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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  September 25, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. a deadly shooting overnight in the east bay. this marks the 8th deadly shooting this week in oakland will have the details. good morning everybody. it's sunday september 25th. i'm liz croyitz good to be back with all of you and let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa arjen. good morning, lisa. hey, liz. good morning. welcome back. we are settling into a pretty nice pattern here temperatures cooled off yesterday along the coast is the fog filled in it is with us and bringing gray skies for napa parts of our east bay and 59 degrees here. you can see the boats out in the bay there in santa cruz hazel reach the low 70s right now at 61 in oakland 62 in palo alto in san jose. you can see the deck of low clouds from mount tam 54 santa rosa three quarter mile visibility with mid-60s and clear sky inland.
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so overall everyone is cooler from a degree to 10 degrees cooler and as we get into the afternoon that seabreeze will keep it breezy downtown some low 70s. there will be in the mid to upper 70s around oakland, but you can see will quickly warm again inland for high temperatures make it into the 90s, but that's going to be far out by the delta. so we've got a warm day for our inland valleys and the changes starting today. we'll talk about how much cooler we get as we begin the work week coming up liz. all right, lisa. thank you. all right developing news now in the east bay another deadly shooting in oakland police. say a man from san francisco was shot and killed last night. they say they found him lying on the ground on camden street near 62nd avenue. he had been shot at least once and he died at the scene police say officers found the man after responding to a shot spot or alert shortly after 6pm his death marks the 8th deadly shooting in oakland just this week and it comes after another man was shot and killed in oakland on friday night that happened in a residential
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neighborhood on east street just before nine o'clock investigators. say the victim lived in oakland. they have not released his name. we are waiting on an update on what may have led to that shooting including any possible arrest. police chief laron armstrong says it's been a tough week in the city of oakland tomorrow two bay area high school principles one from san francisco and one from richmond are expected to talk about what happened friday night after a football game was canceled. san francisco parents were worried about their kids playing in richmond. so the game was a no-go abc 7 news reporter on sir hassan has the story. the football field at richmond high has been empty since friday, which was supposed to be the school's first home game, but the opposing team decided not to come it means that students who have been working very hard to build up their football program did not get the opportunity to compete in their first competition of the year. this sanders is the director of communications at west contra costa unified school district, richmond. high was supposed to play the
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team from san francisco's galileo academy of science and technology, but according to sanders richmond's football coach. simply got a notification on thursday without any discussion that galileo was in coming because the parents concerns over safety pacific incidents that were cited were not at richmond high school one was an incident that had occurred outside of a different high school in richmond in 2019. galileo has played richmond before but never in the city of richmond abc 7 news did reach out to the coaching staff and administration at galileo. they did not return the requests for com. but in an interview with our media partners the san francisco standard galileo's football coach said quote i spoke with their principal and he explained that the recent incidents had been at other schools in their district, but that didn't convince our parents. we would want to have a conversation about any parent safety concerns that there are we would want to be able to share our safety plan and also dispel any potential rumors, but some say the forfeiture isn't
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just about a football game. it's also about a community and these students galileo is in a wealthy part of san francisco richmond high is an associate economically depressed part of the city and almost 90% latino the district admits that raises concerns, i think the optics are concerning and problematic and so our disappointment includes concern that there are some optics here that are problematic sandra says richmond high school's principal will reach out to galileo's principle on monday to have those conversations. we want to make sure that this does not say to our students is that they have any less of a right to compete in a full high school experience because of the community that they come from enrichment onset hussain abc 7 news. protesters rallied in front of san francisco city hall on saturday morning calling attention to the death of a 22 year old iranian woman.
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you can hear there. they chanted her name masa. amini participants expressed anger and demanded justice for her death amini was arrested by the country's morality. please last week after being accused of wearing a loose and improper head covering authorities. there said she died from a heart attack, but many people did not agree with that and protests have erupted across the bay area and around the world calling attention to iran's mandatory. hijab laws. another rally is set for today this time. the demonstrators will be gathering in san francisco's union square on the corner of geary and powell. the protest is expected to begin at 1 pm. organizers. say their protests is about denouncing the iranian regime and it's president for the systemic and ongoing killings in iran. and here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this morning where a solidarity protest is also set for 11:00 this morning people plan to form a human chain across the bridge they say they will link arm and arm and stand in unity.
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two hours. it's just one of the many powerful displays in the bay area set for today to demand justice for masha amani. smoke and charred memories are all that remain of a legendary san francisco sports bar, which was heavily damaged by an early morning fire this weekend the double play bar and grill first opened in the outer mission district more than a hundred years ago a hangout spot for baseball greats and first responders abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard spoke with devastated owners and customers looks like i guess don't believe it. i see but i cannot believe it. but seeing was believing for rafael hernandez owner of the double play bar and grill at 16th and bryant street where debris liters the sidewalk charged shares and bar stools the san francisco fire department says the fire early saturday destroyed most of the bars interior leaving rafael emotional and almost speechless right now. i don't my i don't know.
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my dad took over in 2008, but he started as a dishwasher actually in 1988 son hernan hernandez. mendoza says the family-owned business was more than a bar. it was an institution which first opened in 1909 the bar chock full of sports memorabilia and autographed pictures of players all the appreciate they gone gone, they gone the double play was the original hangout for players and fans of the san francisco seals pacific coast league and their stadium used to be right there seal. stadium would later become the temporary home of the san francisco giants. that's where the steel stadium actually was and that's where most players came over relief pitchers after games before games. they would come in and have a sip really me. right cross street longtime customers are crushed even former owner james gigi fearucci came to pay respects all the member of media. of this was a lot of fun this
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place here. the bar was also a meeting spot for off-duty first responders the san francisco firefighters union tweeted a sad day for all those who know, i mean, i don't know about firefighter they come not a firefight. they know me everybody fire officials say the cause of the fire is under investigation raphael vowing to regroup and rebuild my plan as soon as they we find out. how do they take care or whatever they take we can maybe building again. san francisco cornell bernard abc 7 news the department of emergency management says several traffic signals in san francisco. that hadn't been working since very early saturday morning have since been repaired and they are now working properly. the stoplights caused slowdowns at intersections and chinatown and other parts of the city police had been managing traffic at some of the intersections to prevent any collisions and regular service has also been restored after major delays friday and that bart transpay tube the agency plans to address recent issues on monday, and
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this comes after hundreds of passengers were stranded inside of art train during friday morning's commute when it lost power normal service was restored later that night at 11pm the transit agency will discuss ways that it can improve and prevent similar issues in the future and just a reminder. you can watch all of our newscasts live and on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple tv android tv, amazon fire tv and roku, you can download the app now and start streaming. alright lisa 910 this morning. let's get a check outside. all right, look at all the gray sky here near 60 degrees in santa cruz where temperatures have been coming down slowly today low 70s, but a lot of action on the beach already. we will get into some sun here, but locally not as bright and not as warm. we'll talk about our subtle cool down getting underway next. thank you. lisa also ahead. what does it cost to build a single affordable living home in san francisco the process to make it happen and the million
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and your guests, and the planet. now you can afford even more, with new benefits for ikea family members, including 5% off all eligible purchases in-store. every visit. every day. residents and supporters of the wood street encampment are rallying in. and organizers intend to speak out against the removal of homeless residents at the encampment. the rally is set to start around two this afternoon. caltrans crews recently had started to clear out the property inside of the encampment. the cleanup process is expected to last for weeks. it's estimated some 200 people lived at the site before this work started. well it now costs up to 1.2 million dollars to make a single
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affordable home in san francisco according to the chronicle new state housing funding applications are reflecting the same skyrocketing building costs seen across the bay area researchers say that the rise is worsened by worker shortages pandemic era inflation and the bureaucracy of long and unpredictable approval processes. meanwhile competing ballot measures will determine in november how to streamline affordable housing developments. and caltrain rolled out their new fleet of electric trains on saturday in san francisco. this is part of an effort to electrify the rail system to reduce noise and greenhouse sustainable fleet will reduce co2 emissions by 97% creating the new state-of-the-art fleet
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has generated up to 30,000 jobs across the country. in the north bay a push to protect busy highway 37 from sea level rise in the coming decades is taken a big leap. caltrans is prepared to recommend building a four-lane causeway along the 21-mile corridor to replace the current highway. it will sit 30 feet high and might include a bike and pedestrian path and a smart taint train track the price tag six to eight billion dollars it could take decades to build two sea level rise is threateninghet of the caltrans study comes out in december. the sport of curling has found an unlikely home in east oakland, which is known much more the sport as a midwest or a canadian sport, but it's just starting to pick up some popularity on the west coast abc 7 news reporter tara campbell was in the east bay and has the story. and with the clank of a rock the sport of curling is sweeping into east oakland.
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it's been a long time dream for i think many people in the curling community in northern california, you know having the first dedicated ice facility here patrick debuchi and his husband our longtime members of the san francisco bay area curling club. my husband and i start curling in 2003 and 2004 in san jose windows 20 people on the ice watching the club grow to where it is today and seeing this beautiful facility open up is just a moment to say for all of us. it took a ton of volunteer work. it took a lot of donations and people willing to believe in us and lend us money. it takes something that we'd love to talk about which is the spirit of curling. it's about a lot more than the curling here. it's about the community.
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how did you stumble across curling? it's not the most common sport. that's very true. that's very very true. it's i have to give credit to my husband patrick who decided would be something fun we could do together. god started first just by watching it on the olympics and thought it was, you know, different and interesting sports and you know, i really like the strategy part of it this
9:18 am
building and this facility where we landed is just it's just amazing for us. it's great. it's close to public transit. our neighbors are amazing. i've caught the curling bug that oakland city council member treva reed. this is one of those sports that honestly it's rooted and kindness. it's rooted in being polite is
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you rooted in just using your voice to like help each other and then come alongside and sweep towards the goal and in addition to funding this facility countless hours go into maintaining this ice and it's all done by volunteer if you look at the texture if i eyes, it is pebbled as we say and it
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has a texture that allows our rocks to glide and curl and this is the type of environment you need to become very competitive curlers and with every curl of old to the neighborhood happening today if you love jazz, you may want to head to the coast musicians from all over the world will be playing at the 65th. annual monterey jazz festival and spread out a bit fall day inland, but around the bay numbers you can tell coming down a little bit that sea breeze cranks up a bit today more. so tomorrow tuesday and wednesday should be the cooler days of the week and as we look at the low cloud deck, it does pull back. it takes another hour, so and
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we've got the fog along the coast. so we'll see 60s. we're not going to see those mid and upper 70s that we saw early on and that fog it gets all the way inland tomorrow pushes across the bay. this is 8 o'clock and you can see it's a great start for most of us and then once again with the stronger sea breeze, we will have one more day with some 90s monday afternoon out by the delta otherwise a mid and upper 80s inland and it looks really nice in fact dave day with temperatures coming down a little bit feeling more like fall, right? the nights are longer. it feels a little cooler in the morning hours in the afternoon. just kind of pleasant. we don't have those really gusty winds, but we are looking at those comfortable temperatures in the city so as for today at 80 on the peninsula for you in san mateo mid 80s redwood city 87 in san rafael some 90s around livermore this afternoon and san jose coming down around four or five degrees at sea breeze keeping the low clouds and fog with us the accuweather 7-day forecast today the warmest day
9:22 am
out of the next seven the final days of september featuring the cooling trend the breezier winds tuesday and wednesday, and we're around average by the time we bring in some upper 80s on thursday, and then that's the last day of september on friday. it looks cooler for next weekend like you would expect maybe for october right? yes. well, it's nice to have a little bit of warren before we get that false sweater weather feel right. thanks lisa. okay, just to add the shocking moment a car nearly hits a little girl in a san mateo intersection the city now trying to make that crosswalk for drivers and pedestrians.
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crosswalk abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo breaks it all down. jason hong's dash cam was rolling as she stopped to let this family cross franklin parkway in bays road in san mateo watch closely as the three enter the crosswalk that dark suv ripping the child scooter from beneath her just a few inches a few moments from what could have been an even more profound tragedy. had been, you know a few seconds later. she could have gotten seriously. are still my heart kind of pounds every time i kind of think back to that moment. the girls father tells me his daughter is doing great though. the family is understandably shaken. i'm also told a driver return to 'sranit ishong who captured thee last wednesday and other residents say tamsple of the clt have happened at this intersection issues neighbors say they've alerted the city to for years we've been inviting email we've been speaking at city council meetings and i
9:26 am
think now this video finally triggers some some actual real action pd says they've responded by increasing area patrols. we are monitoring the traffic in that area so that we can continue to be proactive and make sure that that area continues to be safe for the residents and pedestrians and other motorists city manager drew corbett releasing a statement reacting to the harrowing video sing in part this inexperienced driver clearly failed to stop for the young child in the crosswalk when something like this happens, we have to ask why going on to describe how the city is taking immediate action officials have temporarily removed a lane of traffic on a section of franklin parkway. they'll also be adding an additional pedestrian crossing beacon to improve visibility. we ask the city about long-term goals. they say they're looking at weather always stop signs caninn meantime, they say a traffic study is being conducted as the community pushes to keep their neighbors.
9:27 am
many can't help but think about how much worse it could have been i had met i had made eye contact with the family that was about to cross the street kind of like in slow motion. i kind of saw in the corner of my eye this car kind of zooming past in san mateo. i'm amanda delta still yo abc 7 news, please tell us since the driver returned to the scene and please did not witness the incident that the teen will not be charged. just very lucky that little girl is okay. still to come on abc 7 morning, so state of emergency declared in the sunshine state the latest details on tropical storm en. plus they sold tickets and put on a show, but they didn't get the money turns out this bay area nonprofit isn't the only one waiting to get paid the story. you'll only see on abc 7. you'll only see on abc 7. life is busy. so, come to shell and get three things done at once. first, fill up with shell v-power nitro+ to help keep your engine running like new. nice! then save up with the fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again.
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good morning, everyone.
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thanks for joining us. we're going to start this half hour with another look at the weather. so let's go back over to lisa arjun. hey, lisa. hey, liz. good morning to you. hi everyone. we are starting out with low clouds and fog here in the city. it is spread across the bay, but temperatures are on the mild side as low clouds and fog have brought the afternoon highs down. the morning temperatures are in low 60s palo alto 62 in santa
9:31 am
clara. look at all the gray sky though in the south bay. we're in the mid 50s up in the north bay fog is clearing there with mid 60s and sunshine in our inland valley. so with the fog moving in yesterday on the south winds temperatures weren't as warm, but it certainly was hot in lynn will do another day of warmth that autumn warmth in lynn with some 90s but temperatures shaved off the peninsula the bayshore
9:32 am
and even the north bay so it is a day with above average readings not hot as it's been and we're initiating a cooling trend over the next few days liz. all right, lisa. thank you. developing news. all of florida is under a state of emergency this morning and no pressure at landfall in nova scotia. our thoughts go out to our friends in atlantic canada and puerto rico still a very tough road ahead after fiona came through there. all right, very anxious times here in tampa. this is a major us city that is very vulnerable to hurricane to see all the water here very vulnerable to storm surge, which means that even if the impasses to the west this city will flood or worse rob marciano abc news, tampa. all right now to the economy after stocks took a major plunge this week economists are concerned about a global recession an effort to curb inflation. the federal reserve has raised interest rates. again, abc news reporter deirdre bolton has more stocks tumbled friday the dow jones closing down almost 500 points finishing below 30,000 for the first time since june 17th and at its
9:33 am
lowest level since november 2020 s&p 500 shedding more than four and a half percent and the nasdaq down more than five percent energy markets also taking a big hit oil prices fell following a series of interest rate hikes around the world many investors and economists are concerned. we may be heading for a global recession which would lower fuel demand us crude closing below $80 a barrel. it's lowest level since january of this year the market turmoil comes as the federal reserve continues its efforts to curb inflation raising its benchmark interest rate three quarters of a percent earlier this week. we have got to get inflation behind us. i wish there were a painless way to do that there isn't this marks the fifth time this year. the central bank has raised rate making it more expensive to borrow money the hope is that demand for goods and services will cool. and therefore temper inflation americans paid 8.3% more for goods in august compared to a year ago rising. rates are bad news for home
9:34 am
buyers the rate on a 30-year mortgage now double what it was in january now above 6% the housing market doesn't do well in a rising interest rate environment, and that's because consumers are relying on mortgages in order to become a homeowner and what we've seen since the start of this year. is that millions of americans have now been priced out of home ownership also affecting consumers the average interest on credit card rates now stands at about 18% deirdre, bolton abc news, new york. happening today italians are voting in an election that could move the country's politics sharply toward the right during a critical time for europe opinion polls show italians are poised to vote their first far-right government into power since world war two hard, right candidate, georgia maloney could become the country's first woman prime minister nearly 51 million. people are eligible to vote there. they're electing new lawmakers for both branches of parliament hot button issues include italy's cost of living crisis
9:35 am
and the country's support for ukraine. happening tonight the start of the jewish new year, rosh hashanah one of the largest outdoor gatherings in the country to celebrate the new year is happening today in oakland. it's hosted by camp tawonga at oakland's joaquin miller park more than 1500 people are expected to attend the outdoor family event will start from three to five and feature traditional prayer music and a lot of community tickets are on sale starting at $18. all are welcome in san francisco a musical theater company says that the ticketing platform they've been using for over a decade hasn't paid them the proceeds of their latest show abc 7 news reporter loose peña spoke to musical theater works and the better business bureau, which confirmed there are multiple groups waiting to get their money back. this is a story you'll see only on seven. after a week of the accelerating show the music man by the san francisco non-profit musical theater works their team realize their proceeds had not come in. we've reached out at least a
9:36 am
dozen times and gotten the same automatic response since may christina lasso and her team have been trying to get a response from brown paper tickets the ticketing platform. they've been using for over ahim over 14,000 in show proceeds. so several months without getting paid. how is this impacting your nonprofit a lot? yeah. i mean, it's just substantial chunk of our income brown paper tickets easy seattle-based company musical theater works file. they complaint with the seattle branch of the better business bureau and then took it a step further and we also reached out to the attorney general of washington turns out christina and her team are not alone joel hoffman with the santa rosa non-profits compassion without borders recently gathered taking money. after a year and eight months of waiting on brown paper tickets, they held on to $20,000 in
9:37 am
ticket proceeds for us. i kept email and i'm saying where's my money? where's my money this bay area comedian. had to wait a year for the proceeds of one of her shows for me to get my 281 in 2020 the washington state attorney general. a lawsuit against brown paper tickets last year, they announced an estimated 45,000 event organizers and others would receive a total the better business bureau has received 160 to complaints against brown paper tickets on the bbb's website. they have an f rating. we're seeing that on the business side. maybe it's a business as in this case that host their production with selling tickets through ground paper tickets, and they did not receive those funds when those once those tickets were sold, but we're seeing it from the consumer side as well. we've reached out to brown paper tickets and did not get a response now other non-profits and small business owners are banding together in search of a
9:38 am
solution. i say just stay with it. don't let brown paper ticket. take your money in san francisco loose pena abc 7 news. all right, so i had on abc 7 mornings. there's new technology out now to protect the wildlife the grace our bays and our shorelines how it could help save the lives of whales on our california coast and here's if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time.
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better bay area includes protecting the incredible wildlife that grace our bay and shoreline marine researchers are hoping a new technology will help them do just that and just maybe save the lives of whales abc 7 news meteorologist mike. nico shows us how when we checked in with the gulf of the fairlawns cordell bank national marine sanctuary earlier this year researchers were keeping a
9:41 am
close watch on a deadly pattern collisions between whales and large ocean going vessels yellow is our humpback. whales red for our fin whales but now a new system is being deployed to protect whales transiting the coast and bay area waters. it's known as whale safe developed by a partnership including the benioff ocean science lab and uc santa cruz. the buoy-based technology was unveiled today at a virtual event. so today is announcement of the new benihoff funded buoys. that will will help us reach our goal. they say artificial intelligence helps enable an ac. oustic monitoring technology the system couples that sound data with whale habitat models and recorded whale sightings. the result is a kind of crossing guard system for whales where the shipping companies researchers and even the public can monitor vessel speeds and
9:42 am
whale interactions and coastal waters. so having a complete understanding about the presence of wales year-round will give noah's greater fairlines and cordell bank sanctuaries the data we need to further reduce ship strikes to whales they hope the system will cut down on the kind of collisions that killed an estimated 80 endangered whales off the west coast every year and perhaps giving them a voice and keeping our water safe. like nico abc 7 news alright, that was mike. nico reporting lisa. let's get a check outside as we had. to break across the bay and it looks awfully dark here. doesn't it from our exploratorium camera? well, the fog will continue to fade away. we're on our way to another warm afternoon with temperatures in the 90s inland 80s across the bay and you guessed it 60s at the coast. i'll have the details when we return. all right. thank you. lisa. also, next basketball is back steph curry and company. we're seeing practicing this weekend before the embark on
9:43 am
their trip to tokyo. chris alvarez will have all the highlights coming up in sports.
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weekend for bay area college football with cows, san jose state and stanford all taking the field on saturday plus. up with the warriors ahead of their big trip to play the washington wizards and two exhibition games in japan. chris. alvarez will have all the highlights in this morning sports. good morning. the warriors title defense is underway the champs open training camp yesterday. i had their upcoming trip to tokyo for a couple of exhibition games against the wizards the reigning finals mvp stephan curry. looking prime for another big season all the usual guys. were there including jordan pool you see him right there andrew wiggins all star wigs and james wiseman getting in his first full training camp really of his career. and while the summer was great. it's time to get back to work. yeah, that's kind of the theme, you know for our season is is both we want to enjoy what we
9:46 am
just accomplished, but we want to use it. as an example of what it takes to do it again. and so that's the turning the page part. there's going to come a point right now. we're still in the glow of it all and training camp, you know, we're the chaps. it feels great. and then there's going to come a point whether it's a week from now or three weeks from now where you know get kicked in the teeth and it's like all right. we got to turn the page that last year doesn't matter anymore. speak quick. i got a football game to get to. arizona cow we're back baby. we are back we are back. not so fast coach kerr. this was cute. osky meeting with the puppy from guide dogs for the blind. jade not had a nose for the end zone against arizona break-in-free and there he goes 73 yards to the house and it's seven nothing cal within the first minute third quarter now 28-24 cal art at it again.
9:47 am
keeps the feet moving the offensive lineman helping him up, right and then he's moving on in the end zone his second touchdown of the day and then late fourth quarter ott seals the deal this time a 72 yard score utz. 274 yards rushing are the most in a single game by an fps player this season cal wins 49:31 improving to three and one overall stanford playing under the lights game delaying drones at 18th rank, washington husky strike first. here's tanner mckee the pass and look at this rolls off of the receiver and cambright. is there with the interception what a play the husky scored 17 points off three stanford turnover second quarter. here's makita michael wilson for the first of his two score stand for down 177 at the half third quarter huskies pulling away michael pennix jr. dropping a dime to rome a dunsay. what a catch this was cardinal lose 40 to 22 starting. oh and two in the pac-12. please hammer don't hurt him mc hammer in the house san jose
9:48 am
state and western michigan. second quarter spartans up three nothing kyrie robinson powering his way in first two touch ends of the night spartans in their new black uniforms. those are pretty cool just before the half kevin cordero to elijah cooks. look at that grab what a catch 17 other than spartans at the half so nice we show it twice third quarter now cordero up top again, and it's gonna be charles ross. look at this adjustment. what a play that was for the touchdown spartans roll 346 improving to two and one that's your look at sports. let's send things back to you. alright lisa. let's get a check of the forecast now and see what we're dealing with this week. all right. well, it's gonna be pretty comfortable and low clouds and fog to thank for that because they've returned to the coast. it was getting awfully hot. wasn't it a couple days ago. we started that yesterday, but the fall quickly came into play and this morning at his at his moved across the bay allowing for temperatures to warm a little bit slower today. here's a look at mount tam about
9:49 am
a thousand feet. is that marine layer and that will allow for that sea breeze but morning temperatures, although they're cooler than yesterday. they look pretty mild due to the blanket of clouds and we're in the low 60s out there and we'll look for more typical october weather to head our way which means pleasant weather and we're not talking an offshore float, which is good news. here's a look at a brighter shark tank where you can see the clouds, but things will be brightening up and warming up here with temperatures. well into the 80s again that's above average 54 santa rosa. you have been a blanketed with clouds and fog this morning. 60s was sunny conditions out towards livermore and concord so compared to the heat we had on friday saturday was warmer to start out now cooler on sunday and a final look here outside pier 39 where the sea lions are out there trying to get some sun waiting on the sun the dense fog at the coast peeling back to the shoreline so it'll be warm inland and comfortable around the bay still some 80s still above average you want to get
9:50 am
you up to date in the atlantic where we have a tropical storm that will be quickly developing into a hurricane. remember these waters here 75 80 degrees and that's what allows the hurricane to just take off. and so we look at the track. it becomes a hurricane tonight moving over western cuba as a category 3 a category 4 up to 130 miles an hour and you can see it looks like it's moving into the gulf but this track shows that it could get awfully close one of these tracks to tampa. so this is where we're expecting it any one of these areas and you can see at a category 4 this is going to bring some big problems to tampa. the gulf coast will be watching it. of course in the next several days back home. it's really nice here with temperatures and not as warm as yesterday, but still moderate to good air quality low to mid 80s from milpitas to santa clara warm day in los gatos. that's a warm location at 90 numbers coming down from the upper 80s to mid 80s view and redwood city 82 and mountain view and low clouds and fog
9:51 am
keeping it gray and somehow cool at the coast was 67 in the sunset district upper 60s as you get towards parts of sausalito with good 20 degrees of warming there 15 degrees 89 in santa rosa and 79 in san leandro. so the numbers will be very comfortable from berkeley to oakland today with low 80s over in fremont and the numbers jump up through the 90s, but not as hot, but still warm for you in pittsburgh at 92 the accuweather seven day forecast. so the heat remaining inland temperatures coming down a few degrees again on monday. august more widespread tomorrow morning than the winds will kick in as a system sits offshore tuesday and wednesday allowing us for the temperatures to drop they'll come up a little bit thursday and friday so very nice. no extremes out there. all right, we like to see that lisa. thank you stunning your details in an upcoming book about the royal riff that put prince william and prince harry at odds. it says princess kate tried to heal the wounds the book also focuses on dutchess meghan
9:52 am
struggle to fit into the royal family abc news reporter lama hassan is in london with this story. this stunning show of unity of the fab 4 on display just over a week ago in windsor hopes that the rift and their relationship had healed but now an explosive new book by the times of london royal reporter and author valentine lowe tries to give the inside story about power struggles in the palace the period of time when harry and meghan were in the firm and their departure is still something that attracts a huge amount of attention and this
9:53 am
book sheds light in quite a detailed way on the perspectives of some of the staff during that time. the author says he spoke to palace insiders to try and shed light on what was happening behind palace walls claiming the prince had a fraught relationship with the media even before meghan came on the scene saying there were constant battles with the media and expecting the team to be on your side. every minor infraction was a big deal. it's long been understood that harry has had a very complex and difficult relationship with the media and this book explores how he felt when he was in a relationship. with megan and how that affected his interactions and his feelings and his behavior according to excerpts from the book the author claims the rivalry between william and harry began when they were a royal trio with catherine both brothers wanting to work on the same issues such as conservation with catherine stepping in and acting his quote peacemaker between them a source quoted in the book says a frustrated prince harry feared he would become irrelevant when prince george who is now second in line to the throne turned 18. he had this thing that he had a shelf life. he was fixated on this the source claims he would compare himself with his uncle prince andrew. he would say i have this time to make this impact because i can rather than being relaxed about his future. he was actually very preoccupied with being able to make an impact with the time that he had this profile the author trying
9:54 am
to pull back the curtain on those allegations that megan bullied staff at the palace the book claiming the team would refer to themselves as the sussex survivors club a spokesman for the duchess has categorically denied these bullying claims. and the book also tries to highlight meghan's personal struggle as a royal now. it's also worth pointing out that the prince harry is working on his own memoir, which is expected to be released soon. lava has an abc news, london. alright mortar. come on abc 7 mornings stick with us. we'
9:55 am
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10 deal-icious meals. the city of fremont is hosting a disability resource festival today organizers. say the goal is old positive relationships will also connecting people with disabilities to local resources and agencies. it's happening at the downtown events center and plaza starting at 11:00 this morning. it goes until 2:00. there will be public safety demonstrations reserve lunch music and more so happening today the annual folsom street fair in san francisco.
9:57 am
the fair starts at 11:00 this morning at last until 6:00 tonight. you can expect live music dancing and the usual festivities at the fair brings to the city this year. the fair is partnering with the city's department of public health to offer covid vaccines booster shots and 2000 monkeypox vaccines at the fair. they're also scaling back some to navigate bemore space for prepared drivers can also expect street closures around folsom between 8th and 13th streets today those last until 11:00 tonight. and lisa, what should the weather be like for that event? well, we're starting out with the gray sky and we're gonna have breezy conditions sunny in the city who about 70 but 90s inland. so cooling at the coast and that cooling trend continues throughout the early to mid part of the week temperatures back to average by about wednesday. all right, lisa. thank you and thanks all for joining us here on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kroitz along with lisa
9:58 am
arjun abc 7 news continues at 5pm today. we hope you stick around for that and have a great rest of your sunday. in every moment there's an opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet those moments the oakland city council is meeting right now with tough questions real solutions for you for all of us. where did you do what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area join us. (swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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