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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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it's terrible, it's terrible. >> reporter: police say ten minutes later, the teen ran a red light, crashed into another car sending that driver to the hospital and took off running. and when a wss to follow him he pulled a gun on him. police tracked thet' 14 cruel. who >> i would love to see him tried as an adult so i could go see him, you know, and see what he says, what he thinks, you know, just to see what makes him do that. i don't know. >> reporter: now we're told tonight that robbery detectives are going over similar carjacking cases to see if this teen may be connected in any kind of way. nbc bay area news. our weather tonight iss a m. and it is gias home opener tomow afternoon. let's take a live look from traffic cams across the bay area. blue skies in san francisco
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right now. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, who's closely watching these incoming storms. what are you seeing? >> right now we have a cold front starting to move into the coastline. this is really arting starting k up. let's get a closer look at storm ranger mobile doppler radar. a few storms giving a little activity. but through 10:30 tonight not we'll begin to see things pick up by 7:00 in the morning. things are just starting to get going. once we hit 11:30 in the morning we'll get in on widespread rain with heavier pockets. the big question, what about the giants game? a quick look at the forecast shows improving for that potential of the game. rain in the morning. maybe only rain chances until 2:00 in the afternoon, then we likely could see things dry out.
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at this point, i don't see a cancellation, but maybe it delayed just a little bit. we'll have a closer look at this and when the sun comes out in about 15 minutes. >> jeff is tracking the storm on our digital media platforms as well. he just posted a timeline of the sorm. y storm. a sword, a maga hat and rant. last friday, witnesses say a man wearing a make america great again hat yelled homophobic and racial slurs at people outside a roller skati that man, police say he pulled out a sword and slashed him and took off. they've now arrested him and charged him with attempted murder. we have a look at the owners of the ghost ship warehouse. eva and kei ing were subpoenaed.
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they declined to answer whether they knew people lived in the warehouse and whether they received $3 million in insurance money after the fire. derick al menna was asked if th charges but got no answer. a public alogy from the ceo of boeing after two 737 max airplanes crashed killing everyone on board. today new information is also emerging about what triggered those crashes. >> we at boeing are sorry for the lives lost in the recent 737 max accidents. these tragedies continue to weigh heavily on our hearts and minds, and we extend our sympathies to the loved ones of the passenger and crew on board. >> in that latest crash, 157
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people died when that 737 max eight jet crashed after takeoff. authorities confirm that the pilots of the ethiopia airline flight did what they were supposed to do to try to correct the problem, but it didn't work. they performed all recommended emergency procedures. last october another 737 max jet crashed in indonesia killing 20 are boeing review how the jets are controlled and also to get a full outside review. the family of a woman killed in the ethiopian crash is suing boeing. that young woman was related to a well-known consumer activist. the attorneys representing her family are from the wbay area, and they want to ground all type of boeing planes crash. anousha rasta joins us. this is an international story with a very local angle. >> reporter: it absolutely is,
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raj. and airlines like southwest and american flew the 737 max out of this airport until president trump grounded those airplanes last month. now boeing insists that they'll be fixed soon. but the victims' family says they don't trust the company anymore. less than one month after ethiopian airlines flight 302 crashed after takeoff, the family of one of the victims is now suing plane in the sky. ? . >> we as passengers need to demand at that planes be safe so that though one else dies. >> reporter: 24 year old samya was among the people killed when the 737 max eight crashed. today her parents and brother and lawyers spoke in chicago where they filed a lawsuit against boeing, ethiopian airlines and rosemont aerospace
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which is the company that made the software that allegedly failed. they are being represented by a bay area law firm. attorney joe kochet says they are suing the faa, too. >> who's at stake? everybody who abouts to sfo and gets on a plane in the morning. everybody who goes to k, l.a.x. uncle is ralph nader who joined the news conference by phone urging a boycott of the 737 pmax planes. boeing admitted theres with a problem with some of the software but expect to have it fixed and jets ready to fly again within the next few weeks. anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, anoushah. deadly consequences to
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wildlife. the foam used to put out this fire in berkley yesterday is killing fish, because the foam seeped into a nearby creek. jodi hernandez has more from the berkley fire department which said it had good use it. >> we have raccoons and deer and possum and, you know,travel the. they're roadways for wildlife. >> reporter: but tonight the creek is anything but it's filled with dozens of dead fish and patches of foam. yesterday berkley fire used class a foam to put out a dangerous garbage truck fire in north berkley, but the highly-concentrated substance has made its way into the nearby creek where it's not mixed well with wildlife. >> it's real disappointing and prus traiting and sad. >> reporter: ben aikenberg is out surveying the impact, taking samples, trying to determine what species of ferb have been
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affected. he says the berkley fire department has some sprainin of. >> it's a very concentrated detergent. >> reporter: the natural gas tanks were at risk of exploding, and firefights had to weigh the risk versus the gain. >> the trucks were on fire. if the natural gase cyl looking much more deadly situation. >> reporter: they are take being steps to clean the foam. neighbors and conservationists want to make sure a fish kill like this doesn't happen again. >> this amount of horror. it was totally coated in the top of the creek, is awful. >> reporter: in berkley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. it could be a week before we know what killed a young gray
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whale that washed ashore in rodeo. this morning a boat towed the whale to angel island where the necropsy will occur. more robberies at apple stores. this one hit by the same thieves, four times. it happened at the apple store on fourth street inerkley. police say these men stole items worth $1200 and then came back and took three laptops. then this past monday and tuesday, they stole $20,000 worth of merchandise from the same store. anyone with information is urged to contact the berkley pd. on the eve of his trip to the border, president trump is backing off his threat to shut down travel and trade between the two nations. today he issued a new threat with a new timeline. he's telling mexico's leader will give them one year to crackdown on illegal
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immigration, truck trafficking and gang violence along the border. >> if the drugs don't stop, we're going to tariff the cars, the cars are very big. if that doesn't work, we're going to close the border. >> stern w t president's position. still to come, details of their divorce. the deal between amazon ceo jeff bezos and his soon to be ex-wife that will mean each will get to stay billionaires. plus. >> and they see the pain that they're causing. this is a huge day. tay forday people. a major shift by the mormon church. what it means for gay couples and their families. i'll have the updated timeline and how much rain in seven minutes. alright, let's talk perks!
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the mormon church announced today some changes to a ban on baptisms reversed. the mormon church nn changes that are sending shockwaves where signs of a break through are already starting to happen. sam brock joins us live with how people are taking this news. this is big news. >> reporter: yeah, this is big news. i mean monumental news, janelle, in the words of the director. behind me what you see is one of
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two lds churches. we couldn't reach anyone in either location, but it is clear the mormon church is singing a different tune. in june of 2018 a joint performance at the shoreline theater in mountain view that broke down historic conductor o san francisco gay men's chorus was mind-boggling. >> reporter: he is the long-time director for the san francisco gay men's chorus. it's a night that will stick with him and many others for a lifetime. >> you see tears in their eyes. they have their own experiences. >> reporter: the break through then perhaps a prelude to today's headlines. mormons repeal ban or baptisms for children of gay parents. baptisms per miftsmitted as lon parents acknowledge that their children will be taught churcht
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way it comes, we welcome it. >> reporter: selig says about 30 members of his chorus are mormons. he believes the announcement will still move the earth as a movement toward greater equality picks up steam. and we reached out to the san francisco human rights community and did not receive a comment. a disappointing day in the unsolved mystery of a little boy who went missing eight years ago. dna results confirm the person who claimed to be the boy is not timmothy pitzen. the real pitzen of illinois disappeared when he was 6 years old during a road trip with his mother. police found the mom dead in a hotel room from an apparent suicide. yesterday the boys' family t pr
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answered when a teen from kentucky claimed he was the missing boy. but dna proved that was not true. >> it's kind of back to ground zero for us. reliving everything that did happen and renewing the loss. >> so gut-wrenching for that family. a federal judge is ordering elon musk and the sec to work it out. they want musk charged with contempt, claiming he violated their settlement by tweeting about tesla's production. that settlement was reached in the first place after musk tweeted last year about taking the company private which caused shares to skyrocket. the judge instructed both sides to work things out and come back in two woks. jeff and mckinzie bezos have finalized their divorce. even after dividing assets, he's
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still itrichest man. stock shar a net worth of more than $35 billion. she also relinquished her interest in their other companies, the "washington post" and an aerospace company. his statement says they remain friends and co-parents. how's this for vip service? there's a secret dmv only for state lawmakers. it exists across the street from the capital and has been open for more than 40 years. they use it for common dmv transactions without having to wait in long lines like the rest of us. an a bill that would shut down this secret office. >> when you look at all the problems the dmv has, the lack of oversight, accountability, maybe if legislators h their constituents there would be more political will to
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actually get things that's a fa. the assembly man denies he introduced the bill as retaliation because he was recently represeimanded. the team says starting at 6:30 tomorrow morning they're going to give hourly updates. gates will open just after 7:00 a.m. but tarps are on stand by and the first pitch could be delayed. >> we should do a little pool of when the game's going to start. >> oh. let's watch jeff's forecast first and then on that forecast as we move through tomorrow, less in the way of rain and this thing may get out of here a little sooner. i do not think we'll be under a cancellation right now, but definitely could get delayed a little pit. let if you are curious about the opener, we have the rain starting early tomorrow morning. at least a chance of it.
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and i'm thinking we'll hold a chance of rainfall and showers through about 2:00 in the afternoon, but the new change as of today is after 2:00, we should start to dry out. so that's why wie will not have the game canceled, but it heymae postponed a little bit, and that is the best news. we have spotty showers near the peninsula. this is coming from a cold front that is starting to fall apart right now. so we're not worried about any heavy rainfall from this storm system. but this second storm out here, that's the better bet of rainfall as we head through tomorrow. let's get you all set for that morning forecast tomorrow. and you can see across the bay area, we have a spotty chancfal. i think we're going to be doing just fine tomorrow, will be able to get through just fine. south bay at 51 to start out and more 50s for the east bay, san
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francisco and the north bay. starting at 7:30, things are just starting to get started. also the peninsula. the worst of it happens at 11:30 in the morning. widespread coverage of rainfall across the bay area, with possibly heavier pockets. but the good news, as of today, this tries to get out of here by 2:00. starts to break up. then i really think at this point, by 5:00, 5:30 we should really see this storm system who having moving on out. with that storm moving in and out faster, totals are also down. trace amounts to a third of an inch possible. we're looking for a third of an inch across the north bay. i know, you're saying, what about the sunshine? we've not sun in that extended forecast. you've just got to wait for it.
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as we hit saturday, still holding onto some spotty rain. once we hit next tuesday, the sun starts to come out into wednesday and thursday. best rain chance ahead comes on friday morning. hold on to a spotty chance on saturday and maybe by next monday we have a slight chance of showers in the forecast. so this kind of is the best scenario. we're still getting rainfall, but it looks like it should be out of here in time to avoid any kind of cancellation. >> coming in with all kinds of good news. [ that that's what i do. stealing a chain saw by hiding it in your pants. really? doesn't sound too safe, but it actually happened. stuffing it d?
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fresno hardware store stealing a chain saw by stuffing it down your pants? yep. that's what one man did at a fresno hardware store this week. surveillance video knows him taking it off the display, du d his pants and under his jacket. he got in and drove off in his pickup truck. a local elementary school was vandalized over spring break but now the community is rallying to help it. a gofundme page has raised more than $21,000 and counting. that money will go toward all the broken windows,ls tossed ev everywhere. it is in the fruit vavale
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neighborhood. more than 250,000 people commute. now a new study shows the top ten places to commute from. topping the list, south san francisco, then san bruno, san rafael and san mateo. they considered travel time, home prices and crime rates. check out the full list at our website. how do you save a skunk in trouble without getting sprayed? ooh, we have creative solutions next. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] nse ]
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contra costa county as a gunman held a father hostage in 6:00, he was told to dig your own grave. a gunman held a father hostage in his own back yard. finally at 5:00, skunks can't skate. so quick thinking helped a stinkin' cute skunk get out. he was in a skate park bowl more than six deep. palettes were laid down to allow the skunk a way out. after friendly prodding he made it out safely. thankfully, no one sprayed. >> that is good. >> you say he was stinkin' cute? >> he was stinkin' cute. >> even cuter that he didn't spray. >> thanks for joining us at
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5:00. lester holt joins us next with nightly news. >> we'll be back at 6:00, hope to see you then. breaking news tonight, the std cang. the fbi revealing late today dna tests show the person who claimed to be the long lost boy who vanished eight years ago is not really him. a crushing blow to the family hoping timmothy pitzen has finally been found. tonight, the new mystery unfolding. also developing at this hour, the tense standoff, two police officers shot, the gunman barricaded in a ho new fears about the measles outbreak spreading across the country. where hundreds of people are being warned they may have been exposed to the highly contagious disease. an nbc news exclusive, the 9-year-old miracle survivor from a horrifying hit and run thanking everyone praying for her recovery.
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