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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 18, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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>> however dark it is, however deep the angry feelings are, violent explosions, i can still sing "we shall overcome." we shall universe bends towards justice. that's "nightline" this evening. we'll see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. moving forward and finding
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solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> students and teachers are taking different approaches to the omicron surge tomorrow, and oakland students are organizing a sick out to demand better safety precautions. in hayward, classrooms will be open after students went remote for a week. they kept joining us. i'm ama daetz. reporter: here we all are living in the state of california, but what is happening in each school district varies. we have a situation in oakland we could see a thousand students and teachers walk out tomorrow. kids south of there are are going back to school. >> we will be excited to have students back. reporter: optimism as the district goes back to in person learning tuesday after a week a virtual learning. the move was made after 700 students and 112 teachers tested
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positive for covid first week back from break. >> our closure was not related to the number of student cases, it was specifically about how overwhelmed our testing sites became. and our staffing shortage. reporter: hayward unified had 81 classrooms without teachers when the decision to go virtual was made. as of late monday night, 33 classrooms are in that category and will have substitutes or administrators. covid tests have been given to staff, and sent to all students. in oakland, a different story. >> i do not currently feel safe. reporter: a week long sick out planned by students. some teachers plan to participate. >> students and teachers have been demanding masks. reporter: something oakland
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unified says has been distributed to instructors. they say masks are being given to students. students want two covid tests offer per week and more outdoor space to eat when it rains. >> the lockout is trying to hel schools be safer for students who attend. >> they have had months to put these safety procedures in place. the things we are asking for are things we have been asking for for months. reporter: oakland unified says they are doing their best to help with covered spaces outside, but supply chain issues have delayed that. oakland unified has 10 hubs across the district doing weekly testing at elementary schools and biweekly testing at secondary schools. ama: the cdc is recommendingendg
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schools cancel football, wrestling and band to curb omicron. we asked a professor for her take. >> people hanging out watching film in indoor spaces, it is people going to pizza afterwards and taking off masks, it is those activities that is driving transmissions. that is why the recommendation is to do less of those activities. ama: there is a belief transmission could be higher with indoor sports compared to outdoor. stanford will resume some in person learning tomorrow. all undergrad classes that cannot be conducted online like labs will go to in person tomorrow. the rest of the other undergrad courses will resume in person one week from today. now today's national coronavirus
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headlines, the biden administration is preparing for the rollout of free at home tests. the u.s. surgeon general's warning of a tough few weeks as macron continues to spread. the u.s. is averaging 78 new cases a day. dr. fauci is not certain if it will lead the world to an endemic phase, where it is present but stable. dr. fauci says when the pandemic becomes endemic, there will be a new normal. some local health experts say we are well on our way to living with covid-19 as we do with many other infectious diseases. others say it is too early to let down our guard. how the medical community is responding. reporter: the cycle of removing
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restrictions has no place in a post-vaccination world, according to the director of covid response. >> our abundance of caution approach has caused a lot of harm. since so many of us are vaccinated and well protected, we need to acknowledge that and return to normal as quickly as we can. reporter: they wrote this piece they want to stop blanket mask mandate's, and set a timeline for schools. they suggest getting rid of masks on january 28, 12 weeks after the last school-age child vaccination was possible. new variants make it clear the disease is evolving. >> as long as the disease is with us, it is a reality. we should not abandon any public health measures yet. reporter: the journal of the american medical association
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published a national strategy for the new normal of life with covid. they say omicron is pushing covid-19 toward being endemic. >> it is really everywhere. it is making some restrictions really impractical. reporter: being vaccinated and boosted has provided security during the pandemic. he is an advocate for seniors, he is over 70 and understands the senior population is more likely to get ill. >> you cannot be totally paranoid. you have to react with common sense and find a boundary you are comfortable with. reporter: while waiting for whatever the future holds. abc 7 news. ama: kaiser permanente is offering additional vaccines to 3900 patients who were given low
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doses by mistake. they sent a letter to the walnut creek medical center last fall. they say the dosing error should not significantly reduce immunity. they say, we have determined this was an isolated incident resulting from staff misunderstanding instructions. patients who received a or johnson & johnson are not affected. if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest headlines, go to new images show show show covering tonga after a volcanic eruption. ash is so heavy at the airport, planes cannot land. ships with supplies are on the way. communications from the island have been limited, so the extent of the devastation is not known. bay area residents are anxious
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to hear from loved ones. >> it is really hard. reporter: she is consumed with worry about her 11-year-old son, who lives in tonga. she has not spoken with him since friday, hours before a massive underwater volcano erected near the island nation. phone and internet has been knocked out. >> it is really tough. i cannot sleep. i stay up and think about things. >> we have not heard from everybody. reporter: he is also hoping for news about friends and loved ones in tonga. he knows food and water supplies may be volcanic ash. we pray god will help in times like this. we are here to help each other.
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the friendly islands. reporter: sf logistics will send ships for relief supplies. it is accepting donations from the public. >> if anyone has any general donations, i would stick to water, masks. reporter: supplies will be distributed by the tga government, weeks for supplies to get there. >> out of this mess, god will bring the best to the islands. ama: an east bay family is grieving their daughter who was pushed in front of a train in new york city. her legacy giving back to the community. after martin luther king jr. honored in the bay area today, how events took a different tone with omicron looming. what amy schneider has to say about her future after "jeopardy." >> sunny skies and mild
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with robin, george, michael. that is how you start the day. ama: an east bay family are in a state of shock after their loved one was pushed in front of a subway train in new york city. 40-year-old, michelle go was born in berkeley and grew up in fremont. while the man awaits an arraignment on murder charges, go is remembered for her volunteer work. reporter: on the same subway platform where the victim was pushed, rioters are still living on the edge tonight. many on their phones were talking with friends, waiting within inches of the oncoming trains. 61-year-old marshall simon confessed shortly after his arrest, while proclaiming himself god.
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investigators say he is homeless and emotionally disturbed with several prior arrests. witnesses say he approached the victim from behind at the subway station saturday morning. he shoved her into the path of a southbound train. michelle go was killed instantly, a 40-year-old consultant the management firm, whose volunteer work with the new york junior league included helping the homeless. >> she clearly had a strong passion for working one-on-one with these populations in need. she was a compassionate soul who wanted to be rewarded by that direct impact, directly working with those individuals, and watching them evolve over time. ama: michelle go's released a statement on how they will remember her, writing, she was a brilliant, kind, intelligent woman who loved her
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family and friends, wanted to travel the world and help others. her life was taken too soon, and we pray she gets the justice she deserves. developing news now, looking live at capitol hill were senators are to take up voting rights legislation tomorrow. the freedom to vote act create standards and encourages early and mail in voting. passage could be a challenge republicans and two democrats vowing to vote against it. martin luther king jr.'s's said they must stand on the right side of history. many mlk celebrations highlighted the ongoing fight for equality. reporter: a caravan of people celebrated martin luther king jr. in oakland. one struggle, one fight, one people. >> for all the lives lost,
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whether in the community or someone who works for a law enforcement agency who pulled the trigger. reporter: the executive director for the anti-police project -- >> it is to declare war on poverty, not people. reporter: with oakland in the middle of a crime pandemic and economics pandemic, it was important to come together in the safest way possible. volunteers plan to hand out food, gift cards, and ppe supplies. >> this is our 33rd year. this is a car parade. we are not getting out of our cars, but we are still celebrating, and i love it. reporter: supporters gathered, who say this began with our grandparents. >> for me, with my grandparents
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being part of it, and everything going on now, it is important to celebrate this day to acknowledge the progress we have made, and the progress we still need to make. reporter: this 86 e e e e family survived internment camps. >> he fought for freedom. he fought for equality. everything he said to us have been part of my mission in life. reporter: el cerrito police chief -- >> it is great to keep dr. king's dream alive to bring each other together, especially in hard times. reporter: two events keeping martin luther king jr.'s dream alive. abc 7 news. ama: enrichment, bayhill's church honored after king's
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legacy by honoring those who do not have enough to eat. 60 people packaged 10,000 meals for people around the world. the pastor says it is important to spend this day in service of others. today's national day of service prompted a southbay group to plant trees in san jose. 100 people took part. organizers say dr. king would have been happy with the effort shown by the volunteers. you may see more amy schneider on jeopardy after her winning streak ends, if it ever does. tonight the software engineer won her 34th straight "jeopardy." she told "the l.a. times" she would consider hosting "jeopardy" if asked. she currently has the third longest earning street, and is the first woman to win $1 million, making her the most
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successful woman and transgender contestant of all time. happening now, you are looking at the first full moon of the year, known as the full moon -- the wolf moon. it got that name because wolves were thought to how more frequently this time of year. it is one of 12 full moons this year, two qualify as supermoon's which are brighter and closer to earth and larger in the night sky. a reason to howl. spencer: a beautiful sight to behold, as is our weather. here is a live view from our tower camera, on a night with a few high passing clouds, basically a clear night. oakland, 51. san jose, 48. another clear and unobstructed view looking across the bay. 40, santa rosa.
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39, fairfield. 50, concord. this view from our rooftop looking across the bay toward the bay bridge. mostly clear skies overnight, chilly in the inland valleys. dry all the way into next week with springlike warmth at the end of the week. high clouds passing but it will be mainly clear and sunny tomorrow with high clouds continuing to pass through the bay area. overnight lows will drop to 37. 41, napa. antioch, low 40's. right around the bay shoreline, mid 40's. tomorrow, 56, half moon bay. most coastal locations, mid 50's. maybe up to 60 in a couple of
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locations. some inland spots will top out at about 62 tomorrow. how long will it remain dry? we can expect dry days for the next seven. there may be some rain in southern california, but it does not look like any of that will come her way. -- come our way. all the precipitation is going into the pacific northwest not coming our direction. here is the seven-day forecast, dry and mild through thursday, then dry and warmer friday and saturday with inland highs in the mid 60's. low 60's on the coast. sunday and monday, a slight cool down. almost springlike weather that will continue into the early part of next week. part of next week. ama: thank you. chase first banking. part of next week. ama: thank you. a debit card for kids, and a set of tools to help them learn good money habits.
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permanent tribute to betty white. they announced the opening of the betty white memorial garden on what would have been her 100th birthday. she was a longtime trustee at the zoo and a fervent animal advocate. pink's hotdogs dedicated a weeks worth of proceeds to the zoo from proceeds of a hot dog named in honor of the actress. larry is here with sports. larry: summon now shoulder issues for jimmy g, and a record-setting day for timo meier, coming up in
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rock casino. larry: the 49ers have a saturday night date with aaron rodgers and the packers. jimmy garoppolo sprained his right shoulder in the second quarter, on top of a torn ligament and a broken bone in his thumb. george kittle was used as a blocker, targeted only three times. >> we have things we need to get better at. winning is winning in the playoffs, and we have an opportunity to win again. we have an awesome opportunity at lambeau field, we will take this and enjoy it. larry: the frozen tundra look. will ferrell in the the the thee the action tonight. 7-0 rams. look out here. trying to avoid a safety.
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three yards is the shortest pick six in postseason history. rams win 34-11. the raiders fired their general manager, mike mayock. he spent three years with oakland. the next owner to figure out the interim coach. only 10 players have scored five goals in the first two periods, and timo meier is that 10th player. on the power play, 1-0, sharks.f jo quick. 21 seconds later. ti completes the hat trick. rimo again -- timo again, top shelf. then later, the toe drag. he becomes the first shark to ever record five goals in a
1:38 am
single game, 46 in nhl history. sharks win, 6-2. >> a pretty cool feeling but you do not want to get too high. it gives you a lot of confidence, but you want to work hard. we have important games coming up. it is back to work. larry: itchy? squirmy? scratchy?
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newscast live and on-demand through the bay area connected tv app. download the app now and start streaming. we want to thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. up next, jimmy kimmel live.
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