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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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uplifting way one person's welcoming neighbors back home to the area. kumasi: it is said to be a busy morning here, as well, taking a live look at san francisco international. gearing up for a hectic weekend. travelers telling us how things are looking right now. reggie: good morning this friday, september 3, you are watching abc 7 live, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we will start with the forecast. mike: nice to see everybody. we are looking from our roof camera towards the bay bridge, and you can see while it is cloudy out there, it is not too foggy and 57 through 7:00. a gorgeous new time, temperature 66 around the bay.
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there will be haze out there, so we have an air quality alert, but notice how much warmer it will be for mid-60's to mid to upper 80's by 4:00 and then 60's and 70's at 7:00. we have a risk of heat illness in the holiday weekend forecast. we will talk about that, coming up. reggie: we are pushing to get answers on an early morning freeway shooting in daly city along 280 sometime before 2:00 a.m. at one point, officers shot down southbound lanes. everyone in the suv went to the hospital the police say. we are working together more information on injuries. officers we saw were taking pictures of evidence on the ground. no word on what led up to the shooting. developing news in new zealand, where police say they have killed a man who stabbed six people in a terrorist attack. authority safe and isis follower hurt random shoppers at a supermarket.
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cellphone video shows chaos as people ran to safety. police say they shot and killed the man when he ran at them with a knife. >> today was despicable, hateful and wrong. it was carried out by an individual, not a faith, culture or ethnicity, but an individual person who is gripped by ideology that is not supported here. by anyone or any community. he alone carries the responsibility. let that be where the judgment falls. reggie: the prime minister says national security had monitored the man since funny 16 for reasons she is allowed to publicly discuss. she says by law, he was not allowed to be imprisoned. investigators believe he acted alone in the attack. kumasi: developing news on the caldor fire near lake tahoe. we are coming up on a holiday weekend, but many resorts are going to be closed because of the fire. calfire said it burned about 330 square miles and is 27%
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contained. better weather conditions helped with the firefight yesterday. crews created breaks along highway 89 to stop the flames from spreading. >> if you can take away the intensity, you can bring the fire down to a manageable level and you have a place to take a stand. kumasi: firefighters are trying to protect close to 32,000 structures and by the fire. ♪ reggie: this pollock pines resident is welcoming back his neighbors doing his impression of jimi hendrix on the star-spangled banner. neighbors were forced to evacuate a couple of weeks ago due to the caldor fire. calfire lifted evacuations wednesday night. kumasi:kumasi: a lot of you may be getting ready to head out of town for labor day weekend. the cdc is telling vaccinated people to consider the risk of traveling with the delta variant spreading. as we look at sfo live, more
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than 42.9 million americans are expected to fly or drive somewhere. this morning, sfo is where we find amy live this morning. amy? amy: good morning. it is busy. look at all the people in the security line at this terminal. it has been like this all morning. people are on the move and ready to get out of town and enjoy the long weekend. the cdc says that vaccinated should not be here and they recommend they stay home. that warning from the cdc came on tuesday. not a lot of time for the unvaccinated to change plans, but they are saying they should not be traveling. the recommendation is that if you haven't been inoculated, you should stay home this weekend because of the rise and case numbers from the delta variant on the rise and number of deaths and hospitalizations. we talked to some travelers about their plans before
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boarding their flights. the virus is on their minds. one couple told us they chose to go to spain because of how the country handled the pandemic. >> i just learned they are one of the countries most vaccinated in europe, so feeling assured about that. >> one of the reasons we got vaccinated was to travel. amy: the cdc is also telling the vaccinated to proceed with caution if traveling this weekend, saying to wear a mask indoors and hold gatherings outdoors. about 72% of eligible americans have received one shot of the vaccination. live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: a new vaccine mandate is in effect and the new health order kicked in at midnight that requires customers to show proof of covid-19 vaccination at indoor businesses. the mayor says they're working with is this is and owners to get them up to speed.
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the new enforcement will not start until the end of next week. >> we are already working with his nurse leaders and districts to let them know about requirements to answer questions , to get materials out so people can post signage, educate the businesses about what to do, what kinds of vaccination proof you can accept. reggie: the mayor says he hopes it will encourage more people to get vaccinated and slow the spread of the delta variant. kumasi: happening today, a monster jam returns to san jose at full capacity. four shows will be held this weekend. you need to be fully vaccinated or receive a negative test result within 72 hours of the event. face coverings are required regardless of status. tickets start at $23 and the first show is at 7:00 tonight. we have a vaccine team dedicated to get you the latest information. to ask questions, go to abc reggie: a country call to
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attention over that controversial new abortion law in texas. planned parenthood is out with a new challenge this morning. plus -- >> what was once the 100 year flood, the flood that had about a 1% chance of happening any given year, is not the 100 year flood anymore. kumasi: the flooding disaster doing lasting damage in the northeast. dozens dead across five states. the work not yet done this morning, and there is an easy way to help. mike: let's take a look at what is going on as far as our weather up in the sierra. pretty quiet. 36. 67% humidity. even though the fire is pulling back, there are issues if you are
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kumasi: later this
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president biden will fly to new orleans to survey the damage in louisiana from hurricane ida. he plans to meet with state and local leaders from impacted communities and will be touring a neighborhood in the plastic and aerial view. afterwards, he will deliver remarks on his administration's response to ida. reggie: the cleanup across the northeast following the epic rain from what was left of hurricane ida is going on. crews are removing abandoned cars from flooded areas from maryland to connecticut. the death toll from hurricane ida and its flooding in the northeast is up to 61 people. in connecticut, a state trooper is among those who do not survive. >> he was one of the senior sergeants on the state police. well respected. it is just a tragedy. reggie: sergeant brian mull was checking on an area where three rivers come together when
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flood rivers swept his patrol car away. 385 subway passengers had to be rescued from floodwaters, and nearly 500 vehicles across the city were abandoned. abc has an easy way to help victims via the red cross. go to donate online. >> winds are not necessarily the greatest threat to life of a tropical storm, more people lost their lives in the northeast than in louisiana and mississippi. mike: let's take a look around tahoe. the windsor backing down, they will be variable through the weekend. you can see the ebb and flow of the smoke that will be red and purple, our two highest levels, all the way through today and tomorrow. it back since way closer to sacramento and i-5 into saturday afternoon and evening. we are not going to completely get rid of the smoke, nor the haze but it should improve
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after today's air-quality alert. today is our mild estate if you want to get yard work done before the holiday, and if you are at home, the air conditioner will be likely needed to keep you comfortable. we will look at the moderate risk of heat illness coming up in accuweather 7 they forecast. su it is friday. good news for those taking mass transit. transit. the entire bart part has 48 trams running on time and a few transit free fridays. all of your rights today are free. taking a look at the east shore freeway. a solid stream of headlights out of berkeley toward emeryville. you are moving at a good clip. you have a lot of company. on 880 past the coliseum, it is moving nicely. no slowing for your friday morning drive. we are looking pretty darn good. we get all the green.
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we have that road open on 80 for overnight police work. no delays through daly city. kumasi: thank you, sue. a local bay area celebrity was just spotted enjoying one of san francisco's most well-known traditions. reggie: and one of the best-known musical groups of all time is fact doing what they love. kumasi: and michelin star chefs cooking up an exclusive menu item next week. reggie: as we had to break, a live look at oakland.
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and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. reggie: the owners of the go ship warehouse in portland will pay 12 million -- $12 million to the families of those who
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died in 2016. $6 million will be paid out by one insurance company and another $6 million through the sale of other real estate. they were not criminally charged in the aftermath of the fire. there were house being used illegally as a residential artist haven. kumasi: there is a new legal fight involving the new abortion law in texas. planned parenthood filed a restraining order to end the law's financial incentive that allows private citizens to sue anyone who helps a woman gain access to an abortion if she is more than six weeks pregnant. the biden administration blasted the court's decision in this exchange between a reporter in the white house press secretary. >> why does the president support abortion when his own catholic faith teaches it is [indiscernible] ? >> i know you have never faced
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those choices, nor have you been pregnant, but for women who base these choices, this is an incredibly difficult thing. kumasi: the texas law sets an example for how other states can create abortion restrictions without violating roe v. wade. reggie: here's one more reason to get your covid vaccine. you could get free ice cream. this month, they are giving away a pint of cornflake crunch to anyone who shows proof of vaccination. it is happening at bay area scoop shops in mission,ission,in and while supplies last. kumasi: a michelin chef and is cooking up a special grilled cheese sandwich for shake shack, and the chain's marina location will offer it for only one day. it is thursday, september 9. a portion of sales go to a nonprofit that helps women of
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color start their own restaurants. reggie: i like it. i am stuck on the ice cream though. kumasi: that ice cream is heavenly. reggie: have you had the one with the cornflakes? kumasi: i don't know. maybe. i just love the secret breakfast. reggie: what is the secret breakfast? kumasi: honey, it has bourbon, vanilla, and it has cornflakes in there, too. reggie: what is the secret? kumasi: that is their business, it is a secret. mike: that sounds like something i put on bread pudding. kumasi: it is so creamy. i go in there, it depends on my mood, i get a pint to take home. sometimes i enjoy it there and go to the ferry building. reggie: are they paying you for this because you have sold it. kumasi: they don't have to. it is that good. reggie: that sounds great. kumasi: i will bring you all some when i get back. reggie: i just want to go with
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you. can we do that? kumasi: mm-hmm. reggie: let's talk about the weather as we go about our business. here's a look at sfo. cloudy and the clouds are lower to the ground. visibility has been unobstructed unless you drive through higher elevations. mike: we have got more sunshine today. a touch of haze a touch of hazy. that air-quality alert -- a touch of we had that air-quality alert and hopefully we get rid of it after today. our inland neighborhoods, moderate risk of heat illness because of temperatures that are going to be soaring after this trough that has brought us cooling on shore breezes that moves out there today. let's take a look at our temperatures. you can see the first signs of heat developing in the south bay with gilroy around 85 87 degrees. near 80 in san jose is 76 in cupertino. about 75 in san mateo.
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mid-60's along the coast today to near 70 in downtown and south san francisco. this is a huge series for the giants, 60 at 645, -- 640 640 time, and a little cloud cover towards the end of the game and 80 to 85 to the north bay valley. for the east bay, 72 in richmond and berkeley. 78 and fremont. 85 in san ramon. tonight's temperatures, no matter how hot it gets, it will cool off nicely into the 50's overnight. that is why we do not have heat advisories, although temperatures are in the mid-90's. 80's around the bay and your 70 at the coast. back to average tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week. reggie: "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. kumasi: ginger zee is tracking the flooding. ginger: a week of spending a
6:21 am
morning in front of damage, and here we are in new jersey. it is great to be with you but the road collapsed, one of so many where we have road closures through the southeast. still have a lot of water covering roads. it receives through the day. ida is long gone but the impact will be here for years. we will assess that and tell you , and probably most applicable, because at times to get rain, and it is possible to have mega events. how do you prepare for a major flood and save your things and retrieve them afterward? plus, down on the gu coastl --gulf coast, it was already getting desperate, we will check in on how all those folks are doing with all the need. breaking news in new zealand. six people stabbed, and there are new questions, including why the suspect was already on a
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reggie: welcome back. 6:24. nothing changed on the drought monitor from this week to last week. mike: no rain in the forecast. amateurs ramp into the 90's inland and even up into the north bay and possibly the south bay through the weekend. reggie: thank you. a surprise guest showed up at mccovey cove. klay thompson on his boat, catching a giants splash homerun. >> give me a homerun. i will scoop that boy. let's go giants. reggie: he was cheering on his neighboring san francisco team during the day yesterday. klay has been boating all over the day, while getting ready to return to the warriors from his injury. the giants ended up winning 5-1
6:25 am
yesterday, climbing back up into a tie for first place with the l.a. dodgers. one of the top-selling groups of all time is going to hit the stage again for the first time in four decades, sort of. ♪ kumasi: ok. reggie: these are the virtual performers of abba. they are teasing four new avatars for a concert next may. the quartet, now in their 70's, spent months doing motion capture for the show. the digital stage show will have a live 10 piece band specifically built for the london arena. tickets go on sale this tuesday. for the first time in nearly four decades, abba is set to release a new album in november. this is confusing to me. kumasi: we need to come back to this. it's talk about this, though. new at 6:00, one of the best-selling artists of this
6:26 am
generation drake is out with his anticipated album "certified loverboy." it is one of the top google searches. it features one of the beatles songs "michelle." drake battled with kanye west over there album releases over the days, and now they have released them in back-to-back weeks. ok, happy for you, drake. that's go back to abba. reggie: yeah. kumasi: the avatars? reggie: i know. recently i watched on youtube the whitney hologram performance. it was not as horrifying as i expected it to be. for a second, i was kind of getting into it. kumasi: ok. reggie: by the end of the day lost me. i realized we need to leave whitney alone. kumasi: she is no longer with us. abba is with us. i don't care if they are 70, 80 or 90, if they can walk on the
6:27 am
stage, i would rather see them. they could just sit there. reggie: me too. that is not a real concert. kumasi: that is something i can do at the house. reggie: exactly. but do go and check out this youtube video of the whitney. it really is good for about four minutes. kumasi: four minutes? [laughter] reggie: then you realize that is not whitney. kumasi: all right. reggie: it is a real up and down. a bay area county gave strict new covid guidance for kids in sports, and advice is not only for young people. kumasi: one family checking on the status of their home in the caldor fire by using a camera, sharing compassion when they got the firefighters' attention. reggie: a live look at 627
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories at 6:30, a deadly crash in downtown san jose. metal and glass thrown everywhere and one car butted up against a building. police say it is the latest of a troubling trend. kumasi: and stating south lake tahoe. newman's of -- optimism renewed overnight. this morning, the firefight is far from over. reggie: the holiday weekend is almost here. a live look from santa cruz. we hope that fog will burned off -- burn off eventually. mike nicco is talking a labor day warm up. kumasi: you know i was looking for a friend. reggie: our friend was out there looking for coin. did you see him? kumasi: i have seen him out there -- i have not seen him out there. reggie: not for weeks. kumasi: he is on vacation. reggie: good morning this friday, september 3. you are watching abc 7 mornings
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live on abc 7 live, who live, and wherever you stream. it is going to get warm, mike. mike:. it is such a change temperatures today to degrees to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, and we are another five to 10 degrees warmer by tomorrow. let's take a look outside and what you are going to see. a little cloud cover but notice the east bay hills camera. that is how compressed the marine layer is. we are looking for a little more fog on higher elevated roads, like 580 and 280. 50's this morning. look how quickly clouds return. 60's around the bay. 70's inland, and 70's around the bay and 80's in the east bay. this evening, we fall to the 60's and 70's. a great evening for outdoor activities. we will talk about the heat, coming up. kumasi? kumasi: san jose police say this three vehicle crash may have been a hit and run that left one man dead and two others with critical injuries.
6:32 am
authorities say one of the cars crashed into a building on east santa clara and 10th street around 10:30 last night, and they cleared the scene a short time ago. one fire department official said the intersection is known for high speed travel. san jose police say it is the 41st traffic death of the year. reggie: millions are heading out of town for labor day weekend today, despite the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. more than 42.9 million americans are expected to drive or fly somewhere. vocation data company arrival list predicts road tripping will be down 1% from last year. the cdc warns people who were unvaccinated to not travel at all. abc 7 amy hollyfield is live at sfo, checking in with passengers. amy? amy: people are on the move. it is busy at sfo. it has been all morning. people are getting away for the labor day weekend. travelers say they are
6:33 am
vaccinated and feel safe about taking these trips. they are ready to go, but the cdc recommends that the unvaccinated stay home this weekend, saying they should not travel because it is too risky. the warning came out tuesday, the cdc same with hospitalizations and deaths on the rise because of the virus, unvaccinated should not travel this weekend. >> i agree with them. it is not safe for themselves or people around them. for this policy to be in place. >> i am fully vaccinated. i am going to san diego and then driving across the border to baja with my friend. amy: how are you feeling? >> i feel safe. i don't think it should be too bad. amy: some travelers tell us they have been traveling during the pandemic and they feel safe on airplanes and airports, but the cdc says it does not end there. even the vaccinated need to be careful on their trips and
6:34 am
should wear masks indoors, and big gatherings should be held outside. those who are not vaccinated but decide to travel, officials recommend they should get a covid test to make sure they are not carrying and sharing the virus. live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. contra help send out strict guidance for masking for youth sports and it encourages the use of masks by all disciplines, coaches, staff, volunteers, and spectators, regardless of vaccination status. it is aimed at protecting young people in schools, sports leagues, clubs, and other organized activities. reggie: food concession workers at oracle park plan to strike tomorrow as the giants played a key three-game series against the dodgers. the union unite local claims 20 workers came down with covid-19 this year. the union demanding they get
6:35 am
paid three dollars an hour hazard pay and offer better access to health insurance. if approved, workers could walk out at any time. the giants declined to comment. kumasi: more opportunities to vote in the upcoming recall election. san mateo county is opening four more voting centers tomorrow. the locations are on your screen. it will be open from 9:00 to 5:00 tomorrow through september 13, and then on election day on sub number 14, extended hours from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the recall election at this point is 11 days away. candidates have been campaigning around california trying to win your vote. governor newsom yesterday visited local restaurants in san francisco's chinatown and pointed to california success compared to others when it comes to pandemic recovery. his opponents attacked his handling of crime and homelessness. >> states had utter health outcomes in florida and texas and the united states as a whole, and better economic outcomes. >> you have heard the numbers about crime going up, not just
6:36 am
crime, but violent crime, shootings, homicides up substantially in oakland and san francisco. >> we care enough about people not to let them die in a tent on our sidewalks. kumasi: one of his republican opponents, kevin faulkner, was also in san francisco yesterday and stop in the tenderloin to highlight the plan to build more homeless shelters and banning confidence from public spaces. -- encampments from public spaces. reggie: hurricane ida flooded much of the northeast. new jersey, a house exploded after it was evacuated because of rising floodwaters. [explosion] reggie: it is stunning. a person who was traveling by that house at the time was hurt. the death toll from ida and it's blending has increased to 61 people across eight states. in new york city, officials have rescued more than 1000 people
6:37 am
from floodwaters. at least 835 people were subway passengers. 100 66 people were rescued on the roads. kumasi: the weather is helping crews -- 166 people were rescued on the roads. kumasi: the weather is helping crews control the caldor fire. containment has gone up to 27%. decreasing winds have helped out in the fight. j.r. stone spoke with the douglas county fire marshal who says there is a long way to go. >> i do not want to give the viewers any false sense of security because it is still a fire, and if the wind picks up, it could change the whole thing again. the dynamics could change. hope we can get it and take advantage this time. maybe squelch a little bit. kumasi: crews are still trying to herd the fire toward more remote areas. officials say no additional cabins near lower echo like have been destroyed. you may have noticed this qr code on the bottom left of your screen.
6:38 am
it has been up there during fire coverage. grab your cell phone, open your camera app, and if you scan the code, it will take you to the abc 7 wildfire tracker to help you follow major fires across the state and track air quality for your neighborhood. reggie: a cabin owner and kirkwood has kept an eye on her property and her neighbors property through her nest camera. she spotted firefighters outside her front door enter home still intact. she said they got her attention to the security camera. >> we are happy we got to talk to him. we said, if you will need a place to rest, here are where the keys are. we talk about how technology is destroying us, but this is one time when technology has been a boon. reggie: she says she hopes to someday think of firefighters in person. -- thank the firefighters in person. is where you can find ways to take action and donate. kumasi: coming your way, computer chip crisis.
6:39 am
one of the biggest automakers is positing productions, sending prices skyhigh. however, there is a silver lining. reggie: drought. some drastic differences you'll notice that diablo the next time you are there. kumasi: and let bottlerock 2021 begin. we have some weekend ideas in case you don't have a chance to check that out. reggie: you are looking at the big board. urc we are in negative territory. we will talk -- you can see we are in negative territory. we will check how the markets are doing. kumasi: apple reportedly cooking up its first electric car. one of the worlds top carmakers. mike: let's take a look at weather-wise. it is the holiday weekend. we are supposed to say goodbye to summer, that is not the case in the bay area. our hottest days in san francisco are through october 23, when our advertise 70 to 71. we have cloud cover, a little june gloom.
6:40 am
have moderate air quality that could improve over the weekend. good spots on the coast, central bay, south central bay and the santa clara valley could at least once have good air quality. you can take a look at what is going to happen in the hills and mountains if you plan on visiting friends and traveling, and also back at home, where you can see we will have 20 of haze today, where the most accurate air will be east and north through the weekend. tomorrow we see cleaner air in the morning and afternoon, but we cannot completely get rid of the haze. hopefully, the building haze tomorrow is less than today and should keep us out of the air quality advisory. they usually updated around 11:00 to noon. check us out at midday live or at mike nicco abc 7. watch out on 280 and 580. you might run into fog. hardly any drizzle. we have an equality alert. sue: getting busy this friday
6:41 am
morning. not so much at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is flowing nicely. a little slow on the upper deck to san francisco. at the richmond san rafael bridge, sluggish traffic on the span over toward san rafael. give yourself extra time. we have a sig alert in effect. first, two lanes blocked on three lanes at eastbound 580 at richmond and central. we have debris in the lanes and an accident in the middle lanes. very slow approaching the intersection with 80. here is where the sig alert is, eastbound 4, emergency roadwork approaching 680.
6:42 am
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sweet, but my internet gives me unlimited wireless with 5g. that's because you all have xfinity. whoa! internet and wireless so good, it keeps one-upping itself. get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months with a 1 year agreement. plus, save up to $400 a year on wireless over at&t when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. kumasi: classes will resume at aptos high school today after a
6:44 am
deadly stabbing. a 17-year-old student was stabbed to death on campus on tuesday. law-enforcement arrested a 14-year-old and 17-year-old. it is unclear what led up to the stabbing. the school is providing counselors for students at three locations. reggie: the trial of elizabeth holmes. jurors were sworn in yesterday after questioning 80 potential jurors. the panel will be five women, eight men, and will be diverse in terms of ethnicity and age. she was indicted years ago and is accused of knowingly misleading investors and doctors and patients about capability of her blood testing -- a company's testing technology. kumasi: big news if you are in the market to buy or sell a car. prices are going to get higher. gm is the latest to announce a pause in production at eight major plants, adjoins ford,
6:45 am
toyota and nissan in the move, because of a worsening shortage of computer chips used in car parts. the chips are mostly made in asia, or the delta variant is hitting hard and forcing plant closures. the domino effect is extending to the big three in detroit. >> we will have this start-stop situation where the lines come back on and they get shuddered back again. some automakers reworking their vehicles and certain chips are offered, but it has not been enough to completely curb all of the issues. kumasi: with less supply comes increased demand, sending prices skyrocketing. the average price of a new car last month was $42,832. here is a story a lot of you are looking at on, federal funds for pandemic relief expire tomorrow. that means the federal government will stop paying $300 per week, a bonus to the
6:46 am
unemployed. there will be no more payments to nontraditional workers like contractors, self-employed people and gig workers, a program which extended benefits for up to 53 weeks is also expiring. thousands of californians are still waiting for benefits they have never received. the labor department released a disappointing august jobs report, reflection of the country's economy. while the unemployment rate decreased from july, only 235,000 jobs were created last month, and that is nearly 400,000 below what economists forecasted. it is the fewest jobs created in a month since may, following back-to-back months of payroll gains of more than 900,000. president biden is set to deliver remarks on the august jobs report at 7:00 this morning. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we are starting down 112 points. reggie: a top videogame
6:47 am
franchise is adding a custom twist this year. nba 2k is getting audio reality, featuring the real-life public address announcer's from the arenas of all 30 nba teams. so for the warriors, matt pittman is behind the microphone, doing player introductions and other game highlights, like calling out three-pointers. the game tips off next friday. kumasi: apple cars could be on the way. executives are in talks with toyota about the possible production of its own car brand starting in 2020 four. details are scarce, but insiders say the cupertino-based company is focusing on creating cars for consumers in the near future. reggie: an investigation is underway in tulsa richard branson's flight displays in july. the faa says virgin galactic's rockribbed power -- rocket powered plane veered off course during dissent. virgin galactic insists nothing
6:48 am
wrong happened. they say it's pilots modified the flight path as they were trained because of high altitude winds. the company acknowledged the spacecraft dropped low the altitude it was approved to flight for one minute and 41 seconds. bottlerock kicks off in napa today. guns and roses, the foo fighters, and megan thee stallion are headlining the three day festival. masks are required when visiting indoor venues. bottlerock attendees have to provide full proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours of the event. i realized i left out miley cyrus. it is friday, and our guides are giving you a better weekend in the bay area. things constantly change with the pandemic, but one thing is for certain, they are safe and fun activities for you and your family. kumasi: here are a few activities to get your labor day weekend going. first, there was cinema and
6:49 am
drinks, then pizza, and out she center is bringing the jokes. outdoor comedy night at the beautiful drive city. the team behind the secret comedy show is taking over the plaza for an all-night show of laughs with sets from san francisco's top comics. you have all you need saturday night, local food trucks, the beer garden, and if you rsvp for free on eventbrite you can see trevor noah's comedy show in december. if music is your thing, rabbie or crew and test your knowledge with the san francisco city white scavenger hunt, celebrating the vibrant music history. you can star in your own music video with your friends, find secret pop-up band performances, and follow location cruise for prizes if you pass. you can do it in one day or do the ones that appeal to you. tickets start at $25 for all ages. the pop-ups are aplenty this weekend. the recently opening of salesforce park will transform their gardens into an all out
6:50 am
ecosystem of art. this is an experience you have never seen before. live dance performances, art installations, and layered soundscape to lift you off and do something of your dreams. it is every night at 7:30 this weekend. no tickets or rsvp are needed. right on the front page of our website, we put together a list of covid friendly events happening all over the bay area this weekend. it is up right now at ab there is a lot happening this weekend, friend. [laughter] i am excited about the weekend. i was over yesterday by the giants game, and i feel like it made me want to run in there and see what was going on because there was so much energy. i was there around the time when something happened and they scored all those points and won the game.
6:51 am
if i was going to be here this weekend, i would go to the giants game i get garlic fries. you just want to eat, i have been up since two sue: sue: :00 a.m., i want to eat -- sue: i have been up since 2:00 a.m., i just went to eat. kumasi: what are you all doing? [laughter] really reggie: i cannot say. sue: taking the glamper to the coast. reggie: i am going to the beach. kumasi: glamping, the beach. i am going to have a nice weekend. reggie: i am knuckling to be here for a few days after this -- i am not going to be here for a few days after this. every time i am gone, i get messages like, are you fired? i am not fired, at least i do not think so, and i'm also not dead. i am going on vacation. mike: someone has their anniversary and birthday. reggie: it is my birthdayvers
6:52 am
ary. i got married, birthday. mike: how many years? reggie:reggie: five. lunatic bursting with me all this time. mike: what is the gift on the five? i don't know. reggie: something i have not gotten? [laughter] mike: you are treating this just like christmas, waiting until the last minute. reggie: yes, save me. mike: a great weekend. cal is hosting nevada in football. stanford will be playing at k state, and i do not know what san jose state is doing, but i will have a forecast for you coming up. here's a look at lake tahoe. here is an area you want to avoid. smoky all weekend. you can see the smoke in our sky. we have an air quality alert today. average high's with the clouds turning dissension quicker but the haze out there. clearer tonight little fog as
6:53 am
the marine layer gets pushed to the ground. and a heat wave with a moderate heat wave illness possible. it will cool off to the 50's and 60's. that is why we are not under heat advisories. the onshore breeze tapers and high-pressure moves in over the weekend. here's a look at the cloud cover, which is just as expensive as yesterday but gets back to the coast quicker by the lunch hour. we will be in the mid to upper 60's along the coast and to san francisco. mid-70's around the bay, as you head inland, mid to upper 80's. and look at that jump saturday, 96 degrees inland, 66 at the coast, and here is where it gets dangerous, and then sunday and monday, as we near inland, 70's at the coast. kumasi? kumasi: calfire issued a burn ban for part of san mateo county
6:54 am
and santa cruz counties, and that means campfires, warning fires, or outer burning of any kind is not allowed. this starts at noon. calfire says it is dangerous given the wildfire situation. reggie: in the east bay, a water shortage at diablo state park has officials asking you to bring water to drink when you visit. the website says the springs on the mountain have been reduced to a trickle, and the water storage tanks are close to empty. officials turned off all of the water faucets at picnic areas. toilets and showers are also closed at the juniper junction and live oak campgrounds. portable toilets are available. kumasi: elvis pressley's iconic jumpsuit and the cape are going up for auction this weekend. here it is. presley was wearing it when he wowed fans during a string of shows at madison square garden in 1972. the opening bid is we $50,000
6:55 am
and the cape starts at $50,000 -- the opening bid for the jumpsuit is $350,000 and the cape starts at $50,000, and there is also an option to bid on a lunch with his ex-wife priscilla. the proceeds will go to charity for the lunch. reggie: i remember this because my dad was a huge elvis fan. he had all the elbows. he went through them -- he had all the albums, so that is iconic to me. i would want the cape. kumasi: you know i love a good jumpsuit. reggie: when you actually try it on? [laughter] kumasi: honey, stitch it. get it right. reggie: get it fitted? that would be a look. kumasi: i am saying. it really would. reggie: it is pretty amazing. kumasi: next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch our newscasts live and on-demand through the bay city area connected app, available for
6:56 am
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
6:57 am
6:58 am
kumasi: 6:57. here are the seven things to know this morning, chp saying a freeway shooting along 280 and daly city sent everyone in this seb to the hospital overnight. at one point, officers shutdown all southbound lanes at east moore avenue. no word on suspects. reggie: number two, a busy labor day weekend. the cdc recommends if you are unvaccinated, stay home. they say it is too risky to travel with deaths and hospitalizations on the rise. kumasi: number three, later today, president biden will be in louisiana, surveying damage from hurricane ida. he plans to meet with local leaders from impacted communities. reggie: number four, the weather is helping crews make progress against the caldor fire. it has burned 330 square miles and containment has gone up to 27%. mike: they are still having air quality issues there and here
6:59 am
due to wildfires, and we have an air quality alert. the bigger story is how hot it is today. we are warmer than average. kumasi: number six, following your friday morning commute with a sig alert in effect for emergency word work eastbound on highway -- road work eastbound on highway 4 approaching 680 and the martinez area. that will be picked up hopefully shortly. kumasi: number seven, humphrey slocum is giving a pint of cornflake crunch ice cream for anybody who shows proof of vaccination at all of its bay area scoop shops and mission, the fara building, oakley, while supplies last. get on it. reggie: while supplies last. kumasi: that is i have to get on it. reggie: it is not unlimited. kumasi: do not play. reggie: i cannot go back twice. i keep thinking about the new krispy kreme donuts with pumpkin spice.
7:00 am
mike: you get two of those or two of something that krispy kreme. reggie: someone? the race to recovery as the death toll rises from ida. ida's wrath, the death toll at least 59 people dead across eight states. basement apartments turned into death traps. the wall of this home collapsed unleashing a torrent. hundreds saved along the east coast including more than 800 subway riders. at least 19 tornadoes touched down. a twister shreds this home with winds up to 150 miles an hour. this morning, the devastation in the northeast. desperate and in the dark. president biden heading to louisiana. nearly a million customers along the gulf coast still without power, scrambling for food and


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