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tv   Today  NBC  February 28, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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we're going to continue to monitor. we will update you on twitter and book. have a great day. see you in a half hour. breaking overnight, chilling video emerges of a small plane crashing into an neighborhood in southern california. the plane returning from a cheerleading competition at disneyland, erupting into a massive fireball.
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three people killed, two others injured, two homes destroyed. an investigation under way. and bad time to tweet? new information on that big flub at the academy awards. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> and the twitter post that may have led to one of the most embarrassing mixups in oscar history. today, tuesday, february 28th, 2017. from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today, on the hill," with matt lauer, live from capitol hill, and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to this special edition of "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer smack-dab in the
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middle of the capitol in washington. and savannah sack-dab in the middle of studio 1a in new york city. >> there you are. i've been looking at your beautiful shots of washington, d.c. this morning. and i think, aren't they peaceful when they sleep? it looks so good. >> such a beautiful spot. it will be a busy night in washington. i'm standing just above where the inauguration took place, just about a month ago. and let me set the scene for you. i'm standing on the speaker's balcony. he doesn't know we're here. that's not true. he knows we're here. just down the hallway from where i am right now, president trump, tonight, will deliver his address to a joint session of congress. seated behind him will be speaker of the house, paul ryan. as we said, we'll step inside his office in a moment for an exclusive interview. but let us begin this morning with nbc's peter alexander over on the east front of the capitol. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. another gorgeous backdrop on this day. white house officials tell me that president trump will be putting the final touches on tonight's speech over the course
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of today. already, they're giving us a preview. senior white house officials saying the theme of tonight's speech will be renewal of the american spirit. an optimistic vision for all americans, that some may view as a departure from his inaugural address. president trump will focus on what he's already accomplished in his first month in office and also focus on the economy and security going forward. as he prepares for his first formal pitch before congress. president trump, ready for his close-up on capitol hill. offering a preview on fox news. >> all i can do is speak from the heart and say what i want to do. we have a really terrific, i believe, health care plan coming out. and i'll be talking about the military. i'll be talking about the border. >> reporter: mr. trump teeing up his speech rolling out a bunch of priorities.
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promising a massive military buildup, pumping an additional $54 billion into the pentagon, intelligence agencies and homeland security. >> we have to win. we have to start winning wars again. >> reporter: the president is vowing to slash spending from other agencies, including the state department and epa, that could have a significant impact on domestic programs and foreign aid. but the pushback from 100 retired generals and admirals, including david petraeus. in a letter sent to congressional leaders and trump administration officials. they warn now is not the time to retreat from diplomacy and development. untouched according to senior advisers are medicare and social security. mr. trump's plan, unacceptable to democrats. >> once again, middle-class people, working families, are going to be hurt. >> reporter: repeating repeal and replace obama care, president trump surprised at the complexity of health care reform. >> it's an unbelievably complex subject. nobody knew health care could be so complicated. >> reporter: still looming over the white house, lingering questions about the trump campaign's possible ties to russia. >> mr. president, will you
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appoint a special prosecutor on on russia? >> reporter: president trump responding under his breath as reporters were escorted away. this is what he said three years ago. >> i own the miss universe. i was in moscow, i was in russia recently. and i spoke indirectly and directly with president putin, who could not have been nicer. >> reporter: this morning darrell issa is standing by as special prosecutor. >> russia's involvement's in activity has been investigated up and down. so the question becomes, if there's nothing further to investigate, what are you asking people to investigate? >> reporter: the republican chairman, siding with mr. trump. >> that's what i'm concerned about that we don't go on a witch hunt against american citizens because they appear in a press story somewhere. >> reporter: the top democrat arguing their investigation is just getting under way. >> it is, i think, way premature to draw conclusions about whether there was collusion. >> reporter: meanwhile, the
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white house is deflecting criticism from bill owens, the father of ryan owens, the navy s.e.a.l. kill in a special operation mission last month. >> i can tell him on behalf of the president, his son died a hero. and the information that he was able to help obtain, through that raid, as i said before, was going to save american lives. >> reporter: but multiple officials say the raid has not revealed any value, at least not yet. this morning, we are getting an update on this evening's speech and who the president has invited as his guests. the list includes maureen scalia, the widow of justice scalia. and three individuals whose loved ones were killed by undocumented immigrants. the white house tells me that tomorrow we should expect the president will announce his revised travel ban, executive order, that's been on hold by a court for more than three weeks. >> all right, peter.
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thank you very much. i'm joined now by the house speaker, paul ryan. he's giving us an exclusive interview. mr. speaker, it's always nice to see you, thank you very much. it's a busy time. you spent some time with the president at the white house yesterday, going over the agenda. one of the things we learned yesterday, was a little more about the outline for his budget. he is planning massive spending increases in the areas of the military, intelligence, national security. and to offset that, massive cuts in other domestic programs. and he says he will not touch social security and medicare. does this work? >> well, we haven't seen the full budget yet. you've seen a piece of a budget, which is what a new administration always does. but this is a promise he made. we also ran on this. that our military has been hallowed out. we have gutted our military in many, many ways. and we had huge increases in domestic spending. so he's trying to get that balance right. we have long believed that we put our spending out of balance on what we call discretionary spending. we've hurt the military and given a lot of lift in other areas, so he's trying to get
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that balance right. >> are there enough cuts to be made in discretionary spending? and if you don't touch entitlements like social security and medicare, and i don't have to remind you, you have been talking about this for a long time, but it's not popular, we have to make tough choices on the entitlements. can he balance the budget out without touching them? >> we never proposed to change benefits for current seniors and people about to retire. so within what we call the ten-year budget window, we budget on a ten-year basis, we are not saying we're going to change benefits for anybody in or near requiremetirement. what people like me have been saying is, for those of us in the next generation, the x-gen on down, these programs will be bankrupt by the time we get there. we have to reform them for the next generation. >> does the president agree with that? >> i believe he does. on social security, that problem is not as acute as our health care problem. replacing obamacare is entitlement reform.
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and that helps us with health care. the point he's trying to make with the first piece of his budget, much to follow, is our military has been hollowed out. i met with the admiral that runs the pacific command, they're running out of munitions. they have a problem and he's trying to address that. >> you mentioned health care. the last time we sat down in your office was january 12th, 2016. i talked to you -- >> we have cleaned the place up a little bit. what do you think? >> you have done a good job around here. i said to you then, why is it that republicans have been trashing obamacare at six years at that point, and seven years now, and not presented a viable replacement. and you said, matt, by the end of last year, we'll have the plan for you. that deadline came and went. >> we ran on a plan last year. >> but you didn't give us a plan that can be voted an now. and you know that republicans within their own party, have deep disagreements on how to replace obamacare. so, do the american people have a right to say, we've heard the criticism for year after year, and yet, we still don't have something that can be put on the
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president's desk? >> that's exactly what we're doing right now. see, we're not writing some bill in the back room in harry reid's office like obamacare was written. we're going through the committee process. we're doing the step-by-step -- we're having public hearings, we're having committees work on legislation. this is how the legislative process is supposed to be designed. not hatching some bill in a back room and popping it on the american people's front desk. >> your predecessor made your job a little tougher last week. >> i saw. >> all of the repeal and replace is not going to happen. it's happy talk. what they're going to do is fix some bad parts of obamacare and wran it in a conservative box. that is not repeal and replace. >> that is not what we're doing. let me say it this way, obamacare is collapsing. obamacare had -- i think the democrats got too far ahead on their ideology. and that he gave us a system where the government runs health care. they gave us a system where costs went up not down. they gave us a system where
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choices went away. they gave us a system where people lost the health care plans that they liked, that they chose, that violated all the promises that were made that were given when obamacare was sold to the american people. those promises were violated. and now we have a collapsing marketplace. we really believe we're in a rescue mission here to step in and prevent this collapse from occurring further. >> i just want to say a lot of people disagree with the terminology that obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. >> aetna said it's in a death spiral. >> let me read you something the president said yesterday. this is a guy that ran -- one of the things he ran on, i'm going to repeal and replace obamacare. and he said this about health care. i have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject. nobody knew health care could be so complicated. nobody knew health care could be so complicated. as a details guy -- >> i have been working on health care for a couple decades here. >> as a policy wonk, doesn't that take you breath away when the president says nobody knew
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it could be so complicated? >> he's a business guy who came to office, not as a policy wonk in health care. >> how do you run on replacing and repealing obamacare when you didn't know it's a complicated procedure? >> obamacare is breaking the health care system. the bill that we're work on is the bill that we ran on last year. the bill we're working on, is the bill we're working with the senate and the white house. it's much like the bill that tom price who was the gold standard reformer of health care, introduced last year. he is now the health and human services secretary. here's the point i want to make. let's take a step back. people want peace of mind in a health care system. people want to be able to have choices in a health care system. we want to get costs down. we want to give people more choices. we believe in a patient-centered system, where all of the providers of health care services, doctors or hospitals, insurance companies, compete against each other for our business as patients and consumers. we should make decisions on how health care works, not a distant
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bureaucrat, which is restricting our choices. down to the point where a third of counties in america only have one plan to choose from. >> back to the bigger picture, doesn't it seem often, mr. speaker, that president trump talks about big ideas without diving into details of how to accomplish his promises. like i'm going to defeat isis? or i'm going to repeal and replace obamacare. and i'm going to build that ball and the mexicans are going to pay for it. as a guy that dives into details, doesn't that frustrate you sometimes? >> i see him more oz a chairman, as a president, much like successful presidents are when he gets detailed people around you to carry out those plans. you hire jim mattis to be your secretary of defense, to defeat isis. you put tom price, an orthopedic surgery, chairman of the budget committee, who has been working on health care his adult life, on health care. >> you delegate the details. >> delegate the details to people who know what they're doing. who have experience in these matters. and you make sure the objectives
7:14 am
are met. that the goals you ran on for the american people to improve their lives are met. that is exactly the kind of commander in chief i think we need in this country. >> a couple of quick things. i spoke to former president bush on the subject of possible russian ties to trump's associates during the campaign. he says the american people need answers. is there anything you could hear that would make you decide we need a special prosecutor to look into that? >> well, that's the executive branch. >> i understand that. >> we think we need to do an investigation here with our intelligence committees. there's one thing that's unique about this. this gets into the methods of collection of intelligence data. sources and methods that is very sensitive. it's the most sensitive tool in our national security tool box. that's why we have an intelligence committee of men and women in congress, who have gone through the process of understanding those tools. that to me is where the investigation -- we're beginning an investigation. >> an intelligence committee with a majority of republicans. and people want an investigation. >> it's a bipartisan investigation. the house and senate
7:15 am
intelligence committees are beginning their investigations right now. we've had one for a while. we're increasing the scope of that investigation. but here's the point, matt. you have to be mindf sources and methods of our intelligence community, so you don't compromise how we gather intelligence. while we get answers to these questions. don't forget, the obama administration had an exhaustive investigation before they left office on this point. the point is, we need to get answers. we need to make sure that nothing happened, that shouldn't have happened, as we go forward. that's what we do as our jobs in congress. and we think the intelligence community is the right place to do it. >> we're going to spend time with you this morning and take a tour outside of your office. i really appreciate the time. >> yeah, we fixed the place up. >> i really enjoyed your time this morning. mr. speaker, thank you so much. back to savannah in new york. >> i will be joining chuck todd and lester holt for coverage of president trump's address. you can watch it 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific time. and we'll have the highlights and reaction tomorrow morning on "today."
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now to some breaking news overnight. a tragic plane crash that happened in southern california. and it was caught on surveillance video. you can see the small plane returning from a cheerleading event at disneyland and it slams into a residential neighborhood. steve patterson at the scene for us this morning. hi, steve. good morning. >> reporter: crews on the ground tell us all of the victims involved were on board the plane. there for five of them. three are killed and now two are clinging to life. we spoke to neighbors who not only saw the moment of impact, but recall the harrowing moments that followed. horror on the ground in riverside, california, when a small plane slammed into a residential neighborhood. the impact killing passengers, leveling homes and sending a fireball into the sky. the wreckage burning for hours. billowing black smoke seen for miles two. women who were ejected from the plane survived. witnesses were shocked to see the victims pulled from the rubble. >> i heard the lady that was pulled out, when i was rushing
7:17 am
to the hospital, i heard her scream, help me! help me! like i need help! we just didn't know where she was. it was very scary. >> fire officials say five people were in the sesna 310. the victims flying back to san jose after attending a cheerleading competition at disneyland. >> it's horrible. you know, especially when you couple together that they were going to a cheer competition. and this is supposedly a happy time. and then, just to have a tragic incident like this. >> reporter: the plane went down a half-mile away from the riverside municipal airport. the two women who were on board that plane and survived now remain in the hospital in critical condition. meanwhile, the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause. savannah? >> steve patterson, thank you so much. we turn and get a first check of the weather from mr. roker.>> severe stuff to ta over the next two days, including stuff that stretches from the gulf coast all the way up into new england. right now, a line of showers and thunderstorms pushing through. but today, we have an area of
7:18 am
risk weather. risk-averse weather. 36 million people. for fast-moving storms, nocturnal tornadoes, overnight tornadoes could be a big problem. and some could be strong. and it's a wide risk. and as we look at tomorrow, 87 million people. this stretches from new york and new england all the way down to the gulf. tornado threat a little weaker, but widespread wind damage. chicago could even be in that enhanced risk by tomorrow. the cold front continues to push to the east. and then as we move into tomorrow, the line of strong storms stretch from new york all the way down into atlanta. airport delays over the next 48 hours are going to be big problems here in the east coast. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. [second man] how you doing? [ice cracking] [second man] ah,ah, ah. oh no!
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[first man] saves us some drilling. [burke] and we covered it, february fourteenth, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it is only 36 degrees right now in the tri-valley. expect patchy frost. and 42 in the peninsula. cold in san francisco. 44 degrees. highs today making it into the lower 60s for the inland areas. up to 60 for the peninsula. and the north bay will be the warmest. up to 62 today with light winds. and the east bay, expect a high of 59. >> and that is your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, who really was blind the best picture oscars flub? we'll break it down from the confusion on the stage to the accountant now in the spotlight. was his backstage tweet to
7:20 am
blame? and more of matt's tour of washington. >> who is responsible for that best picture flub, mr. speaker? who messed that up? >> the accounting firm, i'm told. >> exactly, way to go. spring somebody else under the bus. speaker ryan will give us another tour of capitol hill. we'll go through the rotunda and the statue hall. you know what is cool? when you're at the speaker's desk, you have the phone and you see the speed dial. who is number one? >> his wife? >> yes, i was going to say potus. >> you got both. wife on one side, potus on the other. which one is more important? >> wife. >> there you go. >> mr. speaker! >> much more from washington, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury. ==livvidbox=our breakingews: deputies are at the scene ofshor good morning. 7:26. breaking news in the south bay. deputies at the scene of a shooting near a in san jose. several roads are closed. as we look live at san jose near linda vista elementary school. we are told that you can still access the school from mckee road. the school will not be impacted because there is no public safety concern. authorities right now are only confirming someone was shot. no update on the victim's condition. let's take a look at the weather. it is chilly out there. >> we are starting out with
7:27 am
sunshine. beautiful weather. it is is very cold as you step out the door. right now in san francisco, only 44 degrees. looking at all our temperatures now. 35 in fairfield. san jose, 40 degrees. highs today in san francisco reaching the upper 50s. it does continue to warm as we go through the week with dry weather. scattered showers returning on sunday that will linger into monday for the inland areas. highs reaching the mid-60s the next few days. the rain moves in for the weekend. more updates. let's head over to mike for the roadways. crash on highway 101 between willow and university. i can't quite make out the extent of what's going on. a truck carrying a load has been impacted. maybe some cleanup there. overall, the commute looks smooth. south 101, coming off the
7:28 am
dumbarton bridge, slow. more local news in just a half hour.
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7:30 now on tuesday morning. the 28th of february, 2017. all eyes on that building tonight as president trump delivers his first address to the joint session of congress. matt has made his way to the u.s. capitol. the site of the historic speech. matt, as i understand it, all of the hours on the stair master will pay off as you take us to the top of the steps of the dome? >> more than 350 steps, savannah. i'm in the rotunda in the capitol dome. i'm take to a staircase that goes between the domes. a dome within a dome. i will end up at the top. if you can show the exterior.
7:31 am
i will end at the very top of the capitol dome just below the statue there for the best view of washington you will ever see, savannah. >> it will be worth you taking the steps and we'll enjoy the view, matt. looking forward. let's look at what is making headlines this morning. officials say three people killed. two injured when the small plane thi they were on crashed in riverside, california. the victims were on the way home from the cheerleading competition at disneyland. the fbi is investigating another wave of vandalism and threats against jewish institutions across the country. more than 100 headstones destroyed at the cemetery near philadelphia less than a week after similar incident near st. louis. also on monday, at least 21 jewish centers and schools and na dozen states received bomb threats. and two women arrested in the killing of the half brother of the north korean leader
7:32 am
charged with murder. officials say they used a deadly nerve agent to kill kim jong-nam smearing it on his face at the kuala lumpur airport. if convicted, it carries a mandatory death sentence. we send it back to matt at capitol. savannah, thank you. i stepped in the rotunda. one of the most stunning spaces you will ever enter. it is also huge. you look up and it's 190 feet from the floor to the top of the dome. you can take the statue of liberty and stand it in here from base to torch and it would not hit the top. around the perimeter of the great building or room, statues of the most notable americans. lincoln back there. general grant here. this is the guy with a lot of attention in the past couple years. alexander hamilton. the statue of george washington right here. standing next to the statue of
7:33 am
washington is the speaker ryan. let's take a walk. i talked to you a while ago. the last time we were here a year and a couple months ago. were you in the job a couple months at the time. >> that's right. >> what is the most important lesson about doing the job properly? >> patience, composure and temperame temperament. you have to make sure things work and get done and listen to people. that's, to me, how being successful in this job needs to occur. this is an amazing opportunity. i look at this job. look at this place. it is breathtaking. >> the statuary hall. >> i walk through this building every time. from the gym to my office through here. i think how did a kid from janesville, wisconsin, growing up washing dishes and mowing lawns and ended up doing this. only in america. to me, i just get a sense of awe
7:34 am
and i'm appreciative of the opportunity and responsibility that comes with it. >> you have to be able and you said this to me, get rid of the white noise. >> that's right. >> you have to get the noise of washington and headlines aside to do your job. you went home to wisconsin a week ago. >> i was home this weekend. >> yeah. you did not hold a town hall meeting when you were home. >> no, i do a few of those. i did not this time. >> did you not this particular time because of what's happening to republican members? >> i went to the border to the rio grande to talk to the border patr patrol. i did other things i planned long ago. >> in the interview, the president was asked by another network if he thought president obama was responsible for organizing the protests we have seen at town halls across the country for republican members of congress. he said yes. i do think president obama is responsible. would you agree with that? >> i believe obamacare was responsible for it.
7:35 am
if you ask if he gave us a health care law that screwed up the health care system? that's my answer. >> he is now behind the scenes and organizing. >> i have no knowledge. i have no clue. that is the white noise. i'm doing any job and making sure we solve people's problems. we have been entrusted by the people of the country to fix problems. that's what i'm focused on. i'm not focused on the white noise and distractions. i want to make good on the promises while we campaigned. we campaigned to fix problems. we have to deliver. >> i look at the hallway. at the end are the doors to the chamber. you are the guy who invited the president in official capacity to speak to the joint session. what kind of reception do you expect him to get in the room? >> we try to make sure everyone gets a respectful reception. we did this with obama. if democrats don't agree what
7:36 am
president trump likes or what he says, it is a place of respect and dekorean wcoredecoreum. let's go fix problems. we ran on sluxolutions. we need to fix the problems for america. it speaks to all americans. inclusive. >> have you seen it? >> i have seen parts of it. what i have seen i like. if we don't tackle our problems in america, soon they will tackle us. we have to do this as all americans. that is the tone and temperament i expect from the speech. >> i want to say the speaker gave up the gym to do this with us this morning. are you sure you don't want to take the 365 steps to get to the top of the dome? >> i don't have time now. >> you are welcome to come. >> thank you. paul ryan. speaker of the house. we will have more of the tour coming up. let's go back to al. let's hope you don't have that weather they had in seattle yesterday. it is snowing right now.
7:37 am
they got snow -- that's right. thunder snow. lightning hitting the top of the space needle. that's crazy. that is nuts. wow! bam! to give you an idea how crazy this winter has been, for examp example, dallas, you never dropped below 32 degrees for the month. as far as chicago, no snow on the ground for january and february. when does that happen? and in atlanta, it's the warmest february on record. plus, we are looking at high-fire danger from kansas city all the way to new mexico for winds gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. some up to 55 miles an hour. relative humidity at only 10%. fire danger is a big problem. look at the records we are expecting for today. chicago, you could break a record. close at 60. paducah comes close to a record. memphis, same thing. tomorrow, we move east. boston coming close. new york city as well.
7:38 am
d.c. and dulles could break a record. the warm weather continues, but we see temperatures back to good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have had chilly temperatures around the bay area. it will warm into the upper 50s in san francisco. and we keep the sunshine. warming up through the week. into the lower 60s. we're expecting more rain in the forecast saturday as well as sunday. most of the bay area seeing rain on sunday and monday. 60s the next couple of days. enjoy it. as you can see, changes are headed our way. don't forget get the weather anytime you need it. check out our friends at the weather channel. >> i don't want to go back to normal temperatures. coming up, trainer bob harper speaking out after suffering a heart attack.
7:39 am
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7:44 am
good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. pricewaterhousecoopers oversees oscars voter and says the presenters for best picture were given the wrong envelope. it's taking full responsibility for what it calls a mistakes and breeches in established protocols. we're looki ingtaking a step-byk at this hollywood whodunit. after warren beatty opened the envelope, he was puzzled by what he saw. >> and the academy award -- for best picture -- >> reporter: he handed the envelope to faye dunaway. >> come on. "la la land." >> reporter: you can faintly hear the duo whisper. look closely at the envelope the presenters were holding. it says actress in a leading role. two minutes later, the plot thickened, as the team from "la
7:45 am
la land" delivered accept stance speechers, stage crew rushed the stage. >> it was clear there was a problem. >> reporter: you see stone's reaction when the correct envelope surfaced. also on stage, the only two people who knew the results in advance. the accounting firm tells nbc news it was cull inen who handed out the wrong envelope. and there's questions if an ill-timed tweet was responsible for the debacle. he tweeted this backstage. >> this is a great role. most of the year, we're normal accounta accountants. >> reporter: before the show, they were on the red carpet. they've done this in previous years. and in an interview two days before the oscars, say they stand on opposite ends of the stage before the show and
7:46 am
memorize the results in case the wrong winner is announced. >> if something were to occur, we would go directly to the stage manager and let them know there's a problem. >> and they would make a correction, probably right then on stage and do it live. >> reporter: but price w pricewaterhousecoop pricewaterhousecoopers, said once the error occurred, protocols were not followed through quickly enough. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight" you won best picture. >> reporter: "la la land's" horowitz is the one who set it straight. it's a black eye for pricewaterhousecoopers who has been tabulating results for 83 years. the firm said, we sincerely apologize to "moonlight," "la la land," and others for the error that was made. jimmy kimmel addressed what happened. >> i'm feeling bad for these guys but trying really hard not to laugh, to be honest. >> reporter: nbc news has
7:47 am
reached out to brian cullinal and has not received a response. they have apologized to beatty and dunaway, the filmmakers and fans for the mishap the academy will determine what actions are appropriate going forward. and president trump is weighing in, telling breitbart why he thinks the flub took place. saying, quote, they were focused so hard on politics they didn't get the act together at the end. savannah? >> all in all, pretty exciting night for an caccountant, joe. coming up, former teen star, david cassidy. what he is saying in an what he is saying in an interview america's beverage companies have come together to what he is saying in an interview bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before
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7:52 am
how is it going? >> maybe not the middle yet. almost halfway through. probably 150 of the 350 steps, savannah. i'm on a beautiful perch, where i look down at the rotunda where speaker ryan and i were standing. if we look up, we get to see the beautiful fresco, showing washington ascending to the heavens. heavens. i'm going to before fibromyalgia, heavens. i'm going to i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing,
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7:56 am
good tuesday morning. we're coming up on 7:56 with sunshine across the bay area. and a very chilly start. we're in the upper 30s in the tri-valley. out of the 30s now in the north bay. 41 degrees. 44 in san francisco. then as we go through the day, going to see highs reaching into the low 60s with breezy winds. and upper 50s for san francisco and the east bay. mike, i was just saying we are still seeing an accident on 101. >> recovery from accident on 101. slowing northbound and southbound north of university. you saw all lanes cleared. traffic jamming up and blending in with san mateo, into palo alto. extra slow out of san francisco and down to the south bay. the rest of the day, pretty standard day of traffic. having a tough time on the
7:57 am
capital expressway. slowing for guadalupe park. east bay drive times jamming up. 238 and 880. counter commute, eastbound 580 also causing some slowing. it has cleared with 238. unexpectedly slow towards the dublin grade out of san leandro. metering lights are still on. back to you. >> look at those little red squares. happening right now, waiting for an update in southern california where the crash headed. the victims attended a cheerleading event in orlando before heading home to san jose. >> police in pleasanton investigating an apparent road rage incident that led to shots fired on interstate 580. on our home page you can see the
7:58 am
that led up to the gun fight. more news in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, "today on the hill." we're live at the u.s. capitol, as president trump gets ready to deliver his first joint address to a session of congress. today, a preview of that speech. and a look inside this iconic building. i want to show you something else, one floor beneath this. just down this staircase, it's almost always off-limits. to the underground tunnels, to the top of the capital dome, hysteric sites like you've never seen them before. plus, secret battle. former teen icon, david cassidy, opens up about that on-stage fall, his battle with substance
8:01 am
abuse, and his recent dementia diagnosis. >> what was the first similar top you noticed? >> when friends of yours or family members begin to say to you, remember i just told you this two days ago? and there's no memory of it. up, boom, drop. come on, jackie. >> and bob harper's health scare. the celebrity fitness trainer recovering this morning after revealing he suffered a heart attack. what he's saying about that surprising ordeal, today, tuesday, february 28th, 2017. and good morning, again. welcome back, 8:00 on this tuesday morning. how about this for a view? we've been spending the entire morning at the u.s. capitol in washington, d.c., site of tonight's speech from the president. we have made it up 365 steps from where we were in the rotunda, to the top of the capitol dome. it is the best view you will
8:02 am
ever get of washington. you may remember not long ago, the whole dome was encased in scaffolding. they did a major renovation here. it ended in 2016. i'm standing with the man who was in charge of that renovat n renovation, stephen ayers. he's the 11th architect of the capitol. this is unbelievable, stephen. how are you? >> going great. the best view in washington right here. >> it really is. let's do a 360-degree tour. start walking and pick out points of interest for me. >> right here on capitol hill, first, in 1791, pierre l'enfant, wrote to george washington that this capitol hill was a pedestal awaiting a monument. we have union station. >> right over there. >> senate office buildings here. >> that's the supreme court building, that will be the site of so much drama in the coming months. >> it is. the supreme court met here in the capitol from 1801 to 1935
8:03 am
when they move in that new building, designed by cass gilbert. roman temple-inspired design. >> across the street, what some people call the most beautiful building in america. >> it's interesting the contrast of the two. one, the quiet, stately aura of the supreme court, to the exuberance of the thomas jefferson building. >> the library of congress. >> it is. the torch of knowledge at the top of the library dome there is magnificent. >> moving over to this side of the capitol, looking down, we have the house office buildings. >> yes, the house office buildings here. >> the capitol was expanded from its original structure because of the need for more space, as the nation expanded westward. we had more members of congress. >> that's exactly right. you can see that here on the house extension of the capitol. the fourth architect, thomas ustek walter designed this dome
8:04 am
we're standing on today. >> the botanic gardens there. you get the potomac river and a plane taking off from national airport in the distance. >> that's right. another one on final approach over the national mall. >> you point to this and the national mall. this is really the money shot. if you're standing in this vantage point, take a look out over that. it's extraordinary. >> this is our front yard, isn't it? and you can see down through the mall, to the washington monument. of course, to the right of the monument, is the white house. beyond is the lincoln memorial and beyond that is arlington national cemetery. we've been up here for a few minutes today. and we've heard a number of cannons going off. must be a number of services at the cemetery today. >> there's few times in my life when i say, it's worth taking 365 steps. this is one of those times. stephen ayers, what a pleasure. thanks for the tour. we appreciate it. >> happy to do it.
8:05 am
>> let's go down to ground level and check in with kristen welker. kristen? >> reporter: matt, good morning. a senior administration official tells me president trump worked on his speech late into the night. and he continues to put on the final touches this morning. expect the tone to be optimistic and unifying. but looming over all of it, mounting questions about russia, as the president prepares to deliver the most important pitch yet of his administration. in just hours, president trump will deliver his first joint address to congress. the theme, according to senior administration officials, renewal of the american spirit. the president expected to highlight what he sees as key accomplishments, on jobs, trade and the economy. and we'll map out the road ahead. >> all i can do is speak from the heart and say what i want to do. we have a really terrific, i believe, health care plan coming out. >> a >> reporter: on the heels of announcing a budget blueprint,
8:06 am
that will call for an increase in spending of $54 million, the focus will be national security. a heated backdrop to his speech, as democrats praise for a major battle, over the president's call to pay for increases by slashing on agencies like the epa, the state department and foreign aid. >> i don't know if the president really understands the ramifications of the cuts that are being proposed. >> reporter: this morning, house speaker paul ryan telling matt -- >> this is a promise that we made that our military has been hollowed out. we have gutted our military in many ways. we've had a huge increase in domestic spending. >> reporter: and today, mounting questions about russia and whether anyone on the trump campaign had contact with russian intelligence officials. the firestorm growing after republican congressman darrell issa called for a special prosecutor. >> do you support a special prosecutor on russia? the president, ignoring the question. then, making this comment, as reporters left the room. >> i haven't called russia in
8:07 am
ten years. >> reporter: as the white house tried to tamp down the controversy. >> my question would be a special prosecutor for what? we have now, for six months, heard story after story, come out about unnamed sources, say the same thing over and over again. and nothing has come of it. >> reporter: and this morning the president and first lady have released their list of special guests for tonight. they include maureen scalia, the widow of the late justice antonin scalia. as well as a number of people who have lost loved ones at the hands of undocumented ingrants. the president says he gives himself a c or c-plus when it comes to messaging. and he is aiming to do a better job tonight. savannah? >> kristen welker at the capitol. and you can watch the president's address on nbc. we'll have a full wrap-up tomorrow northemorning on "toda" to the plane crash in southern california. three people died, two injured when a small plane crashed into
8:08 am
some homes in riverside. you'll see surveillance video. the plane drops out of the sky. and you see a ball of flames and smoke. incredibly, no one won the groud was hurt. the plane was just taking off. it was carrying five people to san jose after attending a cheer competition in disneyland. two people were ejected as they crashed. two homes were destroyed in the accident. this morning, spacex says training could begin for two private citizens that want to fly around the moon next year. ceo elon musk revealed that two people approached the company about making the trip. he refused to identify them but says they paid a significant deposit. the week-long mission would use the falcon heavy rocket system. the moon flight passengers are going into this with eyes open and know there is some risk. coming up next, some eye-opening research on what
8:09 am
having kids does to the sleep habits of women and men. and the photo revealing hollywood's biggest stars were just as confused as the rest of us during the oscar mixup. matt? >> we'll continue our breathtaking tour of the u.s. capit capitol, from a vantage point like this p the and we'll reveal ♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes.
8:10 am
they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® ♪
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8:12 am
8:13 am
this portion of "today" is brought to you by keytruda. to learn more, go to >> all right. we're back. 8:13. time for "trending." i've missed trending. >> shall we trend? >> there's all this useless knowledge i haven't had. >> that's why it's trending. >> exactly. fake studies. we all know kids affect how much sleep we get. but apparently, not if you're a man. researchers surveyed nearly 6,000 people and found that women who live with kids in the house, slept less than women that didn't have kids. for men, apparently it doesn't matter. whether there's kids in the house or not, men's sleep patterns are not affected according to this study. >> i recognize there's superdads. forgive me. but i believe it. my husband is fine with it. and everything works out the he
8:14 am
knows i'm going to get up. >> it's funny because, of course, dads are great. we know. this is an active dad. on my maternity leave, when i was getting up and feeding every couple hours, matt would be -- matt. hello? >> breaking news. >> oh, my god. >> anything you want to talk about? >> where is my freud textbook? mike would say -- that's not the first time that happened. it happened at my baby shower. and mike would be, i'm so tired. oh, wait. my god. matt, i know. i know. i know. >> that's our secret. shh. >> i know. i mean i know. i know. >> you just let it slip, savannah. >> this is what happens when you leave. it all fall ace pas ap match.
8:15 am
>> but he was still alive. >> exactly. have you met someone and thought, that american looks like a sam? people look like their names. over time, they grow into the facial features that society associates with particular names. part of the study had people look at photos of men and women and try to guess their names.
8:16 am
we're going to do our own version of this. none of us know the names of the people we're about to show. they're our new paiges and interns. we don't know their names. does this american look like an allison, rebecca, caitlin or susan? >> rebecca. >> i'm going to say allison. >> caitlin. >> oh. rebecca. >> very good. next one. does this look like a sean, a benjamin, harry or a will? >> harry. >> i'm going to say harry. >> sean. okay. >> i know sean. >> we're really doing terribly. is this lucy, amy, sara or morguen? >> this is amy. >> sara. >> 100%. >> morgan. >> okay. >> all right. >> i got at least one. >> what did i say? fake studies. that's your "trends." >> i saw a cute guy the other day. he was like 12. what's your name? it was chandler. of course, your name is chandler. >> from "friends." exactly. should we do "pop start"?
8:17 am
>> yeah. >> the oscars flub around the world. you have seen what happened on stage. a flurry of producers trading red envelopes. what about the crowd? take a look at this. this photo capturing the exact moment when the mistake was revealed. matt damon completely shocked. michelle williams, and salma hayek. and divine johnson and meryl streep. >> look at this. >> that's great. >> looks like they're about to jump on stage and wrestle the oscar from "la la land" producers. across the aisle, team "moonlight" realized what happened. and how about ryan gosling. watch this. all he can do is laugh. what's going on? and willie geisted ed had his o reaction to the oscars. check out willie's family when his sister, libby, won an oscar sunday night. >> and the oscar goes to --
8:18 am
[ screaming ] >> willie's wearing a tux. willie was dressed up. libby won for "o.j.: made in america." and bill paxton is given a memorial from an unlikely group. storm chasers. he became a hero of the 1996 film, "twister." more than 20 storm chasers used gps coordinators to create his initials in oklahoma's tornado alley. paxton's roll in "twister," was the first time in mass media that made the weather guy look really cool. >> and thousands of storm chasers put "twister" on their dvr and watched it at 8:00. >> that's nice. >> sheinelle, thank you. al? he was the good meteorologist. and the first time we had an evil meteorologist.
8:19 am
it was a great movie. he was terrific in it. we're watching the heavy showers and thunderstorms push through. you can see today, we have enhanced risk from indianapolis all the way down the little rock. over 36 million people under the risk for fast-moving storms with wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. overnight tornadoes possible. and some could be very strong. and tomorrow, it moves east, from new york all the way down to mississippi. we got 87 million people at the risk of strong squall lines. the tornado threat weaker. but let me tell you. straight line winds can do as much damage as an ef-0 or ef-1 tornado. the bull's eye, from pittsburgh, to evansville to nashville. one to three to four inches of still cool and sunny right now in san jose. only 43 degrees. temperatures up. we still have a few spots still in the 30s like livermore, morgan hill and napa.
8:20 am
we are heading into the 60s today, for many spots. upper 50s for san francisco. all dry weather for the next few days, temperatures making it into the lower 60s and then changes this weekend. we'll start to see some scattered showers moving in on sunday, that may linger into monday for the north bay. >> don't forget. check us out on today show radio, siriusxm 108. >> it's a huge show. they're always stopping for autographs and that kind of thing. let's head back down to washington and more with mike. >> you know? seriously, matt at work. mike at home because i'm -- i'm not paying for college for vale and charlie, all right? >> take one look at those kids. we all know who the daddy is. >> i know. >> anyway, guys. i landed here in washington yesterday, i hopped right over here to the capitol and started
8:21 am
taking a tour of some of the places that people don't ordinarily get to see. and suffice it to say, this building is steep, not only in history, but sometimes in mystery, as well. from inaugurations -- >> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> reporter: to funerals. ♪ the capitol has been at the center of american history. shortly before he delivers his speech to a joint session of congress tonight, president trump will be brought into this office. this is the speaker's or speaker of the house's ceremonial office. all presidents come here before they deliver a state of the union address. everything is ptraditional washington. except for one thing. over in this corner is a modern television monitor. this is so the president can watch what's happening in the chamber before he enters the room.
8:22 am
this building is at the heart of our democracy and the nation itself. dividing washington's capital into the four quadrants. >> this is the center of washington. this is a room called the crypt. one floor below the rotunda. i want to show you something else. it's one floor beneath this. just down this staircase, it's almost always off-limits. this is called washington's tomb. it's one level below the crypt here at the capitol. this is where george washington was supposed to be buried along with his wife, martha. he made it clear, he didn't want to be buried here. he wanted to be at the family home at mt. vernon. that is where he was buried. even know there is no body here, this place is still under lock and key. and the tomb isn't the only secret the capitol keeps underground. most people are familiar with the more ornate spaces of the capitol on the upper floors by the rotunda. but down below, there is an intricate system of hallways and
8:23 am
tunnels, where you can easily get lost. for example, the speaker of the house travels around here in a hallway like this all the time. now, originally, this was built or these were built, so the people that worked at the congress could avoid the sometimes nasty weather in washington. no frills down here. sometimes just on a wall. to house committee on pro appropriations, this way. while a lot of people take a subway or train to work, this one might be the most exclusive of them all. right now, i'm getting to do something very few people ever get to do. i'm taking a ride on the subway car that travels beneath the p capit capital. it goes from independence avenue, one office building over there, into the capitol itself. this is how members of cloongre travel during the day. certain cars are reserved for members only. this is really important when a member of congress has to rush back to this building to take part in an important vote. and by the way, in days gone by,
8:24 am
it wasn't a subway car like this. instead, they actually had studebaker automobiles that traveled on little roadways under the capitol. and that's how people got back and forth. and what would a visit to one of america's most historic buildings be without a ghost story? here's a story most people won't tell you about the capitol. those are the blood stairs. a long, involved story. suffice it to say there was a long, simmering feud between a member of congress and a reporter. that feud came to a head 127 years ago today, when the reporter confronted that congressman on these stairs, took out a gun and shot him. the marks on the stairs are said to be the blood of congressman william tallby. and from time to time, people who work here say they see his ghost. 224 years of history. and countless other secrets, kept within these halls. this will be the scene of interest tonight, when president trump delivers his first-ever
8:25 am
speech to a joint session of congress. you can watch that speech right here on nbc, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific time. and i am going to make my way down, now. savannah and, al, they tell me that 365 stairs are easily navigated or more easily navigated on the way down than the way up. >> absolutely. and a tribute to your crew, carrying the equipment up and down the stairs. >> absolutely. >> what a beautiful morning and beautiful crew of our capitol. and matt, have a safe trip home. >> see you in new york tomorrow. coming up, we take a turn. "the biggest loser's" bob harper, speaking out after suffering a surprising heart attack. and sheinelle in the orange room. >> look who is here. lisa kudrow. we can't wait to talk to her and net a speneak peek test test test test
8:26 am
test. i'm ... ==vbox==deputies arenvestigat good morning. a few minutes before 8:30. i'm kris sanchez. deputies are investigating an early morning shooting near an east san jose school, happening on delia near linda vista elementary school. for a time, kirk avenue was shut down between madeleine and alan rock avenue, the roads are now open once again. we're told the shooting investigation did not impact classes today at that nearby school. because deputies believe there is no public safety concern. as for the victim, authorities are only confirming that someone was shot. there is no update on the person's condition nor whether any arrests were made, but we'll try to get that for you. right now, a little slow. >> tuesday, slowing in all directions around the bay and worse on .peninsula now because of the earlier crash followed at
8:27 am
palo alto. in front of the camera, cleared out 45 minutes ago. blended in with slowing from san mateo. northbound side tough out of san jose. dumbarton bridge, coming across the bay, we typically see the east bay with this much traffic here. 880, 5le -- 580 through oakland, the east shore not as bad as we often see. but you're only down to 33 minutes down the upper east shore freeway. that's good. back to you. >> all right. we have more local news coming up in half an hour. have a good morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
8:30 am
♪ good morning, everybody. it's 8:30. it's tuesday, 28th of february, 2017. first time i said that. i was gone for the full year. >> that's true. >> this isn't a leap year, is it? >> you need to talk to your husband, matt, about that. it is not a leap year. they are even years. >> who knew? mom brain is real. matt just wrapped up his remarkable morning at the u.s. capitol, ahead of president
8:31 am
trump's address to congress tonight. we'll have a wrap-up of that tomorrow, as our big week on "today" rolls on. that's right, we have "tonight show's" jimmy fol l mm making a rare trip to studio 1a. and thursday, the one and only jennifer lopez. just the most beautiful woman on the planet. >> she really is. >> she will be here, as well. coming up this morning, one of our favorites, lisa kudrow. she's going to tell us about her new movie. and bob harper tells us about his heart attack suffered recently. and david cassidy speaks out about battling dimension. >> what else at 8:30? the weather? >> that's it. boom. starting today, severe storms in the mississippi river valleys. high fire danger in the central and southern plains. drying out in california. snow in the rockies. we're looking at severe storms,
8:32 am
from new england to the grshg. great lakes snow, as well. plenty of sunshine, t still nice and sunny out, a view of the golden gate bridge and chilly temperatures. as we head through the day, going from the upper 40s into the upper 50s. it will be a very nice tuesday, after seeing a morning low in the 30s, in parts of the north bay. and san francisco, expect a high of 58 degrees, low 60s. as we go to the end of the week, still a lot of sunshine in the forecast until the weekend. that's when we start to see scattered showers moving in, especially on sunday, with some widespread rain and that may linger in some parts of the bay area until early monday morning. your latest weather. got some friends here from the terence manning academy. where is that? where are you from? >> south carolina. >> where? >> south carolina. >> south carolina, very nice. my senior trip was downtown.
8:33 am
that's about it. anyway, don't forget. we're going to head inside, now, to savannah. >> all right, al. thank you so much. now, to something that i think took a lot of people by surprise. bob harper, the fitness trainer, host of "the biggest loser," revealing he suffered a heart attack. it left him unconscious for two days. here's morgan radford. >> reporter: bob harper is the picture of health. from his sculpted arms and chiselled ans. to his attitude about getting in shape. harper has made fitness his business. a trainer-turned host on "nbc's the biggest loser." >> push. >> reporter: now, it's harper facing a serious health issue. the 51-year-old confirming to nbc news, he suffered a heart attack two weeks ago. calling the ordeal, scary. harper detailed the incident to tmz. saying, he clamsed while working out at a new york city gym.
8:34 am
a nearby doctor sprang into action. administering cpr and using a defibrillator to cope hkeep him. harper says he remained unconscious for two days. waking up in the hospital. >> let's go, craig. one more. >> reporter: this comes as a shock for the celebrity health nut, who appeared on "today" just last month to help whip our own craig melvin into shape. >> you did a really, really good job. >> reporter: but harper believes his family history is to blame. in his 2007 book, "are you ready," harper opened up about his mother suddenly died from a heart attack. saying, i never imagined before that my mother, of all people, could develop heart disease. >> genetic risks of heart disease like bob harper experienced, are one-third of the equation. two-thirds are lifestyle related. >> reporter: one of two people who die of heart disease, never show any signs. >> bob's case is typical.
8:35 am
as a heart surgeon, people shocked how could this have occurred? heart disease doesn't present with a lot of symptoms. >> reporter: but he says there are some ways to cope your finger on the pulse of any potential risks. >> if you notice that your heart is racing or that you're light-headed or that you have shortness of breath, those are indicators that your heart is not happy and not pumping blood the way it's supposed to. that mandates a checkup. >> reporter: after an eight-day stay in the hospital, harper posted this on instagram overnight. saying he's, quote, feeling better, just taking it easy. morgan radford, nbc news, new york. >> you lock at bob harper and think, my goodness. >> you said i have to do it the. >> this motivates me to get it checked out. i lost my dad. he was 49. i'm 45. and people show no symptoms. i think all of us. women especially. >> and the power of genetics. he's the picture of health. >> exactly. good reminder for everyone. we wish him well.
8:36 am
coming up next, we take a turn to former teen star, david cassidy. he's opening up in an interview. what he's saying about coping with thdementia.
8:37 am
8:38 am
we're back, now, 8:38. former teen adoll and "partridge family" star, david cassidy, speaking out after revealing he is suffering from dementia. >> joe fryer has that. joe, good morning, again. >> reporter: i spoke to dr. phil, why cassidy decided to reveal his diagnosis now. and how his family history of the disease, has changed his outlook, as he faces new reality. david cassidy, once a teen heartthr heartthrob, now, is battling dementia. cassidy says he was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago.
8:39 am
>> you have been diagnosed with dementia. >> i have. >> reporter: he has a history of dementia in his family. was he worried that he might be diagnosed? >> he's been worried about it. >> reporter: were there signs or clues that made him realize this might be an issue and should be checked snout. >> there were. and he told me that it was friends, that were pointing out to him, lapses in memory. what was the first symptom that you noticed? >> when friends of yours or family members begin to say to you, remember, i just told you this two days ago? and there's no memory of it. that's when i began to be very concerned. >> was that what caused you to say, i need to get myself checked? >> oh, my god, yes. >> he wants his fans to know that he in his words, is okay. he said, i am in the very early stages of dementia.
8:40 am
>> why is david cassidy choosing to speak out about this now? >> first off, i think he is really becoming an activist with regard to dementia. his grandfather died of dementia. his mother died of dementia. >> reporter: video of a scary scene at a recent concert raised concerns for cassidy's fans. some are questioning if his behavior was due to drinking, which he denies. the beloved "partridge family" star has had three duis since 2010 and spent time in rehab in 2014. >> a lot of his fans felt like he was slurring his words. ♪ i remember >> losing his place in the show. slipped and falling on stage. and they thought, you know, he's relapsed. and he says, that's not the case. i actually have dementia. and so, i think in part, he was
8:41 am
responding to correct what he says were rumors and false allegations. you did slip off the stage at one point. >> not really slipped, no. >> you slipped on the stage. ♪ >> when you have spotlights in your ice and you've had five eye surgeries, as i've had, i've talked a lot about it. you see me there, i tripped on that. but i wasn't intoxicated. and has nothing to do with why i'm leaving. certainly, my dementia has contributed to the reason why i don't want to go out. and i don't want to hear -- well, he looked like he was drunk. or looked like he was -- i wasn't. >> reporter: over the weekend, cassidy, who is 66, announced that he will be performing two final shows on the road, ending his touring career this saturday night. in his hometown of new york city. back to you guys in new york.
8:42 am
>> joe, thank you. coming up next, lisa kudrow on her new movie. and the eternal hopes for a "friends" reboot. sorry, lisa. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> had to say it. >> don't leave. (vo) what if this didn't
8:43 am
have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
8:44 am
♪ we're back, 8:44, with lisa c kudrow. she start stars in "table 19" about a group of people that get sat together at a wedding. >> why? >> i will give you $20 if you stand up right now. >> all right. okay. what? oh. there you two. >> thank you so much. >> lisa, good morning.
8:45 am
i love the premise of this movie, because who hasn't been seated at a table when you didn't know anyone. and this is table 19, the bad really the bad table at a wedding. >> right. which it turns out i mostly sat out. whatever wedding i go. >> i feel like i've been table 19ed before. haven't you in. >> e file league. because i'm so oblivious. like hey lucky me. i'm close to the bathroom. what an honor. thank you. >> craig robinson is in it. kendrick is in. >> she's amazing. >> is it the ensemble cast that drew you to this particular project. >> yes. and this ensemble too. everybody, i was really excited. >> i'm not giving anything away but you in the mauve your characters are married. you and craig are married for like 20 years but it is not all beautiful harmony. you have some issues. >> we have issues.
8:46 am
we bicker and we don't seem to like each other very much. >> but somehow you manage to make that funny. and marital strife is not usually that hilarious but you seem to pull it off. >> i think it's pretty funny this real life. people's pain. yeah. >> that was an unexpected response. i was going to say you have been married 20 years so you -- >> over twenty years. yeah. >> did you draw on any of that for the role? i know this is an unhappy couple and i'm going to presume you are a happy couple. >> we are. we're fine. we're doing great. it is definitely relatable because you could see how it would be easy that you are a little angry and then you snip at each other and you don't address it. then it's a very slippery slope before you decide he just doesn't love me anymore. >> that kind of death by a thousand cuts. >> right. >> boy this interview's taken a turn hasn't it. --
8:47 am
>> really intense. >> your son is 18 now. now do you think he's going to go into the family business at all? >> i hope soal. >> really? >> he is interested. and i think he'll really talented like way better than me. >> is he actor type or behind the camera type? >> both. >> wow. all the weapons, how is thuh? >> yeah. he really does. >> you didn't think you were getting out without a friends question? >> let's see. >> "will and grace" is coming back. >> yes i'm really excited. >> how people would feel if "friends "had a reunion. you ever get the group together. >> me personally, no. >> are -- we have. >> but we have convened. privately for dinner. it was great. >> that's not working for us. >> i know but it was really fun.
8:48 am
we had such a good time. it was hilarious. we were laughing non stop. >> see now you're just being mean. >> i know. that was really mean. i know but if we don't tell you one is coming and nothing happens you have no reason to be disappointed. i'm managing expectations. i don't see it happening. it would be fun. but what would it be about? >> where would phoebe be right now? >> i don't know. thing liked about that show was 20 somethings and they were there only family. and now they all have families. so what are we going to watch. >> we were both that age and now we're boring middle age people. >> right. >> yeah. i don't want to me. >> i don't want to watch you. >> thank you so much. table 19 really thank you so much. >> thank you. >> hits theaters on friday. coming up we're all living longer that means we need to
8:49 am
save more money. first iss today on nbc we're told to live large, but maybe we've had it wrong all along. maybe our most extraordinary moments happen when we feel small. princess cruises, come back new.
8:50 am
we're back with something new we're calling "age proof today." first up, how long do you expect to live? the average life expectancy for men in the u.s. has jumped from 70 to 79.
8:51 am
from women, to 83. and the number of average americans is up 2200% since 1950. age proof, living longer without running out of money or breaking a hip. >> that's the reaction we were hoping for. >> so let's dig in here. first of all age proof, talk to me about what that word means. >> age proof is essentially taking care of your health and your wealth. i wrote this book with a doctor from the cleveland clinic. he'll be here tomorrow. and the rule is you can't be just healthy or just wealthy because either one on their own doesn't work anymore. you have to have them both working in the same direction and we lay out a plan together. >> how much do you need to be comfortable? >> how much should you save? you want to aim for ten times your final salary in retirement savings by the -- >> rolling their eyes.
8:52 am
>> -- whoa i am not even close. so a couple of things can help you adjust. first you have if a traditional pension that 17% of americans do, you can reduce the amount that you have to put away. the ten times your final salary is supposed to cover about 45% of your spending in retirement. if your pension covers about 15% of that you can take it down. and if you know you are not going make it reduce your spending now. that enables you do put away more for litter and are have to have to spend less later on. >> looking to free up money between now and then you say down shift. >> down shift now and that can mean moving someplace less expensive. eating out less. whatever changes you want to make so you can save more. >> so you have the money saved, but now you have to divide it so it works long term, the rest of your life frankly. >> divided is right. we've got this pot of money. we've got to make it last 30 years. that is how long retirement is going to last.
8:53 am
you can only withdraw 4% of your retirement assets every single year. and fidelity did a study on this recently. some think they can withdraw 7%. some think 12%. that is way too much. and we ask people, what are you doing when you are retired? >> some poem want to work. >> it keeps you youngers. keeps your happier. keeps your healthier. but if you are going to do that your money has more time to go which is a great thing. and if you know again that you are not going to make it, correct course. the focus at ageway did some research. looked at what happened if you work part time age 60 for three four years come one another hundred thousand dollars extra. i like an annuity. a qlac, a qualified life annuity contract. i know it sounds -- we write about it. but it is something you can buy
8:54 am
from within your ira or 401(k) and lower yours tax bill in retirement and helps you insure for and we have to consider emergencies. >> people think i'm no longer working i'm in retirement. i don't need an emergency cushion anymore. because we always tell you that is for when you lose your job. you need one in retirement. because emergencies still happen. and just having a few thousand dollars put away could mean you don't have to dig into credit card debt or anything. >> age proof yourself. skin, wealth, all that good stuff. thank you. tomorrow we're making sure your mind and body are ready for living a longer life. best time of the morning, birthdays. >> talk about people living a longer life. this is great. honoring some friends with the help of from our friends at smucker's. first up, happy 100th birthday
8:55 am
for stanaslawa. and eileen of wadsworth ohio, 100 years old. catch her all the times at the slot machines when she goes to the casinos. love. that and the happy 100th to george, loves going to the driving range and getting in a few swings. >> and mary also celebrating 100. she says the secret to longevity is a teaspoon of honey in a cup of tea every morning. thank you. and ruby, 102, loves playing big go with all her pals. and the happy 100th to the myrtle. remember, if you want us to celebrate your loved one's big
8:56 am
day, tell us all about them at >> what do we have coming snup. >> a huge show. >> lisa cue droe. and craig robinson. and link lachey. >> and al roker. >> and them. >> what more could you want, your local news and weather coming upful i'm ... ==topvo== 're expecti to learn l plane in southern california good morning. it is 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. we're expecting to learn more about this crash, small plane in southern california, which killed three people. two other people were also injured. the video shows the plane plunging just after takeoff and then erupting into a fireball. the plane is -- was headed to san jose yesterday when it crashed into two homes in southern california. those five people were on board. the identities of the victims have not been released, but we
8:57 am
know the plane is registered to nouri hajazi of san jose. bob is following those developments, with a live report on midday newscast. authorities right now are investigating an early morning shooting that happened a short distance from an east san jose elementary school. classes are going on as planned. there is more information on our home page. a bay area puddle jumper takes flight in june sfo to santa rosa in less than an hour. find out what will be united airlines shortest flights across the global network and why. more local news coming up in half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ we have a huge "today's take" with lisa kudrow and craig robinson, inviting you to "table 19." and singing sensation, nick lachey, fun at our table. and little mix, a live performance and major announcement, right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a, in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to a tuesday morning. it is hard to believe. but already, the last day of february. that's crazy. we're listening to "black magic" by little mix. they have a huge announcement, besides a live performance.
9:01 am
and add to that, we have mr. nick lachey for the second day. >> good morning, guys. >> we haven't had a guest co-host for a week-long in a long time. >> you drive them out after one day? >> i know. >> i am stunned you decided to come back. the first night back in the city. no kids. i bet you just blew the doors off last night. >> yeah. i went out and raged. i got back to the hotel, took a nap. hit the gym. ordered room service. >> you're such a rebel. >> caught up on "homeland." the first time i've been away from the kid fars for a long ti. i love my kids. but having a day to catch up on sleep -- >> pretty nice, right? >> it was awesome. >> are you ready to conquer the world? >> i'm going out big. >> what time are you getting olive garden? >> what time is the all-you-can-eat buffet starting? >> there is something nice about that. >> unlimited bread sticks.
9:02 am
it's fantastic. >> i can't really do that when i'm with the family because, you know, everybody's looking at you. you're traveling and you're on your own. >> nice. >> bread sticks, baby. just keep them coming. >> just for me. >> i don't want to see the bottom of that basket. you understand me? >> there is no bottom. >> yesterday, full disclosure. we were offcamera. and nick has three kids. i have three kids. you have 12 kids. >> i have three. >> what? >> i have three kids. >> we're in this party of five. and nick was saying, do you live in the city? yes, i live in the city. three kids in the city? you're crazy. and that's what people say. it's hard to have three little ones in the city. i grew up in kansas. and i'm struggling with it. i'd love to hear what you have to say. the other day, we're on the train. and my kids are playing ring around the rosie. these are my twins. and i'm having a moment. when i played ring around the rosie, we were looking at cows, in the middle of nowhere. my kids are playing ring around
9:03 am
the rosie on a train. and they all fall down. it's getting dirty. but this is my life. >> okay. >> you give me strength, al, because you're a city kid. >> i grew up in new york city. i mean, my oldest daughter grew up in westchester. but my two kids have grown up in new york city. and, look, i don't think it's -- it's what you're used to. >> it's just not. >> a different way to grow up. let's face it. very different than kansas or ohio where i grew up. just a different one. not better or worse. >> not better or worse. i had a moment on the train yesterday. and every day, wow. is this their life? there's so many positives to it. i think they will be savvier at 10 than i am now. >> i remember riding the train. and they used to have the billboards on the train. there are 4 million germs that you're touching right now, holding that rail. do you think about that aspect of it? >> yes. >> just as many germs on that school play yard in kansas or
9:04 am
oklahoma or any where else. >> fair enough. >> it is what it is. i have to tell you. some kids grew up taking a school bus to school. i grew up taking the bus and subway. you know? i'm telling you, it -- i think kids are kids wherever you go. >> to that point last week, we get the notice from my son's preschool saying, just so you're aware, we had two cases of pink eye and a documented of hand, foot and mouth disease. i'm looking at vanessa, do we send him to school today? he seems fine. with a newborn at home, you got to worry about that kind of stuff. your older kids come home from something. next thing you know, it runs through the whole family. >> i think you have to. that toughens them up. >> that builds immunity. >> that's what they say. >> we used to eat dirt. >> turned out just fine. >> that was the old nbc commissa commissary. hey. it was a johnny carson joke. the only place in new york where you can eat dirt, cheap. >> on that note.
9:05 am
>> we spent one day with nick and we haven't forced him to play a game. our producer, gavin, loves playing games. we're going to play, lachey what? >> lachey what? >> we're going to share some -- everybody say it together. lachey what? >> we're going to share some fun facts that we learned about you from the internet. and you will tell them if they're true or not. >> okay. >> your nickname is slider. >> oh, man. so -- >> is that true? >> it's true with an asterisk. >> i want to hear why. >> in the early days of boy bands you would do "teen beat" and "tiger jam" and all of the interviews. i didn't have a nickname. so, when "top gun" was one of my favorite movies at the time. and just panicked and said, slider. next thing you know, fans are making me hats that say slider, hockey jerseys that say slider. it was never my nickname.
9:06 am
>> just like small ham bergers. >> i'm a big fan. especially with cheese. it's something i panicked and came up with at the time. and it stuck with me my entire career. until now. >> wow. i like the next one. if it's true, we share something in common. your guilty pleasure, barry m manil manilow. >> true. and i know we share something in common because i heard barry manilow's velvet voice coming from your dressing room. >> no way. >> my mom, growing up, was a huge barrow manilow fan. the first time i bet barry, i said, you are a huge inspiration to me as a kid. >> here we go. ♪ you kissed me and stopped me from shaking ♪ ♪ and i need you today oh, mandy ♪ >> wow. >> i mean, the man -- >> you can sing any time. >>talent. is a talent. still doing it. >> little-known facts about
9:07 am
barry manilow. he is afraid of being on a boat. and we did a cruise show. >> this sounds awful already. >> we had to get him from the harbor to the boat. and he had to take a small boat. and he was, like, freaking out. >> what did you do? >> we did a mr. t. on "the a team." we knocked him out. >> sounds like he has bad management if his manager knows he he doesn't like being on a boat. >> i don't think he told him. i love this one. you and your brother own a sports bar in cincinnati? >> true. >> lachey what? stwl >> it's called lachey's bar. it's been open two years. >> wow. >> we're both big sports fans. it was our dream to open. >> what's it called? >> it's called lachey's. we're on a limb. lachey's. it's our passion project in our hometown. >> i feel like that's a dream,
9:08 am
right? to go back to your hometown and open up a bar? >> it's the ultimate man cave. you go to your bar. >> like "cheers." >> expect you pay the bills. it's an eye-opening business to be a part of. i had no idea. >> one other thing we share in common, in if this is true. one of your favorite foods, tatar tots. >> very true. >> lachey what? >> this is many meals in the school cafeteria. >> we serve a variety of toppings. >> that's i never thought about that. you can pick whatever you want. >> tots for breakfast. tots for lunch. for dinner. >> we're adults. we can eat what we want. >> no bad time to tot. i think yu need a chocolate milk box. >> i need a nap.
9:09 am
>> day two, since the best picture blunder heard and seen around the world, starting to get more clarity. the firm, pricewaterhousecoopers, taking full responsibility, like they had a choice, saying the presenters for the best picture were given the wrong envelope. leading to a series of mistakes and breeches of established protocols. new questions this morning about whether an ill-timed tweet, first reported by the "the wall street journal", could have been partially responsible. brian cullinan, tweeted this picture of emma stone just before the mixup. cullinan and his fellow accountant were interviewed before the show and what would happen if something went wrong. >> if something were to occur, we would go directly to the stage manager and let them know
9:10 am
there's a problem. >> and they would make a correction probably right then on stage and do it live. >> that worked out pretty well. >> that's essentially what happened. i mean, as quickly as they could. >> however, our executive producer, tammy, believes that this is -- was done on purpose. >> what? >> she said it is a conspiracy that they did this just to get more for the attention. >> i don't think this is good attention. >> the sole -- if your firm's reputation is on the line and this is the one thing you do and take pride in, i don't see them sacrificing that for this conspiracy. >> i'm with you, nick. >> and to elevate the awards and have people talking about it. what trips me out is people delete their tweet. let me delete it. makes it look worse. >> we're going to hear from our executive producer from roswell. >> look at her. >> there she is, in isolation.
9:11 am
>> i'm sure there's somebody out in the universe that agrees with you, tammy. >> there is. yeah. just ahead -- tammy in her celebratory blackout fit. just ahead, blame it on inflation. can you guess how much the tooth fairy is shelling out these days for one tooth? we're going to tell you. plus, lisa kudrow making new friends in her new movie "table 19." the movie looks like "friends." wean we're going to catch up with c
9:12 am
wrinkles? your time is up! new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with the proven power of retinol. reduces wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena® shouldn't mean choosing to spend more. dannon's whole milk yogurt is made with all natural, non-gmo ingredients with vitamin d. better food at a better cost. so we can all eat better. yet some cards limit whereuldn't you earncomplicated. bonus cash back to a few places.
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♪ ♪ we are back, now. "today's take." our guest co-host, we just found out, you play an instrument. >> formerly. i have played an instrument. i used to play the tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone in high school. >> you whipped that out? >> on our tour. i brought out my sax. and we had a horn reunion. >> it's like band camp reunion. >> i played the clarinet. first chair. sometimes simone chisholm got it. but for the most part, it was me. >> really? >> remember the reeds. you would get up and -- i shouldn't say that. but the big spit pools. >> you had to drain the spit out
9:15 am
of your instrument. >> ew. >> you had to wet the reed. messy stuff. >> you didn't wet your reed, you're in trouble. >> no one likes a dry reed. >> where is simone today? >> simone chisholm, simone, where are you cheethese days. >> will you tweet us? >> simone probably would. >> every once in a while, i would mess a note, just so you could be first chair. we're best friends. it's all good. >> talking smack. >> years later. >> can we talk about the tooth fairy? >> i guess we can. >> i'm kidding but not kidding. >> i know you're not. okay. the tooth fairy, wonderful person. leaves money for the kids. >> a busy person. >> and a person that must have a good bank account. according to the 13th annual tooth fairy survey, cash payouts have soared to an all-time
9:16 am
average of 4$4.66. that's a 75 cent increase from 2015. >> i want to say, when i started working in a pizetr piecery piz that the minimum wage was $4.50. i remember getting a quarter for my tooth. >> a quarter? >> that was my first tooth. >> stopping by. >> yeah. >> i remember getting a quarter. or sometimes 50 cents. if it was, you know -- >> back to our control room camera. >> yes. >> tammy filler's child got a $20. >> a $20. >> because the tooth finnenn fa didn't have change. >> $20? >> yes. >> and the tooth fairly left a red envelope with the best picture under her children's
9:17 am
pillow. >> my challenge is, you start with $20, you set the bar so high. >> how do you come down from that? now, you leave t-bills. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. severe weather to talk about. this is the first round, moving through the u.p. of michigan and ohio. but we have severe weather to talk about today. so far, the way it looks right now, we got about 39 million people under the risk of severe weather. fast-moving storms could have wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. could see overnight tornadoes, most dangerous kind. and this lasts into tomorrow, stretching from new york all the way down into mississippi. 87 million people under the threat of some squall lines. tornado threat, less. but let me tell you. straight line winds can cause as much damage as ef-0 or ef-1 tornado. we have to watch out for that. rainfall amounts from one to three, maybe four inches of rain in a bull's eye in the mid mississippi river valley. th
9:18 am
we've got sunshine and dry weather for the bay area again today. and it is slowly warming up out there. we're still in the upper 40s for the peninsula and the south bay. 47 in the north bay. after that freezing start we'll continue to see our temperatures trending towards 60 degrees today. up to 60 for the peninsula and the trivalley. south bay up to 61 degrees with a lot of sunshine and a light win. we'll see that high up to 58 degrees in san francisco. and this dry weather continues for the next few days. >> that's your latest weather. tammy tells us, update from the control room. on twitter, that most people agree with tammy, that it's a conspiracy. >> what? >> no way. >> really? >> yeah. >> i guess. >> wow. >> all three of those twitters. up next, go ahead and invite the neighbors over this weekend. we'll show you entertaining hacks that will make you say what? why didn't i think of that? after thes
9:19 am
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9:22 am
♪ we're just three weeks away from spring. it's just about time to host the weekend get togethtogethers. >> maureen tros canky is here t give us ideas. why didn't i think of that? >> maureen, good morning. >> that's fine. >> where do we start? >> i love, first impressions. entertaining should be easy and fun. and it's really simple. butcher covers unslightly table tops. and you can be whimsical and fun. our glasswear is already set out. this keeps you from running around. and first impressions really can be made with beautiful pictures that are prebatch. alcoholic or nonalcoholic. you can make really pretty pictures. you walk into a party? you will be happy to be there. >> presentation makes a difference.
9:23 am
i invite people over. but i feel if you do something like this. >> something simple. and a lot of times people don't entertain because i'm not ready. putting something like butcher paper can cover any area. >> and you're a believer in serving with trays. >> i love trays. they're simple for a lot of reasons. here, i have a champagne station already. the glasswear, the champagne. it's easy to make a portable bar. if the guest are congregating in a different area, i can bring it to them. or i can easily remove the glasses out of sight. >> can i show you my favorite things. the decorating of the water battles. you spend so much money on the custom-ma custom-labels. you can do it yourself. >> uyou write everyone's name o it. there's not a lot of half-bottles around. they're pretty colors.
9:24 am
you can make a statement. no peeling off labels. >> can you slap those on beer bottles? >> you sure can. >> this is pretty. >> this is simple. use what you have. when in doubt, go with white. i have a white table clothe here. but this is a shower curtain. i took this one. probably the front side. you can see where it goes through the curtain. put that in the wash and ironed it out. you can add bold colors or patterns to any table top with a little wrapping paper. a nice wrapping paper can change anything. and you can customize it to any table top. >> we have 30 seconds left. >> if you don't have a vase, you have wine glasses or water glasses. and i learned to predo desserts. you. you can pull this from the freezer. serve it with a lil honey, caramel. edible flowers. >> and your attention is with your fwguests. >> you're not breaking the flow
9:25 am
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9:26 am
...assist a magician... ...or dance. listerine®. bring out the bold™ ==vidbox==depues are still instg an early mornin a good tuesday modern. 9:26 i'm sam brock. deputies right now are still investigating an early morning shooting near an east san jose school we brought to you as breaking news on today in the bay. it happened on delia street around the corner from linda vista elementary school. for a time it clouz closed kirk avenue down between madeline and allen rock avenue. the roads have since reopened. the shooting did not impact classes at the elementary school because deputies now believe there is no public safety concern. as for the victim, authoritiesr only confirming someone was shot. we have no specific update on that victim's condition or if any arrests were made. we are waiting to learn more information about the crash of a small plane in southern california on its way to san
9:27 am
jose. this killed three people. two women inside the plane were also injured but able to survive in this horrific accident. here's a look at some of the video shot by a neighbor that shows the cessna '03310 plunging just after takeoff and erupting after it crashed into a home there. five people on board that plane. three of them died. the identify teesz of the victims so far have not been released. we do know the family was heading back from a cheer competition at disneyland. a bit of a warming trend here on your tuesday. kari hall is going to have much moran that after this break.
9:28 am
good tuesday morning. here's a live look outside now at san jose with all of that sunshine. but it is still very chilly out will. only 48 degrees. and it's 47 degrees in napa and santa rosa. 50 now in san francisco. our temperatures will continue to go up, reaching 58 degrees.
9:29 am
low 60s for the rest of the week, with some sunshine and then by the weekend we'll start to see the rain returning. especially on sunday with at times some heavy downpours. let's head over to mike for look at the roadways. >> aside from the slowing we expect in the north bown tloud silicon valley we have a couple of outstanding issues. north bown 680 freemont to the mission boulevard north off ramp. eastbound 24, that's a problem of one lane is blocked around the central lafayette exit that's heading over toward the walnut creek interchange. thank you so much. we'll be back.
9:30 am
♪ if you're like me, you found yourself banished to the back of a wedding reception and you're forced to make small talk with complete strangers that have issues. or secrets. >> that happens in the movie "table 19." and look who will be sitting there. lisa kudrow and craig robinson. good morning, guys. they play bina and gerry, a bickering couple, that you can expect are not the life of the party. >> and he changed his mind and he won't say why. >> since when was a man need a reason to go to a wedding with his own wife? >> he has a pathological aversion to answering a question directly. he always answers with another
9:31 am
question. >> why did you make facebook friends with henry on facebook. >> why are you looking at any facebook? >> you just did did the same thing. >> okay. >> lisa kudrow, craig robinson, good to see you guys. >> great table. >> this is the outcast table. >> you're going in. >> she starts buttering her roll. >> i love you. buttering the roll. that's impressive. >> mission accomplished. were you guys -- when you've gone to weddings, have you been at this kind of table? >> yeah. you mean lovely or "table 19" near the bathroom? yeah. i'm always at this table. but you know, i'm so -- i mean, i'm an idiot that i say, hey, lucky me. far away from the music and close to the bathroom. >> we see your characters in the movi movie, bina and jerry, something is not quite right.
9:32 am
what's going on with you as a coup. >> we're not getting along. >> 20-plus years married. and just having learned to resolve -- >> anything. >> it's a lot of passive aggressiveness. a lot of jokes that are -- a lot of anger masked as jokes. >> it's relatable. it's one of the things where you're not screaming at each other. but we've met couples that have been together and the issues are lingering and come up. >> don't you think so? >> it gets awkward. it gets awkward because they forget you're there. and they start arguing or something. like, i'm just -- >> we captured that. >> what's great about this film, it's relatable across the board. what are some of the issues that people are doing? >> being in prison. stephen merchant's character. >> tony's character, is trying to get laid at the wedding.
9:33 am
>> here's the thing, relatable part -- >> late at the wedding? >> trying to score. trying to score. >> oh, oh. >> you know what, though? you laugh, at a wedding, let's face it. you put the single people together. you hope that maybe they get to know each other. you put the people -- the joke is table 19, the people that if they don't come, you don't care. we can relate. it's funny. >> we're the reject table at the wedding reception. we were supposed to know not to -- >> not to come. >> not to come, just to send a gift and our regrets. >> i didn't realize this. you guys, we have a clip that you were together on "friends." >> you have it? >> are you surprised? >> i shouldn't be. there we go. >> that's me. >> yeah. >> and it's at a wedding. >> watch this afro, though? >> it can be anything you want. >> not anything. >> yeah. anything. >> oh. this could take a while.
9:34 am
>> get out of my line. >> you look so good. >> that was early in your career, man. >> yes. yes. and she helped me out in that. i was -- you know, we did a little rehearsarehearsal. i was like, i threw out that joke. get out of my line. say that. say that. >> you got to pitch it. it's funny. yeah. lisa gave me some early complime compliments. >> and now look. >> now, you're together. >> finally. >> thank you so much. "table 19" hitting theaters on friday. come up next, a new drama everyone is talking about, "take nl," starring jennifer beals. it's better value by having better values? at blue apron, we work directly with more than a hundred family farms. so instead of spending on costly middlemen and supermarkets, we can invest in the things that matter most:
9:35 am
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country crock has always been made with the goodness of plants. it has real, simple ingredients... and that same delicious taste you love. ♪ real country fresh taste, made with the goodness of plants. welcome to crock country. rightabreva can heal itold sore, in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. ♪ at 18 years old, jennifer beals starred in one of the most iconic movies ever, her role in
9:39 am
"flash dance." >> now, starring in the new thriller on nbc, "taken," where she plays a tough director of national intelligence. >> let's take a look. >> you understand on active operations, any team member was not 100% mentally and physically is a liability to the others? >> yes. i'm aware of that. >> brian, do you honestly expect me to believe that you are not still deeply affected by your sister's murder and by the fact that her killer, carlos mejea, is still alive? >> congratulations for last night's premiere. >> thank you. >> let's talk about your character. you play director of national intelligence, right? >> that's clapper's role. that's where i am. and i'm organized different intelligence agencies and i have a black ops team of my own. and i recruit brian mills to be part of that team. and she is a no-mess, intense,
9:40 am
little ruthless, not going to lie. but for a good cause. for a good cause. >> i notice in these shows, in that clip, everybody on these shows, especially when there's a lot of action, really talks about a half-octave lower. even your voice. >> maybe all of the shouting -- the previous shouting. or the early smoking, maybe, that she did that she gave up later. >> you've really gone into this character. >> it was so much fun. i have to say, you're carrying so much, kind of dark energy, even though you're balancing it with a righteous cause. you're carrying so much dark energy, by the end of the pilot, i felt sick. i thought, i had an ulcer. how am i going to do this series? i have to figure this out. and i started meditating more. >> there is action to show. and your co-star was here last week and showing everyone how to do a stunt. al helped out with that. >> did you see it?
9:41 am
>> yes. >> can we get a role for al in the episode? >> i think we can use an assistant stunt coordinator. >> there you go. >> you see this here? >> i have. i've seen it and it's amazing. >> natural ability there. >> yeah. >> now, we need to get you holding some kind of weapon. >> there you go. while he rolls? >> while he rolls. and going through fire. >> exactly. >> that was really good, by the way. >> you're in a new film called "before i fall." you're a mother of a teen girl who dice in a serious groundhog day. you have to keep reliving this day over and over. >> she keeps reliving the day over and over, until she can figure out how to do the right thing. >> wow. >> she gets the opportunity to change each time. and she has to learn that she is not her flaws. and that she learns to become a better person.
9:42 am
and one of the things i love so much about this script was that it talked about how at any given moment in your life, you can change the rest of your life. even by just following one good thing. you follow one good thing. and it's very powerful. >> thank you so much. deep roles. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you can watch "taken" monday nights on nbc. 10:00, 9:00 central. and catch jennifer "if i fall" in theaters this friday. al, how about the weather. >> i'm going to tuck and roll to go over. for today, we're looking at strong storms that will be firing up in the mississippi and ohio river valleys. high fire danger from the central to southern plains. drying out through california. that's good news. we have snow in the northern plains tomorrow. severe storms move into new england, the ohio river valley, down into t
9:43 am
expect lot of sunshine today and these chilly temperatures we are feeling now will continue to warm up. it's # 4 right now in the trivalley. 47 in the north bay. then this afternoon we are looking at highs reaching 60 degrees for the trivalley peninsula and the south bay. with the light wind it is going to feel more comfortable than yesterday. a few degrees warmer. we continue with the warming trend the next several days as dry weather continues. and then we will be watching some rain for the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. up next, one of the biggest girl groups ever. little mix, ready to play a new song. and a shoutout to their fands with a big announcement, coming up next. the toothpaste that helpstax, prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse.
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9:48 am
successful girl groups of all-time. their latest album spent five weeks at number one in the u.k. a feat that hasn't been seen since the spice girls. >> little mix is opening up for arianna grande's massive dangerous tour. >> and they perform their newest hit, "touch" off of their album, "gla "glory days." >> good morning. >> right off the bat, you have a big announcement. >> we're going to be performing at the nickelodeon kids choice awards. >> your fans are excited about that. >> can't wait. make sure you tune in. and we're nominated, as well. >> congratulations. >> so, you're going to do your number for us? >> yes. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> take it away. >> little mix. >> thank you. ♪
9:49 am
♪ you and i and nobody else feeling feelings i never felt ♪ ♪ the way got me under your spell ♪ ♪ don't you keep it all to yourself ♪ ♪ so, won't you take it i feel like for the first time ♪ ♪ i'm not faking fingers on my buttons ♪ ♪ and now you're playing master of anticipation ♪ ♪ don't you keep it all to yourself ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love is enough ♪ ♪ to knock me off of my feet all week ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off my feet all week ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪
9:50 am
♪ just a touch of your love is enough ♪ ♪ to take control of my whole body ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ photograph with no t-shirt on why you making me wait so long ♪ ♪ wait so long i promise to keep this a secret ♪ ♪ i'll never tell but don't you keep it ♪ ♪ all to yourself do, do, do, do ♪ ♪ won't you take it i feel like for the first time i am not faking ♪ ♪ fingers on my buttons and now you're playing ♪ ♪ master of anticipation don't you keep it all to yourself ♪ ♪ to yourself just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ is enough to knock me off of my feet all week ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love is enough ♪ ♪ to take control of my whole
9:51 am
body ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ just a touch just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ is enough to knock me off of my feet ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love is enough ♪ ♪ to take control of my whole body ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ and now, my whole week my whole week is golden ♪ ♪ because i know this could be something real ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet all week ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love is enough ♪ ♪ to knock me off of my feet all week ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love is enough to take control ♪ ♪ of my whole body just a touch of your love ♪ ♪ just a touch of your love
9:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> all right. little mix, ladies and gentlemen. and they'll be back in the next hour with another live performance. a big surprise. ladies, guys, thank you so much. i need to have these guys dance with me to do the weather. that would be great. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
so, sheinelle, you said you were unseeded first chair clarinet by simone. simone is on the phone right now. simone, how are you? >> good morning. i am wonderful, how are you? >> we are terrific. will you set the record straight. this obviously, this competition for first chair clarinet. what did sheinelle do to knock you off? >> sheinelle forgot to tell you, we went way back to middle
9:55 am
school playing clarinet. from middle school, mr. ramsey's class. >> mr. ramsey. >> it would go back and forth, back and forth. uh-huh. but in high school, i think i had a leg up on her. i started playing clarinet in the third grade. i had a leg up. >> oh, simone, i haven't talked to you for forever. >> hi, friend. >> shoutout to arts and music education. >> what high school did you go to? >> wichita heights high school. there we are. >> anything you can tell us we don't know about sheinelle? >> oh -- >> and we're out of time. >> over her wall, the time i -- >> what did i have over my wall? >> kevin campbell. >> oh, wow. >> i used to be obsessed. >> more
9:56 am
we are looking at a lot of sunshine today with highs reaching into the lower 60s. a breezy wind. after the chilly start it will be warming up nicely. 58 in san francisco. 59 in the east bay. and the warmest temperatures in the north bay with a high of 62
9:57 am
degrees. more sun in the forecast through the rest of the week. and then we'll be tracking some rain in the weekend forecast. we'll have more updates on that. for an update now on the morning kmut let's head over to mike. >> slower spots and crashes. northbound 17 approaching 280 we had an earlier crash. looks like it may be on the shoulder. a slow drive through campbell and san jose. 280 also slows. north bound 680, a crash created by the pothole repairing going on. a tough commute. eastbound 24 also counter-commute. a crash leaves a partial closure at central lafayette. happening right now in just one hour we'll have an update from authorities in southern california where the crash of a small plane headed to the bay area killed two people and injured three others. the family involved was heading
9:58 am
home from a cheer event at disneyland. also, another east bay freeway shooting. police in pleasanton are investigating an apparent road rage incident that led to shots fired. we'll see you in 30 minutes.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. wow. ♪ okay. we hear you. we believe you. this is unbelievable. it's very rare. it's booze day, spanky, and fat tuesday. i mean -- >> it's booze -- it's spanky fat tuesday. >> no, spanky boozy tuesday. spanky boozy fat -- it's a fat spanky boozy


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