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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 19, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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traffic, as well as spring break which rotates. we have green sensors for much of the early commute. one note for fremont. there may be a problem accessing the bart station. i'll tell you about the bart situation. you will talk about the activity, one of our big stories, guys. breaking news from fremont where there has been a police shooting in front of washington hospital. >> right to "today in the bay" bob redell. we see police officers behind you. what do you know at this point? >> yes. fremont police has a number of vehicles and officers out here. they have shut down civic center drive in front of washington hospital after this officer-involved shooting last night. we are expecting a news conference the next 30 minutes. this happened 10:50. police shot and killed a person who was in front of the hospital. we don't believe they were actually on the property. three officers were involved. we don't believe any of the officers were hurt. we have listened to the radio
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traffic between dispatch and officers on the scene. officers indicated this person was an active shooter who fired one shot before police opened fire. >> we have one suspect down on civic, southbound civic just west of washington hospital. one subject armed with a handgun. >> reporter: again, that's radio traffic of officers on the scene with their police dispatch. again, as you're looking live, fremont police have shut down civic center between parking lotway and mallory here in front of washington hospital. washington hospital is open but we had to have the area blocked. more information in 30 minutes. bob redell, "today in the bay".
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bob, thank you. reaction is still coming in to the release of the mueller report. as lawmakers pour over the documents, house speaker nancy pelosi responding from northern ireland. "today in the bay"'s tracie potts is live for us. what is nancy pelosi saying? >> reporter: well, she's not saying a lot. she said it's inappropriate for her to comment further because she is on the congressional delegation trip to northern ireland. when asked about it today she said it would be improper to criticize the president in a foreign country. but calling robert mueller in to testify, they will promote democracy in the inside. the president speaking out. he is not mincing words referring to what he now calls the crazy mueller report. >> thank you, everybody. game over, folks.
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>> reporter: president trump takes a second victory lap. >> it was called no collusion, no obstruction. >> reporter: but for democrats, the mueller report raises more questions than answers. >> it certainly is not game over. >> reporter: the report outlines 10 areas of possible obstruction, including multiple attempts to fire special counsel robert mueller. mueller says he could not determine the president's intent. >> those acts of obstruction of justice, whether they are criminal or not, are deeply alarming. >> reporter: mueller left it to congress to follow up. >> and the responsibility now falls to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions. >> reporter: they not only want the full report. >> no one outside the department has seen the unredacted report. >> they want mueller to testify. >> i want to ask mr. mueller, a former republican-appointed fbi director, about what happened with this investigation.
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>> reporter: republicans deny attorney general william barr. >> no collusion. >> reporter: -- gave the report a positive spin for president trump. >> i think it's rather laughable to see them turn their guns on them. >> reporter: president trump telling. >> adrian:s this is the end of my presidency. and we are getting reaction this morning from democrats who have announced the head of the house judiciary committee has announced that within hours they will subpoena the entire mueller report, including that secret grand jury information. back to you. >> yeah, tracie. what many of us thought, this is not over. thank you. it is 5:04. back here at home, one suspect is in custody after a standoff in the north bay. and we are learning this morning he is the same suspect responsible for shutting down a bay area bridge just two weeks ago. "today in the bay" pete suratos
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is live at the benecia bridge. pete, what do we know about this guy? >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you, kris. a new piece of information about this standoff in benecia. he was out on bail following another incident that took place behind me on the benecia martinez bridge a couple weeks ago. then he takes part in this police standoff that happened overnight. i want to show you video from the standoff that took place in benecia. 54year-old rodney brinker,hoff - firearm was threatening to harm a relative he was living with. they were able to negotiate on the phone and got him to peacefully surrender just past 11:00 p.m. they located multiple unloaded and loaded firearms con fist stated as evidence. this happening two weeks after a previous incident on the benecia
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martinez bridge with the same suspect. let's go to that video of that incident. that took place april 5th. they had to close down the bridge for hours due to a bomb and suicide threat involving the suspects. there were no bombs -- no bombs were located. no injuries were reported. after the confiscated firearms, it is unknown if they were registered to the suspect. pete suratos for tod"today in t ba bay". an alert if your morning commute takes you through eastern contra costa county. brentwood police are cracking down on distracted drivers. according to the east bay times, starting today, officers are going to be looking for drivers working their phones behind the wheel. this is one of several agencies doing the same thing statewide. first time offenders will cost you a $162 fine. >> and a live look at sfo this morning right now. a long-term parking lot about to
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get a whole lot cheaper there. you heard me right. something in the bay area is getting cheaper. going down from the current $25 per day to $18 per day effective may 1st. this week the airport announcing new rates to coincide with the opening of its six-story parking garage that will more than double long-term capacity to nearly 7,000 spaces. >> finally we get a break. >> absolutely. you know what, we all know another big earthquake could be just around the corner. >> as we remember the great quake of 1906, the port of san francisco is releasing this new video of what a potential catastrophic quake could look like. take a closer look. this is a simulation of what a magnitude 8 quake could look like. a warning that first responders may not be able to get to you in the embarcadero seawall fails. ferry landings could also need
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to be helped with evacuation. maybe you were with us yesterday morning when we covered the exact moment the quake struck in san francisco. you can go to for more of the great quake coverage. all right. back to current day. we want to know what the weather is like coming up for the weekend. vianey is tracking that. >> that's right. increased onshore flow. that will bring down the temperatures, i should say. we have clouds over the coast. half moon bay seeing reports of fog. and temperatures will be cooler. we have a building marine layer. as this onshore flow increases anywhere from 10 degrees cooler in spots, 5 degrees in other spots. for the most part, most live clear skies for the first half of the day. increasing cloud cover into the evening. san jose, 75 for today. morgan hill, 78. gilroy, 79. low 70s in oakland.
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walnut creek, 78. pleasanton, 76. we still have a couple of 80s through concord and antioch as well. along the peninsula, san ma toyeto mateo, 70 degrees. outer sunset, 62. even though we will only be in the upper 70s, it is still considered above seasonal. the cooling trend is setting in today. i'll break down the saturday forecast in just a bit. over to mike. all right, vianey. mostly pleasant drive. green sensors for our freeways. i will zoom in to the activity near washington hospital. it is critical. for some riders, they will be heading to the bart station right now. washington hospital here. kaiser is over here off walnut. and walnut is where you want to use the access points to the bart parking lots off civic
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center drive. those are the areas. that portion of civic center is still closed for the shooting investigation that continues for the early morning hours. we will continue to follow that. so far everything moves nicely. a smooth flow through contra costa county. brentwood, they ever watching for cell phones. you're not supposed to be using them anyway. 5:10. coming up on "today in the bay". new iphones coming out it seems every day now. apple is setting up the new plan for the old iphones. meanwhile, two blockbuster ipos this week. we'll take a look at the amazing numbers plus -- >> excuse me, elmo. >> elmo? >> elmo from sesame street. >> a "game of thrones" spoiler. is it elmo who will rule all seven kingdoms. more of this adorably scary video that's going viral still ahead. you're watching "today in the
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it is 5:13. as you get ready to head out the door, you may need something very light as we head into the evening hours. the weather will be changing today. we will start off with a cooling trend. topping out in the 70s. increase in cloud cover is coming. that could bring showers. who is specked to see possible rain this weekend, coming up. and over here, we want we're going to see traffic through
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dublin. all these headlights through the dublin interchange. it is smooth right now. what might be affected later on. and good morning. very happy friday. what a performance from two bay area companies to go public this week. pinterest priced to the top of its ipo. then the, markets thursday went even higher. zoom up 72%. like a rocket. that performance should give other companies confidence about their chances on the market. zoom celebrating on the left on nasdaq. pinterest on the right opening the new york stock exchange yesterday. daily prbs continoblems continu facebook. it uploaded people's male contacts. now the "washington post" reports they are looking into sanctioning not only facebook
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but mark zuckerberg specifically. two people close to the investigation say the ftc could demand oversight over the facebook ceo, a babysitter. a poll by edelman found among tech workers there is far more trust of local marijuana dispensaries than social media. even among people who work at social media companies. here's the guy who did that study. >> you could have chosen lots of things. do you trust social media more than -- and you chose the cannabis industry. why did you choose that? >> well, we chose it because for obvious conversation. >> because it got you on tv? >> to get me on tv. >> we will talk sunday morning about this issue. 9:00 a.m. after "meet the press". we are going to talk about those incredibly successful ipos. >> yeah. >> and we'll talk to the reporter who figured out that beto o'rourke, the presidential candidate, was a hacker when he was young. not just a casual hacker either.
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like a war games level hacker. >> not a white hat hacker. >> white hat hacker at the age we will call it white hat. good knowledge. whitish. generally speaking, didn't do any harm. but certainly was in the level of what we would consider to be a hacker. >> that is interesting. that is interesting. all right. >> thanks, scott. >> we'll be waiting for that. thank you, scott. >> 5:16. a heads-up for mouse ears. this is for anyone thinking of taking your young child to disneyland. may 1st families will no longer be able to bring their own large strollers. the mack mum is 31 x 52. and wagons are out, as well as dry ice in coolers. while we're at it, smoking is
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prohibited but you can light up outside. >> stay home. the weather is perfect. a new program to let food stamp recipients purchase their groceries online after getting the green light from the u.s. department of agriculture which manages the program. the pilot is starting first in upstate new york. but it is expected to eventually roll out into other areas, including alabama, iowa, maryland, nebraska, new jersey, oregon, and washington. it will also include online. >> apple is making a new effort to assist. they are quadrupling recycling locations across the country. you can turn in devices online or at any apple or best buy stores. a special robot then
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disassembles those. >> make sure you wipe it. >> winter is coming to sesame street. working to bring respect. this set of siblings does not get along. here's elmo's advice for the family. >> elmo listens and learns from what they have to say. >> if we stop fighting and work together, we could be stronger. >> all right. you might recall sesame street recently moved to hbo at least for initial airings. and that just happened to be the home of "game of thrones", which started its final season. by any standards, it is a new milestone in cross promotion. westeros. i don't watch it. i was terrified when i tried to watch the first episode. i can't do it. i'm a chicken. >> i wonder if they will just dragons they will have cookie monsters come too.
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>> it is already $15 million to make an episode. they got budgets. >> but sesame street. >> they have been in the game for a long time too. it's true. well, you know, this weekend i know that there's a new "game of thrones" on sunday. the temperatures will be okay. but i think a lot of people are wondering about easter, right? so hopefully you get a chance to go out and enjoy the weather. san francisco, 52 degrees right now. 8 miles per hour wind speeds. changing weather could affect the saturday and sunday plans. as you head out the door right now, you will notice it is pretty mild. 56 in san jose. i see clouds off the coast. we have a building marine layer. a bit of an onshore flow. we can thank slightly cooler temperatures as well. some spots 10 degrees cooler. daytime highs in san jose, 78 degrees.
5:20 am
livermore, 77 degrees. martinez, 77. couple of 80s through antioch, 80 degrees. bay area skies will be mostly clear the first half of the day. a look at doppler radar. for the second half of the day, we will start to notice building cloud cover. we have an approaching cold front. by 10:00, notice the increase in cloud cover through there. so, again, mostly tkhraoclear. we have the cold front approaching. look the a our models. we could see a spark up of a couple of showers in the santa cruz mountains. it is out to the north-northeast. not affecting us by much. i will fast forward the timeline. the rain and a couple of showers. however, i am seeing showers in the sierra mountains. if you're going to be driving up there, you may catch rain.
5:21 am
we get to see the bridge of high pressure building in the bay area. from 66 for our high tomorrow. once it passes through we get the lower temperatures. sunday that temperature will start to warm up again into the 70s for inland areas. back into the 80s by tuesday. our weekend is off to a pretty good start. how are the roads? >> is the speed son sores show you green around the bay. one crash that did just pop up at steven's creek at 280. that's not a problem. the one call said a car spun out. the fog will show that to you. more at the golden gate bridge. it was pointing out of the area eastbound 80. getting away from us fairfield, sacramento. the getaway traffic usually tends to start early afternoon, as well as eastbound 58 to.
5:22 am
toward livermore and tracy. that's folks heading to the sierra. the carquinas and bay bridge. there's a little build. not a big deal. i told you i would show you the fog at the golden gate bridge. one car. two cars now on the golden gate bridge. no problem for the bart lines. accessing the fremont over there by the police investigation. watch civic center drive. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the 20th anvers of the horrific columbine shooting this weekend. but there is still work in the private sector to prevent school shootings. a new device and how it is analyzing students.
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5:25 now. ahead of tomorrow's 20th anniversary of the shooting at columbine high school, the community is gathering together. dozens of people last night gathered together and reflected on the tragedy in the time that's passed. you might remember 20 years ago, two armed students entered and killed fellow students and one teacher. it comes after a very stressful week for schools in the denver metro area.
5:26 am
schools were closed on wednesday after a florida woman made threats connected to the shooting. later authorities found her dead after she took her own life. in the wake of the columbine high school shootings, a handful of companies use machine learning to analyze student activity on school-issued devices. it looks for warning signs and looks for students who may harm themselves or others. bark offers the service for free to schools. >> easter sunday is this weekend. but we have interesting information. this morning church membership in the u.s. is down sharply over the last two decades. only 50% of americans say they regularly attend church. a gallup poll says half the change happened since the start of this decade. coming up, we have breaking news out of fremont.
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we told you that officers shot and killed a person near a hospital. bob redell is live on the scene. he is standing by for a press conference where we expect to get an update. he'll tell us what the operations at the hospital are doing because the emergency area is blocked. >> plus, good friday is likely going to be difficult for many worshippers in paris after the devastating fire at notre dame cathedral. how others are stepping up in this time of holy remembrance. live to the bay bridge toll plaza. you see a little moisture there on the lens. it's not going to be as warm today as it was yesterday. but what really matters is the weekend forecast, right? vianey has that coming up. you're watching "today in the bay". i knew about the tremors.
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good morning and thank you good friday morning to you. a live look at the bay bridge. a beautiful way to start our friday. mike will have a look at the commute in just a bit. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. it is a nice day to be inside but a better day to be outside. >> even if it's going to be a little bit cooler, it may feel more comfortable because it's cooler. a live look at san francisco. you notice off in the distance, a building marine layer. there it is. we have an onshore flow. cooler temperatures today.
5:31 am
rain 10 degrees cooler. daytime highs will definitely be in the 70s. a couple of low aeul80s. clear skies the first half of the day. into the second portion, we will notice an indamocles in cloud cover. you don't have to worry about any rain. a cold front will make its way in through saturday. it could spark a couple of showers. how that may or may not impact the drive. >> i can't tie that report together. it's a light commute. that is traditional for friday. that is the bay bridge toll plaza. easy drive. you see the low clouds over the east bay as well. bay bridge not affected by the fog. you will have a patch or two. big careful in the area. the approach into the maze.
5:32 am
in fact, all showing green sensors. just a little slowdown out of tracy. over on the shoulder without any problems. we are looking over here. the little blip on willow, the detail there, it is getting toward the construction zone. overnight zone, 101. you are finding more through that area. friday, though, morning commute starts late. afternoon commute starts early. heading to the early bart trains we may have an issue near the bart station. that's my frame of reference. the officer-involved shooting outside steps away from the east bay hospital emergency room. >> bob redell is live at the scene. we are waiting for a press conference. bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah. kris and marcus, that press conference will take place right there behind us. right now we're at civic center
5:33 am
in front of washington hospital. this is where an officer-involved shooting involving fremont police took place last night. as you can see, the officers, the police department has civic center shut down between bartway and mowery as they continue their investigation. it happened 10:50 last night. there was a person outside the hospital, on the sidewalk or in the street. not on hospital property. three officers were involved. apparent live they did shoot and kill this person. we know that for a fact. we have listened to radio traffic between dispatch and the officers on the scene. one of the officers radioed this was an active shooter situation. this person fired at least one shot before the officers opened fire. >> we have one suspect down on civic, southbound civic, just west of washington hospital.
5:34 am
there is one subject armed with a handgun. >> again, as you can see behind me, the police department does have the section of civic center drive in front of washington hospital shut down. we do not believe that washington hospital is affected as far as it's still up and running. it is a matter of getting the ambulances in through a different way. behind me, you can see we are set up waiting for this news conference to start. hopefully they will be getting more information. again, what happened just before 11:00 last night. three officers involved in the shooting of a person who was shot and killed by police here in fremont. reporting live in fremont. bob redell, "today in the bay". thank you very much, bob. we will be standing by for that press conference as well. developing now, coast guards crews are assessing whether or not to search for a teenager swept out at sea.
5:35 am
they are already calling this a recovery effort. the 18-year-old disappeared while boogieboarding with friends. >> as soon as it hits you have maybe a second or two to breathe. and it would come rolling in again. there just wasn't time really to get a breath. >> the friends on shore called 911. rescue crews launched two boats and two helicopters with infrared cameras aboard to pick up the 18-year-old's body heat. but the helicopters had to be turned away due to weather. authorities so far have not identified him. one man is behind bars accused of beating a man to death in an east bay park. it happened in anuda park in bay point. they did know each other and got into a fight. they arrived to find the victim near death and later found the suspect, 27-year-old joshua
5:36 am
johnson. so far he has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. new details about the legal case sroupburrounding elon musk. they are giving him more time to negotiate a deal to keep from being in contempt of court. he violated a settlement requiring his tweets be pre-approved by attorneys if they disclose certain facts. it happened after he said he was taking tesla funding even though he had not. today's good friday services in paris will no doubt be emotional in the aftermath of the fire at notre dame cathedral. other neighboring churches are hoping to fill the void for what is the holiest time of the year. firefighters who ran into the burning building were honored.
5:37 am
french leaders are voicing new urgency in making sure the church can be rebuilt in five years and perhaps before paris hosts the summer olympics in 2024. meanwhile, for jewish people around the world, passover begins at sundown don'tonight. for many the first night of the festival involves the traditional sater dinner. passover continues through april 27th. 5:37 for you right now. and san francisco leaders are being advised to reject a bold plan that would restore fort scott in presidio. developers want to transform 22 buildings into a customers devoted social media or environmental change. the trust says it doesn't meet certain obligations. the trust manages most of the nearly 1500 acre park. supervisors are scheduled to vote on the proposal next month. >> 135 more affordable housing units will soon be available in downtown san jose.
5:38 am
crews will break ground on north san pedro studios today near basset and tremaine streets not far from guadalupe river park. owners to make between $25,000 to $40,000 a year to get in. we checked overnight, however, could not find how much the units will be listed for at this point. a wait list is expected to open in the fall of next year. rent cafe says most people in san jose pay $2,900 a month in rent. if you're getting for what is hopefully a light friday commute for you, you probably already know this. bay area bumper to bumper traffic is common. according to a new numbers published in the mercury news, 73% of voters would backs a one-cent sales tax to upgrade
5:39 am
roads. when it comes to high cost of housing, only 43% would support a new plan to build more homes through zoning and capping what renters pay. a lot going on for that. a lot of people will give a penny to traffic. right behind me we're looking at the backup that's happening at the richmond-san rafael bridge. what's going on is overnight we have the repair work both directions. westbound commute in the morning, the commute is still registered on the caltrans report as being active westbound. so there may be slowing. at least one lane in the westbound direction. they may have an issue with the shift change. might be happening a little later for the takers. meanwhile, moving smoothly throughout the bay. the bay bridge does not have the big backup at the toll plaza. that is not unusual for a friday.
5:40 am
typically we have a smooth flow of traffic all around the bay. >> see, that's a good friday. >> good timing. >> good friday. >> pretty good forecast. our cooling trend, as you guys know, is already under way. saturday will be our coolest day so far. then we will warm back up. the reason saturday is expected to be the coolest day, right now we have an onshore flow and prefpi approaching cold front. the models are showing that off to the north-northeast with just a couple of pop-up showers through the santa cruz mountains, areas along the coast through tomorrow. no heavy rain is expected. notice the highs. not even 70s. 66 for inland areas. bay, 63. and then if you're heading out to lake tahoe, well, because of the cold front, a lot of the rain will be north northeast. if you have plans to travel, expect to see rain early on. and then in through the
5:41 am
afternoon, it will kind of linger with temperatures topping out in the 50s. the daytime highs will remain chilly. as far as your sunday forecast goes, good news. it doesn't really affect us. high pressure begins to rebuild in the bay area. our temperatures shoot into the 60s for the bay. inland, 70 degrees. easter sunday, mostly clear skies. a combination of sun and collides. and into the 70s once again. look out for a couple showers. >> thanks, vianey. coming up on "today in the bay", a new very scary problem survivors are now facing after the most destructive fire in california's history. plus, you don't have to listen to what politicians to say about the mueller report. you don't have to listen to what i have to say. read it yourself. i'll talk about that when "today in the bay" continues.
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and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. good morning. it is 5:44. we have a building marine layer. you might see patchy fog. temperatures are expected to climb into the 70s. but it will only get cooler into the weekend. the timing of that coming up. and there's the san mateo west 92 with tail lights moving in the 50s, probably 60s. and a smooth flow. we will show you actually a
5:45 am
crash farther east. we will check on that. 5:44. investigators in southern california are trying to determine what caused the fiery small plane crash that killed the pilot. the plane went down at fullerton airport. the twin engine craft caught fire during takeoff. the pilot has not been identified. new trouble for people in paradise who have yet to start rebuilding after last year's deadly firestorm. extensive toxic contamination has been found in their tap water. the carcinogen benzene was found. santa rosa had a similar problem after the tubbs fire. there are fears it could take two years and hundreds of millions of dollars. as you might remember the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but the fbi will be testing pg&e equipment near the point of
5:46 am
origin. well, the president said he's exonerated but the mueller report specifically says he is not. >> scott mcgrew, all kinds of politicians finding all kinds of ways to interpret the report. >> it is astonishing. not just differences of opinion but differences of fact, or as the white house once called it, alternative facts. you hear a lot of people saying a lot of things about the mueller report. it shouldn't have been redacted. it exonerates the president. more hearings are needed. what you need to do is read the report itself. it's available online. it's an easy but long read. instead of relying on other people, you'll know what happened. put another way, why rely on sarah sanders and what she says about the mueller report if in the mueller report she admits to lying to the american public. even when attorney general bill bar quoted the report, he was careful not to quote the whole
5:47 am
thing. here is what he said when he was the one who had the report. the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired with the russian. here's the sentence fragment. here's what he did not read. although the investigation established the russian government perceived it would benefit from a trump presidency and worked to secure that outcome, and the campaign expected it would benefit from information stolen and released from russian efforts. the report lists instances where trump encouraged russian interference and a whole section on obstruction in which mueller listed 10 instances he tried to disrupt the investigation. he doesn't charge the president but he does discuss the use of impeachment. even indictment of a former president after impeachment. one thing the mueller report very clear on, again, read it yourself, is how accurate the press was over the last two years. you will read a lot and think, i
5:48 am
already knew that. and notice how often mueller uses news articles as evidence in the report. all right. what happens now? congress will want to talk to mueller directly. we expect him to be subpoenaed within hours. we will be watching all of this on twitter as this continues, the president reacted on twitter. i'll let you look that one up yourself. i'm@scottmcgrew on twitter. thanks, scott. 5:48. a great night for the wars i don't tell sharks. their playoff hopes are still alive after they beat vegas 5-2. they now trail three games to two. sunday game is in sin city. >> and warriors making sure no historic comeback in l.a. they stayed in control. crushed the clippers, 132-105. kevin durant led the warriors
5:49 am
with 38 points. thanks, k.d. game four on sunday. i think the easter eggs will be found very, very quickly. >> there is one over there. >> just grab one. come on. >> some very good point. the weather will be fine. no matter how early or late you decide to do your easter egg hunt, you will not encounter troubles outside. a good start here. 56 degrees throughout the entire bay area. temperatures in the 50s. wind speeds are calm. take a look at san francisco. this is a pretty shot. but i want you to focus a little bit off to the distance. a building marine layer. it will bring a cool breeze especially along the coast. the marine layer showcasing itself on our radar as well. look at that. you can see the building clouds. we are starting to notice patchy fog. also reports of fog in half moon bay. we can expect temperatures to be cooler today. 10 degrees in some spots.
5:50 am
most areas 5 to 7 degrees cooler. low 70s for oakland. 77 for palo alto. 79 morgan hill. 69 for san francisco. let's talk about the changing weather. right now doppler radar is quiet. we are tracking a quick-moving system expected to bring an increase in cloud cover as early as tonight. early tomorrow morning as well. we are going to expect clouds to linger. fast forward to about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the evening, notice the rain. we've got showers mainly off to the north and just east of us. so areas in the sierra. yosemite expecting showers. we could see areas of drizzle now. this moves out quickly. as the system passes, daytime highs will be cooler than we are noticing today. 60 in san francisco. by sunday, just in time for easter, those temperatures begin to warm right back up into the 70s. mike, any issues on the roads?
5:51 am
>> you know, not really, vianey. we have friday traffic. spring break rolling around the bay the last month, i'd say. another couple weeks. at least another week for my kids. a smoother drive. light friday. watch the midday commute. the backup really kicks in about 8:00, 9:00, extending to about 1:00. as folks try to get into the city or a lot of activity. things are so green through the area. eastbound 80 out of fairfield, sacramento, it will build. g westbound 580 slows across the richmond-san rafael bridge. one lane for the overnight road work there. farther south at the bay bridge, still very clear. no metering lights as we have sunlight. that is an indication of lighter friday commute. a little fog across the golden gate bridge. the volume starting to build. be prepared for the fog as you
5:52 am
will be if you regularly travel the golden gate bridge. back to you. thanks, mike. happening first for you, today marks the 24th anveniversary of the deadly oklahoma city bombing. on this day in 1995 tim any mcvey set up a bomb outside the alfred p. murray federal building in oklahoma city. this morning a remembrance ceremony will be held at the oklahoma city national memorial. if you are heading out of town this weekend, wait two more minutes before you leave. texas researchers investigate germs on planes and in hotels. plus. >> i just like to be competitive. >> the family who stacks together stays together. meet three generations of americans whose ability to stapp cups led them a spot representing all of us on the world stage. their story all new this hour. each morning,
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>> the suspect pointed it at our officers and both officers fired if he suspect, striking him. at that time additional officers arrived on scene. one, including one of you canine units. a canine was deployed to take this suspect into custody. at that point the suspect was taken into custody and a gun was located under his torso. once the suspect was secured, medical aid was provided
5:57 am
immediately you to understand this incident that started approximately 10:50 p.m. within 17 minutes, the suspect was pronounced deceased. none of our officers were injured. no bystanders were injured or involved. this was a very, very, unfortunate incident that occurred last night. it is clear that our lone officer, whose vehicle was struck by gunfire, very well could have been not just injured but killed. those are the details we have at this point. we will provide additional information in 48 to 72 hours. we will hold a press conference in the very near future. . >> captain, can you speak to any indication the officers have about how this may have started
5:58 am
or why this person is shooting at an officer driving up and down this street near washington hospital. any reason why this happened? >> no idea. you have to understand that the officer that was shot at was not responding to a call. it's not as if he was responding to this incident. he was actually driving to the police station. minding his own business on patrol. >> so the officer was headed this way here southbound on civic center. >> correct. >> and the suspect came out of whereabouts on the east side of -- >> a bus stop on the east side of civic. so just near that bus stop is where this incident took place. >> (inaudible). >> yes. >> (inaudible). >> yes. >> (inaudible). >> yes. . the first officer, after he was shot at and his car was struck,
5:59 am
he made a u turn, and fired at the suspect. >> (inaudible). >> this is early in the investigation. detectives are working tirelessly to figure this out. >> (inaudible). >> we're not ready to release that information. please allow our detective toss follow up. as soon as we are able to release that information, we will. >> captain, this is an area where i believe anecdotes from officers, as well as -- >> all right. we are listening right now to captain fred bobbit of the fremont police department explaining how this officer-involved shooting happened. what we knew is there was a suspect two struggled with police and officers shot him after he was pointing a gun at him. what we didn't know until this morning and what bob redell is reporting now is it started with a bit of a drive-by situation. i fremont police officer was just driving by when the suspect
6:00 am
allegedly shot at the patrol car. he fell. then he also picked up the again again. that's when the two other officers discharged their weapons and shot him to defuse the situation. he will sift through the details and bring us another report in about a half hour. >> yeah. they said they would do another press conference 48 to 72 hours from now. we will watch for that as well. we want to go to vianey arana, who is following the weather for us today. certainly something a lot of people will be talking about, especially on good friday. >> a lot of people have plans to be outside. you're already planning for your sunday. it involves family, food, and a lot of love. all right. morning commute, we have 60s expected through 9:00 a.m. mostly clear skies. but, again, that marine layer is going to bring an onshore flow. check this


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