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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 26, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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legendary tv program introducing the duo to teach young people about race. >> i'm wondering why skin is brown. >> my mom andd t me,adin, tt's. >> joining the rest of the colorful cast saying they are somebody who will stand up against racism. ♪ i am you are we are somebody ♪ >> sparking a conversation. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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f0 when it comes to vaccines, is california
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getting ahead of itself. why new eligibility dates and supply could be mismatched. the newest covid vaccination rates in san francisco are now on treasure island. but there's a push to change that. detail next. >> reporter: an airline pilot peeved at the bay area. his rant recorded. brief cool down today. i'll show you how much warmer for the weekend coming up. abc 7 news starts now. building a better bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> an april 15th, everybody in the state of california 16 and over can get a vaccine. >> the crux of right now is supply, supply, supply. exciting news from the governor today with caution from bay area health officials. in just a few weeks, most people in california will be eligible for a covid vaccine. thank you for joining us, i'm
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dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim. this has packed sparked a lot of questions about how realistic the plan is. kate larsen is part of our vaccine team and tonight spoke to bay area officials about what they think. >> reporter: governor newsom announced that on april 1st, everyone 50 and over is eligible for a vaccine. and on 16 and over is eligible. >> in just a few weeks, it will be no rules or restrictions. >> reporter: but officials all over the bay area say they're concerned. >> being e■ligible nd actually getting the vaccine are not the same things. >> reporter: the concern is that the public's expectations will be mismatched with reality. dr. susan phillips is the acting san francisco health officer. they both say their counties
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are prepared to increase vaccinations. >> staffing carter evans we feel confident about. all we really need is the supply. >> reporter: california's vaccine supply is expected to almost double to 3 million doses per week. dr. phillips says san francisco has the capacity to vaccinate 20,000 people a day, but for the past two weeks, the city has only been allocated 16,000 doses per week. >> it's very possible we'll see the numbers increase, but we can't plan or predict or communicate to the public the way we'd like because we don't have that insight right now. but people may have to wait for their appointment unless we get a large influx of vaccine. >> there's still a ton of essential workers that haven't been vaccinated and are concerned they'll be shut out of the process with a huge influx of eligibility. >> we build a robustda the vaccine we control with the city is about a third of the total vaccine. we're going to focus on the
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hardest hit communities and the front line workers. >> reporter: while you wait, health officials remind everyone to keep masking and remain vigilant. kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> with the state dramatically expanding vaccine eligibility, concerns remains about equity. san francisco's treasure island is home to a large latino population, but also has the lowest vaccination rate in the city. now there's a push to change that. >> reporter: volunteers trying to get the word out about a covid pop up vaccination clinic happening this saturday on treasure island. >> it's been a hardship for us on the island to get our needs period met. so this is, to me, a victory. >> reporursday, volunteers say they knocked on the door of every residence on the island.
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supervisor matt haney says treasure island has the lowest vaccination rates in the city of san francisco. >> it's one thing if you're eligible, but if you don't know or don't know where to get it easily and can't get an appointment online, that's a problem. we're taking away those barriers for people here. >> reporter: 100 doses will be available to those who love on the island. >> i know, especially in the hispanic community, a lot of people want it, but not everybody can get it. it. >> it's fantastic the city is coming to us. >> reporter: but some we talked with say they're still deciding if they should get the vaccine. >> i'm scared to get it just because it's new and just came out, you know. i mean, they did it in a hurry. >> reporter: if this pop up clinic is successful here on treasure island, it could lead to more going forward. thest been a lot of back and forth on how many doses are
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needed here because the demand is unclear. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. and on the coronavirus, new developments tonight. er al ready r 12 to 15-year-olds in time for the start of next school year. it comes as the drug maker is beginning trials on children younger than 12. the first participants, a pair of 9-year-old twin girls, were immunized at duke university today. their mother is an infectious disease doctor. >> as a parent, where your number one job is keeping your kids safe and healthy, it was really reassuring to know they may be getting some level of immunity. >> results from the trial are expected in the second half of the year. these are a critical to getting rd immunity reached after roughly 80% of americans are vaccinated. now we know you have a lot of questions about the vaccines. we're here to help. one of our most clicked on stories at is explaining their differences.
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you can also learn about effectiveness, side effects, and more right there for you on santa clara county confirmed its first face of the p1 coronavirus variant first discovered in brazil. health if i believes say the person infected recently traveledth out of state. specimen was chosen at random for genome sequencing this week. >> we want to really recommend people not travel. we strongly, strongly discourage travel for this very reason. going out into other parts of the country or parts of the globe, there's a chance of getting exposed and rh con berei transmsible and could reinfect people that have already been sick.
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new at 11:00, the san francisco school board took a no confidence boat on one of its own board members tonight. the 5-2 vote strips allison collins of her role as vice president of the board and bars her from serving on committee. this is after a group working to recall some school board members published tweets collins posted in 2016. one said that asian-americans had used white supremacist thinking to asimulate to get ahead. she said the tweets were taken out of context and apologized for pain they've caused. hundreds of officials since called for her to resign. she would still have to do that to be off the board entirely. the no votes were herself and the board president. an elderly asian man viciously kicked to the ground this year is speaking out with a warning to other seniors. and word of caution, this video is hard to watch.
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you're looking at the moment the now 84-year-old was waiting for the bus in the tenderloin in february 2020 when suddenly out of nowhere a young man runs over and kicks him out of a seated walker and runs away. the man said he blacked out and needed six stitches and spent four nights in the hospital. i spoke to him tonight to see how he was doing, and he said because of the wave of violent attacks on asian seniors, he is afraid to go outside. >> every day there's crime in san francisco. old people have to be careful. i want a very strict punishment, but don't want them executed. >> the suspect arrested in the case, 23-year-old eric ramos hernandez, has a hearing april 14th. the victim told me thank you for caring at the end of our interview. he was so kind. residents of albany held a protest decrying violence against asian-americans
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tonight. dozens showed up to show their support. they gathered at intersection of san pablo buchanan streets. a deadly tornado outbreak wreaks havoc in alabama with more dangerous weather on the way. a bizarre anti-bay area tirade by a pilot caught on a hot mic. and see the new landmark coming to silicon valley. i'm sandhya patel. temperatures re
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now to the largest settlement against any university in u.s. history. usc agreed to pay $852 million to hundreds of women who accused the schools former gynecologist of abuse. >> reporter: tonight a historic settlement. the university of southern
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california agreeing to pay $852 million to over 700 women who accused dr. george tindle of sexual abuse. >> powerful people at powerful institutions can and must be held to account. >> reporter: it's believed to be the largest settlement against a university in u.s. history. today's settlement adds to an earlier $215 million settlement bringing the total to over $1.1 billion. he was the only full time gynecologist there for 13 decades, treating tens of thousands of women. >> there are literally thousands of women that man assaulted in that heth. anworse. >> reporter: tindle is pleading not guilty. survivors demand justice is
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served. >> if not least show future predators. >> reporter: he left usc in 2017 and is free on bond waiting to go to trial. a southwest airlines pilot was caught on a hot mic on a rant against the bay area. amanda del castillo says at the time he was taxiing for departure at the san jose international airport. >> reporter: as we say in television, the mic is always hot. lesson for an unidentifie southwest airlines pilot. he took shot test region last week with generalizations from
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guns to cars [ bleep] weirdos. >> at some point season tried to get his attention. >> calling on tower, hot mic. >> reporter: while the tirade wasn't broadcast to passengers, some are worried. >> i would think maybe he's drunk or something. >> i think it's a good thing the aircraft didn't hear that because i'd be very scared to hear a pilot saying that, especially with everything that's been going on. >> reporter: councilman perales whose district encompasses downtown san jose and the airport calls the comments disheartening, especially coming from a pilot with the city's largest air carrier. >> it's one thing to hear people's authentic i think they're entitled to these opinions. >> reporter: southwest
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airlines plan to deal with the comments internally. the faa is currently investigating what was communicated by the airline pilot. they say they've been in touch with the airline. in san jose, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> so hard to explain and understand. first of all just silly comments to make, but beyond that, he's about to take off with passengers. he shouldn't be distracted or distracting other professionals. just not a good thing to do. >> absolutely. and when you're in that position of leadership, you should be setting an example 24/7. too bad. speaking of flying. here's a sfo. they announced today they're receiving nearly $200 million in federal relief, including nearly $24 million for airport concession rent relief. the pandemic is expected to
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cost u.s. airports more than $40 billion by march 2022. deadly tornadoes have slammed the southeast part of the united states, injuring multiple people and leaving at least five dead. at least a half dozen tornadoes, most of them touching down in alabama and georgia. one might have been on the ground for 100 miles if you can imagine. the violent winds caused some homes to collapse on their foundations. the people in this house were trapped until their neighbors came to help out. this woman survived in her basement with her pets. >> it's like it just sucked the air out of the room. my ears were popping. >> search and rescue efforts are still ongoing tonight. the power is out to an estimated 35,000 people. just a terrible indiscriminate destruction as a result. and this time of year, springtime in the southeast, very treacherous time for violent weather like
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tornadoes. >> yes, but thankfully for us we couldn't have better weather. yes, we're very fortunate, but i want to show you how bad it is down south. the tornadoes ripping across the southern tier states, and severe thunderstorms not done yet. still strong thunderstorms moving across georgia, parts of atlanta. you'll notice they're under that tornado watch. about 21 reports of tornadoes, and 5 people lost their lives. the severe weather threat for the region continues heading into tomorrow. here in the bay area, a much different story from the east bay hills camera. a little breezy, but nothin tore. today compared to e part is good. of fog out a few places like san francisco and oakland, moderate air quality. here's what to expect over the next four days. it's going to be good to
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moderate air quality going through the weekend into early next week. hopefully you can get out and enjoy fresh air and the sunshine we're expecting. tomorrow morning's temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s. chilly start. as you take a look at the hour by hour wind forecast, you'll notice the winds are pretty much confined to the higher early jigs elevations of the north bay. not expecting strong winds tomorrow evening. it's wind direction off the land, the offshore flow that will actually bring us a warmer pattern tomorrow. so a reversal from today. temperatures in the morning 30s and 40s. definitely a chill in the air. looking at the afternoon highs, 68 degrees in san francisco. noticeably warmer. low 70s san rafael, palo alto, 73 san jose, 74 santa rosa, and 76 in fairfield.
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now, i know some of you are wondering about at the time rain. high pressure blocking any storms from getting here. on monday there's a system that tries to get down here. all it will do is bring in some fog. maybe a little drizzle like we just experienced this morning. then that's gone. the next opportunity for actually seeing rain here in the bay area may be some time around april 5th through the 7th. that's still days away. until then, warmth and sunshine in the seven-day forecast. 80s inland. 60s coast side for sunday. a brief cool down monday will come right back up mid-week into the 80s again. so enjoy the sun. >>
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[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [sfx: bing bing bing ] [sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ]
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the day can wait. enter the golden state, with real california dairy. you're looking at what's being called a future landmark of san jose. this is the breeze of
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innovation, and it's going be a structure comprised of 500 flexible rods. you'll climb a series of walkways to a viewing at the top. the rods are supposed to symbolize the company that is makeup silicon valley. >> we hope it becomes a landmark. >> the technology that is in most cases invisible, so how can you translate into that physical form. >> the nonprofit says the new landmark is a gift to the city, no public money will be used. and dan, i think it looks very high-tech like silicon
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sports on abc 7.
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the warriors drove up to sacramento tonight. steph curry out, no draymond green either, and it turned out to be a long night. good start for golden state, though. the steal and wind mill dunk du with authority. that's nice. catch and shoot three. the warriors had the lead briefly, but didn't last because fox the floater, 44 points. was unstoppable. everything working for the kings. holmes fouled, lost the ball on the way up, and even can't believe it went in. but when it's going well, it's going well. the kings pull away. haliburton just cooks lee. kings cruise 141-119.
1:36 am
the warriors made a couple of minor moves at charlotte rtedlyor realisapine at the start of the season. just a few years ago, chris basset coming off tommy john surgery thought he might be done, but he's not done. he was just opening day starter. today montez struck out marmalejos, but then left after a cuticle tear. nice diving catch there. bottom 5 it.
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soccer. earthquakes midfielder jackson newell is the captain of the u.s. men's under 23 national team. they're one game away from qualifying for the olympics. that hasn't happened since 2008. >> the first goal was winning the whole tournament, not just qualifying. i th
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friend's easter turnout? >> because my can was already open and it's not fizzing, i'm not going to drink this. so mona, it's all up to you. mm. now bite off the head and also -- >> i'm trying to get the marshmallow. it tastes like pepsi. >> oh, does it have hints of -- that's because you didn't dunk it enough. you got to dunk in the -- >> it's just floating. >> okay. peeps got to -- they had to team up with pepsi, because we're people -- why did i get an already open -- you know we got covid going on. have no fizz or anything. okay. that's enough, mona. >> tastes like -- coming up, we have a treat for you guys. we have a brand-new friday polka that mona doesn't know what this polka involves, and we cannot wait to share. that's all i'll say. go ahead, mona. tell them about the next story.
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but first, a logjam of container ships in the suez canal that costs upwards of $400 million per hour. later the best of the worst. how songs deemed the worst of all time are getting a reprieve. even eddie murphy's "party all the time." it actually makes peeps bearable. >> you're watching "world news now." ♪ she parties all the time ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ♪ yirks


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