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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: a man shot and killed by police at san francisco international airport. tonight, we learned the man was not armed with real guns. ama: good evening. ama:dan: tonight the district attorney is telling us the man that was shot and killed had airsoft replica guns. the attorney general's office is taking >> over the investigation. > reporter melanie woodrow has the story. reporter: just before 7:30 this morning, they responded to san francisco international airport
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after receiving multiple calls for a suspicious man. >> appeared to be armed with a handgun. reporter: they would not specify tactics they used but the incident happened around -- occur last around 45 minutes. please have not said how many officers fired their weapons or how may shots were fired. san mateo district attorney's office was initially investigating until this afternoon and the attorney general's office was called in to take over. san mateo county district attorney says that is because the guns the suspect had not real firearms. >> what they determined was those two firearms were airsoft gun's. in other words reporter: reporter:, replicas. >> whenever there is an shooting of an officer of what is determined to be an unarmed person, the district attorney's office the stop conduct the investigation. reporter: the suspect also had a
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knife. he sent pictures of the two guns. >> they absolutely looked real to me. reporter: weapons sometimes have an orange tip, establishing them from real firearms. in this case >> they did not and it is possible >> that tip was >> cut off. >>we seen that happen many times. >> we got the were in the middle of checking in for flights. it was reporter: pretty scary. reporter:reporter: passengers were thankful. >> san francisco police say bystander was injured and treated on the scene, taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. there are many cameras around sfo. investigators have not said how the man got inside the terminal and whether or not he took part. there is no indication terrorism was involved. sfpd said they will hold a town
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hall about the shooting within 10 days. they will not comment on ag's investigation specifically, was it reasonable for the officers to believe the suspect had a real gun and their lives were in danger. >> we cannot expect our law enforcement to engage in the concept, is it real or not real? by then it may be too late. dan: in his a yet to carjacking suspect shot and killed by officers last night. we say the suspect crashed into another vehicle in the rose garden neighborhood at west heading and park avenue. this is about 7:00, an open fire on officers who arrived at the scene. please return fire, according to the mercury news, it the suspect at least once. woman in her home with her daughter described she heard. >> she and i got down on the floor in her room. my husband told me he heard gunshots also. we came outside and realized it
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was all happening on this corner. dan: pretty scary. today the damage caused by the crash is still in the scene. police say they plan to provide more information on this incident tomorrow rate we will keep you posted. dion: plans are moving forward to honor a sheriff's killed on duty in june 2020. the wilbur park will be dedicated and renovated in his honor. >> it will give our along with future generations a place to honor his sacrifice and honor his legacy. he would have wide to be honored at willowbrook park. dion: sergeant was shot and killed while responding to a report from a suspicious fan. it worked with the sheriff's office for 14 years. dan: new developments in art i
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team investigation into the unauthorized covid-19 testing sites have been popping up across the bay area. today, tim francisco city attorney announced he is issued to subpoenas for the records of two companies, community wellness america and crestview medical laboratory. the covid testing companies are suspected of operating without licenses and it is unclear what they're doing with the information and data samples they collect. community wellness america was previously flagged and shut down i marin county public health office officials in august for operating without a valid permit. dion: the number of covid cases in san francisco started to plateau. that is the latest update from the health officials and they are today. essa -- san francisco appears to follow the trend of other cities that are seeing cases of the omicron variant level off. art reporter joins us in the newsroom with more on what to expect from this announcement. >> we won't see restrictions
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lifted here right away. eventually it will happen. health officials here tell us they're keeping an eye on other cities in the states and abroad. some countries in europe are about to drop some of their restrictions because they've seen a significant fall in new cases. the light at the end of the tunnel is here. winco -- may go through another tunnel, just note there is hope and there is light. reporter: it has helped the 82% of san franciscans are vaccinated. while it still a concern, health officials say the number of covid cases finally peaked on january 9. >> with a seven-day average of 2100 64 cases per day, it has steadily dropped each day since then. reporter: that number dropped to 1007 hundred cases on generate 12. -- 1700 cases.
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that rate of increase is slowing down. here is where the vaccine and preventive measures seem to have made the difference. last year in january 2021, 165 people died in san francisco of covid related illnesses. when your later, this month, five people so far have died. dr. grant colfax said we must learn to live with covid, echoing what other health officials have stated. ask now verbal is not to prevent every case of covid. omicron has proved that is not possible. our goal is to prevent the worst outcomes. but my hope is that as we begin to reopen, as we see the numbers decline and we continue to be careful, we continue to go out and support our restaurants. that we order and pick up from our restaurants and various businesses. that we support our small businesses. reporter: the commerce department recently reported to
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try percent decline in foot traffic in the downtown area since early december, with omicron cases began to surface. dion: reporter: the mayor made reference to the fact there are people who are not going to restaurants, not because of the restrictions but because they are afraid of getting sick. both the mayor and dr. colfax alluded to the fact that at some point we have to accept that many of us will get covid or the common cold. member that when? dion: some of us are in that mindset already. we have to talk about testing for a moment. our ability to test people for covid, may be not as efficient as we'd hoped, given that we are almost two years into this. did the city touch upon the plan for that? reporter: not enough testing, too much testing, back to not enough. dr. covax says testing needs to be accessible, affordable and fast. what are they doing? they are working with state and federal partners to make rapid
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over-the-counter tests easy to come by. that's number one. also requiring health care system partners to step up and do their part with regard to testing. dion: i know you will cover it all. many thanks. dan: in the east bay there's a growing effort at one high school to keep students safe by providing them with a 95 and kn95 masks. for now they are not available from the school district. one enterprising teacher is stepping up to help. next to generous donations. >> i'll take a mask. reporter: lunchtime at the note valley high school, this group of students is passing out free 9 -- n95 and kn95 masks. there's a mannequin demo. for senior zoe allen allen allen everyone is personal. >> i myself have people at home more risk if they get covid. reporter: it all started with
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physics teacher kinley who saw that many of her students -- kim lee who saw that many of her students were wearing the most protective mask. >> it is most likely not that they don't want one, it is that there's a barrier to getting it. reporter: the masks can be expensive, out of reach for some families so can put the word out asking for help. >> i sent a letter out to parents, asking for donations. it exploded from there. reporter: donations started rolling in, more than $2500. enough to buy masks for all of her students and most of the school. >> we've distributed between 600 and 700. >> the school district should be providing this reporter: for us. reporter:the principal says the district has provided masks to students but not n95. >> i think a lot of us through our hands up and said we've the best we can. it is to kim's credit she did not settle for that. reporter: last week, the west
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punter county school district had to close the school and others because too many's and staff route 6 with covid. dan: way. sorry donations. kim says the pandemic isn't over yet. >> i feel safer now. i would be lying if i didn't say i felt low to high anxiety every day. >> thank you for helping. dion: asking the fda to take immediate action to protect young children against omicron. they sent a letter to the agency deb, demanding review for kids five and under be moved up. it is not expected to start until next month at the earliest. dan: california numbers tonight show hospitalizations and the percentage of icu patients are up. keep this in mind, the test positive the rate get -- continues its slow decline out
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20.7%. dion: estate says omicron was likely in the united states before -- one week before the first official case was reported. dan: still had, one vulnerable group left out new federal mandate requiring health insurance companies to cover the cost of at-home covid tests. why senior citizens are not able to receive reimbursements.
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doing the same for senior citizens. talked one bay area senior who said she was shocked to find out she will be receiving a reimbursement. >> i'm talking about the home testing. reporter: the cost of the pandemic has been high. for the better part of two years, the east bay senior has stayed home, mindful of covid safety protocols and testing when necessary. that is why after the biden administration required insurance companies to cover the cost about one covid tests, she said she was shocked to find out the same. >> i just think something that small, it was not a good choice. that is what got me, was why? reporter: it is not just herself she is worried about. she is also worried about her family members. some of whom are too young to be vaccinated. >> we are always aware we have a baby busily six weeks old. my grandson. i'm horrified if something ever happened and he got something from us. reporter: under rules that took
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effect saturday, robert insurance companies must pay for up to eight at-home test per person per month. medicare says they only pay for tests being done at testing sites. her statement reads in part, "we continued to provide the best ways for critical resources that will keep med affect care beneficiaries safe -- medicare fisheries safe. -- beneficiaries safe. we've made tests available through health care providers over 20,000 free testing sites nationwide." she says may senior still have the means to get to a testing site on a regular basis. >> it is much more difficult for a lot of them to get out and go to a testing center. even find one. reporter: it is a view shared by local physicians, some of whom say testing should be
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universally accessible. >> it is not about individual health, it is about the health of the neighbors, your loved ones. reporter: the cost of testing could cost hundreds of dollars of the coming months since the pandemic doesn't subside. a price she's going to pay to keep her family safe, when she worries not every senior might be able to afford. >> it is an expense they may not be able to incur. what i can see is them not being tested. dion: let us know about the issue. you too can email us with your story ideas. it is action. dan: we love hearing from you. california's weekly jobless claims hit a three month high. in the latest numbers, 67,500 first time jobless claims were filed last week. an increase of about 6100 from the week before. nationwide, and employment claims totaled 286,000 last
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week. that is an increase of 55,000 claims compared to the week prior to that. dion: governor gavin newsom bring in state support to fight thieves targeting trains in southern california. what he said today about the family is just very important. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot. she's the rock of the family. she's the person who holds everything together. it's a battle, you know. i'm going to be there.
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had or plan to have a stem cell transplant or have had radiation to your chest area or a nervous system condition. it feels good to be here for them. living longer is possible. it's tru. keytruda from merck. ask your doctor about keytruda. dion: there are new developments in the search for missing traveling nurse in east bay. the sheriff's office is a body was found today near the dumbarton bridge. the body has not been identified yet. it is unclear whether or not is michael odell. we do know his cart was found in an emergency lane of the bridge. renz reported him missing after abruptly leaving his night shift at stanford hospital on tuesday. dan: move on now and had to the weather forecast. sandhya: not that it's too early to do that at all. sandhya: never too early, the weather looks beautiful. if you're out and about today,
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we show you a live picture of what it looks like right now. it felt good, i have to tell you. i was outside for five minutes. is the view from our santa cruz camera. it is just beautiful. upper 50's from san francisco to oakland, on view 58, scented -- half moon bay's 54 degrees. were looking at downtown san francisco, tonight it is clear. member how heavy the fog was this morning? it is hard to believe it cleared out, but it did. the 60's in napa. right now the winds are not an issue. it is 18 miles an hour on mount diablo. that is going to be changing. we do have a wind advisory for virtually all of the bay area, 7:00 tomorrow until 7:00 saturday. that's up to 60 miles an hour could blow downed trees, because power outages, certainly cause difficulty driving. might want to tie down any loose objects he may have in your backyard patio. winds, at noon time start pickup.
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dirty five miles an hour tomorrow afternoon. they ramp up to about 40 miles an hour at calistoga, higher elevations will see the strongest winds. saturday morning, still pretty windy over parts of our north and east bay valleys and hills. by the afternoon, the winds will ease on saturday. now on live doppler 7, a few passing clouds. i wish i could tell you there is ring coming. nothing. high pressure is going to building right behind it. the wind float between the high and low will create a windy conditions here in the bay area. look at the stunning view from our emeryville camera. air quality because of the gusty winds will be good for most of the bay area except santa clara valley tomorrow. good to moderate on saturday, sunday is the winds drop off, air quality will decline again. gusty winds and patchy morning fog. we are looking at unseasonably warm weather the next two days with above average temperatures through the weekend. the fog we are going to see around here will be patchy
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tomorrow morning. it gets blown out by those winds. higher clouds for the afternoon. morning temperatures will be in the 30's and 40's. at 5:00 it is breezy, as the day goes on, the winds begin to increase. afternoon highs is, 68 in the south bay. 65 in palo alto. 60 six half moon bay. north bay, 67. 68 in santa rosa. this is unseasonably warm for winter. 66 in oakland, fremont. inland areas, 68 in ferland -- fairfield. gusty winds, a warmer day. mild form for saturday. winds will backup on sunday, temperatures will come down. it will be closer to average next week. until then, midwinter dry spell and no rain. . dion: still ahead,, the san
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in the past year. the images, have gone viral. stunning, showing empty boxes scattered all the tracks. the governor says it looks like a third world country. >> this is not one-off. this is organized theft. it is unacceptable. that is why we put together this organized retail theft task force. over six months ago i announced in northern california, it's expansion. dan: the governor called on that task force to not just make individual arrests, to do the work and research it takes to stop the groups as a whole. union pacific, one of the country's largest river company says it may avoid operating in los angeles county because of all this theft. dion: another positive step for the east howard terminal ballpark proposal. the low part -- the plan commission recommended the report for certification. that is a key step toward keeping the a's in oakland.
5:27 pm
the president says he is happy with the progress. >> the fact we're taking binding votes now is a major accomplishment. the fact we have an eir that is so positively put together and received by the experts, i think we are in a good spot. dion: next up for the howard terminal project, the oakland city council will need to vote to certify the environmental impact report. the book could come as early as mid february. dan: the 49ers are green bay bound. dion: abc 7 was at levite stadium in santa clara earlier this afternoon as the team buses filled up. they were headed to the airport in san jose so the team could fly out. saturday at's playoff game has the niners facing the packers. sandhya: temperature, and the forecast, 15 degrees. when you factor in the wind six.
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. tonight, as we come on the air, we're tracking this new winter storm in he east and the south. states of emergency already in effect. 20 states on alert from texas all the way up to maine. snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. this will effect washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york, with bitter cold. a dangerous ice storm targeting the carolinas. major concerns tonight about possible widespread power outages. rob marciano standing by to time this out. president biden tonight on damage control, 24 hours after suggesting vladimir putin will make a move, and saying a response could depend on the kind of incursion in ukraine, that it's a possibility there could be a, quote, minor incursion. the president of ukraine tonight saying there are no minor incursions. stunned by what th


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