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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 8, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. skies lighting up red, white and blue with the picking of a new president. joe biden and kamala harris center stage for the celebration. their hard fought moment coming four long days after the last ballots were cast. >> this is the time to heal in america. >> the president-elect now reaching out with a message to unite a divided nation. >> spontaneous celebrations erupting across america as a record number of people came out to vote in this historic election. >> we did it. we did it, joe. >> helping give joe biden that magic number. >> kamala harris ready for her role as vice president and paving the way for others. how she shattered glass ceilings to take her place in history. plus, a look at the first second gentleman.
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president trump still insisting the election is far from over taking his fight to the court. supporters also protesting the ballot count. what happens next. and the biden/harris team laying out their plans for the nation dealing with a pandemic and a struggling economy. >> i sought this office to restore the soul of america, to rebuild the backbone of this nation. >> the challenges ahead as joe biden gets ready to lead america. good morning. president-elect biden with a message to the country overnight saying it's time to heal. >> yeah, with a country deeply and bitterly divided and a pandemic raging, those words especially relevant at this time. his speech overnight focusing on unity, a theme of his campaign and that came as thousands of biden supporters flooded the
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streets of several major cities as soon as the news broke of biden's projected win, and the celebrations continued well into the night as biden delivered his victory speech. >> abc news characterized biden as the apparent winner of his home state of pennsylvania putting him over the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to capture the presidency. and this morning, here's a look at some newspaper headlines from across the nation reporting biden's victory. abc's rachel scott is with the biden campaign in wilmington, delaware. rachel, good morning to you. >> reporter: whit, good morning. this is a seismic shift in american politics. an unprecedented election defined by a pandemic and racial unrest ending with the promise from joe biden to unite the country. his win marking a new chapter in american history and a milestone for women and people of color. overnight, joe biden bounding on stage, declaring victory and assuming the title of president-elect of the united states.
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>> the people of this nation have spoken. we've won with the most votes ever cast in a presidential ticket in the history of the nation, 74 million. >> reporter: the hard fought win coming more than three decades after his first bid for the white house. >> i announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. >> i sought this office to restore the soul of america, to rebuild the backbone of this nation, the middle class and to make america respected around the world again. >> reporter: the 77-year-old reveling in the moment, but also saying on monday he'll get right to work, announcing his own team of experts to combat the coronavirus. >> our work begins with getting covid under control. i will spare no effort, none, or any commitment to turn around this pandemic. >> reporter: and in reaching out to americans who did not support him, biden striking a tone of reconciliation. >> for all those of you who
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voted for president trump, i understand the disappointment tonight. it's time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again, listen to each other again. this is the time to heal in america. >> reporter: this night also belonged to kamala harris who shattered a glass ceiling in american politics becoming the first woman and the first woman of color to be elected vice president. >> but while i may be the first woman in this office, i will not be the last, because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities. >> reporter: the sign of times, the crowd of enthusiastic supporters celebrating outside cheering and honking their horns in a drive-in style rally that's become a hallmark of the biden campaign.
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many wearing masks, but few social distancing, and in cities across the country biden supporters pouring into celebrate after four long days of waiting for a crush of mail-in ballots to be counted. huge crowds gathering steps away from the white house and black lives matter plaza, a symbol of resistance against the trump presidency, but the president's supporters gathering too, falsely claiming the election is being stolen. it was biden's home state of pennsylvania that pushed him over the edge, philadelphia handing him the final electoral votes he needed to win the white house claiming victory 48 years to the day that he was first elected to the senate. >> we did it. we did it, joe. you're going to be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: and that was a big moment for joe biden and his campaign. for much of the democratic primary, he was the underdog and had poor finishes in the first few contests, but the campaign
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staffers that i spoke with last night say the celebration is over, and now the work begins, and that starts tomorrow with the creation of that new coronavirus task force. biden will spend the first few months of his administration trying to reverse some of the policies that president trump put in place on day one. on hi os day one, he promised to reinstate daca and rejoin the world health organization. eva. >> rachel scott for us, thank you. now to joe biden's road to the white house. a 50-year political journey marked by personal tragedy and two previous runs for the white house. his story started in scranton, pennsylvania, where on election day, biden wrote a note of hope on the wall of his childhood home. it reads, from this house to the white house with the grace of god. abc's trevor ault is at that house in scranton and joins us this morning. good morning to you, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, eva. you know, it's a quintessential part of the american dream that you're told as a child, anyone can grow up to be president, and we have seen more than a few people stopping to reflect on that idea, that the next president of the united states
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got his start in this unassuming house in scranton, and joe biden says many of the values that he first learned here will be the ones that guide him through his presidency. joe biden, the self-described scrappy kid from scranton, will be the 46th president of the united states. >> as my grandpoppy said when i walked out of his home when i was a kid up in scranton, he said, joey, keep the faith, and our grandmother when alive said, no, joey, spread it. spread the faith. >> reporter: at 77 years old biden will be the oldest first term president in our nation's history, a topic he hasn't shied away from. >> the only thing i can say to the american people, it's a legitimate question to ask anybody, watch me. >> reporter: america has been watching biden for decades beginning in 1972 when he was sworn in to the u.s. senate at just 29 years old. his swearing in ceremony taking place in the hospital, a tragic
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car crash killing his wife and daughter and critically injuring his sons hunter and beau. the pain caused by that unimaginable loss and the resolve that came after would become a defining part of biden's public persona. >> what happens is that there really is hope. the ache in the back never goes away, but it gets controllable. >> reporter: a few years later he would marry jill jacobs, now dr. jill biden, who over their 43-year marriage has stood by his side through multiple runs at the presidency. >> with your help that i seek first as today i announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: that first run in 1988, the second in 2008. >> i'm going to be joe biden and i'm going to try to be the best biden i can be. >> reporter: after dropping out of that race, he would go on to
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join the ticket as vice president for then illinois senator barack obama. >> i, joseph robinette biden jr., do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: but then in 2015, tragedy striking the biden family again. his eldest son, beau, dying after a battle with brain cancer. beau also believing his father could one day win the white house. now it's biden's time, tasked as president-elect with leading this country through unprecedented challenges. >> we stand at an inflection point. we have an opportunity to defeat despair, to build a nation of prosperity and purpose. we can do it, i know we can. >> reporter: and the loss of his son beau had a profound impact on biden. he has said one of the few reasons that he was running in 2020 was because beau could not. president-elect joe biden will carry all of that with him, the many triumphs and tragedies that have shaped his life as he now tries to lead this country forward. whit. >> and, of course, beau had that
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friendship with kamala harris as well. trevor ault for us, thank you so much. we do appreciate it. joining us now is cindy mccain, widow of republican senator john mccain of arizona. she, you'll remember, broke party lines to support and endorse joe biden. mrs. mccain, thank you so much for joining us on this historic sunday morning. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> first i just want to get your thoughts on what we heard from president-elect biden last night and what we saw as people flooded the streets across the country. >> well, obviously it was a very exciting day all day yesterday and into the evening. i thought president-elect biden's speech was very good. it's what we need to hear as a country. it's time not just for americans to get together and work together, but most importantly it's time that we republicans put country first now, not party. i look forward to being a part in whatever way i can help in
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helping to fix that divide and hopefully bring people together so that we can work for the good of the country and certainly work for the biden administration. >> speaking of putting country first, i want to go back to election night 2008, after barack obama defeated your husband, senator mccain gave a very gracious concession speech, i want to listen to part of that. >> i deeply admire and commend him for achieving. this is an historic election and i recognize the special significance it has for african-americans and for the special pride that must be theirs tonight. >> senator mccain there, and he also mentioned that he called obama to congratulate him. what do you expect and hope president trump will do in this moment? >> well, i certainly hope that president trump works with grace and dignity and in putting country first and helping to heal the divide by conceding in a gracious manner.
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most importantly we need that not just for the peaceful process for all this, but we need it for our country. we saw the outpouring of love and excitement and hope from hundreds of thousands of people yesterday that took to the streets. that's not because they're putting their party first. that's because they want a new country. they want a new beginning and a new day, and i think that's what president-elect biden does. >> but on the other side here, all week long i was in arizona, reporting from your home state talking to voters there where, frankly, people are still deeply divided. what advice do you think john mccain would have offered his close friend, joe biden, on how to heal this country? >> sit down and listen. it's what joe does really well, by the way. but to sit down, talk to people, listen to people and hear their grievances and work together most importantly.
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you know, joe's ability to work across the aisle in a bipartisan fashion will help deal with a lot of this mistrust and everything else that's going on right now because he has that empathy and that compassion and the character, the integrity, the dignity. that's what we're sorely missing right now, and i'm just so honored and so happy that this has taken place and we have a new beginning. >> senator kamala harris becomes the first woman to be elected vice president, the first woman of color. what does that mean to you, and what does it mean to women and little girls all over america? >> well, the first thing i say it's about time. i'm so happy that we have a woman in that position, and we will have more, as she said, last night. little girls, especially little girls of color, it says that you too can do this, you too can do this. she sends great hope to young women and of course, little
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girls across the nation with this. so it's all very exciting. it's all brand-new for all of us and something that we will all experience together in such a gracious and loving way. >> mrs. mccain, we truly appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, dan, over to you. >> thanks, whit. let's turn now to the current president donald trump who is threatening a massive legal battle over the election results and want to bring in abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan karl, author of "front row at the trump show," an excellent book. jon, good morning to you. so what do we know this morning about the state of mind of the president and what his next moves might be here? >> reporter: well, the president was in the residence without any of his aides just with the first lady and his son barron as joe biden was giving his victory speech last night. he's done none of the traditional things. there's been no phone call to joe biden. obviously nothing even hinting at a concession speech and said he's been defiant, vowing further legal battles, a series
7:15 am
of tweets, dan, all caps making wild allegations that have actually been flagged by twitter as unfactual about voter fraud. but people close to the president expect that he will eventually in the coming days come to accept, if not concede, accept his fate. it's more of a concession perhaps that the election was stolen from him than he lost outright. they don't expect him ever to come out and to acknowledge he lost, but he will accept a peaceful transfer of power. that's the full expectation from everybody i've talked to close to him. >> overnight joe biden spoke and i'm quoting here. he spoke of ending the grim era of demonization. you covered washington for many years. i don't want to out you about your age here, but does that notion strike you as doable, ending the demonization, and if it does strike you as doable, exactly how would it be doable? >> reporter: well, i do think that we are ready for a course correction, that people are
7:16 am
ready for a course correction including partisans on capitol hill. i have to say, though, dan, the initial signs are not all that promising. we haven't heard really any republicans outside of mitt romney in congress come out and congratulate joe biden. it's quite stark when you see some of the president's closest foreign allies, people like israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu, british prime minister boris johnson congratulate joe biden but nothing from kevin mccarthy who was actually a couple of days ago repeating wild allegations about fraud. but joe biden has deep and meaningful friendships with republicans in congress, and i think it begins that way. i think it begins by what he said. he said in that speech, we have to stop treating our opponents like enemies. they are not enemies. they are americans. i think that's a start. >> jon karl, thank you so much. always great to have your analysis on a sunday morning. really appreciate it. i want to remind everybody, tune
7:17 am
in to "this week" later this morning. our chief anchor george stephanopoulos will go one-on-one with president-elect biden's close adviser, senator chris coons as well as roy blunt, and plus george interviews the governors of new york and south dakota, coming up right here on abc. eva, over to you. let's switch gears now and charge in on our weather forecast with rob marciano. he has the latest on tropical storm eta. good morning to you, rob. >> good morning, eva. as you can imagine in the midst of this election we have another tropical storm. this one bringing devastating impacts to central america now making landfall in cuba. here's what it did to the cayman islands overnight. there you see the wind-whipped rains, over a foot of rain falling in that area. that will be the main hallmark and calling card with this storm as it heads into florida. right now over cuba we'll get into the straits of florida in the next few hours. potentially shy of a category 1 storm. flood watch already impacting parts of south florida. we have heavy downpours that have been rolling into ft. lauderdale, miami, already a 46-mile-an-hour wind gust measured in ft. lauderdale.
7:18 am
so this is going to be a pretty rough and tumble morning there but look at the trend it takes once it gets towards the keys out into the gulf of mexico again nearing a category 1 hurricane, but it looks like it'll be hanging around in the gulf of mexico for several days. but the keys, south florida, the next 24 hours will be dicey in the form of wind and certainly some rainfall, over a foot of rain in an area already saturated and a storm surge of two to four feet that potentially goes all the way up into south g good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. a lot of sunshine and wind advisory throughout the afternoon. the winds aren't going to settle down until tomorrow, a frosty night ahead for the valleys of the north bay, as the winds dial back but rain returns by the end of the work week. today look for some spotty showers, maybe in the south bay hills, mid-50s coast, 61 in concord, the accuweather seven-day forecast will slowly warm it up, a dry weekrg we will talk about the
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western storm in the next half an hour where whit was just 12 hours ago. great job out there. >> it was less than that. thank you. by the way, i thought when we were going to be in the same studio, it was like actually the same studio. you put him into an isolation pod. >> we banished him to the other studio. >> easing me into it, guys. >> eva requires he walks around the building with a plexiglass box. >> right, exactly. we did that before the pandemic. >> all right, rob, we'll talk to you soon. thank you so much. we want to switch gears. a number of world leaders have already congratulated joe biden. with more on reaction from around the globe, let's go to abc's julia macfarlane in london. julia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the world looks to america for leadership and to lead by example, and president trump took his vision of america first and with it really also altered relationships with allies and adversaries alike, so it's no surprise that everybody has been glued to this nail-biter of an
7:20 am
election. the tone overseas has been summed up by "the mirror." it is now time to heal. france's president macron whose relationship with president trump has really deteriorated in the last couple of years said the american people have chosen their president. congratulations, joe biden and kamala harris. we have a lot to overcome today's challenges. let's work together. indian prime minister narendra modi congratulated joe biden on his victory and paying tribute to kamala harris' indian roots tweeting, your success is pathbreaking and a matter of intense pride not just for your chittis but for all indian-americans. it's a word for aunties that she used in her speech as she accepted the democratic nomination for the vice presidency. meanwhile though some leaders have been a little quiet. jair bolsonaro subbed the trump of south america stayed silent as has russian president vladimir putin and the crown prince of saudi
7:21 am
arabia and meanwhile the president of mexico says he won't congratulate joe biden until president trump's legal challenges are resolved, dan. >> julia macfarlane, thank you very much. kamala harris and her path to history as the first woman and first woman of color elected to the nation's second highest office. that story coming up. and the new white house spouses. jill biden in line to become the first lady, and douglas emhoff who stands to become america's first second gentleman. the president-elect's immediate priorities, a plan to fight coronavirus and a lot more. we'll speak with one of the biden campaign's co-chairs still ahead. "good morning america" sponsored by hess toy truck. ss toy truck. ss toy truck. ss toy truck.
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your voice, your vote, this is abc 7 thus. >> good morning, i'm jovina fordson. history made and a message of healing from joe biden and california's senator kamala harris as they look to mr. their vision for the next four years. yesterday thousands came out to oakland to celebrate vice president-elect kamala harris and her roots there in oakland.
7:28 am
we saw a scene over the landmark grand lake theater, the marquee now reading a message that says america told trump, you're fired. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, good morning to you. we a chilly conditions. walnut creek sunny skies, breezy to gusty winds. 51 in san jose. the golden gate bridge is clear. the wind is whipping, 47 in napa. wind advisory for the hills and at the surface it's breezy. mid-50s to low 60s, maybe a few showers in the south bay. >> thank you, lisa. thank you all for joining us. right now the news continues with "go
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with all the gift for less. at ross. yes for less! and welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. this is a live look at the childhood home of joe biden. america's president-elect. just days ago as the nation went to the polls, biden visited that home in scranton, pennsylvania, leaving a message, we mentioned this before, on one of the walls writing, from this house to the white house with the grace of god, and now that is exactly where he and vice president-elect kamala harris are headed. >> that's exactly where we'll pick up and begin this half hour with a look at the first female vice president-elect in america's history. kamala harris is also, of course, a person of color. this is a powerful moment in terms of both symbolism and substance for so many americans, and janai is here with more on that. janai, good morning to you. >> guys, good morning. so you saw the celebrations, especially at hbcu's historically black sororities.
7:31 am
all across the country, americans able to appreciate the history made seeing the first woman to become vice president-elect. kamala harris' name now etched in history. >> we, the people, have the power to build a better future. >> reporter: at 56 taking her place as the first woman, first black and first asian-american vice president thanking the powerful voting bloc that got her there. >> so i am thinking about the generations of women, black women. [ cheers and applause ] asian, white, latina, native american women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality and liberty and justice for all including the black women who are often too often overlooked but so often prove they are the backbone of our democracy.
7:32 am
>> reporter: the daughter of jamaican and indian immigrants harris says she grew up with a stroller-eye view of the civil rights moving. as a student at howard university, joining alpha kappa alpha, the oldest historically black sorority and spending weekends protesting on the national mall, during the week competing on the debate team. throughout her career shattering glass ceilings and making history becoming the first more than once. in 2010 as the first black woman elected california's attorney general. running the country's second largest justice department. in 2016 the first black and indian-american woman as a california u.s. senator sworn in by then vice president joe biden. now breaking another barrier as his vice president-elect. >> while i may be the first woman in this office, i will not be the last. [ cheers and applause ]
7:33 am
because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities. >> reporter: and i have to point out rachel scott used that sound bite in her piece too. and it's because it was so powerful. this kind of representation really matters and kamala harris has really gleaned into the intersectionality of who she is as a woman and a woman of color. it's a testament to what she says that her mother has told her saying, you may be the first to do many things, make sure you are not the last and the vice president-elect really is explicitly saying to so many young girls, you can too. guys? >> and it does matter to be able to see someone who looks like yourself out there doing the things you dream of. janai norman, thank you so much. joining us now is democratic congresswoman val demings of orlando, florida, who just won her re-election bid. congratulations to you, and thank you for joining us this morning.
7:34 am
>> well, thank you so much. it's great to be with you. >> i just would like for you to speak to us about the historic nature of kamala harris on the winning presidential ticket as a woman and a woman of color. >> you know, it was just so powerful to listen to vice president-elect harris last night when she made the statement, we're a country of possibilities and vice president-elect harris, we hear you and every little girl in this country regardless and, quite frankly, around the world regardless of who they are, their ethnicity, how much money their parents might have, every little girl hears her as well, and so this is just such a powerful yet historic moment. we have our first woman in this position. we have our first woman of color in this position, but don't get me wrong, it's not just about that. she is capable, she is qualified, and she's ready. so this is a great day. >> and you were on joe biden's
7:35 am
short list for a running mate. what sense did you get for what role biden plans for the vp? will that be a role that's active and powerful, a powerful force like dick cheney or an adviser like biden was or even a president in training? do you have any idea? >> well, you know, let me say this, i really do believe that it is going to be a very significant and powerful role. i mean, my goodness, president-elect biden is putting a woman in the position, and so that right there, i think, says quite a bit about where he wants this future to go. but let me say this, i think vice president-elect harris is going to be a strong governing partner. i've heard president-elect biden say that he wants his vice president to be the last person in the room when he has major decisions, and we've heard he has a very aggressive agenda moving forward. looking at covid-19 day one, calling the greatest minds and scientists and researchers together to get that under
7:36 am
control. re-entering the paris accord agreement, which we should have never abandoned in the first place, you know, protecting our dreamers, dealing with immigration, banning the muslim ban, if you will, and so he has a very aggressive agenda. i believe that vice president harris is going to play a significant role and be a strong governing partner. >> congresswoman, thank you so much for your time, and congratulations again to you. >> whit. >> all right, eva, let's shift gears once again and turn back to the weather, rob marciano following that. rob, good morning. good morning, again, guys. wouldn't it be just like 2020 to have a tropical storm in one part of the country and a blizzard in the other, great falls, montana, wind blowing snow sideways, six inches on the ground, 50-mile-per-hour wind, blizzard warnings up through tomorrow with the significant western storm that brought rainfall to los angeles, winds there today as well and leftover showers as a strong low gets up into the intermountain west and we're see snow has accumulated already, main street in park city and telluride. you could see one to three feet of snow in some of those areas
7:37 am
and another half an inch of rain across southern california. they could use that too. good morning, you probably noticed the wind out there, a wind advisory for the coast, and the upper elevations with winds gusting in excess of 50 miles an hour, breezy and chilly everywhere else, mainly in the 50s, s s s this weather report is sponsored by weather tech. dan, back over to you and, whit, this weather report is sponsored by weather tech. dan, back over to you and, whit, by the way, when it's safe enough to be close enough, you can tell me how to tie a tie. >> you forgot how to do that. >> no tie, a full beard. who is this man? >> i sometimes ask myself the same thing. >> ready to carve up some wooden bears with a chainsaw. >> it's good to have wolverine back in the studio. >> thank you, guy. >> exactly. >> easy, dan. >> thank you, robert. coming up on "gma," the spotlight on the spouses, getting to know the incoming first lady and the first ever second gentleman. and joe biden's to do list,
7:38 am
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welcome back to "gma" and a look at who will be the next
7:42 am
first lady and the first second gentleman. the spouses of joe biden and kamala harris filling their roles in historic ways. abc's zohreen shah has more. >> reporter: they've been by joe and kamala's side throughout the campaign, their spouses, jill and doug. >> i would not be here without the love and tireless support of jill. >> and to my husband, doug, i love you more than i can ever express. >> reporter: dr. jill biden, no stranger to the white house, serving as second lady for two terms under the obama administration. jill and joe met on a blind date in 1975 marrying two years later. joe's first wife and daughter killed in a car crash in 1972. jill went on to raise joe's two surviving sons as her own, the couple welcoming daughter ashley couple welcoming daughter ashley in 1981. she is a lifelong educator teaching high school earning two
7:43 am
masters degrees and doctorate along the way. as first lady jill plans on continuing her role as a community college professor. >> if we get to the white house, i'm going to continue to teach. it's important, and i want people to value teachers. >> reporter: kamala harris' husband, doug emhoff, the nation's first ever second gentleman, taking an active role early on, at times even serving as her bodyguard and biggest supporter. >> is doug there? >> yes, let me get him. hey, dougie. >> we're going to have fun. >> reporter: the couple met in 2013 while harris was serving as california's attorney general. >> the kamala harris that i know, she wears chucks and jeans. in fact, that's what she was wearing when i got down on my knees and asked her to marry me. >> reporter: the couple's wedding celebrating their indian and jewish heritage. they share two kids from emhoff's first marriage, cole and ella who call kamala momala. >> vice president will be great,
7:44 am
but momala will always be the one that means the most. >> reporter: doug emhoff will also be the first jewish spouse, and there's a lot more firsts. harris' family consists of indian, asian, white, black, christian, jewish, and hindu family members. her family looks like america, and they've now made american history. whit. >> zohreen shah from arizona for us, thank you. coming up here on "good morning america," ready to get to work? the priorities for the president-elect just ahead. from iraq, i could still hear the booms. makes it hard to be a good mom. - [announcer] as america's veterans face challenges, dav is there. - [naomi] i'm naomi mathis, air force veteran. - [announcer] dav helps veterans get the benefits they've earned. - [naomi] thanks to dav, i was able to begin to heal. - [announcer] with the right support, more veterans can reach victories, great and small. - [naomi] my victory is being able to be here for my children. - [announcer] support more victories for veterans. go to
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7:48 am
covid-19 task force as soon as tomorrow. the latest numbers in this country are troubling. for the fourth day in a row it broke its number of cases and last week alone a total of 715,000 cases were reported. for more on how a president biden will deal with this and other issues, let's bring in one of his campaign co-chairs, lisa blunt of rochester, delaware. congresswoman, thanks for joining us. i want to dive in and ask how will biden handle this differently from the current administration? as you know, president trump has said repeatedly that biden wants to simply send us back into lockdown. what do you say to people who worry that that might be true? >> well, first, i want to say thank you for having me and on behalf of president-elect biden and vice president-elect kamala harris, i want to thank the people for their votes of confidence and support. those who worked at the polls and waited at the polls to cast their votes overwhelmingly for the vice president, that is going to be -- that is
7:49 am
president-elect, we want to say thank you. many of the people who voted voted because they are very much concerned about where we are going,both as it pertains to covid-19 as well as the economy and they are linked and so vive -- it is so funny. i'm having to say president-elect biden which is new and phenomenal. i want to share with you that his focus has been on day one on making sure that we restore the soul of this country as well as making sure that we rebuild the middle class and that we focus also on our economy and so for covid-19, we're going to have testing, contact tracing, a focus on treatment, vaccines as well as using things like the defense production act to make sure that states aren't competing against each other but that we have a national strategy, and so i think you will see as he mentioned tomorrow, he will start with his task force, but even while he was running, he had experts
7:50 am
around. he worked on and followed the science, and i think you can expect to see that same thing as he embarks upon this new administration. >> and, again, though, i just want to be clear, there are many worried about the resumption of widespread lockdowns and that just leads me to a question about republicans generally and biden's relationship with them and i want to hear whether you're optimistic that biden can work with the gop. as you might imagine, many republicans are skeptical. i want to show you a tweet this morning from ari fleischer, the former spokesperson for george w. bush when he was president, and the tweet reads, resist, overturn, boycott, surveil, leak, impeach and now they tell us it's time to heal? where were they for the last four years? i'd be curious to hear your response to that skepticism. >> first of all, president-elect biden has always -- he's got a track record of working across the aisle and bringing people
7:51 am
together. so i think, number one, you will see that in this administration. you know, secondly, he has been very clear that while he ran as a democrat, he will be a president for all americans and that he will work just as hard for those who didn't vote for him as those who did, and because this is the substance of who he is, and because he has a track record, i think that also was why people voted for him overwhelmingly. what i would suggest is that those who feel that way, they need to come together. this is the time. we have a pandemic. people are hurting. we need to come together. >> representative lisa blunt rochester, thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll be right back. order any pizza. jake from state farm... after you saved me so much dough on insurance with that "parker promo" i devised a promo for you. here's the deal parker, state farm offers everyone surprisingly great rates. yeh, right. pepperoni pocketz, atomic brownie, cuckoo crustiez... there's no promo. just great rates. and a side of ranch.
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have a great sunday. good morning. i'm jovina fordson, with the biggest election question being answered there's one question that emerges for us here in california, who replaces vice president-elect kamala harris in the u.s. senate? chronicle insider phil mattier has theories who governor gavin newsom might choose.
7:57 am
>> it could be a chess game, attorney general becerra. he'll have an opening for the attorney general that he could put in. so let the chess game begin. >> in a recent poll of california voters of the pick they prefer, bay area congresswoman barbara lee and congressman ro cona at the top of the pack. whoever the governor appoints, that person will have the senate seat until 2022. let's check in with lisa on this cooler forecast we're seeing. >> good morning to you. sunshine behind you, but boy, that doesn't tell the story. cold winds across much of northern california, bringing a blustery day. view from the east bay, notice the camera shaking, 52 in san jose, it is 50 in san francisco and looking at some sunshine in san rafael, with numbers pretty much all in the 50s, except for the delta, so it's the wind that you're really feeling. looking at wind gusts now at the surface, anywhere from 29 miles an hour in oakland, 35 half moon bay, 24 in hayward, so it is breezy out there, upper
7:58 am
elevations, winds up to 50 miles an hour. so with all that mixing of the air, really it's warmer out there, but it's not going to feel like it. today, once again, mid to upper 50s for most, maybe some low 60s, as the system pushes to the south, could see a few sprinkles in the hills of the south bay, otherwise, looking at a cold night tonight, with the frost advisory for the inland interior valleys of the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast, more rain by the end of next week. >> thank you, lisa. "this week" is next. a hundred-year comet... did i miss it? but you can't sleep through my breakfast. because it's served all day, every day! thanks, jack. try my $4.99 french toast sticks jumbo breakfast platter. part of my all day, everyday breakfast.
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>> announcer: "this week with george stephanopoulos" starts right now. >> biden defeats trump. >> the people of this nation have spoken. >> the president-elect reaches out. >> i'll work as hard for those who didn't vote for me as those who did. let this grim era of demonization in america begin to end here and now. >> his first promise. >> i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify, who doesn't see red states and blue states, only sees the united states. >> kamala harris makes history. >> the generations of women, black women, asian, white, latina, native american women


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