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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 13, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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re-infection. we'll be on facebook live tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air, on the coronavirus, two separate trials now, a vaccine and antibody treatment both put on hold tonight. plus, the fireworks. the supreme court showdown. president trump's supreme court nominee, judge amy coney barrett, is pressed on several major issues today, with just 21 days to go before the election. does she consider roe verve rus wade a so-called super precedent, a law that's already settled. how she answers. judge barrett is also asked about the affordable care act. with millions of americans and their coverage on the line, a case before the court just days after the election, how she answers on that issue. on same sex marriage. and on the presidential election. if it's contested, would she recuse herself? and how she described talking to her own children about the video of george floyd. those two major setbacks
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tonight in the fight against the coronavirus. trouble in the race for a vaccine. johnson & johnson now forced to suspend human trials, after a participant suffered an unexplained illness. and tonight, eli lily also now confirming a pause in its trial of an antibody treatment. election day just three weeks from today. more than 11 million americans have voted already in this country and news on early voting in several key states tonight. the president in the battleground of pennsylvania, taking aim at dr. anthony faw chu. and joe biden campaigning in florida, talking to seniors. the feared second wave of the virus tonight sweeping day cross europe. alarming images coming in from ers. could the u.s. face this next? news tonight about that alleged domestic terror plot to kidnap the michigan governor. new details coming in. one plan had suspects allegedly mugging a delivery man and stealing his uniform to go to the governor's house and knock on the door. and the fbi revealing another
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potential target -- a second 2k3w governor. and two major sports stars testing positive now for covid-19. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. two major coronavirus setbacks tonight. a major vaccine on hold and now a trial for a key antibody treatment on hold, as well. but first tonight, president trum's pick to replace ruth bader ginsburg, just amy coney barrett, pressed on several key issues today, just 21 days before election day. the judge was asked about the future of the affordable care act, about roe versus wade, is it settled law? about same sex marriage and she was pressed today if this presidential election ends up being a contested election, will she recuse herself? judge amy coney barrett grilled by members of the senate judiciary committee for hours.
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judge barrett answering without referring to any notes, at one point, holding up her note pad there to show it was blank. she has said that justice antonin scalia, she shares his judicial philosophy, today saying she will be her own person on that court. repeatedly pushed on the affordable care act, with a case before the court just days after the election. judge barrett insisting it is not her, quote, mission to destroy the act. and forcefully pushing back when asked if she would recuse herself if the results of the election are to come before the court, saying she hopes the committee would, quote, have more confidence in my integrity. and the very personal moment today when she described talking to her own children about the video of george floyd. abc's terry moran has covered the supreme court for years for us and he leads us off tonight. >> reporter: amy coney barrett was grilled by senators today, stepping out of the long shadow of her mentor, the late justice antonin scalia. >> people say you are a female scalia. what would you say? >> i would say that justice
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scalia was obviously a mentor. and as i said when i accepted the president's nomination, that his philosophy is mine, too. if i'm confirmed, you would not be getting justice scalia, you'd be getting justice barrett. >> reporter: but what would that mean? democrats zeroed in on the possibility of a contested presidential election ending up in the supreme court, and whether barrett, if she's confirmed, should even participate in such a case, after president trump has declared he's counting on her and the court to look at the ballots. >> will you commit to recusing yourself from any case arising from a dispute in the presidential election results three weeks from now? >> i would consider it -- let's see, i certainly hope that all members of the committee have more confidence in my integrity to think that i would allow myself to be used as a pawn to decide this election for the american people. >> reporter: but in a striking exchange, barrett, who calls herself an originalist, following the original meaning of the constitution, declined to say whether trump or any
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president could delay an election. >> does the constitution give the president of the united states the authority to unilaterally delay a general election under any circumstances? does federal law? >> if i give off the cuff answers, then i would be basically a legal pundit and i don't think we want judges to be legal pundits. >> reporter: the constitution is clear. congress sets the date of the election. >> reporte on the court ruling guaranteeing same sex couples the right to mary, she said this. >> i'm not going to give a thumb's up or thumb's down to any particular precedent. it is precedent of the supreme court that gives same sex couples the right to marry. >> reporter: on a woman's right to choose to have an abortion under roe versus wade, barrett in the past has listed a number of cases she believes are super precedents, onces that can be overruled, and roe wasn't one of them. >> is roe a super precedent? >> roe is not a super precedent because calls for its overruling have never ceased, but that doesn't mean that roe should be
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overruled. it just means that it doesn't fall on the small handful of cases like markry versus madison and brown versus the board that no one questions anymore. >> reporter: and on the affordable care act, which comes before the court and barrett has sharply criticized -- >> i'm not here on a mission to destroy the affordable care act. i apply the law, follow the law, you make the policy. >> reporter: republicans pushed back hard on the questioning. >> have you made any promises or guarantees to anyone about how you might rule on case or issue that might come before you if you are confirmed to the supreme court? >> i want to be very, very clear about this, senator grassley. the answer is no. >> the democrats claim you are being put on the supreme court so you can vote to repeal the affordable care act. is that your agenda? >> absolutely not. i was never asked. ajdz and if i had been, that would have been a short conversation.
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>> reporter: perhaps the most emotional moment of the day came when senator dick durbin of illinois asked barrett, the mother of two black children, about the racial anguish that's erupted in the country this year. >> have you seen the george floyd video? >> i have. >> what impact did it have on you? >> senator, as you might imagine, given that i have two black children, that was very, very personal for my family. i was there and my 17-year-old daughter vivian, who is adopted from haiti, all of this was erupting, it was very difficult for her. we wept together in my room and and my children, to this point in their lives, have had the benefit of growing up in a cocoon, where they have not experienced hatred or violence. for vivian to understand there would be a risk to her brother or the son she might have one day of that kind of brutality has been an ongoing conversation. it is a difficult one for us like it is for americans all over the country. >> very personal moment there today. terry moran back with us from
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the hill again tonight. and terry, we all watched as judge barrett was pressed today on the affordable care act, on roe versus wade, on same sex marriage. and like many supreme court nominees before her, she was very careful to say as little as possible on how she would rule. so, bottom line, for folks watching at home tonight, did anything happen today to take this nomination offcourse? >> reporter: no, david. not a thing. but that was to be expected, in part because democrats not having the votes decided to use their time in this hearing to try to raise key issues in the election that could help joe biden, like health care, which we heard a lot about. but we know president trump is happy. he just told reporters, amy's doing really well, it's been a great day. david? >> terry will be back on the hill for us tomorrow. thank you, terry. in the meantime, those setbacks against the battle against covid in this country. a key vaccine trial has been suspended tonight after a volunteer came down with an unexplained illness. and tonight, eli lily is suspending its own trial of a key antibody treatment.
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here's abc's stephanie ramos tonight. >> reporter: tonight, eli lilly announcing a pause in its trial of an antibody treatment after a potential safety concern, now under review. it's a different antibody treatment than the one taken by the president. this latest setback coming just a day after johnson & johnson paused its vaccine trial when a volunteer became sick. it's not known if the illness is related to the vaccine. johnson & johnson now the second major vaccine maker to pause its trial after astrazeneca. >> my expectation is that they're going to sort this out and whether it's this vaccine or a different one, that we will have something approved for emergency use probably in november, maybe december. >> reporter: the need for effective treatments and vaccines more urgent than ever. this field hospital in milwaukee now ready to take up to 550 patients. wisconsin, one of 35 states where hospitalizations are climbing. 64-year-old ken holmes battled the virus for three weeks in the hospital. >> you're afraid to fall asleep. it's because you don't know if
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you're going to wake up. >> reporter: ken telling us how grateful he was to go home. >> the doctors and nurses aren't just heroes, they're angels. >> reporter: they saved your life. >> oh, without a doubt. >> we continue to celebrate all of our front line workers, the doctors and nurses. let's get right to stephanie again tonight, sbauz as i understand it, we still don't know if either of these trials were halted, whether the volunteers in question had been given the vaccine, that anti--ed bo, or the placebo in each of these trials. >> reporter: exactly, david. it is now clear whether in the vaccine or antibody trials these volunteers received the placebo or the real thing, but now, about independent monitoring board will take a look at what happened and determine if it was related to the vaccine or antibodies. doctors say these developments are common in klein caclinical . >> stephanie, thank you. overseas, europe is now battling that feared second wave or the virus, in fact, britain,
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as we told you last night, has been hit especially hard. and look at the new images coming in tonight, showing britain's icus rapidly filling up. many of them seniors. and the highest one-day fatality count in four months now, with tough new restrictions in place. across europe tonight, there have been now nearly 100,000 new cases a day for the last week. that's a 34% increase. back here at home and to the race for president. 21 days until election day. more than 11 million americans already voting. early voting now under way in 46 states and washington, d.c. president trump in pennsylvania, six rallies scheduled this week. and joe biden courting seniors in the battleground state of florida. in our latest poll, biden holding a small lead in the group the president won four years ago. and tonight, joe biden now saying he will soon get some help from former president obama. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: joe biden today in the key state of florida, declaring president trump has learned nothing from his own battle with the coronavirus.
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biden labeling the president's behavior "reckless" and "unconscionable." >> i prayed for his recovery when he got covid, and i'd hoped at least he'd come out of it somewhat chastened. but what has he done? he had just doubled down on the misinformation he did before and making it worse. >> reporter: biden with a personal pitch to seniors. they went for trump in 2016, but this year, biden has the edge. seniors, the group most vulnerable to this virus. >> while he throws super spreader parties at the white house, republican s hug each other without concern of the consequences. how many of you have been unable to hug your grandkids in the last seven months? i got six of them. >> reporter: trump also in florida overnight, taking a victory lap just one week after he was released from the hospital. >> i went through it, now they say i'm immune. i can feel -- i feel so powerful. i'll walk into that audience. i'll walk in there. i'll kiss everyone in that audience.
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i'll kiss the guys and the beautiful women and the -- everybody. i'll just give you a big fat kiss. >> reporter: but dr. anthony fauci says the president is sending the wrong message, saying, "because he is such a visible figure, it amplifies some of that misunderstanding that people have, that it's a besign disease and nobody has anything to worry about." but standing in front of the crowd, the president reveling in the applause, his supporters glad to see him back out on the trail. >> it shows people it's not deadly and as fear frl as the media is making it be. >> reporter: but wisconsin bar owner mark schulz has been watching from his hospital bed. he has covid and is furious. >> there are no guarantees. you got to lead by example. you know, you -- you just don't frickin get it. it's sad. it's tragic. you're killing people. you're so incompetent.
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>> and news on another front tonight, mary, with us again this evening, on the campaign. and we know that the trump team had been using dr. anthony fauci's worlds in a campaign ad. fauci appearing to praise the response. we reported last year tonight, fauci says he was taken out of context, accusing the campaign of harassing him, and tonight, president trump now going after dr. fauci? >> reporter: well, david, the president is trying to have it both ways. today, he lashed out at fauci on twitter, saying his, quote, pitching arm is far more accurate than his prognostications. a reference to fauci's unfortunate attempt to throw out the first pitch on opening day. but the president is also trying to use fauci's voice to lend credibility to his campaign ads. what is clear tonight, anthony fauci is getting fed up with it all. david? >> mary, thank you. and mary, as you know, coming up thursday night, an abc news town hall with joe biden. george stephanopoulos with questions from voters. that's thursday night, starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here. but as i mentioned, early voting now under way in most of this country. more than 11 million votes
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already cast. long lines in texas today on day one of early voting there. and a victory for the texas governor, who wanted to limit the number of dropoff boxes in that state. and tonight, news also from key battlegrounds, including ohio. so, again tonight, on the early vote, here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: they say everything is bigger in texas and tonight the long lines to the polls are proving it. >> i think it just shows that everyone is, like, ready to vote and doesn't want their vote to be suppressed. >> reporter: dallas, austin, el paso and many people waiting all day are concerned that this is voter suppression. the governor of texas is only allowing one dropoff box for mail-in votes per county. and a federal court on monday agreed. a federal appeals court made a similar decision in ohio. for now, only one dropoff box in each county. and in california, republicans who set up more than 50 unofficial ballot drop boxes across the state were told to
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take them down. they have so far refused to do so, saying they are well within the law. >> as soon as there was any sort of confusion or concern, we called them to remove the box. >> reporter: leading the charge against what she says is voter suppression is stacy abrams of georgia, who ran for governor and lost in a close race where black voters where thrown off the voting rolls. >> there have been battles being waged across the country, including in georgia, about who has access to in-person early voting. but we know across the country, early voting is going to become the next front in the war against voters. >> reporter: the president has bhn telling his supporters that he doesn't trust the process, either. >> you go first. >> i'm urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully, because that's what has to happen. >> reporter: what should i be telling people about all of these concerns, about the long lines, about how long it takes to vote? >> pack your patience, pack your sense of humor, but stay excited. stay enthusiastic. >> reporter: the issues with this election keep coming. in virginia today, this was the
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last day of voter registration, but the state website crashed after a work crew accidentally cut through the fiber cables. that website is up and running tonight. david? >> all because of that fiber cable. that was unbelievable. all right, steve, thank you again tonight. and with early voting under way and in the middle of this pandemic, we've got details for you. mail-in voting, abosentee votin and early in-person voting. our partners at fivethirtyeight have a guide to guide you through this, go to coming up, news on that domestic terror plot to kidnap the michigan governor. and a second
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in this time, the teachers and students america strong. across this country, the children learning from home. >> can everyone hear me? >> in el paso, parkland elementary school teacher emily pickering with her 2nd a graders, when all of a sudden, mrs. pickering's internet drops out. >> we'll try and at least discuss -- >> guys, what happened? >> she left the meeting. >> it kicked her off the internet. >> and then, one of the students notices something. that the class is still being recorded. >> she can watch us and see that we're not behaving. >> yeah, i know. >> so we should behave. >> yeah, you're right. >> we would get in big trouble
3:58 pm
with our parents. >> we'll be toast. >> toast means we're in trouble. >> toast. and when one student hears that word, an idea about toast. >> mmm, i want toast. >> maybe have toast for breakfast tomorrow. >> toast and eggs, that sounds really good with lettuce. >> mm-hmm. >> and in king, north carolina, ms. westmoreland's class, too. mt. olive elementary, she lost her wifi. >> is it just me or did ms. westmoreland leave the call? >> i think that's true, ms. westmoreland actually left the call. >> can you see me? can you see me? >> we loved it. good night.
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an accident at an outdoor dining area in san jose turned deadly. a woman that was one of eight injured died of her injuries. thanks for joinings us, i'm larry beil. >> investigatiors are still looking into the deadly crash after a driver struck an outdoor group of diners. there are questions who could be held liable. >> reporter: cleanup is underway after a dramatic crash at grand century mall in san jose in which a 69-year-old man drove his suv into a crowd of diners who were gathered outside for dim sum on sunday afternoon. police believe it was an accident but now say it has taken a fatal turn after one of the victims succumb to injuries last night and declared brain-dead by the coroner's office. the case will be turned


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