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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and two south bay sisters over come big obstacles, including a
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from the golden gate to the bay bridge in oakland. people across the bay area rallied for breonna taylor, demanding law enforcement be held accountable. >> pac-12 football is back, but not everyone is excited about it. >> how a new black owned woman business came to be under covid-19. >> high fire danger, i will have your weekend forecast coming up. abc news at 11:00, starts right now. >> building a better bay area, 54 a safe and secure future. this is a abobc7 news. >> demonstrators are going slow to protest the decision in the breonna taylor case. kate larson spoke to a protesters who was pulled over on the bridge and others that
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took place in the protests. >> reporter: this is video from the off ram, a chp officer told me they pulled over three cars for inciting the traffic. >> on the bay bridge, three cars and a decommissioned ambulance were all pulled over and cited. san francisco resident aaron fair montoya, shared this post, justice for breonna taylor, pick a bridge, drive slow. she put her kids in the van and drove 10 miles an hour before she was pulled over and ticketed for obstructing traffic. >> here showing what lives matter to them. >> i have not seen much change since george floyd was murdered. >> there was a rally at oakland city hall. she and others demand that law enforcement be held had
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accountable. after a kentucky grand jury decided to not charge officers for breonna taylor's death. >> we need an honest look at the system of so-called justice in the united states and we need to see a reckoning with our government and the fact that racism has never been addressed. >> reporter: oakland commuter organizer kat brooks spoke about the violence and injustices that black women face. >> nobody wants to talk about the black women that cannot call, will not call 9-1-1 when we are getting the -- beat out of us in our own home, because we are not sure what is worse, the abuser in our home or the abuser of the black and white on their way. >> oscar's uncle rallied. >> breonna's death could have been prevented and oscar's death could be prevented, if there's no justice, how can we have peace? >> demonstrations did end peacefully. no arrests, citations or reports
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of damage. >> kate, thank you and tonight the family of breonna taylor is calling for the release of the grand jury transcript, this as mass protests are continuing nationwide. protest thors saying that justice has not been served, a curfew is in affect in louisville, kentucky. we have the latest from there. >> reporter: tonight protesters are taking to the streets in louisville are and across the country once again. saying they won't give up until they believe justice is truly served. >> yesterday was definitely a day of pain and anger. and today, we are still like we are still in pain and we are still angry. >> no peace! >> reporter: many in disbelief over the grand jury's decision to not charge any officers with breonna taylor's killing. >> with the attorney general's announcement, part of our hope died. our hope that somebody would finally see us and value us.
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>> reporter: most demonstrations have been peaceful, but two officers were shot and injured in louisville wednesday night. police declining to say whether the suspect who is now facing charges was a protester. >> you are going to demonstrate, do it in the daylight hours, be peaceful and heard sgloompt in seattle a criminal investigation was requested by the king county sheriff's office after this video shows an officer pushing his bike over a protesters head, that officer on leave. meanwhile, the family of breonna are asking for the release of the transcript. the grand jury said that it will not be made public, but the governor calling for the release of the transcript. >> they want to know what evidence did kentucky attorney general daniel cameron present to that grand jury. did he present any evidence on behalf of breonna taylor? >> sgr >>.
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>> reporter: the grand jury charged one officer for not firing any bullets that killed taylor in her home, but for shooting in to a neighbor's apartment. the other two officers are on administrative leave, pending an internal investigation. the attorney general saying their justified in firing their weapons. we are going to hear from breonna taylor's family friday morning. they will be speaking publically for the first time since the decision was announced. the fbi is conducting its own investigation. >> if you are dealing with racial or social justice issues we want to help you find an ally, go to abc7 action for a list of local resources. >> it was a gorgeous day with great air quality, nice night, and yeah, get ready for the sizzle.
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sa sandhy is here. >> we will be facing the high fire danger and the heat wave, the beach hazard that moment. first, let's look at the rising temperatures and the fire danger. it's an area of the high pressure over the pacific that will build in and as it does, do expect some changes. it's really going to be the weekend in to monday and tuesday, that we experience some hot weather here in the bay area and the fire weather watch has been posted from saturday morning until monday morning. wind gusts will be from 35-50 miles an hour, with the low humidity we expect the danger to rise dramatically. off shore winds expectly, it's the diablo winds that tends to dry out the atmosphere as they speed from the mountains to the coast. temperatures will go on saturday from the 60s to 90s. look at sunday. 100s, inland, it's only getting hotter as we head in to early next week. i will be back with the forecast and the beach hazard coming up.
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>> thank you, and firefighters in the north bay are watching the weather as a new bit of dangerous fire conditions approach. a fire was stopped at 12 acres no homes or businesses were lost. >> well the concern for us is that things continue to remain dry. the conditions are definitely not getting better right now. we are concerned with the conditions this weekend, primarily being the heat and winds. >> pg&e, has issued a power safety shut off watch, it does not impact the bay area. in developments a big night for football fans the pac-12 has changed its mind about playing in the fall. the reversal comes a month after the league decided to halt all sports due to the pandemic. we go to the university where the reaction is mixed.
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>> reporter: players are finishing workouts after it was announced that there will be football season. >> hopefully it brings a bit of normalcy back. >> reporter: a good feeling to have back, leaving a empty campus. >> football season is one of the best parts of fall semester. >> reporter: while there's games played here, the season will consist of 7 not 12. and no students will be allowed. >> it is going to suck. but it's what we have to do to the stay safe. >> reporter: they are hoping that new rapid testing works, but some prefer that the school would not have been giving in to pressure to not be the only ones not to play. >> we were the only ones not doing a season, i thought it was cool. >> i feel like it's too dangerous to put them at risk. >> before football, before the pandemic, so i think it's concerning that people could even gather further?
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and they probably will. >> reporter: while a schedule has yet to be released, opening week will be november 6th, well after conferences began. in berkley, j.r. stone, abc7 news. >> positivity and piping hot coffee. two south bay sisters plan to bring nirvana and soul to customers despite the pandemic. a look inside the black women owned business next. >> black youth show off tech projects and business ideas. and the tenderloin district may not be a foodie destination yet. the big push tonight to change it during the pandemic. first a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live, right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks, i need you to be here for us. they announce that darrol is getting his own spin off show? >> correct, correct, yeah, and it's a different type of show. it will be completely different. >> it will be a sitcom, correct? >> yeah, it will be a -- yeah,
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they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy. opening a business is no easy task, try doing it in a pandemic. that is what two sisters have accomplished. the black women owned business is open saturday. and we have a sneak peek at what is brewing. >> reporter: finding business success, sisters and san jose natives are making their mark along south first street. their new coffee shop, known as nirvana soul. >> i was looking for something that was paradise, tropical, something that felt good and nirvana came up. >> reporter: the addition of
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soul sounded right. covid hit shortly they started, and they concall -- they chronid their journey on social media. >> we said we wanted to build the business with people around here in the community, and we wanted to be transparent about the roadblocks that we faced and how we got past them. >> reporter: besides the waffles and the coffee, the walls are covered with art from local artists. >> how about a rare of hope, given that it's come together even in the dire circumstances of the economy and the general state of the world, it's nice to get in news. >> reporter: the sisters finding success in the middle of a pandemic. and as protests amplify the demand for social justice, they are -- >> we are black owned and we are proud of being black owned and so we hope that everyone will
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continue that support beyond just this year. >> reporter: they officially open saturday morning. abc7 news. >> in the east bay, oakland based nonprofit group the hidden genius project hosted the end of summer celebration. the online event honored several black men who graduated from the program. the focus is technology creation, entrepreneurship and leadership skills. they have featured the apps and websites they created in the program. >> so watch them come in and be with us for 15 months and then allow them an opportunity to share with the world what they have been working on. we call it revealing genius. >> our mission has been the same, to especially power the young people and help them achieve their dreams. >> applications nor the next batch of geniuses are open now.
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>> a bold experiment that is often more associated with the drugs and crime than a night out. tonight streets closed to traffic to allow for outdoor dining. >> do you believe in the tenderloin? >> yeah! >> supervisor matt hanie said that tenderloin businesses face many obstacles and now, there's the pandemic. some customers said they have to give the tenderloin a try, after doing the same in so many other neighborhoods. >> i saw some on other streets, they are all full. and i could not imagine the tenderloin, eating outdoors so i was like have to go out and support. >> the street closures were last most of the day for the next three months. >> all right will, well if you are thinking about going outside for the weekend, it will be mighty hot. >> yeah, it is going to be very hot. especially on sunday. so, if you had to pick and choose, pick another day. the weekend forecast has high fire danger, hazier and smokey
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skies and a heat wave that will unfold had heeaded in to the ne week. the winds saturday night in to sunday morning, that's why we have a fire watch. the humidity values will be dropping. look at the relative humidity, saturday morning it's fine. as we go to the afternoon, and lowering to 20% in fairfield and sunday it's dryer, teens for fairfield, napa, antioch, 9% in clear lake now you know why the hire danger is running high. looking at a lovely view of san francisco, not much in the way of clouds or fog tonight. as a matter of fact, the system that is pushing in to the paskt northwester well to the north of us, what it's doing is kicking up the swell. we have a beach hazard statement until 2:00 p.m. the swells came up, they are 10-13 feet.
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increase risk of rip current. if you are anywhere near the beach, be careful. good air quality right now. we had it earlier today, we have been fortunate to be able to enjoy it with the wind. keeping the atmosphere stirred up. sea breeze that is. tomorrow morning you will have good air quality, except in the north bay, starting to see a bit of haze and tomorrow, the smoke impacts are possible up to the north. it's really saturday night, in to sunday that as that north/northeast wind develops, it will drag down smoke from the august complex fire and that's why we are looking at smokeyer conditions, especially on sunday. because of the possibility of smoke impacts tomorrow, and air quality advisory has been issued by the air district. we are looking at moderate air quality for the east bay and inland area. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. tomorrow morning, expect the numbers from 48 in lake port and 63 in antioch, fog will be limited.
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a mix of sun, high clouds tomorrow afternoon, temperatures coming down a bit. it will be breezy. mid 60s to the mid 80s. here is your seven-day forecast. breezy and mild tomorrow, enjoy it, because the heat is turned up this weekend, it's going to get hazier, high fire danger. smokeyer conditions. temperatures in the triple digits with record heat likely on monday. possibly in to tuesday as the heat wave continues. the coast will have 70s-80s. that's where the critical time period will be where heat related illnesses are possible. heat eases in the middle of next week. we will be ready by then. >> certainly will be. or at least i will be. >> thanks, and abc news will air a special report tomorrow morning for a special ceremony at the u.s. capitol honoring supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, we will bring it to you live at 7:00 a.m., tomorrow on good morning america, jack johnson and eric burton of black
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a father in fort worth texas came up with a creative way to connect with his son who is taking chemotherapy. only one parent is allowed inside with his 14-year-old. but every tuesday, during breaks in between treatment, his dad finds the near et window to his son and dances for him. >> so is i'm watching him figure out all of what he is going to do. >> cheers me up sometimes. >> just need to bring his spirits up a bit. let him know he is not alone and we are with him. >> see, when he can muster enough strength, he mirrors had his father's disco moves from three stories up. >> a tribute to chadwick boseman
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is on display, outside disney land in anaheim is unveiled it depicts him giving the salute to a young cancer patient who was wearing a black panther mask. he often visited young cancer patients. >> i just wanted to give him some sort of a send off as a legacy, a tribute on to his had legacy. >> artist niklas smith said it was a full circle moment for him as he was a disney
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i'm to help california's 19 most vulnerable. over 24,000 homes were destroyed by wildfires
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>> good evening, the a's and dodgers both clinched the respective decisions. matt olson, working on on his aim before the game. pick a cut out, and hit a cut out. 1-0 dodgers in the third, and mike fiers facing cory seager, that is gone, solo homer to left center. fast forward to the sixth. lazardo coming out. dodgers take a 3-run lead, lazardo allowed three runs in three innings. that is not a great way to tune up for the playoffs. a's struck out 16 times. mustering only three hits. one of them was this home run by sean murphy. the a's fall 5-1. how about the giants. they wrapped up their series with the rockies. bluftry out there. 4-3 rocks. belt, taking out the belt.
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his 9th homer of the season. that was big. tied the game at four. cahill, in for the 11th. tapia lifts it to left with runners at the corner. giants last stand. slater up, runners at the corner. game ending double play, giants lose 5-4. giants still holding on to a wild card spot, heading in to four games with the padres. nfl, the walking wounded, aka the jimmy garoppolo, and raheem moster with his wife about to give birth. george kittel got in limited work despite a sprained knee. are they going to risk playing kittel? he met with the media. that was rare for an injured player, so are they going to risk it? >> so, it's a great opportunity to talk to you guys. >> not sure i believe that
11:31 pm
lebron and the lakers, game four, western conference finals. are you serious? up and under on lebron? oh, my goodness. move for the playoffs. murray finished with 32 points. rondo, lobbing, davis, game high, 34. rondo to a cutting lebron, who had 26, lakers win,
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and abc7 has launched new streaming apps for wherever you go, you can have breaking news, weather and more with our new
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