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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 24, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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this will be the strongest event of the season. >> tens of thousands of people in the bay area are put on notice this weekend, fire danger is high, and they'll likely have their electricity turned off tomorrow. some have been told to think about evacuating now. >> i've never seen winds like we've had the last three, four years, ever. >> it is an all-too-familiar scenario. >> we've seen what they can do right here in our back yard. we know what the potential is. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. with that, good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim.
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when we talk about fire danger, that means there is a red flag warning. for a look at who exactly is affected and when the winds will pick up let's get to francis. >> we have a red flag warning in effect. it's first going to hit the north bay mountains and east bay hills tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning and spreads to the rest of the bay area for the coast and the rest of the lower elevations by 8:00 tomorrow. winds will be from the north-northeast, so this is try land breeze, will bring humidity down into single digits. gusts up to 50 miles per hour around the bay and even near 70 miles per hour over the higher elevations and ridges. so this is extreme fire weather conditions. you'll want to secure your outdoor furniture and everything can you to be prepared. it will peak into monday morning. >> now pg&e is warning hundreds
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of thousands of customers across northern california they may lose power tomorrow. >> we have high confidence this will be the strongest diablo and fire weather so far. we have a little exposure in monterey. into the santa cruz mountains and the east bay, al ameda, bay, lake, mendocino. it's a large scope, no doubt about it. >> the utility says it is ready to cut power to 386,000 customers if necessary. outages would begin at 10:00 tomorrow and continue as pick up. take a look at this map of northern california. basically it shows all the affected regions in orange. you'll see the community centers in blue. they will be open in every area where a shutoff has occurred. in the north bay, many communities are not waiting and
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are getting ready to have their electricity turned off sometime tomorrow. abc 7ne news reporter lauren martinez says they have been going through upgrades since the 2017 firestorm. >> back up, back up. >> reporter: two generators are ready to be turned on in calistoga in case of a projected safety shutoff. >> they're shutting off like half of california. that's just crazy to me. >> reporter: denise schultzy manages the store and says they have had to restock bags of ice five times. people are buying flashlights, batteries and candles. she's expecting the shutoff but hoping it doesn't happen. >> pirge personally, i'm just tired. i've thrown away my whole refrigerator full of food three times in the last five months. >> reporter: they're gearing up for high winds.
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>> these will be equivalent of the tubbs fire and kincaid. >> reporter: two red flag warnings will go into effect sunday for north bay mountains. and a second warning will go into effect at 8:00 p.m. for valley floors. >> the last couple events we have have stayed up high and not transitioned down low. this one we are fully expecting the winds to transition down to the valley floor. >> reporter: the emergency alert system is much better than it was three years ago. calistoga residents tell me the nixle alerts have come a long way. >> you've got the big sirens going now. as soon as you hear that siren go off, you know there's something up. >> reporter: for now, it's a wait and see game for first responders and residents. >> we are having these huge fires. i'm not sure shutting off the power's really the answer. >> reporter: lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> many people are stocking up
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on batteries and generators to prepare for the possibility of an outage. abc 7 was at a battery store in san mateo county your business was booming. they did plan for extra stock. the supervisor tells us there are two generators that sell the most. the 2200 and the 3,000. sometimes it's more than just a home. >> when pg&e turns the power off, we want to be able to turn our wells on. there are a lot of farmers on the coast. most people want the television, refrigerators, definitely refrigerators as well as lights and stuff like that. >> yeah, the little stuff. generators began at about $1,000 and can run on several different kinds of fuel. over in berkley, the city has taken an unprecedented action of telling some residents they should be thinking about evacuating now before the winds pick up. we show you how some are ready to make a run for it if they
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have to. >> a walking stick and flashlight. >> reporter: it's the trail that only panoramic hill residents know about. it's not open to the public. in fact, this is tom miller's back yard. but, to his neighbors, it's also -- >> here's the escape route. >> reporter: it was built 47 years ago. >> this is a ravine that on the other side of is university california land where there was married student housing until it was torn down a few years ago. so there are roads on the other side of this ravine that we can get to on foot. >> reporter: with the strongest wind event of the year projected to hit the bay area sunday, berkley hills residents were urged to pre-evacuate. many like frank tapia are staying put for now as he plans an exit plan on the hill. >> we get traffic jams here all the time. there's no getting around it. >> reporter: this is the only way in and the only way out. i spoke to the mayor of berkley who says they are ready to respond in case of a fire.
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>> fire engines on stand by, police patrols, a crew ready to deal with downed trees or downed power lines to make sure roads are accessible. >> reporter: with the wind event comes a psps. >> we're facing a 20-year wind event with gusts as fast as 60-70 miles per hour in the highest peaks of the east bay hills and extraordinarily low humidity. >> reporter: over 700 berkley residents may lose power as early as 4:00 p.m. sunday. >> our house got a notice saying we might lose power, but i think we're, you know, preparing for that. we've got some candles. >> reporter: some have gone through an emergency fire drill. >> we've offered to show the route several times and groups of people have come. >> reporter: but sunday will be the telling day. >> several east bay regional
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parks will be closed because of high fire danger, they include tildon regional, wildcat regional park, lake chabot. we do have more information on our website on how to prepare for a power safety power shut off, from making sure your phone is charged to getting ready for extended time without electricity. you can find our guide at abc 7 crews are getting ground on the pope fire. containment is up to 80% and acreage dropped to 61 acres burned. cal fire says that change is due to better mapping. no homes have been threatened by the flames. meantime, glass fire survivors can start applying for federal assistance. napa has been added to the list as part of an emergency declaration. originally, the request had been
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turned down from california, however, there was a sudden about face last friday that came after governor newsom said he would appeal and talked with president trump. a motorcyclist and truck driver escaped unharmed after a fiery crash that triggered evacuations and delayed drivers in the east bay until this evening. flames rose from a gasoline tanker along hilltop drive in richmond. the highway patrol says a motorcycle and tanker collided just before 11:00 this morning. firefighters believe the crash then sparked an explosion. >> and the motorcycle was under the cab of the tanker truck. so something caused a spark. and something breached the forward of the two tanks on the tanker truck. so we had gas on the ground, a source of ignition, and that's how the fire started. it could have been very catastrophic. >> officials evacuated a neighborhood near the freeway for a short period of time. one westbound lane opened just
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before 8:00 eveni. to san francisco where police are looking for witnesses after a man was shot and killed in the bayview district. the victim died at the scene at keith street and thomas avenue at about 3:45 this afternoon. so far investigators have not shared any information about a possible suspect or why the man was shot. the san francisco medical examiner's office is working to identify the man and contact loved ones. the price of trying to do business. how much it will reportedly cost a bay area gym that violated a health order during the pandemic. and on the national scale, ominous signs the pandemic is far from slowing down. the record just set in the united states. and a little later, we've been following the problems plaguing california's unemployment agency. we'll take a look at another
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as we all work through this pandemic, education is just one of the ways abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. there's now new pressure from san francisco county leaders for the san francisco county unified school district to reopen schools. according to the examiner, several supervisors and parents demanded the district set a reopening timeline at a joint meeting last night. the district cites logistical issues and costs as barriers to reopening. the district superintendent said the district is unlikely to bring students back in 2020. mayor london breed blasted school officials last week for not focussing on reopening. in a tweet today about the general state of the pandemic in san francisco she wrote, quote, we still have a lot more to do. especially working with the school district to get our
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public schools open. we have to watch the third wave we are seeing in other areas, but as long as we follow public health guidance and keep our numbers stable we will continue to move forward. california saw nearly 6,000 diagnosed cases of the coronavirus today. the state says the recent jump is due to a backlog in los angeles county. the daily average has been a little over 3500 cases. and as a result of the recent spike, the 14-day positivity rate has edged up again and is at 2.9%. that number is an indicate irof the transmission rate of the virus. the u.s. set an unfortunate pandemic record yesterday, a daily high of 83,000 confirmed cases beating the previous record set during the summer surge. in many parts of the country, hospitals are inundated with patients. >> reporter: according to an internal memo obtained by abc
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ne news, coronavirus deaths are rising, this week. missouri reported a record day of hospitalizations, and highest seven-day average in five months. medical officials are warning that a fall surge is blanketing much of the united states. illinois's top doctor breaking down. >> excuse me, please. >> reporter: ohio set record highs three days in a row. this cincinnati doctor trying to put her community's weekly deaths in perspective. >> imagine if a bus, we had a fatal bus crash every week. would we act? yes, we would act. >> reporter: the university of dayton announced one of their students died from covid-19 on thursday, just 18 years old. new jersey says it marks the
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highest daily figure since may. some say pandemic fatigue has led to decreased mask wearing and subsequent growth in cases. dr. fauci says president trump has not attended a coronavirus n conference in months. and in the race for a vaccine, astrazeneca and johnson & johnson both announced late stage trials have resumed in the u.s. >> in the north abay, a sonoma gym has been fined. sonoma fit was hit with a $1,000 fine this week. the owner told the paper, quote, it's wrong and added, quote, gyms are not a threat to public health. sonoma county remains in the state's purr it will tier which means gyms can only operate outdoors. this is the second business to
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be fined for a violation. the other was a car shop. back to our weather situation and the high winds causing a problem for all of the bay area. >> the satellite radar image u low clouds over the bay and we'll see that spread inland and patchy fog overnight. there's a wind advisory which starts tomorrow at 4:00 and continues until monday morning. gusts from 50 miles per hour, even up to 70 miles per hour in the higher elevations. so be careful, look out for possible down trees, limbs and power outages. you definitely don't want to be driving at the time or be extra careful if you can. there's a gale watch with gusts up to 40 knots. you don't want to be out in the waters as well. i want to hshow you the forecas animation. it starts off calmly but the winds shift to offshore. and then check out monday morning.
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you'll hear the winds howling overnight as you wake up. 30 miles per hour, even above that through parts of the north bay and near that all around the bay area. the winds start to taper off monday morning. that's when the wind advisory expires for the bay area. but the red flag warning will continue for the north bay hills and east bay hills. and then it starts to finally taper off tuesday morning. check out relative humidity as well. by tomorrow afternoon we'll start to drop. and into monday we'll see single digit relative humidity through parts of the north bay and east bay. and that's going to bring, again, those very dangerous fire weather concerns. overnight lows will be chilly in the north bay. we're seeing the 40s. 43 in lake port and 50s around the bay. and then check out the highs for tomorrow. very windy. it will start off fairly calm, but then the winds will really pick up in the late afternoon to evening in the bay area. do what you can to secure your
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outdoor patio furniture and bring stuff induringoors. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. dry, gusty afternoon and evening winds tomorrow. the red flag warning continues into tuesday for the higher elevations, and then as the winds taper off, we're going toy some chilly temperatures this the north bay valleys. temperatures will be dropping into the 30s, but afternoon highs will be a little bit warmer. halloween is looking dry for saturday, with mild temperatures, and then don't forget to set your clocks back an hour as daylight saving ends on sunday. so very busy week ahead. just be prepared for the wind ewindy conditions and stay safe. >> just got to get through the next few days. 2020 could not stop this san francisco ♪
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tonight we'd like to share a sound most of us haven't heard in a while bauecause of the pandemic. ah, something so satisfying about that. the mousicusical talents shined during a ringoff. muni's bells haven't rung in months. some of the men took part in a bell-ringing contest, a san francisco tradition going back decades. i don't know, chris alvarez, it's a nice sound. >> my brother's in town, he asked about the cable cars, and i had to tell him no go. but i'll show him that video. an instant classic in the fall
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classic. rays, dodgers, back and forth. one of t
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the dodgers are halfway home to the world series title with a winning game tonight, l.a. could take a lead. but justin turner put that pine tar on his back, and turner, he hits a home run to center in the first, 1-0 dodgers. top three nlcs. they become the first teammates in history.
11:29 pm
he's got the most home onruns ia single post season ever. bottom of the sixth. brand brand brandon lowe goes wow. top eight, runner on, two out. seger, jammed but flips that to left center. it's a 7-6 game. rays down to their final strike. rhett phillips. taylor in center field, mishandles it. one run scores. and here's rose reyna. but he goes back and scores. ball game, 8-7. this series is tied up. two games apiece. hendrix has been named the 2020 american league reliever of the year. 37 strikeouts in 25.1 innings,
11:30 pm
ranking second in all baseball saves. well-deserved there. the mountain west kicking things off in their abbreviated eight-game conference schedule. of course no fans in the stand. entering the fourth season as spartans coach, stuffing the falcons and brennan was fired up. three times they tried to score and didn't get it. here comes san jose state, their first touchdown of the year. the son of the former offensive lineman. jenkins with it. that led to another connection. spartans win 17-6. they'll play at new mexico next week. quakes on the road in vancouver. play off position on the line. cristian espinoza, what a perfect pass. back of the net, 1-0 quakes.
11:31 pm
lefty footer fires it home. and ricketts. the quakes currently in the eighth and final spot with three matches remaining. patriots play tomorrow. we are following a potentially dangerous weather scenario tomorrow. we'll take a lock ok at how peo are preparing if their power gets shut off by pg&e. you want to who's sujoe biden.rop 15? biden says, "every kid deserves a quality education and every family deserves to live in a safe, healthy community. that's why i support prop. 15."
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once again, good evening, i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, pg&e is warning hundreds of thousands of customers across northern california they may lose power tomorrow. the utility is ready to cut power to 386,000 customers if necessary. forecasts predict the most dangerous fire conditions since last october to hit tomorrow night. many people are stocking up on batteries and generators to prepare for a possible outage. one business we spoke with said customers are tired of losing food every time there's a planned shutoff. generators also keep power for those learning remotely. many are warned to pre-evacuate. there's only one way in and out, so traffic gets backed up. a trail exists to provide an exit on foot as a last resort. business owners and residents
11:36 pm
were scrambling to prepare for the possible psps. cornell bernard has a look at how they were getting ready. >> reporter: generators are firing up at action ranch in santa rosa. gavin williams has only a few more models left. >> 6 kilowatt and suitcase 2 kilowatt right there. they will power anything as far as refrigerators or small appliances. >> reporter: the threat of another psps has a lot of people getting ready. >> it's gettin' old, it's gettin' old real quick. true value hardware manager knows what her customers need. flashlights, lanterns, batteries. >> everybody wants battery-operated everything. because a lot of people don't have generators to see. >> reporter: but kelly does. the store has lost power so many times a backup generator is ready to go to keep the doors
11:37 pm
open. bob lombardi was buying gas cans to fuel his generator. >> i'll be 76 in a week. and i've never seen winding like we've had in the last three four years ever. >> reporter: gearing up at the sonoma county fire district, located in the same neighborhood which burned in 2017. and not far from other major fires this year and last. this sign now warning all about the extreme fire threat. >> we are ready, you know. there's no denying that our firefighters, our staff is fatigued from this year. it's been a crazy year, but today our mission is to prepare. >> reporter: the captain says it's all hands on deck this weekend. crews ready to protect homeowners and property if needed. ko cornell bernard. californians have cast more than 6.5 million ballots for the election. and that adds up to about 30% of
11:38 pm
all ballots issued. hundreds of people lined up in los angeles to cast votes at the staple center. the county wanted to use a larger venue to make social distancing easier, and giving voters a place to go. the top official talked about how in-person voting our voting by mail makes the experience safer. >> if you get more people to vote early we can kind of reduce the lines and crowd sizes on election day, and it means that we're making room for more people to be able to participate even better. >> secretary of state alex padilla also said don't think of november 3rd as election day but as the last day to vote. at least 1,000 people joined a truck rally to support the reelection of president trump in the east bay. as you see and hear, drivers blared their horns and flew
11:39 pm
flags from their vehicles. today's caravan began at stone ridge mall and traveled to robertson park in livermore. one of the rally's organizers said he felt energized by today's turnout. >> to see the support brought tears to your eyes. especially here in the bay area where it's pretty much liberal. it was awesome to see the support for donald trump. >> organizers say the truck rally attracted people from as far north as washington state and south as far as san diego. 56 million people have already voted, including president trump. >> i voted for a guy named trump. ten days we're going to win the state of north carolina. and we're going to win four more years in the white house. >> the president cast his ballot in person in west palm beach, florida before heading to north carolina, ohio and wisconsin. meanwhile, vice president biden was joined by bon jovi in
11:40 pm
pennsylvania today to speak about building the economy for working families. he also encouraged people to make a plan to vote no matter what their cause. >> i'm running as a proud democrat, but i will governor as an american president for everybody. that's the job of a president. the duty to care for everyone. >> vice presidential nominee, kamala harris encouraged people in georgia to vote early, after several allegations of voter suppression. former president barack obama held a drive-in car rally in miami to support his former vice president. mike pence campaigned in florida. pence's chief of staff and another top aide have tested positive for coronavirus. chief of staff mark shore tested positive a week after a political aide. a spokespers person says pence e
11:41 pm
his wife have tested negative. we have been tracking problems the california unemployment agency has been going through since the pandemic started. this time it affects people who have legitimate claims but are running into problems. and you may want to secure your patio furniture before the wind is heading our way
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california's unemployment agency has been battling a wave of unemployment fraud, by cutting payments to suspected scammers. however, legitimate claims are getting swept into the crackdown. many are coming into 7 on your side for help. we have been covering these for months now and have more on the latest problem. >> i'm hearing from unemployed workers about an edd problem.
11:45 pm
>> all of a sudden literally this weekend the money got taken away. >> anthony sayre fee know lost his job at lucky strike bowling alley when the pandemic shut it down. he'd been collecting unemployment ever since, until the edd took it back again. >> and the really weird thing is i didn't get informed about any of this. >> anthony discovered something was wrong when he tried to pull $20 off his e.d.d. debit card. it was blocked. >> i talked to the bank and they were like, we can't help you. >> but no one at the e.d.d. could explain why his account was frozen. >> okay, how come how come my card's frozen? only e.d.d. can do that. they said no, bank america can do that. >> eventually, the bank did unfreeze his account, but look what happened to his money. it went back to the e.d.d. one
11:46 pm
payment at a time until all his money was gone. >> it was exactly $10,000. it was in different increments but added up to $10,000. >> anthony contacted e.d.d and the bank. >> they said there's no rob wpr with my card. i'm like, clearly there's a problem if i'm missing $10,000. >> he believes his account had been flagged for fraud because a scammer stole money off his card several months ago. the bank did replace the fraudulent withdrawals and he thought the problem was fixed until now. he wants his money back. >> i paid taxes and i work, it's not fair at all. >> he contacted 7 on your side, and we reached out to the e.d.d. and state senator scott wiener who represents his district. within days all that money popped back into anthony's account. the e.d.d. did not explain what happened, but in a statement it says e.d.d. currently knows of
11:47 pm
350,000 debit cards frozen due to various fraud indicators. the department's top priority is to note the identity of those who have been scammed. >> if i didn't reach out to you or didn't speak to anyone else, i would never see that money again. >> the echblt .d.d. says it's d all it can to keep from shutting down legitimate accounts while fighting fraud. if that happens to you, let me know. 7 on your side. one last check of weather. francis, everyone is bracing for the worst here. >> yeah, definitely, and you should, a dry cold front is going to be moving through starting with the north bay and moving south throughout the day tomorrow. a red flag warning in the east bay hills first at 11:00 a.m. and spreading to the rest of the bay area by 8:00 p.m.
11:48 pm
behindi this is extreme fire weather, not great news for the bay area. and there's also a wind advisely that continues until monday morning. look out for possible downed trees and power outages. you want to secure what you can outdoors and maybe cut off dead tree limbs and be prepared. and check out sunday night into monday morning when we'll see the most extreme and strongest winds and air will be drying out dropping humidity. overnight lows will be in the 50s around the bay. chilly in the north bay, dropping in the low 40s in santa rosa. just look out for the critical fire weather for the next few days with very cold mornings to follow. >> all right, we are watching it very closely. one last check of sports. chris alvarez, so much sports to talk about. >> we'll go around the country for some of the biggest games of
11:49 pm
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the 49ers have mostert on the injured list. cam newton's added and five scores. it's his presence in the running game that poses a real threat for the niner. >> he's got an unbelievable arm, great presence in the pocket. not looking to scramble. he stands in there tall, and the issue with cam is you'll bounce off of him if you don't bring everything you've got with you. >> there's always a lot of things to defend besides the running plays by the
11:53 pm
quarterback. you make a big emphasis of it. it's been good training for us having a good number of them this year. >> and as if you need another reason to root for the niners, kicker robbie gold, kicks for kids campaign. he's donating $500 for every field goal he makes this year to a pediatric non-profit. more than $6300 have been raised. there's an ultimate goal of $50,000. he says it's important to offer support to families. >> being around families going through pediatric cancer and joining them in this fight is really unique for me over the years but gives me the opportunity to ease what they're going through, not thinking about their fight that they're going through. sitting with the families and being a part of the hospital and just going through these conversations with them allowed me to open up my eyes a little bit to say hey, there's
11:54 pm
something i can do here, and this is just a big part of that concept of let's get the families away from thinking about with what they're going through, whether it be by granting the wishes or finding a cure for pediatric cancer. >> got a link on our website. the raiders' scheduled prime time against the bucks was shifted to a 1:05 start tomorrow afternoon after the offensive line was sent home because of contact tracing. trent brown was placed on the reserve covid list. at last check, the raiders reported no new positive covid tests. they must test negative tomorrow to be eligible to play. >> i'm really proud of our team, our coaches and trainers. they've done a great job. and there are protocols that are updated during this process. ad safety is paramount. everybody's safety is paramount. i'm proud of the nfl, proud to be in this league right now playing during this pandemic.
11:55 pm
so we're going to have to do what we have to do to keep our players safe, and that's what we're doing. >> college football, number one clemson has looked unbeatable so far. syracuse hanging close. but culpepper sacked, fumbles and booth jr. scoops and scores. end of three. fourth quarter, trevor lawrence hands it to etienne. it is the first weekend of big ten football. how about number five, ohio state and nebraska, tied at seven. justin fields aired it out to garrett wilson. 42 yards. three total touchdowns. two in the air and one on the ground. he's fleet of foot. look at him scam per on in. 31-14. and they roll 52-17 over nebraska. penn state taking on indiana. devin sport scores a touchdown. but all the nittany lions needed
11:56 pm
to do was fall on the ground and not do that. that gives indiana a chance. and a two-point conversion, you add that and you're going into overtime. in o.t., it's the quarterback. he answers. and it's on a two-point conversion. look at him dive and score, inches and he's in. and indiana wins like that, 36-35. what a crazy game that was. jim harbaugh taking on minnesota. tied at 7. tanner morgan crunched by barrett. sweeter takes it in. haskins, two touchdowns, of four yards apiece. michigan wins. 17 straight for the wolverines at minnesota. quite the streak going there. a lot of wins. minnesota fans have to be disappointed in that. that niners-patriots game. you lived in boston for some time, right? >> oh, yes, my husband loves tom
11:57 pm
brady almost as much as me. >> the niners of course tomorrow have cam newton. niners, that will be a big game for them. >> you know, i worked in charlotte as well. cam and i, we gueye back. >> you do? >> it's going to be really interesting. >> what do you think of his style? >> eclectic to say the least of the. that's it for
11:58 pm
i do motivational speakingld. in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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