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tv   Today  NBC  February 21, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> overall traffic flowing well for tuesday. highway 84 closed. stay with nbc bay area. we'll keep tabs on everything that's closed. back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> make sure to join us then. have a great day. see you tomorrow. the plane exploding on impact, erupting into a massive fireball. everyone onboard killed. this morning, the likely cause of that crash revealed. take two. president trump retooling his immigration plan, including that controversial travel ban blocked by federal courts. as he introduces his new national security adviser. >> he's a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. >> can the president's pick restore order, after michael flynn's sudden resignation just three weeks into the job? shocking breach.
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passengers at jfk airport caught on camera, walking right through a security lane without being screened. some setting off metal detectors. why did tsa fail to notify police for two hours? an investigation is now underway. and emotional announcement. former teen star, david cassidy, reveals he is battling dementia. this, a day after he forgets his lyrics and falling off stage. what he says about his struggle and how he's coping. today, tuesday, february 21st, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. as my kids would say. wait, what? i'm matt lauer. alongside bryant gumbel, who is filling in while savannah
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continues on maternity leave. pal, great to have you. >> thanks for having me. thanks for not changing the locks. i was able to get in this morning. >> that's right. it's like riding a bike. keep saying that. we're going to have fun with you this morning. busy morning, though. we have a lot to talk about, including breaking news coming out of australia where a pilot and four american tourists there killed when their plane crashed into a shopping mall. it happened in melbourne. nbc's kelly cobiella has the latest. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. this happened in full view of commuters in australia this morning. just a devastating end to a dream vacation for these four americans. the state department confirming their deaths but not their identities at this point. and investigators are looking into whether a catastrophic engine failure caused their charter plane to crash into the roof of an outlet mall. >> receiving multiple calls. appears this may be a plane crash. >> reporter: witnesses said it sounded like a bomb went off.
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and that's what it looked like from the highway. the crash caught on this dash cam. and on this one. the video obtained by australia's channel 10, showing the twin prop plane flying low seconds before it went down. >> the last second of the plane banking and just hit. >> reporter: both the mall and the plane were engulfed in flames. the fire so intense, rescuers couldn't get close. >> it was pretty horrible standing there. you couldn't do anything. >> reporter: the wreckage so badly mangled, the aircraft was unrecognizable. debris scattered on the highway. onboard, an australian pilot and four american tourists. reportedly on their dream golf vacation. there were no survivors. a sister tells nbc news, retired fbi agent greg reynolds dehaven was among those who died. investigators say the plane was
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a private chartered flight, a twin-engine beechcraft. >> we understand there was a catastrophic engine fire. but we're unsure at this time. >> reporter: it tooks hours to put out the flames. now australia's crash investigation team is trying to figure out what went wrong. the one clue came from the pilot. he was able to get a mayday report off reporting catastrophic engine failure. once again, that's now the focus. and by the way, there were workers inside that mall this morning getting ready to open for the day. matt and bryant, remarkably, nobody on the ground was injured. >> very lucky. kelly cobiella. kelly, thank you. now, to the white house, where the trump administration is busy working on new rules for immigration. this, as the president settles on a new national security adviser in the wake of michael flynn's dismissal. let's get to nbc national correspondent peter alexander. >> reporter: bryant, good morning. welcome back.
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the president for the first time, will convene his national security council in the situation room with a new security adviser, h.r. mcmaster. he spoke out saying it was a beautiful tribute to the many citing rosa parks and booker t. washington among others. he said we need to fight bigotry in all of its forms. today the administration is expected to roll out new plans to crackdown on illegal immigration as well. this morning the white house is zeroing in on the border expected to unveil new immigration guidelines. immigration sources tell nbc news they could add 10,000 more immigration agents, update procedures to help those illegally crossing into the u.s., and force parents who may smugglers who bring in their children. also this morning, new details about the white house's plan to replace the so-called travel ban now held up in the courts. one official telling nbc news the trump administration is backing off an explicit ban of all syrian refugees.
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but the new executive order will ban travel from seven predominantly muslim country. this as mr. trump appeared between two officials at his florida resort as he replaces michael flynn as national security adviser. >> h.r. mcmaster will become the national security adviser. >> reporter: a senior administration official telling nbc news the president chose h.r. mcmaster he's a war year and defense intellectual. the official says mcmaster will be able to choose his own team. >> mr. president, i would like to say thank you very much. >> reporter: a highly decorated army general, mcmaster served a reputation as a successful combat commander and strategic thinker. he has been critical of past military leaders. even writing the book, "dereliction of duty," where mcmaster criticizes the joint chiefs were not confronting president johnson in the vietnam war. >> thank you very much. we're going to do a great job.
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>> reporter: the president's announcement coming one month after taking office, as demonstrators gather in cities across the country billing it as "not my president's day." in new york, chicago and los angeles. in london, thousands gathered outside parliament as the government there debated the president's own official state visit. >> the president behaving like a petulent child. he is there, he is elected. we have to work with him. >> reporter: as the new administration fights criticism, conservatives are fighting controversy. >> you guys have been -- >> reporter: this lightning rod columnist by breitbart, formally run by trump strategist steve bannon. >> i care about free speech and expression. >> reporter: now dis-invited from speaking at this week's gathering of conservatives at the cpac conference, after a video shows him making comments about underage sex. comments he tried to defend on
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his facebook page. saying i have never defended and would never defend child abusers. and following this latest controversy, simon & schuster says it is cancelling publication of his new book, titled "dangerous." also overseas the british government said it will not rescind the invitation to president trump for a visit scheduled later this year. president trump is hosting the first national security meeting today in the situation room with the new national security adviser. bryant? >> peter, thank you so much. let's bring in mark halperin. >> i miss savannah. but this is awesome. >> incredible, right? >> thanks, mark. >> we spoke last week about this being a pragmatic approach by this administr they're going to rewrite it. as opposed to going to the supreme court, it covers the same seven predominantly muslim countries. there's an adjustment on the syrian refugee issue. no matter what, is it going back to court? >> it will go back to court. this has a better chance of surviving. they get a restart. they removed some of the provisions that the court found objectionable. and some of the things people
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thought politically were objectionable. it could get through but it will be challenging. >> let's talk about general mcmaster. as peter pointed out, he wrote "dereliction of duty." he speaks to power. how is he going to square that reputation with a white house that clearly doesn't abide dissent? >> it's going to be fascinating to watch. but you have the same thing with the secretary of defense, mattis, the secretary of state, mr. tillerson, all three of the gentlemen have a history, the national homeland security secretary, all four of them have a history of willing to speak up if they are challenged. it speaks -- it's well of the president to pick somebody well thought of and who will challenge power. we'll see if it works in practice. >> who was the patron? who was the sponsor on this? >> a young senator from arkansas, a military veteran, who has gotten extraordinary sway on national security as a first-term senator. he recommended his former colleague, his former boss.
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and very much influential in this white house. watch tom cotton, somebody that people think might run for president himself. >> there's been discussion on president trump's view on russia and vladimir putin. mcmaster has an opposing view. he sees russia as a threat, as an adversary. might he be able to change the president's view on that? >> it's interesting. a lot of people in the administration have that view. vice president pence has that view. we've seen the new u.n. ambassador, nikki haley, speak out against russia. with almost everything with donald trump, it's a work in progress. he picks these people who are willing to challenge him. and it's counter to his reputation as someone who is obstinate. in fact, it shows flexibility. >> in point effect, did he have a choice of taking the job? >> well, other people reportedly turned it down. this is a guy with an extraordinary resumé. we all think we know donald trump so well and understand
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everything about him. this pick, the fact that he offered it and accepted it is a great sign of stability. just a few days ago the sort of main storyline was, this is a crisis of national security. he needs somebody in the job and has found someone. let's see again how much authority mcmaster has in the position. >> we'll take you back to the campaign, though, and then candidate trump said disparnling things about this nation's generals. now he's got three generals in mattis, kelly and mcmaster, in key positions in his administration. sounds like he's trusting generals now. >> mattis came out strongly against torture and the president said, i'm going to defer to him. so on the national security front, this is another pick that is not just well received from capitol hill from republicans but from democrats. these picks are people who hillary clinton, if she had won, might have put in there. again, let's see how much influence they have. this president, i think, tends to rely on people immediately around him, having the national security adviser right there
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down the hall from the president is a big deal, very good sign of stability and reassurance for a lot of people. >> mark, thanks very much. good to have you with us in this time capsule edition of "today." let's get now to a disturbing story out of missouri where vandals caused extensive damage to a jewish cemetery. this comes amid a wave of threats against jewish community centers all across this country. and now ivanka trump is speaking out about that. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest. blake, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. overnight here near st. louis, someone had draped a sign on the front of the cemetery, stop the hate. dozens of headstones toppled over the weekend. police not calling it a hate crime. but it comes as the fbi is investigating dozens of bomb threats made to jewish centers across the country. headstones toppled at a jewish cemetery near st. louis. this morning family members with loved ones buried here are taking the attack personally. >> this is just awful.
7:13 am
i cannot imagine such desiccation occurring in a holy place like this. >> i feel nervous. i walk through there and just felt like this is just a senseless act, a faceless, cowardly, hateful act. and that's unnerving. >> reporter: it comes amid a rise in anti-semitic activity, with the fbi investigating a string of bomb threats against jewish community centers nationwide. since the new year, authorities say 54 jewish centers have been targeted in 27 states. 11 new threats called in monday. this jewish center in birmingham, alabama, forced to evacuate for the second time in a month. no attacks have taken place and no bombs have been found. >> if the intention was to scare us, these bomb threats have failed. >> reporter: president trump was asked about the bomb threats
7:14 am
last week by a reporter for a jewish orthodox newspaper. >> there are people who are committing anti-semitic acts or threatening to. >> he said he was going to ask a very simple, easy question. and it's not. not a simple question. not a fair question. sit down. i am the least anti-semitic person you've ever seen in your entire life. >> reporter: trump's daughter, ivanka, and her husband, are jewish. she tweeted monday, america is a nation built on the principle of religious tolerance. we must protect our houses of worship and religious centers. while the white house made it clear that the actions are unacceptable. in a brand new interview this morning with nbc's craig melvin, president trump has denounced these attacks calling them horrible and saying it's going to stop. matt and bryant? >> blake mccoy, thank you very much. this morning, an investigation is underway into a serious security breach at jfk airport here in new york. it resulted in 11 people getting through security without being checked.
7:15 am
stephanie gosk is at jfk with new information. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: bryant, good morning to you. these 11 passengers had their tickets and i.d.s checked. they had their bag -- their carry-on baggage screened and checked, but when they got to that metal detector, no one was there and three of them triggered the alarm. when authorities at the airport found out, there was a scramble to find them. new details into how 11 passengers managed to walk right through a pre-check lane without being screened. three of them set off metal detectors and were given no secondary screening. two of the three shown here. those three passengers were later identified. they boarded a flight to california where they were checked upon arrival. the incident took place at 6:00 a.m. monday morning at the jfk jetblue terminal. but two hours passed before the tsa notified the airport police. by then, the passengers were gone.
7:16 am
already on their presumed flights. in a statement, the tsa said, a canine team was present at the checkpoint. and the tsa works with a layer of security layer, both seen and unseen. we're confident the incident presents minimal risk to the aviation transportation system. travelers learned of the breach monday. >> i don't know how that happened. seemed like there's tight security here. >> i find it shocking, though, given how tight security is these days. >> reporter: nationwide, the tsa sct 440 airports each day. the role of a tsa chief is still vacant until president trump appoints one. nearly two years ago, a devastating undercover test found agents failed to detect 90% of fake weapons and explosives. tsa's biggest challenge, guarding against complacency, as
7:17 am
airports remain a top target. the passengers aren't suspected of any wrongdoing. the tsa says it's conducting an inquiry that could lead to disciplinary action and retraining. back to you guys. >> stephanie, thank you very much. we're learning more now about the deadly attack on the half-brother of north korean kim jong-un. kim jong-nam died last week after apparently being poisoned in kuala lumpur. malaysian health officials said they will not release the cause of death until the lab tests are completed. but they say the autopsy showed no evidence of a heart attack or puncture wounds. so far, police have arrested four suspects including two women who were allegedly seen approaching kim as he stood at an airport tickets kiosk. now to some frightening moments just a few blocks away from here in new york city. seven kids it seems were rescued by a couple good samaritans last night after they fell through
7:18 am
ice in a pond in central park. seventeens were pulled out of the water. it has been unseasonably warm here the last few days. making the off-limits pond even more dangerous. there are warning signs posted, in case you were wondering. officials say all of the teens are expected to be okay. >> katie, come on out here, come back here. let's make it official. >> where is jean? where is willie? where is jean? >> it's unusual. >> it is fun. good to see you, bryant. and the folks out west don't want to see anymore moisture. but there is the atmospheric river we've been talking about. give you an idea how much moisture is in this thing. consider this, 26 billion gallons of water flow through the mississippi mouth every hour. there's 15-times that average flow flowing into the pacific right now. into the west coast. in fact, it's represented by the rainfall. the rainfall year goes from october 1st, into september of the next year. so far, since october 1st, san francisco, sacramento, and los
7:19 am
angeles, all with more than their average rainfall for the year. they've gotten it just since october 1st. you can see that heavy rain continuing, from southwestern oregon into the sierra foothills. one to three inches of rain coming again today. and then, finally, it tapers off. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. microclimate weather alert continues with scattered rain and also some flooding around
7:20 am
parts of the bay area. the creeks and also some of the rivers. now we are looking at storm ranger picking up on rain moving through the south bay. some of the scattered showers lingering in the north bay. way, dron draon draper called and wanted to know when we're going to lunch. >> soon, al. coming up, a day after falling off stage during a concert, former teen idol, david cassidy, reveals he's battling dement dementia. the national zoo's panda, b bow b bah bah, on his way to china. first, coming up just ahead, the model who
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no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. we're followg breakin a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are following breaking news in the south bay where authorities say a water rescue is under way. headed to the site right now. it is supposedly happening near the golf course. this is live look overhead. the area of course has seen a lot of recent flooding from nearby coyote creek. bob redell is at the scene gathering more information. of course we will continue to monitor the sites that the chopper picked up this morning. storms should be moving out by this evening. >> we are still seeing lingering
7:27 am
rain. we are using stormranger, mobile doppler radar truck to park here at the station standing around the bay area and still picking up on pockets of rain for the south bay as well as much of the peninsula. a closer look around south san jose in that area, looking at the water rescue, flooding along the coyote creek, downpours to san francisco, over toward oakland and the north bay. still a chance of showers in the forecast the day. a slight chance of thunderstorms later on. keep an eye on that. as we head over to mike, let's how the road are conditions are. >> you have niles canyon closed from fremont to pinole. back to you. thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. nbc bay area sky ranger flying over san jose golf course.
7:28 am
they are having to do a water rescue. a water rescue is under way. we will continue to follow. see new half an hour.
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♪ 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 21st day of february, 2017. back to work morning, after a long holiday weekend for a lot of these folks. and a back-to-work morning for my dear friend, bryant gumbel, who is filling in this morning as savannah is still on maternity leave. >> you have a lot of paperwork. >> we do. i picked up the phone and asked bryant to do this, and he said you had meed a hello. let's start with a check of the headlines. an investigation underway into a tragic plane crash overnight. four americans and a pilot were killed when their small plane slammed into a mall in melbourne shortly after takeoff. there may have been an engine fire onboard.
7:31 am
thankfully, no one was inside the mall was injured. president trump has named h.r. mcmaster as his new security adviser, calling him a plan of tremendous talent and experience. mcmaster replaces michael flynn, who le who left amid conversations with the russian ambassador. 500 people were forced from their homes overnight. officials left the evacuation order in place just to be safe. rivers across california have been reaching flood levels with a series of storms that have been pounding the region. >> now, to an emotional announcement from david cassidy. the singer at "partridge family" star. a good friend of our show. revealing he is in the early stages of dementia. >> it is sad news. david cassidy, no stranger to dementia. his grandfather and his mother
7:32 am
both suffered from the disease. the 66-year-old entertainer, who has a history with alcoholism, confirmed his diagnosis with "people" magazine, after reports suggested he had started drinking again. ♪ i think i love you >> reporter: david cassidy became a teenage heartthrob in the '70s, as keith partridge on the television show "the partridge family." but difficult news from the 66-year-old actor and musician. cassidy telling "people" magazine he is suffering from dementia. the same disease he watched erase the memories of his grandfather and mother. cassidy saying, quote, i was in denial. but a part of me always knew this was coming. ♪ >> this is hard for me to say. >> reporter: the revelation coming one day after tmz posted this video of cassidy. ♪ appearing to slur his speech and forget lyrics at a show near los
7:33 am
angeles over the weekend. then, the frightening moment when he tumbles from the stage. cassidy, who has publicly battled alcoholism for years, says he wanted news of his diagnosis to set the record straight. after the initial report suggested he had suffered a relapse. >> that wasn't the case at all. he was actually dealing with the symptoms of a progressive degenerative disease. it is very important to him to get out the truth about what he's going through. >> reporter: before revealing what he describes his battle with dementia, he described his battle with addiction, in an upcoming interview on "access hollywood." >> i will always be an addict. there will always be that in me. i'm not drinking. >> reporter: he is also addressing his recent decision to retire after touring for nearly 50 years. >> i just don't have it in my
7:34 am
body any longer. but i still have it here and in my heart. and i think i'm better than i ever have been. >> reporter: this morning, cassidy receiving support from his friend, danny bonaduce. bonaduce saying, cassidy has been kind to me. now, i'm there for david, 100%. much-needed support, as the poster boy of the 1970s now becomes the face of a disease affecting millions of americans. cassidy tells "access hollywood," doctors diagnosed him six months ago. he is reportedly receiving treatment at the cleveland clinic. the entire interview with david cassidy will air on tonight's "access hollywood." back to you guys. >> our thoughts are with him. thank you very much. now, to a potential scandal facing uber. uber's ceo has ordered what's called an urgent investigation
7:35 am
over startling claims from a former employee. jo ling kent has that this morning. >> a former engineer is going public with what she says is a frequent problem inside uber. sexual harassment and sexism. she describes the company as an organization in chaos. and this morning, the ceo of uber says he hears her and is taking action. >> reporter: susan fowler joined uber for the opportunity to work with some of the best engineers around. but within weeks of arriving, her direct supervisor made unwanted advances. in a blog post, fowler wrote, my new manager sent me a string of messages over company chat. it was clear he was trying to get me to have sex with him. she took screenshots of the chat messages and reported them. but she claims upper management tried to sweep her complaint under the rug. calling her supervisor a high performer and they wouldn't feel comfortable punishing him because it was this man's first
7:36 am
offense. and probably an innocent mistake on his part. but fowler said other women engineers told her they had the same problem with the same individual. this morning, uber hiring former u.s. attorney general eric holder to lead an urgent investigation into fowler's claims. as well as diversity and inclusion more blod roadly. the ceo calling it abhorrent. saying anyone who behaves this way or thinks it's okay will be fired. and aryann ma huianna huffingto meeting with employs. silicon fally insiders say fowler's experience is not unusual. >> it's a shame it takes someone taking the bold, personal risk that susan did to attract media attention to something that happens on a daily basis in the workplace. >> reporter: a recent survey found 60% of women in tech-related jobs reported
7:37 am
unwanted sexual advances. 60% also said, when they reported those sexual advances, they were dissatisfied with the course of action to resolve them. fowler's supervisor is no longer working at uber. she left, too, starting a new job in january. now this, is just the latest major issue plaguing uber, re-igniting the boycott. it's two weeks after the company's ceo stepped down from president trump's economic advisory council, after cube e users protested that. now, he says he wants to come through this a better organization. >> jo ling kent, thank you very much. mr. roker, now. we had a gorgeous weekend in the northeast. gorgeous temperatures. >> forget about cds or downloads, we're going back to records. it's all coming. the spring pattern is here. look at this. we're going to set a record in minneapolis. des moines, as far west as denver as and far east as
7:38 am
detroit. we're going to come close. tomorrow, records will fall again in chicago. it will be the fifth day in a row chicago has been at 70 degrees or better. that sets a record. 75 in kansas city. louisville, 71. close the a record. and by the time we get to thursday, it makes its way east. charlotte 77. cleveland, breaking a record, as well. all in all, the nice, warm temperatures, right on into the we have had some records too in the bay area. but record rainfall. we are tracking some of that rain with our stormranger. mobile doppler radar parked in the south bay. it is still picking up on rain moving through san jose. at times, heavier downpours imbedded in some of the rain that will continue as we get a closer look from los gatos. pockets of heavy rain. just detected hail here that moves farther east with more rain throughout the day.
7:39 am
>> and get your weather anytime you need it at the weather channel on cable. here's your record. >> first, bryant gumbel then records? >> you have a turntable at home. >> i do. i love it. i'm a vinyl guy. coming up, the very public split between the stars of hgtv's popular "flip or flap." this morning, tar ek el moussa breaks his silence. next up, bye-bye bao bao, why washington, ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement
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and back with a new high-profile departure from washington. >> the popular giant panda bao bao, born with great fanfare at the smithsonian national zoo three years ago, is heading back to her real home. nbc's kerry sanders is at the zoo to explain. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning. a fedex truck is expected to pull up here anytime, now, to begin what will be ultimately a very special delivery. bao bao, as you noted, was born right here. she is going to make this incredible trip to her ancestral homeland. this trip is part of a long standing agreement, between the governments of the united states and china. >> three, two, one.
7:45 am
yay. >> reporter: the pandemonium at the national zoo, because its star attraction, bao bao, is about to ship off to the home she's never known. >> she is moving back to an area where there's the best bamboo in the world. >> reporter: that trip, not a slow boat to china. instead, this plane, dubbed the panda express, takes off today, with just one package onboard. a 200-pound piece of precious cargo. bao bao is chinese for the word precious. she will not be sedated for the 16-hour flight. and with plenty of space for carry-ons. >> want to try sweet pay toes, apple, honey and her special keeper. >> i'm sure there will be tears. but i couldn't be prouder. >> reporter: now, a social media star. from the moment bao bao is born. that's her, the size of a stick of butter. cuddling. crawling.
7:46 am
>> see how much you weigh. >> reporter: on birthdays. in the snow. >> pandas tend to be funny in the snow. they like rolling around in it. >> reporter: with a nose for curiosity. through her first steps and stumbles, we had known we would have to say bye-bye to bao bao. >> that's a good girl. >> reporter: the point, to make more pandas. >> she's going to, you know, meet a boy panda and produce cubs on her own. >> reporter: while the giant panda population rose 17% from 2004 to 2014, now, vulnerable, no longer endangered. but that won't make it bearable for anybody hear at the national zoo. so, just to make sure you got it. bao bao is going bye-bye. but there's a panda here named d bei bei. and bei bei is bao bao's older
7:47 am
brother. matt matt, are you ready for who's on first? >> i am, with bry bry here. >> i hope bao bao didn't get a boo-boo on the plane. >> i like the way you threw the fedex thing there in the beginning. kerry sanders. kerry, thank you very much. a day after opening up about her divorce for the first time, angelina jolie digs into her sense of adventure. we're going to have that on "pop start." start." and alex trebek as an ♪(music plays) ♪ heigh ho! ♪ heigh ho! ♪ heigh ho! ♪ heigh ho! ♪ heigh ho! heigh ho! it's off to work we go ♪ ♪ heigh ho! heigh ho! ♪ ♪ heigh ho! heigh ho! ♪ ♪ heigh ho! heigh ho! it's off to work we go ♪
7:48 am
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7:51 am
all right. we're back, now. 7:51. carson is in the orange room, looking over here saying, that's like when i was 4 years old. >> i didn't say it. i didn't say it. >> but you thought it. >> i got a picture with carson's dad. >> we go way back. bryant, it's great to have you here. cutting into my orange room time. i'm going to make this quick. "jeopardy!" was awesome monday night. one of the categories was let's rap. that had alex trebek spitting lyrics from kanye west and drake. >> panda, panda, panda, panda.
7:52 am
6', 7', 8'bunch, young money militia and i am the commissioner. you don't want to start weiezy because the "f" is for finisher. >> to be fair, trebek is fighting an uphill battle. it's not easy to spit lyrics without a beat. ♪ they mad, they ain't famous they mad, they still nameless ♪ >> 7', 8', bunch. you don't want to start weezy because the "f" is for finisher. >> not bad. social media went nuts, as you can imagine. this one, panda, panda, panda, might be the greatest "jeopardy!" clue. the fans are waiting for his ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
breaking news.and a look from n a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. we have breaking news. a look at nbc bay area sky ranger from just a few moments ago over the golf course in san jose. crews in the middle of a rescue involving people stranded by rising waters from nearby coyote creek. bob redell joins us with with the details. bob? the chopper over los gatos golf course here in san jose. the san jose fire department called them here because they know there is a number of homeless people caught in the flood. the fast rising coyote creek. they got caught camping overnight. we can hear them yelling for help in the trees out there. but they've got the swift water rescue crews out there. they just can't find them. hence, the reason why they need the helicopter. the number that the fire department had is as many as 20
7:57 am
people. you can see there is camping equipment. they did rescue two men who got caught up in that swift flood. i talked to one of the men rescued. he said he was surprised. everything was surrounding him. it happened so fast. the man who was missing his girlfriend was happy to be reunited with her. bob redell, nbc bay area news. we'll continue to tweet out information there. more rain in the forecast. here's kari. we can see the rain on the live shot. scattered showers moving through. stormranger detecting it is still raining in the south bay and the peninsula. we will continue to see this moving through as we go through the day. waves of rain at times. it may be heavy. more updates throughout the morning, laura. >> thank you very much. back in half an hour with
7:58 am
another update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on today and coming up, you're hired. >> a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. >> president trump named army lieutenant general hr mcmaster his security advisor. we're live at the white house. then breaking his silence. the star of hdtv's flip or flop speaks out for the first time about his very public split from his wife christina. >> as time went on we got distant from each other and there is a lot going on o in our
8:01 am
lives. that country mean we're not going to remain friendly. and sky hi selfie. the heart stopping moment a model hangs off the edge of a skyscraper in a daring photo shoot. the backlash it is causing and how she's responding. tuesday february 21, 2017. ♪ >> shout out to our friends and family in bst. >> hi so everyone in st. louis and george. georgia. >> love to our kids back in florida. >> -- >> celebrate my birthday on the plaza. woo! >> hi there.
8:02 am
>> we're back now 8:00 on this tuesday morning. it is the 21st day of february, 2017. big crowd on the plaza to welcome back bryant gumbel to the co-anchor chair here on today, first time in about four years. >> about four years. we were here on your birthday last time. you can remember. >> right. >> why aim standing out here in the cold. >> it's fine. >> it is not fine it's cold. >> meanwhile it's beard day. >> -- or beer. >> me the need. >> guys with beards here on the today show this morning. coming up lined up some other great co-hosts. lil'ry is going to be here tomorrow. lester hotel. and early wake up on call on thursday. mr. carson daly. looking forward to that. by the way we're also doing a little racing here on the plaza
8:03 am
this morning. we've got some soap box derby cars and a nascar icon dale earnhardt jr. here to help us carry out this race. >> and coming up some cooking with michael lamonico. we're going to be little cooking. >> lots to get to this half hour. time for your news at 8:00. >> i'm christen welker u the white house this morning the development of homeland security is expected to unveil new guidelines on immigration. this as the president finally announced a new national securitied vierz after firing his first choice, hoping to turn the page on the tumultuous chapter here at the white house. this morning the kplings and expected to role out tough new rules on immigration. which could call for 10,000 more immigration agent, ending the rewlees for those captured at the border. meanwhile the white house is
8:04 am
also reworking a new executive order on its refugee policy. the so called travel ban which initially got held up in the courts. one official tells next news a rough draft of the order halts travel from the same seven countries at the original action but the new version would not ban all syrian refugee. this as president trump is filling a critical role in his national security team. >> -- a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. >> his knew national security advisor, lieutenant general hr mcmaster. if first active duty officer to serve in the role since colin powell. >> look forward to doing everything i can to advance and protect the interests of the american people. >> mcmaster is highly decorated. having served in iraq and afghanistan. the president's pick winning bipartisan praise. president obama's national security advisor susan rice l mcmaster.
8:05 am
i wish you every success as national security adviser. and frequent trump critic, john mccain, calling mcmaster, an outstanding choice. adding, i could not imagine a better more capable national security team. at nato headquarters in brussels, mike pence addressed t controversy over mike flynn, fired with his contacts with russia. >> i was disappointed to learn, that the facts that had been conveyed to me by general flynn were inaccurate. >> reporter: the vice president also trying to reassure european allies, facing questions about president trump's attitude towards nato, after mr. trump called the security council alliance obsolete during the campaign. >> the president direct med to come here to brussels with a specific message. the united states is expressing strong support for nato. >> reporter: a reminder, the president has challenges in terms of unifying the country
8:06 am
here at home. thousands marked the presidents day holiday with a new round of marches against him called not my presidents day. today, the president will visit the national museum of african-american history. meanwhile, the white house is expected to unveil that new extreme vetting executive order by the end of the week.
8:07 am
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8:12 am
♪ 8:11. great time to trend. since mr. gumbel is here, we expanded our group. brought in all-stars. jenna bush hager. kathie lee gifford. >> because of me? >> we know you could handle it. >> you want to start with "trending"? >> we have an incredible photo. this young lady has a huge instagram. 3.3 million people. look what she's doing here. dangled 1,000 feet over the streets of dubai. no tether. no safety devices. just the grip. >> stop it. >> some guy holding her over the edge. her followers loved her. dubai police didn't. >> oh, my. >> they brought her in, right? >> they made her sign a statement. >> this is crazy. >> insane. >> just the grip of this friend.
8:13 am
i hope she didn't use lotion this morning. >> just a friend. >> i don't know. >> i mean, he's got to mean something to her, no? >> just to hold her up. >> tom cruise is like, i didn't do that stunt. >> that's the same building he did that stunt. >> i know. >> police were not happy. she says, they should thank her for exposing some security issues with that building. >> that was her main thought. yeah. whistleblower. i'm going offscript here for a second. a lot of people have noticed that hoda has been fwon forgone while. she was gone last week. and taking a few more days. but during her time away, she has kept her inspirational quotes. she said, suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust new beginnings. and may the next few months of your life be a period of magnificent transformations. >> there's a trend here. >> this one. for all the things, my hands have held the best by far is
8:14 am
you. so, a lot of people asking, is hoda trying to tell us something? >> maybe. >> she's joining us by phone right now. hoda, we miss you. how are you? >> hi, hoda. >> hi, guys. i miss you, too. i do have something to tell you. you know what? how about this. instead of telling you, i'm going to show you something. jimmy, do you have a picture you can put up for me? >> oh. >> wow. >> oh, my god. >> a baby girl. >> you have a new hair-do. >> you got a dog? >> is that yours? >> talk to us. >> that little girl, haley joy -- i'm crying. is my daughter. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> i adopted her.
8:15 am
and you can hear her. that's her crying. >> oh. >> and how old is old is haley. >> haley is a valentine's baby. she's a little nugget. >> she's tiny. >> -- pounds when i got her. and she is the love of my life. >> do you know how hard it has been to keep this secret? i've got the biggest mouth in the world and i've said zilch. >> as if you were rnt already sleep deprived. >> do you know what's funny. my mom was here with me. and she just got here. and my mom goes hello ms. haley, we've rated so long for you. >> i don't know if you can see but we've got jenna cryic like a ba baby over here. this is such fantastic news. this little girl haley is the luckiest girl on the planet.
8:16 am
and you are one of the most fantastic moms i can ever image. >> hoda we're thrilled for you sweetheart. you were made to be a mom. >> incredible mother. >> congratulations. >> wow that's awesome. >> this just got to be the best day ever. oh my gosh. >> you didn't know, right? >> no idea. >>[chatter]. >> matt must have done. >> i did know. i did know. and the tears you just heard from hoda, for the last several weeks, every time you talk to her. that is -- >> -- big mouth. >> no i'm good at keeping secrets. >> -- beautiful. she's beautiful. >> can you show us pictures? >> no i cannot. >> -- meet her. >> that's for hoda to do. >> and hoda can call back in the
8:17 am
10:00 hour and spend a little time with kathy lee. >> the real question is when are you coming back? >> we absolutely adore you. >> congratulations. bye mama. >> there's nothing that can top that. >> -- baby boom here. >> -- something you want to tell us? >> -- pregnant. no. don't worry. >> i know i'm not. >> a little check of the weather. >> i guess. not after that. my gosh, oh how wonderful. well a we've got some more wet weather the system that caused all the storms back through texas 24 thunder showers ago is now making its way to the east not quite as strong. it is going to bring in moisture from the gulf. thunderstorms, heavy rain, gusty winds making twhar way all the
8:18 am
way into florida. half an inch to inch in florida. into the pan handle into c i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still have some waves of heavy rain, especially now in the peninsula and the south bay. our mobile doppler radar truck is picking up on a detailed view of what is happening from los ail to a altos. we'll see this rain moving in, during the afternoon as well. but through the heaviest rain will continue this morning and some scattered showers later on today. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget that's your latest weather. don't forget you can take us whether you go. check out today's sirius xm channel 108. important question now. parents face this all the time.
8:19 am
when do you start sending your kids to school? >> a new study suggests while preschool does have its benefit, they fade quickly. here is nbc's dave gutierrez. >> these kindergarten students all have something in common. they have all been the preschool and their teacher sees a difference. >> if you are coming to kindergarten and you don't have any experience with letter sounds and being able to stretch and sound out words then yes you are going to be a disadvantage. >> each year states spend more than 15 billion on research education. but now researchers at university of california are questioning whether it is worth the money. >> pre kindergarten can be very successful in fact the short run but have impacts that fade out over the next few years. >> they reviewed data from 67
8:20 am
early childhood intervention programs and found out much of what kids learn are skills kids typically pick up in kindergarten or first grade anyway rachel lockman's older children didn't go to a full time preschool. but her daughter did. >> what is the biggest difference you have noticed when your kids who went to preschool and the kids who didn't go to preschool? >> i think that is that emotional intelligence. the anxiety is decreased because -- for my daughter because she was more familiar. >> do you think the benefits could fade away quickly? >> i think it depends on what benefits you are talking about. really at the end of the day the thing you want kids to have is a love for education. >> the long-term impacts of preschool have been debated for decade. some studies of early childhood education programs like head start have found evidence of long-term positive outcomes such as reductions in grade repetition, high school drop out rates and teen pregnancies.
8:21 am
>> i think we should give the kids everything they need and all the support they need to succeed. why make it anymore for difficult than it already is. >> the researchers don't argue we should give up on early education programs but instead focus on other factors too. >> a lot of it depends on what takes place in the family environment. >> sometimes of the most important lessons they say are taught outside of the classroom. for today gabe gutierrez nbc news decatur, georgia. >> all right. gob make a turn right now and tell you about the popular reality star who is breaking the silence on the end of his marriage and what that means for the show. >> even though tarek el moussa has filed for divorce from christina, they are still taping episodes of the show. we sat down with tarek, and for the first time he's revealing that thyroid cans asker not the
8:22 am
only cancer he's been battling. >> for seven seasons now they have been flipping distressed homes on hg tv. >> the bigger the zast ter better the maker. >> but in recent months it's their lives that have been flipped. >> as time went on we got distant. and we tried the counseling and it just wasn't working. it doesn't mean we're not going to remain friendly. the number one goal is o co-parent our children and we have make sure that we remain friendly. >> news of their marital troubles surfaced last may. deputies were called for a possible suicidal male with a gun. authorities were told tarek grabbed the one from his house and ran to a hiking trail. he says the weapon was simply for protection while hiking. >> there are mount lions and bob cats and rattlesnakes. and i just went out for a hike. it wasn't even a big deal. it got really blown out of profession. >> you weren't suicidal at all.
8:23 am
>> no. no no. never. absolutely never. >> reporter: despite their separation tarek and christina are still shooting episodes of the show. she recently posted a picture with the crew saying i've never met a group of more positive fun loving guys. filming has been a breeze because of them. >> unlike a lot of couples who separate you are still hosting a show together. what has that been together? >> i'm not going so say it was easy. like anything there is challenges in life. we love filming. that is our job. we have been doing it a long time and love releasing a good product and had to fight through and it do the best we do. i think may have turned out great. >> in tow 13 he was diagnosed with a thyroid cancer after a viewer spotted a suspicious lump on his neck. now he's revealing that around that time he also had testicular
8:24 am
cancer. >> i literally thought i was going to die. >> why was the testicular cancer different. >> i didn't want to come out with it. it was more of a personal thing. i feel it is something i had to do. >> tarek they also had cancer. it's something i feel i had to do. >> tarik says both cancers are now in remission. but his stepfather is battling testicular cancer. that's why he wants to raise awareness. as for "flip or flop," he and christina want to continue to do the show together. we reached out to christina and hgtv. but last year, hgtv says it respected any decision made by the couple and the show would air as scheduled. >> okay, joe. thank you very much. by the way, tarek will be here in our next hour, for his first live interview since that split. just ahead, we have great star power in studio 1a. we're going to catch up with those two. allison williams, will talk about her hit tv show and a
8:25 am
brand-new movie. and nascar great dale earnhardt jr. going to put us to the test out on a race course on the plaza. but first, your local news. i'm ...
8:26 am
==1xvidbx==breaking new.. sky look frombc bay area's good tuesday morning. i'm sam brock. we're following breaking news this morning. a look from sky ranger, from about 30 minutes ago, as it flew over los lagos golf course, where the crews are in the midst of a rescue, involving people stranded by rising waters from a nearby coyote creek. bob redell joins us live with more. >> san jose fire department rescued two more people at coyote creek, flooding here at the golf course. these are people trapped overnight, camping here. total of five people rescued. i don't know if you can hear the helicopter in the background. that's a cal fire chopper. what they're doing now is reconnaissance, trying to see if they can stop other people that
8:27 am
might be in the trees, people that may have become trapped overnight. you see the san jose fire department swift water rescue crews, these are the men who have been out here in the boats in the swift moving current, pulling the people back on the shore. we did speak to one man who is rescued, homeless, he told us he became separated from his girlfriend, he was surprised at how fast the water surrounded him, but he was rescued, his girlfriend rescued, they were reunited, their main complaint, they're both very cold. >> creek levels clearly still rising. bob, thank you very much. we'll have more in 30. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
8:28 am
8:29 am
[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] all right. back, now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning, february 21st, 2017. a little chillier than we thought. >> come on. >> it is chilly. >> you look like the michelin man. >> i'm trying to stay warm, getting ready for my big race against mr. daly here in the soapbox derby cars. courtesy of mr. dale earnhardt jr. you said you were going to do a little strategy here. >> i had some of charlie's kibble. i was lying it down on the lane here. in case your wheel hit it. >> looking at the car, it slants off at each side. >> i was going to say, it's not level. >> don't you have an advantage
8:31 am
for being heavier than i am? >> wow. smack talk. >> i'm hoping my youth will take me to the finish line, good sir. >> all right, boys. coming up, she has a new movie and a new look. we're going to catch up with our pal, allison williams, with the new movie "get out," "girls," and much more. ever wish you could re-create your favorite restaurant dish at home? bryant is going to learn the secrets to one of your favorite meals. >> peanut butter and jelly. >> pork chops and peppers. you have a new edition of "real sports tonight." it's working on it 750th emmy award. >> tonight, we have a new one coming up, with spring training underway. i got a chance to talk to chicago cubs joe madden. opens up about breaking the team's 108-year-old world series drought. and heading into spring with a new spring in his step. this is not your usual lineup.
8:32 am
what do we have here? >> do not permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure. >> do not permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure. >> you're playing a game. i wanted to do this since i was a kid. i wanted to have fun with it. you got to be kidding me. >> what do we have down the middle? >> be present, not perfect. you are not worried about what happens. anxiety in the future. >> yeah, man. he's a different kind of dude, man. >> he has some success under his belt. >> there you go. >> "real sports," with bryant gumbel, tonight at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific time, on hbo. it's the arctic here. but looking at rain, wind, mountain snows out west. heavy rain down through the gulf. record highs into the great lakes, into the central plains. as we move into tomorrow, that wet weather moves into southern florida. re record highs into the mid plains. plenty of sunshine through the southern tier states into the mid mississippi river valley.
8:33 am
some really heavy rain moving through the peninsula into the south bay as well as fremont as we will continue to see this rain moving from east -- from west to east, as we go through the morning and the pocket of the heavier rain continue there. moving up the peninsula, the rain just clearing there, also for oakland, but some slight showers happening in san francisco and as we go through the day, still more rain moving through. keep that umbrella handy. >> a heck of a race getting ready to get set up here. get your weather anytime you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. guys? >> all right, al. our 40th president, ronald reagan was a conservative eicon. >> now, we get unique insights into his personality, with one of his closest confidants. and natalie is back with that. >> hey, guys.
8:34 am
in her new book, peggy grandy, the former assistant to ronald reagan at the white house, takes you behind the scenes, into a personal look at his life, his relationship with nancy reagan and his struggles with alzheimer's disease. >> when you go out there, win one for the gipper. >> reporter: he was known as the great communicator. inspiring millions with his warmth, faith and everyman demeanor. you can't help but be changed by ronald reagan. >> reporter: few knew him like peggy grandy. she talks about being his consistent through 2004. you say you got to see his true self. >> it was wonderful to see there weren't two ronald reagans. whether it was world leaders or interacting with my children or ordinary americans. he loved them all and had a graciousness.
8:35 am
this is the largest of all of the presidential librarlibrarie right? >> reporter: we spoke at the majestic reagan library at simi valley, california. home of his air force one and memorabilia of his life. >> he talks about how close you were. you have to get signatures from the president. you show up at his home in bel air. >> i was very young. i didn't work for him very long. i drove up to the house. secret service let me in. here comes the president around the corner in his monogrammed bathrobe and pajamas. i was horrified. he didn't seem to be bothered. >> he had the warmth, a sense of humor. but his critics, some called him an aimable dunce. how did he react to that? >> a lot of time s he used that to his advantage. he was able to go around them and outsmart them. >> reporter: inevitable comparisons between presidents reagan and trump. both voted in to shake up the status quo. >> donald trump, the way he talks to the american people, now, he uses twitter.
8:36 am
we didn't have that. but i have to believe that ronald reagan would have been a tweeter. >> reporter: really? >> i do. it was important to him to talk to people. not about people. not above them. not beneath them. but right to them. >> reporter: what advice to you think he would give president trump now? >> i think he would remind president trump that it's all about the people. ronald reagan never thought it was about him. and so, as long as we're listening to we the people, as long as we are empowering we the people, we can't go wrong. >> reporter: she says the greatest person in reagan's life was his first lady, nancy. their love deepening even further after he was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease in 1994. how did she handle that? >> with strength, like she did everything. with a grace and a poise. and an elegance, that we all look to, to keep us strong. >> reporter: being so close to the president, you saw some of the first signs, what were they? >> it was such a great story teller. it was little things like getting caught up in the middle of a story i knew he knew how
8:37 am
the story should go. it was things like that, that i thought, i wonder if something has changed. i wonder if something is going on. >> reporter: she says, despite his memory fading, the president's warmth and charm remained. she was by his side as he wrote his letter to the american people, disclosing his diagnosis. >> they thought it was important to use the platform as someone who is visible and public, to use it for good. >> reporter: you asked him, at one point, can i give you a hug? and that was the first time you hugged him. >> yeah. i said, mr. president, do you mind if i give you a hug? it was a way to say i'm here for you and we're in this together and i will stick with you. >> reporter: when was the last time you saw him? >> probably a couple months before he passed away. i was at his bedside and talking to him. and enjoying being in his presence. and just gave me an opportunity to tell him how grateful i was for everything he had meant to me. and say good-bye. >> reporter: again, the president is "the president will
8:38 am
see you now." it's a fascinating read with so many great stories. guys, back to you. comes out today. >> thoughtly, thanks very much. allison williams will stop by to talk about the last season of "girls" and her feature film debut. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
back, now, 8:40, with allison williams, one of the stars of "girls," which ends its six-season run this year. she plays marnie michaels, with a love life who seems to be a bit in shambles. take a look. >> good morning to you. >> yeah. sorry, i just have a million things going on. >> that's okay. i got a bunch of reading for pleasure to do. >> oh, no, baby. you got to go. >> i'm not going to be in your way. do your thing. >> no. i can't have you sleeping at my
8:41 am
place every night. i've been talking a lot with this with my online therapist. and she thinks this is going to be me getting back into my old routines. i'm in the middle of a divorce right now. this is not about you. this is all about me. >> as it should be. allison, nice to see you. >> it will be on marnie's tombstone. >> i love your hair, by the way. >> thank you. >> what's the reaction been to that? >> people don't recognize me and it's hysterical. i got to see what people i know do when someone hugs them warmly this they don't think they know. >> it's nice. your husband like it? >> he does. when do you think -- i love it. when do you think you're going to go back? >> that's a sure sign. so, we got a glimpse last week as to where marnie is as season six comes -- >> not great. >> she's a mess. she is sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. >> ex-husband. >> ex-husband. >> and her ex-boyfriend. actually. >> both of them. she's got an online analyst. what's happening?
8:42 am
is this where you pictured she would be at this time? >> no. but she's just grasping at anything. she isn't as lucky as i am. she did not have any paremy par. she has no ability to ground herself. she's reaching to boys to do that for her. her mom wants to be her friend, played by receipt is eed rita w. we imagined her dad was tom hanks. it was fun. he would never be like that as a dad. my parents said, they wish they would have raised marnie. and i feel that way, too. >> you say that. and i've known you for years. you were never this person. >> no. >> you were never really part of that generation. and i hope you take this as a compliment. you were always a little older than your years. >> yes. my mom was reminding me recently. she was like -- i was wearing makeup first thing in the morning. and i said, it's because if i run into someone on the treat. she says, no. you used to put on a full face at 3:00 to leave the house. a full look. >> not 20-something, by the way.
8:43 am
most 20-somethings don't care about those things. at the time, you did. >> definitely not. >> i had a funny experience with you. we sat at a big gala of some kind. and somewhere in the middle of dinner, the waitress said, do you want dessert? and you looked at me and you said, i can't have dessert because i have a full day of sex scenes tomorrow. and just the way it came out of your mouth so naturally, i was like, i'll take her dessert. >> did you want to do my sex scenes for me? it's interesting that you'll have the dessert and not the -- it's very weird. now looking at the rest of whatever happens in my career, thinking that i now have this very odd, peculiar, liam neeson set of skills, that will help me, i don't know, conquer romantic situations. but it does mean that i'm not going to sift through scripts as some actors do and ask to take out the sex scenes. it will probably mean i'm awkward when it is supposed to be enjoying myself. >> don't people confuse you and the character?
8:44 am
>> very freeshquently. >> there is one sex scene and people would call it the allison williams sex scene. >> it's amazing. when they want to, they separate us. when it's click bait, they merge us into the same person. if i were to do something like that, which i don't think i would, but you never know. i would probably not televise it. just my guess. based on prior behavior. >> don't think that would be true, as well. >> "get out" is your first feature film. congratulations. >> thank you. >> big decision what to do post-"girls"? was it a big choice? >> also because i hadn't done a movie. the longer it went, the more pressure i put on myself to be exciting and new and good. and i got the script from jordan peele. and it wasn't a comedy. and immediately, i was in. i thought this is going to make people talk and think. and it will probably rub some people the wrong way. i'm really proud of it and really excited for it to come out. >> suffice it to say "girls" changed your life.
8:45 am
and you will see a lot of scripts from now on. >> i hope so. "girls" was -- i don't know what it would be without it. but i'm so grateful. it's been an amazing experience. >> it o's been fun to watch you come along. and she's back with kathie lee and jenna. and "girls" airs sunday nights. "get out" from our sister company opens on friday. bryant gets a cooking lesson from one of his favorite ch♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class.
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more than a car, it's a subaru. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
8:47 am
this morning on "today food," some of my favorite dishes from a restaurant i've been known to visit quite often. michael is the chef of the porter house bar and grill. what do we with have going? >> porter house pork chops. heritage pork. this is really flavorful,
8:48 am
delicious. and t-bones, porter house chops, with vinegar peppers, which is really a favorite. southern italian tooking sty ic. >> put peppers with anything, it's fabulous. >> what are we going to do here? just paint this guy? >> boil on there. we're going to grill them. you can do them on a saute pan. do an outdoor grill. we want to make sure they get tooked sufficiently, about 150 degrees. a little meat thermometer. >> this is where you and i part company. my problem is, i want my pork rare. >> you do. >> and you can do it that way, right? >> you can. they have changed the cooking temperatures that they feel pork should be cooked at. and 145 degrees -- >> we no longer have the fears we would as a kid. you can have that as a steak? >> and many people do. it's common. we cook it about medium. just fwriling it here.
8:49 am
if we have to put it in a oven for a nfew minutes, we will do that. >> leave alone temptation to flip it. >> the flipping cools everything off. and it doesn't cook properly. vinegar peppers. just cherry peppers cured in vinegar. we make our own peppers. we pickle our own peppers. we have italian peppers and jalapenos and some serrano peppers that we to in a brine. i have some olive oil. that's going to flip you out. that's an anchovy. what anchovy does. it will melt in this olive oil. it adds a great flavor level. this is where the vegetables will two in. >> don't let it brown. >> we're going to put our peppers right in. everything will just melt away. the anchovy adds -- >> the broccoli rob is chopped
8:50 am
up. >> the bitter greens, and the spicy peppers. >> we roast them a little. but let them cook to draw out the flavors. >> some chicken stock, too. >> you can use chicken broth or not. you know? you can use beef broth or water if you want to. >> you want to maintain the color of the peppers. you tonight want to leave that on too long. >> we're going to add some putter. >> the guys are enjoying this right now. what's it taste like? >> it's terrific. >> great kick. >> delicious. >> none of them want to speak. someone come up for air. >> it's tlishs. >> we like the hot peppers. they're pickled. not too spicy. we add a lilt butter to it. we have it chopped. fully cooked now. we can slice it and plate it up. you know, the porter house chop is the loin and the fillet of
8:51 am
the pork. it's just so good. the fillet, that's right. that's the fillet portion. right there. and we can slice this. we can add it to a plate with some of our peppers. >> it's phenomenal. >> this is my sunday night go-to dish. >> we were going to eat while we take a break. michael, thanks very much. you can find the recipes at michael, thanks very much. >> thank you so much. up next, we're going to help dale earnhardt jr. get ready for his nascar comeback, with a special race in the plaza. matt against carson. in, i want to see. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month.
8:53 am
♪ i'm sorry. i'm sorry. what up, dale? good to see you, buddy. all is good? obviously, i have to run down from the kitchen. i'm sorry i was late. >> no problem. >> we have transformed the plaza to our own soapbox derby. dale earnhardt jr. has been sidelined for six months, while he recovers. recovers from concussions. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. it's been a long recovery. i was with some great doctors up in pittsburgh. feeling good and ready to go race. >> choosing to come back at the daytona 500. that's like coming back for the world series. why? >> the daytona 500 is the biggest race of the season for
8:54 am
us. i'm comfortable there. had a lot of success there. if there's a track i could choose to come back at, daytona, probably the one i would pick. >> when you were sitting out, did you give thought at all to go no, i'm done. that's it? >> you have to ask yourself some tough questions. i still have racing left in me. didn't want to have any regrets. and i feel great. my doctors gave me confidence that i can come back and be healthy. >> you couldn't find two better drivers? >> i think we're going to be okay. >> i resemble those comments. >> i hope somebody has a picture of you in this helmet. >> he outweighs me by 30 pounds. >> playing for pinks. >> if i start to lose, i'm taking out your rear wheel. >> so, how do we want to do this? you want to start them? >> i'll wave the green flag. you wave it, i'm going to turn them loose. >> okay. >> who is letting carson loose? >> they both go. >> okay.
8:55 am
>> come on. come on. >> look like carson has an early lead. he's going to get there. >> checkered flag, carson daly. >> i love it. carson won. >> darn you, daly. >> carson is the winner. how does that feel? >> it feels great. >> you have to win everything? is that what it is? >> a heck of a month. >> here you go. here's your jacket. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> look at that. >> that's awesome. >> dale, thank you so much. wherever you are, i appreciate it. >> dale, thanks very much. i appreciate it. good luck. >> do we have a close here? can we do a close? or is this it? >> i don't know. you're in charge. i'm just a guest. >> how about bryant gumbel, filling in on the "today" show this morning. >> thanks very much, buddy. >> way to go, buddy. thank you so much. we're going to have much more ahead on this tuesday morning. i want a rematch.
8:56 am
>> justin hartley from "this is us" is going to be co-hosting with us. very excited. and we're going to do a rematch with justin and sheinelle racing out here. >> oh, yeah? >> i'm ... ==1xvboxwe continue follow breg news... and a good tuesday morning, 8:56. i'm sam brock. we continue to follow breaking news this morning, a look from nbc bay area sky ranger from an hour ago. flying over the golf course in san jose, that's where crews rescued a number of people stranded by rising waters from a nearby coyote creek. bob redell joining us live with details about the rescue effort. about wrapped up, bob? >> at one point san jose fire
8:57 am
department thought there might have been 20 people who had been trapped by the coyote creek, which you can see flooded the golf course, a place that is popular with homeless people, but within the past 30 minutes, the san jose fire department with the help of a chopper from cal fire doing reconnaissance, they believe they have found everyone, five people rescued, three men, two women. two of the men were right there, where you see that trash pile right there on the third hole tee box. everyone has been taken in, all able to walk out on their own once they got back to shore. the worst complaint as we mentioned earlier is hypothermia. live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. we'll be back in 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," nascar superstar, dale earnhardt jr., looking for a big comeback. and tarek el moussa opens up about his split in a first live tv interview. and from "this is us," justin hartley. our celebrity co-host, coming up right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> all right, charlie. in just a little bit, charlie will be replaced by sheinelle. and we've got a call for justin hartley, too. will hook up with dale earnhardt jr., as he tries his comeback at the daytona 500. going to be racing those bad boys, coming up in a little bit.
9:01 am
welcome to a tuesday morning. a freebie tuesday morning, february 21st, 2017. listening to "call on me," by starly. and we called on justin hartley from "this is us" and he answered the call. >> thank you for having me. i love being here. >> i met you at the thanksgiving day parade. and the show was just taking off. did you have any idea what kind of juggernaut this was going to turn out to be? >> boy, i don't know. i don't think you can predict something like that, to be honest with you. when i read the script, i knew it was special. i connected with it right away. and you just sort of hope -- you know, the unknown is hoping that people will watch it. you never know. >> they watched. we're looking at the scene. i was telling you offcamera this morning, everyone is talking about this most recent episode. so, you cover your ears, al. everybody else, look at the screen. this was a scene between you and randall. can i talk about it? al, this isn't going to work.
9:02 am
>> i'll be back. you guys talk. >> here's the thing, i watch the show. i watch the show on dvr. so, the next morning, i go to facebook. and i'm like, no. everybody is giving it away. this was a hearty, meaty episode. >> al legit bugged out. >> he doesn't want to know. >> that scene was special to me for a couple reasons. that stirling k. brown is special to me personally. i love that man. he gives so much to every scene. all of our actors on the show to. it was sort of a -- i love kevin, the character i play. i do. i love that guy. and you know, as an actor sometimes, it's your job to take care of the characters you play. our writers do that for us. >> and in this scene, is it okay to say that randall has panic attacks or anxiety attacks? >> yeah. >> we don't learn that until recently. >> he has a history of that. and we tell the story of how the two brothers sort of -- how
9:03 am
kevin reacted to that when they were growing up. and now, you see how he's grown from when we met him as the manny and he's growing. >> he is about to have a huge moment of own. you're on the stage play. about to be your opening night in new york city. the lights go out. everybody is waiting for his big moment. and you see him -- cut to him running to help his twin, randall. your twin? your triplet? >> you can. >> look at al. >> we're all good. we're good. >> you can come back. >> i can come back now? >> it's okay? i can come back in. >> that's great. >> when i co-host the "today" show, al leaves. this will be my last co-host. >> my daughter, leila, is the one that turned it on to us. i haven't seen it since toby's heart attack. >> do you know what happens?
9:04 am
here's what happens -- >> no. >> i'm kidding. >> one of the things i love about the show, from the get-go, i don't know how many people knew it was a flashback at the beginning of that first episode. but we want to take a quick flashback and look at older pictures of you. >> this is your life. >> yes. we're going to have a sneak peek of the new episode of "this is us." there you go. all right. >> it reminds me. it's timberlakey. >> i had a character that had that hair. >> was this in "green arrow"? >> yes. that's a character i was playing. >> that wasn't your look? >> i'm not going to lie. i think i liked it at the time. >> i think it was appropriate. at the time. how about this one? >> oh, dear lord. >> hey, now. getting wilder. >> i think that was just basically -- that was back before i knew better. >> to tell people to get the blow drier away from me. >> you were an artist.
9:05 am
>> i was just lost. >> you know, the hats they wear that has the hair sticking out. >> my hairstyle. >> i need to get one of those. we have a little game. we want to find out about you a little bit more. and we've got these questions in a fish bowl. it's heart-to-heartley we're ta calling it. our producer, gavin, put the arts and crafts and put tlithe little hearts on it. >> do i grab? >> you jump in and answer some questions. >> let's do it. >> okay. what's the secret to creating on-screen passion? there's no secret. you have good co-stars. good co-stars and trust. >> absolutely. i trust you. >> there's your cast right
9:06 am
there. good-looking group. >> oh, yeah. they are. most romantic gesture i've done with my fiancee. most romantic -- i proposed to her. >> where did you propose? >> i did it in the kitchen. i surprised her. we were lucky and we get to travel quite a bit. i didn't want to make a grand thing about it. i wanted to do something, sort of simple. i wanted to surprise her. i ended up surprising her. and she said yes. so -- >> more of a surprise. there you go. one more. >> she didn't see it coming? >> no, she didn't. not at all, actually. no. i need to walk the dogs. she's like, i got a question for you. but they're dogs. i have a question. >> yeah. >> what was that, al? [ whimpering ] >> it's chemistry. if you could time-hop to any past era, which one would it be? i'm a bit of a history nut. >> that's a good question.
9:07 am
>> the '60s for me, seem sort of -- i wasn't alive during the '60s, but i wish i was. they seem -- what happened? >> i was alive in the '60s. it was a good time, right? >> depending on where you were and who you were. that's very true. >> speaking of all things heartwarming -- >> my gosh. >> did you hear the announcement this morning? >> hoda? >> yeah. tremendous news about our "today" show family, hoda kotb is a mommy. >> she adopted a beautiful bundle of joy. her valentine's day baby. we're so happy for her. >> that is so fantastic. a lot of people were asking her, she was off last week. and most people assume you deserve vacation. but today, people are starting so say, where is hoda? and she was posting. i tell her, i love her quotes on instagram. was there a tone to them? kind of cryptic, about new be n beginni
9:08 am
beginnings. and holding things. and now -- >> when you replay them, this is great. >> now, it makes perfect sense. your life will be forever changed. haley joy, isn't that a cute name? >> so perfect. >> we have a lot of joy for the live action "beauty and the beast" remake coming out. we get our first look at emma watson as belle, singing the opening number, "bell." take a look. ♪ bonjour bonjour ♪ ♪ there goes the baker with his tray like always ♪ ♪ the same old bread every morning just the same ♪ ♪ since the morning that we came to this provincial town ♪ >> how sad is it? we know the words. >> just like these two people are weird. >> you guys are great. >> so exciting. >> i think this is so great. i have to tell you, a lot of us
9:09 am
have been waiting to see how you become an animated character. so many people know -- >> they've been doing a great job, haven't they? >> keep taking the movies, a little spoof there of "mad "madeline." but they've done a terrific job. i can't wait for this movie. >> like, what will they think of next? this was genius to me. it's interesting to me. i used to baby sit. i loved it. now, my daughter, i can take her to see it in a different way. but it lives on. >> and it's new for you, as well. >> xexactly. speaking of something that belongs to everybody, "star wars." wait until you see how josh gad tries to get daisy ridley to reveal spoilers to the new film. she has rebuffed him before. but he goes to new lengths to get answers. you'll cottonelle asked real people about cleaning... their bums. what? (laughs)
9:10 am
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9:13 am
♪ back, now, with "today's take." our co-host, justin hartley. true or false, toby wears a fat suit? >> true. >> really? how does milo die this. >> milo is still alive. i just talked to him a couple of hours ago. >> that's good to know. good to know. >> all right. >> we love this. josh gad co-stars in the new movie "murder on the orient express," one of my favorites. rent it if you haven't seen the original. but he's been grilling her about "star wars." the first to imhe does it, she blows him off. now, he's gone to a higher level to ge sot some spoilers. >> i want to apologize to everything. >> don't say you're -- >> i'm not. >> i took you out of my trailer to my place. come on in. i have no more questions. they do. >> how many musical numbers are there? >> anything you could tell us, would be helpful.
9:14 am
>> i'm in "guardians of the galaxy." >> oh, my gosh. also, you have penelope cruise, bryce howard, j.j. abrams, lessless leslie odom jr. chris pratt, unbelievable. >> a great setup. >> boom. oh. >> right through the nose. >> right in the kisser. >> you have to deal with this in a sense. everybody wanting spoilering. we've been peppering you throughout the commercial. >> i appreciate it. people are interested in the show, right? >> you say we don't want to know. i want to know. >> you think you want to know. i know you think you do. but what happens is, i made a mistake one time to a relative, of mine, my mother -- >> that's a relative. that's close. >> she's the closest relative i have. my mom. >> a relative. my mom. >> my mom, jackie. hello, jackie.
9:15 am
>> hello, jackie. >> i made a mistake one time. she is like, what happens here? i tell my mom. you're never going to believe it. it's this. and she's like, oh. oh, i thought -- i didn't realize that was going to go that way. and i ruined it for her. so, i've learned that when people ask you for spoilers and they think they want them, they don't want them. no. i don't give them. i don't give them. >> it's such a burden to carry, i feel like for you. >> you know what is a burden? when we have a week or two off. when we're week-to-week, everybody is talking about the show, it's okay. >> speaking of spalspoilers, wee one. tonight's sneak peek, "this is us." take a look. >> where is he going? take a look. >> my father doesn't have a lot of time left. and he would very much like to show me where he's from. maybe introduce me to some extended family, which for me, would be a really big deal. you know, my wife is, naturally, and adoreibly, concerned.
9:16 am
curious you thougr thoughts on matter. ♪ >> let's go. i saw that. >> wait. what's going on? what's going on? >> yeah. so, this -- you know what? you probably could have watched that. >> i don't get it. >> probably. it's kind of a -- >> okay. let's roll it. >> i don't want to call it a stand alone episode. but it's a special -- very special episode. >> a special episode. i love that in the promo, a very special "this is us," airs tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc. >> i love it so much. i'm going to do a "this is us" weather. >> i want to see that. >> i'm going to flashback to do the weather in the '70s. and then, i'll do the weather for today. amazing. let's show you what today's weather is like. we're looking at more wet
9:17 am
weather coming into the pacific northwest and california. but it is starting to slack off. we're looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms making their way through the central gulf. that wet weather will continue to make its way east. look at the temperatures. we have record-setting temperatures from texas all the way to the central plains. cooler in northern new england and the pacific northwest and along the west coast where it's raining. southeastern atlanta, also toasty, as well. we have plenty of sunshine along the eastern seaboard. rain, wind and snow out west. the sunshine continues from the southwest down into texas, into the mid plains. record high s str good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. more flooding with rising creeks and rivers around the bay area, and scattered showers moving through. we are seeing that now on storm ranger our mobile doppler radar truck with this red beam going around the area. the heaviest rain continues
9:18 am
north of the bay and peninsula. we are going to see it moving to the east, through mill paid as, over the hills and also for parts of the trivalley with pockets of the heaviest rain now moving through livermore. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up, a freebie february giveaway that will be music to your ears. and we have dale earnhardt jr., returning to life in the fast lane. getting ready for a big, big ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mom doesn't know we have him.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
virginia, here with our high school. they're outside of the window, cheering her on. we're going to make this fiba's february. we're going to ask you a trivia question. and see if you can answer it correctly. and you will be a proud winner of some fantastic stuff here that we're going to tell you about in just a little bit. let me ask you a question -- what is the best selling record album of all-time? adele's "21"? michael jackson's "thriller," or "c," "abbey road." >> since i'm a michael jackson fan, "thriller." >> that classic sold 100 million worldwide. >> congratulations, rita. you have won a c-100.
9:23 am
it's an amazing turntable. turntable is back. >> vinyl is huge. >> and you get five albums to go with it. frida is not the only fan going home with this great prize. we have sheinelle and justin out on the plaza. guys? >> who is ready for one? >> going to give these away, huh? >> so much pressure, right? >> thank you, guys, for coming. >> everybody wants one. >> thank you for coming. >> oh. lucky winner. >> congratulations. where are you from? >> from maine. >> from maine. we'll give you five records to go along with it. thank you for coming. >> i have another one here. see what we got down here. right here? >> pressure. >> for you. would you like this? there you go. andre s and
9:24 am
comeback in daytona this weekend. a race in our plaza, between sheinelle and justin. dale will set them down the track. we have it all and so much more. we have it all and so much more. first, a check o what a night! we have it all and so much more. first, a check o tired, dry, thirsty skin? forget basic moisturizer. discover new hydra genius
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9:26 am
♪i'm ... ==vidbox==anpdate on brking newe . a good tuesday morning. 9:26 i'm sam brock. an update on break news that we have been following since 7:00 this morning when the "today" show first went on air a. water rescue on a golf course in san jose. the video that you are looking at there was shot earlier this morning by nbc bay area's sky ranger of rescue teams pulling people from waters in san jose. this played out at the loss lagos golf course. an area that has seen flooding from the nearby coyote creek. this was taken by our ground team as a woman was brought to safety. she was initially separated from her boyfriend, then reunited. in all, crews rescued five people who became stranded when
9:27 am
waters rose overnight. er in all thought to have spent the night in a homeless encampment near the golf course. we have been following the rescue since the news broke. we spoke to some of the people rescue and we will have a live report for the midday newscast. we are continuing to see rain in the south bay and elsewhere. when will it leave? kari hall has the answer to that question after this break.
9:28 am
micro climate weather alert. good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. scattered showers moving through the bay area, especially in the south bay and the east bay. storm ranger our mobile doppler radar truck scanning around the area and giving us a detailed view of what is happening, what is falling out of the clouds. showers moving through heavy at times. right now over downtown san jose a steady rain falling at this point. and we are seeing pockets of the heavier rain off towards the north and east. we'll continue to track this ran also moving through pleasantson,
9:29 am
livermore, and getting heavier in the pass. it creates more wet conditions out on the roadways with more chances of rain and possibly a few thunderstorms as we go through the day. >> carey, we are looking over here. we have roadway flooding north 680 in the blue area in mill paid as. slowing there. we also have the mudslide closing the roadway and trees down as well in files canyon. 680 and mission are your alternates. no alternates to southbound 17 closed south of highway 9. a mudslide there. caltrans is assessing whether or not they can open that later today. live look out there shows it's still raining in san jose. >> thank you so much. did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life.
9:30 am
save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. sale ends sunday! go to for a store near you. it is a big weekend for millions of nascar fans. and this man right here, dale earnhardt jr., recovering from a concussion, dale is returning to the track. >> he will be looking for his third daytona 500 win. in honor of dale and the big event, we will do some racing of our own. >> sheinelle and justin about ready to face off in a good, old-fashioned soapbox derby. dale, so good to see you. we're so happy for you. and congratulations, you just got married. >> me and amy. >> she's on the finish line. >> you say she is one of the reasons you were able to make such a strong comeback.
9:31 am
>> she was pushing me really hard, through my recovery. making sure i was doing the things required to do well. and i have to thank her for the help and support. >> you're staging a comeback at the daytona 500. is there special meaning for you? >> biggest race of the year. biggest race of the s
9:32 am
9:33 am
9:34 am
9:35 am
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
after seven years of marriage. stars and the network remain committed to the show. last month, hgtv says it respects any decision that tarek and christina make about their personal relationship. "flip or flop" will continue to air as scheduled. while tarek filed for divorce in january, he and christina are busy filming season seven of "flip or flop" together. sharing happy photos from the set this week.
9:40 am
proving that while their marriage have ended, the show will go on. we reached out to christina for comment, but she declined at this time. and tarek el moussa is here this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. we're good. >> we were talking offcamera. we all have children. how are your kids? how are they doing? >> they are doing fantastic. they're getting accustomed to the new situation. most important thing is christina is being a great mom. i like to think i'm being a great dad. we're really supportive. we're spending as much time as possible with them. and taylor is doing great. braden is a little young. >> you're in the middle of taping season seven. houf difficu how difficult is that? to be partners on screen, and offscreen. and the added pressure, that everybody knows about. >> we've been flipping houses and doing it on tv for a very, very long time. like anything, there's going to be challenges. right? but through this entire process,
9:41 am
me and christina are professional. we know we have a job to do. we love what we do. and we want to deliver a good product to our fans. through this process, i feel like we've done a good job. >> your show has such a huge fan base. will it go beyond season seven? >> right now, we're filming season seven. and season six is on the air. >> you want to keep going as long as you can take this? >> absolutely. we love what we do. we've been doing it a long time. that's our job. we don't want to stop doing our job. we're looking on moving forward, yeah. >> we mentioned in the story that sheinelle just did, there was an incident involving the gun. you want to clear that up once and for all? >> i would love to clear that up. here it is. i love in yorba linda, california. we have big wildlife. mountain lions, bobcats. there's major wildlife back there. i have a ccw, a california concealed carry. i'm legally able to carry a
9:42 am
firearm. through a firearm in my backpack, a couple bottles of water, went on a hike. and from there, the rest is history. >> people say you were running with a gun. is that all gossip? is that not true? >> it's absolute gossip. i was hiking in the mountains by myself. why wouldn't i go out with protection, if i've legally gone through the courses to do so. >> let's turn to something else that's more important. you had thyroid cancer. at the same time, you're battling another cancer. >> this is the first time the world is going to find out. i battled thyroid cancer in 2013. a month after i found out i had thyroid cancer, i was at the hospital and they said, i hate to tell you, you have testicular cancer. so, the second i heard i had testicular cancer, knowing i had thyroid cancer, i thought i was going to die. i was rotting inside and i was scared to lose my family. >> why do you decide to talk
9:43 am
about it now? at the time, it was personal. >> it's a more personal cancer than thyroid cancer. i want to make people aware of it. my stepfather was diagnosed. he went through surgery. and he's going through chemotherapy right now. he is a superhealthy guy. he lost about 20 to 30 pounds. and it hit close to home. with my thyroid cancer, a lot of people reached out and told me, if it wasn't for you exposing your cancer, i would never know i had cancer. we helped a lot of people. >> go ahead. we have a little bit of time left. i was thinking, you can't go to the grocery store these days, without seeing your face or your ex-wi ex-wife's face, on the cover of all of the magazines in the checkout. there's rumors all over the place. everybody is obsessed with you two. in this moment, what do you want people to know? >> first of all, when i walk through the magazine stands, i cover my face. >> has that happened when you're at checkout and they say -- >> you look like that guy. i get that all the time. i'm sorry.
9:44 am
you know, there's so much weird gossip and fake news out there. i try to ignore it as much as i can. and i'm focusing on my kids and myself and my future. i'm excited about my future. >> anything you want people to know? >> i want people to know that no matter what happens, the most important thing, not only for myself, but for christina, is to co-parent and do what's right for our kids? at the end of the day, that's all that matters. >> tarek, thank you so much. we appreciate it. and wish you the best of luck. take care. give the kids a kiss. >> all right. i got to do a little weather. >> i'll scoot over. >> you scoot over. and i'll scoot over here, which works out pretty nicely. we are looking at more wet weather making its way through the gulf. heavy rain there. record highs stretching from the western great lakes. chicago, fifth day in a row, 70 degrees above 70 degrees. that's a record. rain, wind, mountain snow out west will continue. as we look ahead to tomorrow, we expect to see more rain in the southeast. heavier rain in southern
9:45 am
florida. look for record highs in the mid-atlantic states. mountain snows continue into the . good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. still some scattered showers moving through. this is what we can expect for the next several hours. our storm ranger mobile doppler radar truck pick up on rain in downtown san jose and extending towards los gatos. we will continue to see flood warnings throughout parts of the bay area through late morning and afternoon. this flood threat along the coyote creek is ongoing until further notice especially affecting parts of east san jose as we go into this afternoon. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up, we're going to take a detour. that's going to leave a mark. we're going to talk to jason jones about the new season of jones about the new season of his popular show he wish your skin could bounce back like... jones about the new season of his popular show he used to? neutrogena® hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it...
9:46 am
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yes, even the awkward among us deserve some laughter. and while it's okay to nibble in public, a lady only dines in private. try the name your price tool from progressive. it gives you options based on your budget. uh-oh. discussing finances is a big no-no. what, i'm helping her save money! shh! men are talking. that's it, i'm out. taking the meatballs. ♪ let's just say jason jones, i like his last time, is no stranger to the absurd. for ten years, he entertained us as a correspondent on "the daily show." >> now, jason is back for the second season of the hilarious show, "the detour." it follows the parker family, whose last family vacation did not go according to plan. >> even though they're moving to a new city, this one, things are not getting any easier. >> it's fine.
9:50 am
>> okay. relax. where is the fire? >> i think it's that way. >> jason, good morning. >> good morning. >> true story. >> oh, my gosh. i watch some of the episodes already. i was very fortunate. this is -- i mean, just takes uncomfortable and all sorts of problems to a new level this season. >> that's what we do. that's what the purpose of this show is, to take you out of your comfort zone, watching a family. and spin that on its head. >> that's great. >> yeah. >> ran into your co-star in the airport, natalie. >> oh. she's in town? >> i think she was leaving. she was stuck there. >> it mirrors the plot. >> she was stuck there. >> tell us about where the parker family is. at the end of last season, ended with a cliff-hanger. robin is wanted by the government. can you say that? >> you can say that.
9:51 am
i'm not going to tell you which part of the government. the government is a big beast. it has many, many different swe intelligence agencies after her. it's not the one you think of. that comes in episode eight. stay tuned. last season, we found out she was wanted. and this season is really me unpacking that story and realizing, who the hell did i marry? i thought i knew you. and you are now this complete stranger, who nags at me. >> are you drawing this from your own experiences with samantha? >> yes. one day -- i'm not joking. one day when we were in bed together, hey, tell me something bad you did. and i went, i don't know. i used to torment mall security guards by pretending to steal but not stealing. >> that's funny. >> it was funny. and she leans over and says, i steal cars. what? you committed grand theft auto. that's 15 years in jail
9:52 am
difference. >> that's awesome. >> no. it's criminal. >> is she a bunco artist? >> i married a criminal. >> i was just joyriding. you know? it's a victimless crime. except for the victim's car you stole. what is your deal, wife? >> i want to have -- >> we're married. >> you're so good. you have your shows. do you work on each other's shows still? or do you have to focus on your own project? >> we have two shows and three kids. >> that's a lot. >> it is. the shows get more attention. >> speaking of kids, you have kids in real life, as well. and kids on the show. >> yes. >> the character is very honest with his children on the show. >> correct. >> are you like that in real life with your children? are you up front, honest, here's where it is? >> to a fault. >> yeah? what's your theory behind that? >> there's no point in lying and sugar-coating things. they're going to find out. >> how old is your youngest? >> she's 6. >> that's fantastic, jason.
9:53 am
>> my 6-year-old knows how to google. so, she gets it from me or from urban dictionary. >> that's right. >> daddy says mom stole cars. >> do they think you're funny? >> they think i'm funny. the wife is too political for them. >> jason jones. "the detour" on tbs. >> commercial-free. >> we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we want to thank justin hartley for being here. hope you had a god tiod time. >> natural cookie. we're going to be talking with momma h i'm ...
9:56 am
==vidx== an update onreaking news 've beenollowing ever good morning. it's 9:56 right now. we have an update on breaking news we have been following since 7:00 this morning. this is video from earlier this morning of a swift water rescue. nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene as rescue teams were
9:57 am
pulling people from flood waters out of coyote creek in san jose. it happened near loss lagos golf course, an area that has seen flooding because of that creek. this is video from the ground crew at the same scene showing a woman being brought to safety. in all, you kroos rescued five people. all of them ended up becoming stranded when the waters rose quickly overnight. they are thought to have spent the night in a homeless encamp member near the golf course. we spoke with some of the folks that were rescued. we will have a live report in the midday newscast. >> kari, that water came up fast. >> it did. that's the problem we will see today. still ongoing flood warnings in effect and scattered showers moving through. pockets of heavy rain especially for parts of the skruz mountains. our truck is going around the bay area picking up on some of the showers and the flood
9:58 am
warning for the coyote creek. in all of these areas shaded in green. that continues until further notice, and we may still see some flooding as we go through the day. we'll keep an eye on that also the forecast for this afternoon. >> more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. this might be one of the best days ever. >> ever. >> it's booze day tuesday. it's also spanky tuesday, and it might as well be mother's day. it's february 21st. jenna bush hager is in for our hoda woman who has some very, very, very exciting news to share with us this morning on the 8:00 hour, but i think right now we've got her on the phone. hoda woman. >> girl, how are you? >> no, hoda, how are you? >>


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