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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  September 16, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> puerto rico was an incredible, unsung success. overnight, tropical depression, but that's still not. people in the carolinas just won't stop.
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trillions of gallons. it could be the most destructive floods. a horrific scene in cape cod. a surf boarder killed by an attack in a scene like something seen out of "jaws." then later we'll take a turn with the sunday sitdown with maya rudolph on her new amazon show, her days on qwest saturday night live" and why her parents are responsible for her longtime love of snl. >> i was amazed how far back your desire to be on the show went. >> yeah. i thank my parents for being young and hip and watching the show because i'd crawl into their bed and i remember seeing roseanne rose ana dana on the update desk and thinking those people are so cool.
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>> we will have sunday's sitdown with maya rudolph later in the show, but let's start this morning with the devastation in north and south carolina. while the winds have died down, the rain is not letting up and that is leading to potentially deadly flooding. north carolina's governor is flying over the state to survey the damage today. he says if people don't watch out they could pay with their lives. craig remains in the region for us this morning and he's right along the cape fear river. how are you holding up? >> so far so decent. >> i want to show you the cape fear river that you just mentioned. the waters here continue to rise. they've been rising since friday and that's because the rain in wilmington, north carolina, has persisted for more than 50 hours now. the storm has also turned deadly. three people have died in south carolina. 11 people in north carolina. power outages remain and close to a million people are waking up in the dark this morning.
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the effects from hurricane florence are going to be felt not for weeks, but for months. >> this morning scenes of destruction throughout the carolinas. florence isn't letting up. record-setting amounts of rain continue to fall, up to 30 inches in parts. >> getting the rain and the flood and the wind, but not this bad, man. >> rapidly rising waters caused the dam to breach late saturday and north carolina's governor warning it could get worse. >> i cannot overstate it. floodwaters are rising, and if you aren't watching for them you are risking your life. >> in wilmington, looters raided an abandoned family dollar store. there's been a citywide curfew for the past two nights. in burgaw where the creek is filled by the cape fear river water rose by the hour. >> if the water started getting closer to my truck then maybe i would start to get worried about
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having to leave home. >> all across the state, rescue operations are on air and by water. more than 450 residents have been rescued. >> it was horrifying, just wondering what's going on and where the water's going go and how high it's going to go and how we would get out. >> those who were saved, grateful for the first responders. >> it's -- it's a blessing to have people that still, you know, care about you and risk their lives for you. >> as i understand it, you guys also helped serve the first responders? >> we have snap here at the felix cafe in wilmington, those first responders were eating for free. >> we have the police officer, we've been cooking for them and whoever we can get in the door. i'm big on taking care of the people that take care of me. i give back. >> helping to feed a community in need. >> there were tears in their eyes and they were so happy to come somewhere and get out of the environment and no lights in
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their home and they came in, ate, they fed their children. they were having a great time. >> reporter: the chief concern here in ryll mington and all over north carolina, rapidly rising floodwaters. where i'm standing right now in the flash flood watch for several more hours and the other big part of this, downed trees and there are thousands of downed trees all over wilmington. massive trees and trees easily more than 100 years old. it will take a very, very long time for this community to bounce back. hallie? >> dylan is back from covering florence. welcome back, dyl. where will it go north? >> the rain will sit over north carolina for quite some time. to put into perspective when i left yesterday there were five inches of rain that have fall 14 the storm. since i've been gone they now have 24 inches of rain on the ground. so these downpours can produce an incredible amount of rainfall in the short period of time and
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it's the moisture streaming in off the atlantic and tropical systems contain a lot of water and it all is getting dumped down on north and south carolina. it is moving west at 8 miles per hour. it's just a depression at this point and winds are fairly gusty an and as it continues to move, we will watch the tropical storm eventually make its way into the ohio river valley as we go through tomorrow and to the northeast by the time we get into tuesday night and wednesday before it finally makes its way out back to sea. >> so rainfall so far out of this system has been up to 30 inches. new port picked up two feet and all of this water has to seep into the ground and it fills up the rivers which is why we will see additional flooding. we have watches in effect for parts of south and north carolina. the storm has energy and it could spin up the tornadoes and the ground is saturated so the
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trees don't have a very steady hold on the ground and that's why they continue to come down. additional rainfall continues to be four to six inches and parts of interior north carolina could see five to ten inches of additional rainfall. again, it's the river flooding. so even as the rain shuts down as we go into early next week, we are still looking at the threat of river flooding and there are rivers in moderate to major flooding and as the waterfalls, and that's why we're looking at the threat even once the rain ends. the rain is still coming down so flash flooding is still a possibility all across north carolina today, for parts of south carolina and as we go into tomorrow we will see the heaviest of the rain start to shift inland a little bit and at least we can begin to dry things out. hallie?? dylan, thank you. president trump is getting a briefing on the florence rescue and recovery. on saturday he sent his
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sympathies to the families and friends of the victims. the president is expected to travel to the hurricane zone sometime in the next few days. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, hallie. >> president trump has tweeted about the victims, talked about support to fema. hurricane maria and questioning the death toll. >> reporter: let's be realistic. this president enjoys being a cheerleader more than anything else. i say that not with any sort of disparagement. he is more comfortable cheerleading something than he is being con solg or empathetic. you can tell, there's always a lot of awkward moments. you see it firsthand on that front. it's the defensiveness, of course, over maria that has become so apparent this week. what's odd, hallie, is it all started with a simple questions of what lessons did you learn from maria?
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well, the president didn't accept the premise that there were somehow lessons to be learned from maria. it started a big firestorm with puerto rico. let's take the larger view here. this is a reminder of why puerto rico probably is fighting so hard now for statehood. the lack of -- the lack of having representation in washington is clearly having an impact on that island. >> let me ask you about something else that happened too. friday the cooperative plea agreement with paul manafort. if you are sitting in the white house right now, are you worried about what paul manafort might tell the special counsel? what information can he really provide? i remember talking to you when he came on in the conventions back in 2016. >> you know, it's interesting, hallie. i think we've stewed on this over a couple of days. you read the indictment in whole and then you realize the web of connections that paul manafort has and the dots that he may be able to connect.
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remember, his first ever business partner in politics, roger stone. connection to wikileaks. he was in the trump tower meeting. who else was in there? donald trump jr. his russian business partner con stand teen kalimnick, a long-time russian agent. he connects a lot of dots. obviously the question that we don't have an answer for is did he bring his own russian connections to the trump campaign and essentially activate them, right? that's the unknown here and that, of course, only president trump knows for sure how lethal paul manafort could be on an issue like that. >> he's been tweeting a bunch, the president has in the last few days, but not about paul manafort, chuck. >> not at all. it's fascinating. remember six months ago he would say paul manafort meant nothing to my campaign. >> right. >> barely on there. then they did the 180, he's a goodman. they were i guess happy that during that trial it looked like he wasn't going to flip on the
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president. it's a strange way that the president continues to vacillate on his feelings towards paul man na for the. >> on brett kavanaugh and the supreme court, chuck, over the weekend we learned that a top democrat, senator dick durbin is now calling for the delay because allegations dating back to high school have surfaced. how do you see this playing out, if you see it playing out at all? >> look, i think this is an -- to say unchartered territory is a cliche. the whole way this was handled is odd. i'll be honest, the fact that this has somehow made it into the public discourse in and of itself i think is something that we all have to ask ourselves how did this happen? you can't unring a bell like this. >> right. >> we don't know a lot about this allegation beyond the fact that it's in a constituent letter and stuff. look, i think there's a lot of
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questions to be asked inside that judiciary committee on how that was handled. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. we'll look at it on "meet the press." chuck will be joined by democratic congressman adam schiff. paul manafort now cooperating. some other headlines to get to this morning including a horrific attack off of cape cod after a boogie border was killed by a shark. the 26-year-old was 30 yards off shore when he was attacked. bystanders and medics desperately tried to save him but ultimately he was hurt too bad. this was the first shark attack since the 1930s. the beach was closed again. >> a u.s. customs border patrol agent is in custody expected of being a serial killer. they arrested juan david ortiz. a woman escaped and ran to police. they believe he's probably
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responsible of the murder of four women within the past two weeks. at this time police say it's not clear if ortiz was on duty at the time of the killings. some good news this morning for people who live in several boston suburbs who were forced out of their houses several days ago. they have just started to return home after a series of gas explosions in their neighborhood thursday. one person was killed and a dods wloems destroyed. everybody in the area had to get out while all of the gas was shut off there. the cause of the explosions is still very much a mystery this morning. dylan is back now with a look at the rest of the country's forecast. >> across the rest of the country we have areas of heavy rain mainly down through southern texas where we've had several days of torrential downpours. in the pacific northwest heavy rain in seattle and the northwest coast of oregon. temperatures look fairly seasonable across most of the country if not a little bit average through the rest of the we're waking up to clear skies over san francisco.
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not a cloud in sight. we've got no fog at the moment. temperatures remain in the 50s and we're expecting to keep these 50s on the map at least through mid morning. 44 degrees right now through santa rosa. 45 for napa and down through the south bay 50 degrees as well so a little bit chillier as we head in toward the early morning hours. our temperature trend will climb into the 60s for another day of slightly cool temperatures across the bay area, topping out into the 70s. very much. coming up next, the highs and lows of the week. including the big surprise for one of our favorites on "sunday today." mary halsy. plus, the guy who gave new meaning to the term wedding crasher. and the hurricane hunters who are breaking barriers even as they risk their lives to track the big storms headed our way. >> they said, hey, we need to take a picture of this.
6:15 am
we're making history. what are you talking about? skbl that is all coming up on "sunday today." our photo of the week, a shot from space of what was then the monster hurricane florence back on wednesday. just two days before it made landfall in north carolina. withwhat sore back?sk... what bum knee? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil
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time now for a look at our favorite highs and lows of the past week. on tuesday we all paused to honor the victims of 9/11. 17 years after the worst terror strike against our country. 343 firefighters died that day when the twin towers collapsed. they gave their lives helping to save many of the thousands of people who were inside. this past tuesday at a gym in georgia, look at this, two firefighters in full gear stepped on to side by side stair masters and they claimed 110 floors, the same number of flights that were in the world trade center. their way of honoring the fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice that day. this video has now been shared more than half a million times. that is amazing to watch. >> very striking to just watch them do that. >> 110 floors, that's an all day thing. >> really special way to remember them.
6:20 am
>> our first low of the week goes to a would be robber who might want to look for another line of work. yup, check this out. this happened in aurora, colorado. he walked into an ecigarette store. this is scary. he pulled out what looks like a gun. butter fingers. runs, hops out the door. let's take a look in slow mow. not only did the guy fumble the gun he almost loses his pants running away. turns out just a bb gun. they're asking for help. given his robbery skills, they're not going to have a tough time. >> why did he jump kick into the door? >> is that like you know you're on security camera and you want to be cool? >> i don't understand that at all. >> it was probably a scary moment for that clerk. no matter what, when you're behind the counter -- >> then he drops it. >> yeah. our next high by the way comes from the hall of fame of highs. this is my favorite one of the day. last month we introduced you to internet legend mary halsey.
6:21 am
she's wrapping every word to "work it" by missy elliott at an outdoor karaoke party. she instantly broke the internet. let's bass being in mary's talent. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> she nails all the words and the sound effects. obviously this thing goes mega viral. missy elliott got a look at it tweeting, i just found out i have a funky white sister. ellen degeneres had ellen on the show and a big surprise. check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:22 am
♪ ♪ >> mary did not even drop a beat when missy elliott walks out on stage. that has to be the best rap battle duet of the year. ellen making maybe the best television magic moments of the entire year between two sisters. >> i watched it the day that it aired. i couldn't stop watching it on replay the minute she walked out. >> i can't believe she held it together. >> and still kept -- later in the show she got a jacket with missy's face that said funky white sister. >> i love it. our final low belongs to the guy you do not want to be the next time you go to a wedding. two friends decided to run a race after the i dos. full coat and tie. this already sounds like a bad idea and then this happens.
6:23 am
>> oh. >> look at it again. amazingly the guy who ran into the glass was fine. he thought he was running through an open door once he crossed the finish line. they've promised to pay for the damage but they're asking for help with a go fund me campaign. >> every time i walk through a glass door area, i always go like this. just to make sure there's a door or window there. >> thank you much. coming up next, a sunday sitdown with maya rudolph. her glory days of "saturday night live" and fred armistan. and then the search for peace and then the search for peace after coming back from jardiance asked- and then the search for peace after coming back from and now you know. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing.
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good sunday morning. here is a live look outside, a beautiful look at san francisco bay bridge. i just don't think i've ever seen it that clear this early in the morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. we have your forecast this morning. >> nice and clear. you're beautiful. we have clear skies and you know what that means, clear skies means cooler temperatures because we don't have the clouds trapping in any heat, that in return gives us slightly cooler temperatures, probably a little bit chilly in san francisco this morning. they're probably used to it by now. as we head into the next couple
6:27 am
of hours, one thing you're going to notice is an increase in temperatures in the afternoon but i want to show you the temperature difference because we have no cloud cover right now. napa 12 degrees cooler than we were 24 hours ago. once again we're expecting to see below seasonable temperatures. daytime highs into the 60s for the coast and the bay and we have some 70s and 80s on the map. 55 degrees in san francisco but mountain view 48, palo alto 47 so definitely seeing the temperature difference in terms of the lack of cloud cover. the next couple of hours san jose will trend into the 70s by 1:00, 72 degrees but it will stay in the 70s. notice we have sunshine across the board so i'll break down how long the comfortable temperatures will last, coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> see you at 7:00, vianey, thanks. a homeless camp caught national attention when it was set up by a group of people that
6:28 am
complained the city was moving too slowly to help the homeless. it appears a plan to let them stay changed. people living at the so-called hope village were told to get out by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning or else. the encampment was organized by homeless advocates, originally supposed to be cleared out this week, but friday the county of santa clara sent a letter to the state asking officials to hold off on removing the tents for six more months so county officials could rent the lot or find another place for the people to live. it seemed like the state agreed but that all changed yesterday morning. >> where are you go on monday morning? >> it depends. we find a spot or back down the creek. >> you could begin to give a much better quality of life for people who are living in the dirt, living under freeways. >> we're told the advocates are planning a protest ahead of
6:29 am
tomorrow's eviction deadline. a center opened with a single goal flip the power in washington from republican to democratic. nancy pelosi joined other democrats and volunteers for yesterday's grand opening. the idea is to call voters in swing states, in republican minority states to try to convince them to cast ballots for democrats. coming up this morning on tlded it, uber drivers are demanding payments but getting nothing except an apology. the glitch uber is paying and why riders will end up paying the price after all. all of that and your top stories and weather at 7:00. in the meantime we send you back to "today" with willie geist.
6:30 am
did somebody say my name? hey, it's me, beyonce. beyonce. queen bee. bee. oh, baby. >> that is beyonce. well, technically that's maya rudolph doing one of her signature "saturday night live" impersonations. snl put maya on the map and introduces all to her comic genius. she always knew she was made to make people laugh. she has been in dozens of movies
6:31 am
and tv shows including one now called "forever." the amazon show shows twists and turns. her co-star from her snl days fred armistan. willie talks about all of that and more with maya in the famed home of snl studio 8h. >> i love this studio. >> what is that, do you think? show coming together? >> been here for a while. >> it's been 11 years since maya rudolph spent long days and sleepless nights in the legendary studio 8h. >> all of this stuff is so familiar. >> but it still feels like home. >> this is also another smell i enjoy. >> for seven seasons rudolph lived and breathed the blitz, chaotic grind that is -- >> live from new york, it's "saturday night live." >> i feel like i can do anything now because it's really like comedy army training. >> and rudolph trained with the
6:32 am
best of them. her comedy platoon included thyme na faye, amy poehler, jimmy fallon. >> different, man. >> chippewa? >> most careers here kick off with the notorious snl audition. >> celebrity impressions. >> but rudolph skipped that step. >> i had a manager at the time who said, you know what, you shouldn't go. this wasn't a good time. i list jebd and i said, i'm waiting. what was i anything but somehow some divine fate, i sent a tape of my sketches and then i got a call saying loren wants to meet you. i came. i met him up there in his office. it was a friday night. he always keeps popcorn on the table. >> right. >> so i started like eating popcorn, which is not smart to do when you're nervous. >> kernels get caught back here. >> not a smooth move. i remember loren asking why do
6:33 am
you think you should work here? and i said, because i love wearing wigs. it is the dumbest, weirdest answer. >> she was sure she blew it, but rudolph and her passion for wigs made an impression. in may of 2000, the 27-year-old was invited for a three-week trial on the show. >> it's like going to school with three weeks left. >> right. >> and i don't know where to sit in the cafeteria. i remember chris carnell was only one of the people i knew here. he said, we just write. >> until 6, 7, 8 in the morning. >> oh -- >> it wasn't long before rudolph was a full cast member known for her impressions of big name celebrities. >> no! >> is there a favorite snl character for you? >> oprah was just a liberating joy. >> it's my birthday! >> it was the most exquisite fun
6:34 am
to like give things away and have people's heads blow off. >> $900! >> yes! >> when i play beyonce i might as well be in drag. i don't feel like a woman compared to the woman that beyonce is. >> i am such a mess. i'm only wearing this. >> what about donatella. >> never know which ones are coming in, which ones! >> off screen rudolph shares four children with film director paul thomas anderson whose credits include "boogie nights" and "there will be blood." anderson's guest. >> i watched the future father of my four children walk by. that was another level. >> rudolph had her eyes set on studio 8h. >> i was amazed how far back
6:35 am
your desire to be on the show went. >> i credit my parents for being so young and hip and i remember seeing roseanne-a-dana. >> rudolph grew up in show business, her childhood being on toufrmt her dad, richard rudolph is a musician and music producer. her mother was singer mini rippington. >> is it true what people have said "loving you" was sung as a lully by to you and your brother? >> my brother said i was a loud baby. my mom put my name in there. maya, maya. >> when she started going on the road i was a baby and my brother was four. she didn't like it. she called my dad and said, you have to come on the road with me. he started playing gi dar in the
6:36 am
band so we were all on the road together. >> just two weeks before maya's seventh birthday her mother died of breast cancer at 31 years old. >> what was it like growing up as a kid without your mom around? >> you're always aware that people know. oh, that's that girl whose mom sang that song. i mean, combine that with like being the only mixed kid in your class and having really, really intensely large hair. it's a lot. >> rudolph coped with humor. >> i didn't want to be sad. it was too scary to go to and so i just waka waka. >> in the late 1990s after a brief stint in a band called the rentals, rudolph joined the famed comedy troop the groundlings in new york. there she formed friendships that would define her life at snl and beyond.
6:37 am
>> this is my singer meghan. >> i told you i let my children watch bridesmaids a couple of days ago. >> yeah, how did that go? >> there was muting and fast forward and they loved your scene at the bridal shop. >> it's happening. it's happening. it happened. >> you couldn't imagine what would happen when you made that movie with your friends. >> no. i remember while we were making it saying, this is so fun. we were all groundlings connected. we were friends and we bonded here. we liked it and we kept saying, i hope other people think it's funny. we think it's funny. >> for her latest project, the amazon series "forever," rudolph teemed up with fred armiston. >> we wanted to play a married couple or any sort of couple. >> i used to say fred was my comedy husband. >> there's a lot we can't say about the show. >> yes. >> that i want to say but we can't say it. >> me, too. >> how do you describe it to
6:38 am
people who are thinking about checking it out? >> it's a story about a relationship. >> do you remember when we were here and we saw almost butterflies. >> they go on the same vacation every year, do the same thing every year. >> and then stuff happens? >> and then stuff happens. >> "forever" seems an appropriate word for the relationship that starts in this world. >> you've done pretty well for someone choking on pop cosh in that office. >> loren and i have laughed about it since. once you're a part of his life, it's forever. it's nice to know that you still have a home here. >> you can catch "forever" on amazon now. to hear maya talk about that infamous bridal shop scene from "bridesmaids" check us out on next week willie sits down with
6:39 am
the comic who fills stadiums and lights up the movie screen, kevin hart will talk about his rise from a hard scrabble life to ultimate riches. that is kevin hart next week on sunday today. dylan is back now with another check of the weather. >> thanks, hallie. the heavy rain from florence is going to make its way back from the ohio valley and the northeast. sunny and hot through the central plains. sunny and dry out west. temperatures are in the 60s along the immediate west coast. on wednesday we'll finally, finally dry things out. out across the east coast on wednesday. we will see recity sid dual flooding in the rivers. we end off the week with a weak cold front. showers and storms continue 55 degrees right now in san francisco and we are expecting another day of some nice cool temperatures across the bay area. currently right now in san jose 50 degrees. wind speeds light about 5 miles
6:40 am
per hour. no cloud cover out there which is making the morning temperatures just a little bit cooler. toward the afternoon you can expect to see a nice change in the pattern and that's because of a warmup a bit. skies remain clear with mostly clear skies, topping out in the mid-70s. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. as millions of people deal with the effects of the storm, we'll introduce you with the hurricane hunters making history in the sky. minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. is iths banking reimagined.
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what we do know right now is that thousands of lives were spared because people paid attention to early warnings to get out of harm's way. those warnings come thanks to a brave team of government hurricane hunters to gather data and predict where storms are headed by flying right on top of them. recently two members of that team made history. dylan is now back with the sunday spotlight. >> i was one of two female meteorologists in my entire graduating class of rutgers university so it was an opportunity of a lifetime to fly with the first of two women to fly a hurricane flight. the goal was to pinpoint the eye of florence. it was a success. it was just a mere two miles off the forecast. for days news of hurricane florence's arrival dominated headlines. >> we've got this giant storm. >> rainfall could be record high. river flooding could be record high. >> really devastating. life threatening in fact. >> officials urging millions to evacuate. >> don't bet your life on riding
6:43 am
o you the a monster. >> those early warnings made in part by these two women. they're hurricane hunters for the national oceanic and at moss fearing administration or noaa. >> now we're about 20 minutes away from hurricane florence. >> yeah, on the outer ring of it. >> in the days leading up to landfall they pilot eight hour missions above the monster storm. >> so does excitement build as you get closer to the storm? >> definitely. when we put on the seat belt sign i always feel that little rush of adrenaline. >> no two flights are the same. on this one forecasters drop instruments called drops on into and around the growing hurricane to help determine the track of the storm. the purpose of this particular mission is to collect data from around the storm and now that we're getting closer to it, we're at that critical data collection point but the problem is for the pilots, visibility is greatly reducing.
6:44 am
so they need to rely solely on their instruments to steer us around. >> 200 -- >> the duo has flown five missions together since their first over hurricane hector in the pacific last month. that day was one for the record books. never before in the program's 60-year history had two women manned a cockpit on a mission like this. >> our flight directors came up to us and said, hey, we need to take a picture of this. we're making history. what are you talking about? well, you guys are the first female flight crew. like oh, that's neat. >> yeah. >> and then we just went back to what we were doing. >> the female pilots blazing trails in a traditionally male dominated industry. >> we'd land at an airport somewhere and people see us and want to know what we're doing. we start talking to them. oh, so are you a photographer? nom, i'm the aircraft commander. you always have that twinge of why is it such a shock? >> now as the only women of a
6:45 am
group of 16 active hurricane pilots. >> we back each other up if we're doing this mission safely. >> they've become closer as they work together. >> do you notice any difference sharing the cockpit with another woman? >> being assertive and being respectful and i think we share that no matter who's in the seat next to us. >> the conversation a little better? >> it's different. >> it changes. >> a little more singing. >> pioneers taking on danger in a way no two women have ever done before. >> we'd love more than anything for this not to become a news story. >> because it's not a traditional lifestyle or career for a woman, it's certainly something that we're good at. it's important for women to step up and try and accomplish what they need to do to do this kind of work. >> you know, i kind of felt the same way. i don't know if it's because i grew up with brothers or what. i can do anything they can do. even as i was going through school, you know, as a
6:46 am
meteorologist i never felt like the only female. it was just i'm good at this and i can do this. >> i love the point that it is a new story but it is. maybe we'll get to a point where it won't be down the road. >> they were happy to address this because now it shows younger girls and young women that you can really do anything. >> i love that. >> let's just do it. >> dylan, thank you so much. appreciate it. next up, veterans and service members turning to yoga to lead more peaceful lives after returning from the harsh realities of war. >> our warriors are trained to be present in chaos. they have no clue how to be present in peace. i can fix this. later, a life well lived. the actor whose roles on some of the actor whose roles on some of america's most iconic
6:47 am
( ♪ ) stop dancing around the pain that's keeping you awake. advil pm gives tossing and turning a rest and silences aches and pains. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer with advil pm.
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when the military men and women who bravely serve this country come back home to their regular lives, it can feel like a bigger challenge than what they left behind and that's where connected warriors comes in holding a unique event this weekend in new york city helping veterans find some peace, even if only for an hour. nbc's stephanie gosk has our sunday closer. >> reporter: warriors have landed on the decks of the
6:50 am
aircraft carrier "intrepid" in new york city. today's mission, finding a way to heal the mind and body. it's called trauma conscious yoga, a way to help active service members and veterans to navigate physical and emotional challenges. today's class in the shadow of manhattan's skyscrapers. >> this will be for the vip. >> it all began in 2010 when yoga instructor judy walker put together a series of no cost classes for veterans in south florida. >> excellent. okay. >> our warriors are trained to be present in chaos. they have no clue how to be present in peace. i can fix this. >> reporter: now the volunteer program called connected warriors has grown to over 125 weekly classes being offered in 23 states and eight countries. >> inhale. >> connected warriors' bigger goal is saving lives by developing life skills that help reduce the number of veterans considering suicide. >> my name is brian thorns bury.
6:51 am
i was the medical patrol leader in the 101st airborne division. my story is one filled with trauma and attempted suicide. if i'm ever feeling stressed or in that mindset where i'm high anxiety and depression at night, all i do is just roll out the mat. >> you are an infantry man back from afghanistan. someone says to you, hey, why don't you try yoga? >> i told them no. >> i'm not surprised to hear that. >> i remember they had the yoga class and i sat outside on the couch all by myself. the yoga teacher saw me over there. i don't know if she took pity on me and she helped me. i noticed after it i was able to sleep. that was a big thing for me. >> connected warriors events like this help veterans and their families manage symptoms of ptsd. >> my name is dawn knight. i am an arizona national guard veteran. after being injured on duty i was diagnosed with trauma
6:52 am
particular brain injury. it hasn't been easy being a single mother. >> reporter: how difficult was it to transition from active duty to life back in this country? i can see it in your face. >> i felt different, out of place, not quite myself. >> slowly inhale. >> reporter: these yoga classes offer a community approach to healing, one that is sensitive to controlling smells, light and using language that minimizes potential triggers. >> trauma conscious yoga is an ability to meet the student where they are and to create a safe and secure environment because in order for trauma to be healed, they have to be able to trust and be able to let go. >> reporter: today these warriors have found a new way to do just that. >> my biggest vision is veterans are going to teach veterans. our family members will teach family members. who better. they walk in their shoes.
6:53 am
>> reporter: for "today," stephanie gosk. >> beautiful story. stephanie, thank you. this week we highlight another life well lived. actor bill daley was never a leading man but his roles made him as beloved as if he were the star. >> have you ever heard of the atlantic city bank robbery? >> i haven't even heard of atlantic city. >> guess you didn't hear about the robbery then. >> bill daley's break through role came on "i dream of jeannie" he played an astronaut whose best friend was larry hagman. he played with barbara eden's character for the show's whole run from 1965 to 1970. daley had this under stated humor and a loft of the scenes were improvised. two years later he was cast on the "bob newhart show." he played howard boreden. >> that looks good.
6:54 am
would i go into my apartment and make one but i'm all out of mayonnaise and bread, meat. >> bill daley was born in iowa and moved to chicago. he was dyslexic and turned to humor to help mask it. he was drafted into the army and served in the korean war. eventually he moved to california where he landed his iconic role. bob newhart called him one of the most positive people he knew. bill daley, an under stated comic actor died last week in new mexico. new mexico. he was 91 years old. us. new mexico. he was 91 years old. it's what this country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying. how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides.
6:55 am
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so we close this morning with a look at what's next this week. and on thursday you might be
6:58 am
getting a text message from the president. that's right, fema says it will be sending out a nationwide emergency alert system test. it will say presidential alert on top and that it is just a test. fema says it's looking at whether this nationwide alert actually works. and the best of the best in television will be celebrated tomorrow night right here on nbc. some things to note, game of loans leads the pack and netflix led the pack. you can catch it all right here tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. be sure to tune in tomorrow on "today," savannah and hoda will be live. >> that will be awesome to watch. >> willie will be back with you next
6:59 am
7:00 am
good sunday morning. it is 7:00. here is a live look outside, some pink clouds over san francisco, from emeryville and the airport tower, just glimmering there. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey has a look at our microclimate forecast. is it the last day of the summer? >> it is and temperatures aren't going to feel that way. one of those days where the temperatures are starting off nice and cool and they're going to stay cool at least through the start of the work week. san francisco 55 degrees. mainly clear skies. we have some nice cloud cov


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