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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 25, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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wildfire smoke. we are tracking air quality. reggie: storming the san jose city council meeting, forcing a temporary evacuation of the chambers. it did not stop the vote. new changes you need to know for where you need to be vaccinated. kumasi: and a takeover in the kitchen. one national restaurant chain out with a new plan to make your next meal. reggie: there is no way that pot throws the food. [laughter] all right. very aggressive. [laughter] mike: no soup for you! reggie: good morning. you are watching live. following up in tahoe. it is as hazardous as it can be.
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it is topping the scale. a measuring point in reno where they closed the schools in the last couple of days, and it's not going to get any better today. here at home, we still have that refreshing sea breeze, about 23 mph up in fairfield. that is going to keep us cloudy this morning with patchy drizzle in our hills and cooler than average this afternoon, with mid to upper 60's from the coast, san francisco, oakland. low to mid 70's for the rest of the bay. reggie: thank you. the latest in northern california's wildfire crisis. thousands of firefighters battling more than a thousand fires in the state right now. kumasi: yesterday, president biden issued a major disaster declaration for the areas affected by the dixie fire but it does not yet cover one fire, named the nation's top priority fire.
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it has reached to just 20 miles southeast of lake tahoe and is burning 192 square miles. it is 11% contained. air quality is so bad near lake tahoe, some people are staying in the bay area to escape the wildfire smoke. amy hollyfield joins us live in san francisco with the latest last-minute changes to vacation plans. amy: we are on treasure island, where the sea breeze is keeping the air nice and clean. this is becoming quite an alternative were planning to vacation in tahoe, just to enjoy san francisco and our good air quality here. visitors to tahoe tellis it is miserable there, unbearable. the smoke is so thick, some have canceled their plans and decided to extend their stay in san francisco, while others made it there but realized they could not stay, and headed back to the bay area. >> the activity, it was simply overwhelming.
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even inside the house, it looked like someone had a fire in the fireplace and close to the damper and smoked out the house. -- and closed the damper and smoked at the house. amy: no evacuations have been ordered around the lake, and firefighters do not think the fire will reach the tahoe area, but the smoke has made it there and has made it very uncomfortable to be there. they have even canceled school in reno. it is just so bad. the cool, clean air here is very nice. air quality here is great, making it a great place to escape to for those who need to change their plans, tahoe plans. reporting live in treasure island amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: you can always check on live updates for all of the fires with our exclusive wildfire tracker. we are also tracking air quality effects in your neighborhood. all of this on our website. reggie: a fire chief says the city is in dire need of more firefighters.
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he started his job days ago, amid severe staffing shortages. the market is budgeted staffed by an astonishing 117 people. he said the number of hours firefighters work because of mandatory overtime is causing hardships professionally and personally. >> the battalion chief worked 14 consecutive days. that is 14 days not seeing their family. as a husband and father of two, i cannot imagine how that impact their family. reggie: the chief says he has approached the city administrator and mayor and wants to recruit new staff right away and have 70 new staffers on engines in early 2022. kumasi: san jose community has approved vaccine mandates despite some intense opposition.
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this was last night's meeting. it was suspended for about an hour after a group of unmasked protesters rushed inside. in the end, the city unanimously voted to move a proposal for a proof of vaccination mandate. soon, anyone attending events with 50 or more people at city-owned facilities have to show proof of vaccination. >> i think it is a lot harder to get your message across when you are yelling obscenities. >> people should have freedom of choice about what they want to do with their medical decisions, and that is coercion. kumasi: just to be clear, the city is not requiring anybody to be vaccinated, only that they provide proof when they are attending gatherings inside certain venues like sap center, the convention center, and more places. city leaders plan to give venue operators some time to adjust to this before incrementing the new rules. reggie: all santa cruz county employees will need to get vaccinated for covid-19 or be tested weekly.
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the board of supervisors voted unanimously to adopt that measure yesterday. employees have 30 days to comply. if you refuse, you could face a leave without pay, or even termination. kumasi: and afghanistan, a race against time to evacuate dozens of americans and afghan refugees. president biden says the military is on track to withdraw by the august 31 deadline. it all comes down to if the taliban cooperates. reporter: this morning, time is running out for thousands of people hoping to escape the chaos in afghanistan. pres. biden: we are currently on pace to finish by august 31. the sooner we can finish, the better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops. reporter: president biden is standing by his august 31 deadline. families desperate to leave have been boarding buses undercover of darkness. at the gates of the airport in
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kabul -- >> we are waiting to get through, but they are not letting us through. reporter: the taliban announced it is blocking afghans trying to leave the country. more than 70,000 people have been evacuated in the last 10 days, including 5400 americans. president biden says contingency plans are being developed to adjust the timeline if necessary, but the military will have to start packing up and moving out soon if they are going to meet their deadline. in washington, abc news. reggie: president biden's chilean dollar domestic budget plan earning a key passage vote. we are tracking some major social impacts from child allowance, climate change, to tuition-free community college. kumasi: plus, there has to be a very good reason for this, and there is. the reason behind this train crash. and there is a hint. you might be seeing it again. mike: here is a look at what is going on in the south bay. clouds are spreading around.
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mike: let's look at the smoke forecast, which is just pegged at the highest level in tahoe this morning. we are doing ok as the trough passes over the top of us. we will increase the westerly breezes. there will be a small touch of haze in the air. in the west wind comes in and hits the caldor fire, it is going to pump more smoke into that area. tomorrow will get more of a north, northwesterly flow. smoke in the distance will start to scour up tahoe a little bit. south of there, definitely an increase in some of that smoke.
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the seo anytime this week is going to be awful. isolated drizzle into the east bay hills. it will be cool and comfy on mass transit. watch the low clouds retreat back to the coast. we will have midday high clouds roll through with 50's, 60's, and 70's. we will have 70's to 80's in our inland neighborhoods. the last comfortable day. i will show you the heat coming up next. jobina: the commute is getting very busy in san francisco. this is a caltrans camera show you southbound 101 in san francisco. we have had a lot of stalls between this spot in the 280 junction, which has really caused a backup on the western span of the bay bridge. if you are headed toward the toll plaza, that is actually clear. i do want to update you on an alert we were covering in san pablo due to a motorcycle crash on westbound 80 at south pablo
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dam road. that has cleared. reggie: new at 6:00, how would you like to witness this? a man stumbled upon a moment in the film mission impossible seven, running a train off a cliff in central england. here is how it sounded to the person who was standing there watching this. [helicopter noise]se] reggie: he has seen the crew building the train tracks since february. they begin shooting last week. tom cruise was also spotted filming at birmingham's central station. movie is set to come out in may of next year. kumasi: robots taking over the kitchen at one popular restaurant. reggie: plus the massive overhaul you might notice next time you step foot into an ikea. >> whatever you put your mind to, you can do. contact me. i will have more candy. kumasi: changing the gumball
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game. one team with his pandemic plan to make candy cool again and pick up life skill
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kumasi: new developments on president biden 3.5 trillion dollar -- president biden's tree $.5 trillion budget plan. -- plan. reporter: a party vote with unanimous republican opposition. democrats had to bring the moderate and progressive wings together. democrats outlined four components they plan to invest and for structuring jobs, families, climate, and health care. house speaker nancy pelosi says
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she is committed to passing the infrastructure bill by september 27. republicans blasted the playroom, calling it wasteful progressive priorities that will create additional data for future generations. kumasi: thank you, jobina. and east bay judge dealt a blow to berkeley plans to build classes and -- classrooms and housing on the north side of campus. the judge ordered cal to immediately stop the $126 million upper hearst project and cap enrollment at last year's level. the judge ruled in favor of residents in the area, who sued the university to stop the project. the judge said cal failed to consider the impact of expanded enrollment on berkeley' is homeless population. kumasi: staffing shortages in the restaurant industry -- solid chain sweet green is purchasing the austin restaurant spice, known for its automated kitchen. it is able to cook and serve with no human intervention.
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sweet green says it is looking to fill orders faster and give workers more time preparing the food for each meal. no word on where that automation is going to hit sweet green. kumasi: ikea's maize-like showrooms may soon become a thing of the past. ikea's. company is testing new store designs. the idea is to make people want to hang out in the stores, instead of pushing them toward checkout lines. changes include areas where you can hang out with social media influencers, take selfies. another chain would make you learn to make your home or sustainable. kumasi: teenager eric wilson thinks gumball machines are the wave of the future. he has carved out quite the business for himself. wilson is refurbishing new gumball machines -- old gumball machines and sending them to stores around town. it is the maintenance and restocking. he says the idea came to him during the pandemic. his entrepreneurial spirit is not stopping with gumballs.
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eric: vending customized larger vending machines. >> he is amazing. not only is he a young entrepreneur, he is a straight a student. mike: wilson says he hopes -- reggie: wilson says it is his way of giving back to friends and neighbors. it's cute. kumasi: he is cute. mike: i would like to see what he comes up with next. let's see what the weather has next. we have been talking about it most of the week, to enjoy what we have so far, which is pretty clean air and comfortable conditions. that is going to change, starting tomorrow, and it is a sharp change. this is walnut creek. the low clouds are every once in a while letting go with a little bit of drizzle. there will retreat back to the coast and a few high clouds will roll through during the lunch hour. our last day getting a break from the summer heat. fewer clouds, still good for sleep tonight.
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heat illness, there is a moderate risk inland. we have the high pressure on the left coming in and heating us up. this trough has been giving us this clean and cool onshore flow. because it is moving over the top of us today, our air quality will be the cleanest moving forward, today. that will help us jump into the low to mid 80's, 82 to 83. pretty cool around the pedis -- we will have 72 in mountain view. pacific at 62. same thing in the sunset. six to five in downtown. 67 in south san francisco. warmer spots in the north bay valleys. most of us in the mid to upper 70's. 67 in richmond. 68 in berkeley. about 10 degrees warmer inland. tonight, you can see the cloud
6:20 am
cover not quite making it inland, but other areas, a little bit of drizzle possible in the north bay mountains, the east bay hills, and on the coast. we jumped four to eight degrees tomorrow, so we surge past average. we jump another two to four degrees as we head to saturday. a little bit of cooling starts at the coast sunday. it will eventually reach inland areas by tuesday. kumasi: "-- reggie: "good morning america" coming up. rob: great to be with you on this wednesday. let's coming up on gma. we leave the show with a covid crisis and some signs of hope at least. 6 million vaccinations have been given to americans in the last seven days as the cdc predicts hospitalizations could double in a month. states like arkansas running out of icu beds, and mississippi and alabama seeing their deadliest days of the pandemic. also ahead, the latest on the race to escape afghanistan.
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president biden says u.s. troops will leave by august 31, just six days from now, and warns that staying longer opens the airport up to a particular terrorist attack. we are live on the ground in kabul this morning. and why your favorite back-to-school items are missing from supermarket shelves. we will let you know what you need to know before you start any sort of panic shopping. and the one and only billie eilish is here. she has a movie out. she will talk to us about that, and the broadway cast of chicago is going to be doing a special live performance in times square. we await the approach of broadway opening up as we slowly try to get to normal during this mess we have had the past two years. hang in there, reginald, kumasi. [ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ] [ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait...
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reggie: let's head outside and see what the kids can expect, or teachers and faculty and all that. mike: temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. a little bit of drizzle, but mainly higher elevations along the coast. we are still in the low to upper 60's by 11:00. 62 at the coast, 83 inland. get outside and enjoy those temperatures. kumasi: serena williams has just bowed out of the upcoming u.s. open, the legend and penning heartfelt message on instagram. she cites her torn hamstring injury that has not improved. she wants to make sure she is safe. it is the first time in 25 years that the u.s. open will be without serena williams, roger federer, or rafael nadal in the main singles. reggie: a legend of san francisco' is late night scene has died. harry denton owned famous nightclubs including the
6:25 am
starlight room. he was a vocal member of the lgbt community and died at the age of 77 in washington state. kumasi: kanye is making headlines in the building to his upcoming album release. west filed court documents to drop the kan in kanye. he wants his name to be " middle name, no last name. and he built a replica of his home in chicago at soldier field. it will be a listening experience for his new album, named after his late mother. reggie: the next ride for some lucky customers could be the winner mobile. the rideshare service is teaming up with oscar meyer for a 27 foot long hot dog on wheels. the winner mobile is going to be chauffeured by five star drivers, oscar mayer hot doctors, and writers will get -- riders will get shirts and
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masks. the five weinermobiles are operating today through friday. so you do not get food? kumasi: do you want food? reggie: no. top stories we are tracking at 6:30 -- an antibody surge with a johnson booster shot. what we are seeing from a major study out this morning. kumasi: and californians getting a second golden state stimulus check in the next few weeks. reggie: san francisco just edged out as the most expensive rental market in the u.s. we are number two! guess who is number one. kumasi: at 6:20 six, the sea lions. reggie: they are asleep.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. reggie: making news now, the caldor fire disaster only 11 days old, but already wiping out hundreds of homes. looking at new video this morning, the flames knocking on the door of lake tahoe. kumasi: and a california jim -- side-by-side smoky conditions in the lake. the worst air quality in the world this morning, and it is having an impact in the bay area. abc 7 mornings, live right now on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. it is 6:29, and we have team coverage on the wildfire smoke. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco, where tourists are staying here to get relief from the smoke in the tahoe area. first, we are checking in on the
6:30 am
air quality with mike. mike: it is really dangerous up there. i have friends coming down that are going to stay for several days until this clears up. i don't blame them. let's look at what is going on here at home. the marine layer is keeping is pretty clear, and we have got those winds that will continue in fairfield, blowing around 13, gusting to 30. that is why we are so clean. our temperatures, mid to upper 60's for half moon bay, san francisco, richmond, oakland. morgan hill, east bay inland neighborhoods, mid 80's. we will take a look at the current air quality here and tahoe, in the smoke forecast, coming up. reggie: and plumas counties has burned more than 733,000 acres. it is 43% contained. the caldor fire burning near lake tahoe has burned 123 thousand acres.
6:31 am
it is only 11% contained. team coverage continues with amy hollyfield, on treasure island, checking the skies above the city. how is it looking to you? amy: it is nice here. a little chilly, but it is clean, clear air, and that is what you want. that is why a lot of tahoe visitors are finding this a nice place to escape to. we have this sea breeze. it feels good. you can breathe safely. visitors to tahoe say it is miserable there. the smoke is just terrible. outside and even inside. one visitor telling us it felt like someone had built a fire in their living room. that is when they realized it was time to head back to the bay area. some tourists decided not to go at all, and extended their stay in san francisco. >> we were supposed to go all over the lake, go sightseeing, and then in the hotel, there is this amazing pool, but we could
6:32 am
not go because of the smoke. in the meter, it was passed the meter. like the meter cannot even detect how much smoke there is. amy: good choice to stay here. the caldor fire is crating the smoke covering tahoe. it is burning southwest of tahoe. firefighters don't expected to reach the tahoe area, and no evacuations have been ordered. but some are leaving anyway because of the air quality. tourists who are there can be seen walking around outside, wearing masks not because of covid, but because of the ash and the smoke. the air is clean. it is a good breeze, a good alternative if tahoe is in your plans. you may want to cancel and stay here. amy hollyfield, abc 7. reggie: schools in the incline village area of lake tahoe are going to be closed because of all that smoke. all schools except for one were closed yesterday in the reno area. this morning, matt gutman is in
6:33 am
reno, reporting on closures and air quality. that is ahead on good morning america. you can track the air quality here anytime you wish, with our real-time weather tracker, the same one mike uses during his forecast. the tool is live now on our connected tv app. download the app wherever you stream. kumasi: turning to the pandemic and the major announcement from johnson and johnson, the company out with new data showing a booster shot increases covid-19 antibody levels nine vault. the study, which has been peer-reviewed, also found people without the booster still had good protection eight months later. this is coming as a new cdc report finds efficacy of all the vaccines dropped with the spread of the delta variant, from 91% overall to 66%. dr. gandhi: this has a viral load, so it can break through minor defenses more. in addition, we all got our vaccines some time ago, so that means that our antibodies, our
6:34 am
first line of defense in our nose, our coming down. that is natural, a normal part of the immune system. kumasi: a study in l.a. county found only 3% of fully vaccinated people go to the hospital if there is a breakthrough infection. that is evidence of a good vaccine. reggie: anyone age four and up is required to wear masks inside public buildings in bonita. that mandate goes into effect immediately and will be reviewed again in six weeks. this makes bonita different than the rest of solano county. it remains the only bay area county without a mask mandate. kumasi: and afghanistan, president biden standing by the august 31 withdrawal date. there is bipartisan and international pressure to extend the deadline to get as many americans and allies out as possible. jobina has the latest on the
6:35 am
race to evacuate. jobina: thousands of afghans are trying to get through the perimeter fence of the kabul airport. president biden has resisted pressure from g-7 leaders and members of his own party to push back the deadline. he says a delay allows increased risk of conflict with the taliban and terrorist attacks from isis in afghanistan. but biden admits contingency plans are being developed to adjust the timetable if necessary. this morning, abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz says there is only a small chance of extension. martha: i think the contingency plans are if there is something extraordinary that happens. the military could possibly adjust to that and get more people out. but i think at this point the plan is to go ahead and try to get out as many as they have. jobina: coming up on gma, martha raddatz talks about the $80 billion in abandoned u.s. military equipment now in the hands of the taliban. the taliban has rejected any plans for an extended u.s. troop
6:36 am
withdrawal. this morning, the militants are blocking afghans trying to leave the country from reaching the airport, claiming it wants to protect people from terrorist threats. more than 70,000 people have been evacuated in the past 10 days, including more than 5400 americans. reggie: mexico has accepted its first group of refugees from afghanistan. among them are five members of afghanistan's prize-winning girls robotics team. mexico is committed to granting them whatever legal status is best, including asylum or refugee status. the team had most recently been on a lifesaving mission, transforming used car parts into ventilators for covid patients in afghanistan. that project got stopped when the taliban returned to power, forcing the girls to escape the country. kumasi: scot peterson presenting his case, serving time in san quentin for killing his pregnant wife. his attorney sharing their argument today. reggie: new are looking at the
6:37 am
big board of the stock exchange. another update on how the markets are doing, coming up next. mick: ♪ kumasi: the death of charlie watts this morning, the bedrock drummer of the rolling stones. mike: what is going on with all the smoke and how it is impacting us, and up into tahoe -- we will start with our air quality, which is green to yellow, good to moderate. if you go up to lake tahoe, you can see it is hazardous. it is at its worst level. there are only a couple of places in brazil that rival how bad the air quality is here. ours is still worst. we have the worst air quality in all of the earth right now. here is a look from the east shore, looking to the west. visibility is only a couple hundred yards because of that thick smoke. we have heavenly closed for the summer, sierra tahoe closed,
6:38 am
because they shut the power down. i was reading that squaw-alpine, they were trying to build one of their new gondolas and had to take helicopters away from that to use them to fight the fire, so that has been on hold also. here is a look at the smoke. the winds are light and variable. the smoke sinks into the valleys and just sits there. when the wind does pick up later today, look which way it blows. that blows to the east and pushes all that heavy, thick smoke back over tahoe, and reinforces how bad the air quality is. tonight, it will settle into the valleys again. we have a wind shift tomorrow coming out of the north, northwest. that will push the smoke to the south and hopefully start to clean out tahoe, maybe temporarily. as you head into thursday night, you can see the smoke is going to settle back into those areas. the day planner in the mid to upper 50's through 7:00, with
6:39 am
mainly gray conditions. temperatures around 60 to 73 at noon. if you are walking out this evening under our pretty clean air, 57 at the coast. 67 around the bay. we will look at the many heat wave, coming up. jobina: we are beginning with a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. this is the first time i'm showing it to you because this is the first time we have seen any sort of backup. metering lanes came on at 6:04. about half an hour ago, we had so many issues being reported by the chp. thankfully, they have been able to clear those out of the way. speeds are under the limit. some drive times for you, we have some slowdowns. it will take 28 minutes. tracy to dublin, 48 minutes. we have new details on light rail service returning to the south bay. trains are back on the tracks for testing. if all goes well, the bta hopes to resume service along the orange line this weekend, just
6:40 am
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♪ kumasi: today, scot peterson will appear before a judge in the appeal of 2004 murder conviction of his wife they see and his unborn son, connor. there is a question about whether the juror lied about whether she had been involved in a domestic violence case. >> everybody has a right to 12 independent jurors who are willing to listen to the evidence. even one juror who comes in and has their mind made up and has an agenda -- not only does that hurt the defendant, but it
6:43 am
strikes the very heart of the judicial system. kumasi: peterson was convicted of two counts of murder when he was sentenced to death in 2005 the state supreme court overturned that death sentence earlier this year. reggie: vice president kamala harris is in vietnam, and she is taking aim at china. jobina? jobina: vice president kamala harris continued sharp rhetoric against beijing. she urged vietnam to join the united states to challenge what she called china's leading in the south china the. vietnamese leaders joined in promising a strong presence in the region to take a stand against china. the vice president is on a weeklong tour of southeast asia. vice president harris already made a stop in singapore to strengthen u.s. ties to the region. overnight, she made a big pledge to vietnam, pledging another one million doses of covid-19 vaccine to the country.
6:44 am
vp harris: we know early in the pandemic, vietnam was generous supporting the united states when we were in a time of the, with over 250,000 ppe's and masks being delivered to our country and we needed them. we are proud to reciprocate in a time of need. jobina: harris's flight to vietnam was delayed last night over a possible case of havana syndrome. the mysterious syndrome first affected people at the u.s. embassy in havana in 2016. the white house would not say who was affected, but says harris's safety is not at risk. reggie: former san diego kevin faulkner says he has a major endorsement to announce. he is going to be making that announcement in oakland. he has invited former law enforcement to join him at a media event, including his former chief of police in san diego, shellie zimmerman.
6:45 am
46 candidates are running in the gubernatorial recall election to replace newsom. a former recall election candidate is throwing his support behind assembly men kevin kiley. he endorsed the fellow republican. he was an assembly member from the sacramento suburbs who dropped out last week to focus on his recovery after suffering a heart attack. kumasi: governor newsom yesterday was that risley flats, a community nearly tahoe left business -- devastated by the caldor fire. the governor blasted top republican candidate larry alder, who does not plan california apostrophes wildfire isis on climate change. governor newsom: he lives in a different world, devoid of the reality here at grizzly flats. we have heroes. we are investing in them, investing in active forest management. with all due respect, he does not know what he's talking about when it comes to the issue of climate and climate change.
6:46 am
kumasi: governor newsom added that with the statewide drought and the pandemic, he does not think it is time for californians to be focused on a recall election. kumasi: -- reggie: most of you have recall ballots and more than a million californians have filled them out. you only have until monday to register to vote. after that, you can do what is called a conditional voter registration all the way up to election day, which is on tuesday, september 14. kumasi: a new city is laying claim to the priciest rental market in the u.s. new york now has the most expensive median rent for a one-bedroom. san francisco is a close second at $2800, a difference of $10. but that is down nearly 8%, year over year. san jose is fourth at $2200, and oakland is down more than 9%
6:47 am
year-over-year. this is the top story on our website right now, the second round of california's stimulus checks going out at the end of the month. amounts range from $500 to $1100. we posted an easy guide to see if you qualify and how much you are getting, right on the front page. but know that if you got money from the first round of the state stimulus checks, you will miss out on this round. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. we are down right now by about 40 points. reggie: san francisco the first u.s. city to designate a transgender history month. >> san francisco is the first to celebrate this historic milestone. it makes sense for the rich history of our community here, the birthplace of the trans rights movement. reggie: sister roma from the sisters of perpetual indulgence posted the event, where mayor london reassigned -- we signed a
6:48 am
declaration making august transgender history month, the anniversary of the cafeteria line -- cafeteria right in the tenderloin. transgender women and gay men fought against police brutality, launching transgender activism in san francisco. kumasi: performers are coming together to fight the stigma surrounding disabilities, part of 8831, a celebration of the 31st anniversary of the americans with disabilities act. oakland-based comedian nina g is hosting today's virtual event, the only female stuttering comedian in the bay area. she talked about the importance of including people from all abilities in the arts. nina: that is how you reduce the stigma. the more that you see people different kinds of disabilities, the more that you see that we are like everybody else. we can be jerks. we can be good people.
6:49 am
kumasi: 88/31 streams today on facebook live, and you can learn more online. reggie: some of the biggest names in rock's and an entire nation of fan pay tribute to the man considered the backbone of the rolling stones. mick: ♪ you make a grown man wild ♪ reggie: drummer charlie watts died in london weeks after an undisclosed medical procedure that forced him to -- back out of a tour. lots had provided the beat for the what group since the 1960's. >>'s personality was like is playing -- stable, steady, the thing outside of everything crazy going on. reggie: mick jagger remembered watts by simply posting a photo, remembering watts as a beautiful man. and ringo posted, "god bless charlie watts." he was 80 years
6:50 am
old. kumasi: san francisco's outsidee music festival will require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. anyone has to test negative within 72 hours of the festival. reggie: as a reminder, that does not apply to us because we could not get tickets. kumasi: i remember. remember that spinning wheel. ok. reggie: this is not for me. mike: everybody racing to their computers. kumasi: right. mike: so we took care of those that get to go. let's take care of everybody as far as the weather goes. you can see over my shoulder it is a gray day starting across most of our neighborhoods. it is that way pier 39 this morning. mostly sunny this afternoon. we will have low clouds roll back to the coast, and a few
6:51 am
high clouds. a little bit of haze in the seven day cycle. we have a lot of risk of heat on this friday, and sunday. the heat will start easing monday into tuesday. it is cloudy around thing from this go. very uniform temperatures. 53 in sunnyside. 56 in many neighborhoods. 52 in american canyon. 61 in san leandro. you can see the sunrise. you can see the low clouds and the smoke in the distance. that is where it is going to stay, thankfully for us. this is a nice day to do yard work, the most comfortable moving forward. one of the cleanest days moving forward also come and if you are moving home, one of your last days of free air conditioning. san jose down to 71. we have 72 in alta view. 62 in pacifica and something.
6:52 am
65 in downtown san francisco and sausalito. near 80 for most of the northbay valleys. union city and castro valley, 73. as you had inland, 86 in san ramon. tonight, cloud cover less widespread. 56 in antioch. a little drizzle possible. warmer tomorrow. the warmest days are friday. we peak on saturday. back to average everywhere by tuesday. reggie: if you ever wanted to ride an autonomous vehicle, here is your chance. waymo is looking for volunteers in san francisco. the company is inviting the general public to apply on its mobile app to hill rides for free in those electric jaguar
6:53 am
suv's, in exchange for your feedback. >> we are looking for a div a dv set of feedback from people with varying mobility needs and perspectives. this is the right step because it is important to make sure we build a product that satisfies the needs of communities where we operate. reggie: you can see that while the car is driving itself, there is still a human behind the wheel in case they need to intervene. there are certain neighborhoods like the sunset, the richmond. billie eilish has a new concert film, "happier than ever: a love letter to los angeles," that will be soon released on disney plus. billie: it is a it is a it is as my entire album from front to back. it's funny because i thought it was going to be just me singing all my songs, just me, i live video. but it is more than that.
6:54 am
it's like it tells a story. reggie: it will be streaming on disney plus starting september 3. disney is the parent company of abc 7, and you can see more on this interview including thoughts of going on a global tour in early 22 into. -- 2022. kumasi: a zoo in britain is trying to weigh a butterfly, one of many animals the zoo are measuring as part of their annual weigh in. we are talking about penguins, reindeer, meerkats. they are trying to get all of these animals on a scale. you've just got to do it with food, i guess. reggie: that is really cool. kumasi: the key is this next, we are learning. the measurements are put in a database and shared across the world. an industrial size scale had to be used for the rhino.
6:55 am
the butterfly is measured with extra sensitive equipment. reggie: i guess we will never know. kumasi: i wonder if the animals gained a little pandemic could wait. what do you think? reggie: probably. there was not much activity at his news when they were closed. there were no humans to stare at. i hope. they deserve it. kumasi: next, seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch all of our newscasts available from the connected tvm. you can download that app now and start streaming. kumasi: this is we see beautiful
6:56 am
this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
6:57 am
to help keep our state golden. kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, we are seeing that
6:58 am
the j&j booster shot is highly effective, and it increases antibodies nine fold. reggie: president biden is standing by his deadline to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan. it is now just six days away. he has asked the pentagon and state department for contingency plans in case the deadline needs to be extended. kumasi: windy conditions continue to pose challenges for firefighters. the dixie fire has grown. it is 43% contained. caldor fire has jumped to 122,000 acres. reggie: wildfire smoke is being blown into the lake tahoe basin, and that is making life pretty miserable for tourists and visitors. many are coming to the bay area. mike: the smoke is not going anywhere anytime soon. it may ebb and flow, but it is going to be nasty. tomorrow through the weekend, temperatures well above average. jobina: at the bay area toll
6:59 am
plaza, this is our busiest spot, with commuters really turned around, from the number of crashes we saw between 5:30 and 6:00 today. kumasi: and number seven, because we want to make you smile -- look at this tiny dog taking a tumble right into the water dish. the owners say simba was going for a drink and kind of lost his balance a little bit. that is what happened. just right on in the dish. [laughter] jobina: why was simba so thirsty? kumasi: people love this. it has gotten a million likes on tiktok. mike: it is like the front legs are going, stop, and the back legs are going, "keep going." reggie: did someone do the milk crate challenge? kumasi: can we please stop doing videos of that? reggie: this is jobina's favorite thing of the week. we continue not showing it.
7:00 am
jobina: stop doing it. good morning, america. breaking vaccine news just moments ago, about johnson & johnson's single shot. major boost. new data reveals that the johnson & johnson vaccine booster is highly effective with another sign of hope. 6 million vaccinations have been given to americans in the last seven days. this as the cdc predicts hospitalizations could double in a month with states like arkansas now running out of icu beds and mississippi and alabama see their deadliest days of the pandemic. six days to go. the urgent race to evacuate afghanistan. president biden standing by the august 31st deadline resisting pressure to extend the u.s. presence and warning of an increased risk of a terror attack from isis. we are on the ground in kabul with the latest. mysterious health scare.


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