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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we were out here. for anyone else whoreathes in any of the smoke and wondering what is in the smok the bad news is, we can't tel you the fireepartment says they don't know, the company says they don't know what wasurning last night, but the answers that we did find today invve a prett otty history for this company, all acrosshe country. this is the kind of stuff that bued for nearly 17 hours at the sims metal recycling plant in reood ty. the company telling us today they're still not ectly sure of everything that caught fire, but anything foundn a car or in a appliance, could have burned. flame retardants onthem, at have plastic, tha have rubber. we're concern about a lot of different particles in the air that a actuallyetting into the wate >> reporter: water and air,oth concerns for the environmental watchdog oup, san francisco bay keeper. and in the cas of sims, the
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company, wectually have sued e facity in the past. theye had pollution proems at the richmond facility, as well as eir s jose and yward facilities. >> reporter: nbc bay are also found vlations at a sims metal plant in virginia. similar to polluti disvered by the a here indwood city just two years ago. >> ty have pretty much addrsed the concerns at at facility in terms of stormwater pollution. in ter of these fires, obvisly they have not. ey were not able to prevent this fire, even though a similar fire occurred a few years ago. >> reporter: a 2007 fire at the same facilitled to a $20,000 air pollution fe against sims and even jt three months ago, another sims mal plant caught fire in newjersey. in response, ss metal saidn a statement "our facility is regularly inspected by auorities and we ways consider adopting additiol
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correcti measures when recommended." sims ao told ushat because of the upgrades they've made in the past o years that all of e water tha dumpedere to put out the fire, they sd all of the water wasept on sit and the company says none of that wer escaped into the y. now, as f any olations, or fineselating to this latest fire, well, air quality officials tell us it is just too soon to say. li in redwood city, cse cain, nb bay arenews. >> chase, thank you. we have more dails now. the pollution from that fire was made worse by sort of cap in e atmosphere over the bay area known as an version. think of it like building a fir in your fireplace but keeping the chimney block off. air quity experts say that cap used pollution levels to soar in san mateo, santa ara, and alameda counties. pollution measurement of 35 is considered the maximum acceable rating, but the fire pushed the average reading yesterday to about 39 vioting clean air stanrds. also one hourly measurement from
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redwood ty reached 114. south bay, then you know that traffic is gting worse. tw years ag sanose was nsidered the 13th most congested area in country. now it's fifth. nbc bay area'sris sanchez joins us live from san jose with theeason for the big jum and why fixing that delay and when relief might come. >> reporter: hi therejessica. on a day that's suppod to be holiday light, weound people time they're spendinbehind the wheel and the reason for the congestion, well,he reaso were pretty varied. >> i drive every day, eight, nine hours a day up and down the peninsula. 680, 10 >> reporter: food truck drir has a birds eye view ofraffic which he says has gotten worse in the last year and a half or so as the bay area enomy improved. >> bause of the people i can tell right away when people came back to work, everything just clogg up as far as the freeway goes.
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>> reporter: nearly 13,000 people went bk to work in august. the best month i more than a year. 2/3 of those jobs were in santa clara county accordi to the employment developme department. garcia works about six miles from home so his commute is short, butaking longer, he blames roa improvement. >> all the updateshey're making i guess to the highways. adding new lanes. you know, all the constructio work. >> repter: though it mig seem there's cstruction all along your route,he bay area got a grade of c. for infrastructure. thbay area needs $2 billion in improvements to keep the roads fromecoming undrivable. public transit i an option, but many say it's not exactly a perfect one. >> like over re, i have to walk all the way to the rail and, you know, we need more buses going throu this route. >> reporter: food truck driver olar says he doesn't expect traffic relief bause there's no easy fix. i don't see asolution. i an, more freeways, more
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stets. it doesn't matter. if you have 2 million people going the same way, it doesn't tter. >> reporr: and it certainl sometimes fes like those 2 million ople are going the same way y're going. now, traffic planners say there are no simple long-term solutis and that what we're seeing now may n be the worst of it yet. in sho term, you can use traffic navigation software to try to work your way around those traffic snareups or try t commute ring off peak hours. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc baarea news. >> kris, thank you. happeningnow, it's a special evening across the couny including in lafatte. a veterans day vigil is taking place a very notable and emotionasite. we have live pictures of the vigil where aut 50 people have have giv theirives serving o the military. one of the featured speakers, eastay state sator mark cosalnay w spocke about the needor emotional help for
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returning veterans o sd. the aq/afghanistan war memorial was set up in 2006 it's a hillside with more than 6,800 crosses on it, 1 for each american who has died in those two conflicts. another honor for veterans, newscast, why thi could be the end for a neay century-old traditn in the sou bay. a tenth morning for a santa clara neighborhood as a manhunt unfoed in their midst arnd 9:00 this rning, responding to a 91 call about a burglary initially. the suspect ran through the the homes.holed himself up in othe neighbors were told to stay indoors. police blockedff the nearby street. the suspect wasaken into custody peacefully around 2:00 the ternoon. could you afford i if your runt rent s doubled? a doze homeowners in pacifica say that's what th're facing thprice of the ld they rent
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could double ear next year and some say the rate hike could leave them homeless. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us in pacifica. obviously therare two sides to the story. what are the details? >> reporter: there are two sides, indeed. now, the homeowners that are feeling vulnable are senior citizens living on a fixed income. many of them telling me tonht thathey purchased a home here to retire in. american dream is tning into a nightmare. >>e're 15 seniors, veterans, disabled, you know, on fixed come. we don't have t money to go up against these southern california landowners. >> reporte deborah says she bought her home here at the pacific ses estates mobile home park 25 years ago. sheoesn't own the land her home sits on, so she currently pays $838 a month to rent the space. last month, she is a ot a lette her rentill be increased by
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$1,100. >> i work at target. i brinhome $1,300 a month. there's no way tt i'm ever gog to be able to afford to pay that >> reporter:he company that owns t land says a rent increase isecessary toeep up with maintenance costs. the landowners sti have to get an adminisative judge to sign pacifica has a rt control e ordinance. we spoke to a spokesperson by phone. >> rent incrses are nessary in the mketplace to allow fo the kinds o improvements at we haveade to protect the park andts residents. >> reporter: carol mcdermott this $1.5 million a new fence, ldscaping and plans to make utility upgrades >> we're n closing the pks. we are not trying to force seniors out. >> reporter: the property owners they've offered t buyhe home. essentiay turning the current
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homeowners into renters. donald prey doesn't trust the landowner an fls if he doesn't sell, he could b left with nothin >> it means i'm out. i lose everything i've got. >> reporter: a proposal for the rateike won't te place until theeginning of t year. they call it the cancer . statn. that's the troubling nickname given to one of san jose's busiest firehouses. chief investigative reporte has spent sixonths talking with firefighrs and researching the unplained side of firstation 5. tony? >> reporter: jessica, we recognize cancers awell-known it's also highly unusual that one fire station has earned that reputation as the cancer statio toght, we investigatehe foundation of tt rutation side the wls oftation 5
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through the eyes of firefighters. do you wonr about the history of station 5? >> oh, yeah. there's a lot of older guys that know if you worked at that good chance you're going to come down with cancer. >> anybo who worked at san jose fire can remember a friend who died of cancer who setime had wked at station 5. >> he went justn a quick momt's time, he w gone. i have bece a single mom with three kids. >> reporter: their stories nter on this fe station. one of san jose's busiest. for morehan a decade, firefighters have calledt the cancer station. a station that's also known for fighting se of the city's most a reputatn firefighters say the city has never invtigated. youave ncer. youorked at station5.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: in your opinio shou the city be investigating what's happened too many of your friends and co-workers? >> they should have don it years ago. it hasn't been done -- and we're talking, y know, going back 20 years. and as f as i know, they've done nothing. they jt consider it pt of your job. >> the reputation was tt it was a dirty place to work at. a ple to stay away from if you could. and that i you workedthere, you re going to be eosed to things you wouldn'te at other >> we invite you to join us tonight at 11:00. jose's fire station5.ry of san yoll heathe stories of several firefighters and understand w the cityf san jose is nowresponding. we tk with the acting fir chief, and raj and ss, y will hear his pledge to firefighters tonight a11:00. >> okay. tonywe will see y then. still ahead here at 6:00, makers are squaring off in the
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south bay, and millionsf dollars hang in the balance. also -- with bayrea technology that can precisely track where gunfire occurs iide a scol. we'll show you how it works, coming up. >> and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking a storm system offshore. we'll let younow about the rain timeline coming up in ju a few minute
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> is there a w to limit the damage of scho shootings? one bay area compa says, s. this company wantso implement a stem on campus that's already being used in some high-crime citie oubusiness and tech reporter scott, it's a sign of the time for our schools, isn't it? reporter: very much raj. we're talking about shot spotter technology which helps officer locate guhots out in the field. it may soon be oits way into y area schools.
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this is what shot tracking technology sounds and looks fromnewark-based sst, who shot spotter technology is already being ud to helpolice locate gunfire on streets o several u.s. cities including east palo alto and richmd. now that technology has been modified to be abl to track and locate nfire insideith the goal of helping officers in case of a school shooting. >> it detects gunots. >> reporter: ss ceo ralph clark explained how his company is trng to sell schools on the ea of installing shotspotter which for $10,000 a year wil alert officers almost itantly and let them know whe and exactly where shotsave been fired. >> jus like our tdoor system where we put dotn a map, a very precise dotn a map, we're gog to put a precise dot on a map on a floor pla so you'll knowhe firsthots fired might
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have been in this particular room versus another part of the room. >>eporter: like the ouoor version, this technogy can't stop a shooter, but by recding and tcking the gun blasts, it will likely help find that shooterfaster. speaking of tracking the aclu haslready weighed inn the shotspotter school proposal, wondering if udents' voices could also be tracked b the technology. >> l me just be very clear about this. these systems, these sensors are deteing gunsho and gunshots only. ey only trigger on an impulsive event. >> reporter: it's technology aing to help law enforcement and help keep sdents safe. sst confirms to ushat it is in talks with bay area school districts about possibly putting the shotspotter technology in two individual b area schools but says soar no deals have been made. reportinlive in east palo alto, scott budman, nbcay area news. >> thank you, scott. so how would y feel about a curfewo fight crime?
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some city leaders inoakland are calling for a 10:00 p.m. curfew age.yone under 18 years of seve days a week. the goal is not only to keep also from being crime victims.ut police say 15 juveniles wer homicide suspes this year. 11 juveniles killed. and more than 600 armedobbery suects all under the age of 18. spearheading the effort expecting to introduce the ordinancat the committee meeting morrow at 6:00 inhe eveng. the battle continues. apple against saung. the case returns to n jose federal court tomorrow to determine how muchoney samsung has toay apple in dages. the original case you might rell was settled last year wh the jury ruled in apple's favor. finding samsung copied aspects of apple products. the jury awarded app $1 billion in damages, but apple had asked more than twicehat ount. the judge threw o that award sang jurors didn't calculate
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e damages accurately. the trial is expected to last aboua week. off the air, but for how ng? knbr's damon bruce has been suspended after making offsive coents about women and srts during broadcast last week e station took him off t air yesterday and today. last thursday, bruce told his audience, "a lot of sport have lo its way and i'm going to tell you it's cause we have men giving us directions." outraged listers and advertisers called and e-mailed with complaints. uce tweeted the followingay "tnks to all who hav listened ng enough to understand the last 24 hours to not define me. your support during the pilen is appriated. o word yetf and when bruce will be back. it's mond. we head into this workweek. we neesome rain. with rain here. we're frting chief meorologist jeff ranieri. >> yh, hey there, guys. it's getting close to the bay area right now. what we definitely ould be noting here is it's tapping to a lot of subtropiloisture the forecast models have a tough
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time dealing with that. know over the past seven days the rain has been on, off in t recast and it's back on here. see returns showing up offshore. that's whai'm concerned about at this moment. we maectually get a little bit of rain further south than originally even thoug 24 hours ago. we're tcking the forecast extremely closely. t's get you outside to the best eyes in the weather department. that is that sky camera network. right now see o the sky camera grids we have cuds increasing the north bay, san francisco, the eastay and also for the south bay. what you'll notice in san francisco is is not fog. you can still see dntown at thcurrent moment. more tha mid to high lel cloud cover streaming in with the storm syem offshore. so overall, we' get a quick look at what it's gointo mean for tomorrow. see ase display this, we ca expect tempetures generally in the 60s across s francisco. the north bay, upper 60s. low 70s throuout the peninsul also the east bay and south bay as well.
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let's get that microclimate forecast in here. you can see as we head san francisco, wll have some mid 60s in the focast. so throughout the peninsula, low 60s. palo alto with upper 60s. and throhout the south bay, we'll have 71 isan how stay. logatos at 70. morgan hill expecting 72. those showers wl come into the foreca across portionsf the north bay. so in that wkend forecast, we'll gradual starto see those numbers going upust a little bit here throughou san jose with some low 70s and mix of sun and clouds. and for mountain view, also expecting 71 degrees at this point. course, more on your forecast but also take your atttion down tard the bottom of your screen. that is our brand new scrolling seven-day forecast. you'll notice it will first start off with the very cit you are wating thisroadcastin. an then eventually you'll get the seven-dray forecasts scrollinacross for the entire bay area so yonever have to wait anymore for the detas. more on theain timeline coming up later in the show, y guys.
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>> we don't like waiting. >> no, very nifty. >> thank you,jeff. coming upcheck your frid. the health alert for popular healthy ims toldt trader e's. the latesin the search for survivs following the deadly supertyphoon in the philippines. what the bay area is doing to try to help. esents... so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... 100% johnsonville taste.
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noto an nbc bayrea follow-up. one less problem tonight for santa clara county's troubled amlance service. workers haveoted to accept a new contract st spring, the county fined funeral met ambulance service foresponse time penalties and vehicle maintenance. en in the summer, the seice declared bankptcy. works today say the new contract gives them higher pay and safety improvement the company is in the midst of a five-year contct with santa ara county. >>if you shop at trader joe's, be warned. a popular linef foods is under reca. glass onion caterin headquartered in rhmond makes
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salads distributed by trader joes health leaders linked chicken and ham inhe products to an e. coli outbreak. 26 people in 3 states including california have gotten sick. in you fridge, check for the deli white chicken club wrap, the delish grilled chien ceasar wrap, tder e's fld fresh chopped salad, and trader jose's mexicali chicken. stl ahead at 6:00, cutting off panhandlers. east bay cyoised to make move to control peoe looki for handoffs. > i'm jodi hernandez in oakland. where the opening of the fourth floor of the caldecott tunnel is days away. what mus happen first, comin up. it been a special event for almost a century. why aouth bay tradition could be in jeopardy. next.
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not just for veterans but also for filies and communities to honor and learn om veterans. now a longstanding local tradition is introuble. san jose's annual veterans day parade, one of the largest and oldest of its kind, could vanish. nbc bay area's damn trujillo is along the parade route. 95ears of history. this means a lot to lot of people. >> reporter: yeah, raj, that's because it costs tensf thounds of dlars to organize this rade. now,hose organizers vow to fight to keept going, but
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admit it's not easy to raise that kind of mey. ♪ for almost a ceury, this pageantry has en a staple of san jose >> present. celebrate the serce of they america's military. >> i lik it becau with all the terans coming togeth. >> my daughter's doing a paper this is very educational for the kids that come out. reporter: today's lesson ght change from history to ecomics. funding sources for the parade are dwining, and the parade, itse, might be history if organizerson't raise the needed $100,000. >> then we couldn't run a pade because weot to pay for t police, we got to pay for the re, we got to pay f the permit. i mean, so that's w we nd money. >> reporr: the incoming city manager admits there is a lot of rk to do. >> s we certainly want to wor withhe organizers, wo with
6:29 pm
the uni ed veterans and see what the ture holds and cerinly loing forward. >> reporter: it's not cheap to run something like this. >> events certainly are not cheap. >> we want toeep the tradition going. i want to see the hundred of veterans parades here ian jose, so we really nee to after this parade to work with the committee and try to find way to fund is parade to keep i >> reporter: the mor says the city will find the way t keep the parade moving but organizers admit it will tak much more than oimismo keephe parad mahing on next year. another concern for the organizers is you see aot of the vietnam waveterans, korean war veterans and world war ii, buthat you see little of is the recent veterans from iraq and afghanistan. the oanizers say they're the ones who are going to hav t ke this traditi goin live in downtown san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank y, damian. w to the aftermath o typhoon haiyan. a number from nb news shows
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arly a thousand people are confirmed dead but thatumber is expected to soar in e coming days. u.s. marine delivered food, in the hardest hit areas.icti the u.s. isroviding $20 million in aid. the storm hit three days ago. e philippines is in chaos. countride and cities are littering the streets.bodies authorities say there are survivors, desperate for suppes. they've stripped malls, shopped this weekend, fund-raisers were heldere in ts countr >> it's really sad tsee the whole area flatt bd i the storm. >> it's so s, what's happened to the people. they lt homes. they lost their,verything that they have. >> manyed cross offes are offeng a service called fily tracing that allow local filipinos to check in on loved ones in affected area. here in the bay aa, with a large fipino community, many people are rching out. a gathering today in san francisco. some members collected
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donations, explained the cause d paused out fliers, other performed traditional dances like you're seeing here and sang songs. they also shared some of their heartbreak. >> ilways cry. my people. i alys see my friendlooking for somebody. and i just, what i do is just link them to my link and link >> impacting a lot of our neighbors. membersf the filipino community here arelso worried to provide survivors with the essentls, like food, water and medicine. they want to remind the plic that donatg money is the best way to help to learn more aut how you can help the victims, log on to our website, and search "typhoon relief." back here at homeit's a tunnel tens of thousands o bay ar drivers have been waiting for and it is almost ready. we're talking about t fourt of the caldecott doubl there's one more big question at has to b answered. is it se inn emergency? safety drills that should answer
6:32 pm
th question. nbc ba area jodi hernandez joins us le above highway 24 ar the tunnel. jodi, the tes will ultimately determe when the tunnelpens. reporter: giant high-powered jet fans. now escape routes and signage are among th state ofhe art safety features being put to the test, as fire crews and first responders conduct emergency drls on the fourth floor of the caldecott tunnel. >> this n tunnel is going to have a lot of safety features, bett ghting, betr stand pipe systems for water supy i the tunnel, better call boxe better escape hatches, andhose exhaust fs we talked about. >> reporter: crews practiced their responsto a simulated car fire thi afternoon. just a week and a half ag a existing bores sen eight peoe to the hospital. fire crews say if a similar situation were to happen in the new tunnel, motoristsould have
6:33 pm escape much >> ifou had a fire inside the tunnel today inore 4, you won't have the smoke that you did, that you saw in bore1. you'll hav people ecuating rough the cross passage. goingnto a safety zone of 3. >>eporter: the drills are t fil hurdle to getting t tunnel open but the opening date has not yet been set. >> soon. thenswer to tt is it's emature to give you arecise date because we haveo go through these batteries of tests. >> theight at the end of the nnel is here. >> reporter: we are bk here live n. if those tests go well, the traffic, the commute io and autoof the tunnel here along highwa 24 could soon get a whole lotsmoother. agn, the emergency drills are taking place. all this ek, we are told there will be some overnightrills on thursday. but if the tunnel passes those tests with flying colors, we are told thathe tunnel could open
6:34 pm
asarly as monday. reporting ve in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area >> thank you. troubled 49ders sr aldon smith returns to cou tomorrow to be arraigned on the felony weaps charges. police found the semiautomatic ries in his san jose home lt year ding a party in whi he hosted. ith is also fing a dui charge for a september crashnd wi face another jge next week smith recently returd from rehab and played sparingly in pan handlingerhandlers could by a n law in concord, considering passing a law banning people from begging thin 50 feet of a bank o m. concord police said they were called hundreds of times in the aggressive pan handng. the ordinance is also for buses
6:35 pm
and cafes where people can't walk i way. still ahead at 6:00, a lg overdue honor. he was loved by all the guys in his unit, and if anybody deservedhis honor, it would be >> the family o a war hero gets the closure they've beenooking for. how they managed to convince the military to btow a special honor. > and have you ever wted to buy a piece ofalifornia history? the real estateeal you may want to know about. and, good evening, i jeff weather center.nbc bay area we do have some changes onhe way. we'll let you knowbout showers in the forecast and who has the minutes.nce coming up in a few
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thetruggling u.s. postal serve partnered up with amazon and will start deliving packages on sunday. starting this week the postal service wi deliver packages to homes in los angeles and new york at n extra char. the dea could be a boone to the postal service which has been losing money. they pla to roll out service to more cits sometime next year. this is a bigone. how would you like to buy you ve own town? a northern california town is up for sale on craigslist, of course. it's in gold country. thad lists the gold mining ghost town of seneca for sale. how much is it? $225,000. it also says it was home to the woodstock of the west in the 19670s. you'll get two saacres, gin distillery and several cabins.
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bayrea company is fightifigh fighting for ahance to have a commercial durin the super bowl. you n help them win. >> though we're small, wre mighty. we're engineers. weuilt the world. >> oakland based goldielocks kes blocks and oer ts to teach girls about engineering and construcon and they're one of four finalists in a small business competition held by software maker ituit. the winner will he a 30 second spot in t biggame. help by voting for goldie box. go t our website, and search for goldie blocks. we head in from our holiday to th workweek. >> we're going to hav a few speed bumps along the way. ovall, a good next seven days inhe forecast. a live lk from eryville. cloud cover up above. no mor fog for tonight. we'll talk about the possibility r shower
6:40 pm
that's the speed bump coming upn about 24 -- or couple of minutes. >> couple of minutes. i'll be waiting there and ready to go. we have sports for you. dolphins opener breang his accusations. e bullying hear what head coach ji harbaugh hado say about his team's offensive struggles. that'sext from the xfinity spts desk. s i holding my apple up?
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many of us are honoring those who have served in the miliry. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb ofhe unknowns at arlingtonational cemetery in viinia. he als honored the oldest surviving veteran inhe country, richard overton. the 107-year-old who fought for
6:43 pm
the u.s. army during world war ii inhe south pacific in 1942. today, he got his wish which was to mt president obama. here in theay area, one veterans day ceremony included long awaited honor. an award for an army surgeon who died in vietnam. it took me than four decades for his family to receive this honor. why. joe rosato jr. expins >> rorter: though the vieam war is lon over, one d of it plays over and over in the mind of al wall. >> you remember everything that happened that day. you canstill, you know, smell the gun smoke. >> reporter: the army veteran remembers that june morning in 1967 as he lay sleeping on the groundf h camp invietnam. just a foot away from sergeant he can still hear e mortar explode. >> i was actually turned over d was talking to merle. and i realized that he wasn't responding. >> reporter: the blast missed wall but it killed deino, one
6:44 pm
other soldier and wounded 29 shortly after the men learned the mortar rounds weren't fired by the enemy but by fello u.s. troops in case of friendly re. wounded got a purple heart. th two that were killed was listed a nonhostile and no purple hearts are allowed for nonhostile. >> reporter: decades rolled , the war grew further away but wall and hisellow solers never forgot. >> give your lif for the country and not receive the purple heart, it doesn't seem right. >> after year sergeant dentino will be posthumously awarded the purple heart. calls and lette writing, of dentino's family and fellow soldiers convinc the military he deserved a purple heart. presented that purpleeart to dentino's sister. >>e had exemplary seice. he was areat guy. he was loved by allhe guys in hi un, and if abody
6:45 pm
deserved this honor,t would be my brother. commander said since it was r case of friendly fire, they had to prove the enemy was nearby when ntino was killed. the fire was ono theso there was need for a purple heart. >> rorter: the effort for t purpleheart, for the first time, she heardtories of the big brotherho was taken fro her years ago. joe rosatojr., nbc b area news. >> very speciafor that family. let's turnhings over to meteorogist jeff ranieri. talkbout this stormeading our way. >> it's tapping into a decent with the subtropical nature of itforecast models have tough time pinning it do. past seven days the rainfall has been off and o several times. we get a current fix onhe radar closer in across the bay, it's actually a few returns now showing up just a few hundred les offshore of san francisco
6:46 pm
and ptions of the peninsula. a good part of that will be breakingp but we'll have showers in the forecast as we head throughou the next 4 hours. i'll have moren that coming up. let's take you outside to the sky camera network. see across the north bay cloud cover on the increase with 57, san francisco. al i dealing with cloud cover. but it's not, you know, a fog storm. we stillave visibility at five miles and/or plus we'll take you across the south bay. no issues with airport dels right now. temperatures in the low 60s. but, again, a lot of haze in t high-level clo cover we're dealing with up above. look right now.and get a what wooyou're going tfind in te day part forast, tomorrow morning, 7:00:00 a.m., cloud cover inplace. mperatures in the mid 50 not expecting a wet start at this point in the south bay. you should have sunshine there ase head thughout 1:00 p.m. as we bring youcross the peninsula, we'llave plenty of cloucover here throught the day as well with numbers topping i think the best possibility right now showers will be
6:47 pm
about from san francis northward up into the nor bay. you can see as we head into n the morning we'llave that 0 in chance of showers in the let's also take you to the north that is where we will have the best possiility of showe at 11:00 p.m. tonigh 6:00 a.m. for tomorrow. and potentily there throughout 1:00 p.m. for tomorrow as ll. then for the tri vall, it wl numbers expecte in the low 70s. so let's get a look. we have had some warm weath storm track is finally starting toet closer, moving off toward the south. th, again, i gng to showers across the bay area.some what you're goingo be able to see is as this area o low pressure continu to get closer through tonigh it is going to bring up moisture from the south as we mentioned and it looks ke right now it's gng to which will leave most of thatack rainfall potential up across the north bay. we're not totally ruling out the chancef showers acrs the east bay or sou bay.
6:48 pm
looks like trace amoun at this point. so with that sa, manyf you know we need that rainfall across t bay area. so he's a lk at how dry it is compad to whe we should be for this time of the year. only 3.95 in san rosa this year, down 18 inche from wre you shld be. we're wn now 12.86 inches. les get the microclimate forecast in here for tomorrow. that we will he that best s possibily again of showers u into the nor bay. temperaturesn the mid to upper s throughout santa rosa. e east bay, 69 in walnut crk. tri valley, 72 in livermorend pleasanton at 70. t only napa a santaosa with the chance of showersut yontvill calastoga, san rafael and beron a this point. throughout san francisco.w 60s
6:49 pm
by the ninsula, mid to upper 60s inalo alto. and for the south bay, we' have 72 in morgan ll. 71 in san jose. an s gatos at . for that weekend forecast, we get a mix of sun and clouds in here. we'll have temperaturein the low 70sor the interior valleys and aut 68 expected the for berkeley. don't rget, seven-day forecast alys at the bottom of your screen. never have to wait anymore. down there at the bottom, my eyes? they can't be giving away the seven day. let's ge to sports, bring in j kozimor. perhaps yesterday's 49ers loss s a blessing in disguise. a rude wake-up call. >> look at you, mr. sunsne. this thing.way raj is looking at toughay for the 49ers sunday. colin kaepernick throwing for 91 yards. the nins came ay with three eld goals in 10-9.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: colin kaepernick burst on to the nfl scene last season posting quartback ratings over 90 i 8 of his 10 starts this season, the 49e passing offense ranks last in t league. on suny against carolina, kaepernick had hisorst outing as a starter. when asked what his third-year quarterback uld be struggling with, jim harbaugh did not want to place blame. >> as a unit, you know, a unit offensely, you know, we didn't play well enoh toin the game. now, across the board, not going to go through dissect position by position, raking anybody over the coals. don't think that's the best thg for us. we have a tough ge coming up, and not going to wall low in it. the main thing is that we'll look at it andalk about it with our players, and see the areas thate can improv reporter: harbaugh cceded
6:51 pm
frustration that that lack of a rhythm on offense prevented the 49ers fro going deeper into the playbook a using plays designed to keep carolina off balance. he will seek the feedback of his players as the 4ers try to rectify their passing game in santa clara, nbc bay area. >>all right. let's move to the silver and black. e raiders. still wiess on the road after dropng a close game to t giants in new jersey. afterward, much of the talk centering on the play of quarterbac terrelle pryor. he dn't quite look himself on sunday later explaing he's been dealing with a sain to his mcl. here's raiders head coach dennis allen today. it was obvious that there sn't that explosiveness tt we had seen out of him por to the injury. you know, wasn't something that we thought was going to be a big factor goingnto the game, but obviously itas a factor. the passing game is -- it's not one -- it's never one person. you know? it's a comnation of 11 guys going out there and doing their
6:52 pm
job. >> they have the texans next sunday. the miami dolphins bullyg scandal to another turn today. on suny suspended dolphin richie inko rich richie inkoog incogni incognito. martin.ached out to jonathan i have texted him. we have communicated via text. and i plan to meet with him in rson very shortly. want to get to the btom of it. we wt toet to -- hear what the real facts are. there's been so much said and doneo date that,ou know, i what has happened becau no ones has really spoken wi jonathan martin directl all right. with the news that the twins all-star catcher joe mauer is making a permanent move to first base, giants fans have been ndering about their former mvp behind home platuster posey.
6:53 pm
bobby evans saying a similar move for posey is not in the diussion. so the you have it, giant fans buster will be behindhe plate and that's wheree say he wants to be. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. we'lhave more tonight a 11:00 p.m. >> i noticed before we started sports jimas eating an apple. >> we likes to snackbefore. he gets enough sugar in his body. >> get my energy , guys. got to get mynergy up for you, too, it's one against two. >> thank youjim. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you can change yr tomorrow
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>> good times at the winchester stery house. let's turn things overo jeff ranieri. >> we're tracking thattorm system offshore. right n see on our interactive maps we do have a few rurns just about 150 miles o. it is going to dramatically change our forecast for tomorrow. right now, w do have cloud cover on the increase throught the ba and also low 60s. upper 50s uth bay, not too bad at the lower vels. curreny 61degrees. noirport delays to spe of at this point. and a quickeveal as we head throughout tomorrow's focast, wel get sunshine in here by the afternoon. but do notice theorth bay, that's where our best chance of showers will be as we head throughout tt forecast over the next 18 hours or so. otherwise,ow 70 throughout the ea bay and ao low 70s expected forhe south bay a well >> all right. je, thank you. > thanks for joining us here at 6:00. >> hope to see you at 11:00. >>ave a great evening. >>ye-bye.
6:58 pm
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>> morning tv shocker. gma's amy robach makes a stunning on-air confession. >> i have breastcancer. >> now on "extra." first, robin roberts. now her cleague amy robach struckith a heah crisis. how 40-year-old amy got or the news during a live tv mammogram d her scary road ahead. >> as scary ast all is, i'm so, so cky. miley's new pot smoking fire storm. ripping out joint and lighting up at europe's mtv awards. >> what else she did to prove shez p music's number one


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