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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. jobs are back. but prices are still too high. covid is down, but gas prices are up. our work isn't done. as the economy heads toward a potential recession president. biden says he has a plan to bring prices down wall street closed mostly lower today a day after entering into a bear market but gains by several tech companies including oracle helped send the nasdaq up slightly, but still american families are feeling the toll of rising inflation as it reaches a 40-year high good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm on a dates and i'm dan ashley tomorrow. the central bank is set to consider raising interest rates, but tonight the president says
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he's optimistic about the economy. this america. we can do any -- thing. we put our minds to. and guess what? we're not going back to the false promises of the trickle-down economics. we're going forward. we're going forward. tomorrow the federal reserve is expected to consider raising the interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point. that's ain nce 1994. by the way. the goal is to cool down the economy and try to tame inflation it would impact car loans credit cards and mortgage rates, but the threat of the worry is it could tip the country into a recession today the national bridge for a gallon of gas hit and all-time high surpassing five dollars here in california the average price remains much higher, of course at six dollars and 43. cents per gallon and the bay area continues to be among the highest in the country led by napa where the average cost is $6.63. most bay area drivers. no average prices aren't always
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what you pay at the pump take a look at these prices in the $7 range at the shell station on bryant street at fourth you can see a gallon of regular will cost you $7.29 all the way up to 749 for supreme. well, could the red hot bay area housing market be starting to cool. some are convinced that the bear market and rising interest rates will force prices to drop but others disagree about that abc 7 news reporter hunter hassan spoke with experts in different parts of the bay area who have very different perspectives on what's going on. when it comes to the bay area housing market, the list price is rarely the selling price, but that could change for the most part. our footprint is the east bay but our home base is open. an equal badger is with badger real estate group with more than 18 years of experience. she says houses are still moving. even with the higher interest rates and we couldn't be in the threes and force forever. and and that is been historically low.
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we still historically low badger think isis will start to stabilize perhaps even see a small drop. she says the strategy to list slow get high will change with more transparency and prices but no drop in demand not in that we have plenty of demand we have a lot of and you know, we we are still below our are levels in terms of supply for housing dr. tammy mosley is a professor of finance in real estate at california state east bay. she says part of the demand owes to work from home policies families can sell their home in silicon valley or san francisco and by cheaper even bigger homes and places like antioch or pittsburgh you are able to have a lower payment amount even with interest rates going up. she says any drop in prices may not be related to weaker demand, but rather prices thing to offset increasing interest rates and it is actually curbing spending, but it's spending at a lower price head down to the peninsula the south bay and
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rabia alizai with compass sees the market a bit different our markets here are very dependent on the stock market. that's where a lot of people get their down payment money from at least i says the current bear market is putting the brakes on the buying frenzy and rising interest rates in the seasonal summer law is putting a drag on the housing market. time there's a change in the market. you'll see some hesitation because people don't know what's happening as for low to moderate income buyers badger recommends to work with lenders great a lining programs for entry-level buyers, or you can get down payment assistance grants. they're still out there and they're gonna be a lot more clinical going forward than they work today sunset hudson abc 7 news. dozens of security officers rallied today in downtown oakland demanding better wages and benefits abc 7 news was there as the group picketed outside the trans-pacific center on broadway union leaders. say the pandemic has exasperated working conditions and the job has become more dangerous with an uptick in violence. they'd like employers to
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increase workers pay offer more training and improve benefits the security officers primarily work at offices and public facilities in oakland and san francisco in the south bay. year of san jose wants more officers on foot patrols in the city's downtown area, but with a thinly staffed department and hiring challenges some wonder if a staffing these proposed patrols is actually really even possible abc 7 news reporter's zach fuentes. has that story downtown san jose is filled with the unique variety of businesses, but like other areas has had its struggles as we went through the pandemic. i was pretty bleak down here cash boring owns two businesses in downtown san jose. he says that the area is a destination but not everyone thinks of it as that yet. no, when folks in this area say i'm going to the city. they're not talking about coming to downtown san jose. they're going to san francisco or they're going to camp or whatever right? so, i think it's important that we keep investing in our downtown and that's what san jose may or sam. auto says he's doing as part of his budget message to the city.
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he's proposed funding to hire 20 additional police officers to be a dedicated foot patrol for downtown san jose. he says it would be the first time in decades at the area would have walking foot patrols. we need more cops on her to patrol to protect and serve our community the proposal would also add four officers to the police department's mobile crisis assessment team and pair officers with mental health professionals to respond to mental health calls the san jose police department tells abc 7 that they are the most least staffed police department in the nation compared to other cities the size of san jose. they say they welcome any extra funding to add staffing but with the mayor's proposal comes questions the san jose police officers association sent abc 7 a statement. they say that in 18 months the city has lost over 180 police officers and counting they say quote the election time budget proposals include popular items including foot patrols community policing and traffic enforcement, but we wonder where are these officers going to come from as jp? currently can't hire to attrition now. so the community should be
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asking what current police functions will be cut to deliver these new priorities for now many of those impacted by the proposal have just one ask just make this feel a little safer for the folks that live and live and work down here. anything would help in san jose zach fuentes abc 7 news police in san jose are also investigating several more frightening home invasion robberies. just a week after another series of robberies in san jose that targeted seniors and a family with an infant abc 7 news. anchor dion limb spoke to several of the victims in a store. you'll see only on seven. they climbed on that pile of wood and it was really easy this young man who asked to be identified only as peter says what happened at his family's south san jose home one week ago felt like defeat. i felt like i failed. i mean i i failed to secure the home i could have ruined my entire family two men are seen on one of the homes many security cameras jumping a side fence enter the backyard and
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sunroom and peer inside. why are they doing this? so it's so stupid. just get a job. what's most frightening about this attempted home invasion peter's brother and 90 year old grandmother who has dementia were inside at the time the family didn't even know the incident happened until they saw this left behind crowbar seven hours later. my dad was actually the one that founded nobody was hurt another family that very same day was not so lucky a still from video used in the police investigation shows armed men enter the home of an 83 year old grandpa who was hit in the and transported to the hospital those images eerily similar to this video showing yet another home invasion. robbery also in south san jose monday in this case the suspects pistol whipped a woman in her 60s and held her husband against his will the two individuals appear to be dressed as mail carriers and pull out a long object to enter the home very similar criminal pattern san jose police have put a high priority on these crimes and have reinstated a tool for concerned neighbors if folks in
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the neighborhood feel like they it's time. host a crime prevention meeting or a neighborhood watch meeting. we offer those services now that we've transitioned away from zoom meetings while i've spoken to members of the other home invasions. there's still too shaken to go on camera peter sends this message to them. it's not bad to speak out. it's to let everyone on your general vicinity to stay safe in san jose dion limb abc 7 news. a show of support today for the family of vitra repana toppati the san francisco man who's killing last? sparked the stop asian aid movement today more than two dozen people gathered outside the whole of justice before a preliminary hearing for the suspect charged in this incident the daughter of the man known as grandpa vecha expressed her appreciation for the support. they've received we are all united and solidality is a is a strong and very powerful that make us rise up our voice for demand just take for which are
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now 21 year old antoine watson is charged with murder assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse for shoving ratanapakti to the ground as you saw in that video, grandpa vita died at the hospital shortly after arriving there. still ahead searching for more possible victims after a south bay man is arrested for the sexual assault of a child an investigators. say he worked with children plus an active vandalism. that could be a possible hate crime the investigation underway at an east. cool abc 7 news at 5 continues
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we have new details for you now on the detention of basketball star brittany greiner in russia. she will remain in jail for at least another 18 days a russian court extended her detention. greiner was arrested at a moscow airport in february accused of having cannabis oil in her luggage the two-time olympic gold medalist and wnba star plays in russia during that. off season the wnba has expressed concern that russia is using griner as a political pawn a karate instructor in san jose faces sexual assault charges involving a child investigators. say ernest ramirez owned and ran extreme martial arts in san jose for more than 20 years. he also operated an after-school program at trace elementary school through which police say he met an assaulted the 14 year old girl police are sharing ramirez's photo in case there
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are other victims somebody like this is absolute predator. we are glad he's in jail, and we obviously want to put this picture out there if anybody recognizes them has been a victim survivor. please get a hold of us. the victim says the assaults happened between august 2020 through june of last year the contra costa county sheriff's department is now investigating an act of vandalism where a man cut down the american and pride flags at school district offices a surveillance camera captured last night's incident where a man cuts the ropes on the flagpole outside the john sweat school district administration building in rodeo as you can see the flags did not fall so the man walk back and yanked them down the district. intended believes the man committed a hate crime our students collectively decided to raise the pride flag at all of our school sites. they did it with intention. they did it with a voice and to have somebody come and try to silence that voice. it's something we as a district don't don't stand for.
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superintendent miller says the district had received no pushback over its decision to fly the i'd flags. he says the act sends a very sad message to students and the community. still ahead extreme flooding in yellowstone. so severe an entire home was carried away by the strong current. we'll show you more of the damage and explain what contributed to the rising waters.
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driver but a horse a pickup truck went off the road near petaluma and wound up in a creek bed. the horse was trapped inside the trailer and firefighters went to work to free it. eventually they were able to cut it free and it was taken took a toddy to be checked out as bad as this crash looks the horse only had a few scrapes and cuts. efforts are underway in yellowstone national park to evacuate tourists and deliver supplies to residents in areas cut off by raging floodwaters. that's a bridge being swept downstream due to the record rainfall over the last two days and addition to the rain a record temperatures melted upper elevation snow causing rivers to rise washing away homes and buildings like this one along the banks. yellowstone is now closed all five park entrances blocked until at least midweek. we checked out of our hotel this morning, and we're going to head into yellowstone. so man that have unite heard the news yet. he said you're you're not
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leaving anytime soon. those already in the park are being told they should try to get out but that's tough to do with so many roads and bridges wiped out by the flooding in the mudslides. the impact is also being felt in other parts of montana people being told not to drink. the tap water just an unexpected mess. yeah, because a lot of it caused by those rising temperatures dan. yeah, that's right to sandia patel is here tracking our forecast here the bay area what has seen that is in yellowstone. absolutely crazy to see dan and ama and they still will continue to see those rivers running high, so they're not completely done with this flooding issue yet. let me show you our temperatures. they're up. it's warmer 12 degrees warmer and fairfield up nine degrees in novato livermore 8 degrees. in san jose high pressure bringing the warmth today and as this ridge of high pressure continues to dominate tomorrow expect the warmth to peak before numbers. to go back down right now on live doppler 7. we have clear skies a look at
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the winds with inland areas warming up coastal breeze is coming in 30 miles an hour in san francisco 36 on shore at sfo which is why it doesn't get too. along the coast but fire danger with the gusty winds not super strong will be elevated as we head into your wednesday afternoon. so we are looking at moderate to high fire danger. all right a live view from our santa cruz camera. it's a beautiful day there good day to be out on the beach 63 in the city. it is 71 in oakland low to upper 80s from san jose to mountain view currently 59 and half moon bay from our mountain. cam. you're seeing a little bit of haze there as we look towards ocean beach 86 in santa rosa mid 90s around places like field 87 in livermore 88 in concord if you're getting away, here's the hawaiian airlines forecast. sunny skies mild to warm at our local airports breezy afternoon with mid-70s to upper 80s as you check out honolulu's forecast scattered showers 85 sun shining in new york city 78 degrees and chicago dealing with that
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swelter 96 degrees dangerous heat los angeles fog to sunshine and 85 blue skies over downtown san francisco mile to warm tomorrow afternoon breezy and cooler thursday and friday and it is going to be nice for father's day and juneteenth limited fog tomorrow morning 40s to 60s on those temperatures clear skies inland afternoon highs looking like this in the south bay. mid-80s santa clara san jose 92 and gilroy on the peninsula. well above average 83 redwood city 63 in half moon bay and breezy downtown san francisco 70 degrees north bay temperatures into the low 90s from calistoga to santa rosa 85 in san rafael 87 in vallejo in the bay it's going to be a nice day 78 in oakland 80 in castro valley the sun's shining inland areas will be on the warm side 89 in walnut creek livermore 94 in fairfield. you're accuweather 7-day forecast. it's a mild to warm wednesday, but notice gusty and cooler for thursday and fridays a noticeable drop below average going into the weekend, but the
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second half of your weekend, which is an all-important father's day in june 10th temperatures will rise just just a little bit perfect for out. our activities with dads warm, but not too hot. that's right. thanks, andy. all right, and a reminder the stanley cup final is right here on abc 7 that means tomorrow at 5 o'clock. you can tune in for game one between the tampa bay lightning and colorado avalanche that's followed by a special special ef abc 7 news at eight. keep it here. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ dude, great ride!
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download it. the golden state warriors are already in boston and gearing up for game 6 of the nba finals. these are some photos and video of the players boarding the team playing at sfo this morning. the dubs are still riding high from last night's win as they look to seal the deal thursday and bring home a fourth championship in eight years. so exciting. they look really excited. well our bay area sports teams really have come out in force to support the golden state warriors in their finals run abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey spoke with athletes. the bond between the teams and players throughout the playoffs as the bay. unites as the warriors look to close out the nba finals against the celtics in game six thursday. they're not just trying to win it for themselves. they're doing it for the bay the region of champions bay area legend e-40 put it perfectly last night on abc sevens after the game one game away baby one, you know, i always say one of my things that i say is it's the bay against the world and i
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mean, i sincerely mean it and that's all sports of debate no matter what teams we have. it's just we get the world so when it's you versus the world you've got to have a strong group behind you warriors fans come from across the bay area to cheer for the doves including the stars of the other professional sports teams in san francisco oakland and san jose bay area unite. it's just a special sports town with a lot of rich history and hopefully the wars will be bringing another championship back here one of the best parts of the different teams playoff run each year is the support the other bay area squads give to the team chasing a title not only have teams shown their pride on social media and at their own games, but many visited chase center to cheer on the warriors. sj earthquake star tommy thompson has been a warriors fan his entire life after growing up in northern california. he says watching history unfold on the basketball court is not only satisfying as a fan but inspiring as an athlete, whatever the sport professional athletes can relate with
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professional athletes and so to see guys like steph curry or draymond green or clay thompson overcome the obst. that they've had to overcome in their career in order to get to where they're at. it's inspiring for us to to try to do the same major league soccer in the bay. many fans are split between teams, but we only have one basketball team. we love and the entire area is cheering for them to bring the title back home. bring home. it's title man. i i've always wanted to see a parade in person. so i hope they come through bring a championship back home. we'll be rooting for for you guys. and yeah, i'm excited to see them close it out in game 6 do it for the bay, dustin dorsey. vc7 news and don't forget abc 7 is your exclusive home for the nba finals game 6 is thursday with all the actions starting at five o'clock with the dubs on 7 pre-game show then it''s nba countdown at 5:30 game six six off the tips off at six and keep it right here for abc 74 after the game big day on thursday ago warriors. all right news tonight with david muir is next.
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tonight, the extreme weather gripping this nation. the boy swept away, two adults swept away trying to save him. also, the emergency at yellowstone. the home into a river. and the record-breaking heat across this country. first, those new images coming in, the unprecedented flooding emergency and rock slides forcing yellowstone national park to close entrances. the house falling into a raging river. tonight, the new images of that home carried away. bridges and roads washed out. communities cut off. no power or safe drinking water. the rock slides that made travel treacherous. the severe storms across several states. the deadly flooding in milwaukee. that boy swept away. the two adults trying to save him then taken, too, into a drainage tunnel. and tonight, the record-breaking
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heat gripping the country.


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