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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 19, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. jose where a car tore through the neighborhood and crashed into another car. then he got into a shootout with officers and was killed. think you for joining us. i am dan ashley. ama: and i am, dates. our reporter joins us live with the native -- the latest. reporter: an armed man joining a stolen -- driving a stolen vehicle is help police are describing the suspect. he was killed after the shoot out. officers have set up a block away from where that shooting happened. >> it went from a pop, and all of a sudden it was like a robot.
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reporter: they describe the gunshots they heard after 7:00 p.m. on wednesday. >> my parents thought it was fireworks, but immediately when i had been through my school shooter training, i knew that those white gunshots. -- were gunshots. reporter: well before that gunfire, officers received a notification about a stolen vehicle at 6:00 p.m. sj pd says they used a helicopter to monitor the suspect's movements and followed him to the city of santa clara. he then jumped back into the stolen vehicle and made his way back to san jose and crashed into a car near west park. two people were inside. >> he exited the crashed and stolen car with a gun in his
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hand. he shot at them more than one time. reporter: he was taken to the hospital where he later died. this person cut video of the cyst -- situation. >> it was surreal. reporter: we are told more than one officer was involved in that shooting and they are us none were injured. the two people that work inside the car the suspect crashed into moderate injuries. here's an san jose, we are told investigators are expected unseen for the last -- next few hours. dan: thank, amanda. part of downtown oakland was evacuated this afternoon as
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investigators were inspecting what turned out to be a fake pike bomb -- pipe bomb. reporter: sky seven on wednesday afternoon captured this moment that a bomb technician with the allegheny county office taking up what was believed to be a pipe bomb. officials say it is now a fake with a note inside addressed to the law enforcement. >> this is a device intended to get the attention of the bomb squad, and from their causes several hours of work. reporter: federal services says they saw someone put the device under the flag pole building. surrounding streets were closed off. all afternoon, the bomb squad tried to determine if it was actually a bomb. once they determined the device was a hoax, that is when they also found the note. >> there was a message in there for enforcement that was left.
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we have since taken it and and it to the fbi. reporter: officials say they also have video surveillance of the person who placed the device but have not identified anyone. >> we were able to preserve all of the evidence instead of opening it remotely and using any of our tools which may have destroyed certain components within that package. reporter: they say that person could face charges of weapons of mass destruction, but investigators need to determine the motive first. ama: residents living in part of orange county have been worried for days after hearing booms at night. equities are now looking into the issue. -- deputies are now looking into the issue. >> there have been really loud explosions. reporter: christina peralta
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lives in sandra hoback -- center ho valley. there have been at least six of the explosions in the last month. >> ed rattled the walls of our house and i felt it in my body and chest. it was so low it sounded like it was coming from underground. reporter: one of the most recent booms came last sunday around 10:00 p.m. a deputy found admittance -- --- evidence that someone released an explosion that shook a trees in the area. >> it does not sound like fireworks. it is not a similar sound of fireworks. it is like a deep rumble. reporter: you can see the sandra home valley is would, but a lot of people live in this area and that is one of the reasons why
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the marine out county sheriff's office says they have deployed additional resources to catch the person responsible. deputies say at least one of the originating spots was not near homes. >> it is a disturbing sound and it is scary to hear that when it is 8:00 p.m. on a given night. whoever is setting off their explosives, we hope to stop because it is freaking a lot of neighbors out. reporter: j.r. stone, abc 7 news . dan: the biden a biden a b preparing another rollout of the program to stop the spread of the omicron variant. abc news reporter morgan norwood explains it comes as one of the nation's top doctors next we will be past the peak by
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february. reporter: dr. anthony fauci with this prediction. >> we get into february and it is likely that most states in the country will have turned around from the peak and are starting to come down with regards to cases and hospitalizations. reporter: forecast models used by the cdc show that death totals will likely increase over the next few weeks. for now, weight of an influx of covid patients. >> we have no inpatient surge beds available, and we do not have influx to put them anywhere. reporter: cases are sky radically -- skyrocketing. when it comes to those highly entered pages -- anticipated vaccines for children, dr. fauci says that young children will
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perhaps need more than one dose. >> in a disappointing way, the dose that was used for children 24 months to four years did not induce a response that was adequate. reporter: the demand for more protection against the virus comes as the white house prepares to distribute another million masks across the country as early as next week. officials also launching covidte for free covid tests. >> should we have done more testing earlier? yes. but we have done more now. we have gone to 375 tests on the market in just this month. ama: also making covidovidovidod today, san jose's police department is being hit by covid
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absences. about 40 santa clarararara firefighters are seeking exemption from the covid booster mandate. the department's already operating at only 90% because of the pandemic. and starbucks is dropping the vaccine mandate for u.s. workers. this comes after the supreme court rejected president biden's mandate for covid vaccines or testing for large companies. for more news, had to dan: the federal voting rights measure is dead. after the move to block the filibuster failed. without it, 60 votes are needed. that bill aimed to broaden the type of id that is acceptable in states that are required to vote. two democratic senators reduced
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this, but both say they support changes to voting rights. ama: the search for a missing nurse and clues that have already turned up. dan: the warning from a judge tonight about the utilities future. ama: and the deadly dual between two mountain lions. >> i a i a patel tracking heavy fog and the springlike weather heading your way, coming up. dan: here's a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live did. >> i put on a lot of makeup for this. it might be time to think about a new place for sure. [laughter]
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big cats in belmont has put the neighborhood on alert tonight. a video shows the mountain lion swinging another mountain lion in its mouth. police say it is a reminder that people should be hypervigilant. that terrifythat terrifythat tet woke up a belmont homeowner around 230 wednesday morning. he called police saying that he found two mountain lions fighting outside his home. two hours later, video from the doorbell camera shows a lion lurking near the driveway dragging the other cat down the street. >> it is out of the ordinary
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that it happened in a residential area. dan: experts with the california department of fish and wildlife say the cats may have been mating, but it is difficult to know for sure. >> it could have been a territorial dispute, one of the lions could have been unhealthy. dan: wildlife officials actively trying to track down the mountain lion. they say there is no indication for aggression towards humans, but a small animal is a different story. their advice to people who live near open space, always be aware of your surroundings and stay in areas with visibility. >> i think we are all used to in this area, mountain lions, coyotes, raccoons, and all. dan: this is the latest mountain
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lion incident in belmont. last month, reported a siting in a city backyard. ama: pgb will soon b b b probation. the five-year probation. -- the five-year probation period started -- a federal judge in san francisco wanted to extend the probation saying that in these five years, pgb has gone on a crime spree and is a continuing menace to california. dan: nurses came together to search for a man missing in the east bay. michael odell was a traveling nurse and friends say he was last seen leaving a hospital.
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his car was found on the dumbarton bridge. the searchthe searchthe searchth officers and odell's friends. >> it has been a tough year for nurses, so we are trying to band together and use our skills to bring our friend home safely. dan: stanford health care released a statement tonight saying they are deeply concerned and working with police. remember, if you need help with mental health issues, you can find local resources at ama: the attorney gene the atto office has announced an investigation into the department. >> this investigation
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around the department's lawful insistence of federal oversight. ama: they would not go into specific details because it is an ongoing investigation. the investigation to the troubled jail system dates back years. last month, the grand jury accused sheriff smith of prison mismanagement. dan: a win for the howard terminal. the planning commission released the final report to city filed y the state and looks at the effects on the environment. critics say that the project fails to protect citizens and their environment. ama: it is time to get a check of the weather.
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we are almost midweek. as today wednesday? dan: yes. we are cruising. sandy: two more days before the weekend and it is a foggy night tonight. let me show you the views from four of our cameras. you can see the golden, the bay bridge toll plaza are some of the foggiest. also from vulnerable in the east bay. areas of heavy fog is what you need to watch out for tonight and tomorrow. fluctuating visibility and make sure to use your low beams and extra distance. that fog will be problematic for the commute. three miles in santa rosa. it is right down on the dag. it is not just near the coast but also near the valleys. i want to show you the
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hour-by-hour forecast. the fog will be around the shoreline. 10:00, it is still around and you will have to wait until noon time before it burns off. temperatures at this hour in the 40's and 50's. we had a warm up today. i do want to show you how far ahead we still are. we are at 137% of average in santa rosa still ahead. san jose 115%. we are still in a drought and we still need the rain, but when you take a look at the rainy season so far, that is where we stand. all of the storm is to our north so the drive pandered continues and the offshore winds still continue and ramp up as we head towards friday. st. helena, 34 as we go into saturday going to gust into 43
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miles per hour, and that wind is going to warm us up even more so your friday and saturday will be warmer. you have good air quality for the northern bay coast and central bay for friday. for the rest of you, it is moderate air quality. temperatures in the 30's and 40's in the afternoon. you will see plenty of sun, and see seven day forecast after a more -- after a foggy start, it is warmer on saturday and sunday. look at those temperatures. close to 70 degrees. not as warm on sunday. the temperatures are a little lower as we head towards next week. only if we can get rains in here.
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parade on february 19. a woman who leads the creation of the parade floats says it is a labor of love. >> i love that i get to spend my day working with talented artists and making things that bring joy to the world, especially in these difficult times. ama: legend says the colors of green and blue will bring good luck to tigers in 2022. here is larry with sports. >> we will have the latest on jimmy are so's
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river rock casino. >> jimmy is smiling on the outside even though he was injured on the inside. jimmy sprained his shoulder during dallas. there are reports indicating this could be a problem for green bay, but jimmy was top of the balls in there. >> he could have tapped out and said, i cannot go anymore and you guys are on your own, but he did not. he came back and played high-level. that is what you appreciate about him. he just keeps grinding and he is continually leading this team to victory. >> the bruise that for him is a big deal, but for the san francisco 49ers, we can all count on jimmy to do whatever it
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takes so he can perform at the level he needs to on saturday. >> on the subject of fighting through injuries, nick bosa limited as he works through concussion protocol following a net injury in dallas. and -- sprained his ankle during a practice but he looks good to go. the homestead continues against indiana. last night, the splash brothers does a knee routine, and it turned out to be a blowout win. clay tour finishes four minutes and shots to keep increasing. >> i wish i made more shots, but i had a great time. i am never going to stop shooting the ball. i worked too hard not to. >> welcome to the joellen b
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show. it was joe who was magical. he tied his career-high with 50 points. 17 of 23 shooting in just 27 minutes. 50 in 27. he did all kinds of shots as the sixers rolled to victo
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download the app now and start streaming. think you for watching tonight. i am ama daetz. dan: >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- rachel brosnahan. eric andre. and music from damon albarn. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you. thank you. oh, very nice. i appreciate it. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. one year ago today, donald trump was still in the white house. throwing chicken nuggets at the tv. [ laughter ] one year from today, he could be in jail. according to documents filed by
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the attorney


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