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tv   Today  NBC  February 14, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> it is going to be beautiful. and we will have a lot more sunshine have a great one. happy valentine's day. good morning. good morning. breaking overnight, michael flynn resigns as president trump's national security advisor, admitting he misled the administration about his contacts with a russian diplomat. a top democrat now asking if that phone call waa case of flynn freelancing or was he taking direction from the president? this morning, white house counselor kellyanne conway is with us live. race against time. crews desperately working to repair that damaged dam in northern california as a powerful new storm approaches. the evacuation order still in effect for nearly 200,000 people. were warning signs about the dam's deteriorating conditions
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ignored? smartphone surprise. the nation's largest wireless carrier announces the return of its unlimited data plan. is the battle for your business about to put more money in your pockets? ♪ major milestone -- >> uconn makes it 100 consecutive wins. >> the university of connecticut women's basketball team pushes its record-setting win streak to an unthinkable 100 games. a first for any team, men or women, in college basketball history. and they're definitely feeling the love from the husky faithful. today valentine's day, tuesday, february 14th, 2017. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. sheinelle jones back in for
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savannah this morning. valentine's day. >> good morning. >> 2017, shaping up to be a busy one in the news. >> what a night. >> exactly. let's get to the morning part of this now. we start with this breaking news out of the white house. michael flynn abruptly resigning as national security advisor amid some growing controversy over his russian connections. we're going to talk about it with kellyanne conway in just a moment. let's start our coverage with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. michael flynn has been under siege since the very start, a senior official telling nbc news the president and advisers have been, quote, agonizing over what to do about flynn for days. this official who was involved in the discussion says the situation ultimately became unsustainable not because of the discussion of russian sanctions but because flynn had lied to the president and vice president. and a source close to the president said it was the vice president himself was a key driver behind flynn's exit last night.
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overnight, an abrupt and stunning resignation from national security adviser michael flynn. the embattled trump adviser stepping down after days of damaging headlines about his communications with the russian ambassador about sanctions and whether he misled the vice president and other top aides. in his resignation letter, flynn blamed the "fast pace of events" for ninadvertently briefing pene and others with incomplete information. he added "i have sincerely apologized to the president and vice president and they have accepted my apology." flynn's shocking departure comes after just three weeks on the job and just hours after a bombshell report in "the washington post" and confirmed to nbc news by a senior u.s. official that last month, acting attorney general sally yates alerted the white house she believed flynn had misled senior administration officials and warned he was potentially vulnerable to russian blackmail. president trump fired yates last month after she wouldn't defend his executive order banning immigrants from seven largely
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muslim countries. on monday afternoon, top aide kellyanne conway publicly delivered this assurance. >> yes, general flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president. >> reporter: but a short time later white house press secretary sean spicer pulled back, saying the president was, "evaluating the situation." filling the void this morning lieutenant general keith kellogg now acting national security advisor. kellogg advise the trump throughout his campaign, and even appeared on the campaign trail. >> good morning. mr. trump is en route. >> reporter: now the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff, is wondering if the scandal reaches even higher, saying in a statement, "the trump administration has yet to be forthcoming about who was aware of flynn's conversations with the ambassador and whether he was acting on the instructions of the president." so this morning president trump pushed back on twitter writing "the real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of washington? will these leaks be happening as i deal on north korea, et
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cetera." and sources tell me the top three picks likely to permanently replace flynn, keith kellogg, retired general david petraeus and robert horward, i'm told he is the front-runner. >> peter alexander thank you very much. let's bring in chuck "today" for a quick sec. before we talk to kellyanne conway. is this one list or growing rest of concerns? >> no, this was a growing list of concerns. mike flynn had problems inside that west wing. he had trust issues before this situation popped up, but this was about -- i mean, you hate to use the cliche it's not the crime, it's the coverup. you know, had mike flynn been forth coming that yes, you know, the sanctions conversation came up but x, y, and z, wasn't anything definitive, had they said that, they could have gotten out of this, but it was misleading the vice president, lying to the vice president that was the end for him. but that was the point.
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he already had -- nobody's quite sure how many strikes, matt, it takes for the president to get rid of you. is it three, four, five? flynn had collated at least two or three strikes so it was clear he had very little margin for error and then this weekend was it. >> all right. chuck, stand by. kellyanne conway is president trump's counselor. kellyanne, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> yesterday afternoon on msnbc you said that michael flynn enjoyed the full confidence of the president. sean spicer later said the president was evaluating the situation. and then michael flynn resigns overnight. were you out of the loop on this? >> no, not at all. both were true. the president is very loyal. he's a very loyal person. and by night's end, mike flynn had decided it was best to resign. he knew he had become a lightning rod and he made that decision. >> so had he not resigned, the president would continue with him as national security advisor, even though he misled the vice president and the administration about the contents of that call? >> that fact is what became
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unsustainable, actually. i think misleading the vice president really was the key here, and i spoke with the president this morning. he asked me to speak on his behalf and to reiterate that mike flynn had resigned. he decided that the situation had become unsustainable for him -- >> but wait a second. >> and of course the president accepted that resignation. >> you're saying that was the straw that broke the camel's back, but the white house knew about that last month when the justice department warned the white house that general flynn had not been completely honest in characterizing that conversation with the russian ambassador and they even went further to say as a result of that dishonesty he was at risk for blackmailing by the russians. >> well, that's -- that's one characterization. but the fact is that general flynn continued in that position and was in the presidential daily briefings, was part of the leader calls as recently as yesterday, was there for the prime minister's visit from
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canada yesterday, and as time wore on, obviously the situation had become unsustainable and general flynn -- >> kellyanne, that makes no sense. last month the justice department warned the white house that general flynn had misled them and that as a result he was vulnerable to blackmail and at that moment, he still had the complete trust of the president? >> matt, i'm telling you what the president has said, which is that he's accepted general flynn's resignation and he wishes him well and that we're moving on. there are at least three candidates, very strong candidates, that will be considered for permanent position here. obviously general keith kellogg is the acting national security adviser starting today, and the president is moving forward. >> i want to go back to that phone call with the russian ambassador back in december. you're starting to make me think that perhaps general kelly was not freelancing during that call when he talked about or hinted -- i'm sorry -- general flynn, that he wasn't freelancing during that call,
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that, in fact, he may have been making that call on behalf of the administration or the incoming administration. would that be accurate? >> no. it would be a mistake to conclude that. remember, in the end, it was misleading the vice president that made the situation unsustainable. >> which the white house knew about last month. and yet yesterday you went on the air and said that general flynn had the complete and full confidence of the president. >> and general flynn decided that he should resign last night and the president accepted that resignation. the president is very loyal and he's been carrying forward with his entire team very effectively, frankly, and at this stage he accepted the resignation and he's moving on as early -- >> loyalty is one thing. keeping a guy in the position of national security adviser, who has communicated with the russians and then misled the administration about the contents of that communication is entirely a different thing. wouldn't you agree with that?
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>> well, matt, what i would tell you is the president and i had a conversation wherein he referred to the comments made by charles kraut heimer on a different last night that it is not one communication or one incident necessarily. in this case, it is the misleading to the vice president and also the inability to remember, as general flynn started to clarify his remarks, and say it may -- i can't remember. i can't recall. i think that was his clarification over the weekend. i can't recall whether or not the information that was provided to the vice president that others in the administration had repeated as well, whether or not that, in fact, was the whole truth. >> was general flynn the right pick in the beginning? >> well, the president chose him and he was very loyal and he worked very hard and he had a 30-plus year career in the military. i talked to general flynn on a number of occasions about that career. >> isn't it kind of surprising that with that 30-year plus career in the military, a guy
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who was about in december to be named national security adviser would not understand or realize that phone calls with the russian ambassador are routinely wiretapped by u.s. intelligence officials and that anything he said on that call might come back to haunt him? >> well, you're presuming what general flynn did or did not know. but the key here, and i want to repeat it, the key here is the misleading of the vice president and others. the incomplete information or the inability to completely recall what did or did not happen as reflected in his debriefing of particular phone calls. that really was what happened here. >> kellyanne conway, we'll leave it at that. kellyanne conway, thanks for your time. appreciate it. let's go back to chuck. >> chuck, let's dig in here. what's your impression? what did we just learn there? >> i think we learned that, look, this is a white house that doesn't like to admit mistakes very easily. we know president trump is not -- doesn't come to this as fast as others.
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i always say he's got a much higher political pain tolerance than we've seen previously. when others were telling him that maybe mike flynn wasn't the best pick, i thought matt provided a very interesting question there, was he the right pick from the beginning, she avoided that question, because there were a lot of people that had questions about whether it was smart to bring him in at that high of a position, especially when you already had issues at the pentagon, issues at state. but this goes to something else that kellyanne said that you've got to take at face value because it is how he operates. he's extraordinarily loyal. >> loyalty is one thing, but it's going to call the president's judgment into question because he heard about this a month ago. and he knew there were warning signs. >> no, that's thing. that's been the problem i think for this administration for the
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first three weeks really is much of their -- many of their problems are self-inflicted, and it gets to another word here, competency. right, and that is, whether it was, how that travel ban order was rolled out. that was a competency issue. it was less a substance issue. >> right. >> all the -- everything surrounding mike flynn was competency issues really more than substantive issues. and so this is something that this administration is accumulating quite a few of these, and i think that they --. you the it this way. there's been some talk of more -- of more personnel shake-ups. if they're going to do it, they better do it in the next 24, 48 hours or stop and settle things down and get a routine in a hurry. >> all right, chuck. thanks very much. appreciate it. sticking with politics, after a nasty battle in the senate on monday confirmed steve mnuchin, a former goldman sachs banker, as treasury secretary. it was much easier for david shulkin, the veteran affairs secretary, the first cabinet pick confirmed unanimously.
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and there's potential trouble for andrew pudzer, the fast food executive president trump tapped for labor secretary. four key republicans are withholding their support of him which puts his nomination in jeopardy. now to that race against time and mother nature in northern california this morning. the massive evacuation order for nearly 200,000 people around that oroville dam remains in place. >> how did things get to this point? take a look at this. after weeks of relentless rain, it reached capacity. its main spillway, which allows surplus water to drain off, has been damaged by a sinkhole 250 feet long and up to 50 feet deep. >> a backup emergency spillway is also eroding, so it can't be used. if it is fully compromised, experts say millions of gallons of uncontrolled water could be unleashed overwhelming towns along the feather river. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is at the scene for us once again.
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miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey matt, good morning. officials say the threat here remains serious, nearly 200,000 people have been forced to evacuate and they still don't know -- officials call this a race against time. crews working overtime, dropping boulders to secure oroville's emergency spillway as the main spillway continues releasing as much water as possible all to prevent a catastrophic failure of the nation's tallest dam. >> things can fail and whether it's levees or dams or bridges, we've got a lot of work do. >> reporter: the threat of a breach so serious nearly 190,000 residents ordered to evacuate. in the rush, some parents leaving their kids' shoes mind. >> it was hectic. i had to pick up our kids. we have six kids. we left with nothing. >> reporter: others like bill morrison staying put, the dam within eyesight of his backyard.
7:16 am
he knows if it fails, he'll be in the path of a torrential flood. >> i can see it from here. if i see it break, adios, i'm out of here. >> reporter: now nbc news has learned officials were warned more than a decade ago about the potential danger. in 2005, three environmental groups, including ron storks, filed this motion with the federal government, asking them to armor the emergency spillway with concrete, saying it didn't meet modern safety standards. officials rejected the request, concluding it was safe and would "perform as designed." >> this impacts real people and real lives, and i think we should have spent the money. >> reporter: water officials say they are investigating the claims, and the dam is structurally sound, but with more rain coming as early as tomorrow, swift water rescue teams are standing by. this morning, there is growing
7:17 am
concern in nearby dam, the largest in all of california, lake shasta is also reaching capacity. we are expecting more rain in the coming days so they are drastically trying to reduce the water here as well as lake oroville. fluid situation across all of californias a340r storms roll in. matt, back to you. >> miguel, thank you very much. back to that major milestone for the uconn women's basketball team. the top-ranked huskies beat south carolina last night to win their 100th consecutive game in front of the home crowd in storrs, connecticut. >> uconn makes it 100 consecutive wins! >> the storied program hasn't lost a game since november of 2014. it's the longest winning streak in college basketball history, men or women, under head coach geno auriemma. uconn has won 11 national championships. >> how great is that?
7:18 am
congratulations. good morning to you, mr. roker. >> well, good morning. unfortunately not so good for our friends as miguel almaguer was just talking about. we have that atmospheric river of moisture now setting up from the pacific, and so we're looking at high moisture with heavy rain, and this is headed right straight for the west coast. so tomorrow the first impacts will hit the northwest and then into central california. this river of moisture will just continue into northern california. between now and sunday, we're talking about 4 to 5, as much as 8 inches of rain in that oroville area. and even down into parts of southern california, flashflooding, river flooding. 3 to 6 inches. it's going to be a mess over the next several days in california. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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the best prices ever! one diamond for your best friend... one diamond for your true love. for the one woman... who's both. ever us. available at jared, kay and zales. good morning. chilly temperatures. 4 degrees in the peninsula. it is sunny. we will continue to see the sunshine. beautiful sunrise as well as we get the view from tiburon. highs above average this time of year. 64 in the south bay. 66 in the tri-valley. 64 for the north bay as well as the east bay. san francisco today a high of 62 degrees. and that's your latest weather. sheinelle. coming up, good news for consumers in the fight for your smartphone business. verizon is now offering that could be game changer. >> dramatic video of what can happen if you use a space heater the wrong way. a rossen reports warning you need to see.
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but first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. ==topvo water levels aake orovil are lower th morng .. but concerns are still running hi aw concerns still running high about the oroville dam spillway. they are filling it with tons of rocks to keep it from collapse in the event of more heavy rain. at the same time, the engineers ramped up the main spillway even though massive erosion created erosion the size of a football field. evacuations are in effect for 200,000 people. stay with nbc bay area for the very latest. laura, we do have is sunshine and beautiful sunrise starting this day.
7:27 am
chilly temperatures from sonoma. 46 in san jose. napa, 45 degrees. highs this afternoon reaching low 60s in san francisco. more clouds moving in tomorrow with a chance of showers late in the day. the rain becomes off and on from thursday into the weekend and early next week with cooler temperatures moving in. we will have one more day of completely dry weather. and then we start to see the rain moving from north to south. as we head over to mike, an update on the roads and the rails. >> we have issues over here. the crash recovering now. lanes have cleared from northbound 880. 238 to get around it. 10 minutes extra through pleasanton because of the slowing in the area. ace train this morning because of the flooding in the central valley. that is continuing wednesday.
7:28 am
capital corridor running with minor delays. >> thank you for joining us. another update in half an hour. see you then.
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we're back now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning. how cute is that? a lot of people talking dogs with the dog show around. got a lot in the audience. that's cool. go outside and pet them a little later on. valentine's day, by the way. our crowd feeling the love out on the plaza. >> inside studio 1a, michael flynn, the embattled national security advisor, suddenly resigned last night. in his resignation letter he says he gave incomplete information to the white house about his preinauguration talks with the russian ambassador. he says he apologized and the administration accepted. they also accepted his resignation. the white house has named retired army general keith
7:31 am
kellogg acting national security advisor. that evacuation order for nearly 200,000 people near the oroville dam in northern california will remain in place until repairs are made. crews spent monday inspect erosion in the dam's main and emergency spillways. they used helicopters to drop rock-filled bags into holes. and "the wall street journal" reporting disney has cut ties with their most watched hawker on youtube. the 27-year-old from sweden amazed nearly 53 million followers posting provocative videos. but he came under fire for recent ones with anti-semitic content. disniece makers say he went too far. the intense data war between cell phone providers is heating up. the biggest of all, verizon, doing what it said it wouldn't do, rolling out an unlimited plan. tom costello has more. good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. verizon is even offering you a
7:32 am
free cell phone if you sign up and trade in your old phone. you're like a lot of americans, trying to pick between cell phone service providers and figuring out which has the best deal can be like reading a foreign language, but competition is suddenly changing the game. it has to be one of the big e complaints among cell phone user, the dreaded bill full of all those extra charges and data restrictions. >> it's expensive. i feel like they have extra charges. >> i've been going through such a headache with cell phone bills lately. >> $08 this month and then the next bill i'm paying $120. >> reporter: but now competition is bringing simplicity as verizon, the nation's biggest cell phone service provider, finally joins competitors t-mobile, sprint, and at&t in offering unlimited data. exactly what today's customers want as they text and talk but also watch videos, video chat, and play games online, all of which quickly eats up precious data. verizon's price tag, $80 for a
7:33 am
single cell phone, $180 for four if the customer signs up for automatic billing. a big savings for the chris family in maryland, a family of six phones. >> we spend about $500 a month on it will six cell phones that we use. this new plan, it sounds like it will cost around $300. so that's a saving of about $200 a month. i'd be very excited to save that. >> reporter: for years verizon has insisted it would not offer unlimited data. now it's left with few choices falling behind competitors who have taken to taunting the cell phone giant in tv add as. >> i've been saving something special for you. >> what is it? >> a verizon phone. every time you go over your data limit, you get punished. >> but i like streaming movies. >> reporter: because the vast majority of adults now have a cell phone, service providers are finding new ways to lure customers away from the competition with better deals. the average customer now pays roughly $75 per phone.
7:34 am
so could your bill go lower? >> if you're an individual adult who doesn't watch any streaming video unless you're at home or at work on wi-fi, you probably don't need an unlimited data plan. but if you have a family of four and everybody is always on the go, that might be something to consider. >> there is a catch to the verizon offer. after using the first 22 gigabytes per month, the company says customers could see their service slow as they're placed in a lower priority than other customers. but guys, with all the major service providers now offering some sort of unlimited data, you might find it's a lot eetzier to do some comparison shopping now. >> just got sheinelle jones' attention. when you said slow down. >> if you go above 30 big guibi they send a guy to look over your shoulder. jo we have severe weather down through the south. texas firing up. not only do we have tornado
7:35 am
watch from thuft corpus chrisho christi, we have tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm watches as well as strong storms start firing up. we already have an enhanced area for severe weather from victoria to houston. 10 million people under that. tornadoes possible already. and we could even see some stronger tornadoes with this. we're going to be looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through the area, and these will continue south on into tomorrow. good morning. we have some sunshine across the bay area. a live look outside at san francisco. 52 degrees. we'll be warming up. we are now only 40 degrees in fairfield and livermore. 42 in morgan hill. looking ahead to storm systems that will be moving in starting in the north bay late tomorrow evening and for the rest of the bay area for early thursday morning. we'll see a series of storm systems moving in with wet weather moving into the weekend.
7:36 am
check your forecast anytime of the day. go to the weather channel on cable. >> thank you, al. just ahead, should you recline your seat on a plane? the new wrinkle in that debate has people choosing sides. and first a potential hazard that could be in your home right now. >> i'm jeff rossen. coming up, a winter fire warning. what can happen if your space what can happen if your space heater isn't properly used. are you ready?? you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday. maybe almond breeze tastes because it's the only almondmilk
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7:41 am
>> today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with a dramatic demonstration. jeff, good morning. >> hey, guys. good morning to you. space heaters are popular for good reason. they're great. they're small, cost efficient, keep your family warm. turns out so many of us are using them wrong and in an instant that means it can turn into tragedy. remember the giant house fire in boston last month, six children died inside? officials say a space heater may be blame. they're still investigating. before you turn yours on at home, we have video about how fast things can go wrong and what you can do to protect yourself right now. >> reporter: it happens in an instant. >> oh my god. i think that house is on fire. >> reporter: deadly flames, raging infernos, all these homes on fire. >> the flames were above the trees. >> reporter: in all these cases space heaters are to blame. in fact, according to the national fire protection association, space heaters are a leading cause of house fires.
7:42 am
to show you how to avoid, that we're here with jamie novak, a fire investigator with the st. paul, minnesota, fire department. thanks for being here. >> you bet. >> reporter: how do we stay safe? >> one, people need to realize these are small so they use a lot of electricity. plug it directly into the wall. >> reporter: that's a big tip. he says some people use cheap extension cords to move the heater closer, but many extension cords can't hand that will amount of electricity. just watch when a he does it. >> there you have from a loose connection start a fire. wh >> reporter: what's the next tip? >> keep it three feet from anything combust that believe will burn -- the couch, the end table, anything that will burn. keep it in the center of the room. >> reporter: and three feet is the magic number. >> you've got it. >> reporter: as ridiculous as it sounds, people sometimes let blankets fall right on top of the heater like this. >> that's correct. and it's hot enough it can catch it on fire and the next ring, the room is on fire and the house is on the ground. >> just like that.
7:43 am
>> just like that. >> reporter: to show us, jamie sets up a real-life demonstration inside this real house. getting special permission to burn it. >> if that west door flails that pushes fire in on you. >> reporter: we have a team of firefighters standing by. >> heater on. blanket on. and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: remember, this happens in homes all the time. in just several minutes -- >> there we go. we have ignition. >> reporter: you see how fast these fires with can spread because the blanket is on fire but now a piece fell off and it's burning the rug too. >> reporter: flames race up the blank blanket. joous just like that, boom, it spread to the couch. it's already hard to breathe in here. it is kicking off serious black smoke. >> now it has the couch on fire, you won't be able to stay in here another two minutes. >> reporter: suddenly, an inferno in our living room. just like that, it flashed over. let's get out of here. you can't even breathe in here anymore. oh, everyone out. oh.
7:44 am
that happened, jamie, so fast. i mean, you can't breathe in there. >> people don't realize how fast the fire takes off and how nasty it gets. >> reporter: i was able to breathe, then i wasn't it is raging. and the scariest part of all. the fire immediately spreads jumping from room to room. the fire is right here, but let me show you how fast this spread. look over here. on the other side of the house in a couple minutes we already have black smoke coming out here too. this could be your home. and it's super dangerous. flames engulf the house, shattering these glass doors as it burns. if this doesn't show you to follow the instructions i don't know what does. you're dead if you're in this room right now. all from a space heater. >> all from a space hereto and somebody improperly using it. >> using an old abandoned house to help us out. space heertds have an automatic shutoff swism. if it gets too too hot or
7:45 am
knocked over, it turns off. but experts say you can't depend on that. experts say every family watching this right now should come wum a fire escape plan. we say it all the time. we actually have a link on your website right now,, for step-by-step instructions if you don't know where to start. >> great information. thank you very much. up next, big change coming to popular waze navigation app.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
all right. we're back. let's go over to carson in the orange room for some news involving a member of the nbc family. >> that's right. for years "dateline" viewers have been enjoying the all-too-familiar smooth narration of correspondent keith morrison, who's been on "dateline" since 1995, over 20 years. he is a huge part of that show, and fans of his voice have had him sitting down reading christmas stories. take a listen. >> the night before christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. >> there's that voice. social media users wanted to bring that iconic voice with them every day and they've take on the twitter and have a specific request. here we go. i would like keith morrison to be the voice of my gps. he can make a traffic jam sound interesting -- or intriguing. kim writes if there's any justice in the world, the next voice on the waze app will be keith morrison. ladies and gentlemen, today is the day. that morning has come. >> yes. >> you can now officially choose
7:51 am
our morrison's voice in the popular gps waze app. one thing you'll hear -- >> you've reached your destination. or have you? just kit idding. you have. >> another one. >> omg. i've been waiting to take this trip with you for what feels like, well, forever. let's go. >> let's go. there's the app. you can go right to your app settings and plug in voice directions, keith morrison, make it official, and he will guide you this morning through traffic. >> but all the places end up at a crime scene where there's tape and an outline. it's really not much fun. >> wherever you're trying to go, you'll end up in a dark alley. >> flashing lights and it's not good. no good can come of that. i don't know. >> that's awesome. >> congratulations to keith. >> cool. >> and you have to lift your eyebrow when you -- >> and get low and slow. coming up, we're -- what am i trying to say? we're going all out with not one
7:52 am
but two surprise proposals for valentine's day. >> or are you? and why this beagle won everyone's love ♪ contrary to ancient wisdom... the sun doesn't rise, we do. yet, the more we travel, the more the world pushes back, coralling us and controlling us. so, we seek a place where we're given a choice... ...not just to get up, but to rise. ♪ you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax.
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7:56 am
right now coming up on 7:56 with sunshine around the bay area this valentine's day. we get a look at what's happening here in san jose. as we start out, cool air in oakland. 42 now in livermore. with sunshine today. more clouds moving in tomorrow. as this storm system approaches from the we have. we'll have a series of storms especially keeping it pretty foggy with more rounds of rain. enjoy today in san francisco. high of 62 degrees. 61 tomorrow. and then for the inland areas, up to 67 tomorrow with breezy winds. cool down as the rain moves in. periods of showers into the start of next week. now let's head over to mike for a look at what's happening on the roadways. we have your tuesday commute. not so severe. you see the south bay starting
7:57 am
to build. we'll talk about that in a second. southbound 880 jamming up. a motorcycle crash down here. it doesn't sound serious. but two lanes are blocked. any time a motorcycle is involved, very big distraction dumbarton bridge, southbound side. that's eye 84 is is seeing more traffic rate now. there is your slowing. north 101 approaching the off-ramp. there is a crash off to the shoulder which is a distraction. happening now, crews are scramble to go shore up oroville's dam emergency shore way. the lake's water levels are lower this morning. an update on evacuations. some 600 additional wherein mates are being held at one bay area jail. a direct result of the safety issues.
7:58 am
a perfect valentine's day question on your facebook page. check it out.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up, shocking resignation, president trump's national security advisor, michael flynn, steps down overnight amid a scandal over ties to russia. so who will replace him? and how will the white house deal with its first major shake-up? then grief, growth, and the grammys. >> she said, if we get nominated, promise me you will come, and i said i will. >> following his emotional win, rory feek visits studio 1a to talk about honoring his late wife, joey, their daughter, and what's next. and i do. >> will you marry me? >> yes!
8:01 am
>> al helped one groom-to-be take a knee on monday. i'm excited for my mom and stepdad. >> this morning more proposals and more surprises all in time for valentine's day. today, tuesday, february 14th, 2017. >> happy valentine's day to our friends and family in michigan! whooo! >> good morning, cincinnati, ohio. >> celebrating my 50th valentine's day on the plaza. >> whooo! ♪ >> celebrating 30 years of love. >> happy valentine's day! >> we're back now 8:00 on this tuesday morning. it's the 14th day of february 2017. you know what that makes it. >> valentine's day. >> tuesday. >> valentine's day. you better fix that before you go home. all right?
8:02 am
>> i will. >> your wife is here. >> that's what i'm saying. >> already taken care of. >> dinner tonight. >> sweet. >> speaking of love, let's get to our special series "marry me today." we are sell pratie in-- celebrag valenti valentine's day with a double dose of engagements. >> take a look in our lobby. that's mallory. she thinks she's here with her dog, irving, i love that name, for our "we love dogs" segment. she can't hear us, but she's here because her boyfriend todd is getting ready to pop the question. take a look. >> when i first saw mallory i thought she's beautiful. i couldn't take my eyes off her smile. she had this incredible smile that i thought lit up the room. mallory is kind, compassionate, loving, caring, doesn't matter who you are, too small, too big, she cares that you're there. she is spending her time with children on the weekends who don't have some of the resources to go to college so, she really loves being part of something
8:03 am
bigger in other people's lives. what do i love most about her? i don't know where to start. i want to spend the rest of my life with mallory because she's incredibly smart, i know she'll be an incredible mother to our children. i know when times are tough, she'll be there to support me and i'll be there to support her. i love mall laory. i hope she says yes. i can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. >> this is irving. >> yes. >> what a good guy. i love it. he's such an irving. let's go out and start this segment because it's kind of cool i mean with the dog show and all that, folks hanging out, so we're going to go out and meet some of those other pooches. where are you from? >> grew up in connecticut. >> that's nice. very nice. well, come out this way. come on. there you go. >> thank you. >> everything ready. okay. come on over this way. just walk this way. >> sure. >> and here. these are some other dog lovers we'd like you to meet right over here. >> oh my gosh. >> there's one other dog lover.
8:04 am
todd. oh, todd! >> hi, mal. >> hi. >> i brought our friends and family out here today not because of irving. because i have something really important to ask you. >> oh my gosh. >> last valentine's day i asked you what you wanted as a gift. do you remember what you said? >> no. >> and you asked for something shiny. here we are a year later and i have something really shiny for you. >> oh my god. >> i think about the last four years and what an incredible journey they've been together. it makes me incredibly excited about our future and how we will spend the rest of our lives together as family and friends. i love your intelligence, your friendship, your smile, your laugh, your commitment to everything you do in life and putting up with all my weird quirks. i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. these are for you. >> oh my gosh. >> mallory, will you marry me? >> yes.
8:05 am
>> congratulations. >> she said yes! >> thankfully. >> it's beautiful. >> congratulations. >> congratulations, guys. >> congratulations, guys. >> thank you. >> you've got family and friends back here. in fact, where's your dad? >> my dad. >> turn this way. >> oh, mallory's dad. [ barking ] >> oh, sorry. so todd already asked. >> yes. >> and you said yes. >> i absolutely said yes. >> did you have any idea, mallory? >> no. >> what did you think when you came out and saw familiar faces? >> i was shocked. >> you said where are the other dog lovers? >> they all love dogs, by the way. that's pretty good. to congratulate you on your engagement, we have a surprise for you. todd is not in on this one. we have a three-night stay at the embassy suites by hilton del mar resort in puerto rico.
8:06 am
it includes air credits and expenses. >> oh, wow. >> did you have any idea this would be your valentine's day? >> no, i did not. >> what did you think you were going to do? >> i thought i would be going to work this morning. >> are you still going to work? >> i think so. >> i want to apologize to irving. didn't get an actual segment on the show today. >> i got him the day off, so -- >> all right. very nice. well, congratulations. >> congratulations, guys. >> congratulations to all of you. >> that's sweet. >> all right. we've got another surprise proposal in our next half hour. but right now it's time for your news at 8:00. quite the headline to follow. congratulations to both mallory and todd. new this morning, president trump not responding publicly yet to the resignation of his national security adviser overnight. we're talking about michael flynn. as house speaker paul ryan on capitol hill says he believes
8:07 am
president trump did the right thing by accepting that resignation. president trump tweeting this morning, he believes the real story here is why there are so many illegal leaks coming out of washington. will the leaks be happening as i deal on north korea, et cetera? all as flynn faces fallout from the phone call with the russian ambassador. >> reporter: overnight a stunning resignation at the white house. national security advisor michael flynn stepping down. in a resignation letter, flynn i have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president and they have accepted my apology." retired lieutenant general keith kellogg filling the job for now. a senior administration official telling nbc news the leading contender to replace flynn, vice admiral bob harward. also under consideration general
8:08 am
david petraeus. flynn's resignation coming just three weeks into the new administration and roughly seven hours after top adviser kellyanne conway said this -- >> yes, general flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president. >> reporter: but soon after, word came from the white house flynn was being evaluated by president trump after acknowledging he may have talked about sanctions with the russian ambassador in late december. despite originally denying he did, publicly defended at the time by vice president mike pence. the vp ignoring questions monday again. >> mr. vice president, tell us about your relationship to the national security advisor. >> reporter: and again. >> do you still have confidence in general flynn? >> kelly, that makes no sense. last month the justice department warned the white house that general flynn had misled them and that as a result he was vulnerable to blackmail and at that moment he still had the complete trust of the president? >> matt, i'm telling you what the president has said, which is
8:09 am
that he's accepted general flynn's resignation and he wishes him well and that we're moving on. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official confirms to nbc news a red flag was raised late last month by then acting attorney general sally yates. yates telling the trump white house she believed flynn was potentially vulnerable to russian blackmail because he misled vice president pence and other senior officials about the nature of his communications with the russian ambassador. president trump fired yates last month after she refused to defend his controversial immigration executive order. >> lots of questions. still unanswered as we watch the white house for developments. matt? >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. in northern california, efforts to prevent a catastrophic dam failure are
8:10 am
taking on you are jurgency. the oroville dam is having rocks added to sure up the spillway. people are told to evacuate and people don't know when they'll return. environmental groups asked the federal government more than a decade ago to have the spillway reinforced. that request was rejected. new guidelines out for anyone considering surgery, cortisone injections or powerful drugs for low back pain. people should first tricy try conservative treatment, like acupuncture or spinal manipulation. if used, they recommend advil, motrin or aleve. opioids should be used as a last resho resort. cruising ahead into victory. wait till you see what's happening next. montel williams is here. and we'll talk to rory feek about his emotional win at the grammys the other night and what
8:11 am
it would have meant to his late wife joey. first, these messages. ♪ how do you become america's best-selling brand? you make it detect what they don't. stop, stop, stop! sorry. you make it sense what's coming. watch, watch, watch! mom. relax! i'm relaxed. you make it for 16-year olds... whoa-whoa-whoa!!! and the parents who worry about them. you saw him, right? going further to help make drivers, better drivers. don't freak out on me. that's ford. and that's how you become america's best-selling brand.
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love is being awakened by a kiss. love is finding calm in your partner's arms. love is intimate. love is everlasting. love is a diamond. if there's one thing i know, it's couples in love. from the runway to the wedding aisle, to the most romantic day of their lives, i'm there. each piece of my jewelry collection is designed with lovers in mind. the vera wang love collection, at zales. the diamond store. all right. time for "what's trending." >> let's do it. when you're on a plane, no matter how long the flight is, do you recline your seat back? an opinion piece is making some waves. author, who, by the way, is 6'2" and regularly has his knees against the back of the seat, argues people should ask the person behind them if it's okay to recline. he says reclining your seat
8:14 am
should be a form of empathy and that you should care if the person behind you is in pain. now, while not totally against reclining, the author wishes people would just ask first. >> what if they say no? you're stuck. >> have you ever asked? >> yeah, i have. >> you have? >> yeah. >> i feel bad. i have not. >> i think you should definitely be considerate. but if everybody reclined then there wouldn't be a problem. >> how can you be considerate without asking the if -- >> you hold the button and make sure -- you don't jerk it back quick. >> you push it and it's almost like a slow warning, listen, i'm going back. >> and don't go back all the way. >> you want to be able to reach your caviar. >> true. >> have you ever been in a seat and the person in front of you starts to recline and you put your hand there to stop the seat so it doesn't go all the way back? >> sometimes i'll say, wait a minute, let me adjust first. >> i haven't. >> have you? >> i'm not that smart. >> have you done that? >> so it felt like it reached the end.
8:15 am
take the knee away, and you have extra leg room there. >> good one. we have two videos from the world of sports this morning. this first one showcasing an unusual turn of events at a track and field preliminary race. check it out. watch the runners come around the bend. the guy in first place literally ends up wrapped up in a bungee cord-type thing that comes off the pole vaulting practice facility. >> oh my gosh. >> watch. it lassos him. >> it gets him and eventually ends up around his legs. he goes on to finish second. luckily it was a preliminary heat so he moved on to the finals. >> it had a -- at the end of it. >> better than a loose javelin, i guess. >> at least he still qualifies. the other sports video is from the westminster dog show. nia the beagle is supposed to get through this course as fast as she can but ends up getting distracted. look at this. and even takes a seat and sniffs herself.
8:16 am
crowd absolutely loving it. roaring in support of the distracted beagle. >> there you go. >> and keeps going. >> that's the oldest joke in the book. >> she didn't win. but people like her. >> that's a sports video? >> your question whether the -- >> i don't know. poses a question. >> enjoy your twitter feed. >> yeah. i'm a golfer. i get it all the time. let's get to our "pop start" this morning. hugh jackman is being treated again for skin cancer, posting this photo showing a bandaged nose and writing another basal cell carcinoma. thanks to frequent checks and amazing doctors, all is well. looks worse with the dressing on than off. he's been treated four times saying it's a mild form but nonetheless very serious. next up, meghan markle has
8:17 am
ended her months-long break from social media. posting a photo to instagram. while it is not a picture of her and prince harry, she is sending a message. no bad energy. "sending good vibes." she'd gone dark on social media after it was revealed she's dating one of the most eligible men in the world, prince harry. her newest post is garnering 36,000 likes. finally, you're going to be spotting derek jeter at little league games sooner than you think. the legend and his supermodel wife announcing they are expecting a baby girl. the 26-year-old shared the big news in a lengthy post on jeter's website. this photo of the shortstop holding a bunch of pink balloons also being shared around. hannah says derek already apparently has a name in mind, but she's not sold on it just yet. mariano rivera may not be a good choice for her. but congratulations to jeter. >> one of the really nice guys in the world of sports. >> and she's lovely as well.
8:18 am
>> she really is. >> carson, thank you. mr. roker. >> all right. let's get to it. show you what we have for today. we are looking at maybe some early spring warmth that will be building in the mid plains and into the southeast and eventually the mid-atlantic states. temperatures from denver, 6 degrees above to savannah, georgia, 18 degrees above average. wednesday the heat continues from new york city to jacksonville, out to dallas, and then thursday that heat even builds even farther from minneapolis, st. louis, oklahoma city, and atlanta. and look at the weekend. by friday, highs will be more like march to april than they are in february with temperatures 60s and 70s throughout a good portion of the country. that's what's going on around good tuesday morning. it is 8:18. we still have some sunshine around the bay area. the dry weather continues into this afternoon and most of the day tomorrow. then we will have some rain moving in, highs reaching into the low 60s for today and
8:19 am
tomorrow and san francisco and cooling down as the showers move in, just in time for the end of the week and into the weekend. inland areas, warmest day in the forecast will be tomorrow with some breezy winds and then 60 degrees with heavy downpours on thursday. don't forget, head out the door, catch us on "today" show radio, sirius xm, channel 108. mr. lauer. thank you very much. on sunday, rory feek won a grammy for his gospel album with his late wife joey, called "hymns that are important to us." it was released last year, less than a month before joey lost her lengthy battle with cancer. here is part of rory's acceptance speech. >> she sang her vocals in hotel rooms while she did chemo and radiation, and it finally came out a year ago almost exactly. and we sat together in the final days and watched this awards ceremony last year.
8:20 am
and she said, if we get nominated, promise me you will come. and i said i will. >> he did. and they won. rory and joey, story of love, faith, and hope has touched an awful lot of people. rory writes about it in his new book "this life i live." welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> what went through your mind when you heard you won? >> my first thought was really? really? it's been an amazing year for the album. we knew it would be special for us, but i don't think we had any idea how special it would be for other people or where it would lead. >> what did gospel music mean to you two? >> well, it's really where i get a lot of comfort now. my wife grew up with that, so she knew it long before i did, but she's passed that on to me and it means a lot to me and my family. our little one, she listens to our hymns record all the time. >> you mentioned your little one, indiana. how are you guys doing? >> we're doing well. she turns 3 this friday, so as
8:21 am
exciting as the grammys are, that's a little more exciting for us. >> we want to remind people indiana was born with down syndrome. >> yes, sir. >> some of the milestones that come so naturally for other children are harder fought for her. and i understand she recently learned to walk. >> she has. she started taking steps and she really took about eight steps the other day at her little school. she goes to a special needs school in nashville. and i told her, i said, i'm so proud of you, indy, because she's turning 3. i said a lot of kids don't learn to walk till they're 1. it's amazing especially when you take the pressure off of the expectations. so they can just do it the way that they need to do it and we just celebrate. it doesn't feel late. >> in this book, on a number of occasions you refer to joey in the present tense. i'm curious why that is. >> i think it's because she's so present in my life. i didn't know how i would feel,
8:22 am
but i feel her everywhere i go. i feel -- i feel the choices that she made. i feel the strength that she had and the love that she had for me and our family. and i carry it with me. >> i also think it would be very tempting and very normal to write a book about your wife, who you lost and loved so much, and write only about glowing things and only write about the relationship in glowing terms. and you don't do that. you're honest about some of the struggles you two had. >> yes, sir. well, as amazing as our love story is and has become over the years, all great stories have a beginning and ours was tough, like everyone else's. >> what are some of the ways? >> well, we were different. she didn't want to be a mother and i had two little girls that i was raising on my own, and she didn't want to be a mother and she told me so. and i didn't want to be married to someone who wanted to be a singer. those were pretty big obstacles.
8:23 am
but we believed we were meant to be together so -- >> how did you get through those? a lot of couples would not be able to get through those. >> we got through them because my hopes and dreams and my agenda was shattered and hers was shattered and we were sort of left there a year after being married realizing, okay, i'm not going to get my way, she's not going to get her way, and in the end, god just -- he had a different plan. not only did we get to have an amazing marriage but he turned it into a music career together and a story shared with other folks. >> if there's a message for readers to take away in your love story, what do you think it would be? >> it would be that sometimes faith can change everything, just faith in something greater than what you've lived before. it doesn't matter where you came from. i'm an unlikely person to be part of an amazing love story, and i hope that's an encouragement to others. >> i've talked to a lot of people who have lost a loved one and a spouse, and they often say that for a period of time, time
8:24 am
stands still, that they feel they can't look forward, they can't look to the future. are you getting to a point where you can look toward a future? >> i stay there, i think. my wife, for her to be so positive to the very end, even with a 2-year-old playing on the floor, if she can be positive, i have nothing to be upset about. i can be positive in this. >> when i ask you to look to the future, what do you see? >> i see an amazing journey that god has in store for all of us, for my children and i, and joey's going to be part of it. i just believe that she's still going to be giving us a great story. it's going to be different. she's going to be part of it. but that's what i see. >> wish you the best. >> thank you. >> really nice to have you here. congratulations on your win of that grammy too. >> thank you, sir. >> the book is "this life i live." rory, thanks again. just ahead on a tuesday morning, a pioneer of day-time
8:25 am
talk shows. we'll sit down with montel williams right after this. . . . test test test test test test test
8:26 am
test. . i'm ... ==topvo== water vels at lake ov are lower this mning .. b tuesday morning, 8:26. i'm sam brock. a bit of good news from oroville as water levels at the lake there are a little lower this morning. but concerns still running high about the stability of the dam's emergency spillway. crews are still scrambling and strategizing right now, trying to figure out how they're going to build that spillway with tons of rocks and staeblstabilize it keep it from collapsing in the event of more heavy rains. engineers ramped up the water release along the main spillway. evacuations are still in effect, mandatory ones for almost 200,000 people, and teams plan to hold a media update at noon today, we'll carry that for you. mike, you've been watching a bunch of motorcycle accidents this morning.
8:27 am
what is the latest one? >> 880 southbound, over to union city out of hayward. a smoother drive now. a lot of slower drive off 238, residual. motorcycle crash, third of the morning that i've reported. i think sometimes after warmer weather, we had rain, fobs trying to get out there and ride again. dumbarton bridge, things are smoother. more traffic along 92. and we're looking at the south bay, back to you. >> we'll see you with more news in 30 minutes. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
8:28 am
8:29 am
[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
8:30 am
♪ we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. you know what? it's kind of delightful out here. >> is it? >> a little bit of wind but not much. temperature -- you cold? >> it's freezing. are you cold? >> feels really nice? >> -- >> there you go. >> well they have been out here since 4:00. good day for cuddling. >> yeah. go ahead and cuddle. we just had one proposal in our last half hour. in a noemt we're doubling down with another i do surprise. and we'll show you how we wol on valentine's day. it is delicious.
8:31 am
>> and montal montel williams i in the studio. >> and here is a vaguely awkward sign. first time you haven't been in the back row. why just continue the tradition. >> i thought about -- >> where you from? >> beckley, west virginia. >> all right. well thanks so much for coming down. hey we got a winter storm watch for tomorrow afternoon into thursday. yes that's right. new england getting slammed again. heavy wet snow. gusty winds. a clipper comes across. in maine they will have to worry
8:32 am
about the weight of snow on the rooftops. this could be another big one that dumps anywhere from 15-15 inches o good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're slowly warming up with temperatures over 50s in san francisco. 49 in san jose. 42 now in livermore. as we head into this afternoon, it will be a very nice afternoon. on this valentine's day, a lot of sunshine. up to 65 degrees and 66 degrees in the trivalley. in san francisco, 62 degrees and 64 in the north and the east bay. >> don't forget get that weather any time you need it. head to the weather channel on cable. it is day go of our special series. where are they now talk show titans? this morning, montel williams,
8:33 am
made history when his show debuted 26 years ago. >> a decorated military officer. montel traded in his navy uniform his very own talk show in 1991. what started as a trial lasted an impressive 17 seasons. >> there are ways to get messages across. we're doing it with the talk show. >> he holds the distinction of being the first african american man to okhotsk a syndicated talk show. montel also used hiss stats to engage with students during the height of his success. >> don't skip school to watch me but if you are home turn on channel 11. >> montel was a daytime hit ending in 2008 after more than 3,300 episodes. >> montel williams. good morning. 3300 episodes. >> crazy.
8:34 am
>> 36,000 guests over the course of 17 years. >> seating in -- we averaged about 8 people per show and i spoke to every one of them. and now when i walk around people walk up to me and they go, you know, i was on your show back in 1996. i'm like, what? >> i have to tell you i learned something. let's go back a little bit. i didn't realize that your career started in the military. you were a naval intelligence officer. so how did the talk show happy? >> i have 22 years in the military. started in the marine corps. enlisted. graduate of the naval academy and went on to being a special intelligence officer. i started a program about staying away from negative youth trends and that turned into that non profit called reach america dream. i traveled across the country for three years. i ended up winning an emmy in denver and i wasn't -- >> you had something. talk about what made your show
8:35 am
stand out of the pack. >> when you look back every one of the producers will tell you that i had a moniker. and it was we don't belabor what happens. we try to figure out why things happen and then we come one collusion collusi solutions. we did -- >> people were talking about the fact with all of those talk shows in the nineties, it is clear that people were fascinated about other people's live, what was going on behind closed doors, if you will. do you think that gave rise to reality tv? >> absolutely. there was no ifs ands or buts. i think it is the reason we live in a reality world right now. >> it was 1999 you were diagnosed with the multiple sclerosis. you talked about the fact you dealt with depression when you got that diagnosis. then i find out you are
8:36 am
snoeshding now. fast forward today you are 60 years old? >> absolutely. >> how are you doing? >> i'm in the best shape of my life and best condition of my life was a i'm involved in some treatment protocols for the fda and we need fda approval really before we can talk about it. really what i've been doing is pushing really hard to make we get research done on things like traumatic brain injury. that's associated with things like multiple sclerosis. in latin m.s. means multiple scars. >> even just walking. leg pain. for the people watching this morning who have this chronic pain, i mean how are you? >> the real deal is we can't talk about it. we need fda approval. i am ab the cutten edge with an
8:37 am
experimental protocol that no one else gets to do until the fda says it is okay. i can talk about it all day long but all it does is upsets people because thektn't have access. the only way they could have access is to volunteer for fda trials. and then people could achieve benefits like i have. >> is that your passion now? >> this is it. i'm here to tell you there are so many people who could be saved right now. march is traumatic brain injury month and most think about that and think about it when it comes to soldiers. in this country alone there are 5.6 million civilians who have some debilitating from something. and there is hope out there. people would go on websites like
8:38 am or brain injury and there's hope. >> do you miss it is this. >> i had a wonderful time. but i'm having a wonderfulful time. >> if you were to sum it up in ten second what is you want people to remember about the montel williams show what would you say is this. >> i think we lived up to what we said we would. we just asked why and then looked for solutions. that what we did. >> tomorrow on where are they now? the man who took daytime talk in a whole new direction, jerry springer. just ahead our valentine day wedd'sin
8:39 am
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. 8:40. we're back with our next "marry
8:41 am
me today" surprise. a littrell cap. in our last half hour, we surprised mallory with a proposal from her boyfriend, todd. and yes, she did say yes. >> and, al, you have more love to spread. >> that's right. just consider me the barry white of "today" show romance. yes. young man in detroit came to us to help him pull off the proposal he's been planning for an awful long time. >> my name is davon robinson. my beautiful girlfriend is janet birch and we live in detroit, michigan. >> davon and janet have been together for seven years. since becoming college sweethearts. >> i actually met janet at a party and i just remember tapping my cousin, telling him, look, look how beautiful she is. turns out she was just as beautiful on the inside. >> janet has a beautiful 9-year-old daughter leila. >> actually seeing janet with leila is one of the reasons why i love her so mauch. the way she takes care of not only leila but me amazes me on a
8:42 am
day to day basis. >> he's been wanting to propose for over a year but it's been tough trying to surprise someone so clever. so he turned to us, then we turned to her colleagues at latitude learning software. janet thinks the cameras are shooting a company corporate video so it makes sense when we follow her to what she thinks is a breakfast meeting. but inside the restaurant this has been happening all morning long. >> all of these guys will hide back in the kitchen. >> all her friends and family have been gathering to help davon pull off this proposal. >> we're having a great time. we're so excited. >> i'm excited for davon to be my stepdad. >> aw. >> i'm feeling a little nervous. i haven't felt nervous until today, but i got it in the bag. >> and then, go time. the hudson cafe owner welcoming janet and her colleagues. >> this place looks good. my boyfriend comes here a lot. >> and then time to reveal a special order arriving fresh out of the kitchen. >> somebody actually took the liberty of ordering for you and
8:43 am
they're coming out of the kitchen right now. >> what is going on? >> we've got one more surprise for you coming out of the kitchen. >> baby, you're a beautiful woman who motivates me, always there for us, care for us. i'd be honored if you'd be my wife. will you please marry me? >> and it was also time to reveal who our crew actually was. >> all the corporate video you thought you were doing it this week, "today" show. >> one final surprise to make the day complete. >> the "today" show unfortunately stuck me with the bill too. i'm sorry i have to present this to you. >> oh, my gosh. it says congrats, you're going to montego bay, jamaica.
8:44 am
>> that's right. you're going to the beautiful hotel in jamaica, an upscale boutique resort steps away from the caribbean sea. the trip includes three nights, four days, butler service, and romantic beach-side dinners. >> i feel very special. i can't believe that you guys were all a part of this. >> happy valentine's day! >> yay! >> aw. >> look at you, mr. roker. >> just have a little quiver. i've got my diaper on underneath. just kidding. >> where's your bow and arrow? >> i don't know what to say. >> i don't either. >> with romance in the air, up next, recipes far great valentine's day dinner courtesy of siri and carson. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars,
8:45 am
you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
8:46 am
♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. we are back with "today
8:47 am
food." what else, the perfect valentine's day dinner menu. >> happy valentine's day. sorry. buddy. >> carson and his lovely wife, siri, are here sharing two of their favorite dishes. you're handling the meat. you're doing dessert. can i ask you, how much sexier did your valentine become after winning the pro-am? >> now he has a giant goblet for our wine tonight. >> all right. let's start -- >> use your imagination. >> let's talk about the ingredients for your great steak recipe. this is your go-to. >> it is. although this marinade i have to give credit -- we went to savannah's house for dinner and her husband, mike feldman, it was one of the best steaks i ever had and i asked him for the marinade ingredients. it's also on the website. olive oil, some soy sauce, pepper, some parsley. >> if you don't follow it exactly, some ad lib version
8:48 am
will work also. >> absolutely. >> you put it all -- >> no, no. we're going to shake it all here in first. this is red wine and olive oil. >> overnightmare n marinade is if you can. >> let it sit in the fridge. and it's important to bring the meat back to room temperature. >> this was a new york strip steak and i'm a bone-in rib eye guy and i like this kind of meat a lot, but it has enough marbling if you get it back to room temperature, when you get to the searing-off process in the cast iron, if it's not, you know, at room temperature, the fat can render and melt and it helps you get a better char on the outside. >> there you go, dear. thank you, sweetheart. >> those have been marinated. >> i get frustrated because i barbecue outside. i have a tough time getting it right to temperature on the inside. this is restaurant quality. get it as hot as possible. no oil, no butter.
8:49 am
let the fact renlder from the steak itself. about two minutes a side. part of the cooking process so we'll take some of that off when we go to the oven. you want it as crispy as humanly possible. again, rare on the inside. about a minute and a half on the inside. >> noung the oven? >> probably 10 to 12 minutes for medium air, i would say. >> i'll use a thermometer and get it to about 120, pum it out. it will rise about five degrees more when you pull it out to medium rare. >> you want your salt magic? >> this guy? >> exactly. >> that was good. >> let p meat rest. siri, talk to us about dessert. >> we'll make an intense chocolate cake because you need chocolate on valentine's day and i'm a major chocolate lover. this is base on a cake called the brooklyn blackout cake, a famous cake that has chocolate stout in it. if you don't have it, you can use coffee. that enhances the flavor. we have butter and sugar we
8:50 am
creamed together so it got nice and fluffy. i'm going to turn this on low and we're going to add the eggs one at a time. bingo, you want to add the vanilla? >> i thought he called you bingo. >> he we call each other bingo. we're a really odd couple. >> melting. >> there is no hotel room. >> the marinade. >> so we're going to add those. >> long story. >> until -- one at a time. >> are you going with the stout? >> yes. that's the stout. over here we have our dry ingredients. flour and cocoa powder and i'll add the baking powder, baking soda, and salt and we'll whisk that together. why don't you, matt, add this -- this is buttermilk. we'll add it to -- >> at the end of the day, couldn't somebody just make a chocolate cake and add a stout to get the effect? >> i'm not sure it would work that way if you added wit your regular boxed cake mix. >> is that added to that or that? >> yes. add this.
8:51 am
alternate with dry and wet ingreed consequedien ingredients. we'll go back and forth. >> what are they eating down stairs? al, do you like it? >> the cake is very reminiscent blackout cake. >> that's it, exactly. >> here's the batter. we'll pour it into two cake pans. and the fun part is we'll slice it into three different layers and the fourth layer we're going to crumble and so i always take the ugliest layer. >> don't worry about slicing it. we have about 40 seconds. cake, icing, cake, icing, cake. that leaves you one extra layer. >> except you're going to put chocolate pud being. >> this cake is unbelievable. >> the layers are chocolate pudding. you can find that recipe on then frosting on the top. >> a valentine's day meal. sliced new york steak, great marinade and great chocolate cake. >> fantastic. >> you love it when i feed you.
8:52 am
>> yeah. >> i tell her all the time, whatever you do, don't be that girl. >> ten seconds of the marriott story. never mind. >> guys, thanks for the recipes. more valentine's day ideas, go to thanks, bingo. happy valentine's day.
8:53 am
8:54 am
today is a special day for erin and her husband because he returned from his military deployment on valentine's day four years ago. thank him for his service. laurie, they first met when he first threw a snowball at her when she was 13 years old. they've been married for 31 years. happy valentine's day to them. and jennifer married 27 years ago this month. thank you for your service, sir. keep those valentine's day anniversaries coming in >> carson, thank you. >> you could have ended up with that guy that drilled you with a snowball in a face on the plaza. >> that's a whole other show. >> wow. >> what do you have coming um?
8:55 am
>> harry connick jr. will be co-hosting again. maybe he'll sing us a love song. >> would thant be fantastic? and luke willson. >> yes. that would be pretty good too. >> what's going on there, carson? >> well, i just ran down from the kitchen. >> bingo? >> how much time left, mark -- >> 40 seconds. >> a clown that i hired, we were working together, it was like an episode of "the office." >> you hired a clown? >> named bingo to lighten up the mood in this production office and bingo did some tricks and she thought that was cute that i did that so we call each other bingo, but bingo was the clown. >> bingo was his name-o. >> who's the clown? >> that was the deal. >> bingo. >> i like it. cute story. >> i think it's kind of -- i'm kidding. >> nobody thinks that's creepy? >> clowns. everybody loves clowns. i'm ...
8:56 am
==topvo== onunusual ipple effecm the crisis at t oroville good tuesday morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. one unusual ripple effect from the crisis at the oroville dam is the rehousing of hundreds of prison inmates of the bay area. the sheriffs office opened the jail facility for nearly 580 county inmates. chp officers teamed up to bus them to dublin sunday night. the deputies are helping the process, the inmates at the
8:57 am
jail. it is not a numbers crunch here. the new inmate population is well below full capacity. the sheriff's office is helping to recover some of the money spent on accommodating the evacuees. governor brown declared officially a state of emergency. happening now, pete is in oroville, monitoring efforts under way to continue stabilizing the damaged emergency spillway and the next round of rain. a report on our midday newscast. and updates on our twitter feed. on our home page, an update on what caltrans hopes to have highway 17 fully reopened after a series of mudslides. it is a perfect valentine's day question for some folks, we answer which dating app maximizes your chances for love. find that on our home page. back with more news in 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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this morning on "today's take," grammy-winning jazz guy, harry connick jr., our co-host. find out why luke willson is about to rock your world. will she say yes? a surprise valentine's day proposal you do not want to miss. all coming up right now. from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> this it is valentine's day, tuesday morning, february 14th, 2017. and who better to celebrate valentine's day with besides sheinelle, mr. harry connick jr. >> jazz guy. >> jazz guy. crooner. love song singer. >> i love it. all new twitter handles for me.
9:01 am
>> i like jazz guy. >> jazz guy! as opposed to jazz hands. >> yes. >> i just realized i'm look agent the monitor. we don't have on red. >> you have reddish shoes. >> reddish shoes. >> it's not showing. let's just say that. i'm going to leave it to mystery. >> hey, now. there you go. happy valentine's day. my feet tell you happy valentine's day. >> they look redder on camera than in person. >> i planned that. of course i didn't. anybody have any big plans? >> we're just chilling. we'll go out to dinner probably and just hang out. probably with our kids. >> so a family affair. >> yeah. i like doing that. do you like that? >> how old are your kids again? >> 20, 19, and 14. >> i was about to say. >> even so, we like that. we that stuff. >> in fact, i had already started -- i started working on your valentine's day dinner with us and the kids. >> this is when you start to make all moern look bad. >> i'm making a chicken confit. i saw this recipe in "new york times" cooking. i love that app.
9:02 am
i don't get paid by the "new york times" but at least twice a week i make something from the app. they send you on sunday what they should make for the week ahead, and what you should make for the weekend. that sits in olive oil at about 250 for two hours. and it's almost basically fall off the bone. you take it out and then you conserve some of the oil but you put it in the frinl. it's sitting in the fridge drying out uncovered and then i will brown it off later this evening. >> what's it called again? >> chicken confit. >> in my house we serve chicken kfc. >> i was going to say. popeyes. true story. fighting over biscuits. kind of naughty but delightful. is that for the whole family or -- >> for the whole family. all of us. although i believe leela has a date tonight. >> oh. is it time -- okay. >> yeah. scary. >> i'm, like, oh, do tell. >> no, i'm not going to say it -- >> go ahead. >> no, because she will kill me. i'm just leaving it -- no.
9:03 am
no. how about you guys? >> okay. i'll change the subject for you. see, your dad loves you. isn't that sweet? i feel bad because i haven't thought about anything. i feel like a horrible person. my husband's birthday is february 4th. so i went all out. craig melvin -- oh, look at that. how convenient. >> you are a good-looking couple. >> we've been together since i was 19 and he was 17. so it's been a while. we've had a lot of valentine's day days. >> did you forget about it or focused on his gareth? >> his birthday is february 4th. it was a saturday morning. craig melvin, my co-host, says, what are you going to do? i don't know. no, you have to do something. i planned this huge dinner and ten days later i'm tapped. >> this is like people born on christmas day. >> good point. >> or near christmas. >> kind of not fair. i have some time. i'll come up with something. >> as you have led up to this, when you've been doing the show -- >> questioning my love?
9:04 am
>> anyway -- >> it's all good. >> what's the statute of how long you can wait till -- like that's ten days. like jill says she doesn't want to give me a birthday present because it's too close to christmas and i was born in september. >> i think that one is stretching a little bit. it's always special. i think you're right weather the kids and -- it will be special. i'll keep you posted. >> so spotify in honor of valentine's day, spotify actually has a music list for every holiday. they have one coming out for arbor day. this is their top three -- number three, thomas rhett, "die a happy man." ♪ ghefrt never get to see the n lights ♪ >> okay. >> two, t"pull me closer." ♪ baby, pull me closer >> you sing it like i do.
9:05 am
>> watch. oh, wait, wait. it's coming. it's this next one. there it goes. and then it's about to crank up right here. here it goes. ♪ >> yeah. >> see? >> all right. can't wait to see what she does for the next one. number one, ed sheeran, "thinking out loud." >> oh, are you kidding? you can sing that every day all day. i do. that's a good one. >> your favorite date night song, which is going to take some explanation. >> i picked beyonce, but here's why. >> "formation." >> this is why. because i thought the task was to pick a song that gets you hot for date night. if i crank up beyonce, i'm in a good mood, you put on something that's cute, and you're the best of yourself. do you know what i mean? i'm a better date. i'm happy. >> i didn't think about that. >> he's not -- not that he doesn't like beyonce, but that wouldn't be his choice, but he's learned to let me have a moment because then when it's time to
9:06 am
step ut, in a good mood. >> go time. >> i never thought about getting hyped up. you think it's going to be romantic but this is romantic in a different way. you get pumped up for it. >> thank you, jazz guy. >> how about you? >> it would have to be some b s bossanova like jobene. sexy. like really beautiful stuff, like sexy music. >> it has a nice beat. >> yeah. >> kind of a samba. >> more of a bossanova. don't suggest musical things to me, please, al. >> sorry, jazz guy. >> he's jazz guy. >> i'm like it's a bossanova, you're like more of a samba. >> i thought they were the same. >> your chicken confit is more like a ratatouille. >> it could be if you cook it too long. >> is that right? nothing i -- you just are eight
9:07 am
steps ahead of me all the time. >> never, never. >> your song. >> "you are the sunshine of my life." stevie wonder. it's weather related. >> you know what, i didn't even -- i didn't even put the connection together. >> very nice. >> like two loves. weather -- >> and it's stevie wonder. >> three loves. >> geez. >> you can't go wrong with stevie. >> we're so lucky to have him as an american artist. unbelievable. he's still -- and he gets better and better as he gets older. >> and he's so kind. i remember when i was living in philadelphia, maybe four years ago, he stopped by our church. got on the piano. played a little bit. he was so gracious. he didn't have to do that. >> that's rally cool. >> yeah. >> i love the idea -- jill's got it made. you're a very forch man but she's a very fortunate woman in that she has a husband who can actually create an original song and sing it to her as you did on your program. >> i did. there it is. ♪ i flirt ed
9:08 am
i've dated ♪ >> a great smile. ♪ single life is overrated >> wow. ♪ so i loiter i linger ♪ >> that is beautiful. >> she wanted to kill me. >> really? >> she's like -- you really going to call me out like that? she gets embarrassed with stuff like that. >> you do that at home too? >> no. i'm too busy putting out the trash. >> hard to be romantic doing that. but it's great if this song is a hit, she knows you wrote it for her. >> there you go. you know ultimately that's what it's all about. >> then he can buy her an even bigger gift. >> nice save. >> thank you. >> love is in the air. some big valentine's day surprises including a wedding proposal you are not going to want to an ordinary jar of vaseline® jelly... it's something we don't think about much
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9:12 am
welcome back to more of "today's take" with co-host harry connick jr. the national retail federation expects valentine's day spending to drop 7.6% this year. >> i was surprised by that. >> but you haven't even gotten anything. >> i haven't. we don't really do a lot of valentine's day gifting. i mean, honestly, a card, if he writes something in it, not just -- you know what i mean, that's more romantic to me. >> see, we've had -- i think you really need to step it up. given the guests that we've had on the show, i mean, you've seemed a little smitten by some of these guys. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> i've seen that too. >> first of all, you have the most captivating eyes. i'm trig not to be drawn to you. look at his eyes. right? okay. what was my question now?
9:13 am
i can't stop seeing the eyes. look how i'm leaning in to your -- i can't stop. >> this is good. >> his heart is pounding. you make me feel bad about my relationship. i think we need to turn up the volume a little bit. i've never done -- >> is that literal? >> maybe in all ways. >> my husband did all of this for valentine's day, i'd be his forever. although i am going to be his forever. that came out wrong. >> yeah. >> i love you. >> yeah. we want to get you some -- everybody's watching. >> this is going to be new when i get home. >> then we have another present, somebody to bring out another present. >> aw. i'm going to cry. >> uche. yeah! >> happy valentine's day. >> you didn't even mention it.
9:14 am
well, obviously -- >> it was a surprise. >> he was 17, i was 19. this is my husband. i was his tour guide in college. >> wow. >> no lie. >> wow worked that pretty well. >> and then now -- see, i was 19, i'm 38 now. so see? >> so sweet. >> you guys. >> so by the way, it's nice to meet you finally. >> nice to meet you. >> could you be any better looking? >> my heart is pounding. i've been doing this now for 17 years? this never happens. >> at least not on valentine's day. >> not on valentine's day. >> you're going to stick around and compete in our sweetheart showdown gig in the next half hour. >> i'm so surprised. >> are you really? >> i am. did you buy these? i'm just kidding. i'm kidding. i'm kidding. kidding! >> wow. >> you had to ruin it. >> i'm kidding. so good to see you. >> did she try to call you at all today? >> i mean, she channeled me.
9:15 am
>> thank you. >> we're on the same wavelength. >> you didn't check in. >> when she woke up, i felt it. >> i try not to wake you up and everything. >> that's a valentine's day gift. >> i got dressed in the dark just for you. >> all right. >> really sweet. are we doing this last song? >> i can't even think. >> you can stay. >> one more valentine's day story. and you can weigh in on this. please do. "playboy" magazine is going back to its roots once again featuring nudity. >> really? >> yes. happy valentine's day. hugh hefner's son, cooper, the "playboy" chief creative officer. >> is this really happening? >> there's a job. hi, i'm chief creative officer at "playboy." yeah. what's your creativity? let's get naked! anyway, he tweeted out the cover of march/april issue saying nudity was never the problem because nudity isn't a problem. how do you feel about that? >> i'm going to get you. >> i think it's good it stays in
9:16 am
the family. >> there you -- thank you. >> very classy. the magazine abandoned nudity in 2015. there you have it. >> now they're bringing it back. >> bringing it -- that's just funny to think about. they're bringing back nudity. >> yeah. what do you think, jazz guy? >> i guess to each his own, right? >> absolutely. it will be tastefully done. >> i'm sure. >> there you go. >> speaking of tastefully done, how about some weather? >> nice. >> we'll see you what's going on. we have some strong storms firing up now in east texas. those are going to continue to race to the east and through the gulf coast. we're going to be watching that for some severe weather. wet weather moving into the pacific northwest. more bad news for our friends in northern california where that oroville dam is that is threatening to collapse. we've also got plenty of warm weather down through the gulf coast, 70s and 80s. 20s up in northern new england where they may see another clipper bringing more snow later tomorrow. and you can look for unseasonably mild weather through the great lakes. that's what's going on around the country. here's w
9:17 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist terry hall. we have a lot of sunshine right now across the bay yampl but we are seeing the clouds reaching closer to the coast. it will be here over the next couple of days. starting out with some rain on thursday morning and some heavy downpours likely during the morning commute. then as we go lieu the day. off and on showers. another round of rain on friday. a little bit of break with lingering showers on saturday. then the third storm system moving in on sunday. i love it when a plan comes together. >> who took the kids to school? >> they're still home eating cap'n crunch. >> luke willson, the new movie you'll love.
9:18 am
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9:22 am
disappointment. take a look. >> did you break into the -- my son the thief. >> i know. i'm sorry. but see, there's this guy named angus and he was telling me about rock 'n' roll park and finding my band and i was, like, the apps to the question of my life, dad. do you understand? >> i'm going you have to to get a new lock, like those things grow on trees around here. >> if you could feel what i'm feeling? here. ♪ >> we're all smiling. that's what this does. luke, good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> congratulations. what was it like to work on an animated film? a lot of people ask that question, but i can only imagine it's fun. >> it's incredibly fun just to work on a movie you know is for kids is exciting. and yeah, it's different than a movie. you just kind of going go into a sound booth and kind of going through the script but you get to work with the other actors. it's really fun. >> that's rare to work with the other actors on an animated film. a lot of times you do things you
9:23 am
never even see during-in the process. were you in the recording booth together? >> we were. and the director, ash brandon, that was one of his goals was to have us together so we could play off each other. but working with eddie izard was like being at one of his concerts. i would wind up just kind of sitting down and he would keep riffing and riffing and he'd stop and i'd stand up, then he'd go back into a riff. i'd look into the control booth and the guy -- the engineer would be like, i don't know what to do. he's going. >> that's fun. >> you get to play -- your character, boldie, plays guitar. did you do any guitar playing for this? >> i did not. i'm actually not very musical. not like this guy. >> not like jazz guy. >> no. i'm not like jazz guy. but i really love music and, you know, enjoy reading about musicians and going to concerts. but up fortunately, i'm not -- i do not have that talent. >> i will say when al was naping all these movies, you've done so much. what's next for you? do you want to do something with
9:24 am
your brothers or ksh. >> i would love to do something with my brothers. we're always trying to figure something out. and i think i might do a movie with tracy morgan, who i've worked with before. >> that would be good. >> he's one of those guys like eddie izard where it's like being at a comedy show just sitting with him. i don't know, i always have fun working with really funny guys. >> do you like that when people go way off script and do things? does that help you or -- >> when it's a funny person like tracy, i mean, yeah, i think it's really exciting. those guys are so sharp and they have, you know, real writers' minds. yeah, i think it's it from cool to see that happening. >> yeah. absolutely. >> wow. the movie is terrific. it's lot of fun. and i think there's something for parents and for kids, which is the hallmark of a good animated movie. >> i agree. i got a lot of chuckles out of it last night. thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> "rock dog" hits theaters february 24th. coming up, a sweetheart showdown. happy valentine's day, by the way.
9:25 am
we're putting couples to the test for a cha ♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®
9:26 am
are lower this morning .. b rov good tuesday morning. happy valentine's day. i'm some sam brock. water levels at lake oroville are lower this morning. that's good news. but there are ample concerns about stable of the dam's emergency spillway. crews still trying to figure out the best way to address the situation, filling the spillway with tons of rock on the hillside that's eroded in the event to try to keep it collapsing in the event there is more heavy rain. even though recent erosion has created a massive sinkhole the size of a football field in the middle of the spillway. mandatory evacuations in effect for 200,000 people. teams are planning on holing a media update at noon today.
9:27 am
one unusual effect from this crisis at the dam is bringing prison inmates to the area. 580 inmates have been bussed to dublin on sunday night. and county deputies are helping process the inmates at santa rita jail. the inmate population is said to be below full capacity. it is not a numbers crunch there. and the alameda sheriff's office is hoping to recover some of the money spent on moving the inmates. a beautiful day for your today. we'll check weather and traffic right after this.
9:28 am
good tuesday morning. happy valentine's day. we'll see more sunshine today and highs reaching 62 degrees in san francisco. low 60s tomorrow. also a chance of afternoon showers. the rain will be off and on throughout thursday into the weekend and early next week. and the warmest day in the
9:29 am
forecast will be tomorrow for the inland areas, reaching 67 degrees, and much cooler for the weekend, with some rain. we will be tracking that over the next few days. right now as we head over to mike to look at the roads. >> good day for tuesday. that's a qualified good. a slower drive on many of the routes. typical pattern, slowing for 880 pass the cole see yum. that's where the live camera is showing you thing gumming up around high street. no crash. no crash reported around tesla, but suddenly seeing slowing in the last 10 minutes. nothing visible on the camera or on the chp report. >> we'll look further into that. we'll see you in 30 minutes with more news. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer.
9:30 am
canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. it's valentine's day, a tay all about appreciating the person you love so we're going to play a little game called "sweetheart showdown" to see how well these couples know each other and we didn't want to get sued by the other game show. walter and april from cincinnati, ohio, they've been married for 20 years. walter surprised april with this trip to new york. very nice. >> that's so sweet. couple number two is andrew and amy from holland, michigan. they've been married for three years. she's a teacher on school break. >> and couple number three, sheinelle here with her husband. >> i've always wanted to be in a game show. >> he surprised her this morning. she had no idea they were going to play this game before now. >> before the show we asked each
9:31 am
of the couple questions about their spouse. whichever couple gets the most points wins what's inside this huge box here. >> let's get started. our first question for the husbands. okay. if your wife was given permission to have a fling with a celebrity, who would it be? >> so easy. justin timberlake. >> justin timberlake! okay. guys? >> brad pitt. >> no. >> oh, donnie wahlberg. >> we don't talk about this stuff. >> maybe you should talk about it. >> that's right. >> talk about your hall pass. >> so i needed some context. i had to go with her response from when she was a teenager. >> i was going to say because now you meet everybody. i know who it is. should i guess? >> yes. >> tyson beckford. >> tyson beckford. all right. everybody gets -- two people get
9:32 am
points. >> okay. the next question is for the wives. what is the worst gift your husband ever gave you? >> well, the first that he gave me was a printed picture online from where we had our first date and he framed it. >> that's so cute. >> it was, but it was printed off the internet. >> okay. sentimental but -- >> i said a north face coat because she wanted a very specific one and we went there together and the magic was lost because -- yeah. >> no points there. >> i said ugly clothes. >> oh. >> he just is not good -- he's amazing at everything else but clothes is just not one of them. >> well, let's see -- >> i went with our first dog. [ buzzer ] >> i would disagree with that. i would disagree. >> okay. >> i had to talk her into it. >> okay. sheinelle? >> okay. >> all right. i honestly can't think of
9:33 am
anything i've given her that's not great. >> oh! >> aw. >> i guess that's a point. >> yeah, that's a point. >> very impressive. what's the score so far? >> well played. >> okay. for the husbands, where was your first kiss? >> in grand haven on the pier. >> grand haven on the pier. >> back on track. >> first kiss? >> reds baseball game. >> boom! >> pressure. >> on campus. >> on campus. all right. everybody gets a point. >> this one to the wives. what is your husband's guilty pleasure? >> he loves michigan football. >> uh-oh. >> disney movies. we watch them constantly. >> big "frozen" fan, aren't you? >> yeah. >> guilty pleasure. >> football. >> eating breakfast out. [ buzzer ] >> go with that one. sheinelle? >> this is what i think. >> soccer.
9:34 am
>> sweets. >> nobody getting that one. all right. one more. okay. to the husbands, what was your first fight about? >> i said our very first valentine's day i went and hung out with my friends instead of hanging out with her and she was pretty mad at me. so that was the first one i could think of. >> that's good i didn't think about that. we did long distance far long time so i figured it was something about busyness. apparently not. >> money. >> all fights are about money. >> sleep. >> not true. sleep. especially when we were young and had kids. >> i understand. >> freshman year in college. >> gossip. >> and another girl whose name starts with "contraction." getting specific. okay. our winner, looks like -- okay, guess what? both of you have won what's inside the box! >> yay! >> you're going on a cruise!
9:35 am
>> okay, okay. >> that's the most hilarious things i've ever seen. >> a cruise in the beautiful mediterranean. spain, the south of france, italy. you can have breakfast in bed or out if you'd like. and sheinelle, you don't get to go, but you're getting the bear and the chocolate we already gave you. >> yay! >> but wait, there's more! we haven't forgotten about our fans at home. guess what, you can win a cruise at home as well thanks to windsurfer, we're giving away one more mediterranean cruise to a lucky viewer at home. visit to find out how to enter. >> whooo! >> get back in the box, alex. >> coming up next, another big valentine's day surprise. a wedding proposal. will she say yes? don't his the reaction. after these messages.
9:36 am
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9:40 am
>> i was born and raised in new york, the bronx. i was skipping out on class freshman year and not doing too well. at age 16 my mother thought we should move to newark, new jersey. it was then i met the love of my life. as soon as i met her in gym class everything changed. to me she's a firecracker. she's loving, kind, caring. i started doing better in school. i began to play baseball and i was so motivated and happy to be with her. she changed my life for the better. my childhood dream was always to become a firefighter. i always wanted to be a hero. once i started looking into qualifications to become a firefighter i knew it would be difficult. i decide ed going into the mari corps would be the best way to achieve this goal and a great way to become a better man while serving our country. i joined the marine corps when i was 18 years old. we deployed in 2012. we provided support for the ground troops. in case anything happened, we had their backs. during my time in the marines my one constant was edna.
9:41 am
we spoke 24/7 on the phone and it continued throughout the military. it was hard. i cried sometimes, laughed. we'd have leave days or visit maybe twice a year, she would come see me when she could, it was hard but we made it happen. been together for about seven years, going on eight. looking forward to starting my career and should be getting into the fire department soon. keep progressing in life and bettering myself and edna as a whole. >> sweet. juan and edna, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. i know you've got to be so proud of him. and i'd love to ask you some more questions but actually, juan, you have a question. >> yes, sir. edna, i've been looking forward to this moment for a long time. you've been my strength through the good times, the bad times. there's nothing more that i would like than for you to marry me and i just -- will you marry me? >> yes.
9:42 am
of course i will. oh my gosh. give me a kiss. >> she said yes! >> it fits. >> it's perfect. >> so sweet. >> that's great. you know what, how do you feel right now, edna? >> i'm shaky. >> you had no idea? >> no. i mean, i thought hike maybe this was the year, but i didn't know it was the beginning of the year. >> on the "today" show. >> on valentine's day. >> right. >> we've got one more surprise for you. we have some special guests who want to share this moment with you. joining us are your mom and sister, edna and tatiana. that's right. as well as juan's mom, valentina and one of his closest friends from the military, james. >> did you tell her you had a meeting this morning? >> i told her she was driving to work. >> come on in, family.
9:43 am
>> a couple of you can sit down there. >> you guys have all been on this. >> you knew this was coming. >> oh, yeah. >> how did you keep the secret? >> it was really hard. >> i bet. i was trying not to talk to her. i was avoiding her for the last couple days. >> she was probably like why aren't you talking to me this morning? is it sinking in? i know it's hard, he's just proposed. >> and we have some champagne and some roses from our resident cupid, jerry. >> thank you. >> also, we want to -- jerry's moving -- >> they wanted the table. there you go. >> jerry does it all. we want to also thank shy creation for furnishing this beautiful 18-carat white gold diamond ring for juan and edna on their engagement. >> it is absolutely gorgeous. can we see that? let me see this. look at this. look at that. girl, say yes. just kidding.
9:44 am
oh my goodness. >> wow, guys. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> much love and happiness and hope you will remember this valentine's day. >> yes, sir. forever. >> definitely. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> absolutely. let's give them a round of applause. congratulations. >> you know, they said -- >> top that, roker. >> not me, but they say it's good luck for rain on your wedding day so give me a call when you need a forecast when you set the date. in the meantime, here we go, we have some heavy weather makes its way, severe storms through the gulf coast, unseasonably mild through the northern plains, heavy rain moves into the pacific northwest tonight, sunshine now for california but another big storm is coming in. we'll watch that closely. and a beautiful day up and down the east coast. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside with all of that sunshine over san jose. we will continue to see that sun through the afternoon. a beautiful valentine's days. 54 right now in palo alto and
9:45 am
san francisco. 58 in oakland. 52 in napa. we will continue to see those temperatures warming up quickly with all of this sun. more clouds moving in tomorrow. and this storm system set toy a arrive early on thursday morning bringing in more wet weather into the weekend. and that is your latest weather. coming up, from newlyweds to a couple that's been married for 22 years. they look like newlyweds. holly robinson peete and rodney peete on rae reality tv, raising teenagers and her mother delo s delores' tattoo. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c.
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9:49 am
it starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside. activia. it starts inside. as we continue to valentine's day theme, we have a terrific couple joininging inu holly robinson peete and rodney peete. >> they with their four kids and holly's hilarious mother delores are stars of "for peetes' sake." on the own network. >> giving us a sneak peek, good morning. >> good morning. >> congratulations we should say. >> absolutely. second season. >> second season. >> did you have any misgivings about doing this, rodney? i know holly probably didn't, but you probably did. >> she made me do it. yeah. you know, when you open up your life to the world and you have to be real and be yourself, because it doesn't work if you're not authentic.
9:50 am
so that for me gave me some reservations. but when we dove in and we talked about real issues, real family issues, real relationship issues, it was worth it. >> that's the part that stood out to me about your show, you really do deal with some real issues specifically awe thasm many families are dealing with. was that difficult to sort of say i have to talk about this or -- >> excuse me. i have a low voice today, but it was difficult. when rodney and i got the diagnosis for r.j. when he was 3, we never saw any images on television of anyone with autism or special needs in any real authentic way. so we felt like it was a good thing for us to share this because it would give hope to other families. >> it's completely relatable. there was a scene i watched your son asked do i still have autism? and my heart just -- it broke. then i thought, what do you say? sometimes you guys are put in these situation where is this is real parenting, you know. where do you pull that from? you gave such a beautiful answer. >> i did, didn't i.
9:51 am
>> you just told them that -- >> i was so imperezed with myself. >> so terrific. i mean, drives to work and has a great gift. >> they said he would never drive, never have a job. just bought his own car. >> has his own car. >> got a job with the los angeles dodgers. we want to show what kids with autism can do. they're amazing children and become adults that work in america. >> rodney, we've talked. you've got to get a knee replaced. >> thank you, al. >> you know something about that. >> i do. >> i used the show as my personal agenda. >> and on a more serious note, a recent mri revealed a brain lesion that might indicate cte. what have you been doing to bring awareness? >> you're absolutely right. that was a tough decision to have that shown on the air going into the tube and getting the mri. but since then i've joined the harvard players study, and it looks at former football players and they study the whole body because a lot of things, not
9:52 am
just your brain, but joint inflammation, hips, back, neck, all those things are related. and so if you study the whole body there may be some ways that you can really prevent some of the things that may ham to you later in life. so it's a great study. along with diet and exercise and all those things there's many things -- with that sexy valentine's voice -- >> speaking of valentine's, you pulled off a pretty epic proposal, what was it, 22 years ago? >> yeah. not easy to get her either. >> they say a good woman is hard to find and when you find one you have to hold on to her. will you marry me? >> yes. >> oh my gosh. >> you didn't know? >> he was playing for the cowboys at the time. he was supposed to be in dallas. it was the night before a game so there was no way he was supposed to be there. man, you're romantic, rodney. >> i know. aw. >> confit that. >> there you go.
9:53 am
holly and rodney, always good to see you guys. >> thanks, guys. >> "for peete's" sake" saturday night on own. this is gus.
9:54 am
someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
9:55 am
we want to thank our pal, harry connick jr., or jazz man, for being with us. >> we're excited. look at the kitsch fn you get a chance. >> hello. >> we love these guys. they flew in from manchester, england, t did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night.
9:56 am
enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. and right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you. sunshine all around the bay area and quickly warming temperatures. expect the high to reach 66 in the trivary. 65 in the peninsula and 64 in the bay.
9:57 am
in the next few days we will be watching a storm system approaching from the west bringing us rain early thursday morning as well as the weekend. except several rounds of wet weather moving in starting out on thursday. let's get an update on how the roads are moving. >> we have a number of motorcycles out because we have nice weather. be careful. looking over here, we see some compression across the dunbar on the bridge of it's been a tough morning for 84 because of the amount of traffic. compression toward freemont. showing the drive in from the south bay. let me show you the live shot from the south bay. there is 101. >> happening now, crews are scrambling to shore up oroville dam's emergency spillway ahead of that next round of rain. in our twitter feed you can get the latest updates including the
9:58 am
information on the evacuations. caltrans hopes to have highway 17 fully reopened from the most recent storm damage. and on our facebook page, we ask you which dating app works the best.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. booze day tuesday. february 14th, so that means it's also happy valentine's day. hoda is off, so dean cain is filling in, and i'm delight. you were a huge hit yesterday, buddy. >> i had a lot of fun yesterday. i'm really excited to be here for valentine's day with you and all your lovelyness you have going on today. >> oh, yes, right. >> you do look fantastic. it's true. >> thank you very, very much. >> happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's da


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