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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 23, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mike: upper 70's in the south bay, mid to upper 70's and the north bay and mid-60's to mid 70's around the base and only low to mid 60's from the coast to san francisco.
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could boost efforts to vaccinate more americans. the fda could get full approval to the pfizer vaccine as soon as today. a new study finds a third shot of the vaccine lowers the risk of infections in people. kumasi: that study out of israel finds the pfizer vaccine improves immunity in people 60 and older and israel was one of the first country to author's eighth third pfizer shot for older adults. a pivotal moment in the pandemic could be hours away. the fda could give full approval to the pfizer vaccine as early as today. that could help convince more americans to get vaccinated step it also comes as the daily case average in the u.s. reaches 100 dirty 7000 or 230% in the last month. >> the projections will be sometime around march of next year.
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but the projections don't take into consideration human stupidity. kumasi: the health system has collapsed in houston where 33 out of the 35 hospitals are no longer accepting new patients. they say the majority of new patients are unvaccinated people. data shows only 46% of 18-24-year-olds are fully vaccinated st. kumasi: solano county is the only one that does not require masked indoors but the rules may change. there is a measure kit city councilmembers will vote on tomorrow. >> the city of the nation is going on in its own, looking at passing a mask mandate for the city. this would be different from what the county is requiring an would go against solano county which is the only county in the bay area that has not implemented a mask mandate. the county health officer says
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data does not support the meat for a mask mandate, saying the virus is clearly spreading through social gatherings like parties but the city of venetia is considering going its own way. we asked a few residents what they think of the idea and if they would wear a mask required. >> hell no. it's complete garbage. the viruses out there one minute and down here the next minute. >> i think it's important to wear a mask inside especially when people are not getting vaccinated. there is young kids to think about. >> the mandate would requireeq everyone, even the vaccinated to wear a mask indoors. mayers is the city councils looking at this as an obligation of there in order to protect look safety. they will vote on this at tomorrow's city council meeting. kumasi: thank you as local counties and cities update their mass guidance, we've been updating our website and you can
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stay up to date by going to abc 7 reggie: a marin county couple are trying to protect afghans who work wealth -- while they work for a nonprofit. they are traveling to be close to the situation in their organization works with war-torn countries clearing landmines and replacing them with farmland step they employ about 360 people in afghanistan and they been working without success to evacuate dozens of their staff. with so much out of their control, the challenges can seem insurmountable. >> i will take whatever measures i humanly may take not to turn my eyes away from the deserving families, farmers and yes, friends and afghanistan. reggie: for ways to help, go to our website, abc kumasi: thousands of firefighters are on the ground that dozens of wildfires in
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california. officials with the governor's office are expected to give an update later today and are set to speak at cal oes headquarters in sacramento county's at 1:00 p.m. the states largest fire is the dixie fire. this has burned nearly 725,000 acres and is 38% contained. some evacuation orders got downgraded to warnings yesterday. reggie: thick smoke is preventing crews from battling fame -- flames in the north. 100 have burned from over a week ago. 350 homes of been destroyed in a spot fire the jumped highway 50 near kuipers saturday remains at 200 acres. a 40 mile stretch of the highway is closed and there is no reopening date. when conviction -- conditions are moving northeast of south lake tahoe.
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>> i am prepared to evacuate. i have all my stuff ready at home, the stuff that needs to go . reggie: that is making that spot fire a priority and firefighters are focused on containing the fire. kumasi: national disasters disproportionately impact minority communities and that's what we see with these northern california wildfires. california is home to more native people than any other state. researchers at the university of washington found that native americans are six times more likely than others to live in areas most prone to wildfires. >> these disparities we see now are likely to get bigger and bigger with climate change. we need to create these systems where we are both feeding the health of the ecosystem and eating the wealth of the community. kumasi: a nonprofit in sacramento serves indigenous
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people in northern california and collects donations for tribal people who have been displaced by fires. part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and social justice. to find your ally, visit abc 7 action and you will find a list of verified providing relief. reggie: a recall report, nearly three weeks from election day come a top opponent of governor newsom now facing claims that could be game changing. a bay area city is taking a strong look at his police department actions. the city's mayor will make his case later today. coyote classmate? you have to see the video of a wild animal crashing a california classroom and refusing to leave. mike: we've got some strong sunshine, moderate pollen if you are running errands, mainly the trees. if you use an air conditioner
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my barbeque bacon double cheeseburger. two 100% beef patties, hickory smoked bacon and award-winning barbeque sauce. ♪ mmm...award winning. ♪ try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. reggie: in middle tennessee, at least 21 people died after torrential rain caused a creek to overflow. 17 inches of rain fell in less than 24 hours. a seven month -- seven month old twins are among those who lost their lives in a desperate rescue operation is underway as dozens of others are still missing. the floodwaters destroyed bridges, roads and pushed holmes off their foundations. mike: it seems like every day, we are reporting something astronomical like this which is a example of what climate change is doing. there is nashville and is just to the west of nashville between
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waverley and dixon, just about the interstate. that's where they had more than 17 inches of rain and 24 hours which is unheard of. these are 500 year occurrences happening more frequently. let's take a look at our smoke. a twinge of haze today especially in the north and south bay and a little cleaner into the evening and overnight and into tomorrow morning than we should have a deeper blue sky tomorrow except for the south and east bay where there will be some haze in the sky. we've got 53 in san ramon and 55 in lafayette and 65 in livermore and most of us are in the 50's. throughout the day, temperatures below average with 60's at the coast and 70's around the day and 80's inland. we will look at the state forecast coming up. >> looking at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, there is a crash that is just past the toll plaza. it should be out-of-the-way so nothing major happening there stop the richmond, san rafael bridge and traffic is picking up westbound. no issues for our monday commute but there are some advisories. a wind advisory for the ultimate past and -- for the altamont pass. reggie: a look at the first cruise ship to set sail from california step kumasi: plus, mountain lion disappearing from one town and signs of wear was last spotted. reggie: how cute is this coyote? he was in a classroom and
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reggie: the mayor of antioch will give details about reforming their police department. the mayor-induced -- introduce legislation that would prevent antioch police from kneeling on a person's neck while restraining him. the city council will vote on that tomorrow and last month the city announced all beasley's officers are now quick with body cameras and dashcam should arrive soon. kumasi: new york governor andrew, as his last day in office. he announced his resignation in the wake of the state to journey -- attorney general's report to say he sexually harassed 11 women. he could still face charges for maker milk complaint fired by his former executive assistant but he has denied the allegations and the lieutenant governor is expected to take the office tomorrow, becoming the states first woman governor. new details and the california recall election, republican candidate larry elders shook up
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his campaign team weeks from the election. he now is a new campaign manager who was political director for carly fiorina when she ran for the senate in 2010. there is also a report that a state commission is investigating his financial disclosure. the election office now mailing out recall ella to unite be confused about how to fill it out step we break it down. >> you have your recall ballot and that you want to know how to fill it out. your ballot is asking you to questions -- of the governor be recalled and removed from office and who should replace him if he is recalled. a yes vote means he should be recalled and a no vote means you want him to stay in office. whether you vote yes or no, you can pick the candidate you would like to see replace him step that candidate will only become the new governor of governor newsom is removed from office. that will only happen if more than 50% of the ballots cast are yes votes. if more than 50% of the ballots
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cast are no votes, the governor will his job. you don't have to return your ballot by mail, you can vote at a polling place or drop it on or before election day and if you mail it, it must be postmarked by september 14 to be counted. reggie: the first cruise ship to depart from california in 17 months is now in mexico. it took offer a seven-day voyage from long beach saturday and all carnival employees are vaccinated and passengers have to be vaccinated although there are some exceptions including for children under 12 who at this point still are not eligible. if you are thinking about a cruise, the cdc has updated its guidance for her ship travelers. they are telling you don't go if you are an older adult for a person with a certain medical condition or pregnant or if you were recently pregnant. they are saying that those categories of people should
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avoid cruises regardless of vaccination status. the cdc rates the risk of contracting covert on a cruise ship as high. kumasi: one man had some fun with henri. he is's kim boarding in manchester connecticut and lice from the embers are flashing not too far away. peak wind reach up to 70 miles per hour yesterday. reggie: this happens every time when we see people in florida who jet ski. when there is an emergency vehicle and they are blocking off streets, their property is in danger if not themselves and i think it's tacky. kumasi: it is, is not like you
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are really trying to get somewhere. reggie: right. mike: and he's trying to be a tiktok star. reggie: that's what it feels like. milk jugs to get water out of the basement. mike: his efforts could have been utilized better elsewhere. at home, nothing like that. we could use that extra rain they have gotten in tennessee but we are own dry again. there is smoke in the upper parts of the atmosphere. the twinge of haze will be around for the better part of today and we will -- and that will decrease a little bit. clouds and sunshine where the clouds are stubborn. more clouds in a better chance
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of passage of just drizzle tonight. temperatures will be well above average today. 75-79 degrees and the sound bay today. 75 on the peninsula and 74 fo 7o palo alto. you will hit some 80's the east bay, low to mid 70's. . if you're going to the game tonight, the mariners will take on the a's with increasing clouds. our inland neighborhood, about 85 in brentwood, you won't need your air conditioning today. we will show you how much longer
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those nights are becoming. still below average tomorrow and wednesday we get back to evers and then we load right through it inland thursday where we go to above average temperatures friday and saturday and a little bit sunday. kumasi: let's check in with ginger z on gma. >> good morning, great to be bee with everybody. coming up, we have so many weather disasters to talk about from your state and your air polity to the tennessee storms that dropped more than 17 inches of rain in about 12 hours. the thunderstorms killed at least 20 of two people. we've got folks all over the northeast as henri is still moving out so we have flash flood issues with more than 10 inches of rain already. also the situation intensifying in afghanistan with the president saying troops may stay on the ground past august 31.
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the fda's expected to improve the pfizer vaccine today and health officials hope this approval will convince unvaccinated folks to get the shot. plus, setback at sea with the cdc issuing guidance for cruises , should high risk passengers skip the trip altogether? john sina will join us live and i will give you a behind the scenes, he needed a mint badly and he was searching all over. he is so funny and people were scrambling. that's how you see people work hard. reggie: i appreciate a person who is aware of the brett situation and is doing everything in his power to fix it. >> right? the mask taught all of us. reggie: it really did. in some cases, the max -- the mask save a lot of us. >> that, too.
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reggie: hey french soccer match was called off after a brawl was broke out. a bottle is thrown into the crowd and on this couple breaks out between -- between opposing players. the game was suspended in at least three players got hurt. watch out for our mountain lion in belmont. a viewer share this video. his ring cambric captured a mountain lion walking across his driveway saturday night. that street is populated with dozens of homes. if you live nearby and of
6:26 am
animals were young children, keep an eye out. kumasi: the first day of school for students in l.a.. it was suddenly interrupted when a coyote wandered into the classroom. >> it's our new mascot. kumasi: teacher teacher teacher for the students to arrive last week when the coyote ran into the classroom. the animal was sitting in a corner behind the teacher's desk. staff members tried to shoot away but it didn't look like it was moving. reggie: it looks scared. kumasi: i feel like they don't want to be bothered with us. where are they going to go? reggie: maybe there was a bully outside. he's fine, hopefully.
6:27 am
classroom pet? maybe just a goldfish? more news remote work will be here for a while, the signed way to a delay in a full return to the office. kumasi: if you are bothered by your pets while you were doing a workout, we have an idea. reggie: also this morning, following the mystery of a california family. they were found dead on a trail outside yosemite. the autopsy prompting even more questions and the sheriff saying there is zero this unplugged device is protecting
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far been mask free for the delta variance search. >> i have to sit down and have my green card with my passport. kumasi: a narrow escape from afghanistan, story you will only see here with one bay area amount -- man saying he made it back to the u.s. reggie: we are tracking henri losing strength in the northeast. a look at where it is making landfall. good morning on this monday, august 23 and you are watching abc 7 mornings. i was just informed that today is the first day of virgo season and that means you can't tell me anything. mike: me neither. kumasi: i need to get ready. between both of you, mike told a september has two holidays and they are both your birthdays.
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mike: you are paying attention, i like that. reggie: i had the nerve to bring the big verge of dead virgo energy to my wedding it is the same as my birth date. mike: now there is three holidays. two in one day. i hope you are having a good start to monday. let's show you what's going on. the usual cloud cover this morning and the wind that is lowing around 22 miles per hour as the sea breeze will bring us a cooler than average day. mid to upper 50's this morning, mid to upper 60's if they have recess at 11 and mid 60's will hold at the coast. temperatures will range from the low and mid 60's to the coast. upper 70's in the south bay and low to mid 80's in land. it won't last. reggie: what's left of henri is
6:32 am
now a tropical depression and's moving inland with about 100,000 customers without power in the northeast. it could unleash more damage today. >> it has slowed down but there is potential it could cause more damage today. the rain bans covered nine states, putting 40 million people under a flash flood watch. it became the first tropical storm to make landfall in new england in 15 years. the storm that the coast of rhode island with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. >> my backyard turned into a lake. it was a normal backyard but as you can see, you can put your kayak here. >> it is slowly moving west through connecticut, setting the stage for a prolonged rain event . it could cause dangerous flash floods. the wind will eventually push all read to the east where it came from and some of the ring will push toward new york city.
6:33 am
it's been raining there for the last 36 hours. reggie: president biden says his administration might extend the deadline for removing all american troops out of afghanistan. the presidents of military officials would be looking at whether to stay in the country past the august 31 deadline until evacuation's are complete. decision to plug troops out of afghanistan. >> history will record this was the logical and rational right decision to make. reggie: chaos continues at the kabul airport as anti-of people are trying to escape. an afghan soldier was killed and three others were hurt in a shootout and german and american forces return fire when the shooting erupted stop at least 20 people have died in and
6:34 am
around the airport since august 14. kumasi:kumasi: german and american forces are evacuating refugees with the help of major u.s. airlines. this is an online flight tracker for one of those evacuation flights. it's is a delta airline service to dulles international your and washington, d.c. which gets in around 2:00 p.m. our time. southwest airlines says it will take calls to transport afghan refugees across the u.s.. the domestic charter flights are different from the air force lights. southwest does not expect it will disrupt normal operations reggie: vice president kamala harris in singapore and she is assuring world leaders u.s. will continue to evacuate americans and afghan refugees from afghanistan. she dodged questions about whether the u.s. withdrawal could've been handled differently. the vice president will visit vietnam. kumasi: this is an interview you will only see on abc 7 news, it
6:35 am
a area veteran helping his translator flee afghanistan. there it was a dramatic escape. >> i didn't know if i could make it to the states safely without losing my head stop the man is a former u.s. military interpreter and his identity is protected because he fears retaliation from the taliban. he tried to fill that help his family and that's when you get trapped in one of his friends, living in the east bay stepped up to help him dez bring him home safely. you can find a collection of stories about the situation in afghanistan on error streaming app. scroll down to the collection to keep up-to-date to what's happening. you can download the app wherever you stream. reggie: there is a focus on health and covid-19. the food and drug administration give full approval to the pfizer
6:36 am
vaccine today. more than 970 threat -- more than 973 thousand receive the doses saturday. the venetia city council will consider reinstating a mask mandate. it's an solano county and solano county is the only bay area county not currently reap wearing a mask indoors. we had the details of tomorrow's vote. >> the city would be going its own way if this passes. the nation is considering this move as the delta variant continues to drive up the number of covid cases. the mandate would require mask indoors for everyone including the vaccinated style solano county has not but in a mass requirement with the hells up -- health officer saying covid is spreading through get-togethers
6:37 am
like parties and that a mask mandate is not necessary. officials in venetia think it is their duty to consider this move for their city residents. >> despite solano county's unwillingness to move in this direction, we have an obligation to further protect health and safety. >> some venetia businesses are already requiring their customers to wear masks and they support the mandate, saying it would take the burden off business owners trying to enforce this at their establishments. the vote for this mandate is set for tomorrow's city council meeting. kumasi: thank you. happening today, san jose city employees have to show proof of vaccination or submit weekly negative test results. those who failed to do so could be placed on unpaid leave. the city plans to mandate vaccines for all city employees who do not have an exemption at
6:38 am
a later date. city officials say the mandate is in line with recommendations from center era county health officials. reggie: the jeopardy host fallout is front and center, a swirl of rumors over who might step in and the future of america's beloved game show. kumasi: let's take a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange which is up right now. another update on the market next. >> you have people that are influencers and solely anti-vax influencers. reggie: a new social media vaccine strategy from the white house now eliciting the biggest names on the app. >> if the girl dancing in the middle for me. i will have that story coming up after the next rate. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza stop lights came on at 5:53 a.m. and there is hardly a backup. it's busier on the western span of the bridge.
6:39 am
the speeds are little under the limit but it's still not bad. looking at the map, you can see we have some slowdowns in antioch and out of tracy. there will is a wind advisory for the ultima -- for the altamont pass. mike: we have cooler than average temperatures once again and that will lead to a pretty nice week at least for the first part of it. looking at san jose, you can see in the distance, there is some smoke. this is your air-quality forecast and we are good to moderate post-up the heat will start to return to the forecast wednesday. you can see some smoke in the north bay this morning and a little more stretching farther south as we head into the afternoon hours. into the evening hours, it pushes off to the east and you
6:40 am
can see the push of clean air starting tuesday and that will continue through the day tuesday. putting all that smoke right in tahoe. the air will be very unhealthy there for most of the week. your commute is pretty quiet with a little bit of drizzle. it will be a little breezy from the golden gate bridge through the delta and mass transit has clean air so enjoy it. starting in the south, partly cloudy sky come about 56 degrees. in the hills, 56-59. looking at the cloud cover, it pulls back to the lunch hour and temperatures in the 50's and then 60's around the day. by 4:00 p.m., some 80's show up in the east bay. then everybody is back in the 50's, 60's and 70's by 7 p.m. so
6:41 am
one night day for outdoor activity. it will get hot and i will show you the seven day forecast coming up. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use
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reggie: the chp investigated a freeway shooting that injured a woman and interstate 80 in vallejo near the redwood city exit. there were multiple bullet holes
6:44 am
in this car and the driver was taken to the hospital but we don't know her condition stop she was talking and responsive as she was loaded into an ambulance. csp is not released details about the suspects car. now to the mysterious death of a bay area family. kumasi: a mariposa county sheriff said there is zero explanation for the death. 30's discovered the bodies last tuesday. officials ruled out poisonous gas from nearby mines as a potential factor. waterways in the area being tested for toxic algae blooms but an autopsy failed to find any conclusive results. >> there is nothing around them besides the ground and there possibilities just the natural elements of heat and dehydration and the aggressiveness of the height but we don't have any of those answers right now. kumasi: toxicology reports will
6:45 am
be back into-three weeks and that could contain answers but this could be a long investigation. reggie: covid-19 related deaths may have been happening earlier than we thought across the country. a half dozen death certificates from january of 2020 were quietly changed to list covid as a contributor factor. in six states,,,,,,,,, news group discovered this which is not publicly reduced because of privacy concerns. the findings suggest the virus reached well beyond the first area hotspots. reggie: facebook revealed that it one of its most popular posts distributed misinformation. we go to the live last to get gen z fully vaccinated.
6:46 am
>> only 46% of 18-24-year-olds are fully vaccinated to the white house is using a roster of creators to get the word out stub the biden administration's working with a group called gen z for change which is a coalition of over 500 tiktok creators and influencers with a combined following of 432 million people. they are working to stop the spread of misinformation that could be contributing to vaccine hesitancy. >> when people say the vaccine will mike attribute, you want to immediately debunk the stuff that's disinformation. let's stop the fear mongering so we can address the real concerns. >> a study found that one in four acts and that -- vaccinated people 18-25 said they will probably will not or definitely will not get the vaccine. they realize this is an uphill battle but if they can convince one person to get the shot, they feel they have made a difference. reggie: ticknor -- tiktok now
6:47 am
has its own radio station on serious fm -- on serious xm. they will present music and stories behind their viral hits. this will replace what was a soulcycle channel. spotify has a similar a list but not specifically sourced to the popular app. kumasi: may top ceos giving his forecast for the return to work stop the head of intel believes many of us might be working from home for nearly two years. he says there is knowing going back to pre-pandemic office work. surveys have shown enthusiasm to work from home has increased as the pandemic goes on. many bay area tech companies have postponed return dates, most recently apple and facebook. bitcoin is slowly bouncing back from a month-long slump over the summer. bit count is now valued at more
6:48 am
than $50,000 for the first time since mid-may. the virtual currency is getting a lift after paypal said it would allow people to buy, hold and sell four major types of cryptocurrencies using paypal in the united kingdom. looking at the new york stock exchange, you can see we are up by almost 200 points. reggie: mike richards stepped down a week after he was announced as one of the new host of jeopardy after sexist and offensive comments about women. new episodes filmed last week with him will still air but now the show is scrambling to fill his role. larry hackett talked about who could fill his position. >> labarbera and has made it obvious he wants the job and it seems this is a way to fix it. reggie:
6:49 am
to serve as executive producer of jeopardy and wheel of fortune. my mbi like - mayim asked to step down after vaccine comments she made. fans of dolly parton are loving her new perfume line. the perfume is called above. it debuted in july and had the highest single day sales for a fragrance launch. for fans, hsn just restocked in the product description says it smells like mandarin, p oni, jasmine, sandalwood and mosque. kumasi: here is a new way and an easy way to just to make iced coffee. the hyper chiller can coolly hot liquid in just one minute.
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just for your boiling hot coffee in and it's instantly chilled bilayers of ice. the ice does not melt into your drink and dilute it. hyper chilhyper chil wine. reggie: what about beer?t beer?? i have a question -- i can get a $10 sample lly's fragrance or i can jump in for $59 and re-shipping. kumasi: i believe in the sample because you don't know how it will mix with your body. reggie: is somebody goiie: is sm honest with me? kumasi: i will tell you. mike: that's what friends are for. reggie: i feel this is a gender-neutral sent. i just figured dolly nose with
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best for me. mike: every penny she gets out t of this, she will probably give it away so if you spend more and you might not like it, maybe regift it. kumasi: you just want to buy it, just buy it. reggie: exactly. mike: do it. let's take a look at what's going on. it's monday and it's a little hazy above the marine layer the most of that is often the distance. it's nothing to be worried about. it's going to keep us in this break from summer heat as we continue with what happened over the weekend into the early parts of this week and then by the weekend, above average highs that will go to the coast but nothing too hot. we've got this low in southern parts of canada but the onshore wind is stretching down into
6:52 am
southern california. if you are heading to the you will feel it this week. 70-79 on the peninsula. 62-66 along the coast. conditioning this weekend, you won't need it today. minutes 14 seconds of sunshine.
6:53 am
maybe a degree or two warmer tomorrow and the same thing wednesday and then above average in london getting hotter friday and saturday staff kumasi: just a few minutes ago, the fda granted full approval for the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. it will now be marketed under a new name. the vaccine prevents covid-19. it's proof for people 16 years and older. the vaccine will continue to be available under emergency use authorization for children ages 12-15 and the administration of a third does in certain communal -- kim -- immunocompromised individuals. reggie: don everly died yesterday, knows -- no cause of
6:54 am
death announced. he and his brother phil began making hits in the 50's and were the first inaugurated into the rock 'n' roll all of fain -- hall of fame, he was 84 years old. kumasi: david spade is back as host of bachelor in paradise. his first episode was last sunday and he has said he has been learned a lot by hosting the show. >> there is no time because someone else is trying to get your girl. you have to stay awake. the sweat is off the charts. reggie: what? kumasi: this is his experience. he says to stay tuned until the end of the show because there is something you don't want to miss. you can see all of the action tonight with a new episode at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc 7.
6:55 am
reggie: new at six, you may have an armed day or a leg day at the gym but what about dog day? a man from australia says he never skips dog day. the videos making the rounds online because it's two miniature dioxins being lifted into the air. two miniature adoptions adoptions dachshunds. he said the baby is heavier than the dog. kumasi: do you think the dogs are getting nauseous? i was getting nauseous watching them. reggie: i used to do sit ups with my dog and he would tolerate it for seven seconds and then no more. kumasi: next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: a live look outside at 6:55 a.m..
6:56 am
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kumasi: 6:57 a.m. and hear the seven things to know this morning. it is official, the fda has given its full approval to the pfizer vaccine this morning. this move could boost efforts to vaccinate more americans against covid-19. reggie: starting today, san jose city employees have to show for vaccination. if they can't, they have to submit to weekly negative test results and those who fail to do so be placed on unpaid leave. kumasi: the nation could become this it just first city in solano county to institute a mask mandate. reggie: president biden says his administration is considering the extent line -- extending the deadline for removing americans from afghanistan. mike: look at these temperatures, we should be around 69-88 but about 64-82. >> a live picture from the richmond/san rafael bridge and this is our busiest spot.
6:59 am
the bay ridge toll plaza is empty. kumasi: look at number seven, the first day of class for students at a school in l.a. was interrupted by this coyote. it wandered into their classroom and sat there quietly in the corner behind the teacher's desk. staff members tried to shoo it away but this coyote was not moving. then animal control came in they safely removed it. what do you think? reggie: he just wanted to learn. kumasi: you think so? reggie: yeah, i think he he was camouflaged. kumasi: he was sitting real still. reggie: classroom pet? kumasi: i don't think we did. reggie: i always wanted one. >> we had a gerbil. a kid lost it in their house
7:00 am
there was a replacement gerbil in the new gerbil was not as good morning, america. two big weather emergencies. henri on the move and a flooding disaster devastates tennessee. state of emergency. severe danger in tennessee. at least 21 dead, 20 missing. catastrophic flash floods have devastated homes. floodwaters swept away cars and houses. the urgent search for the missing this morning. henri wreaks havoc. the first tropical storm to pummel new england in 15 years. intense winds reaching up to 70 miles per hour, slamming the northeast with record-breaking downpours and major flooding. flash flood watches for at least eight states this morning. race to escape from afghanistan. as thousands pack the airport in kabul, president biden warns of possible attacks from isis.


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