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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 13, 2017 11:00am-12:02pm PST

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right now at 11:00, breaking news. a national story playing out in our own back yard. our nbc bay area chopper is over lakeroville. the water level is falling but the danger is very real at the emergency spillway next to the oroville dam. the spillway could collapse. 32,000 people are under a mandato mandatory evacuation order and watching their future from afar. thank you for joining us. i am kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. tense moments for the people who live there. let's get to the situation there
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right now. this is video the nbc bay area chopper shot this morning a few hours ago. water controlled and flowing out of the lake to the damaged spillway. no water is spilling over the emergency spillway since the levels have dropped. >> we have team coverage of the fluid situation in oroville. pete, i bet you've learned something new in the last hour or so. >> reporter: good morning. a news briefing is set for 12:00 p.m. it's been an active morning in what looks to be a lookout area of the oroville dam. the excavators moving the boulders. bagging them up in the white bags you see to the right. let's show you new video where we had helicopters descending on this area early this morning. according to the california department of water resources, the helicopters do an air drop.
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they need to be shored up along the emergency spillway. it depends on their assessment of the erosion this morning. i am being told that crews with the department are inspecting the emergency and main spillways over at the dam as we speak. let's show you video of the aerials of the dam. nearly 200,000 people were evacuated sunday afternoon after engineers first spotted erosion at the head of the emergency spillway of the oroville dam. unexpected erosion chewed through last week. on saturday water began spilling over the emergency spillway for the first time in history after the heavy rainfall. if the emergency spillway failed, it could result in uncontrolled release of flood waters from lake oroville to nearby areas. the good news is the lake levels are currently below 900 feet. flows over the emergency spillway have stopped. at this time, guys, evacuations
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of nearby areas have not been lifted, but a news briefing is set for 12:00 p.m. we'll carry that live on air and online. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, pete. let's lay out what's happening so you get a sense graphically. this is lake oroville. this is the dam that is structurally sound. this is the main spillway where the water is coming right now. this is the emergency spillway where there is no water right now. but it wasn't dry last night. this is what it looked like last night when the lake levels breached 900 feet. what you can see is water gushing down. this is where it's supposed to be going on the emergency spillway. but the water migrated to other channels in the area causing immediate erosion. it was not supposed to be going that part of the hillside. that's what pete was addressing with the possible boulders going in. this is the profile from higher up. it's great to see the aerial perspective sometimes. this is the main spillway here
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and this is the feather river. that's what's supposed to be happening, controlled going in there, staying within the channel. there is another element at the same time as you look at it from reverse what's happening. you see the water going down the main spillway. this is dry right now. it wasn't last night. that was the emergency spillway to the right of the main spillway. look what's happening at the mouth of the main spillway right now. water gushing out and actually lashing the hillsides right there and wearing down part of the wall. you see how jagged that is. just the ferocity and aggressiveness of the water. that's part of the concern as well. another area that crews will be watching out for. hopefully the multi-segmented perspective gave you more information about how this is working. we'll check back in with pete pete. kris, back to you. >> it's clearly no doubt that it is a dangerous situation. nearly 200,000 people were forced out of their homes because of the dangers that the lake poses right now. after the video from our nbc bay
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area chopper, you can see the spillway seems to be a touch calmer. it is not going over the emergency or secondary, auxiliary spillway and the water levels are dropping. our sister station in sacramento is reporting from a station taking in hundreds of evacuees and hundreds of animals large and small. >> reporter: this is a place where 700 evacuees have set up shop. they were told to get out of their homes. some of them say they had only four minutes to get out. i am here with samantha one of the evacuees. what's it been like staying here? >> it's stressful and crazy. my dogs are trapped in their kennels. my roommates are stressful right now. >> i can imagine that you haven't slept much. >> no. i slept maybe 30 minutes out of all night. and it's like crazy. >> reporter: are you going to listen to the orders to stay put
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here until you hear otherwise? >> yes. >> reporter: what are some of the examples that you are seeing out here? i see a lot of people helping each other despite the stressful situation. >> that's what i see too. everybody wants to be helpful with everyone. they only had three to four minutes to get out. >> reporter: only the clothing on their backs in some cases. thank you, samantha. best of luck to you. we want to let people know large animals are being accepted as well. so far there are about 100 large animals on-site here at the fairgrounds. there is plenty more room for anyone who may be seeking shelter because of the situation with the oroville dam. that's the latest in chico. latisha ordaz. back to you. >> the press conference is about 50 minutes away. we want to bring in meteorologist kari hall who has been tracking the water levels at the dam all morning. they seem to be receding but the bad news is another storm system is coming. >> yes. we'll have more storm systems
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moving in over the next couple days. flash flood warnings have been issued in the immediate area. we see where the dam is and where the spillway. but of course, the concern will be with the auxiliary or the emergency spillway that may need more repairs or definitely needs more repairs but may be overtopping the banks as we go into the next several days with more storm systems moving in. so all of these communities here downstream from the dam will need to stay under those evacuation orders. at the highest point, it got up to 902 feet, but it does continue to drop and is now not overtopping that emergency spillway. but still, a widespread flood warning in effect. as we open up the picture. there are more storms down the pike that will be moving into the bay area as well as central california as we go into the next couple of days. a lot of concerns here with additional rainfall. it looks like we could see quite
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a bit. the time line and how much is coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> all right. we brace up for a couple more storms. kari, thank you. stick with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the situation in oroville. it's not the first time there have been problems at the dam. coming up in 30 minutes, we investigate concerns that engineers brought up years ago. as kris mentioned a moment ago, at noon there will be a news conference about the status of the dam and the emergency spillway. we'll bring that to you live. in the santa cruz mountains, it's shaping up to be another day of long commutes and another couple of days. the mudslide on highway 17 is still being scraped away. there is a slowdown near sugarloaf road. caltra caltrans recommends that you build in an extra 20 to 30 minutes for your drive. many people are just happy they can get through at all. >> much better. we were down to about a quarter yesterday. friday with the closure we were at zero.
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we didn't even open. >> it's a vast improvement from last week where it took as much as two hours to get into and out of the santa cruz mountains. new at 11:00. you have probably seen them. they're neighborhood eyesource. mattresses. couches littering the south bay. bob redell is joining us from south bay. mayor liccardo says he has a solution to all this? good morning. >> reporter: the mayor of san jose kicked off his #beautifysj campaign to help clean up the city and to try to persuade people to stop dumping things like couches and other things on the city streets. you might say the mayor is going to the mattresses when it comes to the fight against blight. this morning he joins san jose's illegal dumping rapid response team to clear out trash and debris reported by residents left along north bayshore road. under his --
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>> we have seen that in lots of studies, and we know that by dealing with some of these smaller issues in neighborhoods, the graffiti, the trash, dumping, it sends a clear signal to anybody who might want to do something wrong in a neighborhood that this is a neighborhood that people care about and this is not a place where crime should be welcome. >> reporter: under his new beautify san jose campaign the mayor is proposing free unlimited junk removal during regular trash day for single family residents. he is also proposing to offer grants for neighborhoods to cover up graffiti and turn vacant lots into gardens. the mayor believes it will also help cut down on crime as he mentioned in the sound bite we just had with him. the city launched the website called beautify you can come on here, report trash on your freeway, graffiti, litter, other things. and they plan to make this more user friendly where the mobile
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crowd coming up in the next few months. perhaps around the summertime. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, bob. up next at 11:00, we are following breaking news in south bay. a body found. the latest coming up. also, we are staying on top of breaking news out of obviously well north of the bay area, the spillways at the oroville dam. still in danger at this point. our choppers in the sky will have more live team coverage throughout the hour. two people found dead inside their berkeley apartment. the mystery that has investigators looking into another couple's death a couple weeks ago for answers. pressure on verizon to bring back unlimited data. i'll tell you about it coming up in business and tech.
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we're following breaking news right now. this is out of fremont where crews are pulling a body out of the water. and it was near the pier at the dumbarton bridge. the flotation devices there. fire department officials responding. a call alerting police just before 9:00 this morning. we're told crews are just now pulling the body out of the water. it appears to be a male. we have no information right now as to whose it might be. we continue to follow the developing news out of oroville this morning. within the hour we expect new details from first responders from the state and the local level. we are looking live from our chopper overhead. as you can see, some of the work happening below. work crews are continuing to gather up boulders which they then think that they will be able to use to repair the spillway at least temporarily. meantime, this is new video that we shot of the spillway just this morning. you can see the water is still rushing by. this is the auxiliary or
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secondary spillway that is next to the actual dam spillway. this one is not reinforced with concrete. the evacuation orders for nearly 200,000 people are still mandatory and still in effect. emergency spillway at the oroville dam overflowed and is now eroding. the erosion is slowing this morning. there is less water being released from the dam from that portion of the dam, but the situation continues to improve as another storm is bearing down in the days to come. >> you talk about bringing in reinforcements for all this, e swift water rescue team is in the water right now. 1200 firefighters rescuers to help with the emergency. they packed up yesterday and began the four-hour drive to the fairgrounds near chico, the staging area for evacuees. the team is helping to rescue
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people from the water in the event of widespread flooding. >> we have extensive swift water one and two training. some are trained in the use of helicopters. they've done helicopter training. and then others, you know, are boat operators, jet ski operators, air boat operators. we have a variety of skills on the team. >> some of the team members actually have experience responding to flooding in yuba city dating back to 1997 when they rescued 12 people from the water there. menlo park's fire district chief says the last time all the swift water teams in the area were sent to a large scale area was during hurricane katrina in 2005. police investigating are homicide that happened as they were responding to a different crime at a milpitas apartment complex. 10:45 friday night officers were called to the apartments where a woman told them a man pointed two guns at her and then took her car keys. as officers were taking that woman's report, investigating her case, they heard a gunshot
11:18 am
in the parking structure. police say that's where they found a man shot to death at the scene. milpitas police say the suspect managed to drive away and led officers on a short chase before he was then taken into custody. at this point police have not revealed the identity of the suspect nor the victim. still more questions than answers this morning about the mysterious deaths of two other people in berkeley this weekend. police are investigating the death of an 89-year-old woman and a 56-year-old man. on saturday police were called to a detached ground-level apartment in berkeley. police are not saying whether the victims had any injuries or whether there were signs of foul play. but one man who identified himself as a friend of the family told nbc bay area that he suspects carbon monoxide poisoning. >> a nice guy. well raised. >> did she do anything? >> took care of her kids and grandkids. and her great grandkids.
11:19 am
>> we're classifying the whole thing as suspicious. that's basically a higher level of investigatory status. we're going to look at everything to determine what happened. >> carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of death for another couple who died in berkeley this month. the man and woman and their two cats were found dead in a different berkeley apartment complex. right now, first of its kind report reveals how bad the housing crisis here in california. home ownership rates are at their lowest point since the 1940s. how did we get here? the investigative unit learned that california passed some of the country's toughest laws requiring affordable housing but that no one actually enforces them. the lack of housing has led to a spike of living in dangerous and illegal spaces that you may not expect. >> california has laws in place to require cities to plan for development. >> yes. >> but there is nothing to guarantee those cities actually develop and build. >> yes. right. that's right.
11:20 am
there is no penalty for not building today. >> tonight our senior investigative reporter questions the man responsible for housing and development in california and finds out what he is doing to increase access to affordable housing. tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip call us at 1-888-996-tips. you can send us an e-mail to let's get a quick check of the markets and the confetti may be flowing right now, the numbers are rising. the nasdaq up 34 points in early trading. the dow jones up 158 so far today. >> car makers are pressuring many of president obama's rules on gas mileage. >> they didn't count out california. >> we have our own requirements. if detroit wants us to buy their cars, they need to adapt to what we say.
11:21 am
here is ford's ceo mark fields joining the others from the big three pressuring the trump white house to scale back washington's fuel efficiency requirements. specifically that cars get 50 miles per gallon by the year 2025. car makers say it will cost jobs. that statement is likely to get president trump's attention. this is another case of california forging its own path. california has independent requirements, especially in the electric and hybrid cars, that are going to force automakers to adapt to our laws if they want to sell in america's most populous state. ford has made a push into automation as it announced an investment in a self driving car company called argo. ford wants to skip ahead of what tesla is doing. tesla has what they call level three automation. the car can drive itself in certain situations like the highway. ford wants to make cars at level four. that's where the steering wheel
11:22 am
becomes irrelevant. the car drives itself all the time. verizon is back to unlimited data starting today. the provider is offering a plan with unlimited data for $80 for the first line. once you go over 22 gigabytes it will slow down but it's still unlimited even when you go over, just slowed. they say most people come nowhere near the cap. back to you. >> scott mcgrew, thank you very much. following news out of washington, d.c., today. president trump and candidate's prime minister justin trudeau holding a news conference. this is live. they're working to forge a relationship that doesn't threaten the possibilities for trade. >> president trump and the canadian prime minister quickly get down to business in the oval office. they did that this morning. minutes after the president welcomed the prime minister to the white house, the two posed for photos before beginning talks. and at the top of that list is nafta, the north american free trade agreement. trudeau and canada and openly welcomed syrian refugees in
11:23 am
contrast to the president, who is fighting to enact a permanent halt to refugees from that country. >> much more to follow from washington, d.c. a lot to follow when it concerns our weather, though we have finally gotten a bit of a break here with less rain. but this is a live look, kris, from our story that continues to develop out of oroville. >> that's the water rushing over the side of lake oroville, not necessarily down the dam but, kari, it's going down the emergency spillway and they're going to get more rain. >> right now it's not coming over the emergency spillway. that's good news. but there is a lot of erosion there that we'll have to watch for. and there is more rain coming down the pike over the next couple of days. here is a live look outside. dry conditions over san jose with that sunshine coming down as well. a live look outside in oakland, getting busy on this monday morning. and heading into the afternoon. a live look outside in san rafael. bright sunshine. this is the kind of weather we have enjoyed over the weekend,
11:24 am
and it continues. it's warming up our temperatures too. 56 degrees right now in napa. 53 in livermore. in the upper 30s earlier today. now we're seeing the temperatures trending into the 50s and will continue to warm up for the afternoon, reaching 66 degrees in east san jose. and for the east bay, up to 63 degrees. walnut creek. concord. san francisco, 60 on the embarcadero. in the north bay, santa rosa a high of 66 degrees. we're looking at the bigger picture here because we are tracking a lot of storm systems that are lining up out there in the pacific. we can see the clusters of clouds out there and some spotty showers starting to move well to the north of us. we will see the rain holding off for today as well as tomorrow, but then on wednesday we will start to see the rain moving from north to south late wednesday night into thursday. most of wednesday also looks
11:25 am
dry. but we'll see the rain moving into far northwestern california before it moves into the bay area. a couple waves of this will keep it wet. and our storm weary areas have to deal with more of the rain moving in, for the weekend as well as early next week, with wave after wave. between now and friday we have the potential of getting all these yellow areas showing about 2 inches of rain. and then for the south bay, east bay, peninsula, we have the potential of getting about 1.5 inches. then we turn our attention to what will happen near lake oroville. we have the possibility of about 2, 2.5 inches of rain, maybe a little bit higher in some spots. i'm keeping you up to date on what will happen over the next few days and a look at the forecast on facebook and twitter. people are also sending me what they're seeing out the window which of course right now is sunshine. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast and more storms coming up. >> we like these pictures more
11:26 am
than last week. thank you, kari. coming up, lawmakers tour storm damage in the community of la honda. what the folks are facing and what kind of hope they help to get. all eyes on the oroville dam where nearly 200,000 people had to obey mandatory evacuation orders because of structural concerns with the emergency spillway. several crews are in the area at the moment. we are tweeting updates. as soon as new video and information comes in we'll bring it to you. officials are expected to hold a news conference on the dam in about 35 minutes. they're taking reporters' questions. we'll bring that to you live on air and on it will be directly following the nbc bay area news at 11:00. right back with more after this.
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welcome back. we're getting an up-close look at the lingering problems from recent storms. yesterday peninsula lawmakers took a step forward in getting money to help make some repairs. nbc bay area's chuck copula fired this report yesterday after he went on a tour of the damage. >> reporter: land slides keep adding to the list of red-tagged homes. three so far with six more that may be added before the next storm. so much damage that a tour was organized to help bring federal
11:30 am
relief. >> it shows how dire the situation is here right now. hopefully it will open funding to fix the area and help the homeowners out. >> reporter: questa la honda guild the first stop. patrick sheridan, who has lived here 36 years, saw his neighbor's home start breaking apart in late january. >> a day later it sank about three feet. a day or two later it sank another three feet. another day or two later, another three feet. >> reporter: peninsula congresswoman anna eshew hopes politics doesn't play a role in getting federal assistance. >> these are not democratic and republican mudslides. this is when we step up and partner with the states and local governments. >> the damage we've seen so far is probably in the $10 million to $15 million range for the roadway systems right now.
11:31 am
federal aid will be necessary and perhaps essential to get the work done. >> speaking of storm damage, some central valley commuters are scrambling for a different way to get to and from work after a.c.e. trains were abruptly canceled for today and tomorrow. the altamont corridor express is canceling the passenger train service from stops into san jose. the track is fine, but there is storm damage on some of the freight lines and the freight trains are being rerouted. the transit agency hopes crew will restore service as quickly as possible. following breaking news. tens of thousands of people told to leave their homes yesterday. a look at the dam in oroville right now. coming up, what's keeping crews in oroville from fixing the emergency spillway and the problems the dam has had before. ==sam//2 shot== we continuour breakincoverage.
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coverage-- a mandary acuation der for nearly 200-
11:34 am
thousand people is sll . we continue our breaking coverage. a mandatory evacuation order for nearly 200,000 people is still in effect as there are concerns about what more rain this week may mean for the spillway at the oroville dam. >> engineers and crews are working to relieve the pressure on the dam as more rain is headed that way on wednesday. nbc's steve patterson in oroville with an update. >> officials here are trying to avoid catastrophe. a predicted 30-foot wall of solid water that could come if one of the spillways collapses. the emergency evacuation order was given out quickly on sunday night. nearly 200,000 people told to evacuate their homes. many of them we have been speaking to simply threw their belongings in plastic bags, threw the plastic bags into cars and headed into a very scary situation of people trying to escape and get out of here. that was basically caused by so much rainfall that we have gotten this month.
11:35 am
there has been so much talk about the drought in california over years. now it seems like especially in northern california there has been so much water that it's overloading some of the dam systems. this one was simply overloaded based on the fact that the spillways were also damaged by the amount of water. the erosion on the primary spillway, and then the secondary spillway led to officials worrying about those spillways possibly giving way to a massive tidal wave which would devastate communities, particularly low-lying, in this area. now the work is being done, but engineers are checking out the spillways and seeing if they can shore this up before the next rainfall is predicted to come this week. back to you. >> well, the "today" show and the nbc crew will stay out there. our crews are out there. as they work to fix the damage on the emergency spillway to the left, the jaggedy flow rather than the straight flow, we're learning more about the history of the dam's primary spillway. back in 2013 crews worked on a crack in the same area of the
11:36 am
main spillway where the large crack surfaced last week. after crews fixed the crack in 2013, they reportedly checked it again two years later, 2015, but from a distance. a couple of days ago during a news conference, a senior engineer with the department of water resources was asked about the problem dating back to 2013. he said, quote, obviously something has happened that we didn't expect to happen. we have also learned that environmental groups urged the federal government to reinforce the emergency spillway, the one that is now spilling over right now, as far back as 2005. the groups wanted the emergency spillway to be reinforced with concrete like the main spillway is so that there wouldn't be this kind of erosion that we are seeing right now. we'll continue to follow the story as it develops, and there is much more online at you can go there to watch more video of the dam and get the latest. kris, we are following this story here at home. one person in critical condition after a hit-and-run in south san
11:37 am
francisco. police right now still looking for the driver. happened about 1:00 yesterday afternoon on memorial drive in south san francisco, where police say a person was crossing the road in a crosswalk when she was hit by a silver four-door compact car. the car may have damage to the front end. the driver was last seen driving in a mayfair village neighborhood. a man who reportedly flashed a gun and pretended to be a police officer faces serious criminal charges. according to the examiner, the suspect in san francisco approached another man near 17th street in castro and demanded to be taken to a nearby hotel. when the victim refused police say the suspect pulled a gun, forced the other man to sit on the curb and demanded his car keys. again, the victim refused. witnesses called police and officers arrived in time to arrest the suspect without incident. an unusual scene here. a redwood city country club was the scene of a standoff this weekend. about 6:30 sunday morning officers tried to stop a driver
11:38 am
who pulled into the menlo country club driveway and refused to get out. police say he backed into a patrol vehicle and then pulled out a knife and stabbed him self. negotiators eventually convinced him to surrender. the stanoff ended and the man was taken to the hospital. turning to politics. new footage of north korea's missile launch released overnight. it comes as the president faces controversy on the home front. >> the national security adviser under fire. his job in question. there are new protests over the immigration ban going on as well. >> reporter: this morning new controversies here at home and abroad after north korea's provocative missile launch this weekend. new video of the widely condemned test released overnight. an immediate rebuke from japan, and a less lengthy, less fiery response from president trump. >> i just want everybody to understand and fully know that
11:39 am
the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally, 100%. >> reporter: the president at mar-a-lago this weekend, turning his attention back to his controversial immigration executive order. possibly rewriting it now after losing a legal fight last week. his top aide promising to pursue every alternative as stephen miller came under scrutiny for something else, repeating this unsubstantiated claim. >> there are massive numbers of non-citizens in this country who are registered to vote. that is a scandal. we should stop the presses. >> reporter: he provided no evidence, and blanketing the sunday shows, delivered almost no defense of embattled national security adviser michael flynn. >> does the president still have confidence in his national security adviser? >> that's a question i think you should ask the president. >> the white house did not give
11:40 am
you anything to say other than -- >> they did not give me anything to say. >> reporter: a u.s. intelligence official says flynn discussed election-related sanctions with a russian official before president trump took office. while finding nothing illegal, the white house denied sanctions ever came up in the call. now top house democrat nancy pelosi is demanding an investigation. arguing flynn's security clearance should be revoked. for the white house, in a week with two visits from foreign leaders looming, a third nation also in the spotlight. in mexico, protesters burning pinatas, fired up against president trump, his hard-line immigration stance, and his plans to build that wall. >> all right. the protests continue. that was hallie jackson reporting. you have more time to enjoy the slopes, the extended ski season that's good news for
11:41 am
pretty much everybody. >> talking about the snow in the sierra, how much rain we'll get in the bay area and how long the rain holds off coming up in about three minutes.
11:42 am
11:43 am
ski resorts at california's mam how is this for a change? some good weather news. the ski resorts at mammoth
11:44 am
mountain have enough snow to keep slopes open until the fourth of july. the last time that happened was in 2011. mammoth mountain, not too far from yosemite. the region has recorded 35 feet of snow so far, and we are told that there is more on the way. i have a good source on that. >> we have a good source for sure. we have a friend who works on the digital side at she was planning to go skiing but couldn't because of the mudslide on highway 50. >> it's hard to get around. that's the problem a lot of times is trying to get there. we're going to have more snow as we go toward the end of the week. but it starts out as rain for the sierra and the bay area too. here is a live look outside san francisco. you see that it is cloudy in spots. but we are seeing some sun peeking out too. so that's definitely great news as we try to dry out. a look at the mendocino coast. beautiful green on the grass and also some low clouds developing
11:45 am
with some sun. kind of a filtered sunshine. we are seeing that also in tiburon with the high clouds moving in ahead of the storm system that's set to arrive for the middle of the week. at half moon bay picking up on light showers offshore. a look at lake berryessa. it looks quiet right now. water levels coming back up. water temperatures at 53 degrees. in napa 56, 54 in oakland. 54 in san jose now with temperatures expected to reach into the mid 60s later today with breezy winds. milpitas, 64. oakland a high of 62 today. up to 59 in daly city. san francisco, 59 in the marina district and 62 in novato. mill valley, 63 degrees. picking up on some rain just offshore. we are still going to hold off with the heavier rain as we go into the middle of the week. with several storm systems, we
11:46 am
have seen them lining up. and another atmospheric river dipping into the bay area and creating a split flow across the state that will create some heavy rain for all of the bay area and all of the state as well. looking now into friday, that will be the second wave of the rain moving in. before the weekend we'll have several of these moving through between saturday and sunday and then another round of rain on monday. so we have a couple more days of dry weather. enjoy it because we do see some major changes here with the possibility of about 2 inches for the north bay and an inch or more, just a little bit more, for parts of the east bay. as we look well to the north, there may be a few spots getting 4 to possibly 5 inches of rain. while we get rain, we'll also see some rain starting out for the sierra. skiers enjoying cool temperatures. it's 27 degrees.
11:47 am
towards the end of the week, we are expecting the possibility of another 3 to 6 inches of snow. and it may be a little bit higher as we go beyond this time frame. but as of now for the next five days we'll start to see the snow coming down. on facebook and twitter i'll keep you up to date on what's going on. as far as the forecast for the next couple of days, looking nice and quiet. then we start to see things getting more busy here once again. starting on thursday into the weekend. and also early next week, kris and sam. more rain on the way. if she didn't have such a pleasant voice on delivery it could come across a little harsher. thank you very much. something to cleheer you up coming up. >> adele brought down the house last night at the grammy awards. the reason she had to stop a song halfway through. and the reaction that she got afterwards. le.
11:48 am
11:49 am
11:50 am
biggest stars were shiningbrighl the music industry's biggest stars were shining bright at the 59th annual grammy awards last night. in a year where the awards shows are doubling as a platform for politics, the grammys, not an exception. >> it was hard to miss that. from some of the performances from the biggest names in music and the excitement of live television, the result was unpredictable and entertaining. here is natalie morales with more. >> reporter: opening the show with a big hello. ♪ hello from the other side >> reporter: and closing it out on an even higher note, taking home five grammys, including album of the year and record of the year. perhaps most shocked about the sweep, adele herself, giving an emotional tribute to another star in the audience. >> my artist of my life.
11:51 am
the album was so monumental. you are our life. and the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel is empowering, and you make them sound off for themselves. i love you and i always will. >> reporter: earlier the singer asked for a redo after stumbling during a tribute to the late george michael. >> can we please start it again. i am sorry. i can't mess this up for him. >> reporter: receiving a standing ovation on her second try. technical difficulties also plaguing heavy metal band metallica. a broken microphone during their duet with lady gaga. performances that went off without a hitch. a crowded car pool karaoke of sweet caroline with james corden and kneneil diamond. new comer chance the rapper, after winning three grammys and
11:52 am
beyonce, baby bump and all. with this move, all part of a flawless nine-minute set. bringing the crowd including husband jay z and daughter blue ivy to their feet. >> i feel it's vital that we learn from the past and recognize our tendencies to repeat our own mistakes. >> reporter: there were other calls to action throughout the night, the loudest here. >> perpetuating the evil. >> reporter: celebrating legends lost. >> i want to acknowledge the passing this morning of the voice of the ages. al jarreau. >> reporter: david bowie winning an award for an album released before his death. bruno mars had the house rocking. >> the tributes to prince pouring in. that was natalie morales there. one tiny fan was in the audience, she was so stinking cute. this was with her own tribute to
11:53 am
prince. blue ivy. channelling the singer wearing a mini prince-inspired ruffle suit. one of the best moments after the cameras stopped rolling. adele broke her grammy into two pieces. some say it was an accident and others say she was trying to share it with beyonce. the weekend "saturday night live" saw huge ratings with alec baldwin hosting and, of course, impersonating president trump. >> these are the defendants. three judges from the ninth circuit court. >> this was baldwin's 17th time hosting "snl." more than 7 million people watched the show. how high is that? it is the highest number of viewers in six years. the president is not a fan, tweeting recently that the show is bjororing, not funny and sho be retired. >> "snl" clearing back either
11:54 am
way. giants hope to be back in the world series. a look at at&t park this morning. today giants' pitchers and catchers reporting to scottsdale stadium. the first workout is tomorrow and the full squad workout is on friday. the team has the first spring training game on friday against the cincinnati reds. all eyes on the giants' bullpen which blew 30 saves. that included game four of the playoff series against the eventual world champions, the chicago cubs. the giants hired a new relief pitcher. mark mel ansis. >> it may have been different. we'll never know. a live look at news conferencth
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
we continue to follow that developing news out of oroville as we look live at the news conference which we expect to begin in the next four or five minutes. meantime, new video of the spillway shot just this morning. and you can see that water is still rushing over the kind of jagged, makeshift, non-concrete part of the secondary spillway next to the dam. evacuation orders are still mandatory for nearly 200,000 people, and the spillway overflowed, and there is still erosion. the erosion is slowing this morning but it is still happening. more water is being released from the dam.
11:58 am
situation continues to improve, but there is a storm bearing down on the region in just a few days. >> right now the good news is the water levels obviously are down at this point, kari. watching the water coming out of the main spillway. concerns are what will happen later this week. >> that's the problem. we don't know what will happen with the additional rainfall over the next few days. the evacuation orders still stand. and also, a lot of flood warnings continue, even though we have seen it not spilling over that emergency spillway. so just something we'll be watching over the next couple of days. a lot of people here in the bay area just wanting to get a look at what's happening there, possibly wonder if that could happen here. and there is a lot more rain in the forecast, so unfortunately we'll have to wait and see. >> a couple hundred thousand people potentially waiting to get back to their homes. we won't have to wait much longer for the information. >> the press conference coming up in the noontime hour. we'll update it on the social media platforms and at
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♪ stand by. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. a piece of me did die inside. i'm not going to lie. i felt like it was her time to win. my view is what does she have to [ bleep ] do to win album of the year. >> that's the conversation we're having. adele apologetic after beating beyonce for album of the year. >> she had a lemon broach on. all about beyonce why she wouldn't win it. the broach. the trophy, either she broke it in half or it broke in half, give half to beyonce, take the top part. >> in her acceptance speech she says this belongs to you, beyonce and on the way


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