hours into the rest of the morning and may get stnger asfront intensifying as
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through and causing the winds to blow offshore. unfortunately there's no relief here as we move people out of the area because there will be absolutely no possibility of containing this fire at this point. i want to take you to the traffic maps because we do have a lot of people trying to get out of the way of this rapidly spreading fire, the kincade fire, and parts of healdsburg as far as windsor and people having to move out of the way. as people evacuate, we're seeing the road closure at highway 128 near geyserville. that is closed. we also have highway 101 as people try to get out of the way of this. we're goingo see the road conditions get really clogged up on highway 101, so we're following that, kira. and, of course, we'll have more updates through the morning. >> did i hear that correctly?
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80 miles an hour gusting at the peek peaks in healdsburg? >> yes that. was not too long ago. so we could possibly set new records this morning. >> wow. thanks so much for that information. we're going to turn it over to vianey arama. she's at pen grove near cotati and petaluma that's also in evacuation. you see a line of people thankfully heeding the evacuation orders waiting to get out of town. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: definitely windy. as we were driving up, cair rah, we were traveling northbound along 101 and we quickly started seeing emergency vehicles driving by, and then we saw this front right here. i want to give you a perspective of where i am. you see this traffic building as i have my phone out with a map.
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we're over pen grove. this is called petaluma boulevard and next to it is stoney point road. there's a cattleman's right there. maybe you're familiar with the area. there's a quality inn right across the way and north mcdowell boulevard runs that way. this is where we are. keep in mind these vehicles are coming all the way from santa rosa back up through highway 12. so these are a lot of people that are now listening to the evacuation orders. i do want to give a little bit of clarification as to the evacuation orders because we did see some confusion on social media. we want to make sure you're going to the right destination to look up maps. there's been a correction.s not evacuation at this time. there is a map you can head over to. i think we popped it upton screen here. the website for that is
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sonomacounty.maps.arc sonomacounty.maps.arczis. again, sonomacounty.maps.arczis. we're seeing evacuation orders through portions of pet luma, but not mandatory. if you zoom in a little closer to the map -- i'm doing it along with you because we're getting this information just as it comes in as well. some portions of it including roseland, of course, healdsburg. they have from what i've seen in the emails managed to successfully evacuate residents there. these are thousands of people. pe, kids.n imagine, in this people are trying to do their best to not panic and get their kids out safely and families.
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again, i've seen a number of emergency vehicles fly by. you can see my hair, the wind is definitely blowing. it looks like there's a little bit of construction here too. that may also be playing a role as to why vehicles are slowing down. aside from that, the reports are true. this highway, southbound 101 right now at pen grove, this is backed up all the way to highway 12 in santa rosa. one quick reminder as well. the map to look for evacuation orders, of course, we'll keep you updated, but the best map to follow is that is going to be your best source of information. it breaks down the zones by city. you can focus down to surface level, which means if your home is located at a certain intersection -- if i zoom in, areas i'm seeing, monroe under
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evacuation, certain portions up through zone 3, windsor area as well. some were issued starting yesterday at 4:00. now they're telling -- you probably hear the sirens behind me. they're wanting to make sure folks are leaving safely. it appears to be done in a very orderly fachlgs i've seen vehicling following the direction of the cops. earlier they were doing a little bit of a traffic break, which you've probably seen in the past before as you're driving. the police start doing these little swirls. that's when they're doing a travel barack. we'll going to head to healdsburg to see what the situation is there. >> vianeyorsn pen grove. you see a line of traffic, which is great to see people heeding
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these mandatory evacuations. she said she saw traffic all the way to santa rosa, which is ten miles north to where she is now. we want to send it over to healdsburg where our former anchor sam brock is now live for us. sam, i hate to say it's great to see you right now. haven't seen you since you moved to nbc news as a reporter and correspondent, but, you know, it's horrible to see you under these circumstances. you are at alexander valley elementary school for us this morning. >> reporter: yes, kira. very nice to see you as well. great to be back. certainly, don't want to be here for these reasons. we're at healdsburg elementary school. over my shoulder is the origin of the fire. ahead of it, it's up in the mountains. we've been followi t days. the big thing the wind direction has calmed down a little. but they were 50- to
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pushing across. we saw spot fires that popped up over my shoulder on one side over here toward healdsburg and over here toward windsor. you can't see it because it's so dark right now. but i have to tell you all of the fire personnel that's been zipping down 128 you're heading toward calistoga and here toward geyserville. vianey was talking about this seconds ago. 940,000 evacuations. despite that, you get all of those people out, but there are still folks who want to stay in their homes. you saw law enforcement knocking trying to get people out who decided to stay anyway. i can tell you as we were driving up here, flames encroaching on the highway in both directions. the embers just picking up. you see trees on fire, power lines down.
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the clear evidence of the power over the road. of the winds are written all concerns right now, it's sort of a cat-and-mouse game as it was described to me. we're going to pan over here for a second. what they're doing is trying to figure out where the spot fires are coming out and how quickly they can get it out before it spreads because the biggest concern at this point with tstn jumps highways, when embers travel miles in a matter of minutes, those spot fires can grow where all of a sudden they become their own entity. i'm told by cal fire there's concern right now the fires on the other side of the road right here could bump up against the russian river. they're trying to get the fires contfed. is saved, then property. evacuation is the most important aspect of all this. you talk about 101 and the backup on 101. we know there's been a closure in the santa rosa area and south of cloverdale. folks right now trying to get
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out, facing traffic, closures of highways, and firefighters trying do whatever they can to stop the spread of flames. over 200,000 fire personnel and more at the base camp. that's what we're going to be watching early morning into the afternoon here. >> sam brock, again, a pleasure to see you,us. sam brock at the sprd with these fire incredible winds that we've seen grow overnight. i'm nothinggoing to now turn to cindy foreman with the sonoma county fire district. cindy, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. thank you for having us. >> what are you seeing right now, cindy, and what are you doing this morning? >> well, just to give you some
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perspective, we have within our fire district the town of windsor, which is adjacent to healdsburg. both of our cities are poised and expecting this fire to roll in any minute. we're kind of in the path of this event right now. we started an ee vavacuation in windsor. we've been working diligently. fortunately we've had 90% of the town evacuated by 4:00, which was our plan. that's been very successful. again, we have a huge amount of resources tendsing to this. we have fears for long-range spotting.
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we've got resources staged in particular areas in anticipation of the fire moving into that area. we've got lots of resources from out of that area, all of our resources committed, and we're waiting for this thing to come down on us. >> cyndi, you just talked about weight for the fire to come down on you. how many acres have burned so far, and where does the containment stand? >> i don't have a lot of the current information on the fire itself. i would reach out to the cal fire management team to get real specifics on the fire itself, but i can comment to what we're doing here in the town of windsor and unincorporated areas. >> those were the number wes had overnight, 26,000 with 10%
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containment. so you're telling me that you have successfully vacated or evacuated 95% of the town of windsor. and what about healdsburg as well? does that include that area? >> i believe healdsburg has some of the same success numbers that we have for their ee vague yags, but i can't comment firmly on that. we started these evacuations early on as a very strategic plan so we could evacuate from the north moving toward the south, and what happens following our evacuation is once we got those numbers out of the area, the subsequent south areas started to put out their evacuation orders. we didn't have a complete gridlock throughout the whole county. >> right. that must have been quite the success getting that many people. was that 50,000 people out? >> it was. it was. you know, even though that
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number, that 95% number is very successful for us, we have severe fears for that 5% that chose not to evacuation. there is a very massive widespread threat. we want people to make the right choice to get out of here. >> it's not too late for people who are watched, who stuck around in windsor, it's not too late to get out now? >> if people are still in the town of windsor or the unincorporated area of windsor, it's not too late to get out, but get out now. >> cyndi forem county in windsor. we want to thank you so much for your time this morning and blessings to all of you. please stay safe. >> we'll need it. thank you so much. >> thank you. it is 5:48 right now.
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we have been giving you breaking news for the last 48 minutes because of this incredibly fast-moving kincade fire in snow sonoma county, an-hour winds and spreading in napa county east in sonoma county all the way west to the pacific ocean. i'm going to turn it over to meteorologist kari hall with what she's seeing. >> all right, kira. when i'm not on air, i've been look at all the data and the wind speeds. i saw wind gusts on mt. st. helena. 86 miles an hour. the winds are stronger and it's going to make the fires spread so much more rapidly. if you're in the path in sonoma county, you need to get out now. we've seen interstate 101 backing up. it's not too late to leave, but you need to leave now. we're going to see high winds
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just to the north of there, a gust of 63 miles an hour. healdsburg gusting at 62. even as i was driving in livermore, coming through the area, there were item billion weeds coming across the road and trash all over the place and low visibility. we're seeing high winds even in the valleys across parts of the bay this morning. in the east bay, we're seeing the gusts coming up to 58 in some of the higher elevations. lower, we're seeing more, at about 20 to 30 miles an hour. really strong winds blowing this morning. we're still going to see this continuing throughout the day. unfortunately we're winds and then let's see what happens and just get people out of the way. we're and the gusts will continue at about 45 to close to 50 miles an hour, even through 11:00. we're looking at windsor. that's 52. napa briefly hit 55 as we looked
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through the models and the time frame going through the early morning. by early afternoon, we're still not seeing the winds let up. we're seeing winds come in at 35 to 45 throughout the day. and then later on tonight, it's still going to be breezy as our high wind warning continues until 11:00 tomorrow. we're seeing that for all of the areas. highlighted in purple. this includes elevation above 1,000 feet. and we could see once again the gusts over 75 miles an hour. we're already seeing that. so we're looking at more as we go into tsoday well as early tomorrow morning. the other thing that drives those fires fairly quickly is the relative humidity, and so far we've i anywhere from 25 to 35%. some ofher elevations have had drier air and we're seeing drier air spreading rapidly a it's still going to be critically dry and we do have a lot of brushhat's
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ingfuelnto tomorrow, the relative humidity still not recovering. usually during the morning hours we see it come up to 60, 70, 80%, but we're not going to see that at this point. that means we're not going to see the fire conditions improve as we go into the rest of the day. so hopefully we don't get any new fires going and the kincade fire, the best thing right now, is to just get out of the we of this fire and keep all of the people in that area safe. so, kira, i'll be continuing go back and look at the wind speeds and bringing you more updates as they come. >> thanks, kari. i really appreciate all of your knowledge there. we want to take you to this video. this is soda rock winery engulfed in flames. this is on of jim town. we're looking at -- this is east of highway 101. this is ctered that have picked up and started
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right these winds pushing overnight as kari said, up to 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts at our highest peaks, and sam brock of nbc saying he witnessed 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts on the valley floor. this is what they're doing. this soda rock winery is engulfed in flames, destroyed overnight. and this is new video of firefighters trying to protect a home on chalk hill road. this is east. soda rock winery and this home highway 101. what's interesting to note is overnight mandatory evacuations have spread to the west. that just goes to show that whatever direction you are in, no one is safe right now, and we're not taking anything for
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granted. if you're safe right now but under mandatory evacuation, you also have new video from a fire in -- from the kincade fire in sonoma county. just tremendous flames. incredible flames. at last word i heard there were 2,500 personnel on the ground fighting this fire. it's burned more than 25,000 acres and is just at 10% we're waking up on this sunday morn morning with low humidity as kari hall indicated to us. we're waking up to 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts, called hurricane-force winds like nothing we've ever seen ann in the history of sonoma county. 940,000 people are under evacuation.
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as we look across the bay area as well, there are nearly 1 million people without power. 940,000 people without power. 35 counties without power. and we're here for you on nbc bay area and we will continue to be throughout the morning to try to give you all the information you need so you can stay safe in the face of a historic wind event. again, we have been on air for you since 5:00 a.m. in case you missed i emissed, i to share an ierview we had with meteorologist craig clements. he's from a what he's seen on the ground to help cal fire and help all the crews that are trying to battle this kincade fire. >> yeah. well, what we saw earlier this evening were winds gusting to 50
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miles an hour plus at the surface, and with our doppler radar, we were able to measure winds in says of 65 miles an hour a couple of hundred of feet above the ground. >> you were there with flames whipping around you. structures on fire. what were you seeing? >> we didn't see structures. we were a little farther away. we were about 3 kilometers from the actual fire front but we saw extreme fire behavior. very extreme fire behavior, flame lengths, flame heights of hundreds of feet and just extreme wind, lots of downed trees in santa rosa.s driving the fire fast. >> oh, my goodness. how are you able to stay safe? i assume w your meteorologist
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knowledge you're able to drive the opposite way of where the wind is blowing? >> no. we're actually making measurements with doppler radar and supporting the meteorologists with those data. >> ah, i see. you say 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts. you weren't even at higher peaks. >> yeah. right at our trucks in sonoma valley we were measuring the winds. the radar was measuring a lot of interestingngell that we saw, but, yeah, it's extreme. >> does it feel hot? are you feeling the ashes blowing? >> no. >> or it's cold. >> we were on the side of the plume, so we were actually able to view it as it was burning
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perpendicular to us. it was 48 degrees. now it's 60. it's jumped in the last hour. >> craig, can i ask how long you've been doing this? is this nothing like you've seen before? >> yeah. this is extreme. it's one of the most extreme i've experienced. not that it's the most extreme in california, but it's the most extreme what i've observed. it's the most in the last five years. this is our most extreme fire. >> again, that was craig clem meant doing an interview with us on the ground in healdsburg. this is new video of the kincade fire overnight. kari hall is with us. we've been seeing 50- to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts.
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up to 80 miles per hour. the fire continues to spread. if you're under a mandatory evacuation, please get out now. we'll be back after this break.
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we have breaking news. 940,000 people have beenal
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report with president trump. a special u.s. operations killed the most wanted terrorist. the raid happening in northern syria on saturday. several other people were also killed. president trump tweeting on saturday night, quote, something very big has just happened. hap. let's begin with nbc chief foreign correspondent ritualship richard engle in northern syria with details of the ra


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