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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. the mystery that affected thousands of bart riders this morning. a computer glitch knocked out service system wide. we )ll have a live report, on hw it could happen again... plus, video of a deadly shooting by san jose state uni the mystery that affected thousands of bart riders. a live look outside on this cold and wet saturday. we remain in a micro climatewet r alert. the news at 5:00 starts now. good evening, everyone. another winter blast. now even a chance of snow in the
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bay area as rob is coming back. >> we're seeing cool temperatures outside right now. 40s and low 50s. we do have 50 degrees. you can see on our storm ranger doppler radar, pretty good line of showers here. southeast of downtown along highway 101 between morgan hill and san jose. moving off to the north and east. a little break in the action with more rain offer shore here around san francisco moving in within the next half hour. there's the potential, as you notice here, on this radar loop, seeing isolated thunder as it comes ashore. the main impact won't be for rain totals. most of the bay area is seeing less than a half inch of rain. it's the possibility of hail and thunder into sunday. snow levels low enough right now for snow and a cool start to tomorrow morning. we'll have a closer look hour by hour at your sunday forecast in about 12 minutes. thanks very much. a warning from the point reyes
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national park service. be careful above and below the clic cliffs. they urged visitors to remember the landscape is changing and rain is speeding up some of that change. it comes after a huge cliff collapse. don't let the rain take you by surprise. download our free nbc bay area app. know where it's coming down. it's a good resource to have. keep your weekend plan from being impacted. big questions about why bart had to shut down all of its trains today. the agency says it was a computer issue but tonight they still don't know exactly what caused it or whether it will happen again. nbc bay area christy smith is live. christy, bart riders want answers. how long until they get some? >> reporter: well, that's the question and at this point we just don't floknow. it was a rough morning for bart
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riders. trains have been rolling for much of the day. bart is pointing out it's a good thing this didn't happen during the busy workweek. still they say that an analysis could take days. >> good morning. is your system still closed? >> no, everything is running. >> reporter: a frustrating morning for bart riders. no bart train service for riders for hours. >> the gate was still closed. >> reporter: bus bridges move frustrated riders and when stations finally opened, some riders say they were not surprised bart was having problems. sgr ju >> just accepted that's the way it is. >> reporter: bart provided recorded updates. >> the rest of the system is open. this is the latest information. >> reporter: they said it's fortunate this didn't happen during the busy weekday. the cause is still a mystery. >> we are open for business but we don't know why we went down. >> reporter: bart says it will
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need a forensic evaluation to figure it out. they thought it was due to maintenance but now don't believe that's the case. >> the display is operating in si safe mode but the control of the train is working. the traction power is working. >> this failure was unacceptable. this cannot be the way that bart does any. >> reporter: janice le is a bart board member. she pointed to the aging system but said she's trying to get answers. >> what is bart doing to ensure as we are seeing it roll out that the risks of this ever happening again are mieliminate >> reporter: she hopes to learn a lot more what about was found during this analysis later in the week at the bart board meeting. >> thanks very much.
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not the only problem bart had to deal with. thursday night we brought you this story. a train got stuck on the tracks and started smoking. bart says one of the train's axels malfunctioned and locked up. riders had to be escorted off the train. when bart tried to move the train,started to spark. no one was hurt. the body camera shooting of the footage has been released under a new state law. some may find there disturbing. it shows him walking down the street. officer orders lopez to drop to the ground while a second tells him to put the blade down. one officer appears to fire his taser. an officer yells shoot him. shoot. officer santos said he thought lopez was going to stab his fellow officer.
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that's why he fired twice. both shots hit him in the back. he died at the hospital. san jose university issued a statement saying the officer's use of force was deemed justifiable in response to a threat that could result in great harm or death. in response to a civil lawsuit, two federal courts ruled the use of force was reasonable and appropriate. lopez partner says the video does not tell the whole story. she wants the 911 call leading up to the shooting released as well. we'll hear from her at 6:00. it's been a year since the shooting at the pathway home claimed the lives of three staff members. the town came together to honor those victims who lost the lives as the survivors who witnessed the tragedy. the shooting took place last particular march when a gunman opened fire
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at an event meant to help victims of ptsd. >> it's been a really hard year for a lot of people. they are uppermost in our mind today. >> spokesperson explains the challenges that survivors who came face-to-face with the shooter have had to overcome this past year. many of the residents who were dealing with ptsd are still working to process that shooting. at 5:00, the commander in chief calling out california. he single out governor newsome. i hope the grand standing governor of california is able to spend his citizens money on asylum holds than on the so called fast train. tri
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time to reduce taxes in california. it also wants california to return an additional $2.5 billion it already spent. the governor says high speed rail will still be put in place in the central valley and california will not be returning any money. a massive warehouse fire is under investigation in the south bay. the flames broke out around 3:00 this morning near the corner of north matilda. fire crews say they could see flames shooting up from blocks away as they were get frg the fire. firefighters were able to aggressively fight it. took about an hour to get things under control. no one was hurt. a federal grand jury has indicted a former san francisco a acupuncturist for health care frauds. he submitted false or inflated bills to insurance plans of his
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customers. if convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison and a fine of $250,000 for each of the six violations. still ahead, r. kelly out of jail tonight. how someone stepped in to foot an enormous child support bill to release the singer. nonprofit stepping in to help disadvantaged teenagers to find the perfect promise dress for free. we'll show you more. a shooting s
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lands three people behind bars in santa rosa... it happened last night near northcoast street and tan oak shooting involving gangs lands three people behind bars. it's near the comstock middle school. police were right there and heard the gunshots. they saw two people are you positiving away. while searching, police found an 18-year-old man who had been shot in the legs. he is expect to be okay. police arrested two men and a woman. they founded a loaded gun used in that shooting. singer r. kelly out of jail after someone paid the $161,000 he owed in child support. no official word on who made that payment. here you see him walking with his attorney after getting out. op wednesday a chicago judge ordered him jailed until he paid
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back child support he owed. he's accused of sexually abusing four women, including three who were mineors. >> we'll straighten all this out. thaths a that's all you can see. sdpr yo >> your fans. >> i love my fans. >> the singer has pleadsed not guilty. his attorney said the accusers are lining and out to profit on his success. many bay area teens are on the hunt for the perfect dress. the princess project stepping in again to help out. today kicked off the first day of the princess project dress give away. this is at the oaks shopping center. teens were able to choose from 8,000 dresses. 90% of them brand new. >> studies have shown that getting a driver's license and going to prom are the two most
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important events for teenager. we decided to come alongside teens at there really tender time in life and give them something that will really make them feel beautiful. >> there are five more days of dress give aways. princess project has a chapter in san francisco and another one in sonoma. teens are encouraged to make an appointment and bring student id. tonight is a big night on nbc bay area. join us for a video game double header. our documentary sears takesries look at how it plthe bay area p in the gaming industry. she streams five hodays a week, four to six hours a day. thousands of people watch her play these games. gaming has become a new way of life. >> it's become so popular and it's probably because this
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generation is ready to play games and they have it on mobile. i know that kids play it in cool. it's just -- it's part of every one's life. if you think hard, you like playing games. even if you think you don't. there's game that you like. i promise. >> bay area revelations evolution of video games airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. after that, some of the best e gamers in california battle it out in intense competition of street fighter 5 . you can catch some of the action on the championship round after saturday night live. don't plimiss eports saturday ft night live. still ahead, same shelter, different operator. how pets stuck in the palo alto animal shelter have as much time as they need to find their forever home. our storm ranger doppler
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radar picking up scattered showers and the chances you might have hail, thunder or maybe know on the higher mountain peaks. i'll look at that when we come right back.
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getting a new lease on life. the nonprofit "pets in need" has officially taken over the city- homeless pets in palo alto are getting a fnew lease in lif. the shelter is becoming a no kill shelter. for cats and for dogs but also for rabbits and guinea pigs.
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that guy right there, even clickeclic chicken will not be euthanized. they plan to have sfervices lik spaying and neutering and offering educational programs for the community. this is crazy. an added challenge for kids trying out for the soccer team. not only do they have to perform under pressure, coaches and parents watching had to perform while being pelted by hail. you have to want it. >> that's about as nice as the weather has been. hail down there. rain up in marin county today. >> it's march. it's the continuation of the theme. >> yjust keeps going. it's crazy.
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>> sfeven-day forecast will sho changes. you have more rain about to move into san francisco. cloudy skies off to the west of golden gate. you have 54 degrees. breezy out there. gusts up to 26 miles an hour. that's rain off to the southeast of downtown. 50 degrees and tonight more showers and snow near 4,000 feet up by mt. hamilton. a bit warmer tomorrow if you want to call upper 50s warmer than the low 50s we saw today. a mix of sun and showers and chance of some thunder. let's take a look now. this is southeast of downtown san jose. again, these showers here moving offer to the north and east. some pretty good downpours at time and maybe some small hail with this next batch approaching the coast there to the south of half-moon bay. east bay catching a bit of the break but off to san francisco and the north bay more showers moving in. this will be the trend during the day tomorrow. some sunny breaks.
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breaks between the showers and like that you'll want to keep the umbrella on stand by. you see brief flashes of lightning. freezing levels as they continue to drop closer to 3500 feet to 4,000 feet. any of these stronger showers will produce small hail or brief ice pellet showers too. it's that cold outside. low snow levels by march standards around the top of mt. hamilton. maybe the higher peaks of santa cruz mountains. look to the hills off to the east and west to see if we have a bit of snow closer to 4,000 feet. tonight into tomorrow we'll see the showers moving on through. there's a time frame i want you to watch from 1:00 to 6:00. some weather models indicate we could see a flair up of thunderstorms. that will be a good opportunity for hail or wind especially mid to late afternoon tomorrow. temperatures cool off we should see the showers begin to shut down. rainfall totals for most of the bay area will be less than a
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half inch of rain. the isolated spots we'll see a chance of getting brief down to pours. we just got a slight chance of seeing a few showers tuesday but after that, the reason why the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen starting to warm up and dry out, finally, there's some good news in your seven-day forecast. once you get out of this weebked and the slight chance of tuesday showers, things will warm up and dry out. i can't remember the last time we had that many sun icons on the sfeven-day forecast but thee it goes. this weekend cool and blustery and you'll want to keep the um ye -- umbrella on stand by. thanks a lot. still ahead, at age 14, 14, this bay area girl started a non-profit to get clothing to teenager who is needed it. it's been nearly a decade and now she has a new plan to keep
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their closets full. it's a story that will make you proud. for many new college
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graduates, finding a job, is a fulltime job, with little time for anything else. for many new college graduates, finding a job is a full-time job with little time for anything else. one young woman is finding inin to do a lot of good as well. just like when we first met her as a teenager. garvin thompson camps up with he -- catches up.
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>> i've had the chance to meet a lot of young people doing great things for the world. i wonder how will the experience shape their adult life. will they continue on the path? with laura graham, i don't have to wonder anymore. at the recent water mark conference in san jose, 22-year-old laura graham was surrounded by impressive women, literally. the person laura is most impressed with these days, might very well be herself or at least her 14-year-old self. >> you look at yourself and you're like how did i do that? how did i make that happen? >> reporter: she found her very own non-profit called one closet. she heard there was a great need for used clothing for teenage foster children. she set out to collect some, which she did, by the thousands. when it came time to head to college in arizona, she found
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someone else to run the program and thought she was done with it. >> i had no idea what i was doing after college. didn't think i was going be back to one closet at all. >> looking to get some more company partnerships on board. >> reporter: why is laura on the convention floor? pitching one closet, once more. >> all sizes from 2 to 30. i'm not kidding. >> reporter: when her successors found came to an end, she had a clo choice. let it close or continue again. she chose door number two. >> someone has to. that's bwhat it comes down to. >> reporter: her mom is now her partner. thon day delivering cloths to the hub. a community center for foster youth in san jose. >> do you need a hand bag or something to carry stuff with. >> reporter: their plan is make one closet bigger than it ever was. >> we have slips if you want to
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write it. >> reporter: it will be a lot of work for a young woman who is just starting offer on a business career in the bay area. but laura has seen too mump good come from what they do to turn back now. >> it made me remember how fulfilling it was. how exciting it is and how much it's needed. >> reporter: in san jose, garvin, thomas, ngarvin thomas. >> we'll be right back. some ado
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now have a new home- thanks to a new event promoting pet adoption.. here you see some twitter pics of the lucky pups with their new owners. ncht so some adorable puppies have a new home. some twitter pictures of lucky pups. this is at the south by southwest conference this afternoon. the stations teamed up with a
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leading non-profit in first ever fund the shelters event. nearly 300,000 animals have been adopted since clear the shelter kicked off in 2015. we're back at 6:00 with more news. hope you can join us then. breaking news tonight. tornadoes touch down in the south, leaving a trail of destruction. powerful systems also creating hailstorms with another blast of winter headed toward the upper midwest. we'll have a live forecast. r. kelly is released from jail for the second time in two weeks. >> i promise you, we're going to straighten all this stuff out. >>s his girlfriends mount an emotional defense. anti-government protests escalate in venezuela, as the country's embattled president issues a new warning to the united states. a reversal of fortune for the man's whose murder conviction was overturned thanks to the popular podcast "serial." a mystery in


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