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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 15, 2020 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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underway. you can see the lights are on directly behind me.
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then you walk across the street and you can see total darkness. >> destructive fires, evacuations and now power outages. those living in the santa cruz mountains they say can't catch a break. >> damages you offshore winds have forecast tonight, which prompted a red flag warning. the hunt for a missing lemur at the san francisco zoo, why police think the animal was taken from its enclosure and what we can all do to help. abc 7 news starts right now. >> now from abc 7 live breaking news. >> i know it has to be done because of the fires and everything, but we don't have any wind or anything right now. i don't see what the big deal is. >> our breaking news is the extreme fire conditions that have forced pg&e to cut power to thousands of people across the bay area tonight. >> this map from pg&e's website shows you exactly who's affected by the public safety shutoffs right now. >> expected to lose power in 7
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bay area counties. the utility hopes to restore power by 10:00 p.m. on friday. >> and now a statewide flex alert has been issued between 10:00 and 4:00 p.m. because of soaring temperatures. people are asked to conserve energy by setting air conditioner to 78 degrees, turn off lights and avoid major appliances if you can possibly avoid using them. if there is too much strain on the power grid, the california independent system operator could order rolling blackouts. >> and we have team coverage on the heat and the rolling blackouts. let's start with drew tuma who's tracking the current conditions and what we can expect in the next few hours, drew. >> yeah, ama, we're seeing the dangerous offshore winds strengthening as we speak in the hills. we have saint helena gusting to 50-miles-per-hour right now, knoxville gusting to 34, dab low gusting to 41.
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the offshore winds are here and sticking around for some time. the red flag warning is in effect for the north bay, east bay and santa cruz mountains until 11:00 a.m. friday. so, for 36 hours we will be dealing with these gusty winds gusting over 45-miles-per-hour in spots. so, the first peak in these offshore winds will happen over the next couple of hours. we'll see a bit of a lull tomorrow afternoon and then a second burst of winds will occur early friday morning. these winds bringing hot temperatures. heat advises also go into effect. in the north bay more than 9,000 customers in napa county have lost electricity. j.r. stone is live in calistoga tonight where some of the town is in the dark. we know it's warm. what about the wind? >> reporter: just a slight breeze right now, dan. that is certainly good news in calistoga. if you look over my shoulder, you can see that fire truck
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there. you also see some of the lights on. those are being powered by the generators being used downtown, a different story right who are. we've had to put our light on this street because it is so dark and you can see that. these street lamps are turned off. total darkness on the west side of calistoga now that the public safety power shut off is in effect. >> well, i know it has to be done, you know, because of the fires skpefr fires and everything, but we don't have any wind right now or anything. >> coreless meyer is back home, now this. she's already lost her power, now relying on the ice in her freezer to keep her food from going bad. >> if it goes on tomorrow, we'll be okay. i have a yetty cooler. have you seen one of those? they're nice. >> in calistoga, the outage expected to last more than 48 hours until friday night. some like mariesa hawks bought
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one of these. >> a generator and a lot of cables everywhere. >> the calistoga mayor says his residents are all dealing with the outages. this should not be the new norm. >> we understand why. it's just not -- it's not sustainable. this is not a solution. >> i'm in my 70s and never went through anything like this in my life. this last year has been really tough on everybody. i keep telling my grandchildren, you're really living history. >> and back out here live on the west side of calistoga, you can see complete darkness on this street. but then just across the bridge in downtown calistoga, the lights are on because that is where they have generator power. i can tell you where we're standing tonight, somewhat of an eerie feeling because you can hear those generators being used. reporting live in calistoga, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> j.r., thank you so much for
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that update. our coverage continues with amanda dell castillo. close to 7,300 pg&e customered are expected to be without power tonight. >> reporter: yeah, ama. and at this hour, most of those scheduled power shut offs across the south bay are in effect except in boulder creek. that's where we spent much of our day speaking with residents in the santa cruz mountains. these are the same people who were pushed out because of the lightning complex fires. many resilient and ready to take on a few hours and days without power. as the month of august brought damage and destruction like residents here have never before seen, many living in the santa cruz mountains say they're ready for a few days without power. >> 17 days and didn't have power for a week and a half after that. i have a generator. worst case scenario, fire it up. >> reporter: george lives north of boulder creek. he says many of his neighbors
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have generators, but adds he worries for those who don't, people who are still struggling to navigate the aftermath of the fire. >> a lot of people up here don't have a lot of money and then they've lost their house or it's been barely damaged and either can't live here at all or they're just living by the skin of their teeth. >> reporter: nearby, pg&e set up a community resource center meant to provide anyone impacted with restrooms, hand washing and charging stations, wifi and more. as wednesday night's 8:00 p.m. scheduled shut off time aroifed power remained in boulder creek. zane was confident it wouldn't do much to shake residents. still throughout santa cruz county, pg&e estimates more than 500 customers would be affected. >> i'm happy enough to be lucky enough to have a place right now. and you know, no power for a couple of days is not a big deal.
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>> other santa cruz mountain residents we spoke with say they just can't catch a break. those we spoke with were told their power would be restored sometime thursday morning. but publicly, pg&e says they don't expect power to be restored throughout all of these zones until 10:00 p.m. friday night. in san jose, i'm amanda dell ka till yo, abc 7 news. some residents were preparing for the lights to go out at any time and abc 7 news was in oakland's montclair district where some told us that these outages were worth the hassle. >> my home may be affected but i'm willing to live with it if it's going to save homes, save lives, and hopefully it won't last that long. >> great attitude about it. the area's intersections had already been converted to four-way stops before the outages. business owners told us this is making an already difficult year even harder. >> if they shut off the power, then they have to shut the school down.
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means there will be nobody here eating in my restaurant which is going to affect my income. >> that restaurant owner says during the last psps, these power shut offs, he had to throw out nearly $900 worth of food. if you want to see if you're on the list of possible power shutoffs, we have a helpful tool where you just plug in your address to find out. i did it tonight. it works instantly. you can find it on >> that's great. safety was the issue of the evening in san jose. city leaders and scientists joined together tonight for a wild fire safety in the time of climate change virtual town hall. san jose's fire chief said he noticed awe change in wild fire behavior that's likely linked to hotter weather. >> frugters were responding to multiple fires during the day from 9:00 in the morning until late into the night hours. so arks difficult, difficult season overall. >> folliculi mat scientist who
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is track the wild fires say 2020 was off the charts with fires so huge they weren't even expected later this century. researchers expect both climate change and pour forest management. >> the hunt for a missing lemur, why police think it was taken and what we can do to help. it's education week here on abc 7 news as we work to build a bay area. pandemic learning pods are the new normal these days. see how some south bay families are making them work. >> a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks dan and ama, i'm here, you're here, let's do it. >> michael stepped right in front of me and took the charge and kobe standing above him and michael looked up and said everybody in the building knew you weren't going to pass.
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new details tonight. police are investigating a burglary at the san francisco zoo after an endangered animal turned up missing this morning. abc 7 news reporter kate larson explained why police are hopeful the public can help locate a missing lemur. >> i just couldn't believe it. why would anybody want a lemur? >> it's a question a lot of people are asking after a male ring tailed lemur disappeared from the san francisco zoo. >> i was out there yesterday and everything seemed perfectly normal. >> reporter: former zoo member provides funding for the lipman forest where he lives with 18 other lemurs. >> they're incredibly rare animals, endangered, they're not easy to take care of. >> reporter: mocki was accounted for tuesday night but wednesday morning was missing. in june, two kangaroos were found dead in the exhibit. san francisco zoo officials
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expected a mountain lion. >> they think a human broke into the enclosure? >> that's right. we found evidence of forced entry meaning there was damage to the enclosure. >> mocki was born at the san francisco zoo, and at 21 years he's older and slower than the other primates, which is why zoo officials think someone was able to catch him. 20 years ago, two teenagers were charged with breaking into the zoo and stealing these two koalas. the animals were found in a san francisco home after police received an anonymous tip. >> we're reaching out to the public again to help bring him back to the zoo. >> we hope that lemur is returned soon. lemur are banned as pets in the state of california. they're hard to take care of. they don't make good pets. not a good idea. >> yeah, i just hope -- i just hope mocki is okay. who knows what that person is doing. all this week we are focusing our efforts to build a better bay area on education.
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pandemic pods may be a buzz word phrase now but a couple of months ago they were brand-new with many parents canning how do i do this? melanie woodrow caught up with a group of san jose moms who found a way to create their pod on a budget. these 9 years old are certain to remember their fourth grade years vividly. as are their moms. these moms created a pandemic pod at the start of the school year. >> we're going to do things together and play together. >> and we get to see our friends. >> and if you need help, someone, you can ask your friends. >> westfall has twins while the other moms have one child each to participate in the pod. >> we were trying to find something to support our kids in distance learning and also provides stability for those of us that needed to go to work.
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>> it was a financial challenge to hire a tutor or a nanny. >> so, the women came up with a plan. mondays, tuesdays and thursdays, they each take turns hosting all four children at their home. wednesdays the kids are with their own families and fridays they take turns with which family will host an extra day that week. >> jack is doing great. i think i underestimated the social impact. we find that the kids really miss each other when it's not a pod day. >> so much so jack admits after a wednesday at home alone with his mom, he can't wait for thursday to be back in the pod. >> 100%. >> there are multiple covid-19 cautions in place. the host home takes the temperatures of the children arriving. the kids have their own device, are socially distanced, and place away from one another. with masks on they're able to
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help each other with lessons. >> so, the question was how can you find the number of animals -- >> reporter: and have active breaks, play time, and pe. >> for me that was the moment when i went this was the best decision we've ever made. >> reporter: there have been challenges small and large. >> one of the biggest challenges has been remembering what to bring on what day. >> reporter: despite those and the inevitable technical glitches, these moms say it was worth it. >> realize that it's doable. it was very daunting in the beginning, the idea of doing this all by ourselves. >> they estimate their saving tens of thousands of dollars while getting to know each other a lot better. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> so many people doing what they can to make it work. all right. let's switch gears and focus on the weather, dan. >> yeah, thanks ama. drew tuma is here with the forecast that is really going to be steamy for the next couple of days, drew, exactly what we don't need. >> we're tracking those winds
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closely, but we're also tracking hot temperatures the next couple of days. lots of talk over the next 48 hours. clear as could be no, more marine lawer from our sutro tower camera. as we approach midnight, we have a lot of cities close to if not still 70s. we have off store winds this time of year, not only do the winds race down the hill and speed up but also warm the air around them. that's why we see warm air having another warm night on the way tomorrow night. red flag warning is in effect now and lasting for the next 36 hours until friday morning. all areas shaded in red, the north bay, east bay hills and also santa cruz mountains where we have those offshore winds already gusting over 45-miles-per-hour at times. again, we have really dry vegetation, really low humidity. so, we're keeping our eye on the potential for any fires to start. what this takes into account is
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not only how fast the wind is moving but also how low the humidity is how warm the air is. and it gives it a value. you can see early tomorrow morning, especially in the north bay we see the peak of offshore winds, we have very high if not extreme fire danger thanks to the offshore winds developing. we'll likely see a pretty lull in the afternoon tomorrow with the winds back off, but then tomorrow night into early friday morning, another burst of offshore winds will develop and then again you can see in the north bay we have the very high if not extreme fire danger again. so, watching our winds very closely. overnight tonight it is a warm night. it is a windy night especially in our hills. you can see most spots gradually falling into the 60s overnight tonight. that will lead the way to a very warm day tomorrow. look at these numbers. record breaking in a few spots very likely. widespread 90s. there's little relief along the coastline. 82 for half moon bay tomorrow. near 90 in the city, 91 in
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oakland, 95 in san jose, concord and antioch up to 97 degrees. so, it is for that fact a heat advisory will go into affect starting at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. and this is for the entire bay area until 9:00 p.m. friday evening for that hot weather we'll have for the next two days. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. plan the next seven days. we're watching the winds closely as the fire danger is high tomorrow. records likely again on friday. thankfully mid-day, dan and ama, the winds will back off and then we will gradually cool off over the upcoming weekend. >> long couple of days. drew, than
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today was the second day of questioning for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. several times she was asked about climate change. >> i will not express a view on a matter of public policy, especially one that is politically controversial because that's inconsistent with the judicial rule. >> next year the supreme court is scheduled to hear a big case about whether oil companies should pay
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now abc 7 sports with larry biel. >> good evening, jimmy garoppolo getting healthier. the problem is that aaron darnold can make you unheldny in a hurry. 49ers getting ready for the ram. jimmy g. in practice today coming back from the high ankle sprain. garoppolo was pulled after halftime of last sunday's lost to miami. playing through the pain. >> lots of guys go out there and have things that prohibit them from being their best but if you can play you've still got to go out there and perform. and i'll be the judge of that,
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watch him throughout the week, and if he has a good week of practice then i won't hesitate. if it looks like it hurts in the game and it's prohibiting him, we'll do what we did again. >> the dodgers have been playing for 136 years and made history tonight. dodgers-braves, welcome to kyle knight's nightmare. jock peterson connecting for a three-run shot. the palo alto native makes it 5-0. dodgers getting warmed up. still in the first, match muncie, with a grand slam. aloha. 11 dodgers runs in the first inning, most in any inning in any team. atlanta still has a 2-1 series lead. dusty baker and the astros trying to avoid elimination. jose altuve against tyler glass
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know, high, deep aloha. altuve has hit three first inning homers in this series. screaming liner into the western metal supply building, ties it at two. all night, day, year. another guy who rakes is jorng springer. two run blast of his own. astros hang on for game four. let's kick it. quakes, galaxy, san jose, they need every win to sfeek into playoffs. if you don't succeed, kick it again to the back of the net. 3-0 quakes. final mens, man of the match, a blast. quakes beat the galaxy in
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-i hear someone go, "did-strangers cough at me.ys?" -move away from me. -someone spit towards my direction. -all the stereotypes that we've worked so hard to break are just going to be reversed. and i won't let that happen. -we all have to play our part. -i donate my plasma. -i've been making masks. -we deserve respect just as much as everybody else. -i'm a firefighter, not a virus. -i'm a mask maker, not a virus. -i'm a nurse. -i'm a delivery woman. -chef. -a neighbor. -artist. -bus driver. -i'm a doctor.
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thank you for watching tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. we appreciate
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the motor.ate the driver wasn't hurt and the flames were extinguished quickly. >> what is that trail of red? come on. >> it's an intense scene. >> why is he still driving? because it's a run away zamboni. coming up, racial bias in real estate. plus, could you blood type influence you've risk of getting covid-19 and its severity? later, something new. >> that's right, something new. we are going live on facebook right now so join us there. so join us there.
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