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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 11, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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today that will impact all school staff across the state. the two local districts who already made the leap. >> the cdc expected to talk about worcester shots pretty soon. >> there was a 14 hour debate for some of president biden's key priorities. >> mixture you look up. the show expected -- make sure you look up. the show expected in the sky tonight. we want to start with a check of the weather. mike: on this wednesday, check out the wind and look at the lack of clouds for arm -- from our camera. that means a whole lot of sunshine today and not a lot of free air conditioning. our most dangerous heat today
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will be in lake and mendocino counties. highs could reach 108 degrees. the heat advisory from 1:00 until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. 100 in lakeport. 100 in places like fairfield and antioch. 80 today in san jose. -- 87 today in san jose. >> w>> w>> w>> w>> w>> w>> w announcement about teachers and covid-19 vaccines. governor newsom will mandate vaccines for all teachers and school staff. if they do not get the vaccine, they will be subject to weekly testing. >> it is expected that governor newsom will require all teachers to either be vaccinated or go through testing.
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>> that was roger rice. the governor is expected to speak about vaccines in the deltal streami tt live ur webte he does announce a man, california would be the first state in the nation to do so. local districts are not waiting for guidance from the state. the oakland education association announced all staff, contractors, and volunteers will be required to get vaccinated or get the testing weekly. that begin september 7. starting monday, everyone will be required to wear masks outside on campuses. 92% of staff who have reported their status are already vaccinated. >> san francisco unified has announced a vaccine mandate. amy hollyfield is live in the
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richmond district. amy: we spoke with the teacher here in the richmond district who said she is thrilled with the news. she says all of the teachers here are vaccinated. she knows of some faculty members who have not been inoculated. she is relieved that this is in place, especially since elementary school students are too young to get the shots. we also spoke to a parent in san francisco who is delighted with the news. >> one of the biggest concerns is around safety. by mandating vaccines, it is an important step to move forward to ensure the safety of everyone in the school community. >> i was already super excited to come back. to have an extra layer of protection is even better. >> employees have until september 7 to get vaccinated. if they choose not to do it,
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they will be required to test for covid every week. the san francisco teachers union supports the mandate. welcome back students today. a lot of anxiety for staff they share. some california teachers have expressed concerns about their own safety, at frost elementary, the teacher say they are focusing on creating a safe environment for everyone. >> i want to make sure my families and the students feel comfortable. it will take a lot of teamwork. >> i have 15 years of, this is what i was doing and just a year and a half to doing things a little different. i can go back to making a group of students and our learning together. i have a book i found for this year. you are finally here, and this is for the kids. >> after more than a year of online learning, the frost teachers say they will work
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together to help students get comfortable with being back in school. >> this friday, a cdc advisory committee will discuss recommending covid-19 booster shots for immunocompromised people. >> the u.s. gets roughly 8300 new covid patients in the hospital every day. that number could quadruple by labor day if we do not get the variant under control. the infection is especially bad in florida, rich reported 1200 more people in the hospital yesterday -- rich reported 1200 more people in the hospital yesterday. the governor has threatened school districts that oppose his ban on masked mandates. >> we have elementary kids who are not eligible for the vaccination coming into our classrooms, possibly exposing us to covid. we are in national and deadly pandemic and the governor's plane politics. >> the white house is using --
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considering using federal funds. president biden is pushing the fda to give full approval of existing vaccines. the cdc says first shots are up 80% in the past month. >> if you are planning a trip to hawaii, there will be some new restrictions amid spiking covid cases. restaurants, bars, and limited to 50% capacity. professional events like weddings all have to be approved by the county. this statewide executive order was released last night and went into effect immediately. >> we are learning more about covert testing trouble in the north bay. the testing site that appeared in fairfax about 10 days ago got shut down.
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the state is investigating. >> they set up in fairfax on public ground. in order to do that, they needed to obtain certain level of permissions or a permanent, none of which they had. >> community wellness has claimed they have conducted valid, free tests for about 200,000 people across the country. testing can be lucrative. an average of 50-70 five dollars per test. if you want to take a test, we have a link to verify covid tests on our website. >> the senate passed a 3.5 trillion dollar budget resolution, a key step towards passing a major economic package without republican support.>> ts amended, is agreed to.
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>> this vote went along party lines and it came after 14 hours of debate. the money will be spent on president biden's key priorities, climate initiatives, childcare, education, and health care. >> we are seeing new video as flames from the dixie fire approached the town of greenville last week. nearly 550 homes have been destroyed. it is at 27% containment. a college professor is accused of intentionally setting a number of fires near the dixie fire zone. the investigated -- the investigation began. he is charged with setting the ranch fire. he worked at sonoma state and santa clarita university. >> parts of our area could be in for a treat tonight. the meteor shower is lighting up the sky.
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tonight, it is peaking at 11 and you do not even need a telescope. you have to find clear sky, far away from city lights. as the weather going to cooperate? mike: this morning, it is a better chance than tonight. smoke and clouds are coming in tonight. you may need to wait until thursday night. it is going to be harder with it being filtered by the smoke and some of the high clouds. through today, mainly the north bay and he said will see the greatest amount -- east bay will see the greatest amount of that. tomorrow, it is going to be across all of our neighborhoods as we head into the evening hours. tomorrow night, we will not have the high clouds with it like tonight. does any of this make it down to the ground? not in unhealthy levels.
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it will be ok until you get into the north bay. tomorrow, we could have an issue with some unhealthy air in northern napa counties. stay away from hot pavement and hot cars. wherever else you can stay to stay -- you can stay hydrated and air-conditioned, that would be good. 63, san jose. as we head through the day, extra sunshine means temperatures are warmer than average by noon and we keep getting warmer as we head into 4:00. 62 at the coast. stuffy inland, 87. >> we are starting off the commute with a deadly crash in san jose. this is going to be southbound
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101. chp has issued an alert. there is a slow down there while investigators are on the scene. they have one lane open right now. i will let you know when this clears. emeryville, showing 80, westbound. no major blocking issues to report. we did have an earlier slow down in south san francisco. things are moving at the limit on 680. bart general manager is relaunching his listening to our today. -- listening to heur today. the pandemic put it on hold last march. >> something adorable on a golf course. >> a four bedroom in walnut creek for sale for less than a
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million dollars. >> the racist tirade directed at
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reggie: a hate investigation is underway in palo alto. a racist tirade directed at the restaurant's owner. >> at fuki clear to see, electronic payment only. when a customer tried to pay in cash, a customer -- an employee pointed at the policy. >> it went to eruption. >> gardner was on the receiving end of a 15 minute tirade. >> were you born here? you are on american, we don't
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want you here. >> the restaurant is considered a beloved staple in the community. she has never experienced an attack like this. >> i told him, you cannot talk to people that way. i am a person. ornatewi wasuredbut i am not. >> this racist tantrum proves people are no longer tolerating such awful behavior. we reached out to palo alto pd and they tell us they are classifying this as a hate investigation. this can be elevated to a hate crime. word about the confirmation -- confrontation has led to overwhelming support for the staff. she is asking those resources be redirected to nonprofits to support the community.
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kumasi: in in in in in someone set cars on fire. in a families front yard. -- family's front yard. it happened just after 3:00 a.m. on monday. in the background, you can see somebody running from the scene carrying something as the flames shot up into the air. >> i want this awareness to go out that this is happening and this is not ok. we are not looking for a gofundme. we want to find this person and get justice. kumasi: the fire destroyed all three cars. san jose fire department is handling the investigation. reggie: samsung is showing off its newest gadgets today. the galaxy z-fold expands outward from a phone to a
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tabletz. -flip protects the display by closing the sides. amazon will pay for some of the damages and injuries caused by third-party sellers. under this new policy, amazon is going to get involved and directly contact the seller. if the seller does not step up, amazon will pay up to $1000 for each claim. the u.s. consumer products safety commission sued the company over dangerous items from third-party sellers. kumasi: video showing a furry family having a great time on a golf course. this video is out of north carolina. you can see the three bears and their mom wrestling, frolicks t. north carolina has one of the largest populations of black bears east of the mississippi. reggie: what is going on? we have seen bears on golf
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courses. we have seen them getting into your car. kumasi: in the water. reggie: yesterday, it was in a bucket. mike: climate change. they are trying to find some way to stay cool. kumasi: how are they staying cool on the golf course? mike: it is irrigated. i don't know. [laughter] kumasi: don't play with me, you know that i trust you. mike: humans are there that will give them water. i have no idea. that is not unusual. i go to north carolina mountains every fall. it is not unusual to see a bear. pretty cool. that looks like that was near asheville, i am guessing. reggie: i love asheville. mike: it is gorgeous. let's talk about our weather.
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it is going to be dry and hot. hazy sunshine out there today. tonight is going to be interesting. some monsoon moisture heads our way. it could drop a sprinkle or two. it could keep you from seeing the meteor shower as easily as you can this morning. these above-average temperatures, this is a very long stretch. we started yesterday and all the way through sunday, we will have much warmer than average temperatures. for us, we have a hig a hig a north and a low to the south. you can see how it is pulling the moisture and cloud cover and some of the smoke from the south and east and depositing it into our areas. mid to upper 90's. 81, sunnyvale. 87, san jose.
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quite a spread on the peninsula. mid to upper 60's along the coast. if you are going to the game this evening, 63, a little bit of a breeze in the air as the diamondbacks aren take on e giants. for the east bay, mid 70's to mid 80's. inland, mid 90's too low 100s. 95-101. good news tonight, we will fall back into the 50's. here is my accuweather seven day forecast. we are warmer than average. we will have mid 70's to mid 80's around the bay. even the coast will be slightly warmer than average, mid to upper 60's. kumasi: thank you. the seven things to know this morning. reggie: two back-to-back fires are not scaring away home buyers
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in wannacry. -- walnut creek.
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kumasi: it is 5:2 to. oakland and san francisco school officials will soon require all teachers and other stuff to be fully vaccinated for covid-19 or undergo weekly testing. it will be effective starting september 7. reggie: governor newsom is expected to announce a statewide vaccine mandate for teachers and school staff. he will speak around 11:00 a.m. in oakland. kumasi: starting today, you will need proof of vaccination if you would like to dine at johnson grill in union square. all of the staff is already vaccinated. reggie: the dixie fire has grown to 490,000 acres. it has destroyed 550 homes and is 27% contained. mike: we will see some haze from that smoke.
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the bigger story is how hot it will be in some neighborhoods, especially inland. temperatures everywhere 2-10 degrees warmer than average. jobina: chp has issued an alert on southbound 101. kumasi: a san francisco nonprofit has saved some iconic items. the western neighborhoods project says they are planning to display the items at a museum. reggie: an outpouring of support for christina applegate after she revealed she has been diagnosed with multiple socorro sis -- multiple sclerosis. >> an outpouring of support for christina applegate. on tuesday, the actress >> it is like if jeff got hit by a car and died. >> she announced on twitter.
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i have been so supported by the people who know who also have this condition. multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. more than one million americans have the disease. symptoms include vision problems, dizziness, numbness, and weakness. we will talk live to dr. jennifer ashton about the warning signs, symptoms, and treatments and why women are at greater risk for the disease. reggie: at my age, i am still being extremely cautious. i have decided to skip the five performances i have planned for 2021. napa's other concert venue will require proof of vaccine or negative test result to get in. the concert series starts this
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weekend and continues through mid october. organizers want to err on the side of safety. kumasi: how much would you pay for a four-bedroom home that has been completely gutted by fire? how about $850,000? that is how much this ruined home in walnut creek is going for. potential is limited only by imagination. apparently, the garage burned down and part of the roof collapsed. the listing says it is more than a fixer-upper. the two-story home may not be on the market for long. according to the cillo listing, -- zillow listing, it is already pending sale. reggie: that is the best spin i have ever heard on anything.
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coming up at 5:30 a.m., calming customers during turbulence. what one flight attendant did up and down the aisle. kumasi: the town working to curb climate change for a new rule to construction. reggie: one thing that 90% of singles would say that would lead them to swipe left on a dating app.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> to have this extra layer of protection is even better. reggie: a local district is taking the step two mandate vaccines for school staff. the announcement expected today that could impact every teacher in the state. kumasi: no vaccine, no service. a restaurant requiring proof that you got the shot. reggie: andrew cuomo is the third consecutive new york
5:30 am
governor whose term has ended in controversy. kumasi: caltrain is out with its most robust schedule ever. reggie: you are watching abc 7 mornings. mike: good morning. the big story is the heat, especially how dangerous it is going to be up in lake and mendocino counties from 1:00 this afternoon until 5:00 tomorrow. temperatures could reach 108 degrees in some areas. plenty of shade and water, if you can. cl to the bay, some clouds. they are late arriving. we still have a small window to see the meteor shower before the sun starts to saturate the sky. upper 60's, near 70 near the
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coast. 75 at richmond. 87, san jose. near 100 in the inland east bay neighborhoods. reggie: we are expecting expectp announcement today about california teachers and covid-19 vaccines. governor newsom is going to mandate the shot or require teachers and staff to get a weekly test. oakland and san francisco united school district -- unified school district's are not waiting for the governor. they have already gone ahead with a new requirement. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. amy: we are hearing a lot of support for this new mandate, including from a teacher we talked to hear. she says all of the teachers are vaccinated. teachers, the teachers union, and parents groups came out in support of this vaccine mandate. employees of the district will
5:32 am
need to show proof of vaccination by september 7 or the other option is to get a covid test once a week. that is the one criticism we have heard. some saying they do not think this mandate goes far enough. it should not offer another option and everyone should just be required to get the vaccine. >> everyone in the school works with students who cannot get vaccinated. of course, i do not understand why you would not. you are around these students who cannot do it. do your part. amy: this does not apply to students, just the 10,000 employees of the school district. the announcement came as a bit of a surprise. the district had been asked before about the possibility of a mandate and the word had been there were no plans for this. the superintendent decided to make the move because of the delta variant and the rise in case numbers. after fatty came out in support -- dr. fauci came out in support
5:33 am
of the teachers. kumasi: thank you. you. you. some friend -- some san francisco parents want to keep their kids at home over concerns about the delta variant. the district had said -- headset july 30 for parents to apply for distance learning. >> we want to be offered an online option for our kids. kumasi: san francisco unified has allowed more than 600 families to keep their kids at home this fall. reggie: the delta variant surge has caused san francisco's case numbers to rise. cdc data shows the city's reporting 43 cases per 100,000 people. the u.s. number is 33 per 100,000. the surprising thing about the statistic, san francisco reports having 80% of its adult
5:34 am
population fully vaccinated. >> most of the infections that we are seeing in the bay area are occurring in unvaccinated individuals. i also suspect that we are seeing more breakthrough infections that was previously appreciated. reggie: even with cases increasing, san francisco's hospitals have not been overwhelmed with an influx of infected patients. that is proof that the vaccine is keeping sick people out of the hospital. zuckerberg sf general says most of those hospitalized continue to be unvaccinated. kumasi: a cdc panel is expected to talk about booster shots when it meets on friday. people getting these extra shots. >> there has been a lot of mixed messages around booster doses.
5:35 am
we are still not there with the evidence to show that we need a booster dose. as soon as we are there, the cdc will come for with a recommendation suggesting that you need to get the third dose. kumasi: last reported that zuckerberg san francisco general hospital was offering additional doses to people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine. reggie: you will need proof of vaccination to get into one of san francisco's most popular restaurant. all of the staff is already vaccinated. the surge of the delta very it was a big factor in requiring vaccinations for diners. >> we have recently heard that there are a couple of restaurants and how to shut down because of outbreaks. that made us very weary -- wary and we want to take precautions to make sure we are staying as safe as possible, the community is safe as possible. reggie: anyone who has already
5:36 am
booked a reservation can expect to receive a phone call about the new requirement. kumasi: marjorie taylor green has been suspended from twitter again. she tweeted that the vaccines were failing and do not reduce the spread of the virus. that violated twitter's policy of posting covid-19 misinformation. the latest tweet is her fourth strike on twitter. back in june, she, she, sh for 12 hours for posting covid misinformation. reggie: a woman is become -- is about to become the governor of new york. lieutenant governor will take control when andrew cuomo steps down. she is expected to publicly address new yorkers from manhattan. jobina: andrew cuomo announced his resignation yesterday in the
5:37 am
wake of a state attorney general's report which says he harassed 11 women. the governor claims the report was politically motivated before revealing his decision to step down. he defended his own behavior and denied the oxidation's -- denied the accusations. >> i do hug and kiss people casually. women and men. i have done it all my life. >> he looked me in the eye, grabbed my arm, and pulled me toward him. he kissed me on the cheek. >> at least five district attorneys in new york are investigating the sexual harassment allegations. the governor could face misdemeanor charges from a criminal complaint filed by his former executive assistant. he will be the third consecutive new york governor whose term has ended in controversy. his predecessor dropped his reelection bid when he was accused of misconduct.
5:38 am
patterson took over when eliot spitzer resigned during eight sex scandal. -- during eight sex scandal. reggie: a special delivery to space. a taste of home heading out to the international space station. we will get a check on the weather, first. mike: the pacific northwest, they are bracing for another heatwave. seattle could hit the mid-90's, portland could hit 110 degrees. those numbers, if not for that bad june heatwave, would set all-time records. member windows temperatures killed hundreds of -- remember when those temperatures killed hundreds of people? recorded. let's look at these temperatures. it is the whole west coast.
5:39 am
105, palm springs. 107, fresno. 107 in portland would have tied the all-time record had it not been reset back in june. seattle, about 43% of the homes have air conditioning in seattle. that means 57% do not. that is a little bit more than san francisco. here is a look at the south beach camera. there are a few issues. the clouds are starting to roll in. there may be some fog near the coast, possibly the golden gate bridge. we have a huge summer spread today, 35-40 degrees. inland neighborhoods, this is as comfortable as it gets. 60, danville.
5:40 am
70, antioch. 61, san carlos. temperatures do not change much through 7:00. 80's by noon. easily some 90's and 100s by 4:00 inland. if you are heading out this evening, you can see a little relief by 7:00. 60's and 70's around the bay. this is just day two. there are several more. jobina: we are going back to the deadly crash that we have been following in san jose. chp has called a cor the scene. this is southbound 101. it is affecting traffic in both directions, northbound and southbound. a life picture of the san mateo
5:41 am
bridge. we do not have any major blocking areas but i do have a mass transit alert. because of the richland bridge rehabilitation project, the f lines are being replaced by bus shuttles. caltrain is out with what it is calling the robust schedule ever. the rail service will be offering 104 weekday trains starting on august 30. it features the return of caltrans baby bullet trains. that is the fast one that has been shut down since the start of the pandemic. the new schedule to provide more midday and evening train jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more?
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reggie: a leader in oaklands chinatown is asking the governor to declare a state of emergency
5:44 am
over violent crime. >> not only asking you to patrol chinatown. i am asking you the spike in vis holding the city of oakland hostage with citizens living in a state of continuous fear. reggie: oakland cleared a homeless encampment. a homeless advocate says there are 30 people living there. oakland police gave them time to pack up belongings. everything else got hauled away. it is unclear where these people went. there are as many as 170 encampment similar to this one. kumasi: a groundbreaking ceremony will be held for a project to build affordable housing for daly city teachers. officials say the development
5:45 am
will provide 56 units and a variety of size options for 50-70 district teachers, staff members, and their families. the ceremony starts at 11:00. reggie: the town of fairfax is doing its part to curb climate change. it wants to phase out gas in new construction and transition to clean energy buildings. fairfax is getting ready to approve an ordinance requiring all electric utilities in new construction. the town council wants to do away with natural gas. the ordinance must be completely powered by electricity. kumasi: the political battle in california, the governors recall race is neck and neck. >> there is an enthusiasm gap among democrats so that is the reason for the governor to be nervous. kumasi: republicans are growing
5:46 am
hopeful that they have a chance to recall governor newsom. gop candidate campaigned yesterday in san francisco. >> the issues are the quality of life in the state. we should have enough water and electricity and affordable housing. we should have the streets cleared of homelessness. kumasi: some local elections offices have already started sending out ballots. the election is set for september 14. we have in-depth coverage of the candidates, the issues, and the recall process. it is on our website. reggie: hamilton is back in san francisco. we were outside the theater last night as the crowd waited to get in. this was the first show since the pandemic began. in order to enter, you need to be fully vaccinated or a negative covid test. masks are required at all times. >> we are the first broadway show to be zoom touring and they
5:47 am
chose san francisco because we have done a good job here with covid and they know they can do this responsibly. our audiences will be responsible as well. reggie: the show will be running through september 5. idris elba is joining the cast of sonic the hedgehog 2. he will play sonic's friend. he made the announcement on twitter yesterday. fans seem to approve. the tweet has over 350,000 likes. kumasi: it was a rough flight for people heading to florida. the woman who took this video says she was flying home last week when her flight encountered some turbulence. the flight attendant brought a 10 week old german shepherd around the plane.
5:48 am
i have just the thing. mike: is the puppy in the union? is it getting paid? reggie: i would not mind that. kumasi: do you think that would calm people down when they start acting up on the plane? reggie: if it does not, you go get the big german shepherd. mike: if you are in california, a black bear. put a bear on there. do you think that woodstock would be up to coming in? reggie: he has been asking for more screen time. mike: what is the hold up? reggie: put it out there in the universe, mike. [laughter] mike: let's talk about the weather. if you are walking the dog today, the pavement is going to be pretty hot.
5:49 am
try to walk him around that or keep him on cooler surfaces. some haze in the air like we had yesterday. this will be a main stay with us the next couple we have some monsoon moisture coming in late this afternoon. it is some mid and upper level cloudiness. it is going to bring us even milder conditions tonight. the heat will finally ease monday. we have several more days of these above average temperatures. it will bring the hottest temperatures up near oregon and washington. this is just enough to pull -- look at that -- the heat and monsoon moisture. we will see what it does to our temperatures. 81, sunnyvale. 82, palo alto. 80, san mateo.
5:50 am
70, downtown. mid to upper 60's, northbay coast. 88 to about 92 degrees for the northbay vallerichmond and berko upper 70's. as you move inland, 95 in san ramon. tonight, you can see the extra cloud cover in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere. that will keep us in the mid-50's. it will be harder to see the meteor shower tonight because of the cloud cover but i would go out and try it anyway. temperatures ping-pong between the upper 90's and 100s through sunday. back to average to a little below average monday and tuesday. kumasi: move over, facebook messenger, tiktok is the world's most downloaded app. it survived president trumps
5:51 am
effort to ban it from the u.s. reggie: want a date? get the shot. vaccination status is having a big impact on singles and whether they choose to swipe left or right. the new survey found that 86% of singles would instantly swipe left, in other words, reject someone who was not vaccinated. vaccination status impacts a lot of things that we can do now. another dealbreaker for more than half of singles -- being late to the date. kumasi: no respect. reggie: is that an automatic no? kumasi: show up looking good. look like you put some effort into the state. reggie: have some food options. kumasi: several. reggie: move aside, venus fly
5:52 am
trap, another carnivorous plant just discovered for the first time in two decades and it was hiding in plain sight. the science behind the behavior. kumasi: a party in space, the special delivery heading up to astr california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits.
5:53 am
flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today.
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reggie: google is rolling out some changes to protect users under 18. video uploaded to youtube by teenagers up to 17 years old would automatically be private. another feature is called safe search. tsinorng which tracks where you are. ads bait area -- the bay
5:55 am
area district is helping to prepare people for wildfire season. these units are being disturbed at now. -- distributed now. >> these air filters will not only address air quality, which is being challenged by the wildfire season, but also will lessen the spread of covid-19. kumasi: the nonprofit health providers and departments will be distributing the units. reggie: a special delivery 200 miles up. astronauts will soon be able to have a pizza party for seven. it includes pizza, apples, tomatoes, kiwi. the food should arrive tomorrow. that is well outside the 30 minute or less delivery wind out. it is the 16 supply run for nasa. kumasi: i did not hear -- mike:
5:56 am
i did not hear pineapple. kumasi: good. mike: we are looking at 100s through the central valley. 105, palm springs. not the hotspot. the best chance of thunderstorms will be in the high desert, but it is going to stretch all the way up the sierra knocking on southlake tahoe, your door today. the chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and friday. we have a chance of some flooding this morning for the afternoon and early evening hours down around the high desert. it looks like it could be wet down there. kumasi: imagine if your morning commute time were just cut in half. the study of one often congested stretch of freeway found that. another racist tirade pointed at a bay area small business. the restaurant owner saying there is something you can do in
5:57 am
response. >> climate comes and goes, it is culture that sustains us. kumasi: much different for one small sierra town. the family sharing their emotions losing their home in nearly their campu you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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amid covid outbreaks and children across the u.s.. governor newsom reportedly revealing a sweeping statewide change. >> something we have never seen before is pediatric intensive care units getting overwhelmed. that is really frightening. reggie: experts predict an alarming forecast for the weeks ahead. the cdc days away from its next booster shot discussion. kumasi: meteor shower in coming. make sure you are looking up tonight. reggie: welcome to wednesday, august 11. you are watching abc seven mornings. we are going to get started with a look at our forecast. >> the meteor shower is over. it is to back -- too bright pure and late arriving clouds, you can see how they are hugging the deadlines and pushing across our lower elevations.


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