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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 22, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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some say it won't do any good. muni riders may need an alternative to idle buses. >> and the man who inspired a revolution in egypt is in the bay area. his take on the role he played in that movement. good evening. it's friday, april 22nd. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. a good friday protest in san francisco is drawing the attention to the plight of drug users, the homeless and mentally ill. our just john sasaki live in the city. >> referree: we are standing in the heart of the tenderloin one of the most troubled parts of san francisco and a group of christians marched through this
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area in a reenactment of christ's life it is the stations of the cross on good friday. in the tenderloin leaders and the devout stopped at different stations to pray. >> we adore you oh, christ because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world. >> as people suffer today in this world we remember jesus' suffering and make it a holy day. >> referree: it is a somber commemoration. >> i find it hard to believe that we live in this society and there is so many people suffering and homeless and that don't have kind of the things that we typically have as a family or someone that cares for hem. >> referree: but the less fortunate were less than impressed. >> what is going on out here isn't going to be helped by them. >> what is going on? >> the drugs and prostitution, the straight poverty. >> referree: but these tenderloin faithful say they are dedicated to improving
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everyone's lot in life. glenda says changing the tax code would help. >> we have people in power who are giving away more and more riches to those who are already deep in riches and taking it away from the poorest and most vulnerable among us. >> referree: the children who live here have to brave the streets which can be unsavory. but numerous people crossed themselves or joined with the group to sing. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this is an unlawful assembly and you are ordered to disperse. that -- this dramatic and peaceful scene played out every good friday. act assists call for an end to nuclear weapons and arrests follow. 50 protesters were handcuffed. the nuclear disaster in japan brought new meaning to the protests. people around the world are
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observing one of christian city ty's holiest days of the year. >> ♪ [ music ] this morning in gentleman lose emchristians carried a cross. -- pope benedict appeared on television for a question and answer session. no pope has done that before. he answered catholics and non- catholics alike. san francisco muni drivers voted to approach a potential strike. they are negotiating a new contract. the talks have been described as contentious. it does not mean that drivers will strike. it provides union leaders with the authority to call a walkout if negotiations stall. muni is responding to another ongoing safety issues. the agency is investigating why
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a bus driver was back behind the wheel of a bus yesterday after being accused of texting while driving. the unidentified driver was fired this morning after she showed up for her shift. video revealing a troubling problem involving light rail train. this video shows an l train speeding through a tunnel yesterday morning with a wide open door. the man who shot it says that the passengers were shocked when the train pulled away from the station at 10:00 a.m. the operator is still on the job. a similar incident on another l train april 5th led to an operator suspension. an abalone diver has died on the sonoma coast. a 44-year-old man drowned this morning. this video here shot yesterday is of the same area where a diver from south san francisco
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died yesterday. authorities identified the victim as a man from santa rosa. cal osha is investigating the death of a man from napa. a man fell in the tanks at a vineyard at the east side of town. he died wednesday while looking into a tank after emptying it. she told us the winery has a clean safety record. a petaluma soldier who died 68 years ago is finally being laid to rest. private first class mervin simms received a 21 gun salute today. he was on board an army cargo plane that crashed in the himalayas. the veterans along with sims' relatives and classmates attended today's funeral. a group that is credited
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with igniting a revolution in egypt is in the bay area tonight. he topped time magazine's list of the 100 most flume people in the world. he was born in egypt used facebook to organize millions of egyptians. the demonstrations overthrow president hosni mubarack earlier this year. >> it's something that i'm not, like, -- i was not looking for and i think the most important thing is the cause. the cause was to get rid of a bad regime. >> tonight he is at stanford to talk about how egypt can move to economic recovery. a tweet brings a commitment to stay in san francisco. twitter told the world this afternoon that it will be moving into a san francisco building, this one here on market street by mid 2012. the former furniture mart building is four blocks from the current headquarters. san francisco is providing a
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payroll tax break to keep the hometown startup in the city. california governor jerry brown was handed a 12-pack of beer during a meeting today. he met with silicon valley ceos and discussed what they need to succeed. >> referree: the ice was broken when the governor was given biscuits for his dog. >> [ inaudible ]. >> referree: he was given beer which he joked would be helpful while working in sacramento. he sat on a panel at the eighth annual business summit. among business leaders' top concerns? >> the issues that are important in the board room are equally important in the living room. what are the top issues? housing that people can afford. a good transportation system, a quality k-12 and higher education system. >> referree: with the state facing a $26 billion short fall and cuts in education,
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companies worry as the future generation is being prepared. >> in order to turn out the engineers that my company need all of us hire different kinds of engineers, we have to have you know, basic math and science learned in the schools from the beginning. >> referree: positive news shows that two-thirds of silicon valley companies added jobs in the past year and more than half expect more growth this year. >> that is all business innovation. i want to encourage that. and -- and whatever they need from government i want to make sure they get it. >> referree: but according to -- to this survey in order to do long-term investments in california they need to know what is happening with the budget and taxes. governor brown told us to expect more talks with the republicans before any deal can be made. geologists say a new study reveals that one of the bay
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area earthquake faults is transferring strain to audio. the hayward fault has taken on a quarter of the strain from the san andreas fault. it a new map shows the two faults merging together in southern california. >> it shows how over time, it changed and rearranged. the fault is by and large becoming simpler. the hayward fault is trying to be the new san andreas. >> it would mean smaller quakings that are more numerous. but it will take thousands of years to occur. a new map from the university of hawaii shows how debris from the japanese tsunami will spread through the pacific. tons is expected here on our shorelines in march of 2014. the hawaiian islands over the next five years. the kings may be staying
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put thanks in part to a former nba star who is now mayor. the team owners have been considering a move to anaheim. but kevin johnson pledged support for a new basketball stadium downtown and the perks of luxury suites by local businesses. nba officials are expected to recommend that the kings stay where they are. dead or dying sharks found beached in the bay. the most likely reason has experts unconvinced. biodiesel has been cleaner and greener but now it is cheaper. how a local company is trying to save you money. quite a few clouds moving into the bay area. the one part of the area we could be tracking sprinkles and the temperature change in the five-day forecast.
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700 female gis are testing a combat uniform that fits better. the army is looking at redesigning the body armor. a congressional military commission recommended that women be allowed to serve in combat. many women serve in noncombat roles in war zones. lindy lohan is going to jail. she was sentenced a to 120 days this afternoon for violating her terms of probation. at a hearing the judge reduced the grand theft charge to a misdemeanor but said prosecutors had proved that she violated probation. she pleaded not guilty to the theft. lohan will be-- remain free on bail while the ruling is appealed. charlie sheen gets a police escort to his one man show and
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the washington, d.c. police is calling for an investigation. he was running late for his stop on tuesday and d.c. police used lights and sirens to whisk him to constitution al. the d.c. police sheaf says she did not authorize the escort. scientists are trying to figure out why dead sharks are washing up on the shoreline. it could be affecting other marine life. >> referree: the first dead and dying leopard sharks were found a couple days ago. >> the shark was in the water and acting strangely. it had its head kind of beached and his tail in the water, about a three, three and a half foot shark. >> referree: we found two dead small sharks today. and the bat ray was swimming erratically and seemingly confused. >> they are not an endangered
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species or anything like that but we are wondering why these fish are struggling so much. >> referree: state fish and game contacted a doctor in the california academy of sciences yesterday to see if he had ideas. >> until they can examine the sharks one will never know whether it was human caused pollutants or whether these were unfortunate sharked that got trapped at low tide. >> referree: stanford university is involved in the investigation too. whether or not they can come up to an answer to the sea life dieing is unnoun. the lure of california rivers rushing with snow melt is prompting a warning. american riff is swollen from the melting snow pack. the conditions are better than in years. but recreational boaters should use caution. the cold and swift water by wearing helmets and jackets and
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knowing their limits. pg&e's ceo is drawing fire tonight. a group is demanding that retirement money does not come from the pockets of customers. the power is back on in san francisco's financial district after what pg&e is calling a momentary outage. we told you about it during the news at 6:00. pg&e says there was a problem in an underground vault. 450 customers lost power but pg&e says it was quickly restored. electrical grid managers are preparing for increased use this morning. the improving economy will lead to new business users and more people running their air conditioners. they chose earth day to show off a new control center in
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sacramento they track the distribution of energy across the state. dignitaries from across the bay area dedicated the new solar power plant today with a ribbon cutting. gavin newsom spoke about the importance of returning the jobs to california. they hope to hire 100 new employees by this time next year. solar panels set up outside provide electricity for the building. gas prices in california are approaching record-high levels. the average stated with price today was $4.21. the record high of $4.60 was set in june of 2008. analysts say it could soar to $6 a gallon by the summer. all it would take is a few hurricanes to damage refineries and cut output. cleaner and greener fuels are typically more expensive
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but not always. ken wayne got a tour of a company that is helping drivers save on diesel. >> referree: matt rolled into the yard with one question request. >> just fill it up. >> okay. >> i heard about a place selling biodiesel for a quarter less. >> referree: they have produced biodiesel for a couple years but usually ships it to retailers. starting today you can buy it direct. the process works like this. they send this truck around to pick up your basic used cooking oil. the oil is treated and washed. after about four days it looks like this and is ready to go from this truck into this car. the demand is there but getting the oil is harder. philip donated to the cause. >> i got used vegetable oil from local restaurants. >> referree: bill drove in from caster valley to give it a try.
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>> i thought for $4.15 i can get gas. >> referree: his concern whether it could run problem free in his truck. the ceo insists that biodiesel is an improved fuel and won't affect the warranty. >> it will not cause problems. it is a confidence issue that has to grow over time. >> referree: he was comfortable enough for a fillup. >> the step after this is walking. >> referree: claudine wong, bay area news at 7:00. a washington state teenager is getting attention for her senior class project. she faked being pregnant for six months as a social experiment. she wanted to examine the impact on her high school. she took off her fake belly at her school assembly. only her parents and faculty and friends were in on the secret. little girls, pretty dresses and pure joy filled an oakland warehouse today.
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>> i like white. >> volunteers handed out dozens of new easter dresses to deserving families. girls twirled with joy and parents thanked doers. this is the first dress give way way since mother wright passed away. five elephant seal pups are back where they belong. the role that humans played in the happy homecoming. will your weekend be wet? there may be spring unless parts of the bay area. he'll be here with your forecast. you can watch all of our newscasts on your computer. we are streaming live at
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five elephant seal pups are back in their natural home tonight. workers in caramel released the pitches back into the ocean. the center says it rescued the pups shortly after birth and now they are strong enough to fend for themselves. a lot of sunshine down there in caramel and here it is not too bad. >> a few high clouds and on the mild side. and we have the big forecast this weekend and it looks like just lingering clouds out there
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and the chance, just a chance of wet sprinkles sher. right now not a lot of coverage out there except to the east of the region. we have snow showers in the sierra and rain showers out to the north and we could track sprinkles on saturday. here's the deal tonight. mostly cloudy skies and temperatures on the cool side. more clouds for saturday. partly cloudy on sunday for easter sunday. and the extended forecast would clear out the clouds and temperatures warping up nicely into tuesday and wednesday next week. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies. a chance of a few sprinkles or isolated light shower. most areas will start out saturday morning in the 40s. santa rosa at 40. here's the latest on the satellite. you can see the cloud cover moving through northern and central california and moisture up stream in the flow. here's the pattern. for saturday mostly cloudy skies. we bring in the chance of sprinkles as the flow continues
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to move in at leisz being directed to the bay area. on sunday this begins to lift to the north a bit. we will scale back on clouds with partly cloudy skies and temperatures warm up slightly by two to three degrees for the second half of the weekend. here we are at 7:00 with mostly cloudy conditions out there. i'll step out of the way. you can see activity just off shore. the model is not too generous with the shower coverage tomorrow. but there is a chance of a sprinkle first thing tomorrow morning. and then we scale back on the cloud cover by 4:00. by sunday we start out with clouds on sunday morning. and in the afternoon hours the forecast model pulls back on the clouds with the partly cloudy skies. but another system rolls into the region sunday night and monday morning and falls apart over the bay area. but it could generate showers monday morning. we still have the weekend to open joy and the temperatures
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tomorrow afternoon in the upper 50s to lower 60s. warmest locations may be approaching 65 degrees closer to morgan hill and gilroy. half-moon bay, 58 degrees. here's a look ahead. definitely the clouds a big factor for saturday. the temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. there is the partly cloudy condition for sunday. showers on monday mostly for the morning hours and temperatures warm up nicely by tuesday and wednesday next week. san francisco's union square turned into a dance club this afternoon. ♪ [ music ] that is a flash mob that took over the square kicking off national dance week. professionals and students led the way but everyone was invited to join in one dance. the group is celebrating its 13th year with hundreds of events throughout the bay area. bay area news at 7:00 returns on monday and our coverage
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continues online on and with the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news.
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