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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 19, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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interview mr. o'ree years ago, as kind a gentleman as he was a gifted athlete. besides battling racism, he told me, he had to manage a secret. willie o'ree is blind in one eye. i never told my teammates or coaches, he told me, dealing with racism was consuming %-p for myself and never allowed anyone to make them for me. congratulations, sir. and that's "nightline" for this evening. see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> the chinatown community came together to remember the woman killed in new york city and
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announce anti-asian violence. >> the government is now giving out covid tests but some say they are unable to get them. >> crooks leave a trail of trashed storefronts. >> temperatures nearing 70 degrees. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> live breaking news. dan: that breaking news -- two people have died after being hit by a car in san jose. a total of three pedestrians were struck tonight. the third victim has non-life-threatening injuries. the driver stayed at the scene. this crash happened at about 8:30 tonight near foxworthy avenue. the intersection will be shut down for several hours as the investigation continues. police say so far this year, seven people have died in traffic collisions. san jose last year reported 60 traffic deaths time with 2015
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and 2019 highs. thank you for joining us. ama: our other top story -- an east bay native was remembered at vigils in san francisco and new york city. michelle go died after being pushed in front of a new york city subway train. j.r. stone has more. j.r.: candles lit in chinatown to remember 40-year-old michelle go who grew up in fremont. >> michelle was a high school classmate of mine and she lit up every room she was in. >> while dozens showed up to remember go on the west coast, hundreds remembered her in new york city tuesday night. go died saturday after being shoved onto the tracks in front of an oncoming new york city subway train. the former bay area colleague of hers told stories about how michelle comforted her over her fear of flying even after their
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trip by sending her in the mail to see if she was ok. >> when we found out about what was happened, i was sharing these stories with my ex-manager who was also very close with michelle. we had a great working relationship. i told them this story and his response was that is so michelle. it is unclear why the suspect pushed michelle. police say he has a history of mental illness. he's currently in a hospital with a police guard. those who spoke in san francisco and new york say attacks against asian americans must stop. >> she deserved to be saved that day and did not deserve this. >> we are going to take the spirit of her brilliance and her kindness and her desire to serve and we are going to use that to continue to fight for a better world, because we have to.
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because violent testament. -- hast to end. dan: michelle was a 1998 graduate of fremont's american high school where she was a cheerleader and part of the honor society. her family still lives in the east bay. ama: you cannot order free at home covid tests online to be delivered to your front door. the official launch is tomorrow. for many, it was a huge relief but many bay area residents found they could not sign up. ryan curry shows us how some living in multi resident buildings are being hit with errors. >> for us, wow, this is kind of like the modern-day diamond. ryan: she she were ready to ask for their free shipment of covid tests. they went to and were rejected to the website that showed them this message that they already requested their test. >> went, clicked the link.
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they said, i am trying to remember what it said, but it said it had already been ordered. ryan: four free test kits are supposed to go to every residential address, but some living in multifamily homes, even college dorms are seeing the same message. her family lives in a duplex. >> i figure the upstairs neighbor probably ordered it but i didn't know. i had to ask my husband. ryan: the white house says it is still in the beta mode before the official launch on wednesday. david magnus is a medical ethics professor at stanford. he says it is expected to see issues at first, but hopes it does not create further inequality. >> the logistics to this is leading to the same things we have seen over and over again. it is most likely these tests will wind up in the hands of people who live in single-family homes. ryan: so far, the idea is great but the execution is terrible. he thinks going forward, the
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government should send out tests to every resident, not household. he thinks the post office is should serve as sites where people can pick up tests. >> those could also be distribution centers for testing and people would travel. ryan: landis had to file a health request with the usps but is confident the issue will get resolved soon. >> i am not too worried about it. i feel like they are just trying to push these out as best they can. ryan: ryan curry, abc 7 news. dan: we are getting some health advice on when you should use those at home tests. >> those tests are best used to test out early from isolation. if you already know you have covid and you are just wondering when am i no longer infectious? dan: santa clara county officer sara cody says the pcr tests is more sensitive to picking up the virus and is accurate long after someone is infectious to others. doctors say antigen test are
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still fairly accurate, particularly when someone is experiencing symptoms. it can be less accurate when someone does not have symptoms. ama: the white house is making 400 million n95 masks available for free. the find administration will ship out the masks to pharmacies and community health centers by the end of the week. researchers are seeing a decrease in covid cases based on wastewater samples. data from 2.5 million people locally shows fewer cases in san francisco, marin county, and the eastern portions of contra costa county. california has surpassed 7 million cases. the state added one million in just one week. the test positivity rate has declined slightly to 21.1%. dan: just days after the abc 7 news i team reported on millions of dollars of personal protective equipment that was damaged in the rain at san mateo county, there's a similar story
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coming out of hollister. thisds are headed to the hollister dump after also being left out in the rain. the ppe is owned by icu eyewear in san benito county. the company bought millions of face shields 18 months ago but the demand never materialized. >> that is a shame because if they had went to someplace that really needed it, they would have been used in a proper fashion. dan: icu eyewear says 5 million of the face shields came to california, while another one million went to idaho. the ceo says "we just don't think it is appropriate to give them to folks any longer." if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, we have information on our website for you. go to ama: in the south bay, the search is on for a group of criminals who went on a 90 minute crime spree in downtown san jose, seemingly trying to steal atm's. the suspects caused tens of
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thousands of dollars worth of damages. amanda del castillo spoke to shop owners and has more video. amanda: surveillance footage shows this men casing the outside of the wine and liquor store, seconds later, this adenosine ran me through the -- ramming -- this sedan is seen ramming through the door front. jimmy is one of several small business owners across the city whose storefronts were smashed in early morning 90 minute crime spree. police believe the crooks targeted atm's. they used different vehicles, hitting six locations. >> the first burglary was reported a couple minutes after three again, the last one after 4:30 a.m. this occurred all over the city from the south part into downtown towards the north end of the city. amanda: the criminals got away with one money machine and were able to break open a second. police did not confirm how much
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cash was inside. the suspects were caught struggling to get the atm loaded. >> they destroyed my business. the atm machine has no money, maybe $500, $1000. amanda: elsewhere, more damage. cameras at santa clara smoke shop in downtown caught this suv reversing into the business. the shop owner confirms he does not even have an atm. those responsible caused $15,000 worth of damage and got away with a couple hundred dollars worth of clothing. the criminals also either burglarized or attempted to burglarized several other liquor shops, a nail salon and a safeway. >> these criminals were very busy for about an hour and a half. amanda: the criminals remain at large as of late tuesday. dan: there is this. authorities have recovered $185,000 worth of stolen
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merchandise, including from the high-end heist at the louis vuitton store in san francisco. a photo show leggings, jackets, lotions and even antitheft bags. the chp organized retail crime task force found the items after arresting a suspect known to buy and resell stolen goods. the person has been booked on charges of organized retail crime. ama: flights to san francisco are being canceled over concern about new 5g service rolling out tomorrow. dan: entire communities covered --. an update on the local efforts to get relief to tonga following the underwater volcanic eruption. ama: a berkeley restaurant is closing its doors. sandhya: get ready for a taste of spring. i will show you when and how
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dan: take a live look at sfo. several airlines are canceling flights because of a major disagreement with cell phone carriers. verizon and at&t were set to launch a new 5g single tomorrow. top airline executives that it could cause serious safety problems. zach fuentes has more on those problems and why it is affecting travel. zach: at&t and verizon both planning to launch a new 5g service stronger than daisy -- then the existing 5g that launched in 2019. >> 10 times what we have now. zach: that technology is causing major concerns that have led
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airlines to cancel flights into sfo. >> the new frequencies for the 5g is very close to the frequencies used by airplanes equipment that measure how high the plane is from the ground. zach: industry experts say it could be a major issue for airports in areas prone to low visibility and bad weather. >> this is unsafe. the manufacturers have headsets of. the faa is saying so and so are pilots. zach: at&t and verizon announced they will delay the wednesday rollout near some airports. executives for major airlines asked the faa to keep the new signals at least two miles from airports. the agreed to do that at 50 airports, including sfo, for at least six months. the faa has been aware of the rollout plan for two years now. at today's white house briefing, abc news asked why the faa did not act sooner with testing signals. >> there will be o a lot of time to look back, but right now
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is finding a solution that will minimize disruptions to passenger travel, cargo operations. that is why it is so important to hopefully come to an agreement and ensure more planes are flying. zach: we reached out to sfo and oakland international who directed us back to the faa. sjc is not expecting direct impacts, but the flight cancellations at other locations could affect their operations, saying in a statement that saind d "since load visibility is really a factor, we prepared to accommodate more diversions from other airports in the region." zach flynn test, abc 7 -- fuentes, abc 7 news. ama: donations to help tonga in the wake of the massive volcanic eruption and tsunami. communication remains cut off for much of the island kingdom which is covered in ash. volunteers with sf enterprises and logistics tell us they have
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heard the military spent today sweeping ash off the runway so planes can land. the companies collecting essentials like masks and water that will go out on ships this friday. a lions club is using its connections to get help to tonga too. >> we will be doing efforts with clubs in new zealand, hopefully giving them monetary donations. they can get the stuff in new zealand and ship it over to tonga a lot quicker than about. ama: sf enterprises and the justice will be collecting donations tomorrow near the port of oakland. drop off goes until 4 p.m. dan: the fashion industry is mourning the loss of an icon. former vogue creative director andre talley died today in new york. he joined vogue in 1983 had rose to prominence as editor-in-chief. he had a larger-than-life career as a fashion journalist, earning
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him a number of awards including the north carolina governor's award for literature just last year. he was 73. ama: in the east bay, family owned berkeley institution says it has served its last meal. betty's oceanview diner has permanently closed. a staff shortage is the primary reason. betty's oceanview diner was open for nearly 40 years. the restaurant's lease was set to expire this summer. the owner said he was considering retiring then. he still admits he is actively looking for a way to reopen the restaurant. dan: it has been around for so long. let's turn now to the forecast. just a gorgeous stretch of days. ama: sandhya patel is here with the latest. sandhya: it is going to be beautiful this week. i know we need the rain but i don't have it in the forecast. i want to tell you when the last measurable rain was in san francisco -- january 7. take a look at the month, date
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18. yes, we had rain for days so far. it does not look like we will see any rain from the rest of this week and even into most of next week. we may be closing out january on a dry note. we may have to wait until february before the rain arrives. there is an area of high pressure, diverting everything up to our north into the pacific northwest. we have high clouds above, but down below is the fog. visibility is down to half a mile in santa rosa. something you have to watch out for if you are commuting. higher clouds will thin out tomorrow morning. left with fog along the coastline but also along the delta. we have the summertime and wintertime fog combining. by the afternoon hours, most of you will be seeing the sun. there will be some patches of fog. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. it does not feel so much like
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winter because we expect it to be colder but not tonight. a blanket of fog. moderate air-quality the next three days. if you want to get outside, you are good to go. you can see the layer of gray as we look toward san francisco. foggy areas for the morning commute. today's highs only in the mid-50's to low 60's unless you were out towards fairfield, then you got up to about 64. the dry pattern continues through early next week. the morning temperatures will be in the 30's and 40's. fog is what you need to give yourself extra time for because visibility will be low and that means the commute will take longer. tomorrow afternoon will be bright and sunny. 60 in oakland. 59 in san francisco. low to mid 60's from san rafael to santa rosa. 63 in san jose. for the next seven days, all the rain is going right where it has been lately which is the pacific northwest. we are not expecting any rain.
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as you check out the accuweather 7 day forecast, from fog to sunshine tomorrow. it is going to feel like spring, especially friday when you are approaching 70 degrees along the bay and inland. gusty winds expected in the hills saturday as well. cooling begins but you don't really feel it until early next week. still holding out hope that february will be productive in terms of storms. terms of storms. dan: until your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts.
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he says it is a thrill to share it with a national audience. >> it is really an honor to be looked at that way because we enjoy every day of every minute of every hour when we are here at the cove doing what we do. ama: you can watch the backyard episode of the world according to jeff goldblum tomorrow on disney plus. dan: that is fun. injuries to a key 49 a warrior. ama: larry beil is here. larry: steph curry hurt his right hand a few days ago, now it is his left-hand. plus, jimmy's hips don't lie, but is he tel itchy? squirmy? scratchy? family not getting clean?
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>> abc 7 sports. dan: the warriors opened the seven-game home stand hoping to games of home cooking could get them out of the mini slump. facing detroit with jonathan kuminga getting the start. klay thompson, getting those knees warmed up. first half, all splash brothers.
1:35 am
steph curry, klay thompson, splash. draymond approves. curry pulling up from deep for three. finished with 18 points and eight assists. final seconds of the second quarter, klay getting it lined up. splash brothers combined for 31 in the first half. klay into the crowd. he finished with 21 points. kuminga got the start. he finished with 12 points, 10 boards. his first career nba double-double. scary moments. curry gems the fingers on his left-hand, would leave the game early. warriors cruise. coach now on klay in his fifth game since returning. >> that was probably his best stretch. good to see him get hot and hear the crowd. he got into a little rhythm. larry: he's having fun clearly. a shoulder sprain to jimmy
1:36 am
garoppolo raising some doubts about his status for saturday night's playoff game in green bay. we believe he injured his shoulder on this play trying to protect the thumb when he's landing and jams his elbow, spraining the throwing shoulder. jimmy has been playing despite ligament and bone damage in his thumb. his hips clearly working well, so is he going to play in green bay? >> yeah, we will feel it out during the week. yeah, feeling good right now. >> what is bothering you more, the shoulder or the thumb? >> uh, yes. i mean, the shoulder, yeah, it affects every throw. it definitely has some impact, but no excuses or anything. we are all dealing with stuff now. larry: australian open. nick krygios happy today, going between the legs before winning the point. after winning his first round
1:37 am
match, signing the autographs. someone offers him a beer. oh, do you really want to do that during the pandemic? the fans absolutely loved it. sports on abc ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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dan: coming up on nightline tonight, oakland resident amy schneider's epic run on jeopardy is quickly becoming game show lore. she's the winningest woman and the most high-profile transgender contestant in the show's history. tonight, will reeve has all new interviews about what amy's success means to the transgender community. tune in right after jimmy kimmel live on abc 7. ama: thank you for watching tonight. dan: for sandhya patel, larry beil and all of us, we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel,
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