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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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live local news i think. we leave you there striking up the band this morning. as we support the bay area's food drive. good morning. remembering jfk. ceremony set to begin in dallas as the nation marks the 50th anniversary of a tragic event that changed america forever. breaking overnight, a sudden and severe storm triggers dangerous flooding out west and al has his eye on a thanksgiving week storm that could make travel a nightmare. out of prison, michael skakel, a free man this morning. after 11 years behind bars for a murder he says he didn't commit. will he face a new trial? this morning, his attorney joins us exclusively. can you hear me now? the major new push to let you make cell phone calls from planes mid flight. we want to know if you think that's a good idea "today,"
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friday, november 22nd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie along with al roker and natalie morales. this is a solemn day in our national history. 50 years ago today, president john f. kennedy was gunned down in dallas. the eternal flame still burns at arlington national cemetery this morning. >> over at the white house the flag will be lowered and has been lowered and at other sites around the country. this is a day that people say an age of innocence ended. it was the end of a period known as camelot in this country. we can all think of where we were. at least those of us that were alive at that time. >> yeah, i remember 3rd grade.
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they brought us into the auditorium. first time you saw strangers crying on the street. >> of course, our top story today. nbc's lester holt is in dallas this morning. lester, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. i'm coming to you from the top of what became known as the grassy knoll here at dealey plaza. people were huddled on the ground as the shots were fired. a knew feet over here is where the podium stands where abraham zapruder stood capturing the only film evidence of the assassination itself as the presidential motorcade went by. 5,000 ticket holders will gather later today to honor the memory of president kennedy. there will be songs and speeches and tributes around 12:30 at the time the president was shot. there will be a moment of silence, followed by the ringing of bells across the city as dallas remembers. dealey plaza remains virtually
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the same as it was in 1963. even the building that overlooks it from where the shots were fired still stands. somewhere along the 50 years someone could have said let's erase this and start anew. >> there were a lot of people that said that back in those days. that is why there was a lot of democracy those days how we want to remake dallas. >> reporter: mayor mike rawlings speech today is about dallas choosing not to distance itself from its tragic place in history as if the daily stream of tourists who stroll the plaza would allow anyone to forget. >> it's very moving. it's still very moving. >> reporter: the white xs that for years have marked the spots where the president was struck were paved over on thursday. today was about remembering jfk, not his murder. >> we just want to honor him. >> reporter: ruth alchair is the chair of today's tribute. in 1963, she was among those awaiting the president's arrival. >> everybody was wondering what happened when he ran in and ran out and he got up and said, "i have sad news."
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he said, "the president has been shot." >> reporter: today, part of a speech kennedy didn't live to deliver will be unveiled on a monument in dealey plaza reading in part, we in this country, in this generation are by destiny rather than choice the watchmen on the walls of a world of freedom. many of those gathering today were also among the last to see kennedy alive. >> he looked at me and nodded and waved like i see you. >> reporter: and for a 13-year-old kid, that's huge. >> yes, of course. >> reporter: that enthusiasm and hope is what dallas remembers today. >> it's a sad day to remember that day, but we have to take those emotions and channel it into something that is better for our city and hopefully better for america as well. >> reporter: the featured speaker here today, a historian and author david macculloch and he will read excerpts from some of jfk's speeches.
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matt and savannah, we should note there is a big change in the weather here. temperatures plunged overnight so very chilly and likely rainy day today when the ceremony gets underway. >> all right. lester holt in dallas. tom brokaw will join us. tom spoke with a host of people who were there, including one of the doctors who treated the president at parkland hospital and dan was on the scene covering the news as it unfolded. and later today nbc news will have special coverage of the moment of silence at 1:25 eastern, 10:25 pacific time. al is following a big storm out west. it could be headed this way. >> this thing already caused big problems on the west coast. it's going to cause major problems for the southwest and then eventually make its way to the east by next week. let's show you what it's done in southern california as we start off with some video to show you. we have this rain, heavier rain now making its way -- it actually caused big problems through san diego, los angeles as well.
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there was some major flooding throughout parts of the southland today as you can see that one car completely submerged. this is going to be a southwest soaker coming on in here. let's show you what we have got. basically, we are looking at a lot of heavy rain. this rain is already, as you can see, getting itself together through the southwest. we could be looking at some record breaking rainfall amounts. as that low pressure develops, warm, moist air coming up and into that system. so we're going to see heavy amounts of rain. phoenix could see three to five inches of rain in the next 24 hours. plus ahead of the storm and behind it the cold air filtering in already that lester was talking about could cause up to two feet of snow in the central and southern rockies. eventually that storm makes its way into the gulf and up the coast and it starts to get involved with colder air so you look at these winds, we're looking at the i-95 corridor, basically rain, but we're also looking at snow back through the mountains. if this storm stays a little closer to the coast, we could
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have some major problems as far as snow is concerned with the east coast getting involved and on thanksgiving day, you see these lines, these are basically iso bars. lines of pressure, that means high winds. we could have problems with the thanksgiving day parade and the balloons coming up on thursday with sustained winds of over 20 miles per hour, guys. >> you need to do something about that forecast, al. thank you so much. >> yeah. now to a topic that's going to get the debate going around the breakfast table this morning, is it time to allow airline passengers to talk on their cell phones during flights. >> no! >> no! >> okay. editorial comments aside. the fcc is actually considering this. let's get to tom costello. tom, you know how we feel. tell us what might happen here. >> reporter: that's pretty much the resounding sentiment at the airport. we have all sat next to somebody who wouldn't stop talking. up until now we choose not to talk to them, maybe they quiet down, but now under this proposed rule, they can text and talk all the way across country. for some frequent flyers, that's a nightmare.
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>> new heights in entertainment are promising airline passengers. >> reporter: it's been many years since the golden days of flying meant fine china and caviar. but do we want this? a plane full of phone conversations at 30,000 feet. >> i would rather sit next to a crying baby for 8 hours than next to a yakkety larry that won't shut up! >> reporter: while the proposed fcc rule change would allow just that, texting and phone conversations from your seat as you cruise across america. it's already allowed in some countries and the fcc chairman says the time is right to review our outdated and restrictive rules. >> i think that if passengers were respectful and they used earphones or wireless devices and they weren't obnoxious about it, i think it would be acceptable. >> reporter: it was just few weeks ago that the faa eased
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restrictions on portable devices in flight after the public and comics demanded change. >> why do we have to turn off our electronic devices? >> because they can interfere with the plane's navigation. >> how? >> what's that? >> how do they interfere with the plane's navigation? >> reporter: but allowing full phone conversations, not even flight attendants are on board. >> no. we have done surveys for the use of cellular telephones and by far passengers don't want that. and i can guarantee you flight attendants don't either. >> reporter: some passengers suggest they would give up their frequent flyer loyalty if it came to it. >> 100%. i'm a frequent flyer on one airline, but if they made that change i would consider changing for sure. >> reporter: it's the talk of the skies this morning. is there any escaping the siren song of the cell phone? so the fcc is entering this public comment period and then it will take months before any final vote comes, and then it's up to the airlines to decide whether they would allow cell phone use. united and american say they'll study the issue.
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already though delta says no way. its customers made it clear they're not interested in this. guys, back to you. >> all right tom costello. can of worms officially opened. i think it's a terrible idea. personally. >> i think you should be allowed to talk on the phone but only if you get into the overhead compartment! >> exactly! >> there's no way to shut that person up. i mean, that's it. >> no, maybe they can have a talking only section like they used to have the smoking only. >> just be a curtain. >> a period of silence. >> there you go. >> we need the code of silence. >> it's a terrible idea. tell us about this storm -- >> not quite. >> wait. we want to ask the people what they think. we want to hear your opinion. use the #orangeroom -- see if this is the problem right here, exactly. >> we rest our case. weigh in #orangeroom. >> i'm landing early so. >> oh, okay. >> you're not on a plane! >> don't worry. >> eject. all right.
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now we've got new developments you're following. >> yeah, the american has been detained there and there are high stakes negotiations underway in north korea as officials are trying to get an 85-year-old korean war veteran released from custody. nbc's andrea mitchell is in washington this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the u.s. is hoping that china can help win the release of an elderly u.s. korean war veteran who was sightseeing in north korea and that tour turned into a nightmare. an 85-year-old korean war veteran being held for four weeks on the same peninsula where he fought six decades ago. merle newman's family says the retired teacher dreamed about visiting north korea to take a nine-day tour to the kingdom, but as newman and his friend prepared to leave the country, they seized him, alarming friends at his retirement home. >> i think they are all worried. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry telling nbc news.
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>> this is obviously one of those moments where north korea needs to figure out where it's heading. they have other people too. so these are all very, very disturbing choices. >> reporter: one of those other men is kenneth bae. held for more than a year and forced to serve hard labor for three months. recently suffering from diabetes complications. bae's sister wants the united states to do more. >> help has deteriorated. we need their help to bring him home. >> reporter: all of it signaling an emboldened north korean regime. >> there's a trend of taking more and more aggressive actions against innocent americans. >> reporter: and this is a growing worry for an administration that clearly does not need another foreign policy crisis. natalie. >> andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. at least 32 people, including three firefighters,
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were killed and dozens more injured thursday after the roof of a crowded super market collapsed in latvia. night searching for survivors in the rubble of the store. the reason is unknown but poor construction work maybe to blame. crews had been working on the roof in recent weeks, building a rooftop garden. some people say lawmakers are all talk but that could change as the senate voted to weaken the power of the filibuster on thursday. the vote is a win for democrats. the vote makes it harder for confirmation for president's nominees and other top posts. vice president joe biden got into a bit of a pickle on thursday when he went to pay for lunch at a washington d.c. sub shop. he happily ordered what he calls the best sandwich in america for himself and president obama and some staffers. but when the cashier told the vice president how much his lunch order totalled, well, he did have to call in for some back up from his assistant.
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>> $66.25. >> you got ten bucks? i got 50. >> no -- >> are you sure? >> i'm not taking it. >> i've been coming here a lot. >> so he doesn't have a lot of cash on him. the vice president has to borrow $10 to pay for his order. he would not accept the owner's offer for a free sandwich. by the way, the best sandwich in america includes a lot of hot peppers. he likes them spicy. >> i hope he didn't charge interest on that debt. thank you. now mr. roker has the rest of his forecast. >> that's why he's the world's vice president. >> there you go. >> we'll offer him a platter of sandwiches if he comes here and hosts with us. right? >> that's right. on the third hour. >> yeah. >> this is the big storm we're talking about. heavy rain from texas all the way in to western tennessee. we're looking at snow also developing and icy conditions. look at this next 24 hours. it's not a lot of ice but it doesn't take a lot. about a tenth of an inch of ice to cause big problems from san
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angelo into dallas. texarkana and memphis looking at heavier rain. we're going to have your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. e going to have your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. 7:15. happy friday to you bay area. taking a live look at all of the microclimates showing you the same mostly clear sky to start. upper 40s to the low 50s so bring a coat with you. as you head throughout this afternoon temperatures are going to climb into the mid-60s so a
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warmer day shaping up. the weather story, the winds that will continue to relax as we head throughout the day. especially into 11:00 a.m. weather. >> al, thank you very much. for the first time in more than 11 years, kennedy cousin michael skakel is waking up outside the walls of a prison today. but his legal fight over a 1975 murder is far from over. we'll have an exclusive interview with his attorney in just a moment. but first, here's nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: though convicted for murder 11 years ago, 53-year-old michael skakel is once again presumed innocent in the eyes of the law. yet still charged in the 1975 bludgeoning death of 15-year-old connecticut school girl, martha moxley. >> hopefully we are at the first step of righting that wrong and making sure that an innocent man now goes free. >> skakel, a nephew of ethel kennedy, posted a $1.2 million cash bail after an appellate judge overturned his 2002 conviction last month, declaring he got ineffective counsel
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during his trial. today with a new lawyer, skakel faces the prospects of being retried, or sent back to prison without a new trial, should the state win an appeal of this latest ruling. the state has not announced if it will retry the case if the decision is upheld. >> look, they've got a conviction. and they probably think they could get a conviction again. however, tobservers of this trial, like myself, i felt the evidence was very weak. >> reporter: at thursday's bond hearing, state attorney, john smurga, seemed to acknowledge imperfections in the prosecution's case against skakel, no dna, no fingerprints, no eyewitness. moxley was found beaten to death in her family's yard on halloween, 1975. the weapon, police say, was a golf club belonging to the skakel family, who live next door. skakel wasn't indicted until nearly 25 years later. and now that he's home for the holidays, martha moxley's family says they're disappointed yet hopeful. >> our hope is that the decision
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will be overturned. all of this has been heard in so many different courts and it's going back to some of the same courts. >> reporter: michael skakel, out of prison, though not free. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, stanford, connecticut. this is michael skakel's appellate attorney, with us exclusively. mr. santos, good to see you. did michael describe his emotions to you as he walked out of the courthouse a free man yesterday? >> he didn't describe them but you could see by his conduct a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders. and the first thing he said to me when we posted the bond is -- his first remarks were, "thank god." >> his fight is not over. he's a free man physically. but there is still a long legal road to go here. the state is appealing the overturning of the conviction. they may call for a new trial. how worried are you about that? how worried is he about that? >> he's not worried, because he knows he did not commit the crime, did not murder martha moxley. so he would look forward to another trial, where all of the evidence would be heard by the jury.
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>> but in presenting his side at the bond hearing, the prosecutor stood up and said let's remember here, a judge overturned this conviction, because he thinks the attorney for michael skakel acted poorly. not because he said that michael skakel is innocent. and that prosecutor went on to say, the state had and still has a strong case against michael skakel. >> well, the judge who ordered the new trial said very -- 136-page opinion that the case against michael skakel was weak, very weak. and so we anticipate that at a retrial, the jury will finally hear all of the evidence. >> in your efforts to win a new trial, you filed a petition with the court that basically said, there's a chance that it was not michael skakel, but his brother, thomas, who committed the murder of martha moxley. he was an early suspect. he was perhaps one of the last people seen with martha moxley when she was alive. even the judge who overturned the conviction said the defense
7:20 am
should have raised that possibility during the trial. it would have gone to reasonable doubt. if there is a second trial, will that be part of the strategy? would you be willing to point a finger at michael's own brother, thomas, in this case? >> well, we most certainly, if there is a retrial, we not only would present that evidence for the jury to consider, but we also would present evidence regarding other people who have been suspects over the years. remember, michael was never a suspect until the 1990s. >> and we should mention that thomas skakel, although an early suspect, has always maintained his innocence, and was never charged. but wouldn't that be an emotional dilemma for michael skakel to sit in a courtroom and listen to his attorney or attorneys point a possible finger at his own brother? >> well, there's no doubt about that. that it would be an emotional turmoil for michael, because he loves his brother, cares for his brother. and we're not saying that his brother committed the crime. we're simply saying that the jury should -- >> does michael believe it's
7:21 am
possible his brother committed the crime? >> i asked michael that question. and he said he does not believe that his brother committed the crime. >> will michael take the stand if there is a second trial? >> absolutely. >> and do you think you can get a fair trial? there's always been incredible media attention surrounding this crime, ever since 1975. but it seems to have intensified over the last couple years. can michael skakel get a fair trial? >> not in stanford. not in fairfield county. where the attitude -- actually -- was not understood at the first trial was the enormous impact publicity had. the book by dominick dunne, the book by mark fuhrman, and, of course, the great sympathy for mrs. moxley, which everyone shares. and so consequently, if he's going to get a fair trial, it's not going to be in fairfield county. >> you talk about the sympathy for mrs. moxley. she was in court yesterday with martha's brother, john and applause broke out after michael skakel was released. imagine what she must be feeling this morning?
7:22 am
>> she's a very brave woman and very determined woman. she is convinced that michael committed the crime. and you could have nothing but sympathy and admiration for her. she is a very decent person. can you imagine, you're in the most wealthy area of the world in 1975, the most secure area, and your daughter isilled viciously in the driveway of her home. so it's unimaginable how she has been able to deal with this all of these years. >> mr. santos, i appreciate your time this morning. thanks very much. >> thank you. and now here's savannah. >> matt, thanks. we will shift gears, head back into the orange room and see if carson is still yammering on the phone. carson. >> let me summarize what they think about having cell phones on planes. it's this -- no oooo! nobody thinks it's a good idea. but keep your comments coming #orangeroom. we'll have more in a little bit. back to you guys of the . >> coming up, was it a revenge
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killing, a professor and mother taken into custody 20 years after the murder of her alleged rapist. why she turned down a plea deal and is fighting back. and later on, tom brokaw and dan rather on jfk's assassination, and what might have been. but first, this is "today" on nbc. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up on "trending," hugh jackman's cancer scare. why he's thanking his wife in a very public way. and al gets a big thrill saying the stage with a legendary bill cosby. must have been a thrill for bill also. after your local news. ... it is the east ... and juliet is the sun good night! good night... parting is such sweet sorrow ... that i shall say good night 'til it be morrow
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good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. that breaking news just minutes ago b.a.r.t. trains started rolling. they had been shut down all morning. let's go live to christie smith at the walnut creek station. you seeing activity there? >> reporter: yeah. i heard one woman go through and yell we're back. this is more like it. a couple minutes ago train service was restored. the agent said the first trains to san francisco has passed through after a very, very rough morning. no service at all and it was supposed to start at 4:00. after a computer glitch shut the system down. it wouldn't allow central control to communicate with the
7:27 am
track switches. about 500 to 1,000 riders had to wait while they used a manual system to get them back to the station. and a rough morning. a couple minutes ago service was back. that's the latest. back to you. $thank you very much. back over to mike now with a look at the traffic. >> and because of the traffic is going to be helped by this, that's good news but the bad news it was impacted by the shutdown for the morning. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. very tough drive here. the east shore freeway. westbound 580, west 24 all seeing a lot of cars hitting the road because of the b.a.r.t. system was shut down as christie said minutes ago the system came back on line in full. that's good. recover over the next period of the morning. the san mateo bridge, at the bay bridge an nurnl flow for a friday. police activity south of the city at washington as you head through fremont so watch for that slowing.
7:28 am
>> so happy to hear those words. good morning to you. temperatures right now are in the 40s and 50s. i want to show you this beautiful sky over san francisco. yeah, the sun starting to make an appearance not over the horizon. through the next 15 minutes that will be the case. the winds will continue to die down. by about noon calm conditions to most of the bay area. the microclimate forecast, south bay mid-60s, same for the peninsula. san francisco, a comfortable day in the north bay 70 in santa rosa. back to you. >> thank you so much.
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the white house press secretary malcolm kildo, has just announced that president kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time which was about 35 minutes ago. >> well, that was the moment on nbc 50 years ago today. franklin is sitting next to chet huntley relaying the tragic news that president kennedy was shot in dallas. good morning, everyone. 7:30 now on a friday morning, november 22nd, 2013. a solemn day on our calendar. >> we all had to be at this desk and relay difficult news. but imagine the difficulty they had at that moment listening on the telephone and having to tell the americans that their president was dead.
7:31 am
>> it's hard to fathom how they kept it together. coming up we'll talk to dan rather and tom brokaw. a couple of journalists there covering that news that day. but first let's look at the headlines this morning. of course al is tracking that big storm that could have a major impact on thanksgiving week travel plans. wut have moub on that are are are democrat -- we will have more on that in a moment. kennedy cousin michael skakel is free on bond this morning while prosecutors appeal a ruling that overturned his murder conviction. we just spoke to skakel's attorney that called the case against his client weak. >> and the fcc is considering a new proposal to consider cell phone calls during flights. but they're pushing hard against that idea. never before seen images from the tragic mall attack in kenya and two moms that were there. they'll share their incredible survival stories for the first time. but we'll begin with a young mother and professor who is now in custody for her alleged involvement in an 18-year-old cold case in california. the murder of someone she alleges raped her.
7:32 am
nbc's mike taibbi has details. >> reporter: 39-year-old psychology professor patricia esparza never thought it would end this way. a hug from her husband and then lead from a courtroom in handcuffs. 18 years ago, a man was found brutally beaten to death outside an auto repair shop in orange county california. esparza says ramirez had raped her in her college dorm room. when she told a boyfriend about it, he became enraged and he hunted down ramirez and killed him. she was forced to go along but didn't see the killing. >> i had no way to stop it. >> reporter: instead, she says she lived with the secret and resumed her journey to a ph.d. and teaching post in switzerland and motherhood but the ramirez killing was never solved and last year, cold case prosecutors arrested esparza on charges of
7:33 am
murder and kidnapping when she returned to the united states for a conference. >> she is not a victim on this case. she is a defendant on this case. >> reporter: esparza and her husband believe they were never a target and even productiving a detective's e-mail saying she was not a person of interest or a suspect. >> the prosecutor thought she was a murderer. why would they release her on bail? why would they give her her passport? >> reporter: what prosecutors did was to solicit her version of events leading to the arrest of three other suspects that all pleaded not guilty. they offered esparza a three-year sentence in exchange for a guilty plea of involuntary manslaughter. she declined and apping with her husband and daughter. >> kissing her child in front of the cameras and trying to get sympathy. >> reporter: it had no impact in court. esparza faces a trial that could
7:34 am
result in a sentence of life in prison. for "today," mike taibbi, in los angeles. let's get more from lisa bloom. lisa, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> here we have a case where the defendant is claiming that the person who was killed was her alleged rapist. does that have any bearing on her legal defense? is it a relevant issue in the case? her legal defense? is it a relevant issue in the case? >> i think it's relevant and garners sympathy for her. she's going to say i was a rape victim. i was traumatized. i told my boyfriend about it. what happened after that was beyond my control. >> this defendant claims that she didn't participate in the murder. that she wasn't present at the murder. so how do prosecutors arrive at a murder charge against her? >> well, there are four defendants now. i assume that the prosecutions strategy is going to be to try to get at least one of them to flip and testify against the others. whoever does the deal first tends to get the best deal. so at least one of them i expect is going to turn state's evidence and testify. >> people may have noticed something in the piece we just show which had is this defendant claims she actually got a letter
7:35 am
from a detective saying you are not a person of interest in this case. you are not a suspect. so she cooperated with them and has turned around and faces a murder charge. is this par for the course? this is something that happens all the time in police investigations or is there something unseemly about that? >> first of all, she may not have been a person of interest at the time the detective said that but people can and do lie to people to get them to confess and give statements. anything you say can and will be used against you regardless of what the police tell you. >> she was offered a deal, plead guilty and get three years in prison. she declined that deal. was that a smart move? >> three years in prison is a long time if she's innocent but if she is guilty of conspiring to commit murder, then that's a sweet deal for her. >> always good to get your perspective. thank you. >> we'll take a turn and get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by disney's frozen. experience the ultimate snow day
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this thanksgiving with disney's frozen in theaters and 3-d november 27th. >> let's see what we've got going on. we have a little snow back around the great lakes. let's look at boston there seeing some rain today. our friends bring us that. we'll be looking at showers all day today, temperatures in the 40s. those temperatures will be dropping. this storm system that's causing big problems through the southwest today will eventually by the weekend make its way up and along the coast. we'll be look at strong winds coming out of this thing and rainfall amounts will be interesting. from boston all the way down the coast, strong rain, heavy winds, mountain snows from the carolinas into maine and severe storms and depending on how cold this gets, some of that snow may 7:36. happy friday to you. you made it to the weekend. temperatures are running pretty chilly out there. pull out a coat but look at how beautiful our bay area is. this shows you the
7:37 am
microclimates, check in with the same gorgeous sky. mostly clear, a few high clouds right now. south bay looking good. 51 degrees right now. a few clouds overhead. we head throughout the afternoon highs are going to be comfortable reaching into the mid-60s just about with everywhere. that will be the case for the south bay, peninsula and looking good in the north bay. > all right. it's that time of the year. once again, it's going to be rough weather on the weekend. we finally got a stadium where weather is going to be a big impact for sunday night football. gillette stadium. the broncos come riding in to try to knock the patriots off their perch. it's going to be clear. it's going to be windy. look at these temperatures. 18 to 22 with wind chills in the single digits. that's right. it's going to be a really frosty sunday night, football night in america. these beards will come in handy, matt. >> you have brady versus manning there. that's an awesome game, al.
7:38 am
way to go. >> thank you. i set that up with that flex scheduling. >> and the voice. thank you, al. >> carson over in the orange room gauging reaction for the plan for us all to use cell phones on planes. >> it's a terrible idea. the country is unanimous. listen to what we're getting. phones on a plane, i'd rather ha have snakes on a plane. >> absolutely no. people can be rude enough already. your call can wait until your land. >> no cell use on planes. we don't need people yelling can you hear me now at 30,000 feet. >> can i just make a guess at that 4% that liked it, teenage girls. >> yeah, that's true. >> there are circumstances. >> yeah. >> also i want to tell you we have heather from a company called imagine think, as we are live doing the news this morning, she is a graphic facile
7:39 am
tator. we're live streaming heather's work. you can go to to watch her in action. it's fascinating. we're glad to have heather here today. >> thank you very much. up next, new footage of a tragic mall attack and two mothers that were there with their children share their stories of survival. >> and tom brokaw and dan rather remember the day jfk died and this country changed forever. remember the day jfk died and thisi was living with pain -- all over. the intense ache made it hard to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of the things i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior.
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7:44 am
back now at 7:44 with a new look at the terrifying attack at a mall in kenya back in september. >> nbc obtained new footage of what went on that day and kate snow spoke with two mothers that were trapped inside with their children. kate, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. good morning everybody. as you can imagine for these two women these were the most terrifying moments of their lives. both an american and kenyan were in the wrong place when the gunfire started and tried desperately to protect their young kids. they're telling their stories at length for the first time on american tv. >> reporter: it's the modern day town square. the mall. everyone has one where they live. it was the last place you would expect something like this. but that was the unbelievably
7:45 am
brutal scene that played out on september 21st in nairobi kenya and forced two mothers to do whatever they could to stay alive n part by keeping their small children quite. >> i can see his face creasing into a cry and i know, goodness, he's going to cry. this is it. >> she kept her 9-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son quite for three and a half hours. incredibly, they played dead all that time. >> i remember telling him, quite. >> reporter: even when help arrived, they barely moved. >> catherine was in the mall that day too with her five children. when the chaos of the attack began she was separated from her 14-year-old son and 10-year-old ian. she tried to keep her three young girls quite in order to survive. portia, 4, gigi 2, and petra
7:46 am
just 14 months. >> portia kept her finger in the ears and gigi said she wanted her brothers. i told her we would see them later. >> catherine and her girls were eventually rescued. that's portia in this photo. as for the boys, they spent hours trapped in the most dangerous place that day. the department store where these imagines were captured. he knew he had to protect his younger brother. >> ian first, save him. me second. >> reporter: they hid in the back of the store as the gunman looked for targets by posing as police. >> and at one point these people came in saying we're the police, it's okay. >> reporter: the boys didn't budge but those that did were gunned down. eventually they escaped to be reunited with their family. >> we'll hear so much more from them tonight on dateline and
7:47 am
their father that was on a business trip back here when this all happened. also the kenyan man you saw rescuing portia. what's so striking about this is we have all been to the mall and this could have been any one of us. it's so relatable. you connect to these mothers trying to protect their kids. >> unbelievable, the young mother, keeping her kids and having them play dead for three and a half hours. >> and to have that presence of mind. it's amazing. >> it's their first time speaking out tonight too. >> you can see more tonight on dateline at 8:00, 7:00 central time here on nbc. >> coming up, we'll go to trending. the best way to get your kids to learn. th [ whistling wind ]
7:48 am
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good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. that breaking news after being shut down all morning long b.a.r.t. trains finally up and running. they started about 30 minutes ago. this is a look at video just in from the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. a computer problem caused major delays even stranding hundreds of riders. the interlockings on the track could not be moved remotely so train operators had to get out of trains, crank them manually. b.a.r.t. trains are running at 50%. we expect full service in a half hour. let's check the morning commute with mike. what a friday. >> what a friday. heavy on the roads because folks who weren't planning on driving are driving. oakland north 880, a slower drive past the coliseum. the coliseum station is open and the rest of the b.a.r.t. system. look at the maps. everybody hit the roads, they hit the roads.
7:57 am
north 880, 24, east shore freeway jamming up toward the bay bridge which has a huge backup. we'll see that recover over the morning. more folks heading to the san mateo bridge. slow for union city for southbound 880. the south bay, we have the northbound routes. a crash causing slowing north of the interchange. that's not good but the good news it's friday so what do you have for our day? >> windy out there, good morning to you. i want to show you right now you can see our cameras for san francisco is shaking. elsewhere calm in the south bay so the clouds continue to linger. we're looking really good for the second half of the day. temperatures warming up from yesterday's highs, overall the wind speeds have dropped off but it's pretty gusty so hold on to the steering wheel. as we head throughout the second half of the day we're going to continue to see fierce wind die down. mostly between now and noon, the wind speeds really dropping off. >> thanks so much. thank you for joining us. another local update coming up
7:58 am
in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, as america remembers jfk, tom brokaw and dan rather take us back to that fateful day in dallas. >> the president is shot, the president is dead. plus a scare for a hollywood heartthrob. hugh jackson and his battle with skin cancer. >> mr. roker is going to entertain you. >> and move over bill cosby. al gets to open up for the comedy ledge and gets a lesson in laughter. today, friday, november 22nd, 2013. it's our 40th anniversary and we're on the "today" show. >> straight a's got to me today. >> hi, florida.
8:01 am
>> good morning, new mexico. >> we're playing hookie all the way from atlanta to see matt, savannah, and al. and welcome back today on a rainy friday morning. our apologies to the folks outside. carson didn't want to go out there. >> we can see you guys. >> there you are. >> you were worried your beard would get wet. it wouldn't look as good. >> we're going to go out at 8:30. we promise. matt lauer with savannah guthrie, al roker, natalie morales and carson daly. >> let's get a check of the top stories this morning. >> let's start off with two weeks after the typhoon struck the philippines the death toll was raise ds to 5,000 and they're still being found. now what's done to help the youngest survivors. >> reporter: they play amid the ruins of a school that now serve as a shelter but the children's
8:02 am
smiles masked the horror of what they live through. >> some of the children would wake up and cry at night, shouting. >> reporter: she was a teacher at this elementary school in the battered town where she has tried to create a safe area for children. >> rain, rain, go away. come again another day. >> we get them to play with the other children. so that they would forget whatever bad experiences they have encountered. >> hello. >> reporter: at a clinic further along the coast, she is trying to provide what she calls stop gap help before child welfare organizations like unicef and save the children are able to reach here. her emotional first aid kit has smiley stickers and bubbles or nail polish. >> a hug or playing with them, doing bubbles, it can lighten up their world for a few minutes and take them somewhere else.
8:03 am
>> reporter: some children have their own way of coping. this 11-year-old finds happiness in drawing. >> so you like happy people. >> yes. it's better when i draw. >> reporter: his family survived but he's not sure what happened to many of his schoolmates. the aim for now is to keep the children occupied, to keep them smiling and here at least they seem to be doing a pretty good job. philippine tradition, extended families and community support also provide a cushion but far more will be needed for all the children emotionally scarred by this disaster. ian williams nbc news. a daring rescue was caught on camera last night after heavy rain caused flash flooding in southern california. one man was trapped in a surging flood control channel holding on to a tree there. a helicopter was called in to hoist him to safety. firefighters then heard more calls for help and they rescued
8:04 am
several more people clinging to a nearby brush. >> well, here is one person who i think a lot of people will be talking about all weekend. the fcc proposing lifting its ban on cell phone calls during flights. they say it's time to review outdated rules. one flight attendant's union come out against any change, warnings that cell phone use could lead to arguments and compromise safety. a lot of people weighing in on the orange room as well. >> charles manson is reportedly getting married to a 25-year-old admirer. the 79-year-old man son is serving a life sentence for the 1969 murders of sharon tate and her unborn child and others carried out by members of his cut. cult. his bride-to-be that called herself star has even carved the letter x in her forehead. echoing the swastika manson has ca nto his own. manson would not confirm marriage plans. the chances of hitting a
8:05 am
half-court shot about 1 in 100 unless you're an oklahoma city thunder fan. check this out. this is brad during a time-out of a thunder clippers game. he sinks it as you see there. the prize $20,000. heres what's amazing, though. this is the second time this week that a fan drained the money shot at a thunder game. it's the fifth time since march. afterwards you see there he is even congratulated by jay-z and beyonce as he heads off the court. 20,000 bucks. >> good for him. >> good for him. >> well, apparently a thunder's game seems to be happening more lately. that's amazing. >> thank you. let's pivot here. mr. roker outside. no, no. look we're out here with -- you are my people! my people. and my people are all getting wet. where are you from? >> murray, kentucky. >> the murray state racers. >> yeah. >> that's your school mascot.
8:06 am
>> absolutely. is it a guy on a horse. >> yes, a jockey. >> very cool. let's show you what we have going on as far as your weather is concerned. we'll show you for today, our pick city for today happens to be atlantic city where we're looking at a decent amount of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50s and then the weekend is looking good. but chillier. as you can see the afternoon temperatures, that's looking rough. we've got temperatures in the 20s and 30s in the plains. as you can see that cold front is coming through. it's bringing plenty of rain. we're looking at some mountain snows through the rockies. windy throughout parts of central and northern california and look for the rain to continue east as we move on into the day tomorrow. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening
8:07 am
>> and that's your latest weather. you want to get into the orange room because we have coffee. >> how many of you are there? >> two. >> two of us. >> carson, i got a couple of people for you. they're coming on in. >> guys, clean up. we have guests coming in. get the coffee going. >> perfect. >> the resees. >> it's not as big as it seems on television. it fits about 8 people. >> you have a new project. >> go to and we have narrowed down all the great suggestions that we had and the
8:08 am
final options are savannah guppy. jimmy gallon and orange julius and finn. >> what about al grouper? >> didn't make the cut. >> neither did natalie's suggestion, flush. >> i like that. >> isn't this great, now, here. >> yes. >> ask the ladies. what do they like? >> what fish name do you like -- here are the names. savannah guppy, egnara. jimmy gallon. >> jimmy gallon is hard to beat. >> savannah guppy. i like that one. >> coming next on trending, a popular celebrity talking about a bit of a cancer scare. hugh jackman. why he owes his wife a big thank you. >> and where were you? the moment everyone remembers so
8:09 am
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i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little boy.
8:14 am
♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom. me too. ♪ look who's here! here's what's trending today. >> trending on instagram, a big hollywood star going public with a cancer scare. hugh jackman took to instagram posting this picture, a bandage on his nose. he had to have surgery to remove skin cancer. deb said get the mark on my nose checked, boy, was she right. please don't be foolish like me and use sunscreen. >> that's so cool that he did
8:15 am
that. most celebrities wouldn't have bothered. >> absolutely. >> it's a big blemish on their perfect face. >> it's fitting because we have been raising awareness for men's health issues with no shave november. this is another important reminder. get screened for everything, skin cancer should be on your risk. >> and all forms of cancer. >> right. >> and simple. it takes like a minute for somebody to look at moles and things. >> good reminder. trending in the new york times if you are in college and hate midterm and final exams, there's a study that says instead of two big tests per semester, giving a student a test every day makes them look better. so giving the class a quiz every single day results in higher test scores, higher grades and higher attendance. can't skip test days now, can y you? their teacher evaluations,
8:16 am
lower. >> what about lower grades? high school and elementary school? >> i think maybe it's smart. not every day but every other day. >> but then a test wouldn't be a test. if you're having it every day. >> a pop quiz. >> yeah. >> rebrand it. all right. well, here's one trending on the new york post. the holiday season is upon us and if you live here in new york city you probably experienced the annual santacon bar crawl. they take to the city streets and after santa have a few, well, it's not always so jolly as you see. these are not the real santas. now the new york police department is fighting back after numerous complaints about the noise and rowdy behavior, police are formally asking bars to not participate in the event scheduled. they say many bar owners are planning to take their advice keeping their doors closed to
8:17 am
the fake santas. >> nothing says christmas to a 7-year-old walking the streets and seeing santa urinating on the corner. >> that's not santa kids. >> not santa. >> santa only likes milk and cookies. >> yeah. >> i'm going to beg blake shelton to do that with me this year. >> that will be fun. >> and that is what's trending today. of course the event that is getting the most attention today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. tonight on an nbc news special tom brokaw asks eyewitnesses, politicians, journalists, and celebrities where were you? >> i remember exactly what i was doing and where i was. >> i was a senior in high school. it was right after lunch. >> i was in school. >> i was coming home from the studio. >> i was walking down the hall at law school. >> i was on the shuttle getting off on 42nd and lexington. >> i was on a bus going to new haven for the harvard-yale game.
8:18 am
>> i was playing in the harvard-yale soccer game. >> i was in school. i was in class. >> in 1963, dr. robert grossman was a 31-year-old neurosurgeon at parkland hospital. >> we got downstairs, we could see limos, police cars, ambulance at the entrance to the emergency room. >> so you run into a room and there's a gurny. >> there was the president of the united states lying motionless surrounded by physicians. it was clear that he had a severe head wound. there was a great deal of bleeding from his head. >> at the hospital were two catholic priests. dan rather got them on the phone and asked has the president been shot and he said yes the president has been shot and the president is dead. the president is dead. what a hammer to the heart. >> seeing the president dying in front of you, the feeling is one of awe. everyone was concerned. everyone was concentrating on
8:19 am
the medical aspect but i think everyone was concerned what this means for the country. was this the start of world war iii. >> there is also a companion book to the special where were you. america remembers the jfk assassination. tom brokaw is with us along with dan rather who was in dallas 50 years ago today. what a pleasure to see you guys. good morning. >> good morning. >> we'll go to the where were you. you were in dallas. where, dan? >> i was headquatered at the cbs affiliate but at the time of the assassination i was just pass the railroad overpass, the car underpass just beyond where the motorcade was to officially end. >> tom. >> i was in omaha. on was on duty. and the bells began to go crazy. i wandered over and couldn't believe it. i still remember my mind set. it's going to change us. that was my immediate thought.
8:20 am
we shot a president, and this president. put it on the air because the network in those days gave back to the affiliates noon hour for localprogramming. i interrupted a garden program to announce the president had been assassinated. >> so many people talk about how the nation changed that day and people use the phrase lost it's innocence. do you agree with that assessment? here's a country that had just been through world war ii. >> what a good point. i agree with it up to a point. we didn't believe assassinations would happen here. yes, we had three previous presidents assassinated but we believed that was all in the past. assassinations were something that happened perhaps somewhere in asia. in that sense we lost our innocence but it's overstated because we had been through the great depression, world war ii, the korean war so to call us innocent was accurate. but when president kennedy talked about the torch being passed, that's how the nation
8:21 am
changed. he was the first president born in the 20th century. first roman catholic. next to youngest man to go into the presidency. only theodore roosevelt. the nation was turning young. they had a young vibrant president and in that sense we moved forward into the future. >> there was something else going on. at the same time i completely agree with what dan says. it was the arrival of television. he was very familiar to people because he was in their living room every night in the way no president before him had been. people felt a connection to him in some way. and he was perfectly casted for this new medium, charismatic, good look, and he knew how to use it. so that made it this rivoting moment for people. >> right. he was the first television president. he had television but there weren't that many television sets in the country. as he came into the presidency
8:22 am
television was becoming the dominant means of communication in the country and he was made for television and also the first, i would say hollywood president. he had this star aura about him and was the first to bring marketing techniques to the presidency. >> think of moments that resinate like that moment resinated. pearl harbor, the assassination of jfk, 9/11 that we covered afterward. you talked to a wide variety of people for this special. were you surprised at how emotional they still got recounting their stories from that day? >> i think and especially in a generational sense. the people that were his age or a little bit younger or older felt connected to him and the possibilities seem endless because he was going to talk about going to the moon and he always would say we go not because it's easy but because it's hard. he was challenging the country and we were coming out of the
8:23 am
1950s with dwight eisenhower who did great things but he came determined to reactivate the american spirit and people felt a part of that. the boomers were not yet of age. but i was 20 when he was elected who felt this is the kind of leader we're going to have for the rest of my life. somehow we're going to be challenged in a different way and we're no longer expected to just go stand in line and wait our turn. that young people can take hold of this country and make a difference. >> this moment, of course, has endured in our collective psyche and part of that is because there's still people that are very suspicious. they still believe there maybe more to this story than lee harvey oswald acted along and shooting from the book depository. i'm curious, dan, what you make of that? >> it's understandable. we love to doubt. i don't have any argument with anybody that thinks it was otherwise than lee harvey oswald and some conspiracy. >> do you have any doubts? >> i love to doubt as well as to
8:24 am
know but i do believe one gun, one shooter. i think it was lee harvey oswald the shooter. i do not believe he was part of a conspiracy but i'm open if somebody comes forward with convincing evidence or testimony i have an open mind. >> that's where i am as well. i think he shot him. fired three shots. was there a dotted line to some other force of some kind, johnson always believed the cubans had something to do with it in part because the kennedy people were trying to get rid of castro and i mean get rid of him and a secret committee working on eliminating him and taking him out all together. >> tom brokaw, dan rather, what a pleasure to have you guys here. >> you know what you're going to do from your friday night now. from 9:00 to 11:00, you're going to be in front of your television. >> tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central time. right here on today. where were you the day jfk died. >> live coverage of the moment
8:25 am
of silence
8:26 am
good morning. the time now is 8:26. after being shut down all morning long bart trains are up and running again. they started rolling out just about an hour ago. a computer glitch being blamed for this, causing some major jam-ups overnight. even stranding hundreds of riders out there. interlockings on the track could not be moved remotely, so a train operator had to get out there and on the train and crank them manually. going old school right now. mike, always keeping it new school. what's happening on the roads? >> we're looking over here with the wind shaking the camera. manual style as well. we have the big backup across the bay bridge. because of the bart delay. we're looking at the system. bart trains are running again, and we're not yet at 100% capacity, but look at the roadways are as you travel towards the bay bridge to
8:27 am
oakland, and now in berkeley. some folks trying to avoid that and get to the san mat a wroe bridge, and more for 880 and starting to recover anywhere south of basically san lore enz. we have a slower drive for 680 heading down to vargas. a crash there. slowing you down. meanwhile, the south bay shows a much smoother drive after a crash at 87 and 280. back to you. >> busy morning, mike. we'll be back with another update coming up in one-half. the "today" show coming right back at you. hope to see you in a half hour. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
8:28 am
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8:30 am
the night max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another. >> his mother called him wild thing and max said i'll eat you up. >> he was sent to bed without eating anything. >> that very night in max's room forest grew and grew. >> and grew until his ceiling hung with vines and the wall became the world all around.
8:31 am
>> and the ocean tumbled by and he sailed off through the night and day. back now at 8:30, tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the book where the wild things are. we're celebrating in the orange room with a tribute with a lot of folks reading the story. >> there's a bunch of people. you can see it pretty randomly at kenny loggins there. you can go to we have it up. really funny. it came out cool. >> yeah. >> a lot of publishers were nervous about publishing this book when it first came out. they weren't sure if it was going to be too scared for kids. my kids are a little afraid still. >> they proved them wrong. >> yes, exactly. >> hey, coming up, excited enough to go to las vegas to talk to one of the funniest guys in the world, bill cosby. he told me i was going to open up for him doing some comedy. >> you didn't have any warning,
8:32 am
did you? >> no, i had about three hours to get ready. >> what a 30-day period. you get to open up for cosby and meet mr. t. >> and don't forget the prostate exam. >> sorry. >> i was trying to. >> all right. quick reminder, we are searching for today's sound of music family in honor of nbc's upcoming special the sound of music live starring carrie underwood. record your family's best performance and be sure to send it to us. full details are on our website >> now let's get a check of the weather. >> that's comedy with a k. let's show you what we've got for your weekend. first of all, we're starting off heavy showers and thunderstorms through texas. you can see it's raining in houston. no #sunrise today. thunderstorm, wet weather. cold and snow, icy conditions in central texas. wet weather through the gulf coast. then on sunday, sunday, we're looking at more weather here through the northeast. windy conditions around the
8:33 am
great lakes. more icy conditions making their way through texas. lots of sunshine as you make your way out hey. thank you, al. good morning to you. happy friday. temperatures right now climbing into the upper 40s. a few 50s out there. our camera in san francisco is still shaking. it's those winds continuing. they are dropping off as we head throughout the day today. your temperatures will climb from the 50s right now for the most part into the 60s. it will be warmer by a few degrees from where we ended up yesterday, and a lot more sunshine to go around across the bay wrar. as we head through the day today, that fierce wind will continue to die down. you can see that from the futurecast. starting to see the blues and reds and oranges, and that's a good sign fort fire that's burning up in napa. that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. time now to find out more about your night with a guy i know you always admired. >> i looked up to bill cosby since i was a young kid. ground breaking actor, comedian, best selling author, educator, and i spent time with mr. cosby
8:34 am
recently and even got an opportunity to open up for him. >> mr. roker is going to entertain you. >> reporter: a tough position, opening up for a legend who has been entertaining us for more than 50 years. a natural story teller, he developed routines everyone in the family could listen to. like the dentist. >> now, the dentist pulls out a needle. >> every comedian has a routine about the dentist. >> then they want to talk to you. do you ever do any fishing? >> i just wanted to be different. >> mush mouth is what took the dentist out of the world. mush mouth was the voice that i copied from a trumpet player by the name of johnny coles.
8:35 am
he was the first man i ever heard. so i laughed, we all laughed. >> were there nights when you just heard crickets? >> i never was a cricket hear rer and i had this weird belief if they weren't laughing there was something i was doing wrong. i always believed in listening to myself and listening to the audience and fixing it. >> hey, hey, hey, it's fat albert. >> reporter: and there were lessons to be learned as well. >> if you're not careful you may learn something before it's done. >> reporter: i'm a sophomore in high school, fat albert was -- >> tell me your pain. >> well it was a little traumatic going into school and
8:36 am
everybody going hey, hey, hey. >> and they picked on you. >> well, you know, they had fun with me. >> and that's what you saw. and that's what you felt. but that's not who fat albert is. he was the leader. he was the captain of the team and the gang and he was the brightest of them all. >> albert, yeah, that's cool. >> reporter: i was given a special assignment by dr. cosby who still performs stand up. he wanted me to open for him at treasure island in vegas, baby. >> you're just going to go out there and you're going to forget about who is following you. >> so forget about the fact that bill cosby is following me. >> what you want is he's following you and can he do it?
8:37 am
can bill cosby follow al, the torch? >> i landed here this morning and i got in the car and on the car thermometer it said 119. but people said but it's a dry heat. it's a dry heat. well, so is an oven. >> reporter: i enjoyed my time up on stage but i was just the warm up to the icon. >> thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. now comes the real comedy. >> ladies and gentlemen, torch roker. thank you al. >> thank you, sir. >> good to see you. >> one of my all time favorite
8:38 am
moments. >> way to go. >> thank you, thank you. >> look sod comfortable up there. >> i only had to do a couple of minutes but mr. cosby still going strong. first comedy special in 30 years far from finished airs on comedy central tomorrow night. if you'd like to catch my entire stand up act you can go to >> when he walked up you said not done yet bill. >> sorry. >> a few more jokes here. >> good stuff, al. >> up next, science just uncovered the ideal way to cook the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. we'll talk about that. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back at 8:40. we have an interesting new look at the ultimate comfort food grilled cheese. >> wow. >> how to find out how to make one as delicious as possible.
8:41 am
there's only one correspondence up to that task. michelle kosinski is here. good morning. >> you have to be pretty horrible in the kitchen to screw up a grilled cheese or worse their version which is just cheese on toast. but the scientific goal here was to see what precise conditions would give the public the most tasty snacks possible and, of course, sell more cheese. you may remember e equals mc squared but this stroke of genius is the formula for the perfect cheese on toast. like some cooking show called the extremely meticulous chef >> not grilled cheese. scientists at the world society of chemistry were taking what looked to be a giant keg were urged on word by the british cheese board. we thought a british cheese board looked like this. >> thank you. >> reporter: using scales, thermometers, measuring tastes
8:42 am
they tried thick breads, thin breads. cubed, high heat, low heat to resolve this burning question. >> do you like? >> great. >> reporter: and with their testing and eating. >> i would like more bread. >> you could build an eco-friendly house out of this. >> reporter: wow. >> the difference is shocking. >> reporter: that is best possible combination is bread 10 millimeters thick, 50 grams of a mild cheddar sliced 18 centimeters from a a 250 degree burner for four minutes. >> oh my goodness. it really is good. >> is this removing the art and the magic from cheese on toast? >> i would hope not. i would hope it would improve whatever people are doing now. >> it's just amazing that it took until 2013 to unlock the true secret of the cheese on toast.
8:43 am
you guys are pioneers, man. pioneers. >> reporter: even though college students survive for years on cheese on toast, ram en noodles of britain, foodies take this seriously. going back to the all american grilled cheese which the scientists were familiar with. >> really? you actually ordered that up? >> not intentionally. >> reporter: no takers. >> what do you guys think? >> reporter: at least we now know what makes british cheesy perfection, massive keg not included. >> okay, so the brits hate american grilled cheese. >> come on. they think it's too much bread. >> i like the butter on top. they didn't do that. >> they're not into the butter. >> we need our own scientist to find the perfect american grilled cheese. >> what's your favorite? >> i think rye, swiss and the cheeky intrusion of a tomato.
8:44 am
>> cheek i intrusion. >> the british edition. >> i went extraordinary grilled cheese with truffle and caramelized onions. oh, my gosh. >> why go ordinary when you can be extraordinary. >> mrs. vanderbilt. >> i went with rye bread, american cheese and a little thin slice of grilled tomato. >> i went with ham and havarti on sourdough. >> that's a ham and cheese sandwich. >> wonderbread, tomato, and bacon. >> bacon in there. >> i got the winner. >> i got the classic, this is just a nice white bread. it's a little crunchy, nice american cheese in there and the dipping of the tomato soup there. delicious. >> michelle, you should come more often. >> i know. >> don't double dip. >> i didn't. i got the other side. >> can you see if the british can figure out how to make a
8:45 am
good milk shake? >> that's next. sometimes the best grilled cheese isn't the most fancy at all. >> this is wonderbread and cheese and butter. >> it tastes the best. it has to be orange too. >> i still like my truffle and caramelized onions. >> thanks. coming up next, a special performance on the rock center rink. but first this is "today" on nbc. on the rock center rink. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: today at the rink is brought to you by folgers. the best part of waking up is
8:48 am
folgers in your cup. >> we're back this friday morning and joining us on the ice is three time u.s. national champ michael weiss and his daughter. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> you're here to give us a preview of the event we're looking for. the family skating tribute and michael, this was truly a family event. >> it was. the great part about it was we had sarah evans at the event. i was able to perform with my daughter. she sang her first song. her first original on itunes now. it's going to air on sunday. it's part of the skating series on nbc. >> and you wrote this song. so what's it like being able to write a song for your father and watching him perform it. >> it was cool. i wrote my song called stay with my friend and the coolest part about me being able to have my own song is that i got to perform it at penn state, the new ice arena. it was really fun. >> all right. well, michael you get in place and we're going to step aside and let you skate away to stay,
8:49 am
the song by anne mae. [ music playing ] ♪ i can hear you ♪ i can see you in my dreams ♪ i've given you all my love ♪ we said we'd never part
8:50 am
[ music playing ] ♪ i give you all my heart ♪ you said you'd stay you walk addw ed away like i knew you would ♪ ♪ tell me why you never came back, never came back for me ♪ [ music playing ] ♪ i can feel you ♪ i can hold you in my embrace
8:51 am
♪ i can see anything else ♪ you walked away like i knew you would ♪ ♪ tell me why you never came back, never came back for me ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> michael and annie mae weiss beautiful song. >> thank you.
8:52 am
>> you can catch the family skating tribute this sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern time right here on nbc. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
here we are in the orange room and carson -- >> natalie skated right over. >> i skated over. >> really quick. i want to introduce you to
8:54 am
heather. she is the co-founder and does this incredible -- explain it. this is a visual summary of the newscast today. >> i listen to what people are saying and summarize it in a visual story. >> you do it for corporate meetings. >> all sorts of organizations. >> we opened up to the remembering jfk. this is the eternal flame. >> i'm listening for the metaphors that you're all using in your own visual language. >> what's the larger purpose? what do people get out of a visualization like this? >> well, it helps folks to communicate visually through visual learning and helps people to focus and engage and revisiting the boards increases your memory intention. >> it looks like a giant board
8:55 am
from something as serious as remembering jfk to the hugh jackman story to santa gone naughty. >> could you follow me around for the whole day? that would be great. >> we'll have to schedule that. >> thank you so much. well done. what's coming up on the 9:00? >> we have a big story. we're going to get grooming tips for the beards. al and i are going to get help with those. we need them. >> and we're going to get you little tips there. also giada with a recipe for turkey for two if you're not having a full house for thanksgiving. >> that's a good idea. lo
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on a friday morning, november 22nd, 2013. a dreary day here in new york city. but that doesn't keep the crowd away from the plaza. >> we appreciate them sticking around for us. >> the first two hours is up there but back here, we moved out so you can see people have now come down. hey, john, john. come get these folks over here in the window. they just kind of hang -- >> right along 49th street. >> i like that we're giving them orange room ponchos on a rainy day. >> standout side all morning, you get a poncho.
9:01 am
we appreciate our fans. 50 years ago today, we're all talking about it this morning. november 22nd, 1963, president john f. kennedy shot and killed in dallas. we thought to look back at the way nbc covered it. >> in downtown dallas, president kennedy was shot today just as his motorcade left downtown dallas. mrs. kennedy jumped up and grabbed mr. kennedy. she cried oh, no. the motorcade sped on. a photographer said he saw blood on the president's head. it was believed two shots were fired. >> the white house press secretary has just announced that president kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time which was about 35 minutes ago. >> after being shot at. >> after being shot by an
9:02 am
unknown assailant during a motorcade drive in downtown dallas. >> it always gives you chills. >> it does. how emotional to be in that position of relaying this news to the nation and to the world. >> it was interesting. that was don's voice. >> was it? >> yeah. he broke into nbc wnbc's coverage -- it was a local rerun of bachelor father. he was the staff announcer. so kind of did the intro to that and they picked them up. >> that was the voice over underneath the nbc graphic you saw there. >> i remember i was in third grade at ps 272 in brooklyn and they had us all leave class and go to the auditorium. as we were coming down the stairs people were saying i think the president was shot. people were whispering and all the teachers, we came into the auditorium the teachers were crying, our principal was crying as he made the announcement.
9:03 am
>> how old were you then? >> i was in 30rd grade. so i was 10 years old. >> 11 or 10. >> and walking home because i lived in the projects in brooklyn at the time and you saw these adults on the streets crying. we had never seen anything like that before. >> hard to explain to a 10-year-old how the world is changing. >> and the next few days it was nonstop coverage leading up to the funeral. it was almost as if time stood still. >> yeah. >> we were talking about the other where were you when it happened moments. that's the biggest one. september 11th is the only one you can even compare to it. >> the challenger. >> i remember exactly where i was when the challenger exploded in 1986. the o.j. verdict, i hate to say, 1995. everybody remember where is they were for that one. >> exactly. exactly. >> but the kennedy assassination, it's so tragic but fascinating. you go down these rabbit holes. what happened to lee harvey
9:04 am
oswald's widows and his two little girls. what happened to them. >> and people still question the conspiracy. >> and was he acting alone or was there some influence from the mob or cuba, you know? still a lot of questions. and, you know certainly, i don't think we'll really ever know the answers. >> the day to remember president john f. kennedy today. >> lots of ceremonies planned throughout the day. we'll be carrying live coverage at 1:25 eastern time right here on nbc as well the ceremony in dallas as we watch the eternal flame there once again. >> still burning. >> arlington national cemetery. a little other news to talk about this morning -- >> on a lighter note. >> we'll come back to the assassination in a moment. but did you see the vice president biden moment? this is your guy. >> he was short cash. >> he was. he was buying lunch for everybody and the bill was for 56.25. he opened up his wallet. he only had a 50. so the restaurant offered the
9:05 am
food on the house but the vice president refused and then turned to an assistant who actually had the cash. >> $56.25. >> oh, man, you got $10. i got $50. >> take it. >> no, i'm not taking it. >> are you sure? >> where's the debit card mr. vice president. >> mr. vice president, i have a $10. i have a $10. >> he's got it. >> i've got a $10 for you. >> al's your man. actually, we'll bring you a whole platter, we'll bring the deli here. we'll cater for you and your entire staff if you host with us. >> have we heard from him? >> no, it does not deter me in my quest to get vice president joe biden. we will come to you mr. vice president. we will do the show from washington. whatever it takes, we want you to co-host our third hour of today.
9:06 am
>> we're very aggressive. >> we got $10 for you. >> now we're bribing public officials, fantastic. >> $10 isn't going to do it. >> snl across the street. a month from now, december 21st, jimmy fallon and justin timberlake. >> what a christmas present. >> fallon hosting for the second time since he left the show. timberlake will be the musical guest but we know it's going to be a lot more than that when the two of them get together. we're hoping that they'll get together one more time for the barry gibb talk show. >> talking it up on the barr barry gibb talk sh.
9:07 am
>> jimmy fallon does the shimmy there. whatever that was. >> and the voice. >> that almost sounds like it hurts to do that voice. >> that's one of the best comedy partnerships going right now. december 21st for the holidays. >> do you know what's a better comedy partnership? >> what have you got? >> me and vice president joe biden. come on mr. vice president. >> that hits hard, doesn't it? >> we'll explain why we have the toys coming up in a moment. >> they're just randomly placed. >> all of a sudden elmo fell over. >> became awkward. >> well, when you're talking about toys for the holidays, remember when the cabbage patch kid was really big and various forms of elmo and barbie is a classic. but now it turns out little girls want tablets. they want an ipad and it's number four on the list of the things -- number one spot still goes to barbie. she still holds the crown for that. number two, generic dolls.
9:08 am
whatever dolls. monster high dolls is number three. and number four, your ipad. >> that's not a huge surprise. that's what they want. >> it's interesting, the boys it's not on the top 10. >> although video games are number two. >> they like their nintendo and the ds and -- >> this barbie is $30, the i sp ipad is $400. as a parent there's a big difference. >> kids, you don't want ipads. no, you want lots of ipads. let's show you what's going on. we have a lot of wet weather out there. you want to make sure you're prepared this weekend. especially in the southwest as the storm comes out, look out, we're talking about flooding will be developing throughout part of the southwest. you can already see all that moisture coming in and look at all the rain. it's going to be very wet. we got the threat of flooding. we also have know from denver.
9:09 am
final snow totals some areas picking up 18 inches of snow in northern colorado. also looking at 2 to 4 inches of rain as you get into the southw >> 9:09. happy friday to you. the knott bay jumped to 63 under full sunshine. 58 in san francisco. our camera is still shaking from that fierce wind that will continue for the next couple of hours, but it's already starting to drop off, and that will continue to be the case as we head throughout about 11:00 a.m. 66 degrees from morgan hill. 65 in menlo park. 65 in midmarket area of san francisco. looking good there. up in the north bay, a couple of isolated 70s on the map. east bay nice and comfortable in the mid 6 on 0s. that's your latest weather. orange room come back. you're the nerve center here. >> yes. >> we can't do this without you. >> you'll remember yesterday we showed you this photograph right
9:10 am
here from holland, a dog making out with a goldfish. >> he's licking the goldfish. >> okay. it's a coy, whatever. and we asked you for a caption. let's see how you did. casey says i'll never let go, jack. i'll never let go. from the titanic. >> i like that one. >> good work. how about cody, catfish got your tongue? >> that's good. >> well done. and vabosslady, orange you a coy one? >> i like that one. i like that twist on the words there. good job. >> three way tie. >> coming up next, remembering jfk 50 years after his assassination. his vision for the future and the people he
9:11 am
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9:14 am
country has ever known. >> and as we mark 50 years since his assassination, his vision for america and legacy lives on. >> kennedy had big dreams for the united states and ordinary citizens took up his challenge. >> i believe that the times require imagination and courage and perseverance. i'm asking each of you to be pioneers toward that new frontier. >> i believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> the willingness of all americans to serve in the peace core is one of the most encouraging manifestations of the american spirit. >> i hope that from it will come
9:15 am
renewed understanding by people all over the world of a common desire for peace. >> today we are committed to a worldwide struggle to promote and protect the rights of all who wish to be free. >> the civil rights act is a challenge to all of us to eliminate the last vestages of injustice. >> kennedy inspired milestones like these. moved people like the son of cotton pickers drawn to kennedy's words about caring for our country and a life of public service. he became one of the first hispanic americans elected to the texas state senate and a college student when she modelled teach for america after the peace corps and got college graduates to teach in low income communities around the country and now around the globe. and they join us this morning.
9:16 am
good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let me begin with you. you are a freshman at the university of texas in austin studying business at the time of the election of president kennedy. you say you were so moved by his speeches. in particular, his inaugural address. i want to play a small portion of that for you. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> what stirred inside you when you heard those words? >> because of the way i grew up and the trials and tribulations during those years i saw someone at the national level that said i care. that means more americans care about people who are in poverty, who are ignorant and needed education and people who were ill and needed health care. so i changed my major and later went on to be a peace corps
9:17 am
trainer and community organizer for the national urban league and worked in washington and came back for austin and ran for the house ten years and senate 21 years to try to do what he inspired in so many americans. >> you felt the call to serve and wendy you did as well. you founded in 1990 teach for america and it's 11,000 teachers serving low income neighborhoods. teachers across the country and now even teachers all over the world for that matter. how did kennedy's legacy inspire that in you? >> you know, i think his call to serve and even his urging that we think of ourselves as global citizens are just completely foundational to, you know, teach for america and teach for all. and specifically, one of his tremendous legacies, the peace corps was such a source of inspiration for teach for america. it's big idea that we should
9:18 am
channel the energy of our most promising future leaders against our most pressing needs knowing that that would make a huge, immediate impact, but also a lasting impact because those leaders would be so truly transformed by that experience. that would influence their perspective, their leadership, their career paths. and, you know, that's exactly what we're working to do at teach for america. so much inspired by that example. >> do you think that call to action, that call to serve still resinates today? do you think that there are people who inspire our youth? our citizens? >> it's alive and well. this past year 500,000, you know, americans applied to americorp programs like teach for america. 67,000 graduating seniors and recent college graduates competed to channel their energy into teaching in our highest need communities and we're even seeing this resinate now across the world where all over the
9:19 am
world college students, recent grads are making a difference. 40,000 people applied to programs in the teach for all network this year which is beyond teach for america. >> this is such an important part of the story that his legacy continues, not just about his death but that his legacy continues. thank you for being with us. thank you both. >> for all you have done for serve. >> greetings to austin texas. >> coming up next, all the news you need to get started on your weekend. gives me rates for progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive.
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aveeno® positively radiant. naturally beautiful results. taking a look at the headlines, air travel as you know it may never be the same. the fcc is considering allowing airline passengers to use cell phones on planes. one flight attendants union already came out against it saying it could lead to arguments and underlying safety. the fcc will consider the change at a meeting next month. baby monitors blamed for the death of two infants are being recalled. angelcare is recalling the movement and sound monitor with senator pads. a cord attached to the sensor pad can strangle a baby. buying a car isn't what it used to be. on average, consumers spent more
9:24 am
than 11 hours online researching various models and only about three hours going to dealership. two years ago people spent about six hours online researching cars. and it is the day finally that gamers have been waiting for. microsoft's first new xbox in eight years hit the store shelves. they opened up at midnight to eager fans could get their hands on the xbox one. it has a price tag of $499. $100 more than the playstation 4 released that's friday. >> if you you're looking to make a quick buck you may want to head to oklahoma city. all you have to do is hit a half-court shop. this is during a time-out of the thunder-clippers game. he sinks it. the prize $20,000 but this is the second time this week that a fan has drained the money shot at a thunder game and the fifth time since march. well done there.
9:25 am
getting a handshake from beyonce and jay-z. back over to willie and al. ♪ [ male announcer ] new vicks dayquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. new dayquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ new vicks nyquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest nighttime cold symptoms. new nyquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop.
9:26 am
>> time now 9:26. the bart train finally back up and running now. it started rolling again at about 7:30 this morning. a computer glitch caused these problems. major delays overnight. even stranding hundreds of riders out there. the interlockings on the tracks could not be moved remotely, so the train operators had to jump out there and get on the trains and crank them manually. not fun. well, firefighters in nap why county are gaining ground now on a wind-whipped vegetation fire. this one now, we're being told, about 50% contained. so far 300 acres have burned. that fire started about 11:00 last night. firefighters telling us the flames spread very quickly. no word yet on any injuries or
9:27 am
if any homes have been destroyed. the exact cause of this fire remains under investigation. today lawmakers and community leaders planning to announce brand new legislation to regulate replica guns. this coming in response to the deadly shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. the deputy who shot the teenager, he says he thought lopez's replica gun was a real ak-47. we will have a look at your local weather and your traffic coming up right after this break.
9:28 am
>> welcome back. 9:28. skies are mostly clear. highs today will jump from the 50s and 60s into the mid to upper 60s. a couple of 70s expected out in the north bay. overall, though, looking good. want to show you san francisco where our camera is still shaking quite a bit at this hour. the winds will die down as we head throughout the day today. your futurecast tells that story. winds continuing to drp off between now and lunchtime. futurecast tells that story. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> a little sneak peek.
9:29 am
there's the bay bridge toll plaza. you saw the backup in all lanes. it continues. we have mooumt for the fast track lanes. in oakland, my goodness, fleur drive northbound. the reason i'm thinking about berkeley, look at the map. oakland starts to recover, but berkeley coming down from the top of the screen. still very slow for west 80. all avenues to the bay bridge slow after this morning. a lot of folks hit the road. the bart system is on-line. keep that in mind. we have that disturb yns continuing. south 680 has laned cleared, but still slow out into fremont. back to you. >> we appreciate the heads up as always. coming up in one-half, we will have another local update for you. in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the "today" show.
9:30 am
how great is that crowd standing outside? the rain let up a little bit. >> big round of applause. good job folks. >> it's cold out there but they're sticking with us. welcome back to today it's friday morning, november 22nd, 2013. i'm willie along with al and natalie. i love this next story. a couple married for 81 years in connecticut has been named america's longest married couple. >> look at them. >> they look fantastic. >> john, 102 years old. he doesn't look 102 years old and wife, ann, 98. >> she looks great too. >> they're celebrating their 81st anniversary on this monday. they eloped back in november
9:31 am
25th, 1932. john said we have watched the world change together and the key is to always agree with your wife. >> yes, dear. >> did you hear that? do you agree with that? >> yes, dear. >> agree with your co-anchor as well. >> agree with the coanchor. good advice. >> i love that. >> she was supposed to get married to another guy but they decided to elope and drove off into the sunset and the rest was history. they were meant to be together. >> all the changes they have seen. all the history they have witnessed. >> november of 1932, i mean, fdr had just been elected for the first time. >> we were still coming out of the great depression. >> world war, depression. >> survived it all. that's the key to marriage, listen to your wife. >> 81 years later. >> always listen to your weather man. >> yes. >> because -- >> not always. >> with this kind of weather
9:32 am
we're talking about you want to pay attention, especially through arizona. we have heavy rain going on right now. this is from kpnx. their chopper, they're on their way to deep water rescues that are going on right now. there are cars that are submerged. people trapped in cars. this is how much rain they're going to be looking at. all day today, heavy rain, they'll pick up about three to four inches of rain in the next 24 hours. that same system over the weekend comes through the gulf and then next week makes it's way up the coast and look at what happens here. we are basically looking for rain right along the coast but mountain snows from north carolina into maine. severe storms in the southeast and the other thing about this storm on thanksgiving day, it's going to have an impact -- the rain should clear out. however, you see these lines all packed together? those are called isobars. those are lines of connecting pressure. that's where the heaviest winds are. on thanksgiving day we could be
9:33 am
k look at sustained winds of 15 to 25 miles per we love that parade. of course, we could catch that will right here on nbc bay area this thursday. temperatures are looking really good. temperatures at 64 degrees. 73 in the north bay for today. temperatures will be comfortable. we've got a nice warmup headed our way as we get into this weekend. that gradual warming trend. want to fix in on redwood city. today we're talking about the low 60s. mid to upper 60s with saturday and sunday. then we'll reach the 70s by monday. hope you have a fantastic weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. for the devastating tornado that ripped through illinois to the navy sailor that met his daughter for the first time t week was filled with memorable events. >> those stories were best told by a single imagine. ricky, good to see you. >> good to see you guys.
9:34 am
how are you doing? >> great. >> let's start with a sad event in the state of illinois and throughout the midwest, tornadoes earlier in the week. particularly in washington, illinois. >> this tornado took a three mile path through washington washington, illino, illinois. when i look at this, the first thing i think is not the devastation for the people that lost their home but the way that hurricanes and tornadoes seem to pick and choose. you have a house that wasn't touched at all across the street from houses that are absolutely torn up and the feeling a person will feel when they look over and say why them and why not me and the same thing that a person that suffered devastation feels and the questions you ask. >> when you see that view from a helicopter it's like somebody took a bowling ball and just rolled it down. >> that gives you the perspective when you see it from the air. >> yeah. >> as we remember jfk today and his assassination, his daughter caroline with duties as the ambassador of japan.
9:35 am
>> she is the first female ambassador to japan. this is a traditional ceremony where she shows her certificate to the emperor of japan at the imperial palace. it's an incredible photo. a japanese bow to say hello to her. this is a few day bfs before th anniversary of her father's death. it's incredible to celebrate this and see the photo. >> on a little bit of a lighter note, this is for the ladies. adam levine selected people magazine's sexiest man alive. >> i don't know. i look at those two photos down here and i wonder are they sexier? justin timberlake and hemsworth. there's a bit of a backlash on the web about adam levine. i don't know why. he is on the voice. my mother and grandmother think he's gorgeous. so why not. >> but also he's incredibly
9:36 am
talented too. >> well, he's the vocal coach, right? >> he also worked out that perfect three-day growth of beard. >> i'm trying so hard. you have to get the little clip on the shaver. >> we'll have grooming tips for you guys coming up in a little bit. >> are you good with the choice? >> i'm a chris hemsworth. >> oh, okay. >> but i do love adam levine as well. >> this is a navy sailor coming home and meeting his baby daughter for the first time. what a great shot. >> this is absolutely beautiful. this is second class petty officer marcus harris. he has been deployed for nine months and he is coming back. this is so powerful. the sign that she is holding. i have waited all my life to meet you, daddy. >> it's incredible. >> the look on his face says it all. >> it's absolute warmth. you can't imagine anyone more happy and poetic in that shot. >> one adorable picture to
9:37 am
another. we have this adorable little lion cub covered in leaves. >> that's not fair. >> that is cute too. >> this is an 11-week-old lion cub in scotland. they have to give her more stuff to do all the time and one of the things they gave her was to play in a pile of leaves. i saw that and i was like i like to play in piles of leaves when i see them in marks. >> if there's lions in there. >> and she will be about 330 pounds. and in about a year they'll show case her on the park. but now she has to stay with her mother and get to know the pride of lions. they have 8 lions at this park. >> thank you so much. >> thank you guys. good to meet you. >> coming up next, giada's picture perfect recipes for your thanksgiving turkey coming up right after this. doesn't have to be the traditional turkey. doesn't have to be the tradithis isttheequicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card.
9:38 am
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9:41 am
sits hardest part of cooking a thanksgiving dinner. a juicy and delicious turkey. >> whether you have two people coming over or 20, giada has tips to make sure this is going to be your best bird yet. >> yeah. >> turkey for two. >> yes. >> you go to the grocery store, you ask your butcher to debone and butterfly a turkey for you.
9:42 am
>> they're willing to do that? >> they're willing to do that. of course. they debone it for you and butterfly it for you and i always tell them to pound a little bit the breast. you can do it yourself if you like and need to get out aggression. put plastic wrap on top of it and then i season it with salt first. spread mustard on it and then a need it and it also helps the filling to stick. it's like glue really. a very flavorful glue. then i just put the toughing and that's kale. >> this is kale with walnuts and stuff. you can actually stuff it with bread and sausage if you want to. >> and this is a very healthy turkey. >> i like the color. i like it when you undo it and you have great color. >> this is a great idea. >> in italy we do this with lamb. that's where the idea comes
9:43 am
from. then you want to do the skin side up and you take some of these -- i'm the only one getting my hands dirty. just tie it up to keep all the stuffing in and then i throw it in a hot oven. 475 for 20 minutes and decrease the oven a little bit to 375 and continue the roasting for another 30 or so. >> how do you keep the skin from burning? >> you can put a little oil after the 20 minutes just add chicken broth and start basting it. >> okay. >> when you're done this is what it looks like and what the stuffing looks like. if you don't like white meat this might be something you're not so into. if you're just a few people this is a fantastic way to go. >> or if your kids don't like turkey. >> your kids don't like turkey? >> no. >> make a mac and cheese. >> chicken nuggets for them. >> we have a 12 pound turkey
9:44 am
here. what you want to do first and foremost is dry it up. dry your turkey well because you get this mushy meat layer. >> right. >> first thing is loosen the skin from the flesh and i like to put sage. what do you do? dry? wet? >> i tried the wet brine one year and using butter and lemon and stuff underneath as well. >> we only have 30 seconds. >> salt. >> paprika and pepper. dry brine it basically overnight and put it underneath. >> massage the whole bird with it and put some on the inside. >> there we go. >> and dry brining makes it nice and firm. >> how long does it take? >> 475 for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. turn the heat down to 375 another two hours. >> basting with broth. this goes inside. >> go, go. shove it in there. >> this is what you're doing.
9:45 am
>> i don't do stuffing. makes more flavor this is what it looks like in the end after two hours. >> you had me until the aeromatics. >> you don't like it? >> but i like stuffing more. >> but you make the stuffing on the side. >> how do you make your gravy? >> the stuffing dries out the meat because it sucks the moisture out of it. >> yeah. >> what was that? >> that was the italian way of saying i'm right. >> giada de laurentiis, recipes on our website. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> it's almost the end of the road for no shave november. willie and i get in the barber chair. it's so moist. chair. itandroid plan from tracfone? email the school. call the doctor. text the groomer. find gear for soccer. send invites to a party. post karate pics. help sean with history. battle of hastings... 1066.
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9:49 am
>> all right guys, a week left for no shave november. while some of our guys have come along a little slowly, others have full blown beards and it's a challenge to keep them groomed so they manage well. here with the right way to clean up the scruff is rich. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about what's going on with al here. it looks great. >> you're going to need more than them to solve that one. >> we need a therapist as well. it looks great but cleanliness
9:50 am
is a concern. >> it's a huge concern. you have been using your wife's shampoo in the shower and conditioner. the only hitch is that you're going to smell like roses. >> i enjoy it. >> you want something really mild. or you can use johnson & johnson baby shampoo which has a nice shine and detergent. >> i'm past that point now. >> well, you know, you can actually use like a beard oil which is great. just a little -- >> it's a moisturizer. >> it's a moisturizer. it's going to soften the beard and as you get a little more grey in your beard, you need it even more. >> smells like peppermint. >> and softens the skin as well. >> your partner is going to be hap happy. >> willie will be happy. >> it's all about the ladies as
9:51 am
well. willie has a nice scruff coming in but it can get unruly. >> curly and red. >> you can keep it up a little bit, groom it a little bit. this is the gillette fusion styler. >> okay. >> all you want to do -- what we want to do is clean up the edges. >> all you're doing is just cleaning up the edges. anything that hangs over clean it up, okay? now the other thing, the attachments are great. you have attachments you can put on and also just on the neck. what you want to do is just clean the line-up. you can keep it natural looking but if you want to create a line, you can sort of just go -- >> that's how adam levine gets that perfect three-day growth. he's trimming it up. >> and the cheekbones as well. it's $20 and easy to use. >> now, rich in about a week's time on december 2nd you're going to shave it off here live on the air. you can't just take a razor right to the beard, right? >> no, you want to trim the
9:52 am
whole thing down to a manageable length and prep it. it's going to soften up the whiskers. next thing is to add shaving cream but before at a put a little beard oil on to put on an extra layer of protection. then with the grain until you hit resistance and rinse out. you want to relather and do it again in certain places to clean up and maybe go against the grain but not any razor burn. >> and you have after shaves and cortisone. is that to cool things down. >> cortisone is important if you have problems with razor burn. just put it on. a thin layer on. it will absorb and lesson the you want an moisturizer after the fact. >> i think it looks great on them. i vote for keeping it a little bit longer. >> yeah. >> you weren't supposed to shave your legs but you have been
9:53 am
shaving them, okay? so pipe down. >> mine are lasered. >> lasered? >> too much information. >> who are you? dr. evil? >> lasered. >> thank you guys so much. maybe we'll have you guys back to help them shave. back in a moment, this is "today" on nbc. >> wow.
9:54 am
9:55 am
erica hill is here with a look at what's coming up on weekend today. >> we're talking about holiday etiquette when you go to somebody's house. i don't like shoes on. >> you're one of those people? >> i am but the big battle between me and my husband is what do you do when you have guests over? we'll talk about whether it's okay to ask your guests to make share shoes off and other issues. >> do you provide
9:56 am
>> serial killer joseph naso is sentenced to be killed today, and he may get the death penalty. he was convicted of killing four women. the murders happened in the 1970s and 1990s in northern
9:57 am
california. negotiations to get a palo alto man released from custody in north korea continues today. 85-year-old merrill newman is a korean war veteran with a heart condition. he was on a tour of north korea when he was detained. this is according to his friend. his friend said it happened about a month ago back on october 26th, but neither the u.s. state department nor the north korean government confirm this detainment. the u.s. does not have diplomats in north korea. sweden's ambassador has been trying to deliver newman's medication for his heart, but has not seen him yet. well, it was certainly an early morning with some heavy winds out there. let's take a look at the forecast now. they've died down some. meteorologist christina loren has a lock at your present day. >> happy friday to you. temperatures are going to end up warmer with abundant sunshine across the greater bay area for today. 67 degrees in the east bay. we'll hit the low 70s out in north bay for today. the peninsula, 66 degrees, and
9:58 am
65 in san jose. we're looking good as we head throughout the remainder of the weekend. for a gradual warming trepd, we're going to give you an example and show you redwood city. mid to upper 60s saturday and sunday, and then we head to 70s come monday. let's check your drive with mike. >> we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. the fast track lane is a good advantage here. also look at oakland. north 880 still jammed. passing coliseum all the way through downtown. the map shows the entire story auz head towards the bay bridge. getting into the orange. better speeds. that morning bart outage has been tied up all over, and the alert coming into fremont started east for south 680, that's much better now, and the rest of the area including the south bay is -- 101 and 85 just slow spots as you head up to sunny vail. the peninsula moves clearly, guys. back to the "today" show.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. hi. it's try day, friday. noveer 22nd. of course, we have the newest filler on the block that makes a face-lift the thing of the past. >> what is that? >> it is something called ju juvaderm with a new twist. >> it is a big day, november 22nd, date my brother was born. ♪ happy birth day to you >> atl was born at 11 pounds, ten ounces, something like that. he was like a turkey. he came out big and chunky --
10:01 am
>> and now he's tall and lean. >> sure s happy birthday. and ella is in another picture. >> it is the very sad anniversary as well of the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. >> it is, yeah. >> still a lot of questions out there about that whole thing. >> and it is funny how this is one of those things that when this anniversary came around, it has been in every paper for a week or more. something that captured -- >> a lot of people remembering where they were had it actually was announced. you were not born then. >> i was like a lot of august babies, august 1964, all of those babies were conceived during a dark time when everyone was scared. >> people needed comfort. >> yes. speaking of comfort, let's move on. these are great pictures. >> you want comfort. you've been sending in all week long, we're so grateful, your pictures with you and your doggies. there was hoda with blake. >> look at his eyeball. get off me. off. o-f-f. that's what he's saying.
10:02 am
there is kathie. >> with my rembrandt. >> i have a crummy one and you have a good one. you saw the pictures. you sent us photos of you sleeping with your puppies. >> oh. that's like marmaduke. >> so cuddled up. >> how adorable are they? what are some other ones? >> i guess we'll let cats in. >> i didn't know cats were going in, amanda, but -- >> look at that puppy drinking out of our mug. >> that's cute. yeah, that's wine. >> you know that old joke, it never fails, never fails. you note difference between how much your wife loves you and your dog loves you? you can put them both in the trunk and four hours later see which one is happy to see you when you let them out. >> i love that one. it's an early friday funny. if you were wondering of a way you can think outside the box during thanksgiving, the turkey, the trimmings, we thought we would give you decent ideas on turkey out there, kind of -- i
10:03 am
guess not alternatives, but just -- >> they're alternatives, yes. >> baskin robins has come out with the turkey ice cream cake. it is glazed with caramel. >> caramel. >> whatever. praline. >> praline. >> whatever. coating. look at this. look how it looks. >> it looks -- i'm sorry, i know what they're going after and it is sweet, but it looks like a gynecological something. >> oh! >> it just does. it looks like the turkey's ready for -- >> an exam. >> the smear, if you know what i mean. >> there is also -- >> you're not going to taste that, are you? >> apple cranberry stuffing ice cream. >> here's the thing. >> sweet potato and candied pecan. >> looks all the same. i bet that tastes great. >> salted caramel thanksgiving
10:04 am
turkey. >> here is the thing. i like things to taste the way they're supposed to taste. i like my mother's stuffing. i don't want ice cream to taste like stuffing. i'm a purist and a traditionalist. >> we have potato chips the other day and they tasted like french toast, pringles. >> i don't like that at all. i'm happy for those of you that love it. >> we're drinking -- >> it is called stringy jack pumpkin wine. >> i'm sure a lot of people are going to like it. i'm going to tell you right now, i smelled it, i'm not going to like it. you taste it. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're -- >> it's not -- it's spicy. tastes like a -- >> like a cider. >> a cidery kind of wine. don't drink it. you won't like it. >> i know. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're lovely. >> $16 at okay. anyway. >> now something i love. >> we have been waiting for this. >> you may need this after thanksgiving. all righty then. what are they called in.
10:05 am
>> shreddies flatulence filtering underwear. why is girouard off today? i wanted girouard. we wanted girouard to model these for us, dag gone it. >> these actually have a carbon back panel that -- >> these are scientific. >> they absorb the odors of flatulence. >> anything. >> odor vapors become trapped. >> and it is all in this little -- >> neutralized by the garment and it is reactivated by just throwing it in the washer. is there a panel back there? >> a panel thing in there that apparently is scientifically guaranteed to stop this from happening. >> oh, gosh. that is so sick. they're $30. they come in men's or women's. in case you're wondering. $30.
10:06 am
>> i do have to say, you know what, that never gets old. >> can we do it the whole show, please? >> every time. >> i'm going to wear these on my head. scooter mcgrude, we love him. >> he comes up with those little -- >> poor baby, how can he be funnier than this? >> nothing. he came up with 100 things you should never say -- >> one more, one more, please, please. one more. >> okay. 100 things you should never say to a cop. take a look. >> i am not here. >> had some complaints about the noise. >> i have complaints about your breath. my god. i was not speeding. do you brush your teeth. you ned to start flossing. i didn't know i was speeding. my eyes are shut. this isn't even my car. i stole it. if i were you, i would let me go. you are dreaming. you're dreaming. here you go, officer. that's the fake one.
10:07 am
you don't see that? i don't know how fast i was going. i was on the phone. i was texting. no, i don't know how fast i was going. i bet you're going to tell me, though. f bad boy, bad boy, what you gonna done. don't you have anything else better to do? >> those are pretty good. those are pretty good. >> not as funny as your friday funny. >> thank you, facebook fan gabby stone. the husband and wife are in the grocery store doing their weekly shopping. as they walk down the beer aisle, the husband grabs a 12 pack and puts it in the cart. put that back, says the wife. we're on a budget right now and you don't need beer. husband lets out a sigh and puts the beer back on the shelf. as they continue shopping, they turn down the beauty aisle. the wife says, we need to stop so i can get my face cream. why you to need that, says the husband. his wife turns to him with a flirty look and says, because it makes me beautiful, honey. makes me look beautiful. her husband looks back at his wife and says, so does the beer and it is half the price.
10:08 am
thank you, gabby. not as funny as a great -- thank you. >> delayed. all right. >> timing is everything. okay. >> johnson's baby of the week, time for that, we celebrate new moms and adorable additions to their families. first johnson baby of the week, ella mary lenae wicks. born september 21st in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. her mom says her daughter loves the family poodle, sam. and they're already best friends. >> our next johnson's baby of the week is cooper matthew dunning born october 1st in amherst, new york. his parents offered this advice to parents, don't worry about doing everything right, all parents make little mistakes. >> now to a baby born on october 2nd in georgia. mckenzie rayne johnson. her daughter is already looking at the world around her. >> our final johnson baby of the
10:09 am
week is annika sky nielsen. i'm so sorry. annika sky nielson. her middle name is sky, because both parents are pilots in the national guard. her dad is currently stationed in antarctica, but he'll be home in time for thanksgiving. >> if you want a chance for your baby to appear in our today's johnson baby of the week, go to >> we're wearing purple today. i am. hoda didn't get the memo but she has it in her heart. today is purple with the purpose day. it is currently the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the u.s., anticipated to become the second by 2020. >> wear purple today to show your support. >> you will later when you change for lunch. >> i will later. real quick, don't forget, we're doing that thing called cut the creep. not about the weirdo. >> that music doesn't help. >> it is about weight creeping up on you during the holidays. if you want to put the brakes on
10:10 am
that, madeleine wants to help you. we'll pick three women who usually gain weight during the holidays and all they want to do is maintain. >> it is going to be thrilling. it is important, though. it really is. >> maintain. no change. >> go to, hit the connect button, very important. coming up, coming out of a divorce, suddenly an empty nester or caught in a miserable job. >> we're getting help for a facebook fan and going to get you help as well, right after this. have you heard what walmart's doing during black friday? they've got this 1-hour in-stock guarantee. so no more showing up for black friday and not getting the gifts i want like at other stores... i hate when that happens! over 20 awesome items are guaranteed... long as i'm in line within an hour after the event starts. and the best part... ...i get everything i want for christmas! isn't that amazing? isn't that amazing? isn't amazing.zing? only walmart has the 1-hour in-stock guarantee this black friday. arrive within an hour after the event starts and get the black friday price on over 20 of the season's hottest gifts. guaranteed. the first place to go. walmart.
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10:14 am
whether you're battling through a divorce or recently lost your job, it sometimes is hard to pull yourself back together and get back on track. >> here to help you is leslie jane seymour editor in chief of "more" magazine and dale atkins. >> and one of our viewers, jennie praul whose plea for help on our facebook page caught our attention. >> welcome beautiful ladies. >> we should start with jennie. you did something very brave. you got on our facebook page and you had been married for many, many years and suddenly your life just kind of hit the skids, didn't it? >> it did. >> tell us what happened. >> i met my husband when i was 13 years old and he was 14 and we have been together ever since and married 33 years, been together almost 40 years and just like everybody, challenges in our marriage, and in the end, he decided to go his own way. and so starting out all over again. >> your divorce is almost final.
10:15 am
not quite. >> right. >> you found yourself sort of alone for -- for a time. and you said no particular skills in terms of a job opportunity. >> right, yeah. it was a wife and mom and i loved it and i did my job very well and it is worth something. >> it is. >> in cases like jennie's, a lot of women say, i want to pull the covers over my head, want to curl up, you don't know what to do, do you? >> it is very hard. i want to say she looks so amazing. i read her facebook page, i was, like, what am i looking for, look how great she is, she's beautiful, pulled together. one of the first things you can do is start pulling together, if you really don't know where to start, get together a group of people who have been with you since high school, some from when you were in your 20s, 30s, who can sit down with you and remind you of who you were, what your interests were, we call it a personal board of directors. and that might get you started. you can make a list of skills you may have forgotten about,
10:16 am
passions that you may have forgotten about, and they will say, i always remembered you as a great, you know, turkey trainer. but -- >> loved horses. >> she loves. and you can then at least start creating a list that way. and then somebody else might say, remember you were really good at math, or you were really good at organizing people. things like that. >> emotionally, sometimes it is hard to get there. >> it is very hard. i think the fact you started with sometimes we want to pull the cover over our heads, it is an important thing to recognize. and to allow yourself to know, my gosh, i'm really terrified. however, with what you're suggesting with getting your friends around you and family members who are close to you, you can then say, but wait a minute, little by little, i'll step out. you reached out to kathie lee and hoda. you have friends. that's the acknowledging of the fact that i feel this way, but what am i going to do next, it is very, very important. then you can take these steps with work, and how you feel, and, you know what do you do about the resume gap, all of those things you can go forward because little by little you're
10:17 am
feeling better about yourself and you're not doubting yourself. >> how do you go about getting a job when you don't -- you don't have a lot of skills that are applicable, what should you do? >> that's one of the things you do, assemble your group and what you have to remember, the hard thing today, i hear so many people say, i sat around and i sent out thousands of resumes and no one is responding and i'm doing all this on social media and that's because 70 to 80% of jobs stay because of the crisis we're in are done by who do you know? and i heard about this and the networking and it is really a fact that it is a study and it is who do you know, i heard there is an entry level here, i heard there is something going on here. that's also part of the networking. >> what is the thing you're most afraid of, jennie? >> life. i'm afraid of starting all over again. i lived an entire life the first 52 years and now i've got an entire life ahead of me and i have no idea how to take the first step. >> not knowing. >> yeah. >> that can be a great thing,
10:18 am
can't it? >> that is the opportunity. and that's the joy. and at 52, we have -- >> and beautiful. >> and beautiful. we have the opportunity to look and see -- we have a wisdom that we didn't have at 22. when people say back on track, i always say, wait a minute, you don't want to go back on that track, that track is gone. you want to build your new track. and what does it look like and what is it about? you're not starting over. you're starting now. and when you start now, you have all of your skills, you have all of your strengths, you have a whole world about yourself that you are going to bring to this next job, relationship, everything is based on who you are now. when people say to me, i don't know what happened to my life, i don't have a life anymore, you don't have that life, but so much of what you still have is still in you, and that's what you put as you go forward. >> her passion is horses. don't you think you should go into -- every day you wake up, go where your passion is. >> and art. i have value, and i know i have
10:19 am
something to bring to the table. but, like you said, on a resume, it doesn't look that -- >> we want to know what happens with you. i'm sorry we can't let this discussion go on and on. >> we're so glad you did get in touch with us. >> thanks so much. >> let us know how you're doing, sweetie. we're going to save you a ton of money. but i'm telling you, this is amazing. something for your holiday shopping list. bobbie thomas is here with her buzz, right after this. [ male announcer ] gather 'round and get ready to get more. cuz more is better. when good isn't good enough, more is great. and getting more is what it's all about with the new mcdonald's dollar menu & more. more is the new bacon mcdouble with applewood smoked bacon for only 2 dollars. it's favorites like the tasty mcchicken, and more, still just a dollar. more is everything you want, and then some. and that's the dollar menu & more. dig in. there's something for everyone to love at mcdonald's. ♪
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♪ girls it is time for bobbie's buzz. >> author bobbie thomas shares the becauuzziest products. >> today, products you want to tell your girlfriends all about.
10:23 am
>> the holidays are here. sometimes i have the mentality, one for me, one for you. i was really excited to share one of my latest obsessions. this is cosmo's lay and go cosmetic bag. you can also put other things in here, but watch, when you cinch it up, your makeup, you can just grab it and go, i'm doing it wrong, but this way -- >> that's fast. >> but when you want to use your cosmetics, it is so great. >> they're all out. >> they're out, and then you don't have to put them away. this makes it really easy. you can do this with all your other stuff for your desk, baby things, et cetera. this is another why didn't we think of this invention. >> what is it? >> these are key socks. no show socks. we have a picture of three different models showing different ways to use it. but when you have pants and you want to be warm and want to show the bit of the heel, isn't that so smart? >> cute. >> such a good idea. so kudos to this person, key
10:24 am, genius idea, $12 a pair. >> i love that. >> last but not least, claire sonic has made so much buzz in the beauty industry with how it helps clean makeup off your face. this is sort of the comparison in the beauty world where this buzzes, a beauty buffer from pop, and it will help you spread with sonic technology the cream or foundation all over your face evenly and a lot of people are excited about this. i did try it. i have to say -- >> your skin looks glowing. >> it helps with the circulation. my paffirst part about the buzz, it depuffed my morning es. >> when do you mean it buzzs? >> it buzzes and puts your cream or foundation so it is like wax on. and then wax -- ah! and then wax off. >> it's working. >> thank you, bobbie. >> everything is online. >> everything is online. if you're looking for an age appropriate movie for your kids -- >> our panel of real moms is here to tell you. and if you want to erase the
10:25 am
wrinkles on your face, we have the latest cure. >> right after your local news. this is an nbc news special report. >> from nbc news, president kennedy and governor john connally of texas have been cut down by assassin's bullets in downtown dallas. we'll repeat that. president kennedy and governor john connally of texas have been cut down by assassin's bullets in downtown dallas. >> good day from dallas, texas. that voice you just heard from the first nbc news bulletin to air that day 50 years ago, the voice of don pardo who was interrupting daytime programming to come on the air with the news from here, daley plaza, dallas, texas. largely untouched in the half
10:26 am
century since that day. we must add a perfectly miserable day weatherwise. 36 degrees. it is raining on this crowd. the rain moving to the side at 22 miles per hour. 5,000 people filling this plaza behind us now, hearing prayers, hearing music, hearing from various speakers. coming up shortly from the mayor of dallas, texas, a moment of silence to mark the moment 1:28 p.m. eastern time when the shot rang out from the book depos depository behind us where millions each year come to see the window where lee harvey oswald, shielded by cardboard boxes, squeezed off those shots to the passing motorcade below. let's listen in as the mayor of dallas, texas, approaches the moment of silence. >> but out of that tragedy, an opportunity was granted to us,
10:27 am
the chance to learn how to face the future when it's the darkest and the most uncertain. how to hold high the torch even when the flame flickers andens . as the people of dallas did then, each of us will meet our oncoming challenges head-on with courage, honoring, but not living in the past. and never, never flinching from the truth. we will meet the future with the same vigor, optimism and unfailing sense of duty that our young president embodied. president kennedy brought us that message. in his pocket down that street on november 22, 1963.
10:28 am
that message was to be delivered a few miles away in a speech to dallas leaders following his parade. it was a speech he never got to make, but those unspoken words resonate far beyond the life of the man to commemorate that day and those words, we are unveiling a memorial right here in this historic plaza. it is inscribed with the last lines of his undelivered speech and will serve as a reminder and a permanent monument to president kennedy's memory. i leave you with those resonant words. "we in this country, in this generation, are by destiny rather than choice the watchmen
10:29 am
on the walls of world freedom. we ask therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and our responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of peace on earth, good will torward men. that must always be our goal. the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. for as was written long ago, accept the lord, keep the city, the watchmen waketh but in vain." ladies and gentlemen, would you join me in a moment of silence in honor of the life of john
10:30 am
fitzgerald kennedy. [ bells toll ] ♪ america america god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪
10:31 am
♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ for purple mountains' majesty above the fruited plain ♪ ♪ america america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ o beautiful for heroes true ♪ ♪ in liberating stride
10:32 am
who more themself their country love ♪ ♪ and mercy more than life ♪ america america ♪ may god's eye hold refined ♪ till all accept the noble n s nobleness ♪ and every nation kind ♪ >> the u.s. navy choir saluting the navy veteran president john f. kennedy. let us set the scene in real time, 50 years ago at this very
10:33 am
moment. of course, the motorcade had sped up behind us on their way to portland hospital. the president was pronounced dead a half hour later. here in daley plaza, there was bedlam as a national audience on radio at first, but then on television started hearing the news, the president, governor connally had been hit. then the awful confirmation came a few minutes later. here is how it aired on nbc news with frank mcgee on the phone with ed mcneil. >> white house press secretary malcolm kilduff just announced that president kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time, which is about 35 minutes ago after being shot by an unknown assailant during a
10:34 am
motorcade drive through downtown dallas. >> frank mcgee, chet hundley alongside him there. such a searing moment for all generations. if you were alive in america on that day, the question has always been, "where were you?" that theme, that idea is at the heart of a documentary we will air tonight hosted by tom brokaw who joins us from our nbc studios. tom, the question at this moment, this eery moment here at daley plaza, how did this change our country? >> obviously, john f. kennedy was a perfectly cast president for a new age. it was the television age in america. he was charismatic, generational. he talked about the possibilities of going to the moon and having a peace corps. with three cracks of rifle fire we had lyndon johnson as the president, a more traditional pall. we already started to get
10:35 am
involved in vietnam. johnson took us much deeper into vietnam. he did good things, got the civil rights passed. a war on poverty which still has a mixed record. history can be fickle, as you well know. in that moment when john f. kennedy was removed from the scene, what i thought as a 23-year-old at the time would be the path forward came to an end and we went back to a different kind of america led by lyndon johnson, which eventually gave way to richard nixon, who had been defeated by john f. kennedy in 1960. it was very consequential, politically, culturally and historically for this country. >> tom, we are looking forward to tonight's special presentation across the nbc television network. as we say, where were you became the defining question. as far as we can tell, will remain that way as long as this is a searing moment in american
10:36 am
history. tom, it also was the coming of age of the television era, which now of course has grown so exponentially into a digital era. that day they say the average viewing was eight hours a day for those first four days of the coverage. >> it was. it really, in many ways, was the arrival of television news. i often said john f. kennedy became so popular in part because people felt they knew him. it was the first time you had an american president in your living room every night or favorite bar or where you of whatted television because there they were in the most intimate terms, not just a voice on radio. >> tom brokaw, we'll see you later tonight. we'll see the folks at home tonight for nbc nightly news. our broadcast will originate here in daley plaza in dallas, texas. special airs tonight at 9:00/8:00 central on the nbc television network. we'll see you for our broadcast later today.
10:37 am
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10:38 am
do you a big event come up and you want to look a little bit younger? there is a brand-new facial filler on the market that claims it can plump you up. >> plump you up. some are calling it the knife free face-lift which can last up to two years. dr. janine downey is here to tell us about it and show us how it is done. our patient lynn is it -- >> isapon. >> and we promise not to show you anything that hoda can't
10:39 am
handle. >> i cringe at these. >> hi, dr. downey. good to see you. >> what makes this different than any other -- >> this is cool. i'll squirt it on my glove for a second. it is nice and thick. goes on a soft gel, into the skin very, very well and just lifts and plumps. >> what makes it different than all the other stuff already out there? >> the technology makes it different and the fact is that it lasts two years and no filler, that it can say it lasts two years. >> and you said you can build on it over the two years. >> right. the bottom line is some people will come in, maybe they want to do one syringe now and wait a while and come back and you can do another one later, that type of thing. side effects are normal, bruising, tenderness. >> you did this side of the face already and no bruising at all. >> sit up for a second. you see this side, she's lifted some right in here. and then kind of flat over here. we're about to do this side right now. >> okay. >> lean all the way back. >> squeeze, squeezy ball. >> tell me when it is over. >> smile. relax, now smile. okay, now relax. okay.
10:40 am
hoda, you're going to be fine. i'm covering, okay? >> as long as -- >> i have to keep you in mind. i want to be invited back. i'm a smart dermatologist. >> just lifting in the cheekbone area. >> lifting in the cheekbone area and not feeling anything, you're good. >> a little patrick, but -- >> very brave woman. >> it is not as bad as giving birth, i do justify that. >> who is this good for, janine? can this work with anyone? >> this can work with anyone. >> not a pregnant woman and not something on immune suppression. thank you for asking. even people on blood thinners can come off them for a little bit. >> if it is your face, you don't want her to stop. >> use every little drop. >> when you do this, how long does it last, not this kind, but the other kind, normally? >> six months, or less, if it is in your lips because you talk so much. that's a little less. it winds up being about $1200 per syringe, depends what part of the country you're in. >> think about what a face-lift costs. >> and divide it bit number of months it is going to last.
10:41 am
it is going to last 24 months. >> gorgeous for two years. >> exactly. we'll check in on you to see the -- >> we need to come back in two years. >> right. >> should point out, usually right after you get those injections, bruising happens right away. we're not seeing it on her. >> she's really good. she's a trooper. >> all right. >> janine, thank you. coming up, we have got some trotting out of not just turkeys, but all american -- wait a minute, animals, yeah. david mizejewski is coming up. it's not true!
10:42 am
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♪ it is time for "today's call of the wild," with david mizejewski deciding to celebrate thanksgiving and show and tell us all about it. >> that's right. he's brought along some special all american wildlife to teach us a thing or two, starting with this fabulous turkey. >> okay. wouldn't be thanksgiving without a turkey, right?
10:46 am
>> yeah. >> this is -- it is actually a domestic turkey. it has the coloration of a wild turkey. now, most people think turkeys are not smart, got a bad reputation, but in the wild, these are actually really intelligent animals. they're actually almost once completely wiped out. a few decades ago, from u unsustainable hunting. they're a great poster child for great conservation laws because we protected the species, we did captive breeding and biologists reintroduced them into the wild. they're found all across all the lower 48 states. in fact, might even show up in your backyard. >> they show up a lot in our backyard. >> let's move on to -- >> let's bring out -- want to give a step back, he's pretty powerful, trying to make room for -- >> what is that? a wolf? a coyote? oh! >> they're actually very powerful birds. so over here, it's okay, it's okay. might look kind of dinosaur like. >> we're good.
10:47 am
>> over here we have got an animal i never brought on the show before. this is a coyote. a juvenile coyote. you have a bad history with coyotes. >> i do. >> they're in the wild dog family. it is true in places where they live close to people, sometimes they do come after pets. i know you had a bad experience with that. the message is that, you know, keep your pets indoors, under eye, if you can. >> how about he keeps off my lawn? >> well, you know, they're -- >> i know they have to eat too. >> they have to eat too. >> but not my pet, you know? they're normally eating rabbits and mice and things like that. gorgeous animal. also, great success story. bring in the next animal. >> what is this? >> another stinky manual. >> beavers are -- >> you love when i bring on stinky animals. they have a musk gland and they use it to oil their fur. it is kind of stinky. >> kind of? >> a musk gland?
10:48 am
>> a musk gland. these are all american animal si brought in to celebrate thanksgiving. another animal almost wiped out by unsustainable uhunting. another animal that can live in cities and towns -- >> they're actually very huge. don't have to smell them. they're adorable. >> second largest rodent on the planet. these guys can weigh 60 pounds and he probably is pushing that right now. >> he's enjoying his apple. >> he's happy. he likes that. beautiful animal. deserve our protection and you can see them if you go out into nature. let's bring in our next animal. i love this guy. he's not as furry or as cute and cuddly, but -- this is a gopher tortoise. this is an animal that digs a burros and others rely on it to survive. they're decline because of
10:49 am
habitat loss. >> who wants them? >> this individual was found wandering around in pennsylvania where it would have died because of the winter. somebody wanted to make it a pet. bad, bad idea. >> this guy gets really big. is this the one that gets big? >> this is as big as they get. maybe a little bigger. >> they live a long time, don't they? >> all tortoises do, several decades. >> a lot of sun damage on them. let that be an example to you. >> this is a raptor. i love these birds of prey. this is a harris hawk, found in the desert southwest, all the way down to south america. beautiful, beautiful bird, common in the falconry sport, so you see them in captivity a lot. they hunt in packs. so i love these hawks because think of the velociraptor from jurassic park, this is what they evolved into. amazing animals. >> dave, thanks so much. >> happy thanksgiving to you. all righty. >> thank you so much. a cocktail party, imagine that. >> with exciting food finds that earned bon appetit magazine's
10:50 am
seal of approval. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
if you're throwing a party and don't know what to serve, you're in luck. for the second year in a row, the editors of "bon appetit" have put together a list of exceptional ingredients to inspire your cooking. >> here to share the 2013 seal of approval picks is ali louis, food editor at the magazine. how are you? >> good to see you. >> you scoured the aisles and came up with the best things. >> basically this year we had all of our editors on staff, very, very opinionated, picky food people, tell us what they liked. and we started from there. >> what were the picks? >> one thing, this is a bunch of stuff you can use for hors d'oeuvres for the holidays. we loved this jam. you put out cheese and crackers for your ho-hum party, put a little bit of that on there and put it out every time.
10:54 am
>> gourmet. >> a little something extra. >> and these, we just love these. we tasted these against all the competitors too. sandwich, tuna salad, prosciutto, american made prosciutto from iowa as good as anything in italy. love it. love, love. and creminilli sausage made in salt lake city. surprise, surprise. and the cheese. the cabot cheddar we love. >> hoda can have -- >> i'll just eat some. >> this is a combination of grilled cheese with the spread on it and a little bit of chili, great holiday hors d'oeuvre. this, if you wanted to serve salami prosciutto -- >> good. i would love that. >> oh, my gosh. yeah. >> thank you. thank you so much. sorry. >> that's okay. >> one of the other things we like this year, we think it is the new sirracha is goto gum.
10:55 am
it is sweet, spicy and has umame, the word of the year. >> what's on that tray? >> we made a great recipe for ribs. it is sesame oil and vinegar and you can have those for dinner, hors d'oeuvre. >> what is the other one? >> these are our favorite grits. they literally -- we called to get some for the segment and they said fire up the mill. and yet another package to new york. >> here you go. clean it up, baby. >> it is delicious. these are also made in the united states. so many of these products are local and -- >> sorry. >> that's all the mascarpone in there making them delicious and creamy. >> delicious. >> that's good. >> and after you've eaten all this indulgent food, we have healthy things. you can taste this. take my word for it. these red yeast -- nutritional
10:56 am
yeast flakes. >> i don't like the word yeast. >> i know. >> are you talking about that? >> that's chia pudding. >> so red yeast flakes have cheesy parmesan flavor, totally -- >> put it on popcorn. >> popcorn, vegetables, pasta. and chia seeds -- >> you try it. >> is it dairy? >> it is not. >> go for it, hoda. take one for the team. >> right? >> good. >> i recently have come to the other side myself. >> the texture is funky. >> you get used to it. >> thank you very much. bon appetit. >> bon appetit to you. let's look at dr. downey's patient lynn, who had the volume injection, just a little while ago. >> here she is. >> hey, girl. >> oh, my gosh. i don't see any bruising, any -- >> i don't either. do you like? >> i love. >> look right here. >> i love. >> i'm sorry. have we met? >> my gosh. >> hi, girl.
10:57 am
>> imagine being able to put on your makeup and everything and go right afterwards. you're all set. you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> thank you, ladies. >> thank you, ladies. >> you're holding that so nicely. there you go. next week rick springfield and nicollette sheridan. >> and find out the best way to attack black friday. >> have an awesome weekend, everybody. we'll see you for fun day monday, okay? thanks so much. >> thank you, ladies. >> happy holidays.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
happy friday. good morning, everybody. thanks, as always, for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. a bart breakdown turned into quite the headache for commuters this morning. for more than three hours trains were not moving at all on the tracks. nbc bay area's christismith is live in oakland. riders thought it was another strike when they showed up to see closed bart stations, but they quickly learned that that simply was not the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, that's exactly what they thought. i have to tell you, i just got an update from bart, and they're saying they kind of narrowed down the problem that they did expand a network server upgrade yesterday. 12 hours later it started to cause problems. there was a domino affect, the


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