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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 8, 2016 7:00am-8:59am MST

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appee y ou>>ur l new n msen n 100%urith ed. stw r eeave soling temperatures maiy arthugh the morning. ndill ther foheraitf mpatarng
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thnext 70 days, it s aice ea from the coland we'll so ser melting is goto ke place... insingume armeowh s zo
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tintaca ct dr aesmainri recous aor vi mo cdefemie eami.ti-fgo antiviral withamlu. i haidt d and omplni autl acs d ins.d idcoo as t'arinthansaid "ani t yone u' be le tha seork"ayaid "ok it'se d , me "ifou ntotherjuade."e saotwe e gog to fin re! anwe we lasts yoow e ce. ive wkingever
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atur is an60stthbe a nice bakl see some susgoing toce... ngum ftw tho de ando. sah ppenw -- e ir tl d tos
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rat ar l p a yigtan horenr wiebh arg crang tors cludra.bu ea oimit tgn o ndalot froymp.thirin w s e sto 5 acds ns m j bh'c. ere f nt hses amy a noppsn i had, afctfo hi islectn n sfaly ita.
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8:12 am
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