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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 26, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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the energy to create a tornado, moving at 50 miles per hour, on the ground for hours with a bit of a pattern in the same areas an alabama are getting hit. oklahoma getting hit. we will look into it. 25 tornadoes, unfortunately and five fatalities and the line is slipping south of birmingham, atlanta and charlotte and won't be nearly as intense. a marginal threat of severe weather. at home, clear with fog along the coast and 42 to 47 across san francisco. temperatures 37 in palo alto to
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53 in pittsburgh. we are all over the place with microclimates out there. low to mid-60s by noon and mid- 60s at the coast and 70 at 4:00 and going out this evening, 53 at the coast and 66 to 65 for the rest of us. sunny outside and working from home, you will take some breaks outside with tree pollen and grass pollen and the uv index is high through the weekend. let's talk about that friday morning commute. what do you see? good morning. taking a look at the map, you can see we don't have any slowdowns, just a minor one out of tracy with a high wind advisory through the altamont pass. things are looking clear with a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza courtesy of mike and a live look showing you the san mateo bridge with cars picking up and filling in
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as people make their way to the peninsula. overall, no crashes to report. the bay area city named the safest in the state. a man hurt in a violent attack and his message to other seniors. debris lights up the night
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a former catholic high school basketball standout has been killed in a car accident near lodi. at 23-year-old had just played in the ncaa tournament last week. the grand canyon basketball team tweeted a video to honor him, from oakland. a passenger in a car that smashed into the back of the chp vehicle as officers assisted a stranded truck on interstate 5 early tuesday morning. the car hit a tree and was engulfed in flames. his older sister and a third
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person in the vehicle also died in the crash. the san francisco school 3 board took a no-confidence board member vote. the 5-2 vote strips alison collins as her role of vice president of the board and bars her from serving on any committees. the move comes after a group looking to recall school board members published tweets she had posted in 2016. one said asian-americans had used white supremacists thinking to assimilate and get ahead in the tweets she said was taken out of context and she has apologized for the pain it has cause. hundreds of officials have called for her to resign. she would have to resign to be off the board entirely and by the way, the two no votes came from collins, herself and the d prrile an elderly asian man s a warning after being viciously kicked to the ground for other seniors. we caution you that the video was hard to watch. you are looking at the moment that 84-year-old rong liao was
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waiting for the bus and the tenderloin in february 2020. out of nowhere, this man ran over and kicked him out of his seated walker and took off. rong liao said he blacked out and needed six stitches and had to spend four nights in the hospital. because of the wave of violent attacks on asian seniors, he said he is afraid to go outside and has a wish for justice. >> reporter: every day, there is crime in san francisco and old people have to be careful. >> i want to strict punishment, but i don't want him executed. >> the suspect arrested in the case, 23-year-ol residents of albany held a protest condemning violence against asian-americans with dozens of people showing up
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last night and they came together at the intersection of san pablo avenue and buchanan streets in albany city hall. abc7 is committed to racial and social justice as part of our effobuild a better bay area and to join the fight. go to bright lights in the northwest and it looked like a falling star or meteor. people in oregon and washington were looking up all night. we have more from jobina fortson. >> reporter: pretty interesting. the weather service in seattle is waiting to confirm that it was space debris. here is what it looks like in the sky and salem, oregon. you can see a stream of bright objects in the sky. they said unofficial information points toward debris from a spacex falcon 9 rocket second stage that did not have the orbit burn and typical man-made objects
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contain low earth orbit speeds at around 17 miles an hour per hour. yeah, that's low. the angle must be just right if it's too steep, burn. there's no suspected impact on the ground it was delivering starling satellites. kind of interesting. mponhegrou whe's it g >> okay. >> yeah. when you travel that fast through the air, the friction causes tremendous heat and it will burn out. >> we are good. people and in san jose, 45 degrees and calm and clear at 101 and 880. sunny and calmer through the weekend with a quick correction
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monday due to another drive cold front. it will be sunny next week after it and likely even warmer than this weekend. we will wait a couple of days before we make that quick distinction. for doppler 7, there is high pressure moving ever so closer to us and it will dominate our forecast today, tomorrow and sunday. 70 to 73 across the south bay in santa cruz at 69. 68 to 72 on the peninsula with menlo park and san bruno 68. low to mid-60s along the coast and upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco. 59 through 63 in bodega bay and sausalito and 70 to 76 through the north bay valleys. if we could do wine tasting today? 68 in richmond and berkeley and 72 to 76 inland. we could do a blind tasting in
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livermore, to spread across the state, 70s and the central valley, brighter, calmer and drier and that is sad for this era but nice if you are trying to get around today. 39 in lodi and tomorrow morning, look at that jump tomorrow. monday, we lose 4-8 degrees and tuesday through thursday, mid- 60s at the coast and mid-70s to near 80 in linn. a little too soon-to-be this warm. in 2019, pg&e shut up power to thousands across the state and i'm sure you remember, to avoid devastating wildfires. today, what would have happened if the power was left on. there will be models for how fires would have spread if powerlines had not been de- energized and a fire sparked. it's part of the cpuc oversight on public safety power shutoffs in 2019 and that meeting will begin at 9:00 this morning.
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a new bill in the state assembly is aiming to legalize jaywalking. phil ting sponsored this and he and other supporters say that at the heart of the measure is social justice and racial inequality. they say data shows current laws allow police to racially úprofile and that it will oppress the californian poorer citizens. we asked if the justice argument resonates. >> we are all screwed up with that. >> i know i do it and it's against the law but it can be dangerous, at times, to jaywalk. >> there are other more important social justice issues that should be addressed before jaywalking. >> a state assembly will start debating the measure next month. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. a las vegas comeback and one hotel opens for the first time. a new landma
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if you are just joining us, here things to know. california said that as of april 15, anyone 16 and older is eligible for vaccine. april 1 is for those 50 and
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above. local leaders are concerned about the available supply. number two, a pop a vaccine clinic is coming to treasure island, home to a large black and latino population with the lowest vaccination rate in all of san francisco. number three, a twin 9-year- old girl group are the first participant in the covid-19 vaccine trial under 12. they say the vaccine should be ready for 12-15-year-olds with the start of the school year. number four, president biden will unveil the next major legislative effort focused on rebuilding infrastructure, physical and technological. check out these temperatures. this is just the beginning. 6-8 degrees warmer than average. even warmer temperatures tomorrow and sunday. number six, unfortunately, we have a deadly crash i'm following in san francisco. brn the map, it has been upgraded to a sig alert before 101 and the chp has not
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givean estimated time for reopening. number seven, disney land planning a multiyear expansion. our parent company just made this announcement and disney says it hopes to create a more immersive experience with hotels and attractions and eateries in the same areas. the gma first look, covid-19 vaccinations are on the rise and las vegas casinos are seeing positive signs of recovery. here is more. >> reporter: in the gma first look, betting on a vegas come back. how good does this field? >> we athave come back to work that have been out of work for a year. it feels amazing to be open. >> if we didn't feel we can open safely, we would have waited. >> reporter: gma goes behind the scenes as the brand new version hotel opened their doors for the first time. mask visitors are on the casino floor and performers at every turn. >> we were shot down by the pandemic. >> reporter:
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employees are ecstatic to work again. >> we look forward to everybody coming in. we are glad to be back. >> reporter: coming up, we will be live from sin city with much more. i'm kaylee hartung, abc news las vegas with ugma first look. an east bay city has been named the safest in california for 2021. of all the 50, number one for the second year in a row, based on fbi crime stats and the number number num crimes reported. other bay area cities in the top 50 are foster city, san ramon, morgan hill, cupertino, pacifica, martinez, redwood city and pleasanton. this could be the future landmark of san jose. the breeze of innovation beat out hundreds of other submissions in a contest to
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create a landmark for the south bay city and the structure will have 500 flexible rides that stan 200 feet tall and there will be a tower where you can climb a series of walkways to get to the viewing deck. each rod represents hundreds of individuals and companies that, together, make up silicon valley. >> we hope it becomes a landmark. >> we are famous because of the technology that is cases, invisible. how can you translate that into physical form? >> the nonprofit, urban confluence silicon valley, said the landmark is a gift to the city and no public money will be used. >> i will take a gift. i like this. >> the view is nice, too. >> san jose names a symbol.
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>> this will be nice. >> yeah, it is nice. we always just show whatever that thing is that looks at the top of r2-d2. >> don't do the city like that. >> that is a lot better. we have another full 90 minutes of news including a local black singer making her mark in country music. a guaranteed income program and who is eligible to apply to get $1000 a month. a covid-19 variant found in santa clara county and how discovery was made and what was revealed about the patient. this is the san francisco landmark, the golden gate bridge at 5:26 and we will be right back.
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building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. the governor opening of vaccines for all californians in a few weeks but their words of caution from locl officials. a new mass vaccination site gets ready to open in the east bay and what you can expect tuesday. the happiest place on earth could get even happier. plans for a big expansion at disneyland. my mind was blown. >> you need to be the ambassador and take us and show us all the new things. >> this is wild. i did not see this coming. good morning on this friday, march 26. >> i know you are excited. >> i am. i'm waiting for reggie to be our tour guide.
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>> good morning, i'm reggie aqui and i will be your tour guide. drinks are on you. you have to pay for the food. i'm excited, also. good for us and everybody in the company. live doppler 7 has nothing going on, a little bit of fog along the coast and a light breeze drifting north to south. it should stay along half moon bay where it is right now. this afternoon, look at that sunshine. calmer than yesterday and temperatures in the low to mid- 70s inland and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay, including san francisco and upper 60s along the coast. relief for those waiting patiently to get covid-19 shots. governor newsom said everyone age 16 and up can book an appointment starting april 16. we've already had supply problems in the bay area local health officials question if
5:31 am
that is a realistic timeline. we havmo from t opengis >>orr:e are on treasure island where the vaccination rates have been very low, the lowest in the city of san francisco. hopefully, the governor's announcement will help get shots to people who neeed, like on this island. he did announce that in three weeks, on april 15, people over 16 will be eligible to get the covid vaccine and he said there will be no rules or limitations . sounds great, but you have to nail down that appointment and that can be tricky and vaccination sites still need enough doses to make that happen. we asked experts what they think of the governor's announcement and he said they have their concerns. >> being eligible and getting the vaccine are not the same. >> the public's expectations will be mismatched with
5:32 am
reality. >> they feel confident they have the staffing and capacity to handle the rush of people. it is a supply they are worried about and they say uncertainty about the supply makes it tough for them to plan and communicate with the public. for now, they will just keep focusing on trying to reach the hardest hit communities and frontline workers. >> reporter: they will write a note to wait to see what supply is sent to them. on treasure island, they're going to have a pop-up clinic tomorrow as they continue trying to reach those people who have not been reached, yet, at the shipshape community center and if it is a success, they will probably have another one. they are trying to get vaccine to those who need it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. solano and contra costa county are the only bay area counties are ready vaccinating anyone 50 years or older. a new vaccination site is being set up at the shuttered waterpark at six flags
5:33 am
hurricane harbor that will open on tuesday and this is a joint effort between concord, contra costa county and kaiser with staff on site mapping the drive through set up that will eventually vaccinate 15,000 people per week with the help of the national guard. >> we were able to issue 25,000 tickets for the appointments for folks, yesterday and we've got about 15,000 people waiting. >> contra costa county opened up vaccine appointments to anyone over 50, five days ago, and ahead of other counties and the state and officials said they could open to all adults 16 and up a week or so or so before the state does, on april 15. santa clara officials are waiting for more vaccine. the county has a capacity to give more than 200,000 shots per week. but, they are only doing one- third of that right now because of limited supply in the
5:34 am
vaccine and testing officers hope they will get their fair share. >> i have no idea how many vaccines that means, but it's been a production issue that these manufacturers have not had enough vaccine to send. this week, county officials announced a new deal with the state to allow them to retain local control of vaccine distribution. santa clara county confirms its first case of the p.1 brazil virus variant. it's the sixth in california and the person infected recently traveled out-of-state and the specimen was chosen at random for genome sequencing this week. >> we recommend travel. we strongly discourage travel, for this very reason. going to the other parts of this country or parts of the globe, there is a chance of getting exposed and perhaps bring back one of those virus variants.
5:35 am
>> p.1 is considered a concern because it may be more an and may rein those that have already been sick. president joe biden will unveil his administration's next major legislative effort, focused on rebuilding infrastructure. both physical and technological. he announced he is doubling the vaccine for the first office. >> reporter: president biden now wants 200 million shots in arms by the end of april and has reached his goal of 100 million vaccinations. this comes as 20 states see a spike of new covid-19 cases and other expand vaccine access, like here in california. the focus is joini ilenup toe s vaccinated. >> i believe we will reach that goal and it's important because
5:36 am
virus variants are still surging. there is a risk between vaccination and the virus variants. >> reporter: more than 33%, 85 million u.s. adults have admist and it is sending $10 billion from the recent covid relief package to high-risk, low income and minority communities as part of an effort to increase vaccine access. hot mic comments and the investigation into what a southwest pilot said while getting ready to take off in san jose. following her dreams. a local black singer made a name and country music and now, checking with mike. thank is friday, we are lit bit cooler in most neighborhoods and you can see in novato and napa and fairfield, it has been breezy. in the east bay shore, from 67 degrees cooler, you can see most
5:37 am
of us in the low to mid-40s and we have a low and alameda and we are all over from 48 in mountain view and 50 in napa and 52 in antioch and 48 in san francisco and 45 in san carlos. a look at what will happen as far as your planner goes. we are starting off already in the low to mid-60s by noon and 30 to 35 degrees warmer away from the coast then we were early this morning. 70 degrees at the coast and 53 at 7:00 with the local sea breeze and the rest in the mid- 60s at 7:00 with a great evening for outdoor talking about your commute, it's calmer, smoother and cool and comfy and nothing to complain about, weatherwise. we will get to jobina fortson in a minute. with the air quality forecast and the warm weather, we will be good to moderate through the weekend and today is much
5:38 am
better with moderate spots and now, everybody in the green. new numbers for the weekend and it could at is accuweather seven-day forecast. here is jobina fortson with the forecast. still friday lie? unfortunately, devastating update in san francisco with the brand was sig alert on northbound 280 before 101 and hopefully, i can give you a live picture from the scene. according to the chp, the area will be open in about one hour and they have called a coroner to the scene. they ask anyone, if part of your morning commute, to please avoid this area. in live look in oakland at at the coliseum, headlights are making their way south bound. aside from this major sig alert in san francisco right now, a deadly situation, everything else is looking clear around the bay area and we will be right back.
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a san francisco artist can now apply for pgrll givmore th each, over six months. the program is rolled out to give struggling artists in underserved communities an economic boost paid 130 people will be selected. mayor breed said it will help the creative sector come back stronger and more resilient. applications are due april 15
5:42 am
and the first payments go out in may peered hundreds of dancers will audition for a chance to compete for a scholarship. dancers ages nine through 19 will perform for youth america grand prix and it will be judged at the palace of fine arts in san francisco. more than $4 million have been awarded for a leading dance school. the addionwill be livestreamed on the facebook page all weekend long. one east bay woman is not letting racial disparities keep her from following her dreams in the country music community. abc7 celebrates women's history month by honoring women working to build a better bay area right now. this morning, i want to introduce you to miko marks. note back i remember when♪ >> reporter: for the first time in 13 years, singer and songwriter, miko marks, releases a new country music album called, "our country" >> it's about healing and social justice in prayer and mercy. it's about systemic
5:43 am
racism, marginalization and it's about hope to change. >> reporter: not typical country music topics, but miko marks and her journey is anything but typical. ♪ ♪ and michigan, listening to loretta lynn, johnny paycheck and kenny rogers. >> i was drawn to country music. i loved the stories and middld d a resolution. >> reporter: she had doubts about being a sinner, herself. she didn't see any country music stars that looked like her. >> it was like, what are you doing? what are you thinking? i pushed it down a little bit. then, i figured that maybe it was supposed to be me. >> reporter: after graduating college, getting married and building a life in california,
5:44 am
>> i thought, i was on my way. little did i know that there is not really much love of color in country music in nashville. regardless of how much i loved it, they didn't think i was going to sell or that i was marketable. >> reporter: according to a song data, between 2002 and 2020, there were roughly 11,500 unique songs played on country radio and in those 19 years, there were only 13 black artists among those songs and only three black women. in total, songs by black women received .03% of >> i had a cowgirl hat and boots and i had long hair. you know, i had already made myself into what i thought accepted, you know? that wasn't enough. >> reporter: heartbroken, she
5:45 am
moved back to california but never give up on her goals and performed locally in last year, after recording one song, a palo alto label, read tone records, asked her to collaborate on an album. >> i started to feel excited. hey, you can have another project. >> reporter: now shock living her dream of being a musician in country music. >> i believe this is where i belong and what i want to do. when i'm not here anymore, i want to leave a legacy of music for people coming under me to know that they were represented in some way. it's far bigger than me or them to crush my dreams. like♪ >> it was so fun to do that story and miko will host an album release livestream concert tonight at 5:00. it is free, but you have to register and we have posted a
5:46 am
link on our website. go to abc >> that was cool. >> she is so good and listen, this morning, i woke up when i got ready and i was listening to "our country" you will dance, pray, go to church. you will be deep in thought and you will have all these experiences. >> i'm ready for this. >> her voice is beautiful. i'm going to be at the concert. >> i like it. you can stream this on spotiy and all that? i can't wait. very cool. >> all right. we have something to listen to this weekend. >> i will fire a pandora or alexa and see what i can find. i like the fact that she talks about country songs having a story. they are usually uplifting, but they can be pretty emotional. it will be interesting
5:47 am
breeze, three to 11 mitemperatu at 9:00, clear and calm and seasonably chilly but we will rebound with even warmer temperatures this weekend and possibly exceed those next week. here is a look at another push of dry air with that orange you see on the water vapor. the wind is coming out of the north, but not nearly as aggressive as they were yesterday. if you are thinking about dining out during the afternoon to evening hours, make sure you get there early. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s and i imagine those tables will go rather quickly. as we head into the evening, we are in the mid-to upper 60s at 7:00 and cooler at the coast and 50s by 8:00 everywhere. high temperature is around 3:00, 70 to 73 in the south bay and 68 to 72 on the peninsula and on the coast side, low to
5:48 am
mid-60s with upper sa 70in rth and on the east bayshore, richmond and berkeley don't make it to 70. 68 and 69 and 72 to 76 in our inland east bay neighborhoods. tonight, you can see we are in the upper 40s and here is a look at my accuweather seven- day forecast. it gets warmer and even at the coast, the warmest day with mid- to upper 60s and we drop down temporarily with a bit of a correction monday and then we quickly gain everything we lost next week. have a great weekend hope you enjoy the warm weather. officials are talking about strategies for sustaining safe, in-person learning with a webinar yesterday including lessons and success stories from school districts that have already open, including napa valley unified. >> i'm sure you've had committees that have come together with the best thinking
5:49 am
in your organization on how to deal with lunch and enforcing masking and how to direct students to make sure they are doing good handwashing. until you test the system, the pressure is not there and you have to expect that in your first couple of weeks you have to engage in revision and refinement of your work. >> all of the napa county districts reopen for in-person learning in late october. nasa has released new images from mars. this is a field of sand dunes inside a frosty crater on the northern plains of mars with the dark patterns the surface of the main field and it's possible that these were formed during a seasonal frost. that's cool. >> i've been waiting to ask about this and for this new ice cream we will talk about, new at 6:00 that honors our queen, dolly parton. i have never heard of this flavor and i think it might be
5:50 am
a sondland thing i was never introduced to. i lived in the south and i will wait for your answer. >> i will be ready. a pilot's rant about the bay area. all caught on the hot mic and what else he said and why he could be in trouble because of when this happened.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
take off. here's part of what he said. >> [ bleep ] this place. [ bleep ] weirdos. probably driving around in hyundai's. >> wow. southwest airlines told abc7 the comments are inconsistent with their company culture. the carrier said they will deal with the matter internally and the faa said it is investigating because regulations prohibit pilots from talking about anything other than safety, conducting the flight while taxiing and flying below their 10,000 feet altitude. >> okay. bart is rolling out a new feature in honor of reading month, to pilot touchless short story dispensers.
5:54 am
they printed on recycled paper and passengers can read ryle they ride. one is at fruitvale and pleasanton and another will be soon at the montgomery station. thousands of parking lots will have summary units with six acres of green space near the stone town galleria. twh av shops and residential buildings and it is currently a farmers market every sunday. the owner of the property said the planning process will take about two years. disneyland is planning an expansion and the parent company, disney, revealed the plans for a multiyear project. the exact details are scarce but we know it will be within the current footprint of the california adventure and disney released a photo of what it might look like in anaheim and they hope to create a more
5:55 am
immersive entertainment experience with hotels, attractions and eateries in the same areas. i thought we were going to have a free shot. i have so much to say about this. >> move on. >> [ laughter ] >> i want to circle back because i want to hear everything you have to say because i know you've done a deep dive into this and have a lot to unpack. east bay hills, 49 with temperatures six to nine degrees warmer. 74 in santa rosa and thinking about going to the beach? saturday will be the warmest and brightest day. low to mid-70s up and down but a strong north wind with water temperatures only 49 degrees. clouds on sunday around the bay area and that is why we are in the low to mid-60s. around monterey bay, no clouds
5:56 am
and temps in the low to mid-70s once again. >> i will not be silenced. but we will talk about peeps right now. from something i love to something i hate. pepsi and peeps have teamed up for a new cola that mixes the taste of taxi pepsi with peeps. who was asking for this. fortunately, you can't buy it, only available through a contest and if popular, it could end up on store shelves, eventually. one of my friends commented, how did they not use the opportunity to call this peepsi? >> i don't like that. >> we don't want any of this. >> i like peeps, remember? i know you hate them but i love them. they are so ea fix your face. i'm not the only one.
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new at 6:00, a rare moment on capitol hill with the silicon valley ceo admitting that his company played a role in fueling the capitol rides. the race to vaccinate our kids a
5:58 am
5:59 am
building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news.
6:00 am
so in a a a a a a a rules, no limitations. >> governor newsom said if you want to get your vaccine, there are things you can plus standing up against anti-asian hate. the rally that's happening ha today. good morning, everybody. let's check in with mike. >> i think everybody will be happy, at least you three. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast coming up. ligh clear over


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